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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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when the snow flies, i turned to fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air online and the fox 8 app. 8 sign up for text alerts at fox >> found high lead levels around the water from dozens of cleveland metropolitan school district drinking fountains.. df >> peggy gallek, tells us what this means for the kids >> the school district did the voluntary testing to make sure that students are safe, they send their cohabitating was
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results of more than 1703 can water outlets tested in the cleveland metropolitan school district code 9 percent had elevated lead levels that means more thantsch 150 faucets and drinking fountains tested positive for high lead levels, and these results were released friday after the date or voluntarily test the drinking water fromat a decision for her get out in front of this issue there is no state law that requires testing. they test the water in 69 school buildings this summer, even prefer the results released, cmsd turned off drinking water resources at man of theur buildings using watercolors. >> right now we are okay, the district was proactive, they go the watercolors out and they
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we are okay just happy that they did it. >> there a place in 79 drinking fountains and 40 faucets in kitchens, nurses offices and teachers lounges, also 40 other features, were not working also be replaced as a precaution , that makes parents very happy. they give us water bottles into care of everything. >> it is a very old building. >> good to know that they are safe >> they set out to make the needed repairske in the next fe months. pleats increasing patrols near the campus of oberlin to investigate what has been described as a hate crime targeting one of the schoolsha
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or polling place tell fox 8 that a professor found the home vandalized and a note with what has been described as a anti- somatic message on the door, and students at the school haven't sent an column decrying a hateful act, a rabbi of the chabad in oberlin lays that there is cause for concern but thatatob does not want the grea community to feel threatened, w cannot ignore it the same time, not on high alert i don't think that we needrt to look over our shoulders over time and the bes defense is too embrace our spiritual identity. deblase said that they're treating this as a hate crime, they say the nature of the message left for the professor hadth n elevated level of prior. >> the i-team found charges filed in the case involving a dog shotot. of the charges were not for the shooting as ed gallek as th
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>> no charges for the shooting, and found charges against the owner of the dog i got shot, take a look at the video captured by a neighbor. last month they say that a dog attacked another dog walking down the avenue with a retired police officer. shot and killede the dog that r out, they went to a prosecutor looking for charges for the shooting,a investigators with the cleveland dog shooting was justified, since the dog attacked, snob charges for the dog owner that ran out and got killed , misdemeanor charges for permitting a dog to run loose and having nono licen records show that the dog that was attacked and to go to the veterinarian with a bill cosby $400, the man facing the charge is due in court but did not sho up,p, that part of the story
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facebook user, lifestream's a disturbing scene as he pulls into a mcdonnell's. an asset that police say has become routine >> two people unconscious from drug overdose needing help quickly,nu there was a nurse nearby who would help. eddie wimbley stream the video on facebook, two people were passed out, someone called 911 and the eminence arrived
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the driver had regained consciousness but the other man wasas gasping for air thein heroin epidemic continues to run rampant, sandusky fred martin has administered narcan 170 times this year, up from 80 last year. clean the place investigating and officer involved shooting this morning workout at a first energy service center on the east side, as tracy mccool join us with more they say when the suspects was shot in the shoulder and taken to the hospital,sa two others were arrested, the fourt is still at large,w the police officers involved are okay, the detectors will interview the officers and suspects and we will decide if we can hopefully identify the fourth individual and get a warrant out for that person's arrest. t >> just after 2:00 a.m. there
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burglary at the first energy substation on east 1463 when they arrived the suspect for trying to steal scrap metal, they began to run in one of them shot at officers returned fire hitting the suspect,t first energy says the have security cameras all over the center and that the system worked perfectly. it is not worth it to come here because we're going if there's a good chance you will be caught and whatever that you can get for that scrap metal is not worth your life if you are shot by the police or i you tryor to cut our wires and end up electrocuting yourself.c 11 was recovered the believe it malfunction of the shot and he dropped it,u the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave, they see
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were wearing body cameras. still in the and some areas of the snowbelt could get hit hardu, with winter approaching, is hopkins international airpor ready to work roosevelt leftwic is at the airport. they say that they ar passenger should know that once they get on the airplane, runwa will be ready, today the city showed off its snow plow fleet featuring a lot of new equipmen including vehicles that snow plow would also deice the tarmac in verse and clean in one, most of it was purchased over the past two years, with grants from the feds after the city snow removal efforts were deemed inefficient,a there is also an
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heavily fined for incursions on the runway included an incident in januaryd airport director fred savo says the faa has worked together to make sure that the snow removal plans are effective and safe. >> we have a combined ice and snow removal plan as they faa has certified that i have given us money in order to purchase equipment, we have a fully staffed snow removal team. is as one of the ne, at hopkins in about half of the previous 40 minutes they say that all of this h procedures have been reviewed, and that they should have no major problems, although it just depends on what mother nature throws at the airport this winter. m week three of the playoffs in all rivals made,
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square off in bedford, p.j. ziegler has here at maracana stadium, versus saint edward and saint ignatius. what a night for high school football. this is a rematch of the game from week ten, it was won by saint ignatius as first energy. it was this is the third time they hav met the season saint ignatius one two previous meetings in 2,008 and 2011. the key for saint adcetris to get to the wildcats defenseey, saint ignatius gives up average of eight points per game for th wildcats they had to stop the run.h
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they had to get the offense going putting up 3 percent to 5 yards per game this season. it should be a good one and since 2,010, saint edward has only lost three times in the postseason one of those camee at the saint ignatius wildcats the other two from metro cardinals were going this time it is for all the marbleses will advance. i think that they are angry considering what saint ignatius did to them that the score was 34-seven so i think that saint edward will be angry tonight >> required to come in to try t other game was a
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prove somethings they do not ma the playoffs last year so they're happy to be here and they have bigger goals like another state championship, their 12 then history if they can't wrap it up with a got a very good defense and one of th reasons they shut down saint edward back in week ten. and i choose a special story tonight, that was one yea in the makingng. tonight at 6:00 p.m., local radio and tv personality battling alzheimer's disease,e, have spent the past year , and the g his fight support from his family and
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report, bob becker battle, tonight on fox 8 news app 6:00 p.m.. nancy pelosi has been the speaker of the house in the party leader for more than a decade ohio congressman says the reason the democrats lost control of the houseei is the
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dick goddard's final forecast i on, keep watching fox 8 news al month as we celebrate the life and career of dick goddard. we did break singer-actor today, everyry official reporti station, only four times has it been 73 by todayay or warmer. 75 and 77 on this date thanks to scott say before looking up the stats. looking at these clouds, where less than a week away fro thanksgiving,le how can 73 and
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making it a nice warm breeze. minneapolis in omaha,, and the low to upper 30s. that changes it in our definition that deficit will be through th day tomorrow. willoughby tribe was sunset atat 5:05 p.m. some showers after midnight and then some snowflakes falling temperatures, rainfall switching to snowfall. really mellow chelation tomorrow. but it will add up a bit in the snowbeltca from tomorrow night to early monday morning. snow watch is posted across northwest pennsylvania, and new york and lake effect snow watches have been posted in the northern new york area.
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countess. we are left with here are some lake effect that begins saturday night for the land from the west, and gusting up to 40 mph. i think that most of this will go to the northwest pe pennsylvania. it will be our first accumulating snowfall in the snowbelt is what we expect work ofs >> lake effect snow four continues through sunday and early monday especially in ashtabula county area as it the pushes off to the north. looking between two and 4 inche of the snowbelt including geaug county and one-2 inches in southern cuyahoga county and medina countyty outside of that basically nothing. most of it will be between four
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pennsylvania. tonight's rainfall moves in and over and over two snowfall late tomorrow. regard those falling temperatures and the lake effect. on tuesday, will be the last weather forecast of dick goddard. and then on wednesday and will be on the cold side with some rain/snow mix. but we will be focusing on the
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ice carver is hard enough, but dram between best friends answer cassock teachers as the problem and a champion proves nothing can take him down for the countv and eight wizards trip to america nearly takes a disaster t is a look at what's now
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everyone knows high school is hard and far from the best time in anyone's life,ho nadine is no different especially when her all-star, popular older brother starts dating her best friend.ri however, nadine realizes is a glimmer of hope, a thoughtful boy in her class, th edu 17 stars hailee steinfeld
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is a world wo champion boxer until a head-on car crash nearly kills them, drm kidney walk again with spinal surgery, otherwise the slightest bump could cripple him. against the oddsgh and ends up completed one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, blake for this, based on a true story. starring anne heche card in katie skul rated
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and has just completed a global excursion to find fantasticic magical beasts armed with his notes in the circle of creatures, he lands in new york before going home to some of th creatures escape and chaosos ensues, fantastic beasts, and where to find them is based on the same name from the harry potter universe storyry eddie redmayne and colin farrell rate the law spoke to the stars of the film there is life after harry potte rowling's fantastic beasts. they reap the rewards, in this magical 1920s new york city re-created in england. it was magical. im from new york and i always
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i joke that i had to leave new york , to come to new york. and they have rebuilt half of manhattan from the 1920s on the city lot all those cobblestoned streets with steam coming out of the greats andnd buildings are perfect they just replicated everything so wonderfully.. so fun to see the two characters first meet like
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your character is so innocent and full of love is such a grea characterlo. >> she is, her art is what she leads with. she is warm and when she sees jacob, there is just this, she is not interacted with the man before,e, there is this fascination. she can read minds and immediately she can tell that she is a good person, you guys are fantastic, makes everybody feel like a kid again, if it worked for me it's going to wor for anyone.i david moss, fox 8 news
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you can go wrong with eddie
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at hopkins 73, it's nice to have the windows
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stations. south wind between ten and 20 and becoming guster tomorrow an make changes tomorrow. today sunset at 5:05 p.m. rainfall after midnight and the tomorrow it will be colder with snow showers tune into the firs lake event saturday into something. charles hood plain to 4 inches in the snowbelt, otherwise an intern to
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and then farther west and south maybe if lori. tomorrow start off in the morning in the 40s then 30s throughout the day will start when the snow flies fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app.. >> debbie a shakeup in the house of representatives after thanksgiving, ohio congressman makes it official that he will challenge nancy pelosisi for leadership position as a elizabeth noreika joins us what he says today. tim ryan talk about his
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pelosi for house minority leader. he was elected in 2,003 is seen as a leader of coalition of younger democrats , represents youngstown which donald trump one easilyr, he made the decisi to run because democrats are no winning any feels the future of the party is in jeopardy. there had any ambition to run for house leadership, but after tuesday, and going back to 2010 since i've been in the housese since 2,003, we kee losing and we need to start wit to win races to implement our agenda. were not currently winning and we got to, i am frustrated with where we are and i believe that where i come from and who im would allow me to connect with voters all around the countryl
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he says he feels the party is doing somethingng wrong after failing to regain control of th house, trying to change it, democrats will now vote for their leaders on november 30no. donald trump is relational time naming cabinet members today he selected alabama senator jeff sessions is the ne secretary.n he is a former prosecutor elected to the senate in 96 and currently serves on the judiciary committee is also the consideration for secretary of defense is no word eric trump support chris christie will serve in administration. preschoolers are learned the importance of giving back to help those less fortunate >> to help operation giving tree, lorrie taylor joins us. >> these students are using
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learning about lesson involved in the fundamentals children's program at menorah park engagement, they said they asked that they couldhe hold a bake s since it had to be for charity they wanted to use the money raised to get back to other kid who are less fortunate they teamed up with operation giving tree. they will take a shopping trip to get the toys once the sale i overg s. the kids will tell us what to buyuy and then come going to be at fox 8 on wednesday. >> you can drop off your unwrapped toys next wednesday, november 23 from 7:00 a.m. unti 7:00 p.m.xay in the fox 8 front yard, for more info fox
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out of 32 years it would be over a thousand stories which i a remarkable numbe so many of us in the newsroom that look up to you as a role modelm, not only your work but also as person. i will never forget the day that saw you hanging from the salt truck yelling at the time, telling him that he was not
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>> you are fearless. >> tells about your new job. >> i will be doing home loans for people,e, using my finance goes of a master over the years, to help people to protect in to save their money i would be working for market willpl reverse mortgage with offices all over the north coast.. probably only of the company i could work for besides fox 8ba. you done so much for the station that's for sure. threat of a strike looming at o'hare in chicago and the timin could worse as lou maglio reports. >> , it's a strike that could
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, hundreds of employees at chicago's o'har airport have been fighting for wage increases in human rights work including baggage handlers cabin cleaners,s, wheelchair attendants and janitors got thi week they threatened to strike during the holiday season in an effort to speed up negotiations. the chicago department of aviation says the strike isis not expected for aaa predicts that thisis thanksgiving travel rush over the biggest in ten years. airport administrators say that ifs they do strike that are not sure how that will affect operations at the airporte , th are working on contingency plans. when you think of truffles in a recipe it is usually gourmet french cuisine. for a philadelphia landmark, they're given a whole new
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a shot from the chesterland camera, palazzo lays out the trees, now were talking abouta snow in the forecast. havana you are core that we are in that same air mass will be tomorrow with falling temperatures start with rain showers tonight.
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wet snowfall turns into a lake effect event across pennsylvania, new york. to the northwest, some blizzard warnings minnesota, extreme northeast south dakota. to 4 inches in ashtabula and
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that maybe a flurry. tonight mid- 40s. falling temperatures, lake effect snow fall event on tuesday, dick goddard'sw final forecast duri tuesday. as we head into wednesday it will be raining for thanksgiving eve parker also, for thursday, too tough to call it could be a mix. and maybe some flurries for
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the cavaliers tonight host the pistons at the q.q. has john telich has the latest. >> after dropping wednesday gav indiana cavaliers fell to nine into thursday. lebron james will be back tonight, as they look for double-digit winds on the season.n. not certain about the availability of jr smith, is listed as questionable every game is a mini test for a variety of reasons the they get every team's best shot, lebron james says it's best to cross that before you step onto the court. teams are gearing up and try
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and to get a ticket to the finals that is their mindset. and we try to get better every day,mi we don't have no sense o entitlement, we have to prepare for every gamedo no matter who play, i don't take much from it. we are a really good team, we still have some room for improvement.we the nba schedule is kind of weird the cavaliers will be off after tonight until next wednesday even
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assemblage synonymous with adelphia as rocky balboa. famous eulogies restaurant is serving with cheese. pats is the chemo cheesesteaks in philadelphia, is the chemo cheesesteaks, i topped with white alba truffles, the first of its kind. the average sandwich costs $7 with this top of the line creation will cost you $20 but
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don't mind the price. it is amazing. cheese is wonderful pairs nicely with the truffles which are very earthy and smoking. it is just a beautiful combination of cheese, meat steak onions and fred. >> the pats steak and cheese sandwiches were created on what there rival is
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a live look from the roof-cam we are sending in in the week spectacular mountain today in the 70s, the tomorrow, talking about snow preparations this is our new public square camera.
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eye shirtsleeves in honor of those record high temperatures that we establish, virtually every plac that has a thermometer with official readings are going that is going to make the crash interesting. it will increase the contrast. right now, with the sun it is 7


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