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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  November 19, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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scott sabol is in for a.j. colby. >> is yesterday the third warmest temperature this late i
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that began back in 1871 at the height of 74. each time it is either a couple days later,is that it gets cold enough for snow. we have a very warm lake erie water temperature. that means you get less snow on the shoreline so far we will have melting snow on the roadways everywhere and especially the lake erie shorelinea with warm ground temperatures. then tonight, it will be cold enough for some general
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looking at yesterday we had the record hig temperatures and then, the rainfall will continue. eventually, we will see some rainfall in a wet snow mixture in the afternoon. there will be so out of the northwest off of the legs tonight and into sunday. we know that the snow is coming andd also odot knows it.
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and they will begin staffing for the cruise i cuyahoga county and a little more in lake county and geauga county told the city two trucks they will not pretreat because of the expected rainfall but they will be readyat once the s starts. the airport has updated snow removal equipment is they can snow plow and deice the tarmac and brush to clean one pass.. >> utilizing training and monitor those changing weather conditions and during the wors possible we may shrink the airfield down to stay openwe fo enough runways and taxiways, but does not make sense to plow the entire airfield. they have an equivalent of
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of course if you go out this weekend, and conditions are dicey, they urge you to take it slowly. hundreds of people rally and march in downtown cleveland to protesta the election of donald trump. it was peaceful as they made their anti-trump voices heard i public square,a kevin freeman h more on what they wanted to achievef >> hundreds of protesters marching through the heart of downtown cleveland on friday evening voice their opposition toev donald trump, the next us president d. >> women and people of color ar at risk, we cannot tolerate this, no justice. the demonstration began earlier in the evening as protesters gathered in public to express their fe feelings. the protesters came with
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, many say their troubled by what they call donald trump'say negative rheto during the campaign. >> is i felt they president-elect has allowed all of the negative things about society that we have generally said or unacceptable, have become acceptable and i don't think as a kind of world i want my son to grow up in. >> the electoral college is kin of a joke.. >> the supreme court's future, the way that minorities are treated, and what's going on as far as immigrants andn everything. and trump supporters even showed up demanded that the craft show the future president respectuped >> divide with fall color unite we stand, this happened to our nationst. please block downtown straits as protesters marched with her message before returning to public squareh. >> is that he said last 18
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just watched in horror and cannot believe it is true. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. donald trump will continue to meet with potential cabinet members at his new jersey golf clubet. on friday announcing he is nominated senator jeff sessions to be the attorney general, mike appel has been selected as cia director andnd retired army lieutenant general michael flyn will serve as national security advisor ha. >> what e-mails and can acacias were m constituents and we have a majo military post in my district,m people are really quite pleased with the announcements that hav been made today. he has great to pay $25 million to settlele three lawsuits against trump university, with a police warning people to be on alert after multipleeng carjackings t
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from tremont to west 152 lesser rate has more.o west 152 lesser allowed the house and eliciting my car and getting ready to go to my second job.lo >> 27-year-old marcia alexander said a mask of an open-air fron door he ordered me out and he took away my phone and drove awayaye his mother five. >> she says the suspect took of in her white kia sorento with the car seats inside. >> everything, my whole life, even my kids social security cards that both are going to
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not alone, one of nine carjacking victim's on the west side 39 this is surveillance of two armed gunmen robbing the cadillacme just an hour after her attack man blocks awayay. one people are on high alert after similar incidentsts thursday ni at literary road in professor. on november 3 to come and try t robin wallin on west 10 in broa daylightmbmb everywhere you go happen to scott to pay attention. >> the police warning people to be careful 18 carjackings reported in less than a month. >> i am scared there is just to muchch and i have five children that would have never seen me
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please awarded that they are if you know gerous who they are call the police. student at fairview high school is facing felony charges they took a 2-year-old john becker the third into custody accused of sending in an appropriate video of himself t a female high school student wh isma also a juvenile, he's char with a fifth degree felony or charges are possible is electroni seized and will be search for evidence. cleveland police looking for witnesses to a fatal accident online dating like to talk to g in this photo. 48 year old andrew shubic was killed thursday when hit by a rta bus on i-9090
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disabled is trying to cross th highway. jimmy haslam will face questions next montha about the rebate scandal involving his pilot flying j. truck stops scheduled to give a dev and position december 13 any involvement that led to 18 indictments with ten guilty pleas the company paid $85 class-action civil lawsuit file by several trucking companies,, two companies refused to settle
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this phone has been the one which has this bee paying cleveland. you can follow us online you see the forecast discussion. the radar tried to show the initial transition to wet snow, more than likely this is occurring within the cloud deck. there could be a wet flurry of most of this is primarily rainfall, in cleveland between 30 and 45 degrees.
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down now to 41 philosophy some slushy wet snow the ground temperature is very warm the temperature will continue to fall back to the mid- 30s as we see the cold air will see th accumulation on the grass today. yesterday in record high of 74, the cold a it across the northern half of the us. some spots to the last indicating the transition to slushy wet snow mix. the snow coming off of lake michigan will start to see a transition that they in the chelation will be minimal and then start to see more
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tonight. there is the rainfall moving out. not highlighting major chelation initially. lake erie will the accumulation much less along the shoreline is about 5 degrees above normal the ground temperature is also very warmrm. start to see some accumulation tonight, provide to have wind chills in the 20s and switch the snowfall
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we could get several inches of snow most of that will be in the ashtabula county jacket and trumbull countys this is over 4 hours. looking at some slushy wet snow thursday and friday fox 8 news your official school closing station one. ballbreaker zika virus is no longer considered international public health emergency who say the spread is now under control there is still no vaccine or
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defects in the unborn children e of a joe says zika is not going anywhere so far is far from the threat it was. it has been realty warm here and also won at the north pole this in the arctic circle is 36 degrees warmer than as a supposedly6 , the ice is not thick unseasonably warm temperatures. >> california lab creates a breathalyzer to detect alcohol level but also marijuana. that france's from university o california berkeley is working withbe the device for years it has been generating interest from law enforcement said it would b a useful tool because it is har to make an arrest and they can prove someone has smoked, he
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than urine or blood fast results and determine if someone is 6-year-old boy in west virginia was brought to tears during the thanksgiving play coming is about to live his favorite line when the teacher iv.uptly grabbed the microphone as parents were in the audience and post the video and social mediaas the school calls it a mistake, said that the play had ended, but many people believe it could've been handled handled differently, his dad says that caleb is upset and heartbroken.s to do what they did, is very appalling to me. the school superintendent
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the officials say that they spoken to the teacher but she will not be disciplined . >> do want to call in sick from work? science just figured out the exact time you should call your boss,, tuesday morning at 6:30 a.m. sharp. there is no official reason why the study also sayss your best bet is to tell your boss that you have stomach problems.y study also revealed that people take the most fake sick days in november and december. know that their going christmas shopping.
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over the years we have showed you some of you have dick goddard's hobbies asd melissa myers shows us there is one tha you might not know about a . he is an incredible weathermanan, animal activist.
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and more. is anything that he cannot do? you can add to his resume artist, the passion's entire life he actually graduated from kent state with a fine arts degree, hea was so good that th walt disney studios offered him a job >> i had my bachelor of fine arts sent cartoons to disney in california, got ahe response said to come on out, the same week i got an offer to try tv a channel three with a 13 week contract term rest of tv history, is not forget his artistic abilitiesto used chalk and tape during his early career weather forecasting and then he haziziz annual weather calendar filled with hundreds of
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he authored a weather guide continues to sell are many cartoons and illustrations. is to published also a weather almanacac joses talents are thankful that he did continues to use his talents each year in new woollybear sticker isis designed and one b hundreds of thousands, are one-of-a-kind. we continue to remember the life and career of dick goddard counting down to his final
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it looks like it is a layer warmth on a cold day. if you wander in, i said when the browns win a game i will ge riof they don't i will still get rid of itr at the end of the seaso in decemberd this takes a 3d cross-section to show the areas of warmth and called to give a idea of where the changeover ha begune . we have seen that down and reports of mansfield and near west salem of snowfall.
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accumulating much but we see the transition. the temperatures are almost 20 degrees colder than yesterday's it is a in canton, record high yesterday was 74 degrees that was the third warmest this late in the year. we will get this afternoon as the temperatures fall region wideem in the mid- 30s, began t see a widespread rain/snow mix with some light accumulations. the ground temperature is so warm and also but like so highl doubtful that we will get much
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the snowfall more more widespread indicating lake effect which will begin tonight .nd tomorrow lot's of variables to determine the amounts of snowfall. it will accumulate the grass first then eventually the roadways. i-team is learning more about the story w first broke this week that his gaining attention. firefighters under investigation for passing out candy on halloween as ed gallek reports. brook park fire officials were leaving a long meeting at city hall, considering the punishment against firefighters for passing out candy in town
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a shift supervisor has been suspended during the investigation over candy? there has been no decision. besieges under investigation what more is there to look at? >> i can discuss anything. parents allowed to come firefighters were passing out candy suv, the earlier the mayor was angry that firefighters get it on duty without permission >> delighted to hear an explanation of how that is justified. firefighters union leader had words with the mayor at this brook park councilman reed said ro having an empty fire station during trick-or-treatin the same thing as during parades, firefighters could
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>> as you can see candy man trick-or-treat candyu is no different allowed to assuring you that no lives were put in danger t. we requested 911 calls from brook park during trick-or-treating, there were three for the place and a fight in the street. >> the fire union says that there were no fire calls and the crewa did respond during trick-or-treating to an ambulance run. >> most taxpayers we have met, cannot believe candy has led to this kind of investigation and it is not over over. >> can at least talk about how got to this point.. >> i really can'tt. >> ed gallek fox 8 i-team. is not clear how long the investigation will take goodod supervisor is suspended and a veteran lieutenant is off with
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placer increasing patrols near a local college investigating a hate crime targeting professor. >> they say someone vandalized the oberlin college professors home leaving a noteso with a threatening message, they are not identifying the jewish victim, rabbi of the shabbat an oberlinbi lasers cause were concerned but does not want the people there to feel threatenedo >> we cannot ignore it at the same time don't think that we should look over our shouldersnl over time, the best defense is to embrace our spiritual identity in the jewish . the police say that they are treating this as a hate crime. >> there are developments in th case of a clue the musician whose disappearance has baffled police work nearly a decade, the pic is also cell phone records show that someone kept willie standberry's phone a month afte
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revealed that the person a lot of time at his home in east cleveland, two days after the sims three world it can be traced to a junkyard. >> ablative that he was killed around his home about eight or 10:00 p.m. that night i believe that his body was put in his ca and b then taken to an industrial area of cleveland where they we is now urging east cleveland police to use his findings in their pursuit of suspects. testing reveal high lead levels in water from dozens of drinking fountains and the cleveland city schools, the voluntary testing done to make sure that it was safefe testing 1700 water fountains across a canine school buildings they found about 9 percent tested
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, cmsd has turned off the drinking water sources and many of the schools affected and installed safe water coolers until the problem can be fixed. made the decision to get out in front of this issue. there is no state law or federa law that requires anybody to do water testing. school leaders hope to remove all lead threats over the next few months. a major infusion of cash is coming to the canton propose that pro football hall of fame village, johnson controls bought the naming rights to the villag in an eight-year deal worth mor than $100 million it will include hotel, retail restaurant, symphony hall and the senior care facility for retired hall of famer'sauaul t
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yesterday, our longtime reporter in friend laurie taylo is leaving us, first joined the fox 8 family in 1984, during he 30 plus career covered more tha 8,000 stories , we wish her and her family all the best in the future., she's going onto a new career and says that she is going to have a lot of funs to work thanksgiving. coming up it is the season to
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most of us get ready for a thanksgiving feast.. >> everything from the turkey and stuffing to mashed potatoes. >> but some people are struggling to put food on the table, the good news is that there is helpp. pastor keio cummings and his wifefe lisa are here to tell us how the ebenezer assembly of christchurch is here to help . that is such welcome news this time of year as some people out there struggle. by 6 million households that have unsecured food program tha many people in need of food is not just during thisis time of
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but try to do our best to help them to go day-to-day. >> especially this time of year the need is increasing all the time that's why it's important that people help out one another with holy war more than we should we have freezers in thes things on wednesday before thanksgiving were going to give
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and co2 and smoke detectors. we want to be a blessing to the community so were going to have a giveaway b wednesday to give more turkeys to provide to families in need. >> whatever it may be if you know someone. thanksgiving debtor can last for a long time for some folksk. >> absolutely, also what we try to do your round. in the spring and summer we hav a garden to provide to the community. than he does not stop, what are some things that people can do your rounds with work some things to helpopop them even af
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>> wild thing, on miles road we have a hunger center that we give outut food and moral principles, the team up with other churches in the area, but we see people on the street, when i think we have an inclination to wonder if they arerek scanning but what they really needed to think that we have to show compassion, year-round. it is important this time of year as we celebratete family in a country those things but there is a nee your round. >> people need food in july and that kind of thing, but can the do to help you guys? >> go to our website. that i'm sure you have connecte at
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organizations have administration fees that this i one of percent going to the effort. we give all of it to providing health to those in need. i think the other thing that we want to dodo is they can also volunteer. when we do the giveaways we wor withay people's resumes and help to give them jobs to empower them to provide for themselves eventually want to give that we also want to empower them we have had help from corporations like sam's club in giant eagle. they have invested in us if of the corporations would also invest with manpower or with funding we could do a lot more. thank you so much for joining us and for all of your hard work for this important effort, if you like to make someone's holiday brighterif
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with ways to donate. >> thank you for joining us on this wet and going to turn into snowy. there is that transaction primarily rain we've had temperatures in the 30s on the back edge of this rain shield that came through earlier now we see in transition in wit dina, into millersburg into
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mansfield with 36 we will see a break before the core of cold air gets in your yesterday we had a record high of 74 now this morning went from 66 to the 30s four hours ago. the land is coming out of the northwest. the cold air talked about thanksgiving would be one of those we would see the pattern more unstableld there is a break some accumulation today into the
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dick goddard's final forecast tuesday 6:00 p. thanksgiving in the 40s could see some wet snow early friday. when the snow flies, fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for ioxt alerts. fox >>
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claim to see things in the food such as potato chips that look like lincoln or a piece of toast with the virgin mary.. >> wants warning when you you see this next message you can not unsealed. recently posted this picture of a seminal, can you see what tha looks like? >> said that it looks like an anguished pt, extraterrestrial. after it was posted another saw the same thingng because it is internet people use of the et seminal role in a push-up
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gasia has been over for two weeks, th man in charge says he still doe not knowow who won the election judge chandler, professional artists says he just does not care to know the income from the has now watched or read the new he says that he plans to keep i
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>> to protest the debacle of ou medical system that has evolved into in which i elected not to be a part of it is peaceful here in my bubble of ignorance at th center of the cyclone. is sometimes where's ms and baseline road's neck to say he does not and does not want to know, that will just invite some people to come to tell him. >> there are so much you see on a day-to-day basis,. think that is bubble of ignorance is going to burst
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we have our day's above normal day then any year in the last 20,t warmth has been on seasonable, it is much harder t take when you have falling temperatures, and the 30s, reports of wet snowfall.. it is not accumulating because
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the record once the the lake erie water temperature is five above normal will keep the shoreline much warmer drama mentions the initial push is already melting. some partial melting before we start to see the accumulations tonight and sunday. forecast will take us into earl monday. see a small break in the last. today, most of the rainfall is moving out it will get really windy change in o2/he wet snow it will be intermittent.t snow
9:03 am
tonight after sundown it will b cold enough snowfall to accumulate on the grass and eventually on the roadways there are lot's of variables because it has been is so warm. speaking of that snowfall, odot knows it is common. >> to make sure that you stay safefe they will start today at noon staffing 40 cruise in cuyahoga county, 11 each and lake county in geauga county, a
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clear any possible snow they will not be pretreated because of rainfall, they will be ready to go once the snow starts.. hopkins international airport is ready with updated snow removal equipment includingp those that also snow plow and deice the tarmac. >> we utilize the training and monitor those changing weather conditions entering the worst possible or the airfield down in order to have enough runways and taxiway open to stay open. does not make sense to plow the entire field.. there is a lot of runways, equal to 250 miles of two lane highway. that keeps them busy if you are going out this weekend.
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hundred showed up for in march in downtown cleveland to protesth election of donald trump as president. >> protesters were peaceful, as a major anti-trump voices heard in public square,e, kevin freeman has more on what they wanted to do to achieve.. >> cottage protesters marching through downtownwn cleveland friday evening voicing their opposition to donald trump's presidency. women and people of color are at risk we cannot tolerate this no justicew. the demonstration began earlier in the evening as i gathered at public square. they can with various concerns, many say they were troubled by what they call is negative rhetoric during the campaign.
9:06 am
society that we have generally set of unacceptable but have become more acceptable and i don't think that's the kind of world i want my son to grow up inthd. the supreme court's future, the way that minorities are treatedt what's going on as far as immigrantsgo. >> a trump supporters, was demanded that the crowd show th future present respectt. >> divided we fall color united we stand, cannot let this happe to our nation.. police blocked downtown streets as protesters marched before returning to public square. everything he has said for the past year and a half has been a nightmare and i just watched in horror and i can't believe it is true good oneanj friel and fox 8 news. trouble continue to meet
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todaywihe officially announcing thath jeff sessions will be attorney general, mike pompeo has been tapped to be cia director andm retired army lieutenant general michael flyn will serve as national security advisorarar. what i him picking up come from mike vacations with my wi we have a military post in my district, people are really quite pleased with the trump's gray to pay $25 million to settle three lawsuits against trump university . >> clear the police warning people to be on alert after multiple carjackings on the wes side, taking 18 in the last month stretching from tremont all the way two west 152 as
9:08 am
cincy masked gunman opened her door. >> was dressed in black and pulls a gun and tells me to get i said don't , shoot me, that he takes my purs and phone and drives away. >> this mother five living at west 89th in cleveland. i remember t and i left him dead and i. >> she says that she stole her white kia sorento with her kids car seats inside. our whole lives, down to my kids social security cards, it' gone i don't know if they're going to steal our identities.r the police say she is one of nine carjacking victim's on the city's west side thursday nighti these are pictures of two of
9:09 am
west 98 in madison just an hour after her attack my blocks away. >> people in tremont are on hig alert after similar incidents around seven in 10:00 p.m. thursday at literary road in surveillance cameras on novembe woman on west 10th street in tremont and broad daylighta. every day happen anywhere just pay attention to your surroundings.c >> people want people to be careful, at least 18 carjacking reported in less than a month. >> i am scared, it is just too much, i could have lost my life and i have five children who would never have seen me againi. >> melissa reid fox 8 news. place warned that the men are armed and dangerous,p if you kn
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aced it f fairview high school is facing felony charges. the 18-year-old john incurred the thread is taken into custod accused of sending a video of himself to a few high school student who is a juvenile. is charged with a fifth degree felony more charges possible,ed the device up and will be searc for evidence. place looking for witness to a fatal accident on i-90 chautauqua person the person an their photoo about what they may have seen.. 48 year old andrew shubic of north ridgeville was killed thursdayyeld was struck by an r busw on i-90 west 117 they say his car was disabled and is trying to cross the highwayca w struck. browns owner jimmy haslam will face questions next month about the rebate scandal
9:11 am
truck stops is scheduled to give a bit of deposition on december 13 le, has denied any involvement or knowledge of the skin that led to indictments of 18 employees with ten guilty pleas, have paid him $5 million to settle a classe action civil lawsuit filed by so trucking companies now those other two drug becomes refused to settle will give the question the
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on radar showing rainfall off to the east.ra it kind of takes the 3d cross-section of the atmosphere beginning to show some wet snow reports in parma and further south snowflakes. snowfall near mansfield, or most areas in the high 30s start..
9:16 am
yesterday 74, now the sharp dro as it will be well below normal for the weekend and next week the cold front there, with wraparound moisture off of lake michiganfrr continue to develop more lake effect later as we look at the cold air. we have yet to have cold air like that since may 15. has been over 200 day since we had any snowfall.r the snowfall well initially mel then we will see some accumulations s on the grass an as a falls this evening will be
9:17 am
these are some points to remember the lake water temperature is about five above normal f so will be less speculation along the shoreline the ground temperatures also very warm after this waterfall so w once it does accumulate it will tend to pack in so the actual snow depth will be different than the forecast snowfall. the snowfall will o began to focus attention on the snowbound areas. by tomorrow afternoon south of cleveland also that should be gone. this projection takes us through early monday morning. over two days this is not that much that we have not had any snowfall in a long timee so snowbelt could get between four
9:18 am
and two, under 1 inch in akron, so that is what were looking at. we do get a break monday late tuesday, the cards final forecast 6:00 p.m., rainfall wednesday and showers thursday thanksgiving day. donald trump is great to settle a $25 millio lawsuit against his former real estate school trump university new york attorney general said he agreed to settle the lawsuit into class-action lawsuits from
9:19 am
failed to deliver on his promise of a real estate investing education, in terms o the sale do not require him to acknowledge wrongdoingng. >> special guest at what a nice performance of broadway hit hamilton in new york, mike the heard about his through social media, cast member brenda dixon, whoa plays erin birkelan read a message addressed to mik pence.rk he thanked him for attending th show urging him to uphold american values he said that the new administration rhetoric is
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ohio city one of the cultural hubsbs of cleveland. now has a series of murals on the walls of hingetown ashley shaw from ohio city incorporated in picci joins us to talk about th creative fusion project. we just finished our last one,ju i work with ohio city incorporated one of the groups
9:24 am
create fusion was launched in 2,008.. and international residency program allow six arts programs bring an international artistic part of them with local artists. we've had six national artists and ten locals as part of the project. the tiger is part of one of my part of my visit work became like a simple. can see my style. the symbols became
9:25 am
he is flying with the birds on the mural. felt so grateful that i wanted to show flying tigers. it must mean something to you to see your work on that large scale on display for all to se the city? >> it has been great. people were looking at it and they responded positively so i' really happy about that. >> and people can stop to ask what's happening, so the wondering what's happening in ohio city with ac ' the artwork and the other cool things. >> that has been an amazing year.
9:26 am
feedback or good way to get people to come together to become engaged in different ways ways. having a celebration at st. john's church. you can see the art there's food music you can meet the artists and see all their works. that you choose the location. michela picci
9:27 am
from the artists. >> we've had a few, they have said this is one of the best professional experiences they'v had so far .
9:28 am
this is at 1:00 o'clock today at st. john. >> between one and five, st. john's in ohio city. >> we have all the information at our website and fox
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we went from record highs yesterday in the 70s to currently in the 30s most of the rainfall moving out the ground temperature is one for any appreciable accumulation. the temperature has been falling all morning, we were at
9:33 am
are going to get some dry breaks,re or started to some snowfall along a secondary cold front moving through indiana. as the it interacts with the warmts lakes. a lot of this is melting first the accumulation will be on the grassy services roadwaysn later this evening. will say a northwest wind tonight with some accumulation allows will not see much. tonight, as the wind comes out of the northwest we will see lake effect further eased in
9:34 am
situation with lake effect snow becoming a two-day thing. the forecast for what it begins than ending monday morning. some parts of snowbelt that will get four-6 inches of snowow a l of this will pack down start. placer increasing patrols at a college investigating the crime
9:35 am
someone vandalized oberlin college professors home leaving a note on the door with a anti-semitic message, there are not identified the victim who i jewish, a rabbi of the chabad in oberlin plays there is cause fo concern but does not want thehe community to feel threatened we cannot ignore it , we are not on high alert ande do not need to look over our shoulders all the time, the best defense is to embrace ourhe and be jewish. >> the police say it is a hate crime prevalent development in case of cliff musician whose disappearances baffle police fo a decade pi says cell phone records show that someone kept hisl
9:36 am
traced to a cleveland junkyard. >> i believe that willie standberry met his end of that eating about eight or 10:00 p.m i believe that his body and car were disposed of in an industrial area of cleveland. pete demopoulos, the private eye is now urging east clevelan police to use his findings the pursuit of suspects. investigating a road rage incident and trumbull county that took a violent turn. that is a 911 call that came in after the incident along the roadway and wornta , they say that a driver tried to block a drive from passing, he continued to
9:37 am
slammed on the brakes, they cut out and confronted each other,a one had a taser the other a knife.. and i had anything of this extentnt, you have people yelli at each other exchanging choice words but short of that you don't get the actual assault an a stabbingngy. >> stabbing victim remains hospitalized, the police are still investigatingre and say charges are pending.
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on radar, were started to see grateful transition to wet snow and the temperature has been in around 40. as we look further south it is raining in akron down to canton. the break is go as the wind starts to dry out the roadways pretty quick. suity 1 degrees in akron at 3:0 fall snowfall moving into western indiana. record high was 74, the third
9:42 am
last time we had a stretch of more than seven days above normal was 18 months ago. widespread record-setting warmt ahead of the front than a big cool down behind the front,, we will have snow showers becoming more widespread. this afternoon a high of 36 right now in westlake 38 degrees. lake erie will keep along the l amounts shoreline less than further inland. the ground temperature has been
9:43 am
snowfall will continue to line tomorrow. start to get some breaks on sunday also snowfall over the next two days into monday but one-two in cleveland, secondary snow belt, two-four and four-6 inches in the snowbelt. a lot of this will be partially mountain initially and then see the accumulation on monday it was out and there will be so on tuesday the
9:44 am
45 and rainfall wednesday and rainy and windy thanksgiving day. boston tradition, of landmark institution michael's restauran will be feeding families on thanksgiving.k >> mike petrakis tell us about the tradition in preparation in an effort to get back, d think you for joining u want to talk about this tradition goes back, how long does you been in business in rocky river kent box 38, 39 years.
9:45 am
support us these years we are still going. i am a greek immigrant so i arrived to this country with near zero. with hard work i was able to open a restaurantnt and a few years later, about five years after establishing a figured it was time to give back, because i have a lot to think for to thin by customers who supported me over the years pp into think america so i say the best way for me to give thankso is on thanksgiving day to invite my customers. so the tradition has continued
9:46 am
as we are now. >> how many people do you feed now on thanksgiving kent anywhere from 1,000-1500. this year i don't know, the last three years, because of recession and , smelly decide the everything in place. and helping out with the feast of this year i want t thankth the people who participated plots of neighbors helping out.
9:47 am
volunteers, who by the way, volunteers are welcome. received phone calls from families who want to participat and they can bring their kids. thank you so much. >> for more information, we have a link to michael's restaurant at fox >> thank you for your years of service to open your doors to feed so many. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. he is behind goddard's law, they got has been held in the four-footsgo >> here is a look at some of th impact he has had on northeast
9:48 am
every friday for nearly 30 years dick goddard features patch road the cuyahoga county animal sheltery , attempting to find them forever homes as he iikes to say. >> we use up with six dogs each week by the following weekend most every is adopted has been goin that is a lot of dogs that now have lovin homese because we were able to show them on godard's every friday event that came as a surprise. people came in saturday morning whose other dog friday nightog they have been lucky so
9:49 am
i think it is a wonderful thing what he has done years brought lot of awareness to the community in past a law and proud to be part of the fostering program he has been a part of that drama animals are harder to adopt. he is older and he is very shy and makes it a bit harder t get adopted, chance came in wit a broken leg that needed imputation that he has a foreve home. >> because of dick goddard became here in got chance, do not know about this place till
9:50 am
&?and there are some wonderful dogs are that deserve a chance.?as he is the voice of the dogs, they need a voice. that is very cool. >> the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast is tuesday,cot we have some fun surprises itsy must-see tv , until then, will continue to
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south florida boy isis hailed a hero after he rescued his baby brother. r the video of a florida mom who put her pillow month-old so on the changing table and turns away for a moment,-o they big brother rushes over to catch is 30-pound baby brother after he fell nearly 4 feet i was getting everything ready for be i was home alone with the kids and i messed up, i did something wrong that i realized that it miracle.
9:55 am
this little guy who came in at the right timeme to catch him a the right moment. >> i would never have caught hi and i can't run that fast,, i felt like something just pushin forward and i just ran and caught him . she says that she will never look away, even for a second,sh ever again, no ma
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