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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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i love that. we can only dream one day. thank you. great. going to have to carry me away. the end of the week sure. good morning to you. it's tuesday, november 22nd. i'm todd meany. gto you.'s tuesaefer. tatt thank you for being with usit today ah horrific accident we werecci talking about it a few moments ago when you sat downaln the picture is awful. multiple children are killed inn a school bus crash. the very latest on the deadly accident and who has been arrested what is happening with thisi investigation these poor families awful. not knowing what was goinga onno with they're kid that the time devastating.nn cleveland police are searching for a killer.
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we have this information last nightht a bad situation. awful stories in the headlines a today.od. are going to try and make things a little brighter for you on this tuesdaye because we'reb talking about thanksgiving and what you are having in our wonderful friendeat hh from mils here and you know this i've been talking about this for a year. it's the thanksgiving everything between brad. the turk b that is here with more on his creative spin on turkey sandwiches in this is just somethingeatio. it is so good i used to make a a version of it but nothing tops what matt can do. that's why you've got to go to melt. check in with scott sabol to it's happening with the forecast thanksgiving looms people will be traveling tomorrow. absolutely in traveling and shouldn't have very many issues here outside ly nd of flying into chicago and flying into the midwest anticipating panhandle
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reproducing system could cause delays.gays. and bring for us tomorrow better day on thursday. veryhort-term weatherr decorative looking viewpoint v here as we look out in ashtabula county residuale w lake differet called in hardcover and wind but overall conditions are improving.impov 29 and cuyahoga falls 26 inls medina i barberton 27. lake effect snow upstate new yorkbb dot had 4 feet of snow. 48 inches of snow in the last couple of days. panhandle low and notice coming at us from the southwest pretty much marching papa with the overall outlook which we issued three weekse is ago. now the details on what we are anticipating today sunshine. tomorrow will get rained on as s warm front moves north an outside chance early in the morning maybe some sleet but mainly a reproducing system but should be okay todaycing as we t to slowly melt office no daytime highs under sunshine today will be of close to 40.
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week we'll check it out inxt a little bit. scott thank you. 9:02 is your time.tle bit. cleveland police are looking for a killer at this hour. after somebody shot and killed a store owner during a robbery.y. d poller thi fox 8's stacey frey is live with what we know. 8'sta stacey good morning again. good morning.g. 44 -year-old father of six from north olmsted was shot and killed when someone tried to hold up the convenience store that co he co- owned. the quick food mart at east 116 and it happened just before 7:0. the man was shot in the chestcht when he tried to slap the gun away from the he was taken to do h where he w died family members were therere last night that too distraught to talk allto we know about the gunman is he is a black man who was wearing grey sweatpants aa blue hoodie and yellow she is. the victim normally wasn't there at night he worked in the
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he was a nice person and he was friendlyly and he was a nice person. okay. what goes through your mind? it's crazy. i can't imagine him. completely shocking to the customers completely c family aing for thee 44 -year-old father of six young children hopefully somebody out there can help identifyfng whoer is the man who pule murdered this man. may be yellow sneakers or something that can prompt someone to know r who this is. thank you. a warrant has been issued toued remove the black box and video cameras from the school bus thau flipped over in tennessee,tense killing six children on board.
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this morning. we're also learning more today about the bus driver who has now been arrested. jessica dill joins us with the latest. good morningg ittlng.we'e'ica dill j go good g everyone. the investigation as well under my into the bus accident that killed five children in tennessee. carefully removing that school bus from vesting right now we're learning more from an affidavit just released.t rs the bus driver was traveling at a high speed well above thet posted speed limit. phe bus driver 24 -year-old johnthony walker is facing five counts of vehicular homicide,e,h reckless endangerment and reckless driving but more could be coming. police say the children on thein bus ranged from kindergarten to fifth grade.. the bus was taking students from school, when it went off theit road and hit a tree. while some children escaped through the roof hatch, emergency crews had to break into the wreckage to help e had to the mayor of chattanooga spoke moments ago c he said the work emergency personnel was teamwork at its best.ww all of his thoughts are with the
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the most unnatural thing in the world isis for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that canat bring comfort to a mother or a father and so today the city is praying for these families. t the school did announce todayda six students remained hospitalized in the intensive carein te unit. six more in regular rooms at the hospital. police say walker has been cooperative and talking to good news there they are saying only five deathsto going back ad forth the school saying five and thenen the police were saying six looks like hopefully it's five it's hard things like that and working with the hospital. h so many in the hospital right now not knowing their status right now. that. awful.. pictures just so hard to look at. i know. rd i n can't imagine those families.
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a cleveland family is searching for justice again, after prosecutors drop charges against a man accused in the shooting fa sen te f a five month old girl. five month old aavielle wakefield was shot and killed on october first last year, while riding in the backseat of her family's car on spear avenue near east 145th street.. irst ly's car prosecutors dropped murder charges against 19 year old davon holmes in connection with her death on friday. aavielle's father says prosecutors told him they are still trying to track down the person or persons responsi deaviels t suspects, like i said, they just got to get the evidence to go back and you know, try to get them. you think you got it and it's like i sai to get going to be over with, but it's still not over with. it probably won't be over with for awhile, but we just have to ove it's keep on, keep trusting in god that eventually somebody will, they will get the right one.
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shell casings from the scene. the mother of tamir rice anddala black lives matter activists marked the two year anniversary of his shooting death, with a sit in at the police station, this morning. samaria rice feels justice has not been served. her 12 year old son was shot by police, while holding an airsoft at the ptio.s juste ce, ilrecc center. samaria rice wants officers timothy loehmann and frank garback, fired. her family did accept a six million dollar settlement with the city.illio police headquarters on west 130th street, will last until six tonight.irir uar you may have noticed that the sandusky high and middle schools will be closed oncethe a again today, because of electricity issues after high winds. ag because those schools are off again today. all other buildings will be open as normal. the district says it is also experiencing intermittent issues with the phones.s. if you have an issue trying to called the phone in the high school or middle school be
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bay village family out of their home, and into a hotel. a large tree came crashing through the roof, into a bathroom and the kitchen. luckily no one was hurt. the damage is estimated at around forty to 50 thousand a me crshithrougtchely we're following some developing ne.s. here's wayne dawson with a look he what's just in.n. we are following some developing news out of theso city of f brotherly love philadelphia. bomb squad on the scene after a package p explodes at a home around 4:00 this morning 62 -year-old man open the packagege that it contained medication m when iti exploded.ded take into the hospital with a chest in hand injuries right now he is listedin in stable conditn police investigating whetherwhh someone planted a bomb inside the package or weather the medicinerlantin exploded perhape inhaler orrha something. neighbors have been evacuated from their homes right now that is the situation in philadelphim we'll keep you apprised of any developing newsu on and right here on fox eight.. back to you guys.
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9:00 a.m. :00 m. a man confesses to killing a police officer. coming up find out why he sayss fesses t he did it and, his message to the officer's family. plus, today is the day dick goddard is retiring. 's family up next we'll share some of your favorite memories as we favorrate his life and career. scott. unbelievable. 55 years and we look back at some of that weather from back then imagine the blizzards inrdn the 70s covering those blizzards. that since in the forecast nowzz fairly quiet considering we've already had our first snow 70s a few days back. in our forecast keeps us da in i 30 shouldn make a run at 40 a later.4ter. talk more about the chances of rain and more accumulating snow on the eight day when we come
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hello. hello, this is, uh, bobby, with tech support. yeah, i'm just gonna need you to give me complete access to your computer so i can pretend to remove a virus while actually taking all your personal and financial information. oh, and i'm gonna lock your computer so you have to pay me to access it. sound good? unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families
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[music playing] will come back to fox8 news in the morning. lookk at them. beautiful ice sculpture of the one and only goddard right herer in the frontd r yardight and mor nature of course working right alongside making sure it's nice and chilly to keep it going for a long time.lly 55 years. yesterday made front for us. great work such detail. 55 years talking about it today in the download with kristi taking your thoughts your photos
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you guys have a memory? i think there so many.have just working with him and getting to know him and i have to sayh he was so sharp and so intelligentw you know like you would name any high school heho would tell you the mascot no matter where it was. h he is such a smart man. pay a clip of that we tested him one money. .ave him like 15 random oneses take them all. such a smart man. verya talented. so sweet and humble and i just can't say enough great things about him.enena my first dayut when i got here sitting next to one of our veteran reportersgotsi no names. and he saido he walks by he said this is todd and used to watch you when he was in diapers. i said why would you say that. and he saidi i was veryvery embarrassed he said very nice to meet you. you know in his fashion.
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know.know. my dad you grew up watching him it's kind of like you said this is so surreal you're working with him how crazy. when they were in cleveland i remember because he gave me a woolly bear sticker. the general manager at the time . the day that you are first here. my interview. and the manager general manager at the time said if he gives it will be bear sticker your hired i didn't understand what was going on. on. i got it that day because i i walked around with other people up to him at the end of the day and went like this. uphe e you're in. he didn't really say that. i think it was him that hired you. remember that. you were great. alright let's get to hunter's comments that my dad waset talkg about how in middle school and high schooln mid him and his frs withs watch goddard forestg nowadays it waso so cute seeing the s smile on his face talking
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in 1978 he predicted a snowstorm and some people thought he was a quackprd it seemed he was only a few our short before the worst snowstorm in cleveland history hit. ever since we get our weather reports from him. ones are called goddard for assistance with my little i brother's science project on cumulus clouds. he actually came to the phone and answered our question.he he came to the phone. and goddard giving w the weather forecast one of my favorite things that he used to say on the air at the end of each broadcast tht ho is to 11:00 do you know where your children aret? such a great man you will be missed. look at this cute picture this viewers that i will never ever forget goddard he will always bi my weatherman. and picture from another viewer
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how cute is that. justy bear pictures and the good news he will be around he will be doing all of the stuff you will see him out and public. more they will probably see him you know. me t be around we work the morning shift we never really saw him anyway. come on in to visit.. hang out with us. ii love to see the pictures of the people sending them in. we'll show a few more coming up a little bit later if you have a couple of comments text the phoneew mo biy right on our fack page. thank you very much. o be sure to tune in to fox8 news at 6:00 for goddard's finalinl forecast. a number of find wonderful surprises in the works. youprises i do not want to missg celebration and yesterdays we found out about something here for the morning show a big announcement and that will be there tonight and that isha incredible. really exciting. we want to tell you butisis you have to stay tuned. tn tonight ate six. check in with scott sabol to get our forecast.
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check it out seemo what's goingg on. the skies have partially cleared out. the forecast showsia some litte breaks in the overcasts cloudsus for the east. flurries in portions of geauga county this note cover starting to melt off. 32 in medford 25 in canton right now. and lower middle 20s t after mourning those in the teens. down toin millersburg a new phiy morning low of 19 lake effect ee snow up to date new york is starting to get into this pattern nowfw what we did have throughout the fall months. technically still in fall.l. you know what, i mean, september andh october even early mid november we had plenty of dry breaks anden winter weather at to changewi as the track on is weather systems will becoming more west to east w to the heare of the country whichr means were not only going to have temperatures a little bit coolem but the way these panhandle lows
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today mostly sunny. sn upper 30s near 40 wins arere starting to die down a little as we stay to the 20s tonight. claim to the lower 40s tomorrowght we mention tomorrow we're going to see showers developing watch s temperatures early tomorrow morning. start to see the 20s tures all a sudden a big boost of relativel warmth that will slowly changeyh any speed back over to rain especially in the afternoon and early evening anticipating showersn the as the temperaturr begin to goe back up. thanksgiving day fraud is gone thursday is looking drier as the afternoon continues. november jetstream see that lowo over the gulf of alaska we need that low to break downonthul ir for cold weather to come in not that we want it but that's w wht will start to see happenee jetstream will sag south eventuallyh more of a west tot east storm track. more frequent weather systems into early december that also does open up the door on the eight day forecast for more of
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doesn't mean that pattern will be this way permanently just meansp looking ahead on the eigt day forecast we have a week frm friday night little bit of lets know nothing big. noticed the daytime highs stay in the 40s which means any accumulating snow especially next week will be more of a wetter snow versus those drier clipper lake effect type systems. we're starting to see the patternect ty slowly transitionr to more of a winter one.r on. closing station. not 70s and 30s like this past weekend that was kind ofand hopefully that won't happenappen again.gain hard to take. a shock to this is dome i tell. blew my christmas lights around. i readjusted. r got to get more staples. staple guns.a right. thank you scott.t. 9:20 your time. police officer on a high-speed chase spins out of control. coming up see what happenedic after the cruiser headed straight towards a group of
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killing a police officer says sy he's sorry. find out why he says he pulled the trigger and, it didn't have anything to do with that officer.r.t and, instead of a news conference president elect donald trump used his own method to unveil his plans for the first 100 days in office.. see what he did and, what he will reportedly do about the hillary clinton e-mail scandal went on and i return. stay close. ?? (laughs..) here it is. ?? ?? hey dad! ?? wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the
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sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down
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a man is in custody accused of shooting and killing a san antonio police officer sunday. police say detective benjamin marconi was sitting in his patrol car writing a ticket in front of police headquarters when the suspect otis mckaneneul walked up and shot him. hours earlier mccain was seen in surveillance video both outside and inside police headquarters. waim.r mccain he confessed to the killing, and says he was upset over a custody ba what were you upset about sir? society not letting me see my son.confesednnd bbwh i lashed at someone who didn't i serve it.t t abouu i've been through several custody battles. i was upset. cusashed at someone who didn't u deserve it.e it anything you want to say to his family? i'm sorry. hin y investigators did not believe the fatal shooting in san antonio was connected to three other police shootings in missouri and florida just hours
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the japanese coast following a 6.9 magnitude earthquake yesterday morning. thse coa at least three people were hurt and more than 1900 homes lost ander.. people evacuated because of a tsunami warning and waves up to 10 feet high. that has now been downgraded. bm ed. the nuclear power plant has beer closed since 2011 when a nine aw point oh magnitude earthquakehe killed more than 20 thousand people.e. top advisor to donald trump suggesting he will not be clinton e-mailhbe scandal. he will not pursue charges about the private e-mail server. president elect donald trump unveiled his plans for the first 100 days in office not in a press conference but on youtubee ect o for he says his agenda will be based on a simple core principle putting america first. on international trade trump said he would halt progress on le ce st.pacific partnership ayw key part of what president obamw hoped would be his trade legacyp he also addressed immigration a topic he campaigned aggressively
9:26 am
i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abusesl of visa programs that undercut the american worker.ams a comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from cyber attacks and all other form of attacks.cybr meanwhile a new video from thean so called altright activistsvis shows them celebrating trump's victory at the national policyyo institute giving a nazi salute. trump's transition team said in a statement yesterday t quote, continues to denounce a sism.trump's team sa still to come. a mystery. new information being released to help track down the family. it doesn't matter if the cavs are on the road or at home onefn local city has just named one on its streets after the itsmpionship team.. find out we'll have the latest for'll ha you on that. high spot.hi s good morning. 9:27 and showers of rain tomorrow not snow will talk mok
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walk them back. richland county sheriff's permit meijer help. an urn was found in a shallow creek near belleville. the date of birth is 1986 the date of deathe 1998. making that the remains of an 11 -year-old boy.ak authorities are hoping the healthth department can return this turned to his family. >> thanks to lebron james and the cavaliers> a local summer claimed a small piece of title town. and if it is has named a short piece of brecksville road cavalier fled because it runs right by thea practice facility. the mayor of independence also gave the cavs general managert a
9:31 am
the fourth annual event will be at townhall to help feed unfortunate tonight.t. mayor smith, joe thomas, and troy smith are among those volunteeringsmo to help serve ot these great meals. and kenny crumpton m also read will also be there tonight.en >> are month-long celebration of dick goddard will and today when he gives his final forecast tonight. home of cleveland's own.8 no one really exemplifies that more than mr. goddard. ?? some enchanted evening.. >> the year was 1949, perry, was talking topping the charts with some enchanted evening and at
9:32 am
life was different back then for young people's dreams and aspirations was the same as they work today. a greensburg a small town just north of canteda then 18 -year-old dick goddard was graduated from high school. dick was born and raised there the only son of a railroad mechanic and his mother doors to he learned a lot from his peers include a lifelong love for all kinds of animalso that he was forever bringing hom >> any animal that showed up on a 5-acre farm,m, near greensburi said mom can we keep it and usually it was just but the i had to give back.u back in high school dick was a good student and athlete as notk play both football and baseball. the classes he chose back then formed a foundation for his future of televisionon. >> he was a good student and he took several classesa including
9:33 am
he was a good speaker. he did well in speech and in journalism.e he also to acquire. >> sally in july 2016 the high school was torn down by mr. goddard's legacy in the community lives on todaymr as i think he's probably our most famous alumni at this point. >> the shrine starts off rainier. >> kevin is a counselor he probably displays pictures of dick on the door of his officeba students. >> i talked to a lot of students about dick goddard and educate them on who he isot and that he came from green high school and they should be proud to be bulldogsce. >> some of the alumni shared stories of having him as a friendnd as some the things that they did together.s i don't think they would give me all the details whether those but you reason are not could tell they are fond memories. >> many of his classmates are still comingng to the alumni
9:34 am
that he's retiring he'll be abe to come more often. we are just very proud of him. >> we certainly all are and area sharing some of your favorite dick goddard moments and memoriesng and photos in this morning's download. >> there's a lot of texts messages coming in. this one says i met dick goddard when i was ard contested on bowling foron dollars. great guy. he made it a great experience. and mike says i r goddard came to bellflower school in mineral ohio when those eight years old. i am now 53. that was a big deal. congratulations. it was a pleasure working with you back in 1977.a i was just 16 doing a program. on weatherization. >> mr. goddardrd you bid the constant since cleveland since my mom knew desir 50 years ago. thank you for your weather service and loyalty due to our
9:35 am
you are an inspiration to us all. may god continue to bless you richly richly. so congratulations thanks beer supports of the performance with the cleveland pops. another textures as i have my 13than birthday party at rustic country club and dick goddard justc so happen to be having dinner there and he i approached him and he pulled out enough will bury party. i'm honored to sellfo to share y day was a wonderful legend. thank you for all you have done over the years.ha >> we have a picture that goes with this next one. he saysatat i towed dick goddars car when he wrote down a march 25 2015. do we have that picture cracks. >> it's a great picture.
9:36 am
thank you him for rescuing mr. and a little girl my dad watching the news and weather on channel eight. dick goddard would be the only one that he would trust for weather.k g to this day on still watching dick goddard for the weather. that's the only one i trust. i met him last summer in avon ohio and i'm so glad i had the chance to meet him. he is truly a wonderful, caring, genuin i me such a warm feeling insidein, and he will be missed. >> serpentine he chevrolet bobby tommy went dick goddard comes in everybody stopsro because he's such a famous person. >> i love him. >> me to. >> be sure to tune in tonight box eight news dick goddard's final forecast.
9:37 am
washington post mbr. a lot of the local radio stations were talking about him. >> and we have a big announcement.t. we are going to mention that tonight too. >> denounced the happens tonight. coming up college will not fly the american flag. who made that decision.
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while combat.
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this is in downtown cleveland. >> yesterday they had a great little kick off. we want to take advantage of the food that is here. t we're over at progressive field, game six.we >> you said the turkey is my all time favorite sandwich> and coming back in november. i had a bag and i carried the whole i forgot that he was coming today. i love this sandwich. h c it's thanksgiving day.
9:42 am
skimming was almost better.r it's been about six or seven years. >> the only bad thing is that you don't service all year round. today we are offering a version
9:43 am
everything you see him just fresh cardr turkey, stuffing, ad cranberry orange trampling take roasted chicken and put it on the sandwich as well. is big and rich. >> we're already getting nervous about how many we're sold.>> we decided to make a very limited becausewe it's a more expensive sandwich. what else did you bring? >> the rest of our november features. these are our candied sweet potatoes.
9:44 am
this is our apple, bread puddings we haven't roasted apple bread pudding. ice cream, sauce, with grey. a little bit of cinnamon and sugar. >> we have a lot of visitors who come. and i was a where are you going to and i always say go there for you guys to such a great job. you are all over now. >> we just opened our seventh location in akron.>> wherefore in cleveland, two and columbus and one in akron and wr also have a couple stores coming soon but i can't reveal that. >> the new bomb is the rest of the month.h. come see us next week. >> and thank you.
9:45 am
go box. >> thank you. are you guys open black friday? >> we are close for thanksgiving but we are back open at 11:00 at all those locations on friday.n go shopping and then come up and fuel upg. >> has anybody ever finish that
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walk on by. today marks the anniversary of the assassination ofto john f. kennedy. he was shot in dallas while on o parade route in 1963. he and first lady were in a convertiblee loan with texas governor john connally and his
9:48 am
allegedly fired from a nearby buildinga hitting the president and conley. president kennedy pronounced dead shortly after.r. >> a live look. they had some of the exes on the road.e that museum dedicated estill explained president kennedy's life, death an h >> i know you guys went down there to see it. it is a historic place to be.e. >> and other news a scary close call for children outside of pittsburgh as the kids were nearly struck by a police cruiser.r. it spun out of control during a chase. they're falling a stolen vehicle over there police cruisers was
9:49 am
none of the children on the sidewalk were injured in the officer of the had minor injuria college in western massachusetts is taken down its american flag after a couple of recent incidentsen following the presidentialid election the flag was flown to have staff and then somebody set on fire the night before veterans day. so the college president announced that neither the american flag nor other flight will be flown on he said the campus will continue to consult withth students and staff about appropriately utilizing flags in the future. >> you can use leave your keys at home now you can open your bone by using a it uses facial recognition to detect when aa owner approaches. the have counters mounted under the witness with which we captureco images of somebody walking by a study by the car and then comparing those to the one say thatat on the computer. if it matches, the car doors unlocked.
9:50 am
might be available.u coca-cola want you to take a selfie wasted your soda.n there's a camera in the face of the bottle.e which automatically takes a picture when you tiltedd to 70 degrees. and takes that there's also a usb port in the base so you can transfer your drinking selfies to your computer and share them on social behavior and israeli advertising agency came up the idea as a marketing gimmick. they haven't decided it other countries.s. they made a think and put the bottle in and do a selfie. >> what will they think of next. i don't want to take a selfie while i'm drinking. [laughter]r]
9:51 am
did you get that selfie? post it.t >> a little girl and even shocked because we she came hom with an engagement ring given to her by a classmate but wait until you find out where the little guyt got the ring. >> she kept saying she has a ring in her backward like anyone we would expecth the ring that tommy propose to you with today? [laughter] [laughter] he has stolen his mother's engagement ring.h >> the little boy i guess maybe she put it to the side while she was doing dishes so the little
9:52 am
propose to the kindergartner. >> did she say yes? >> there is a note. >> they did give it back to tommy's mom when she got the >> tommy is in trouble. did he get down on one knee? i don't know. that's keough. we are going to check in with
9:53 am
forecast now bring us close to 40.e we still have a light, northwest wind. tonight mostly clear. we have some pellets of sleep early and then a rapid transition by afternoon into the evening. then we'll have a good southwind that will boost temperatures up into the 40s. that would mean that transition is probably going to occur early to mid the temperatures on the a day are fairly consistent now. doesn't really show a lot of significant cold air. we are anticipating cool air that meets 40s that the the '60s and '70s like we've
9:54 am
need to keep an eye now on the system developing next week. the one late monday into tuesday. that's going to be a panhandle low. at that verifies like we think it will, it could be rain or west no that could be a bunch of stuff early next week. we'll have the details on that and worry about that later on.e boxing news is your official school closing station.xi >> we are going to learn how to make some nice reefs for the whole day. >> and a legend at fox8. for years and years and years neil dierker is retired and we are spending the hour taking
9:55 am
>> we are going to see some great wines going along with your thanksgiving weekend.
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we have about you what is it? 6-8 hours until dick goddard returns. a lot of special guests and things happening. it will be a great time and we are veryspsp excited to do the things that we are able to do for him tonight. >> honored to work for him
10:00 am
good morning and welcome to good day cleveland.d. how bright you are today. >> i feel like a high later today. we are highlighting a lot of great things today on this showo >> give me one.


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