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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 18, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> we are in for some of the warmest weather we have seen in a while immediately followed by the coldest. >> we happily called major ups and downs over the next few days. andre has a first look at the forecast period were going from t-shirts to shovels. >> got that right. it makes it so interesting is the drop in the temperature this coming weekend. that would get our attention even if we didn't have that temporary upswing on friday. that contrast is going to be all that much more amazing given the fact that we were going to be perhaps 10 degrees warmer tomorrow than we were today if you could believe that. we are currently at 60 degrees. that's 10 degrees above the normal high temperature with any
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71 degrees. 10-degree temperature degree almost 20 and chicago. but there is they change over point. it begins in iowa. that is the cold front that will sweep across the area. that is going changer. as i keep telling everybody. to get everything done before we get a little taste of winter. >> those numbers pretty impressive. >> @at the accident on i 90 during rush hour. >> such a tragic incident year. we can tell you is the victim is
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he typed across the busy highway. here is the 911 call that was made right after the accident happened. >> i am on highway this rta bus just ran over this one lady. >> police tell us 90 was closed from while mckinley while crews were assisting. they say the man's car broke down and he was trying to cross the highway for an unknown reason. we're told it was the bus involved in this accident. the bus operator was not hurt. the rta released a statement saying their prayers are with the man killed and his family along with their employee. we do in case, this incident is
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>> jessop and he refused to come out, complicating matters. a five -month-old baby was inside the home with at that time. the standoff continued for five or six hours before he finally surrendered. the incident is safe tonight. >> downtown cleveland could be more congested tonight as more people are expected to participate in a protest against president-elect donald trump. kevin freeman as life in cleveland tonight with more on the demonstration and how it might affect your travel. >> that rally is expected to begin. on public square tomorrow evening followed by a march to cleveland state. all of that happening around the same time. lots of people will be downtown. >> hundreds joined demonstrators across the country who have been protesting president-elect
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day. >> is going to hit think the same things you that you do. hopefully he'll leave feeling really good about there some hope in this awfully hopeless week. in a march to cleveland state and that, marty says is to protest the president lacks the campaign. >> keep the pressure on. remind them the incoming administration that were here. even in the newly red state of ohio. still here. >> in the interview on president-elect trump urged protesters to give them at
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everybody would say that's a terrible thing. >> they want to demonstrate they're going to demonstrate. >> even when the cavs game are on it's of difficult. i could just imagine how it's going to be tomorrow. >> he seems like a decent chap. it's a beautiful nation. he had a fantastic place here. learn to live together. >> demonstrators plan to be respectful and. the facebook page. >> that rally expected to end and around 11:00 p.m. back at public square. you can imagine many more people downtown. if you plan on coming down down you're tomorrow night. >> it will be busy friday night. hopefully things to remain peaceful. we'll donald trump turned to one
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to feel unimportant cabinet position. this weekend the president-elect will meet with mitt romney. some are speculating that romney could be offered the post of secretary of state. >> i think it's good that the president-elect is meeting with people like mister romney. he sees a lot of talented people that are going to be will be quite capable of doing a number of things. >> there are reports tonight that trump has officially offered the job of national security advisor to retired lieutenant general michael for an frisky ohio congressman tim ryan has made it official he is challenging nancy pelosi print the post of heise minority leader. the 43 -year-old was first elected to the house back in
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coalition of younger democrats. >> there are all kinds of gamesmanship happening here. i'm an irish fellow, so i don't find a good fight. which is going to see. this isn't about me. it's not about nancy pelosi. it's about the caucus. it's about the direction of the democratic party and the role we play america. >> in a letter to his colleagues, ryan wrote they keeping the current leadership would lead to more disappointment in future elections. >> cleveland family still desperately seeking closure. their 100 unsolved murder cases in the city right now. tonight memorial honor the victims and his family members are still dealing with the outbreak. >> this morning on is their
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are not forgotten. >> over 150 family and friends gathered thursday night to remember the victims of unsolved murders in cleveland. >> had the shared experience of people that know what it's like to stand in each other's shoes. at the third district police station to honor those who cases are still open. the case isn't just sitting on the. >> her name and she was a wonderful child. >> breanna was shot and killed last year while boarding a party
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>> there's three of us, my mother died the next day because she couldn't take it. on howard avenue. >> i would like to know how what his emotions were. >> but the candles and prayers, the memorial, reminded families that they are not alone. i've been trying to do this with any this pace here, it's kind of like a relief between here and
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the police officers are still on these cases. >> they were all right there. an officer of the union. one of them has in as statements, loomis said this is an off-duty family member matter out of respect for my daughter and granddaughter, i will have no incident between my grandfathers daughter and myself which led to the discipline the appropriate
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enjoy this if only we could do, remember that cut and paste pattern we had for a long time back in early autumn. it is not cut and paste, but we actually one better wheat for we take that down. let's start off where we left it off in the last weather segment and that is the temperature change. a big bull's-eye well above where it was yesterday. that is moving to the east. you issues until we get to the system. although a down to the higher elevations of arizona and new mexico. here's what they can expect in terms of. we kept a little bit of it in the cleveland area by the end of
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no widespread fog, maybe a little patchy fog. we're going to add about 8 degrees to today's high. if we had 72. >> the record high temperature of 71. after that, obviously, the temperature will take quite a nosedive. we will take a look at ou thanksgiving week and a system that may also cause a little bit of trouble for us anyway on thanksgiving eve and thanksgiving morning. >> certainly a lot to talk about. >> enjoy 70 because you might not see it again for quite a
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>> a local family speaking out about the deadly outbreak of legionnaires disease and lake county. they are still in shock about
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being admitted to the hospital fairly. lee county health officials say the reasoning from the cooling towers that consolidate a precision products which is located next returning work. the reason for that cpp has been eliminated. >> that though he didn't. he had to be at work. >> cpp released a statement saying no bacteria was detected in post cleaning test results. >> surveillance video from an attempted carjacking in fremont. and happen on november 3.
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that plays a stolen two days before. he's wearing a parka when he points a gun at a woman and demand her car keys, but she refuses and keeps on walking. when she gets near fatcats restaurant, she screams for help. that's when the system cannot, but police say he and his accomplices then carjacked another woman just a few blocks away. i think it's a matter of opportunity to have a few rotten people that are preying on innocent ppl they will be caught. tremont will move on. it's such a beautiful neighborhood. >> this is the latest in a series of robberies. if you recognize the suspect in the video contact. fire stations across cleveland now have new tricks replaced out-of-date wrecks. 2014 bond issue through fire, ems, police equipment in the city.
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a big difference in response time. twenty-three, 30, and ten. a local fast food restaurant becomes a crime scene. tonight, please asking for your help inside the brazen robbery at a subway caught on tape. a transitioning teenager becomes the target of a lawsuit filed it's judgment day. a cousins, siblings and back seat chefs have all assembled to look inside your oven. but you've cleaned off all the baked-on business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that big, beautiful bird. "mmmmm" go ahead.
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>> that i the countdown to take gotthard tunnel for desperate it's coming up on tuesday. keep watching fox ainise all month long as we celebrate the life and career of dick goddard. >> he is the man, the myth, the legend. over the years we have come to know so many of his hobbies. as melissa meyer shows us now, there is when you might not know about. >> the high today 55.
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>> he's an incredible weatherman, philanthropist, animal activist. i want to do all i can for the forfeit. and more. >> is there anything he can't do? while you can add to that already impressive resume the title of the artist. it's a passion he said his entire life, in fact,, mr. goddard actually graduated from kent state with a degree. he was so good that the walt disney studios offered him a job. >> i had my bachelor of fine arts and cartoons to disney in california. that's where they were then. got a very favorable response. come out, we'd like to talk to you. the same week i had an offer to try tv. i got a 13 week contract. >> mr. goddard didn't forget his artistic abilities. in the beginning of his brother career he used chalk and paint
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and, of course,, there is the annual dick goddard weather calendar he designs. that is filled with literally hundreds of illustrations. in 1998 he authored a weather guide that continues to sell to this day. and it are many cartoons and illustrations that demonstrate both his incredible talent and wit. for several years, dick would publish a weather almanac as well. it too shows off his talent. but we are thankful that he did. to this day he continues to use all of this talent each year and new woollybear sticker is designed and worn by hundreds of thousands of us. yes, mr. goddard, you truly are one-of-a-kind. >> isn't it funny how things turn out. >> wait until you see the celebration we have planned for tuesday at 6:00 p.m. it will be one for the ages. tonight a victim is hoping his
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>> priceless memories stolen from a local home. are these championship rings gone forever? you're putting yourself in
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>> a local council woman posing for a mug shot the shoplifting case that left neighbors stunned. >> at the tattoo he'd never thought he'd have to get. the man learns a difficult lesson on betting on an election. >> we go from no jackets to winter coats and just a matter of hours. andre has the changes on the way in the extended forecast. the news at 10:00 p.m. continues now. >> cleveland's own fox 8 news. >> a local council woman facing
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$1,000 worth of items from target. >> tonight we are learning what she told police. matt wright has more from brook park. >> while. i am in shock. very surprised. very very surprised. neighbors reacting to the rest of 33 -year-old brook park councilwoman julia mccormick after what happened at this north olmsted target monday. police say she stole more than two dozen items totaling $900. clothing including jeans and lounge pants. food items. even no mention of the arrest when mccormick appeared at a council meeting just one day later. >> police tell me mccormick admitted to the crime telling officers she doesn't make a lot of money. >> no answer from mccormick on thursday. her constituents are speaking out with hundreds commenting on facebook. people want they think is a councilwoman she should have been there aware of what she's
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across the street from your bits on the council. it's not mccormick first brush with the law. days after taking office in january, mccormick pleaded no contest to form four misdemeanor traffic and tax charges. the planning committee has one member tonight. another council member in trouble. tom troyer facing misdemeanor charges of misconduct at an emergency scene and disorderly conduct stemming from an august incident and the city. > city? this is acquired today. everybody keeps to themselves. and it's like why would you want someone like that on the council? and brook park. matt wright, fox 8 news. >> mccormick is said to be arraigned on the theft charge later this much.
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from convent. clayton, please, continue their search for suspects in west solid property tonight. sunday, the suspects walked into the subway restaurant on memphis avenue, through their guns and demanded money. they got away with the cash, a lockbox and a tip jar sitting on the counter. anyone who recognizes the suspects could should call the cleveland police. the ohio highway patrol is investigating crash between a the crew was working on the site of state route 13. the semi- failed to stop for a flagger and struck three people all suffered serious injuries. charges there are still pending. former browns quarte prosecutors in his domestic violence case while his attorney says there is still work to be done, it's expected to include the conditional dismissal of the charges he's accused of hitting a former girlfriend back in january. the i-team is trying to get justice for a well-known teacher and saint ignatius high school sports trainer. someone broke into his home and what was stolen is absolutely priceless.
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>> from football to soccer, cross-country, hockey, and more. saint ignatius high school always winning more championships than any more rings for 30 years, hank gawn has been collecting those rings as athletic trainer. wednesday, at the broke into his home and stole his collection. twenty-five rings, just like these. i looked right up on the dresser and i said no, he got my rings. just, when you look at the rings yu about each championship game. and you know the kids that played there. it happening cleveland's west park neighborhood. virtually nothing else taken, but the rings. hank is hoping someone has a conscious. >> that there's somebody honest enough out there to say hey, these are somebody's rings. let's return them to him. the break-in happened here at the side door a woman came home and found the door open. she didn't want to go in and to please got here.
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inside, but hours earlier, and a head seen is strange man around here. >> a local pawn shop already on the lookout. odyssey jewelers say before we showed up, please had called. if anyone brings in any of those rings, this pawn shop would love to get a thief and get those rings back where they belong. >> is that going to be valuable? it's going to be valuable if it's cold. less valuable was silver. we can put a price on the sentimental value. if they come in here, we will our best to get them. i want my rings back. listen, hank even has a message for anybody involved in stealing the rings. justice would be simple. >> please return them. no questions asked. >> anyone with information is being asked to call the cleveland police first district detectives. >> it's going to be more than 7. we know that. nevertheless, if starting to look a lot like christmas especially in akron.
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opens tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the reindeer run toboggan chute will be good to go snow or not. before you know what it will be time to light the tree. the annual new year's eve bash known is first night akron. >> this is a tough time of year for northeast ohio to find things to do. akron is kind of the center now we have the ice-skating rink, the arts program. the windows and different things going on down here. >> they do it right in akron bread were told the ice-skating rink will be open tomorrow no matter what even if the temperature gets unseasonably warm as has been reported by the one and only andre here.
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skaters in shorts. only a small window of opportunity. small. it will be about 24 hours. after that, things are going to start to change. tomorrow will look similar to today. we could see the last of the sunlight on this time lapse. you will see being us a little. they are. i think i also saw lire and bake at which would be the bright store and lire tonight setting a little bit of cloud cover, but no fog tonight. that is because the winds are keeping the atmosphere a little more stirred up ahead of this front. check this out. not really a whole lot with the girlfriend itself. just a little activity. what the big deal is tonight is all this snow on the backside and it is coming down to beat the band from your weiman, colorado all the way up to duluth, minnesota. it will continue to fall in the arrowhead to the tune of perhaps up to 2 feet in places. it is almost late november. high today 64 degrees. or going to do better than that during the day tomorrow.
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yet at all this season. the seasonal departure growing very slowly, but we are up to ed 2-inch snowfall deficits. by now we should have had 2 inches of snow. clear tonight, mild. uneventful. no fog. forty-eight the average. we had fog developing last night. there is no fog tonight. that's because winds are out of the south. tomorrow 72. unreasonably warm. the record high for tomorrow is 71. i think we're going to see a new record tomorrow. & then the much colder air starts to come in. you can see the rain, rain showers scattered saturday begin to mix with a change of snow saturday afternoon and saturday night. then, periods of snow and snow showers at the variety especially. saturday night, sunday, sunday night finally ending monday morning.
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plow category will probably put some the numbers on this tomorrow night. >> still to come, and teens gender gives way to a legal battle. >> a mother suing her own child way she says her parental rights
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>> edge up to one of the nations natural wonders and at an unnatural tragedy. an oregon man essentially dissolved inside of a hot spring at your list own national park in wyoming after he accidentally fell into it. the geysers and springs are acidic because they are fed by thermal water deep underground that picks up sulfuric acid. the bizarre incident happened when: scott went to the park with his sister according to a recently released report, the siblings went to an unauthorized area near the norris geyser to soak in the hot spring, scott had reached down to check the temperature when he slipped and fell right into it. >> and minnesota mother is making headlines after filing a lawsuit against her own teenage
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identifies as female and has been receiving transgender services in order to become a woman. she maintains her parental rights we're violated because the county about the team to begin transitioning without her consent. she says the teen was being treated as an emancipated minor despite not ever being legally emancipated. >> i'm firmly committed to what is best for my son. i am his mother. he has always been and always will be welcome inu >> she says she wanted her child to wait until adulthood to begin transitioning the county gender services facility and the school district are also named. >> a sexual boy with autism was brought to tears by what the teacher did. video of the incident is parking out great all around the country. caleb squires was about to deliver his favorite line of kabul golf role during his thanksgiving for it when grabbed
1:43 am
and posted the video on social media. this will cause it's a mistake noting that the play had already ended, but many people believe they could have been handled differently. >> there's no way to defend it. we saw it, i saw it. a 172nd snippet. >> it's a play. they were first and second graders. i did not see the harm in letting the child say what he felt was very important. >> the superintendent says the teacher feels horrible about entire situation. school district officials say they've spoken to bad teacher about the incident, but say she will not be disciplined. >> is something many of us do, rent a car. >> turning on your bluetooth could put you're personal information at risk big time. tips on how to keep yourself
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>> if you've ever rented a car you know how easy and convenient it can be. >> did you know there's a hidden risk inside most rental cars i can put you and your personal information at risk? >> i travel about 80 percent of my work schedule. four days a week.
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and healthcare services company and she is one experienced business traveler. >> island avenue are further than two hours, i'm probably renting a car. if it's longer than four hours, i'm flying. even when i fly, as sobering cars. that's an average of ten rental cars a month. 120 a year. that's a lot of driving. >> at second nature to get in a car, through the bluetooth on, listen to yor >> juggling different cds and different clients each week. kristi relies on hands-free technology to help navigate life on the road. >> if i don't have my headset that comes with the phone, i'm using the bluetooth in the car. it's just the easiest, it works the best. every time. >> what christie doesn't know is that every time she rent a car, she is putting her personal information at risk. >> that car storage or phone number so, can easily connect
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researched in the lead at secure state and cleveland says every time you plug your phone into an exhilarating or a bluetooth, the rental car is storing your data. >> it will also download all of your contacts, your address book, any text messages or e-mails you have during that time it's paired with it and, of course, any call box during that period as well. so once you actually disconnect, that information stays there. meaning all that personal information is just sitting there, waiting around for the next renter to find it. what can you do to protect yourself ask you best is not do it. the dwta won't be there if you never connected. if you do do it, go in through settings on the consult in the car and actually just delete all the data or do a factory reset on it as well.
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to go into settings and clear the history. you don't want people knowing where you've been or where you live. she also recommend staying away from the usb ports. he says there is a real risk in using these so-called connected cars. including hackers taking control of the vehicle. as the technology progresses and more hackers get more advanced with their technique spread this always going to be of vulnerability that you have to watch for. it's a real eye-opener for business people like christie is going toe when connecting to her rental car. >> i had no idea. that is something i never thought of. i can't imagine how that's possible. about once my phone was off and i was out of the car it was over. knowing the next drivers could see my information is a little unsettling. >> great information. she also reminds people to delete their data from their bluetooth if they are returning a car that was leased or loaned.
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>> at least we can say this about this guy. he is a man of his word. >> the story behind one man's prolix and trip to the tattoo parlor in the late wake of the election. >> up next in sports, the buckeyes aren't on the hardwood
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and isle of man lost a big bet on election. >> he was so confident hillary clinton he placed a belt with a buddy. he promised to get, from space and the republican nominee actually won.
1:53 am
tramp stamp ink on his back. he'd live streamed the entire thing on facebook. >> are i was thinking about my life. and how it went wrong and now i'm laying in the chair getting at tramp stamp. this is definitely the stupidest thing i've ever done. >> i'm not too happy about it, no. i have to look at it forever. zach is still not done pretty still has to go back to the tattoo artist portrait colored in. >> with the browns wrapping up preparations for the steelers on sunday, the teams young qb that he could succeed when he is back
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now, on "crime watch daily" from here in new york...
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>> chris: she was in love. a new graduate of the police academy and then... speak of my daughter's boyfriend. >> chris: if fight with her boyfriend turns deadly. >> he was killed with a single gunshot into the head. >> chris: she claims it was a fit of mistake. >> i loved him, i would not kill him intentionally. >> chris: >> chris: but dety it was murder. speak of the evi that the pieces. >> chris: how could a woman trained tickell accidentally shoot her boyfriend? >> it was supposed to be unloaded. >> chris: at the mystery witness, her own 4-year-old son. >> mommy shot him. >> chris: then, they have a loving father daughter relationship. >> they were best friend. he loved her, she loved him. >> chris: until this teen snap. >> i know exactly why she killed him. >> chris: and through a house party.


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