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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  February 10, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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(vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. . kayla: a big night for charlotte-mecklenburg schools. we'll have the latest on the search for a superintendent and the possible plan for student assignments. >> i just want to make him feel better and try to give him something. bill: and while panther nation tries to move on from the heart breaking super bowl loss, one local girl felt that
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you're going to find out what she did for him. >> i didn't know, i thought they were like strength. kayla: rock hill police take interacting activities to a whole new level. how they spent the evening with kids. good evening and thank you for joining us on "fox 46 news" at 10:00. i'm kayla ayres. bill: and i'm bill melugin. the discussion over the student assignment plan continues. point of the plan is to promote diversity at public schools and make things more equal for all students. kayla: the board of education lis teachers concerned over the plan. sam smith is at the meeting, he's joining us live with more. hi, sam. >> reporter: good evening, there was a packed house inside the meeting chamber today because parents wanted their voices heard. >> if you couldn't find a seat, you needed to find a place to stand, and there were plenty of people willing to do that tuesday night to address
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the board is trying to work out the details of the student assignment plan. one goal of that plan is reducing the number of schools with high concentrations of poor and high needs children. the board listened to the public on this matter for more than 90 minutes where several people spoke out against it. >> it does not matter what color the child's skin is or how much money the child's parents have in a bank account. if a child does not have support at home and
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child is . >> reporter: if you want to weigh in on the student assignment plan, there is a survey available. that survey is available until february 22nd. sam smith, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: all right, thank you, sam. you can visit the cms website. to participate in the survey, the board expects to vote on the assignment plan in november. if passed, the changes take effect for the 2017-18 school year. bill: while it's definitely chillier in charlotte, the snow is flying just west of the queen city.
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school closings to tell you about. ashe, avery and watauga county schools will be closed due to inclement weather. we'll send it over to chief meteorologist brian basham. where are we expecting snow in the coming days? brian: those folks are going to see snow. believe it or not, we didn't see a lot in the region. as we take a look what's happening across the area right now. the heaviest snow is down to the south across chester and lancaster counties. it's not been a ton and not
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accumulations down . kayla: that fire was set intentionally, morgan's family believes he's innocent and did not set the fire on purpose. bill: a north carolina second grade teacher passed away after he was hit by a bus in his own school's parking lot. 25-year-old brandon kincaide was hit by a day care bus this morning. kincaide died at a nearby hospital. he was just in second year of teaching and no students witnessed that incident. north carolina is hitting duke energy with a bigtime fine.
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for violation surrounding the 2014 coal ash spill of the dan river power plant of eden. duke energy is reviewing whether or not to challenge that fine. the company argues the water quality in the dan river went back to normal right after the spill. kayla: scary moments during tonight's unc basketball game where coach roy williams fell during the game against boston college. he was able to walk off the court and helped back to the locker room. keep it here for the latest on the coach's condition. he was being evaluated in the locker room. the heels won the game with a final score of 68-65. the carolina panthers cleaned out lockers as they prepare for the off-season and much needed r&r. the team is saying farewell to a record-setting season that took them all the way to the super bowl before coming up just short against the denver bronco. bill: it was right after that, that cam newton made national headlines by walking out in
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as josh sims reports, today cam talked about why he did it. >> reporter: cam newton ripped in the media since sunday night when he cut his post game press conference short and sped out. a game where the offense struggled mightily. now during the short time, he was at the podium, he moped, he gave very short answers before walking out. today he had a chance to defend his actions and he was not apologetic at all. >> i've been on record it say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser, i'm going to show you a loser. i'm not here to -- it's not a popularity contest, i'm here to win football games. >> he hates to lose, that's the bottom line. i'd much rather have a guy that hates to lose than accept it. you might as well push him out of locker room because you don't want him around. i'm proud of who he is as far
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wish he handled it better or differently? yes, that's who he is and i understand who the young man is for us. >> reporter: not only does the coach have his back but teammates. they fully support their quarterback. more heat for cam. people are wondering why he did not dive on the fumble in the fourth quarter. cam is going to explain that later in sports. bill: all new at 10:00, the panthers' biggest fan and honorary coach, six-year-old braylon beam returned from the super bowl. his story touched ellen degeneres so much, she gave him and his parents a round-trip ticket to the game. with the panthers loss it was the trip of a lifetime. braylon stopped to take pictures with fans on his own. he had these final words of wisdom for the panthers to win the super bowl next year. >> we need to blitz more and hold the ball more.
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bill: got to love the suggestions right there. the family says the entire football season with the panthers has helped them cope with braylon's cancer and optimistic about having four more treatments left. kayla: in the words of panthers tight end greg olsen all good things must come to an end. olsen posted a collage of shaving off his beard. olsen says he's relatively clean shaven but as long as the team kept winning, he decided to keep the beard. charlotte mayor jennifer roberts is keeping her promises, since the panthers lost against the broncos, mayor roberts had to wear a peyton manning jersey and post a picture on her twitter account. she made the friendly wager with mayor michael hancock before the big game. bill: the super bowl ended up going to the dogs, so did the name of a couple of the
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they lost the bet with denver animal protection, they had to name two of the newest pit bulls after the broncos quarterback and mvp. they sent denver a video introducing their pups. >> peyton manning! and our other great little pit bull, von miller. >> unfortunately, we're a little bummed about our panthers losing but always keep our bets. >> von already got adopted but two-year-old peyton is still up for adoption. if you're interested in picking him up, contact animal care and control. kayla: something tells me he won't be up for adoption for very long. die hard panthers fans gathered to welcome the players home, an 8-year-old sat among them with hopes of giving a token of appreciation to her favorite quarterback. bill: she felt that cam deserved any kind of trophy. emily collins introduces us to one of newton's number one fans.
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wrestling with her dad, playing with her sister or scoring goals on the soccer field. kelsey young always has her head in the game. >> i like to go out there and kick the ball around and have fun and stuff, and my dad's my coach and makes it a lot more fun. >> reporter: kelsey's dad is also the one who introduced her to the carolina panthers, and ever since her mom misty says her love for the team is undeniable. >> she loves the panthers in general. but cam, she talks about him all the time. his smile. he's so cute. such a good player. >> reporter: no surprise monday when kelsey decided she would take one of her own soccer trophies to cam from san francisco. >> wanted to make him feel better and give him something. >> reporter: out of 14 trophies lining kelsey's shelf, she chose this one because it's the one season
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>> i felt like i played one of the best seasons, that season i felt i did pretty good that season. >> reporter: in other words, she had a season similar to cam's. but unfortunately, her trophy never made it into his hands. >> did you actually get a glimpse of cam? >> yeah, kind of. reporter: that's not stopping her from still sending her love. >> i love you, and i love your smile. >> reporter: emily collins, fox 46 wjzy. bill: pretty cool girl right there, isn't it? in case you were wondering, kelsey does plan to give cam her trophy. she's waiting for the right opportunity. you can find everything on the panthers and run to super bowl 50 on our website. head to and click on the stories you need to check them out. . kayla: here is something you
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police officers dancing and having a blast with local teens. we'll take you to rock hill after the break for this exclusive story. >> being able to mentor the folks who come through the program and teach them the ropes. bill: playing sports can teach us a lot about teamwork and leadership, but what about working for nascar? you're going find out why nascar wants previous athletes on their pit team. kayla: voters in new hampshire made their voices heard tonight.
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the first-in-the-nati . bill: welcome back, typically when you're talking to kids and ask them to describe a police officer, you're going to hear words like guns, handcuffs and flashing blue lights. kayla: all of those may be true, for kids in rock hill, they include dance moves, good friends and role models. david sentendrey spent the afternoon at the york county public library where this is all going down. >> reporter: you probably never seen a library quite like this before. >> lot of them will cut up with us. . >> reporter: rock hill police officers scott eller is showing off his dance moves. if that's what you want to call them, with teenagers at the york county public library. he's not the only one of rock hill's finest rocking out. reporter: normally libraries
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this library says game night is exactly what everyone needs. >> and it's been a great way to kind of break that barrier between police officers and teens. >> we're not the bad guys in uniforms that they hear about all the time. >> reporter: these kids enjoy seeing a different side of the officers. >> i didn't know they were this fun. i thought they were strict. >> reporter: officers hope to connect with the kids who say there are plenty of police stereotypes. >> stone face and they just look angry and intimidating. >> reporter: and are letting them see a different face of the men and women in blue. >> is it good? >> yes. >> this is a good way to bond. there's another side to law enforcement. >> some of the kids, this might be the only happiness they get. >> reporter: the library says most of these kids are at-risk and game night is keeping them busy. >> i'll probably be at home watching youtube videos. >> laying around watching youtube.
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and letting them know they have friends. >> it's shocking and surprised to know we are just like them. >> reporter: friends they are protecting, serving and playing. in rock hill, david sentendrey, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: he was really getting into it. the york county public library received about $1,000 and a gaming grant from the state library which brought about the idea of game night. bill: that's a cool program. you never see side of the cops. looks like they were having a blast. i loved when the guy had whipped cream launched into his face. brian had a good comment, what does it is a about our generation, i'd be home watching youtube. kayla: i don't know. let's get our accuweather forecast from brian. brian: glad they had a good time. we are having a good time, to be in the library any time in the next week or at home or somewhere indoors, extremely uncomfortable temperature-wise. things are quiet across the
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snowfall. it's been very light but down to the south, this is lancaster here, north of lancaster, we're seeing some light snowfall and then again south of chester, an area that continues to see some light fall as well. that's going to continue over the next couple of hours. areas of the north okay, but they're going to pick up opportunities for snow later on. headlines, big windchills tomorrow. then we're going to see more mountain snow opportunity, especially on the tennessee side, and the temperatures, well, i hate to say, this no relief through the weekend, if you're thinking about rung around outside, retool the plans. temperatures extremely cold already. already freezing across most of the area. wadesboro and chesterfield, wind up north, teens and 20s across boon and jefferson. not as bad in the valleys. good news, relatively light but windchill factors, cold
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20s for most of the rest of the area. now, want to track your windchills here over the next couple days. as you get up and running into school and work tomorrow, 7:42, talking about minus numbers in the north. teens, low 20s in the southern elevations, hickory about 7. very cold to get started and wednesday night, late wednesday night. minus 10+ and teens for most of the rest of the area here and thursday morning about the same. about 14 here in charlotte as you get up and running, minus 12 numbers in jefferson and boon and thursday in the afternoon, warmer but very, very cold out there. so just buckle in, make sure you have your big coat as you get prepared for the next few days. want to show you quickly on future cast, we want to continue to see the snow in the northern sections here. we see that the lower elevations should get sunshine over the next couple of days. there's a saving grace. the only problem is it comes with the wind and high
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of canada and that's going to keep that wind and cold temperatures just funneling across the area. this is friday we're looking at right here but the cold temperatures stick well into sunday as well. 41 for the high tomorrow. 18 for the low on thursday morning, then 40, friday has a chance of showers, light chance at this point. we'll track that and talk about the next opportunity to see snow in charlotte in about 10 minutes from right now. bill: sounds good, thank you. police look for a man who robbed a cpcc student at knifepoint near the merancas campus near noon. suspect was last seen then, if you have information contact huntersville police or security. kayla: from rushing the field to fueling cars on the track. drivers in and pit crew members who display great athleticism are taught the
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a pit crew coach tells us this is part of nascar's drive for diversity program. athletes are recruited, trained and mentored to become drive crew members and pit members. there are 35 athletes and 17 working in the sprint cup series. >> this program is needed to diversify the sports, basically, you know, we have a small fan base of minorities and, of course, we want to increase that. kayla: phil horton believes the reason athletes stick with the program for the long haul is because of what it provides. opportunity to learn, opportunity to grow and an added outlet to feed competitive drive. nascar's drive for diversity program began in 2004 to attract minority and female athletes to the sport. >> so she was a miracle just in the fact that she was able to make it out of the delivery room. bill: we already introduced you to miracle baby born right here in charlotte. she only weighed 10 ounces at
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. kayla: one of the world's smallest surviving babies born in charlotte is finally home from the hospital tonight, e'layah pegues weighed less than a can of soda, only 10
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later, she's 5 pounds 8 , . >> we had that coupled with freezing temperatures, the road conditions were poor at best. >> 911 dispatch got a reckless driving call. 26-year-old heath woods was heading westbound in a toyota minivan weaving in and out of travel. >> traveling in the 60-mile-an-hour range. >> in a 50-mile-per-hour zone. the office set up a sign hoping to intercept woods once he passed by. instead woods clipped a car and lost control. >> and starting to fish tail. >> reporter: crashing into the officer.
1:24 am
your face and you have no time, the loudest crunch can you imagine. >> reporter: officer joseph saw the crash and pulled his cruiser nearby. >> my first thought is i lost i partner. >> reporter: everyone walked away without major injuries. >> shoulder is bruised. >> reporter: woods was cited without driving without a license or insurance, and reckless driving and burglary and property damage. as for the super bowl. >> i saw the last ten minutes obviously. >> reporter: the officers watched the second half and more importantly the officer is still here. >> i'm walking and talking, so can't beat that. bill: coming up, federal judges and the state battle over where to draw the line for two congressional districts.
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. bill: recapping top stories, the discussion or the cms student assignment plan is designed to promote diversity at all cms schools. the board listened to comments from dozens of parents and teachers concerned over the plan. they talked about the search for a new superintendent. board voted 5-4 to extend superintendent clark's contract, it runs through july 31st. she's hoping to extending her contract if there are no other prospects to fill the role. kayla: the panthers didn't come home with a super bowl
1:26 am
trying to change that. kelsey young was at bank of america stadium. she didn't give a chance to give cam newton her soccer trophy like she wanted but hopes to give it to him soon. bill: when you think of a night at the library, you think of students reading and researching projects, but it was a whole different case in rock hill, that's where it was all about playing games. officers came together with kids to promote community involvement. the library received $1,000 in a gaming grant and brought about the idea of having a game night. no major surprises on election day. bernie sanders and donald trump winning the new hampshire presidential primary. kayla: now the question is will the candidates who fell short continue their campaigns. joel waldman has more from manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: it was a big night as predicted for bernie sanders and donald trump, but
1:27 am
could help clear out the crowded republican field. after months of leading in the polls, donald trump winning the first-in-the-nation primary, the billionaire businessman achieving victory. >> make america great again. we're going to make america great again. >> reporter: much of the attention on the second slot, john kasich coming in second with voters showing strong support for marco rubio and ted cruz. jeb bush and chris christie not finding the bump they're hoping for. likely they'll find renewed pressure to drop out of race and throw their support to either rubio or kasich. >> we're going to leave with more delegates than we came in and i'm going to south carolina and continue to build. >> reporter: in the two person democratic race, bernie sanders with a win over hillary clinton. he's hoping a strong showing in the early states will give his campaign momentuma the race moves to the south and west, areas that have supported clinton in the past.
1:28 am
what i've done my entire life, showing folks they can meet and we'll make real progress together. >> reporter: no rest for the weary, republican candidates heading to south carolina to campaign there while bernie sanders heads to new york to meet with the reverend al sharpton. in manchester, new hampshire, joel waldman, fox news. kayla: with the south carolina primary just on the horizon, many presidential candidates will be stumping their way through the palmetto state. republican senator marco rubio plans to make a stop in columbia and head to the nation's capital for a prior engagement. that doesn't mean his reps will be following him. trey gowdy will head to north charleston to campaign for rubio. bill: ted cruz is also going to be campaigning in south carolina. cruz is expected to hold a rally this thursday with special guest glen beck. that's happening at 7:30 at the morningstar fellowship church.
1:29 am
going to be making a stop in the palmetto state friday. clinton will be talking about plans for education, health care, and jobs, no word on where in the state she's going to be speaking. south carolina democratic 27th. kayla: thousands of absentee ballots have been sent out for the march 15th primary in north carolina, but a recent court order requires the state to redraw two congressional district lines. districts one and 12 were created to carve out voters based on race which is unconstitutional. >> because of the history of race in the united states, you shouldn't be taking race into account when you're selecting representatives. that's up to voters, not the state legislature. kayla: one of those districts county. they ordered lawmakers to redraw the lines by february 19th but could be delayed so as not to interfere with next month's election.
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eighth and final budget proposal has been delivered. a number of boxes, take a look at all of them. that is a lot of paperwork, they contain the record $4 trillion, 2017 budget. the boxes were opened up and books stacked up. here's how the numbers reportedly stack up in departments. a proposed 12 billion bucks slated for agriculture department to help feed school children from low-income families. one billion in new funding for states to develop drug treatment and rehab programs to deal with the rise in substance abuse especially heroin addiction. $400 million transportation bill aimed at new environmentally friendly cars and transit projects and over $7.5 million is earmarked for a number of clean energy investments including wind, solar and geothermal power. good news for those of you looking for a new job. the u.s. labor department says
1:31 am
jumped by 4.9%, that's the most since july. they report that people quitting their jobs increased 6.9%. that's the highest in 9 years. people typically quit for better paying positions which might be a sign overall pay levels could be increasing in the future. kayla: a reminder we have school closings to tell you about. for more on why and what we can expect this week, let's head over to brian basham. brian: that area didn't get hit too badly, that's the good news, the potential for more snow tonight, tomorrow and wednesday night, and we'll see cold and big windchills across the area tomorrow. 42 was the high today. want to show you well below the seasonal average. the next seven days and the temperatures are very, very cold, i want you to know our typical average about, 54 for this time of year. so we're going to be very, very uncomfortable in the next
1:32 am
we're freezing, 29, under mostly cloudy skies in charlotte. winds have slowed to about 7 miles an hour, they will kick up again tomorrow, could see gusts up around 25 miles an hour. here is your satellite and radar. once again, we thought we might get a good shot of mountain snow today. that is staying away from the northern edges, falling across the south. not a ton of show but pockets of snowfall to areas to the west and north of the area. you see the flow here, coming from the north and west, we'll continue to see the opportunities in the mountain ranges, that's why you see the school closings, more tomorrow. most of it is going to fall on the tennessee side. if you get on the i-40, 5-10" of snowfall on the regions. just to put you on alert there. talk about what we expect to see locally over the next couple of days. pretty quiet.
1:33 am
tonight at 11:52 and tomorrow snow will continue to fall in the north through wednesday night. everything clears out thursday and things quiet but cold. want to mention we're under a winter weather advisory for the sections in the north because of the potential for snow and blowing snow as well. now temperatures, they're going to be tonight below freezing, teens in the north. 20s in the south. we're going to see charlotte at 22 degrees. then tomorrow, cooler than it was today. about the same i should say. 41 in charlotte. concorde at 40. couple of degrees cooler. that's about it for us. want to show you what happens over the next few days, especially in the nighttime hours. 18 on thursday morning, keep in mind, windchill will put us in the low to mid teens there. we'll see low 40s, wednesday thursday, friday and friday 20% chance of precipitation, right now during the daytime hours, when we're above freezing, looking for mainly
1:34 am
cold over the weekend, sunny saturday. warm to 35 at a max, and then we see the cold air lingering into monday, tuesday for chances for precipitation, rain-snow possible on monday tuesday. stay tuned over the next week and through the weekend as folk us. >> definitely not look forward to the 14 degrees. keep you plugged into the changing weather conditions, head over to, find the weather tab, that's where your weather forecast is waiting for you. kayla: cmpd needs your help finding this man. he supported for indecent liberties with a child incident that happened last december. singh was last seen in north charlotte. you are asked to call 911 or police if you know where he might be. bill: 23-year-old denzel boozer stabbed a 51-year-old
1:35 am
night. meanwhile boozer is wanted on attempted murder charges. if you know where he is or seen him recently, contact 911 or crimestoppers. kayla: troopers continue their search for a truck involved in a deadly hit-and-run on i-77 in chester county early monday morning. troopers say a purple truck crashed into suv, sending the suv into the median where it overturned. 49-year-old flora ellenberg was killed and the driver was taken to the hospital. the purple truck is believed to have been damaged and troopers say it could be heading towards virginia. you are asked to contact south carolina highway patrol if you know anything about this. bill: new information tonight in the case of a missing 13-year-old found stabbed to death in north carolina. a friend of nicole lovell tells "washington post" she planned on running away and starting a family with the man charged in her death. the friend claims loverel told
1:36 am
lovell disappeared january 27th. her body was found four days later in north carolina. another virginia tech student nicole keepers is charged in the murder. kayla: new numbers out of germany where authorities say 10 people have died after two commuter trains collided head on this morning. this happened in the southern part of the country near munich. in addition to those killed, 88 people were injured. nine seriously. officials say the trains slammed into each other on a curve after an automatic safety braking system appears to have failed. >> it's a terrifying picture of the crash site. shocking how the two trains are wedged into each other. one drilled itself into the other and completely tore apart the cabin of the second train. kayla: the impact shredded metal train cars and flipped several of the cars on their sides. emergency crews arrived in minutes, because of the heavy forest surrounding the area it
1:37 am
the injured in the wreckage. the crash is under investigation. bill: u.s. lawmakers want the air force to prove it can cover airborne operations out of ft. bragg after leaders of the air force and army certified the deactivation of the 44th airlift wing. there are 550 remaining airmen in the 440th reserve unit that all have to find new homes. changes are expected to take effect by the end of the year. kayla: a company looking to expand food print in charlotte is backing out. electrolux will no longer move forward with plans to expand north american headquarters in the queen city. 850 people work in the university area. a spokesperson says the decision not to expand in charlotte has to do with the acquisition of ge appliances falling through. the company says north american headquarters will stay in charlotte, electrolux moved headquarters here in
1:38 am
bill: starting this week, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch will visit six cities to highlight police departments she believes can be a role model for law enforcement. fayetteville in north carolina is on the list. lynch is going to start with miami-dade county on thursday, lynch visited places where policy forces have troubled community relations, she said the upcoming signs were picked because they have effective policing such as effective use of data. >> cam newton apologized for actions before and after the super bowl.
1:39 am
the fumble and (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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. >> cam newton is taking tons of criticism for about what you saw right, there walking out early after losing to the denver bronco in super bowl 50. the mvp with the chance to defend himself on why he cut that presser short. >> i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser and i'm going to show you a loser. the truth of the matter is, you know, who are you to say that your way is right? that's what i don't understand. we've got all these people that condemning and saying man, he should have did this and that, what makes your way right?
1:41 am
for cam, joining a lot of heat for not diving on the loose ball in the fourth quarter of sunday's game. looks like he has a chance to get it but decides to bail. cam explaining his reasoning for that as well. >> i didn't get the fumble. we can play tit for tat. i see numerous quarterbacks throw interceptions and effort afterward, they don't go. i don't down on one fumble because the way my leg was it could have been controlled in a way. you say my effort, i didn't dive down. i fumbled. that's fine. but that game wasn't built off of -- we didn't lose that game because of that fumble. >> reporter: time to move past what cam did or did not do and hear from the rest of the panthers players. the team cleaning out lockers today as they head into the off-season.
1:42 am
champions and not runners-up, they still have a lot to be proud of from this season. >> we had an amazing time playing this year, coming to work every day, day in and day out. it was fun, you know? we had a good time with it. we stayed true to ourselves and being who we were. 17-2, obviously, that's pretty special in the nfl, you know. we're missing that one final -- we didn't check that last box. there was only one more thing we could have accomplish. that's the way it goes. >> reporter: head coach ron rivera says the panthers will move back mini mta's to ensure they get the rest they need. we'll discuss the off-season when retooling the roster next year. big news out of nascar, brian france announced long-term agreement expected
1:43 am
value and sustainability to nascar's premiere series. 36 teams have been granted charters and guaranteed entry into each of the 36oints events the four charter were based on participation. what does this mean for the sport of nassar? ceo brian france explains. >> it's going create more opportunities for our -- for as i said, for new owners to come into the sport. that's number one. number two, it's going to have the ability to feel better, more competitive race teams. that's great for our fans. that's what they want. >> reporter: and the nascar
1:44 am
kicks off this weekend at . bill: welcome back, previous winners and finalists on the popular fox program "american role. mentoring the top 24 kayla: the competitors are thrilled to be receiving the guidance. fox's adam housley takes a look. . >> reporter: it's reunion week on idol as past winners and finalists return to mentor and sing with the top 24 contestants.
1:45 am
from nick, lauren, fantasia, caleb, scotty mccreery and reuben studdard. >> people who won or placed high in the show probably makes them more nervous than anything, like i told the two girls i'm singing with, you have to have fun. >> i can give my opinions, that's great. i don't know about that. at the end of the day, it's their show and their performance, i'm here to help them shine. >> they're asking questions, most are good questions, working with me on the side, so we're comfortable. >> reporter: 24 move onto the final spot. host ryan seacrest is impressed by the judges' top 24 picks. >> you did such a great job picking talent. >> it came down to what they decided to do. >> right? they all have it, but did they make the right choice? >> agreed. >> reporter: the contestants are learning a lot from the former idols.
1:46 am
mentor, helped me loosen up and act like every time is the last time i will be performing. most of the time i was freaking out, i can't believe i got scottie! he was one of my favorites. i remember screaming. i was like ah! and i got paired up with reuben. incredible. >> reporter: the idol hopefuls team up with mentors for a duet on thursday. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. kayla: stick around, we'll be
1:47 am
of your accuweather forecast. . bill: all right, here's the game you certainly don't want to miss, la sal is taking on davidson is the 10:00. you can catch the game on our sister station, my 12. kayla: how would you like to have this big rabbit as your new pet? this dog sized bun see appropriately named atlas, now in the care of animal welfare officials in scotland. the rabbit is only 7 months old, the continental giant rabbit. it's young so it actually still has growing to do. due to breed and side, officials are looking for a specific home for atlas where he'll have plenty of space. they can grow to weigh around 40 pounds. bill: he's huge already. look at him. half the size of a human.
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bill: you learn something new every day. "good day, charlotte" wakes you up bright and early every morning. >> here's what's coming up, a special young lady with a special heart. how can you help fight congenital heart disease. >> if you are single, listen up, tips before you land the valentine's date. coming up tomorrow on "good day, charlotte" 4:30 to 9:00. brian: gusts up to 25 miles an hour, you couple that with temperatures between 22 and 35, think about bundling up out there. cold at night as well. 30-37 during the evening hours. should stay dry for the day tomorrow. now let's check in on the rest of the 7. next rain chance friday. not a great chance. about 20%. not looking for a lot of moisture but chances for snow monday and tuesday. bill: any chance can you change that sunday forecast for us?
1:49 am
kayla: thanks, brian, a if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life,
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