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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight and we clouding over an uneventful in the mid- 20s that tomorrow rainfall in the afternoon with around low 40s and some chilly raindrops. thanksgiving forecast is just ahead in a few minutes. tonight a fox 8 news exclusive use one of the young victims of the notorious kids i cages case in huron county and he shares a story with us. >> jack shea spoke with the young man who has endured so much in his lifeke and jack she joins us with that story. is been to hell and back and isis planning to help the victims of abuse.
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through this. >> 8-year-old simon bell says his first memory is a child was in in a cage along with ten in r special needs children huron county home of their foster parents michael and sharen gravelle. i did not know what was going onon. >> he and his two siblings were placed in the home after> their mother a bed of them and their father since her prison. michael and sharen gravelle told them that they were holdin them in the cages prevent them from harming themselves or each other, they said it was for a protection but this is somethin that an animal would be living inn. >> the canton mckinley high school senior who says he flashbacks of those dark days. when he goes to church he is reminded of howhe they were
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>> think it was twisted because they're showing us how to pray but they put us through hell >> the nightmare ended in 2,005 after a caseworker demanded to see the children and when they refused , she returned with the police dramare i remember them putting me in a van taking me away. i have not this kept a criminal who took these childre as the state wants you to believet and lock them in cages. michael and sharen gravelle were convicted in 2,007 of chil endangering and abuse serving two years present. >> they loved us up for two years, they get locked up for two years, they nearly almost killed us. lawsuit filed against child welfare agency for placing them in the homeme were settled out court for several million
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he's having trouble getting access to his share of the funds a lot of esses presti says the money must be used for his special needsys covered by benefits and approved by a judge judge, he says as an adult he should have the right to choose how he spends moneyul on other things he wants to enroll at th university of akron next ball, and t picture one of them bein like me and sleeping in the cag with nothing, you're not a human, you are an animal. he wants to become a social worker, based on everything he has been through, he believes h can help other kids in need. the police looking for the gun man who killed a father of sixng and a convenience store in cleveland, 44-year-oldld marwan zahriyeh was behind the counter when a suspect amanda the cash they have the video that shows
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say it's possible that he knew the killer because it appears h tried toew push the gun aside w it went off shooting him in the chest,t, the government left th store with virtually nothing.g i just hope that people learn from this,, don't get sad, remember, like haus salon lived inl trying and continue to be a good person because he was a good man, and by far she did n deserve it, it. friends and relatives hope that the video shows the killer's identity if you know anything contact the police.le i-team and caring more about what happened when police have no cars to send to a shoot out in the streets.v while komo4 are caught on video samples into a school, ed gallek kids here with the
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we did some more digging, got them duty reports showing what officers were doing when they cannot get to this..y why they had no clear the police cars to send to this as carsrs racing through the stree with gunmen shooting bullets into a school we obtain the duty reports shoud what officers wer that shows one officer follow up on a violent robbery, another responding to a man threatening with a gun, another vet hospita but others on a suspicious vehicle call, still a part in a alarm still others assigned to the police precinct lobby, another to traffic enforcement, and others on break when this
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reports in police recordings show it took the police more than half an hour to get a car to the shots fired incident,ou five bullets striking the schoo with teachers inside. meantime, the police are doing and internal investigatio find out whyat no cars were available to send to the cause from here at 4th district headquarters. the chief's office says officer finally broke off from his lunchtime to get to that call. a witness told the i-team police told her factor was also that shift change it happened just before the afternoon shift came on the police union says the district had a normal amount of staffing of patrol carsrs, all this now part of that
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investigators to look at more than the patrol cars, for instance, why didn't this magical officers off of another assignment?di wide in the boston up in and to aroundhe? plaza ways to look at this and of course easier now looking back. >> they're still looking for th shooters. >> absolutely, no arrests, they're still following up on leads andnd >> strong words from the father molesting teenager found shot dead in abandoned building, alexander mullins father is pleading for help to bring his son's killer to justice, henry mullins says the citi field had big issues, he was missing for over a week. before you found shot dead in the chestbe he says that she
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blame when asked what he wouldh say to the killer he would say good luck. >> the best case scenario would be that s he would be out there doing drugs and what he knew bu that was not the case , it is pathetic, these kids, they need help. said his son did not have a drug problem and has no idea of a k market earlier since 12-year-old tamir rice was shot and killed by the clinic police today they're rememr with a set in comic messages that there is not justice, blac lives matter cleveland says the will continue to occupy the steps at the first district police headquarters until the voices are heard.he were out here because we have questioned with mayor and four cpd in the way that chief calvi williams as we did the department and we think that the first step is to fire these officers so
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the family filed a civil lawsuit, the city of cleveland pay them $6 million. local share play guilty to charges he stole prescription drugsay , sandusky county sheriff kyle overmyer was indicted in august accused of taking medication fromct drug take bac boxesom today he pled guilty list of charges including denta office, he will be sentenced next month, he ran for reelection despite the chargese but lost. and attorney could be tapped to play a major role in present like donald trump's registration,en peter kirsanow is possibly been vetted to be the labor secretaryry a current member of the us commission on civil rights and appointed by george
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he has strong beliefs and says that illegal immigration takes jobs from unskilled americanss especially black man is as he was surprised by donald trump's knowledge about labor and employment.. those are two of his chief charges for his first term he expressed a lot of interest to do all sites that are necessary both from a labor and employmen standpoint to broadern economic viewpoint e to improve the labo situio states.e some conservatives have been promoting peter kirsanow as a perfectw pick for labor secreta he said if the offer is made he would not hesitate to acceptec. >> now to the big news of the day something here at fox 8. >> after 55 years as the most recognizable face in weather forecasting dick goddard is her for his final forecast has been
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celebration, as people gathered to reminisce today. is had a major impact on everybody who works here ands just about everybody northeast ohio, he is , the biggest name in the tv and we're just getting started. this show is dedicated to him and his countless accomplishmentsss so sit back, relax and get ready for an unforgettable walk down memory ror moments and dick goddard is no exception.sei >> looking back at some of the bestst available and the more
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is a special that we have a number of surprises the first one beginning here in the weather center assembling the entire teambl before we giv
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two words to describe dick goddard, self-deprecating and passionate. >> life-changing. >> creative and waiting. according to say spicy and walking encyclopedia. >> i would simply say, dedicate servant to everything he has evedo >> so everybody, places, we hav a very special thing to unveil. on the count of three, we will take down what is behind the curtain. ladies and gentlemen we give you the official dickck goddard weathercenter. forasmuch as he has done for tv
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appropriate. he is one-of-a-kind and what kind and what an honor. could see him there with a big smile on his face, what a special dedication and you have the honor to do the first forecast in the dick goddard weather centerer. >> i feel sor priveg excited. what an honor to be the first t give the forecast here. it turned out to be a beautiful day, mother nature quadrant perfectly for the dick goddard final forecast here at fox 8 news at 6 cough. and a gorgeous sunset at 5:02 p.m.nd we had a high of 39 hello
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the height, sunrise at 7:25 a.m. as you step outside, lakefront 35, and 36 degrees hopkins. it begins to taper off in new york. were waiting rain showers to th last approaching tomorrow afternoon, if you're doing some last-minute shopping.
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partly cloudy them becoming overcast tomorrow morning you can see the shade of blue to th westo, west of 75 there could be mixed tomorrow morning, most of the area will be cloudy to star and then rain showers throughou the afternoon and evening. >> that will continue overnight stop there will be some lingering showers executed warning, shoul be try in the afternoon post on through tomorrow, expecting up to one quarter inch in the west and then, by midday
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rain showers wednesday into early thanksgiving, them black friday shopping, early morning it will be drawing in the 30s in the evening, there will be a range snow mix to continue into early saturday after senator warren it will be try with 40s in the about 15 beginning and mid part next
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counting down to the showdown at the show, will mishkin being
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went to sick regulations on your pending retirement, when i was four years old i used to listen to youa and to see if i could take my tricycle outside if it was raining or not so making me feel old, hope you feel better and thrilled about retirement and thank you trevor khanna, bourdainou irish have been orde to vacate winthrop 2012 and 201 due to academic misconduct a student trader committed to misconduct on behalf of players who turned in work for those athletes will be on one year
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vacate all victories in which they participated while an eligiblepa for the 2012 and 2013 seasons, ohio state buckeyes have posted seven straight home wins against wolverines when they play saturday it will have been 5,850 today since michigan bus one at the shoe 2,000, jim harbaugh has great respect for what, urban >> it is a great football team. some great coaching and tremendous talent that. the cavaliers mini break before the thanksgivingb holida is almost over, four days off from the last gameos they have a trailblazer team in town and ready for a wednesday night game at the q., the lebron james missed practice to give a
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players union, billy hunter wrongful termination suit. >> can the cameras use one of the famous globetrotters who showed his skills in columbus today. this is the core shoe shop. zeus mcclurkin made a bunch of shots like this post on i pay tribute to the man who has take the big shotsh for so many year dick goddard what it has been a honor to work with you these years, her so that hit every shot
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is one of the greatest. >> even geniuses make mistakes. he has had his share of bloopers, more than half a century of live tv will do that, looking back on some of the mos
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graduation day retirement connect by a love of weather and of cleveland, and on a personal note, a young guy at the nbc station who do not knowow what was doing, you took me under your wing ande cannot have been nicer ande gaming a blessing and i will never forget that thank you for yourd 50 plus years of service , you are a legend you are a nice man,ou which is even more important. and i love you, take care. al roker pays tribute to the guest of honor, to give you a taste of how great dick goddard's impact has been on meteorologists across country. dick goddard joins us as we
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margin is with us as well you worked several years together. >> we did, many years ago. in the 50s. >> i think it was in the 40s. does it seem like 55 years plusus? >> , it's hard to believe, i remember the browns saw the first game in akron. and i was the score man for the browns for 43 years. i have been so lucky, people have been so good to me and to be the weatherman and to be treated the way i have been i cannot be happier i feel
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remember the first day you walk through the doors at channel 8 >> so many decades ago, i think i do . >> it's a new building, that's the problem. it will talk to us about surprises coming the first bill sheil takes a look back at the life and career of as cleared t tv legend,ar one and only dick goddard. asking about his birthday and he has the perfect answer for his legendary meteorologists. leslie roy to the 85 what do you say, i will be 29 celsius and i will be 30 next year from seemingly got a hearty keeps going and fox 8. >> could not be better, this wa
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>> wants leaving the service he earned a degree at kent state, disney wanted to interview him than hein got an offer to try t and the rest is a half-century oft tv history, when weather forecast was an afterthought he stood out because as a meteorologists he was qualified he was always humble. weather is an educated guess at best. >> you were known for getti or that many people >> perhaps, but like i said that out of ten air algerie sumo kids >> he helped the annals as he couldna >> plotting animal welfare is m goal before i go to the theme park in the sky won't do that all i can for
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fundraiser. never imagined that the library would be what it became when several hundred showed up for the first one. >> today the annual woollybear festival is the largest outdoor event in ohio with over 100,000 people attending why people wer at the woollybear then were at ohio state football games. how does it feel to be 29 celsiusus? >> next year i will be 30, so that i may not be able to handle but to still be in the 20s is still great.abd all of our kids have been to the woollybear,r, what i love about you is that you have been a grandfather, uncle, to all o
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great as you watch them to go up and get married.g are still married, right? now they're having their own kids and bring those to the woollybear as a tradition. we look forward to each year, we have invitedk some of your friends to make some special presentations, let's welcome backk taylor. after all these years we are still friends it was the greatest honor of my life, to sit next to you for all of thos years. >> almost 30 years, and the house that you built, it is my great honor also to be this
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it looks like the gettysburg address >> black eye treat all of it, but just the highlights, b the proclamation office of the mayo ofof jackson the city of cleveland on behalf of the citizens of th city i am honored to offer thi proclamation in honor of dick goddarder as he retires after 5 year tv career in cleveland. he is a legend, both for his work as a meteorologists and as a , he is a remarkable man whose work is making a difference in the city's medic options are commendable and his retirement isb well deserved. >> is that it? those were some of the highlights. >> well said. >> and well-deserved. i appreciate that, this is
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a place of honor. i can't thank you enough. just to watch you, in the copter drone today, he was laughing so hard. are not done. we have a soiree for him and to welcome anotherwe clue the legend, john telich is here wit another special presentation, and wish that this couch was wider, but we will figure out something,shs this is from the governor of the state of ohio,
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for you and your great career. there are about seven were as common as he prepares for his well-deserved returned his legacy of compassionor work eth and outlook well live on in the hearts and lives of thousands h has touched throughout his career, from the governor of th state of ohio, governor john kasich canada mary taylor the andre bernier here with a special plaque and some wonderful thingsre. as many of you may already know,w, he served in the ai force. a in one of my favorite places, i
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the air force would like toto congratulate you on your retirement, recognizing your public service to cleveland o. your retirement is also on the congressional record, thank to representative gina vernaci. you still wear your air force jacket? >> i was on our de >> we have one final presentation, from your family, all the other side of the clock. >> the anchors from fox 8 news, wayne dawson, stefani schaefer and todd meany with a major announcement. cannot be more proud to work alongside you. >> honor to make a special presentation to you today.
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records they have verified you as the longest career of a weather forecaster of anyone in the world. a copy of this will paint of the newly named dick goddard weathercenter the newsroom and another one for you to keep. >> this is from your friends at fox 8 news in the morning, congratulations. and how about that. right to
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a cancer there is an accidentally call bloopers. >> and the car has been no
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's final forecast a moment that we want everyone to know that although he is stepping away from the weather maps will continue to do what he loves to love animals. you will continue to see him to do that your own fox 8 with his pet adoption segments, thos will and treatment and to help them to care for those four-foots today we are proud t announce that the dick goddard
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at a young age, my parents instilled a love and respect fo animals,ar over the last 50 years i have tried to do all i can to help the four-foots, withhe hard-working team, the creation of the dick goddard foundation. >> 's dedication to these particular cases is obvious. >> eva lowe font rehabilitation for cruelty cases to help fund clinics were low-cost spay and neuter programs and to find veterinarians to treat good samaritan cases. provide an infrastructure for those cases that we traditionally called good
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arrived at the hospital, they will have an avenue to go down. we are shown that cases like chants the cat or stories like the rescue of dozens of last year and now we have an officia fund. a dog is a victim of abuse and neglectct that will take mo and time to get that dog better the case it could be the candidate for the funds. this guy looks like i may have to send him to a specialis put into at leg position to be reused the other option would be amputation. >> it is a organization with all donations are 100% tax-deductible, everybody's
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money goes directly towards the care of the animals. >> thank god for dick goddard and his capacity to display empathy towards animals. >> by goal is to help the four-footsts and everyone else who could possibly donate, we need your help, it never ends. but you also do is the leather,r, we have estimated yo have done more than 100,000 weather forecast..
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don't go out on a limb, lester hudson thank you so much. i just want to say that as always, that in this business w are all justt penciled in, but always said that, it is true fo us but not so mucht for you. your name is indelibly printed in the halls of cleveland water, tv lord, >> god bless you. >> i want to thank everybody, we have a great weather team. when you were on the
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the show and people get mad at men and i would only say, say good night dick. normally when we do the newscast, not many people in th studio there is a cast of thousandse in the studio now, and there are some tears, because this guy,, means so much to all of us at this tv station is a very special man and maybe coworkers? thank you so much. and he said it well, this is your house and we will always your family. >> i hope so.
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[ applause ] a more final thoughts? be good to the four-foots and also the two-foots, are not doing this very well, i'm sorry. it sounds a lot like your first broadcast. he said his voice was so high back in 1961h. that even small animals would gather outside the station. to nikon we want to invite your fox 8 colleagues, to come on in and take a final look bac at your career, set to the musi
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thank you, and memories and we do love you.
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