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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that's why this monument to mr. goddar is not melting. yesterday headed up to the 30s currently 36 degrees the same and akron/canton, loraine with 33.. yesterday we had strong northwest winds calm satellite shows some high clouds it does reflect a system to the west with rainfall. the rainfall moving in late wednesday. some of these may linger
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i-team uncover more about what happened with ahead no cards are sent to a shoot out i the streetsth while gunfire sending bullets into the school ed gallek has the latest. dive team found out what are reports of what the police officer were doing when they cannot go to this.
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attained ?tude report to show what they were doing in the 4th district on that day at that time t t it shows that one officer followin up on a violent robberyry the nether of a man being threatene with a gun another at a hospita in others on the suspicious vehicle stolen card case and a alarm still others assigned to the o enforcementi others on break a happened. reporting's attempt in half an hour to get to shots fired five bullets hit the school with teachers inside. by the time i left there were no police and that was about 20 minutes the place are doing an investigation find out why ther were no cards available for
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19 found an officer went to those calls after breaking from his lunchtime. another factor was that it happened just before the afternoon shift change, the police union says they had a normal amount of staffing,, all
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on a side, the shooting happened late monday,o the police are reviewing video that captures the moment that the shot was fired they say that the video, shows the shooting happened within seconds they believe the victim, 44-year-old marwan zahriyeh i have known government because he tries to pushhe aside the gun as it discharges should name in the chest or friends and customers can outside to grief, the victi is described as a father who says, a generous man who had many close friends.. became man, put the gun and did not say anything he shot hi right out with maybe one t-shir
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system, so i know this is going to be hard it will affect so many people. the place have that surveillance video, and hope that a review will help them to identify the gun on the currently have a vagueo description of the gunmen, at the least, the people who knew this victim and cared about him, say that he deserves justice. today marks to your sense 12-year-old tamir rice shot and killed by cleveland police, on the anniversary of his death, family friends and supporters o the family are coming together to stage a sit in says there's still no justice ass the elizabeth noreika is here with more on today's demonstration.he >> it is a demonstration, organized by likewise matt cleveland who will occupy the steps outside of the 1st
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make their voices heard, a handful of been there from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.o with 12 hour marking the number of yearsit throw rice was a life, messages they want the police officers involved in the shooting death of tamir rice to be fired,tat there were never criminal charges filed, they fired upon the teenager was responded to a call of a man with a gun near the cudell rec center turned out to be a airsoft pistol, black lives matter cleveland says they feel the family still has no justice. >> we are out here because we have questions for the mayoror and for the cpd in the way that the chief is a lady of the department and we feel that the first step is that they want u to trust the process, as mayor jackson refers to coat the first-ever isc to fire these officers so they no longer
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samaria rice is affected make a statement expected to talk about wanting charges filed on the family filed a civil lawsuit and the city of cleveland pay them $6 millionciit a clip and attorney could be tapped to pay a major role inin the trumpet menstruation as jennifer jordan joins us. clear that could be represented in donald trump's administration. i went b' one-on-one with peter carson boutte at his on public squarere tells me that he was watching the ohio state game saturday we got the call to mee with the president-elect. just hours after get them a, he says that he was on a airplane to new jersey cameras captured in walking into the estate sunday.
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the president-elect and vice president-elect, reince priebus, and a couple of the other advisors to the president-elect trump peter kirsanow says he is possibly been vetted to be the labor secretary he says he is great member of the us commission on civil rights and appointed by george w. bush as a member of the nlrb, he has strong beliefs that illegal immigrationlrhe unskilled americans, particularly from black man, to that he says that donald trump was receptive. >> he is extremely focused and one thing he was focused onr wi me was the creation of jobs for all americans and he is committed to that am i asked peter kirsanow if the donald trump he met is the man the country had seenae while campaigning or much more subdued donald trumpw, his
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turned to the donald trump i saw was for tomorrow very genial and very personable and the beginning but then i go down to the interview he wasgi business dominated the room he was very sharp and >> he says fae trump cabinet offers made. >> anytime you're asked you seriously consider it. >> he is a native and a partner of the stuff he says that the never met him but his ears were nown to advisors some have been promoting him as a perfect pick for labor secretary he says of the offers made he would not hesitate , he would accept. westside market has always been a popular destination for
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today we celebrate dick goddard's final forecast coming uppy at 6:00 o'clock, there is a reception going on for him upstairs. the next system will not be
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we have a great radar app you can use it on your iphone. looking at the time lapse from premier flight academy at burke lakefront airport. you can see the high clouds, that is the first signature of something coming in and we had very colorful sunset, just talk to the left.,
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red sky in the morning, see others take warning, at night, is a delight, it is more of a grayf, we have got rain showers moving into illinois, missouri, it is snowing up towards the loop in much of the west central wisconsin area. that's out for you see the switchover to snowfall and with the wins out of the south tomorrow it will not bea issue for us so it will stay liquid form, currently in the 30s, 36 degrees cleveland and akron/canton and god a homogenous atmosphere. the clouds are coming in, the wind kept it pretty well mixed but now those are common
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tomorrow. 's night the wind will be light and variable.e. increasing clouds and will not be productive worker in the morning mostly cloudy, there could be a widely scattered light flurry possible west of i-77. in the afternoon the showers will increase, watch as we head into wednesday morning, maybe a spotty rain showerea in the morning most of the rainfall will live into the western part of ohio late day and looks like an evening event, into thursday morning, and those will eventually taper off ending wit
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the next system, showers into the weekend either friday or saturday ek with low 40s y saturday. are then close to 50 beginning next week then another system tuesday that will be also rainfall for right now. we might see another snowfall, jus beyond thate a day timeframe justification were wondering. take a moment to see this, congratulations for walter and eve kissling macedonia couple's celebrate with her 75th, they got married in 1941, shortly after he was serving in world war ii he was wounded and earned a
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together they have raised nine children, with 32 grandkids and 45 great-grandchildren. the milan trending topic in cleveland is dick goddard, coming up, some of our favorite
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lot morere dick goddard trendin tonight if you love your work, then you will never work a day in your lifefe says confucius, card has been or 55 years but has never worked a day, the washington post did a article on local weather legend to take a final lap in front of the green screen today, i want to share a couple of your favorite stories? >> he was like the uncle or grandfather to my kids, he was always generous and they loved him, he was on the late news, i would only say, second icon which was a takeoff on rowan an martin's lafon.
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how dare you tell him to say goodbye and he's notot evil and they would get mad at me. laughing i have been on tv for 15 years, and sitting in your c and i remember shaking was so nervous because i was meeting to icons for the first time. and she said it's going to be just fine. nobody talks about his sharp sense of memory and humor, he began coughing once in a
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, i've got to stop licking so many cats, he's humor is always so wicked sharp. the first time i met him he remembered that i went to akron north, the home of the vikings. >> , the first time i met him, wass doing my internship here i was a kent state senior. i was so nervous to meet him an i introduce myself and he said where do you come froman its wo and i said i go to kent state andia i said grew up going to t
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he could've gone to any network but he chos to stay here, for so many years we haveye not had some reason t be proud becausere our teams we losing but at channel 8 we hav the top weatherman, dick goddard, the reason for the cit to be proud. and he's moving on today. >> theory that first woollybear of mine in 2,000, i was standin near the parade route and interviewing him. disney wanted to hire him as a cartoonist, thank you from medina says , like to share this photo.
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guinea pigs dogs, cats, although the rescues, i rescued my horse i have for many years because o dick goddard, the costly loss of money inin horse feed, paternal, not so much.a was a nice reception on the third floor, not long ago there was a.j. colby, as they share their thoughts. formergm and i think, they found his old contract from 1965. he found his old employee
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shy of the old stories, there was tim taylors. he said that basically yankee stadium as the house that ruth bill and david jw is the house that they got her bill and it will be coming to a close at 6:00 o'clock, he isl truly a treasure that we have enjoyed and have taken for granted. westside market is a popular place for people to their food shopping, some are worried that a new charge to keep customers away, up next plans to pay for
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will come back to fox 8 news, would you pay to park at the ?estside market >> sue may be a proposal to giv the green light, how that affectedve shoppers at the westside market? west maia belay with more >> early next year you may have to pay to park.. >> the changes could be coming to a clue the landmark you may have to pay to park at the westside marketay proposing to contract with a consultant to hire a company to help manage the parking lot decision that some people find hard to get behind in one in my hander people coming down here on the spur of the moment to go
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from your body business owners say that there is a flip side to understand theis concern looked this parking lot as an economic development tool and right now people are parking here in the other car r sometimes weeks at time and never move it, seven on the owns five restaurants in ohio city, he and others cited petition urgingfii potential parking chargesur to stay the s whether you visit they are night. which is asking the mayor's office to give the fee as low a possible so ohio city remains >> a lot of people say they're not s a fan of pain to park at westside market, many people us it as their regular grocery store fromtat mike polensek is an outspoken supporter of the market trend was make sure that there is a window of free parking for people to go to the market if you don'tthpa have a window that will go to the market. 132 parking spaces were added to this water early november,n during construction, market
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drop in customers, something that counsel plesac is trying to make sure it does not happen againc market customers have to pay to park treatment make sure that whatever it takes place at the market that there is not a cost put on the backs of the emergency room at twoba with th on the prices. >> as long as his places been es here you have had to pay a thin it would take away a lot of people who come down to shop. the final decision likely would have until early next year.x a new retail and entertainment development is under six play at the east side treatment is drawing retailers
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wright cut worth project with preview. it's called a suburban downtown with a mix of retail, office is luxury apartments and hotel , pinecrest to open in orange village in the spring of 2018 instruction is underway on the two and $30 million project it will be on a 60-acre site just east of i-271 between harvard and chagrin. a new suburban downtown is planned, 7 percent of retail space has been filled for an alley, silicone restaurant and rei and while the tenants including hotel offices and apartmentsts despite other shopping nearby they say that pinecrestdeer fills a retail hole with many coming here for the first time.lsil >> on the no less retailers and
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the rise of downtown and the rnc andd the cavaliers, all of that combined to contribute to this being a hot market and we have been the beneficiary. what sets it apart? they say it is one location in one of the wealthiest locations in the state andti those access to i-271 should ease traffic concernse a second residential face to open by ea it is because of dick goddard that i am here he was the
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to get me interviewed back in 1987 and resulted in my moving here in 1988 from minneapolisa i think dick goddard. because we knew each other i worked at the weather channel,be he knew me, he loved to watch the weather channel, when i heard that there was an opening, i said,n would you bri my taped to the news director, and he said i will. and he did, and it was just a few weeks later i was offered a contract. >> is because of him that i am here, looking at our weather. we had a gorgeous sunset tonigh just enough breaks in the clouds, and you need more sunshine than cloud cover to combine for a picture-perfect
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it was brief, current temperature, cleveland 36 also akron/canton. we were called today because we were under high pressure, these clouds are much more productive out there, you go far enough to the north,, and we don't have t worry, to the north it is a mix of ic rainfall, in new york it is snowfall. pick up several more inches of snowfall in arrowhead, this ending up at 39 just before 4:0.
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we have not had any but we did have some earlier this weekend was the official first snowfal, it will be tonight 25 the overnight lowow in the tomorrow high of 43, if we see a light morning mix would be far west and not much, most areas just overcast . shows the system system moving through wednesday, be slow enough to linger into thanksgiving have been cooler into saturday, that may give us the chance of snow were rainfall this weekend. but it will be a minor system a it appearsrs, we will keep our onr that, on saturday 42 and 47 partly cloudy sunday, the pick day is sunday because of the slightlyau warmer air.
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>> and it says a concern for adults and some parents travelingt a study reveals what happens to certain types of late-night
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apple going old school for upcoming gadget in the connection between your dreams and late-night video. >> number joins us with the update. decision to retry a forward university of cincinnati police officerre for murder is getting mixed reaction to ray tensing accusative killing a man during
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this month's trial ended after a jur could not reach a verdictct the prosecutor wants a new trial in a different location, state police unit leader says he had to make a split-second life or death judgment call, we now kno school bus driver was speeding before a federal creation in chattanooga tennessee bay for hitting a pole in a trade yesterday,b five students died and 20 injured, charges were brought against the driver watching about billy's before bed may give you nightmares researchers say 8 percent of those surveyed said they had violent dreams at least sometimesofof there's also a li between dreams and sexually charged media content, though i was not as strong as the connection between violent images and bad dreamsng. apple may bring back
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are granted a patent for a flexible iphonehe the can fold in half, much like the flip phone, the patent features a touchscreen smartphone, no one knows if they're working on thi book therto patent often provides a glimpse into what they're thinking for the future. the harlem globetrotters are taken over columbus.. they ran all over taking trick shots from around the stadium, they will be back in ohio to perform at the
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when you go to the casino there's au chance you could wi the big jackpot but at this placeh you can also catch her eyes on a major award, or you can relive the ghosts ofo
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celebrating dick goddard of today, is career and where spinning his favorite tunes. >> thousands of to accrue light and 100, and it has taken over jack casino. fifth annual holiday in the higbee i this year the theme is jack frost, garland at archways featuring twinkling lights on it is to honor the original higbees department storeh. they believe that the heritage needs to be preserved. >> inside the building, they ca see the holiday to court and some of the featuresey that wer
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entrance to public square matzo different things to say at the casino. decorations will be up throughout the season into january yet to be 21 to enter the casino, but you can watch thee decorations in the front window and public square. here is andre with a look at thehe forecast for this weekend many are wondering about traveling..f >> it will be okay, or will not be any snow art freezing rain but there will be some rainfall wednesday into thanksgiving
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looking at the numbers, here is the satellite to show the next systeme are ready to move in.o it has colozza moisture, tonigh it will be clouding over with the low of 25 degrees. it will be somewhat crisp but the winds will not be an issue like they were last night and then for tomorrow,ik a high of 43 degre with some rainfall and it will be mostly late wednesday night then ending sometime mid-day thursday thanksgiving day. the tributes continue to come in today, up next, t one more big name, who wants to wish dick goddard
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?? to me the holidays are special, it's family traditions and of course great food. with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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the end of an air. aland thise month we have shared tributes were colleagues at fox 8 and other notables around cleveland.. c frigid fall want to say hello to mr. goddard into congratulat him on his retirement and almos 50 years of service at channel 8. but most importantly i want to thank him for his servicel ch t he is provided not only to his employer at channel 8 but to th cleveland area. he always promoted cleveland in a good light whether it was advocacy for animals,t humane treatment, the woollybear, all the signsns that the point.he had a street named after him,, a portion of south marginal was named after him in recognition of his dedicationon and commitm to the city.
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richard goddard and thank you for being who you are.. south marginal way is also dick goddard way.. we appreciate your time, news at 6:00 o'clock coming up. the biggest story today is dick goddard, after 55 years, and 100,000 weather forecasts, the most popul personality in the history of cleveland television is steppin away from the weather maps will have dedication highlighting some bloopers all to celebrate the retirement of the legendary and great friend dick goddard. tonight, we head into the thanksgiving holiday.y. check in with melissa myers and our first look at the
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starting off with the low. those that were into the teens. new philadelphia was 18 degrees it's moderated closer to the lake water because of the milde water temperature, currently it is around freezing and above like 36 and hopkins and 33 degrees akron/canton. does not feel as cold core this isco what it felt like as you stepped outside,w 27 degrees an 34 degrees wooster. that the snowflakes, rain showers will be approaching tomorrow afternoon evening. if you have leaving tomorrow it
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tonight and we clouding over an uneventful in the mid- 20s that tomorrow rainfall in the afternoon with around low 40s and some chilly raindrops. thanksgiving forecast is just ahead in a few minutes. tonight a fox 8 news exclusive use one of the young victims of the notorious kids i cages case in huron county and he shares a story with us. >> jack shea spoke with the young man who has endured so much in his lifeke and jack she joins us with that story. is been to hell and back and isis planning to help the victims of abuse.


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