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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  November 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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- welcome to new day cleveland. i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick. - and we jumped in the car today and we came out to the very edge of medina county to visit - mapleside farms because we're in brunswick! we're gonna visit a whole bunch of different places. as a matter of fact, i understand there's a restaurant here where the people are from thailand, so it's a pretty cool little restaurant. - interesting, you know what else brunswick has to offer? another farm here that you can go and visit reindeer, and they have camels, and they have horses, and they really have everything under the sun. - did you ride the camel? - i didn't get on that one, no. he was not in the mood for me. - he was in a humpy mood. (natalie laughs) there ya go. - we're gonna show you that place, too, and then a great place for stationery.
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- and i'm gonna visit a guy i haven't seen in over 12 years. he's got a beautiful italian bakery and a delicatessen. it's a fun place, but i think we're gonna start right here at mapleside farms. - love this place. - mapleside fruit farms, a lot of apples here, a lot of great stuff, we're gonna learn a whole lot more because i'm gonna go talk to josh. - ok. (upbeat guitar music) - [david] ok, i found josh over here. we're at mapleside farms, and we're sorta behind the store right now, huh? - yes, yeah. - so what happens - this is the packing room. all of our apples are picked and they're brought up here in giant bins and then they go through the apple grader. this is where they're cleaned. - so this is the big bin over here, huh? - correct. - [david] i like this guy. who's johnny juice? - [josh] (laughs) that's our cider, that's our brand of our cider. - that's great. so i can buy that anywhere, or just here at the farm? - you can buy our cider here at the farm. - which is terrific, i mean, you come up in the store, you've got all kinds of great stuff up there. i saw the ladies making caramel apples, you got the apples with the candied apples, right? - yep, we have candy apples.
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ple red. - (laughs) right. - so what kind of apples are you guys workin' with here now? - [josh] these are our melrose. we actually invented this apple. it's a cross between the jonathan and the red delicious. the name in latin means paradise, so this is one of our biggest sellers is the melrose. - [david] this is my favorite apple. like when you make an apple pie, this thing works the best, it's the sweetest but it's still sorta, it's got a firmness to it like those granny smith apples, a little hard like that. - [josh] yeah, they're crisp and they're very versatile. you can cook with 'em, you can put 'em in salad. - [david] i love when you come up here. so we're in brunswick, we're doin' this whole show on brunswick, and this is sort of like, to me, the feature place in brunswick, it's to die for to pull in the parking lot and look out across the valley here. - sure, everyone loves our view. even when we're not having a festival, at night we have people pull in just to see the sunset. the reason we have that view is because it's actually the beginning of the appalachian foothills, so you can see for 200 miles. it makes for some really awesome sunsets.
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? - he could have. - [david] he may have. - we actually have two trees on the property that are second generation johnny appleseed planted trees. we grafted from another farm in ohio. - that's fantastic, and also i noticed you have a big parking lot across the street, so when you have these festivals like the big slide in the fall, and all these different things, people come out here in droves. - [josh] they do, from all over the place. we have 16 acres of parking across the street, so it fills up. - i remember halloween, too, didn't you have somethin' with zombies? - yeah, we have our zombie paintball, zombie apocalypse. (david laughs) - [david] that was pretty good, i loved that a lot. so what happens to the apples in these machines? - this is where they're graded into different sizes by weight. so you have three different sizes here. we have our large, medium, and then the little ones are we call our lunchbox apples 'cause you can put 'em right in the lunchbox. - oh, yeah. yeah, that's great. somebody was tellin' me, too, that you have apples here that if you peel 'em they don't discolor right away. - yes, that's the cortland apple. - the cortland apple. - it stays white, usually they turn brown if you leave 'em out, but the cortland stays white. we caramel those a lot
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ramelized apples, the candy apples, but in the bakery, what do ya do with the apples in the bakery? - [josh] oh, well, we have our classic apple pies, our dutch apple pies, our apple fritters, dumplings, so pretty much everything apple. - [david] yeah, it's a cozy spot, too, when you come in. if you happen to come in in the cooler months, you got a fire in the fireplace goin', got some chairs, and a lot of space, too. i mean, the kids probably go crazy when they come here, huh? - [josh] yeah, they do, they love it. - [david] so how long have you been here? - i've been here for about six years. i came in with the new owners. it's the third family that has owned mapleside. out 100 years. - you know, usually when i go place, the general manager's always older than me, but somethin's been changing lately. (josh laughs) like now the general manager's are all younger than me. they're getting younger, i'm getting older, maybe, huh? - no comment there. - no, no comment there. hey, so what about the wine? i saw a whole bunch of wine here, too, and it's a different kind, a different style of wine here. - [josh] yeah, we have our blueberry wine, we have raspberry wine, watermelon wine also, it's really good,
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of dried fruits and pretzels and all that kind of stuff. so, when you come out here, it's one of those places where you're coming for the apples, you're coming for a good time and fun, but you find little things that you don't find in other stores, and i think that's sorta unique about it, isn't it? - yeah, that's what we try to do, we try to make a unique experience for all the people who come to visit us. - yeah, and i know later on in the show, we're gonna get a chance to go to the barn because the barn is a place where you house an area for special events. - correct, yeah, we do weddings, but we also do concerts and murder mystery dinners, lots of fun stuff - daughter comes home, she goes, "dad, i'm gettin' married, "but i wanna do it at mapleside farms." - oh yeah, yeah, we do a lot of weddings here. people love to get married out on the view, and we just built that big, beautiful barn, so it's a big venue. - ok, and you guys have the cider here. what's your favorite apple? - my favorite is the melrose. - you invented it, you might as well like it, right? (josh laughs) there you go, it's a beautiful place. how many acres here? - 127 acres. - so you can get out and wander around outside a little bit,
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an activity or something good to do. fun to do also. hey, speaking of fun, i think that's what natalie is doing now, she is sorta like down on the farm and it has something to do with a camel. - ok, yeah. (gentle guitar music) - if you have the little ones with you when you're making your trip to brunswick, this would be a must stop. we're here at spring mist farms. no stranger to fox8, we love howard and the gang. i know you've been up a couple of times - few times, yeah. - brought the animals with you. and it's because i'm holding these in my hands. that's charlie, folks. hi, charlie, look at him, how cute is he? so, here at the farm, people can come here, pretty much a good bit of the year, and see the animals. - we are open to the public june, july, and august, every wednesday. you can come in, see the animals, pet and feed stuff. we have a couple different rides going. then in the fall time in october, we have an event
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we have rides going. this year we have something new, we have a corn bin. the kids can climb in it and play in the corn, like a sandbox but with corn. - [natalie] ah, fun. - [harold] we have something at christmas times, the big guy is here making toys with the kids - ah. - [harold] we set up the barn as a live nativity. - santa is here? - santa's here, yep, and the kids can sit right on his lap, build a toy with him, take an actual toy home with 'em, a wooden toy. - see, that's so much fun, so there really is a lot to do here depending on what time of year you're coming, but the animals, of course, always the biggest attraction. this guy is not only chomping at the bit, he's rubbing his paws onto the ground here. i know this is what you want, so i'm gonna give you what you want, ok? here you go, buddy. they love it, this is their treats. - right, right. - they love these. - and this is what we sell when the petting farm's open. it's just an ice cream cone full of cracked corn, and all the animals love it. - [natalie] oh, look, he's like, he's one of the friendliest animals. i know you're getting upset, charlie, but we're gonna walk around here because i know
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aww, here's what you don't know is that i already fed him like three of these before we started. - [harold] i don't think charlie can fill. - [natalie] i don't think he can either. but these animals, you guys treat them like royalty here. - they're family. - i've seen it. - [harold] they're family, they're taken care of pretty darn well. - [natalie] i know you have a lot of them in the barn right now, but you brought them into the barn because we're here. normally, they're out - right, right. normally they're outside. in the wintertime, they come in this barn, and in this large area, we split the barn in half, kind of, in the summertime, we believe animals need to be out in pastures, not cooped up in a barn. - so what are all these little guys? you have different types of horses, ponies i should say here. - right, these are actually ponies, we have the larger pony, which is a halflinger. - [natalie] sorry we're showin' you their backsides. - smaller ponies are shetland ponies. - [natalie] that's because they're eating, right? - [harold] right, right, they've gave 'em some oats. - oh, oh, oh, oh, - here comes smokey. - and now they all see, ok, now i'm in trouble here.
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absolutely love this. i'm giving you a little. look, you're right, he says that they really love the corn, - really love the corn. - more so than they like the cake cone. - some of the animals, they're pretty smart, if there's no corn in it, they'll take the cone and just drop it on the floor. - really? - yep. - they'll just drop it right on the floor? - drop it right on the floor. - "forget you, i don't want that." now i see you have a covered wagon, too? - correct, that's another ride that we offer. we do it here on location or actually off location, also. - [natalie] i know there are a few that around wintertime, - there could be some reindeer around the farm. - and i hear there's some new little babies. - three babies this year. - so, we can't leave without seeing them, right? will you go take me over there, is that okay? - absolutely. - ok, i'll try to get out without them attacking at this cone. so i'm really glad that i decided to come over here because i know these guys, especially around the holidays, are definitely something that is a fan favorite. - they sure are. - hi, so this is one of the mommies? - yep, this is joy.
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mother of tinsel. - ok, so we see the little babies in there now. - [harold] right, this is actually tinsel right here at the gate. - [natalie] and the one that's making so much noise over there, - that's frost. - that's the daddy-o? - [harold] that's the daddy, yep. - [natalie] so frost, he's back there, he would love to come out, but he has to kinda keep his space from us. - this time of season, we keep our space back a little bit. - [natalie] which is what's called mating season. we can say that, right? but he's great with all of the other reindeer. - oh, absolutely, at night, they're outside. and as you can see, it's just to keep the fans on 'em so the flies aren't bothering 'em, and on a hot it keeps 'em a little bit cooler. and then in the evening, they're back out in the field, and they come back in the following morning, and eat again. - well, i know they help santa get from place to place, so it's good that we have them here. and it's so cute to see them. so they can come down to spring mist farms, right on pearl road here in brunswick. - [harold] big sign out front that has the farm name. - [natalie] it's a great place to bring the kids. i enjoy feeding these animals, so i know the kids would absolutely love it.
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- i feel like a kid sometimes. alright, say bye, this is joy, right? - this is joy, yep. - say bye joy. when we come back, we are taking you to an italian bakery with some of the best pastries, including cannoli, that i can almost guarantee are bigger than you have ever seen. - [jim] it's a great centerpiece for any party, it's a great conversation piece. it's in a large shell, and we stuff it with about three dozen of these smaller shells.
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honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. today, you can click in walk in or call in to the number one care in ohio. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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- welcome back to new day cleveland. it's a road trip. we are in brunswick, and we're on route 42, pearl road at the intersection of 303, talking to jim rito from rito's italian bakery and deli, right? - that's right. - those are a lot of things to get in order. - yeah, i know. - i got 'em all right? - you did it very well. - we go way back, this man and i. - yeah, 15 years ago, he was here when we opened. - oh my goodness, i tell ya, i walk in the front door, big, beautiful bakery, i forgot how beautiful it is, there's a picture of you and me sitting there, big ol' mustache. is that a freaky picture or what? - [jim] we were a little darker, you still have your hair, i don't have mine. - there you go, well, you got the hat to cover it up. but i tell ya what, the place has grown, it's still fantastic. so we're in the back right now, checking out what's going on, and this is like getting ready for the weekend? - right, yeah, we have some wedding cakes. these are just a few samples of 'em. different styles, we specialize in cassata cake. - oh, yeah, cassata cake, is that the one
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t, sponge cake with strawberry and custard. - [david] i forgot to put one in the refrigerator once, and it collapsed on me. you gotta refrigerate those, right? - right, right. - [jim] there you go, i learned that. so what kinda wedding is it, is it like a seafood wedding or what? - [jim] no, those are for an under the sea birthday cake that's on order. those are fondant pieces that we sculpt for that purpose. - this is the helmet from a former cleveland browns quarterback? - that's actually a groom's cake. i guess he was an iowa hawk guy at one time, - all the specialty stuff, so it's a lot of fun to come back here and see all the colors. this is something i sorta recognize from the old days. - yeah, well, that's gonna be a jack daniels bottle, it's another groom's cake. - so i saw you have all the elves back here working. what kinda cookies you got going? - these are our lemon biscotti. that's a very popular cookie for us. you can also find these at heinen's, we do a little wholesaling with heinen's. - well you do a lot of stuff here,
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bakery, it's a big building 'cause you got a lot going on here. - [jim] absolutely, absolutely. - [david] i walk over on the other side, a lady's putting together a big, beautiful deli tray, so when we're talking about italian bakery and deli, the deli's a big part of the business, isn't it? - [jim] yes, we do sandwiches, we do catering as well, from lobster to a party tray or a large sub, we do it all. - yeah, i got a kick outta that. but here's one of the reasons i wanted to come back here. when i saw this out at the front counter, amongst all your beautiful cookies and cakes, this is huge. - yes, our gigantic cannoli. at that thing. - we were actually on the food network's guilty pleasures this past year. - it looks like a weapon, like something you fire a cannon ball out of. - [jim] it's a great centerpiece for any party, it's a conversation piece. it's in a large shell, and we stuff it with about three dozen of these smaller shells. - and you stuff those with like a? - cannoli filling, it's ricotta cheese and chocolate chip. - and people always wonder why they're empty
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they know if you put the cream in too soon, what happens? - absolutely, they get soggy. so the authentic, we try to sell our customers, take the filling home separately and fill 'em right before you use 'em, that's the best way to eat 'em. - and what could be worse than a soggy cannoli? - i don't know, that's pretty bad. - hey, so you guys do a lunch business here, too? - yes we do, we do sandwiches and corned beef, the regular deli items. - and i like the idea, too, i saw all those beautiful cakes out there in the case, and some of 'em look like you could ed when you come in. - [jim] absolutely, we have some cakes in the case that are ready, we can write birthday wishes on 'em, but we advise people to call ahead of time if they really want something custom. we do custom cakes like you saw with the fondant pieces, and that's the best way to do it. - you look better than the last time i saw ya, how long ago was that? - about 15 years. - 15 years, a lot of fun.
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we saw some italian stuff here. let's gonna a little more eastern european. (upbeat polka music) - here at the european specialty food mart, you can find imported foods from europe, lots of different countries, croatia, serbia, bosnia, ukraine, russia, romania, hungary, austria, germany, some french, too, and you can find, we have very good pierogies, eight kinds of smoked or fresh sausages, polish of course, lots of cold cut meats, groceries, noodles, wafers, feta cheese few kinds, even ice cream, russian ice cream.
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we sell the most sausages, hungarian, serbian, slovenian, polish, smokies too, pierogies, strudels of course, these are our top sellers in this store. and don't forget about feta cheese, that sells very, very good. we open like six years ago, and in this area, there is no imported food store. since then, lots of people come in and they're telling me that, "hey, we're moving from cleveland, "or from parma, we're new in the city of brunswick. "we like it, the schools are very good, "lower property taxes, sale tax is lower, too, "and there's no store, it's only you, "so that's why we come over." actually my wife makes the strudel.
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she makes apple strudel which we use fresh apples. i peel them, i help too. she uses peach, cherry, cheese and raisin strudels, so four kinds. when we moved in this area, there wasn't any store like this and we said, you know, for people that live in this area to drive all the way so there we are, we are here for six years already. everybody's busy these days. i mean driving and taking care of the kids at home, and homework, and we're just five minutes away from everybody in this area. it's pretty much easy. - gotta love that eastern european strudel, love it indeed.
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ace called hollo's papercraft. - [irene] we do a lot of wedding business. you can come here and do weddings three ways. you can make your own, and we help you design that. two, you can just get it print and cut and you put 'em together, saves you money.
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irene, your store here, hollo's papercraft, is by far, i think, one of the coolest places to come. - well, thank you. - if you are into the craftier side of things, scrapbooking-- - yes, cardmaking, wedding invitation making, girls come all over because it saves them so much money to make their own wedding invitations these days. - and when you see the products they have here, you'll understand why people come here. blown away when they walk in. i know that you probably just get so excited faces when they come into the store for the first time - [irene] oh, yeah, they come in groups, they drive miles to come here. it's just a fun day for a group of ladies. - [natalie] so let's talk about the different things that are in here. i wanna start with, we are in the cardstock room - cardstock room where we sell paper by the pound, big, big seller. - i mean look at this, stacks of paper here. so you sell these by the pound? - yes, by the pound, an average sheet of 8-1/2 by 11 runs about three, four cents, that's what it comes out to,
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lots of colors - i mean, that is true. anyone who knows a lot about this i think would realize that's a really good price. - that's a really good price. - now, this is just one of the many. you walk into this building and there are a lot of different rooms here. you have envelopes sectioned off on the one space back there - [irene] whole room of envelopes, every size you can imagine, for all kinds of projects, and mailers, yes, we sell lots of envelopes. - [natalie] now what about the wedding invites? i know that's big. they are beautiful. - [irene] well, thank you. we do a lot of wedding business. you can come here and do weddings three ways. you can make your own, and we help you design that. two, you can just get it print and cut, and you put 'em together, saves you money. and we have full assembly on the wedding invitations. so you have all three options affordable. - on top of that, i know there's another really cool area that you have handmade paper? - yes, our handmade paper in the other room, we have 400 to 600 different styles of handmade paper, and we get a lot of college students
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and fields trips. they just have a ball when they come in here because they've just never seen anything like it. - [natalie] and then there are, when you're in the main space, there are a lot of just even office supplies. - [irene] yes, office supplies, containers for bakers and stuff, moms just making muffins for school and want to carry out, that's great. we have the scrapbooking line, we carry the graphic 45 which women can't find anywhere they call us for those, it's a scrapbooking line. - [natalie] so let's bring this up then, there are a lot of things in your store that people are not going to find anywhere else, e of them. - [irene] yes, it's one of the big things we try to do. we try to bring in things you can't find anywhere else. - [natalie] so that's one thing, and then the handmade paper is also a big thing? - [irene] oh yes, yeah, we sell a lot of that. - [natalie] so now when people come in here, obviously a variety of different things for a variety of different types of people. who do you see here the most, or who would this be great for to come in and purchase things? - probably the card making, card making and weddings and schools.
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ollege, and they order them by the hundreds, because they can't even buy them that cheap, so they'll buy them and the kids will buy them off of them at school. we sell a lot of those, that's where you come in the door, we sell those, we sell the 8 1/2 by 11 tablets, all the different colors. colors due vary here because to keep the prices low it's whatever we get in, so it's kind of a little different buying market. - and it's christmas all year round here! - we sell christmas cards, printable christmas cards, they're blank, they have a design on them 15 cents each and we have two aisles of them and they're out all year round. - if i were to come in, honestly, i would be overwhelmed at first, but mainly because i don't, i'm not a scrapbooker, i don't understand the whole craftperson process, but for a lot of people this is a dream come true. - yes. - i see stickers over there. ribbons! - [irene] yes, if you're traveling, the scrapbookers that go to europe, we sell the paris papers and all that. and they can scrapbook after they've traveled because we carry all those papers.
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m europe. you go to rome, you go to italy, we carry all the different 12 by 12 scrapbooking papers. so you can make a great scrapbook from your travels. - [natalie] there's just so many neat things to do. literally, it is a dream come true for a lot of women. i think some men would even come in here and find this to be- - [irene] we get a lot of guys in here, you would be amazed, oh my gosh. - [natalie] very appealing to them too. - [irene] yes, they have fun. the office stuff, the miscellaneous room which they never know what they're gonna find. - [natalie] hollo's, come check them out. - [irene] we even have a bag room. - we have a bag room for little ziplock bags, self seal bags, little colored bags, yes, doilies, a little bit of everything. - see what i mean? it would take her a whole hour to tell you everything that's in this store. - yeah, that's true. - so just come down and check it out here in brunswick, it's definitely a must. (upbeat acoustic guitar music) - pete and polly's is a children's resale store. we are very focused on high-quality brand name clothing
10:29 am
uld get them at a fraction of the price. so we actually go from newborn up to size 16, and we have boys and girls, we have everything, we have the large equipment, we have the bedding, and we have brand new toys. we have homemade items made by vendors locally in the area. so it's just really nice to be able to give back to the community, because not only can you come in and shop for a fraction of the price, you can bring your items in and we will pay you for them. and then it brings money back into the community. most sizes they only go up to five, six, sometimes 10. we decided to go up to 16. cover the whole elementary school basis, cover the stores in the mall, you know, for example justice, they go up to 16, 18. so we just figured you know what, if there's a market for that, obviously there's people looking for that even at a fraction of the price, at a discount.
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we do inspect every item for any kind of pilling, tears, any kind of wear whatsoever. we like our items to look brand new. with the rate that kids grow, it's not hard to bring in new items that they don't wear a lot of times, and then also on top of that we actually take each individual item and we steam it before we put it out. we wanted to give back to the community even more, and try to bring some more money back, so we invited some local vendors, and actually some people have contacted us we carry bows, they are specifically made by a mom of two in brunswick, there is also another woman that makes a lot of baby-wearing, and she's in medina. we have necklaces, bows, wraps, bibs, anything for your children up to age, really up to age 10, 12. we now carry a lot of melissa and doug, anywhere from the less expensive items to the more expensive items.
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e very very sturdy wooden puzzles mostly, the quality is unbeknownst to, they're resellable, put it that way. you're gonna pay a higher price for these items, but they're not going to be destroyed. your kids are gonna use them, you're gonna get multiple uses out of them, with multiple kids, and then you can resell them so we really like to have their products in here. it's just nice to come in when you want to buy some clothes but say hey, you need to go to a birthday party something new. we do offer that also here at pete and polly. we carry all seasons here, and a lot of times during the holidays we have beautiful gorgeous christmas dresses here for example, they're new with tags, they've never been worn, you can get them for a fraction of the price. you know you could get two of them, have one for christmas day, have one for pictures. we have the first communion dresses, we have actually dresses from new york, california, a lot from even from
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from the thrift all the way up to the high designer in here and they're all still at a fraction of the cost. stop in, say hi anytime, we are the new owners of pete and polly, and we're usually here almost all the time, this is a family run business. just stop in say hi, and let us get to know you and let us help you with anything you might need. - when we come back to our road trip here in brunswick, taking you to one of the best cafes that serves some of the most delicious, and i mean delicious, crepes. - a lot of people like to order, if they're two people, they'll like to order a savory and a sweet, together, so then they can split it. split the savory, split the sweet.
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we are in brunswick, that is our big road trip, a very special road trip and checking out things from mapleside farms, and i was up at the farm earlier with joshua, looking at the apples. he says come on, let's go down to the barn so you come out, walk up on this barn, on the top of the hill overlooking the valley, and it is a massive piece of property here. - yes, thank you. it overlooks the valley over 127 acres, you can see our entire apple orchard from the deck on the barn. - yeah, and it's like usually when you see a barn
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, but you don't see a fresh, newly built barn like this every day. - [josh] yeah, we wanted a barn, we wanted the rustic elegance of a barn, but we also wanted all the modern conveniences. we have restrooms, we have a bridal suite where the bride and her bridesmaids can get ready, we have warming kitchen, so we have all this. it's also climate controlled as well, so. - [david] it is really cozy, it's the perfect place. i like all the porches, you've got the balcony overlooking the top here, the bride coming down the staircase with her groom and tossing the garter from the staircase, right? - [josh] yep, we have ceremonies in here as well as receptions. - yeah, and it sounds great, there's no big echo in here, so it would probably be a good place for concerts. - yes, in the wintertime, a lot of people don't know, during the offseason when people aren't thinking about the apples and the cider, we do a lot of events here, we do our concerts in the barn every friday night the end of january, lots of great genres of music,
10:37 am
we also do a lot of family oriented events like our breakfast with santa, breakfast with the easter bunny, great events. we also do paint and pours, and murder mystery dinners. paint and pours are great. you can come out with your friends and sip on some wine and do an awesome piece of artwork that you can take home with you. - if you haven't been out to mapleside farms in the last couple of years you have no idea what's going on our here. i drive by it once in a while i stop in and i grab some apples or some of those great fritters but then i look behind the building. you've got mazes set up, you've got stuff for the kids, when you get wedding location here, it's something for everyone. - [josh] yeah, in the fall we have a festival every weekend september through october, and that's our big season, that's what we're really known for a lot. but what people don't realize is that during the off-season we try to do a lot of activities as well. when the cabin fever hits, it gives people something to do. - [david] so it's year round.
10:38 am
it's all the time. - correct. - [david] and the view from the barn is unbelievable you look out there. - thank you. - i was asking joshua earlier, the farm where all the trees are growing, it's a 60-acre plot our there. - yeah, just where the trees are, yes. - but it's just such a massive look out across the valley there, its- - beautiful. - yeah. - it never gets old. - it's breathtaking, that's what it is at mapleside farms. - thank you. - hey, now we're gonna head over to a little cafe. i think it's called kelly's cafe, is that right? - kelly's cafe. they have wonderful crepes. - we're gonna have a crepe. (customers chatting) (upbeat banjo music) - a crepe is a vessel for delicious food. it's made out of flour, water, egg, butter, milk, and love, and love, can't forget the love! and then we stuff them with meats and cheeses, or fruits. if you get a meaty one it's sort of like an omelette in a shell almost. a lot of people like to order, if they're two people
10:39 am
can split it, split the savory split the sweet. - this is the banana french toast. - [kelly] or a lot of people will actually split a savory and then each get their own sweet one. (laughing) - is mozzerella cheese okay? - [kelly] they come in and they walk up to the cash register. this is where the action happens right here. and then they order and they pay, and then we bring it over to them and clean up after them. a be quite a surprise, i wasn't sure how i was gonna like it. we came here and i loved them. they're absolutely amazing. they have a lot of unique ones here to choose from, and a lot of variety. - [kelly] that's the egg pesto brie spinach. - it's just in a nice hometown comfortable place
10:40 am
- people love our coffee. - we use a lot of family companies here. we use mitchell's ice cream and berardi's fresh roast. we do have a lot of vegetarian items on our menu. or anything could become vegetarian, you could leave out the meat on any of them. i'll even pick your crepe, if you let me, some people let me pick their crepe, and i will. we like to have fun here, it's almost like being in a bar with no alcohol, people will come in and they eat a crepe and feel happy. we're gonna thai one on, that's right, it's a restaurant called larb.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
welcome back to new day cleveland, we are at a place called larb, on route 42, that's pearl road just north of grafton, and larb is this beautiful little restaurant, petite, small, cute, but beautifully put together. has some of the most beautiful food i've ever seen, and this is amy. how are you amy? - good, how are you? - i'm great. i want to show these people this beautiful food here, but when i first came in i saw beautiful food made out of plastic, how do you make food like that?
10:44 am
it to thailand, they make all the food for us, and they ship to here. - [david] isn't that great? - yeah, very good, very helpful. - so her mom is the chef here, the cook but they also have a restaurant in washington d.c., very popular potomac circle. but lucky to have this one in brunswick, i'm telling you. because i've seen some beautiful food, but this is killer, i love it. so this is the pad thai that your mom just made in the kitchen, and what is pad thai for people who don't understand? - the pad thai is made with rice noodle, tamarind sauce, , everyone have a different recipe, but of course my mom have her own recipe. very healthy, lots of thai herb. - [david] this is a thai dish, and we look at all these beautiful thai dishes, and for people who haven't tried that yet, they may be familiar with chinese food or something like that, how is thai food different? - the difference is because the sauce,
10:45 am
the food looks similar, but the taste is very different. - well i'll tell you the food looks so beautiful, you almost don't wanna touch it. look at this beautiful flower here on this plate here, and this is called crying tiger. - crying tiger. - will that make a crying david? is it hot? - the tiger, the beef, is not spicy, but sauce on the side is spicy. - so it's not really a tiger? - no. (laughing) - it's beef! - it's beef, yeah. - so good it will make you cry. so that's the crying tiger. - try the sauce. sauce is really good, that sauce maybe make you cry. lots of ground chiles. - boo hoo hoo. it's so good. so much fun to visit here too. what's this, is a chicken dish? - this is chicken cashew nut with a tomato sauce. very popular here too. so, thai food, this tastes sort of spicy. but overall you wouldn't say thai food is spicy hot?
10:46 am
we can do it not spicy. like tiger, we call crying tiger because of the sauce, and pad thai no spicy at all. - and you get these beautiful spices here that if you wanna add heat - these for the people. - if you wanna add heat you just put a little on. - yeah. - this is a beautiful little toolbox though, look at that. how nice is that? - yeah, from thailand too. - you know what amy, i always wanted to have mussels, and i can have them here at larb, right? - [amy] yes. - [david] look at those, these are mussels with muscles too. so what kind of sauce is on this? - it's a curry powder we call yellow sea, combination seafood, shrimp, scallops, squid. no spicy. - well it looks good. wow, that's good. - yeah. - i finally have mussels! what's this little rascal? - this is larb, we call larb, it's chicken ground with rice powder, lots of garlic, ginger.
10:47 am
- [david] and that's what the name of the restaurant is and larb has two meanings i understand. one is luck and what is the other one? - actually larb mean lucky, and also the thai people believe on their birthday they gonna order larb, they believe when they eat larb they'll be lucky for the whole year. - okay, lucky. i feel lucky to do this here too. and what's this little dish. - [amy] this is a thai dumpling. - [david] those look great too. and this one looks like it's fuzzy. crab, it not spicy. the sauce, yeah this one, amazing sauce. - amazing? - yeah, it's got spicy soy sauce where you cannot find anywhere, this my mom recipe. - i saw your mom in the kitchen. when she cooks she cooks so fast, so beautifully too. - she's 72. - 72? - [amy] yeah, that's how old. - [david] does your mother go back and forth to washington d.c. then? - [amy] yes. - [david] she does.
10:48 am
id] when she leaves you must cry. - [amy] yeah, my sister will take care of you. - let me down my muscles, i just want to show you guys, the menu is great but there is to-go menu. and you should get one of these, can you get this online too, online? - yes, yes. - go online, that way when you drive out here, you can pick up all this beautiful food here. and what's great about it too is you get to take a look at it, because i go to a restaurant, i don't understand, and i always want what the next guy orders on the next table, because i never know what to order. - yeah. - but you can help us, right? - yes, all the server we have experience, and experience with customer, easy here. i'm feeling lucky. thank you very much. - thank you so much. - it's a beautiful place, don't come on monday though. you're closed on monday, right? - we close every monday, and we open six days, tuesday to sunday. - okay, and they have a happy hour, whenever you come i guarantee you you will be happy. and guess what, more new day cleveland coming up after the break. it can be a cost-savings, so if you're really into drinking those ipas that you have to pay $10 a bottle for, and they're out there,
10:49 am
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10:51 am
- welcome back, our next stop here in brunswick
10:52 am
classroom combined so to speak, and it is a must stop if you like to make your own beer or wine. - the vine n hop shop is a home brew and winemaking supply store. we have winemaking here on premise, so if you've never made wine before and you want to make it with us you can come and do that. we also just have tastings. we're kind of a full-service place, so if you want to, if you're just a wine drinker you can come in and drink wine, if you're a wine maker, you've been making wine for years, we have all of the supplies and equipment for that. we have all of the grains and hops and yeast and everything that you need for home brewing, and if you just want to come and hang out and find out about it, we have classes so you can come in and learn about it as well. we opened the vine n hop shop because we have been home winemakers and beer brewer for about 12 years now, and we moved here from minnesota and there wasn't a homebrew or winemaking supply store nearby, so we thought we'd enter into this
10:53 am
we've been relatively surprised at how many people are actually home winemakers and beer brewers here in brunswick. every day we have new people walking through our door. i just want to tell people that we're here, (laughing) every day i have people walking in, we've been open for about a year and a half now, so having people walk in every day and ask me how long i've been here. i've been here for a year and a half, and we're still open and we're doing great. we just wanna keep growing the homebrew and winemaking community. if you are new to winemaking and think you want to get into home winemaking, we sell all of the equipment that you would need for home winemaking, corks, bottles, fermenters, carboys, everything that you would need we sell. fresh juices seasonally, we sell other types of juices all year round, so that you can make wine all year round, it's not just a seasonal item. if you're a beer brewer we sell malt extracts as well
10:54 am
we are a full service store, so we have pots and fermenters and even distilling equipment for all of your perfumes and oils that you may be working on. homebrewing has become really big recently, and i think that's just because more shops like this are opening up, so people have more access to quality ingredients. there's a lot of new technology out there for fermenters, it's also generated quite a community here at the wine n hop shop. we have the brim home brew club, and they're just a community of beer brewers, they love beer, they love the craft beer. also, it can be a cost-savings, so if you're really into drinking those ipas that you have to pay $10 a bottle for and they're out there, you can brew them at home for a fraction of that cost.
10:55 am
1:00 to 5:00. we always have a variety of wines and a variety of beers that are made here at the vine n hop shop. we brew here and we make wine here, so come on out, talk to us about wine, talk to us about beer, and how to make it, and how to brew it. (upbeat strings music) making caramel apples, what do you think? - they do so many things the right way here, i'm surprised i haven't stolen one yet. i think it's cause they're just too hot for me to taste. - nuts, nuts on the caramel apples, i like that. - i thought you were calling me nuts, i know that i am. - no, no, no. hey, i love larb the thai restaurant, the family is terrific, a lot of fun, they're a small place, cute, loved it. - hollo's papercraft, that place, any type of stationery, any project that you have for the kids, it's perfect to go there. - and rito's, the king of the cannolis, the biggest cannoli i ever saw in my life. - ever saw, ever! - a lot of great things, so jump in the car,
10:56 am
, easy to get here, it's one of those places, you know i go back and forth past the airport and never think of stopping, gotta stop, especially here at mapleside. - it's a must stop, we love mapleside farms. thanks for having us here, and thanks for having us on this hour-long show. - i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick. - and we'll see you on the next, - new day cleveland. - so long.
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