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guys name is. that's what a great tribute. good stuff.t thanks. good morning to you by this thursday. friday i'm todd meany. eve. i'm stefani schaefer.. thay. thank you for being with us this thursday hillary clinton makes her first postelection speechon m her mese for her supporters in the latest on this transition of powderppot the white house. outbreak local business turning deadlywhe. get sick in the big mystery stacey frey is live with that story. are frozen embryos property or people?y is s a fro a mother wants to use her frozen embryos to have more children her ex-husband does not. hear what a court just ruled is it the right decision? we'll read your comments in this morning's download.we'll re something like this was in the new day while ago. a long time agolike i similar situation little bit of a twist in kristi will have that for you check in with a.j. colby see how
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last. good morning sir. good morning everybody lon ttemp hope op you're havieng a great start to your thursday. visibilities visibility issues this morning with dense fogy soe issues around dover new philly zero visibility. 3 miles in youngstown on their plate 13. that'slat about a 7-mile visibility. dense fog advisory expired a minute ago for most of thee counties. if you had to the south and east of cantonto e so and down toward carrollton perhaps stretching off to the south and west of mansfield under theeldun dense fog advisory. temperatures are chillyhe currently in the 30s and even some 40s showing up. hopkins up to 46. that's pretty impressive rise in the last hour. mid- 50s for the lunch hour. by sunset tonight we're looking at a 65luu. still feeling that he mild moonlit skies 58 degrees in
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persisted afternoon sunshine ad warm or high temperatures. the high yesterdayy was 54.w today we'll be probably a dozen degrees warmer than that easily weakens the warm air that is built inhasi across the west int is movingwe our way.way you can see that happen todayay and tomorrow. meanwhile as we intimate the maps here the temperature anwlea gradient that color can't were showing the blues to purples heading in for the weekend. we'll enjoy our 65-degree high today. and 5 turning milder and sunny. mid- 60s. not too bad. we'll detail the eight day forecast into theetai weekend tt will include some lake effectake snow. ow. in just a few minutes. wee held out as long as wew coud that's for sure. thanks.d hillary clinton is encouraging supporters to stay engaged on every level.hilourag the former presidential
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power at the white house continues.conue and it has one top democratic believing there could be some challenges. jessica dill is in the newsroom oneopg the co with the latest for us. good morning.. the democratic party has nominated senator chuck schumer as the senate minority leader.ha he says he will work alongside republicans and president elect trump on issues where they agree, for example he feels trump and democrats are closer on the economy than past republican administrationss ple he fee but schumer says they will goy toe to toe against him whenever he feels their valu assault.t. toainst as for the transition names continued to be thrown around. trump is expected to meet with potential new hires today. including retired lieutenantliea general michael flynn and south carolina governor nikki haley.ei according to a trump transition source, haley could be an option for secretary of state, despite their rocky past.ourc, hationon haley has said she's not a fantn of trump and trump has called the governor's stand on illegal
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of state is moving on from the election. hillary clinton made her first appearance last night when she was being honored by thelar cl e children's defense fund. she spoke at the museum in washington, d.c. where she encouraged americans to not give up and to continue believing in and fighting for our country. i ask you to stay engaged, stay engaged on every level.shintoamt we need you, america needs you o your energy, your ambition, your talent. that is how we get through this. that is how we help to make our contributions to bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice.ntributi the clinton never cited the president elect by name in her remarks. trump tweeted my transition working long hours during a fantastic job will be seeing grady h great candidates today. health officials have a mystery on their hands in lake county. hls hr one person has died.. this is very serious.
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know where it's coming from. fox 8's stacey frey is at the is e health apartment with the infoo we have now. 54 year old men dead at least 10 others have contracted legionnaires disease. recovered from it ats this poin. lake county health department is looking at the possibility three of the p cases tied to one particular business in east like. as for the others they just can't be sure. the menn't who died work dot consolidated precisiond products and east lake. to others who got sic neighboring businesses in the othersi wneorkss within a 5-mile radius. and a respiratory disease caused by a bacteriamu travels thermisr vapor can cause pneumonia typeav symptoms. treated with antibiotics in extreme cases causes lungs lu failure.aile. one in 10 people diagnosed with legionnaires dies from complications from thegioi dise. health department has determined the source of the bacteria in the which hascases
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in this case very clearly concern over the water cooling towers. consolidatedonceove products. any of these cases actually came from that facility. i felt completely safe our health safety group does a finef job of taking care of theca employee isre here. the other people who contracted legionnaires disease have sincee recovered. the health department is looking at other potential sources other businesses in the area considered a spike in legionnaires cases because normally they only see about maybe sevenaonnas and a given y. back to you. stacey thank you for the update. akron police are looking for tw men, after a pizza delivery worker was pulled into a home, rkd.ed and threatened.after piz the woman was delivering wings from papa johns to a home on sherman street. the guy ordered her to go to an upstartshermaet. upstairs bedrot make any noise or he wouldbe rape and kill her. kill r.
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neighbors say the house has been vacant for months. investigators have a description of the men and the cellphone number used to place the order. sandusky county sheriff kylee le ateraftes saanrs h overmyer will be back in court monday. according to court documents he is expected to change his plea. overmyer was indicted on several charges in august accused of taking medication from drug take o back boxes.cours expecyer s ingi a judge revoked his bond earlier this month after prosecutors claim he bought a weapon, threatened witnesses and did no tell the court he changed his hs address. overmyer ran for reelection despite the charges and being on suspension but he a babysitter accused of stealing money from clients, friends and family is scheduled to be in court today. frds a twinsburg police say 43 year old kelly lynn nagy would receive checks from the victims and change the amount before she chthed them.m. she's accused of taking nearly 16 thousand dollars from one person.. investigators say nagy even stole her son's identity. she is now charged with fraud and forgery.rg police believe the crimes go back to 2014.
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support behind an exhibit of the late boxing legend muhammed aliw the cavs star is donating twognh and a half million dollars to the smithsonian's national museum of african americanithsra history and culture and it's presentation titled muhammad al a force for in a statement james said every professional athlete, regardless of race and gender, owes a huge debt of gratitude to muhammad ali. micheal jordan and magic johnson have also made contributions to the exhibit.and gedhugebt fmmad mohammed ali after his passing and so not surprising a lot ofo respect for him. reallyct touched him such an inspiration to so many athletes especially. a custody battle over frozen embryos.. talking about this at the top of the show. a mother wants to use her frozen embryos to have more children her ex-husband does not. who will win in court?he find out the ruling just handed down.. her wn who urt? we'll see if you agree.e. kristi heiser comments in this morning's download. do you know what you need to
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what about when you're running. when onet en cross country based when todd and i return. my goodness. high age. hi stephanie and todd good morning everybody. the sun is outd the fog is as well. fox eight hour forecast showing and eventually will liftt temperature should warm up quiti a bit more than yesterday. we'lly tell you how warm we coud actually be in record territory. then snow.
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. taking you to if the ball right now.orng that's beautiful beautiful morning.. it's beautiful.ful. welcome back everyone thank you for being with us this thursday morning. a court in missouri rulesacktbes against a mother, who wants to use her frozen embryos to have more children. moer hasha mcqueen wants more kids, but her ex-husband does not. they have two boys via in vitro fertilization and went to court over what to do with two andwewo remaining frozen embryos. they divorced and the embryos are marital property the judge says they can't be used without side authorization from both the judge said there is a right in the u.s. constitution to not procreate..thju i should be able to determine ii
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the court is telling me that government is telling me that i have to let them die. i think today is a victory to lr people's individual rights. mcqueen plans to appeal the to p ruling and fight for legal custody of the embryos.ling and what do you do in that situation. a horrible situation to be very tough. patty writes on our facebook page i'm with the guy on this. he does not wnt with a woman he is divorcing. why would she want more kidsh at 44 with a man she won't be with.a matt writes a couple that has gone through this process i'm surprised it went this far. when we went through this week had to sign documents for thatt reason. what happened if one of us dies or gets divorced surprise this wasn't in place. janet saysd shi when you do ivf sign a paperwork before they
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that you put your selections to what happened to the embryoo in the event of death or divorce. you choose to donate them or destroy them or allow other dc person to use them. michelle writes i hope she is those eggs independently that ledse e really stink ofs those e her of last couple of eggs useo make embryos.of i have the sixth sense to to others.ers. celina says okay you guys. rico jeffrey says remember when they were old sn. melissa says i agree but she should have sole rights and can't sue him for child supporto peggy writes on our facebook pagege maybe it's just a bad ida to freeze embryos in the first place. michael says i'm surprised she did it when. carroll says i think before they did anything else they should have checked to seethi the embryos the embry are still okay they could look
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they. did not spoil but anyway. on and on. some morepit a comments are a le bit tough.tou. i'll try and see it through this in edit as i rob did say that the couple should have talked about it before they got uple to it in te first place and figure out what they were going to do if that ever happened. you talk about that financial responsibility.y. if she were to relieve him of the obligation as he still wont have children out of there. something maybe they if the their dad is a maybe he wouldn't want that.that. tough on the kids. fast sad. will talk more about it. it. get to some more. send me a text.t. thank you. thank you. want to see what's happening weatherwise. okay. beautiful tomorrow and then.hen. aj putting up the christmas lights today and tomorrow. as muchand as i can before the bottom drops. bm ro can't believe how many people
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it's really taken a long long time. for everything to progress. toward a makefile and you know what happens after a late fall. will experience. later fall. lall. exactly. let's see what's going on. you guys know we have some amazing photographers here at fox eight. one of thosewee at ace photogras erice from edgewater park this morni. cleveland you can see tip top edges therereu ca the silhouettf downtown on a blanket of fog looks like a cloud resting against downtown cleveland a little closer shot of that now. look at that. kind of a mirrorlike surface to the lake. s l nothing more than a ripple or two out on lake erie. thank you eric for sharing. here is a f web camera time lape down on the east side and just some light fog out in geauga
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showing brightly in the blue here the current visibility's. dense fog advisory still for parts ofadsor the area but you e to go down into stark county t further than that carroll crro county perhaps. those folks still seeing some dense fog. looking better around here 325-mile visibilities 10 is considered perfect. 46 degrees in cleveland. 40 in d akron right now. the state 36 in zanesville marietta. back home 39 hudson.zavil messman 37 alliance 35 same west salem. westlake double for in barberton to that list. brunswick 46 and mentor is 42. couple of days of warm air today and tomorrowof.. then you can see the temperature contours there the colors ca pry decent gradient if you will feel the warm oranges over virginia.
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we hit ofnd the daytime hightimi around midnight. and then drop precipitously. the ms that is heading our wayop is now north of alaska. that's close to the poll there in you can see the trajectory of those air parcels by sunday night. they will be right overhead. they'll be modified the ms butt still that's the reservoir of air from which we shall draw re. high-level clouds pushing into chicagoo area. those are the leading edge cago of the weather system that promises to eventually bring some rain n on saturday it will transition on sunday.w that will be out in the snow so belt asw lake erie snow machine begins to kick up.s justto how much a little too far out to tell. there may be enough to push around of coursehe we'll have mh more on that as the afternoone i the days where on.
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and cool look at that. when a left indicating a i northwestni flow taking away our nice mild temperatures. 65 today. most of us will turn sunny. mild today. 48. uneventful tonight. pretty mild this timeunevtf of year mostly sunny. breezy. even warmer tomorrow withn a brisk southwest wind or southwind 10 to 15 you need the wind direction0 temperatures that warm this time of the year. here we go. wh heading down sunday or saturday nightt 20 mid- 30s with like effect out is. much colder. at least. the first part of thanksgiving week will start t fairly sedate. could be some rain fell on the big travel days wednesday and thursday. of course turkey ballays wede
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which is huge. hg looking forward to that. thanks so much. 9:19 is the time right now.t. the victims and how far the flames were spreading.c hot air balloon make a hard landing. the story may not have been an accident may have done it intentionally.entio comingna up bob dylan may have n nobel prize but he won't be there on to pick up the award in person. why he is notpk traveling to more in that went hot and i return. stick with us. y268py yixy
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or te r z268pz zixz
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taking a look at southlake texas. ranks number five on a list called the 100,000 club america's highest earning city's. that little nugget courtesy of producer je all right.n an explosion last night in illinois killed one person and llin about a dozen others hurt.i it happened just before six o'clock shattering many windows within a three block radius. investigators say a contractor accidentally dug into a naturaln gas line.r the blast happened in a downtown area and left a huge mess. several blocks are still roped off, this morning. prosecutors have filed secondnd degree manslaughter charges against a minneapolis police officer for the shooting and killing of philando castile. the policeman fatally shot
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had a gun and he had a permit to carry it.d aun video shows castile's last words were i wasn't reaching for it. his girlfriend live streamed the incident on facebook. girr after the shooting. t looked like she was driving because of the wayhe the camera was working. t prosecutors say the officer acted unreasonably, when he used deadly force.torssa ce. the body of a connecticut man who's been missing since a weekend party has been found ons the jersey shore. been his body was suitcase. police say 26 year old joseph communalley was stabbed to death. po6 yea he was last seen at a party in with all people he had just met at a dance club in new york city.e t when he didn't return home his father called police. they searched the home where the party was held and removed bagss urn meey s of evidence including a luggage rack.ce inc that the owner had used to take out a neighbor reported seeing someone using it to movea neigh
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a hot air balloon makes a hardal landing in philadelphia.ln we have the video watch it as it's coming down to sending just before landing in a field. then, after the balloon briefly touches down, it looks like it was going to keep going. s ckily, people ran to catch up with the balloon to help stop it the pilot said this was a was planned, training exercise. how to land an emergency type situations. no one was hurt.landan and parties just on the scene just in case. all right. today is the great american smoke out to encourage people to quit smoking.. gr about 40 million americans smoke cigarettes and use tobacco. it's the largest preventable cause of death in the world. smoking rates have dropped by about 25 percent since 1965. best good news. a new national survey found most americans under the age of 35 a think using electronic cigarettes is not as harmful on the lungs, as traditional
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some survey studies say it's not the case.. the swedish academy says bob dylan will not be traveling to laeden to accept his nobel priz for literature. in a letter to the organization that awards the nobel prizeses dylan said he can't attend the ceremony next month due to preexisting commitments. but he does feel very honored bh the award.the awa the organization added there thee been other nobel laureatesd in the past who were unable towh attend the ceremony and the prize is still awarded.o were uu a lo still to come a baby is found crawling alone in a park. find out who rescued her and who is now facing charges..fid kent state basketball players surprise some fans.s. find out the unique way they honored each other during the national anthem.ed ac when we return. hi aj. temperatures todayet will warm beyond what we had
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the fox eight hour forecast showing son galore. even warmer tomorrow. let'seven hope the weekend is te big weather change details are
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they post there's events throughout the year welcomeel back. this is one of those cars it's almost like the jetsons was in
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seniorinst not go through the messageno to them after picture just double check t he set ae s picture of himself to their solo
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six dogs on goddard each week and then it'six surprise.
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made two starts going against but for me because these older and very shybec a little bit harder he came in with a broken legle b he now haa forever home. because of dick we came herere are some wonderful dogs who deserves a
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that's going to be a special day we love him. little john. he just made this announcement. i decided to rename in the nowno the jury is going out of business. i think it's getting close.
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everybody will be here next week as well. almost of some of the most dangerous toys of been released and dear decided that they were taking partrt
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will look at it before you start buying your christmas gifts. there warning givese parents tt the giftspar that are not safe they've revealed the time dangerous toys of 20 sixteenths pet the big muddy put his family. based on poor design formgn marketing practices they are worried that they might i would not have known that. they say that a child could get
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like that. u in his new hospital for a long time that you just never know with these toysth that you be vv careful. >> this is cross-country country is notot a contact sport. of the year. the herd of deer run their own race along with the cross he said he was just knocked off his feet. sa they ran right for them. another runner helped him up they boast finishedner their ra. as for the deer is a case of a hit-and-run. an elementary school student it was a huge hit with the students
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to figure designs like tv characters snoopy even charlie brown with his jacket. he wants to make the kids happy. teacher philadelphia trying to listen to how she begins her
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the shortest one there. he that is huge though. one and done.
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get ready to have some fun we are week away from thanksgiving. what about breakfast.


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