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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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a winter storm is headed to the carolinas. i'm jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us and thank you amanda for following that storm. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch for part of the area. the watch is in effect or monday evening. we will head over to meteorologist amanda cox with a look at our accuweather forecast. she is tracking the storm and how it could affect our commute on monday morning. >> overall we are keeping an eye on the system that looks like it's tracking days. still back in the midwest so today we had nice quite conditions. we had such i never have. this is looking at shiny rock. the sunshine didn't help our temperatures at all. we actually saw our temperatures only getting into the 30s, were 40s. this afternoon the colder air will remain in place and our temperatures in the 30s at this hour.
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tonight. we are headed to 16 degrees for an overnight low low. there will be parts of the area to get into the single digits while mainly clear skies and rigid conditions. the storm system is going to continue to make its way closer to her area. we will start off with a bit of snow. it will be coming in sunday night blasting into the early morning hours on monday but as the warm front to lift northward we will take the warmer air along. that's going to transition that's no overt to a wintry mix ahmed wintry mix will stick around throughout the morning midday and may be early afternoon hours before the warmer air really takes over all the layers of atmosphere is a system with soft to the northeast and transition to rain later on monday. monday night and into tuesday morning. it's going to be a fast-moving system. expect to see things really drying out later in the day on tuesday. unfortunately another one will
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morning. a winter storm watch in effect for the entire viewing area. that's sunday night into monday. that's the most likely opportunity for seeing that messy weather around the region and is something we will continue to watch. notice the reason we will see the warmer air coming and it will push our temperatures to 50 degrees on tuesday. that will help make it more of a rain event but ice and snow are definitely going to be an issue for a while. jenna: amanda thanks. we'll keep you up-to-date on changing weather conditions. the use the easy navigation tools to find weather tab or download our weather app at the app store thank you real-time radar and forecasts on the go. snow sleet and rain part of the forecast across the carolinas. the bitter temperatures are sending people around town to stock up on groceries and other supplies in case of an
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stores are feeling it as they rush to buy ice melt causing some vendors to run out of the product replacing it with solar salt. the forecast predicts only 4 inches of snow but freezing temperatures the icy roads have people worried. >> with 3 inches it's gridlock. jenna: a windchill warning is in effect with winds up to 25 miles and are expected in some areas. we have breaking news tonight. u.s. supreme court associate justice antonin scalia has died. scalia was found dead from apparent natural causes and a luxury resort in west texas. according to a report he were arrive friday at the location. he was found dead this morning after he failed to appear for breakfast. scalia served in the nixon and ford administrations first as minard ministry dif -- and then assistant attorney general.
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supreme court in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he served on the supreme court for nearly 30 years and was the first italian-american justice on the court. he was 79 years old. just hours to go before the republicans face off on live tv as the democrats left standing are battling it out. national correspondent has all the action from greenville south carolina. >> wagering that the american public is as sick of her e-mails as bernie sanders says he was hillary clinton is campaigning in nevada. the state department is releasing 1000 new pages of hillary clinton's e-mail from her time as secretary of state. of these are than 80 of the electronic communications from her home server or deemed classified. most of them at the lowest level of sensitivity. none of these e-mails are top secret. the state department plans to finish releasing the rest of
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february 291 day before the super tuesday primaries. bernie sanders is also getting down to business in nevada. >> people say for a variety of reasons bernie you are not going to be able to win. well it looks like -- [applause] most of the republican candidates left standing are cramming for tonight's critical debate. special attention will be focused on senator marco rubio to see if he can come back from his seemingly prerecorded answers at the last showdown. >> that's on me and it isn't going to happen again. >> front-runner out -- front-runner donald trump is promising to clean up is that the released his language. the colorful balls that he will refrain from using off-color
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>> i won't use foul language. >> donald trump the man who can intentionally be tweeter in chief released its week saying in a suit ted cruz over whether cruz is able to assume the presidency if elected as a texas senator was born in canada to an american mother. for more florida governor jeb bush is taking a low key approach. he is spending the final hours before tonight's showdown hanging out with his grandchildren. john roberts "fox news." jenna: legislative leaders will be discussing what the new congressional map should look like. this as they wait for decision on whether the maps must be redrawn. the six meetings will be held across the state on monday. meetings are taking place as the federal judges say the first of 12 districts are legal. the judges what new maps that there were 19. state attorneys say the maps are legal and should be used in next month's primary. this morning the valentine breakfast club met at the
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as a first meeting of the year and focused on priorities. the meetings bring together wide range of officials from the state county city and school board. along with the mayor of charlotte the charlotte city manager cms and cmpd. the whole idea behind the meeting is to an formed -- an informed community is a better community. >> people seem to think we are going back to the old-fashioned cross county busing that we did in the 70s and 80s. that is not something that is on the table. i would love to dispel that rumor today. jenna: around 1100 people were expected to attend that event. in just a couple of days the supreme court will hear arguments on a law that seeks to strip protections from public-school teachers and government retirees. a lower court ruled the generalist and they could cut
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teachers of that the state made a deal with veteran teachers said it couldn't revote. despite the lobbying challenge teachers can still be fired for various reasons why poor performance and insubordination. their foot down and challenging a deal where north carolina regulators settle suspected and water pollution at duke energy's coal ash pits for millions. the deal between governor mccrory's former employer in the state department of them permits of quality. big agreement settles -- powerplants a store coal ash. it is at a south carolina as kind continues to draw. according to -- the palmetto state saw violent crime decreased by 12% from 20 toga 2013. property crimes dropped 6% over the same timeframe. in 2013 there were 293 murders in south carolina. that's down 14% from the
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in 2013 there were 679 assault on law officers for any more than in 2012. to texas for cmpd need your help finding an armed robber hit two banks one today and another back in january. take a look at this picture. the suspect who robbed a bank in january and the pnc bank on our baradar drive in charlotte. in each case police say the suspect handed the teller a note demanding money and then fled at the suspect is described as a black male 35 to 40 years old medium build and was last seen wearing sweatpants and a great nike sweatshirt. the suspect has skin discoloration in his left eye. anyone with any information is asked to call crime stoppers. the rock hill man who was involved in a six hour standoff with police after biting his wife's face and holding her captive has been sentenced to probation. 53-year-old bernard mccree lead guilty to assault and battery and a weapons charge on friday.
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of the plea agreement but he must complete substance abuse treatment to avoid a 10 year prison sentence. a tragedy on the highway in pennsylvania as a multicar pileup kills three people. that whole story is next. and it's roses for miles.
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those beautiful bouqu jenna: at least three people are dead in a huge pileup on pennsylvania's interstate 78 near bethel township this morning. police say there were numerous injuries in addition to the deaths create the exact number of cars involved is still unclear but officials say there could be as many as 50 vehicles affected. at least a dozen people were trapped in their cars. james steffy lets just a block from the scene. >> i got up this morning and saw it was snowing it sounded like two bombs went off if we thought it worth thunder clouds and my wife ran up over the hill and saw the accident. she said there were a couple of people laying out and trucks and cars all smashed cars underneath and between tractor-trailers and total destruction. jenna: troopers believe passing squalls played a role in causing the craft crashed that he can see snow on the ground in the tragic scene.
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weather on monday but for your full cast -- for focus we will send it over to amanda costs. >> is something we will continue to keep an eye on. it really depends on several things. exactly the timing to track how quickly the warmer air comes in will determine what we'll timidly see and how much accumulation and whether the snow or ice affects your area we'll talk about that in a few minutes. it may. today nice and quiet. we ended up at 41 this afternoon despite a lot of sunshine across the area he was a colbert and the winds were breezy at times especially further off to the north and west to the area to the high-pressure system brought us that nice dry weather. it will continue to keep as quiet as we head into the deck on sunday but cloud cover on sunday will be gradually increase because of the storm system right here. this will be your next precipitation make her and it's going to come and in various stages. we'll start off with no and over
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terrain. the sun will be setting and it will remain mainly clear while frigid temperatures that temperatures are heading into the teens, some places and parts of right area will get into the single digits at the winds will be dying off. tomorrow but cloud cover will gradually increase in temperatures will hold in the 30s once again. it's going to be another cold day around the region but is not going to be terrible throughout the course that the day for the simple fact that your sunday will be nice and dry. you're headed out for valentine's day plans tomorrow evening you should be okay. most of the activities will hold off until 10:00, and maybe even more so like around midnight but that snow will be gradually overspreading area is a mystery tomorrow night and into your monday morning. with that being said we are not expecting a ton of snowfall but there's going to be a good amount coming in for period of time and parts of the area we
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as you roll through your monday morning the warmer air will eventually get stuck from the south and as that happens we will see the snowfall changing to wintry mix of snow sleet freezing rain and rain. that will eventually go over to all rain and is opposed to the area we see it moving up quickly tuesday morning thing start to clear out and push off to the north and east but there's another weak friend that will be coming through on tuesday night and into wednesday morning. snowfall totals the heaviest amount further off to the north may be to 4 inches with locally higher amounts. we don't expect as much to the south as we get closer to charlotte possibly a quarter of an inch of snow. the heaviest looks to be at the foothills or the northern sections of piedmont. we don't expect to see a ton as well for the simple fact that we will be changing over terrain quickly. winter storm watch in effect from sunday night throughout the day on monday and you can see
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coming up behind the system. back in the 50s and that will help the changeover to rain and once we get into the 50s that will stay that way. jenna: from 62 degrees to freezing temperatures read these brave people got their feet into into -- as they took a plunge into the whitewater river. then they cooled down quickly after leaping into the chilly water. >> is a little chilly. >> it's frigid. >> it's pretty frigid. jenna: after the race participants were able to warm back up again around the fire pit with hot chocolate. so here's something officials don't respond to every day. the denver fire department
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they say an excavator fell into the lake earlier this afternoon. officers called the lincoln fire department to get the machine out of the water. 36% americans will get their sweeties flowers for valentine's day according to a survey by the national retail federation and spend nearly $2 billion buying them. where do the flowers come from? a majority are imported. correspondent elizabeth cran has more on how the flowers make it to your home. >> the fresh-cut flowers your valentine may be giving you is one of more than a billion on u.s. soil after being grown in countries in bolivia and ecuador. before they reach your home they have to be hand approved. >> they will go through all of
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harmful they work with the department of agriculture to determine what is it and fumigation or the product has to be destroyed. south florida is -- for fresh-cut flowers imported into united states. almost 90% of flowers that come this time of year make their first operate here at miami international airport. the u.s. customs and border protection agency deploys hundreds of agricultural specialist from all over the country. they're looking for smuggled illegal drugs to more than 1400 different types of pets. some insects are as small as a pinpoint in some diseases are little more than a blemish. >> our agricultural inspectors are very highly educated. many of master's degree and we have some of the hd's. they are really experts at looking for the kinds of diseases that would harm
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>> y. so much were? /-- fresh flowers are a growing business. the cdc reports a 25% and increase in 2016. if it's infected this booming industry quickly could turn into a nightmare. the national retail federation said couples spend about $90 on average as we can buying something for their sweetheart totaling a projected 2 billion customers will be shelling out this ballantine's day. elizabeth prann "fox news." coming up later in the show we will dig deeper into the business of valentine's day. stick with us. still to come see what one nonprofit is doing to raise awareness for relative veterans and how their efforts could ultimately save lives.
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the earthquake in taiwan that
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why the buildings developer jenna: one person is missing and 116 dead after last week's earthquake in taiwan that caused 17 story residential complex to class. a total of 347 people in the building survived to the buildings developer into architects are being held on suspicion of negligent homicide in mid-accusations the firm cut corners and construction. city officials say they will inspect several other developments as well as other buildings that did not collapse. brave men and women who survived fighting on the frontlines for their country are losing an inner battle when they return home. statistics show 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. and nonprofit organizations working to reduce those numbers
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projects just for veterans. "fox news" senior correspondent rick leventhal has the story. >> together by the hundreds united by common thread all serving in the military in many cases combat hoping to raise awareness about veteran suicide. they call themselves irreverent warriors and their hiking 22 kilometers with 22 kilograms in their backpacks come about 40 pounds in honor of the 22 veterans who kill themselves every day helping to save others from the same thing. >> this is awakened something inside them that they had not felt in a long time and it connected them with other people who are going through similar struggles who they could relate to and they were then able to support each other after-the-fact. >> the event events is called the dash named after the silkies
6:25 pm
many of the hikers wear shorts and combat boots along with a the heavy pack and while things can get silly the purpose is very serious. >> you get used to having this brotherhood and no matter what problem you have you have to under brothers outside the barracks where there is marriage issues, financial, doesn't matter. everybody is there to pick you up. once you get to the civilian sector you lose that and you don't have that brotherhood and camaraderie. i think every life we save, if we can save one and we can save all of them it's going to be a success story their way. one participant said he walks with a group of men and women who never met and for the first time in a long time he was home. with irreverent warriors rick leventhal "fox news."
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in town tonight. the band is best known for their hits already call you mine and carolinas. in the airline it natives were named the first country band to have three consecutive top hits from their debut album. matt scott berry and josh say performing in the carolinas always has a unique feel. >> it wasn't always a smooth road and success over the band in 2010 they were -- at gunpoint. that shooting almost cost bandmembers got his life. coming up the carolinas and the only ones dealing with brutally
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how officials are projecting the freezing in new york city. plus to presidents' day a preview of this week's headlines across america. we are still tracking a storm system coming in everything from snow sleet freezing rain and that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals.
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welcome back. we are tracking winter storm is heading our way in the begin of next week and it could affect your commute and any plan to you have on monday. we will head over to meteorologist amanda cox was tracking the storm every step of the way. >> wiki behind the storm system and mike jen said it's going to effect a monday morning commute. you will want to allow extra time but the weekend that started off very nice with lots of sunshine. the sun is starting to set the not a cloud in the sky. despite the sunshine and
6:30 pm
all that high because the high-pressure system that brought us the dry weather rod and colder air and temperatures help in the upper 30s and low were 40s across region. zerneck storm system. this will eventually come into the area so we will see the cloud cover gradually increase throughout the course the day tomorrow and then eventually we will see snow coming and it will transition over to wintry mix and eventually go over to rain. right now where in the 30s and teens further off to the north and west. single digits to the north and west. most of the area feels more like the 20 so it really has been a cold day around the region we will continue to keep colder temperatures in place not only overnight but into the day tomorrow. 16 degrees below and temperatures will plummet overnight. clear skies but notice as we roll through the day those clouds will be gradually thickening. the ones with the much lighter for the second half of the weekend and if you're going to be heading out for valentine's
6:31 pm
most of the precipitation should hold off until after 9:00 or 10:00 and coming closer's we get towards midnight time period in the snow will last into your monday morning. noticed as a storm system gets closer the snow comes in sunday night lasting into monday morning but once the warm front eventually lets northward all the warmer air is eventually going to slide in which means we will see that mixing with a gradually changing to wintry mix and eventually go to all rain for period of time. early in the day on tuesday should he coming to an end but there's another front coming in so another opportunity for precipitation tuesday night into wednesday morning. the first-term system we could see snowfall accumulations from the north and west anywhere from two to 4 inches with locally higher amounts further off to the south. not showing a whole lot they
6:32 pm
inch up to half an inch of snow and sleet accumulation. but more is likely that we'll get eyes. this may be a little bit overdone but around that quarter inches were reaped could see some places getting up to for the eyes. we have a winter storm watch in effect sunday night into monday and that goes until monday evening and that's a majority for a viewing area. temperatures, so 30s for the next two days but the reason we will see it changing over to rain we are heading into the 50s in the middle part of the weekend. lots of sunshine by the into the weekend 62 degrees by next saturday. >> bitter cold temperatures are moving into the northeast and it's about to get even worse over the course of valentines weekend. dierks city mayor bill de blasio is warning new yorkers to put on extra layers for staying indoors.
6:33 pm
conditions are. de blasio said people would be brought into shelters or hospitals as the cold weather moves in. >> we are facing some of the coldest temperatures we have seen the last 20 years we want to emphasize how serious the situation is and how much people should change their habits over the next 24 to 48 hours. this must be taken seriously. it's not business as usual. >> the national weather service has issued a windchill advisory in effect from 1:00 p.m. today until noon on sunday. multiple species are competing for work this week week and one night may shape the rest of the poodle landscape. political correspondent patricia stark has those stories and more >> sunday love is in the air. it's valentine's day. whether chocolates cards or
6:34 pm
romantic side and show that special someone how much they mean to you. i monday president obama post the southeast asian nations for a summit. the world leaders will meet in california in hopes of strengthening economic relationships and discuss recent territorial disputes with china. monday also marked presidents' day. one celebrated for george washington's birthday night a day off from work honors all u.s. presidents past and present. also new york city's gun to the dogs literally. the 140th annual westminster dog show. thousands of dogs compete for the title of best in show. monday in selma hayek note for 58 grammy awards kicking off in los angeles. the event honors the biggest and best in music. kendrick lamarck leads the pack with 11 nominations.
6:35 pm
kicks off. the democrats as the nevada caucus after narrow win in iowa hillary clinton and a -- for bernie sanders a win in nevada they secure the nomination. that's a look at the week ahead. patricia stark "fox news." jenna: up next many pregnant women find it hard to stay healthy and live in that lifestyle. stick around. after the break we (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico.
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keeping up a healthy and active lifestyle is one of the many struggle some. women deal with. find activities that are fun for her and say for the baby can be difficult. "fox news" anchor generally has found a few ways to keep fit with a baby in your belly. >> jenna lee here. as you can see i'm super pregnant and over the last several years you have come with
6:38 pm
the marine corps marathon the triathlon that my husband surprised me with and then there was the dash as well and right now this is an adventure all its own. i thought i would tell you a little bit about how i'm trying to stay fit. come on. one of my favorite exercises looks totally weird. i want you to inhale and feel the baby come out toward me. it's safe to do this, right? i think it's very counterintuitive. >> what we want to do during
6:39 pm
an domino. it's like wearing a button up shirt hem when you crunch forward what happens as it separates. we don't want that to happen. it's going to happen whether we like it or not. we don't want in courage that. >> how many do you normally tell people to do? >> 100 a day. >> come on, are you serious? that's a lot. >> you can do this a million different ways. >> tell us a little bit about this tool. >> it's one of my favorites. it's called the magic circle. first of all with the heel of your hand on the circle. retract your shoulders over your collarbone. engage your transfers as muscles and it will cost that they be,
6:40 pm
>> it's a small movement that you feel it created. >> as you do this only to think about narrowing your waste. inhale and exhale. >> i'm thinking of a hamburger. >> we have other parts of the body that we also have to hit. >> pacu taleb on and lift your hips up. i want your knees to pull toward me and your heels to pull towards you. now we are going to lower patricia halfway in lift up. exhale and pull the baby into your spine. but i want you to think about is someone pulls a chair out from behind you and you are searching for that chair. you want to be tall for your
6:41 pm
your ankles. push through your heels and squeezer glutes as you list. >> i can make a grown man cry with these. shoulders down, collarbone wide. it ridiculous. >> what is this evil thing? >> that's a wrap. for more check out "fox news" and check me out on facebook and twitter and otherwise let me know if the boy or girl? don't know but we will find out soon. >> all that she is more active
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closing in on conference term in college basketball so it's time for teams to make that push for a better seat as they try to lock down those big wins. nc state not doing themselves any favors with the marquee victory so their best chance in the tournament will be the run in the acc tournament. the wealth -- the wolfpack to a
6:45 pm
heading towards the season play. adding to that a high 38 points. hanging tough in this one close in the first half, down two at the break. in the second half barbara not just a source can fish it out to for the bucket in the file and gets the win 99-88. a thriller between duke and seventh-ranked virginia has just gone final. jason allen with the bucket. the blue devils get a much-needed win 63-62 or virginia highlights coming up later tonight in sports. the battle of the top teams in the sec. there you have a right there south carolina hosting 22nd -ranked kentucky. no foul call on that play. a minute later south carolina called for the offensive foul on
6:46 pm
cal upset for some reason goes after the wrap and a breath stood like that too much. the second of two quick teams two and half minutes into the game coach cal but it worked for his team. they got fired up after this one. coming away with a victory 89-62. to conference usa charlotte hosting north texas this afternoon at home. first-half braxton no bloise left in the quarter knock that down 19 again for the charlotte native. what one of the team's most consistent players all season long muscling through the team gets the bucket and a foul 15 for him own afternoon. the 49'ers get the win 103-79 produced by 30 points davison falls 59 and 60 on the road at
6:47 pm
back in action on tuesday at home against richmond. oster week in the nba. teams practicing today. charlotte native steph curry will start for the conference all-star team as third selection. curry's returning toronto to play for three years as a kid who finished out his career with the raptors. >> all the ushers and my brothers and me running around like a low rug rats. to be back here and celebrate the all-star game is special. >> the slam dunk contest tonight begin at 8:00. the start of the nascar season is just a week away but tonight racing fans get a taste of the
6:48 pm
unlimited at daytona international speedway. before tonight's race for session for next week's great american race. penske showing its strength with laguna and brett kieslowski securing the fastest time on the day. they will be back on the track tonight for the sprint unlimited which starts at 8:15 along with one of the drivers that made it to the sprint cup final last year. >> i'm looking forward to it. really a neat race to kick off the season. a fun night for everybody. everybody has been ready to go here for a few weeks and we are pretty antsy so hopefully it will be a fun race and we can get out there and knock the rust off. >> matt kenseth who won the unlimited lessers in the field but success in this race doesn't guarantee success in the daytona 500. only five winners have gone onto in the daytona 500 the last to
6:49 pm
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jenna: valentine's day means consumers will be spending lots of green on all things pink and red a+ business network lawrence simonetti breaks down the business of valentine's day. >> stores all over the country swimming in a sea of pink and red shoppers get ready to fork over some serious green. valentine's day believe it or not is one of the biggest
6:52 pm
of the year for retailers and consumers. the national retail federation forecasting americans will celebrate the holidays to the tune of $18.9 billion. and the treatment group says katie is king. more than half of shoppers plan to satisfy their sweeter sweet tooth with things like chocolate but it's jewelry that brings them vague box that total $4.8 billion. about a fifth surveyed say they will shop for something sparkly. 20% will buy jewelry and that's fairly high for what we have seen so far. and don't forget the flowers. valentine's day sees sales of $2 billion. the rose is the belle of the ball for tulips are also popular pick. we sell about 100 million pieces of --. >> as for the rest of the money
6:53 pm
apparel are predicted to pull in $2 billion. gift cards aren't far behind at 1.5 billion. for a lot of minutes experience special dinner and light -- not at what the lady of their life. >> it's a great time to show the women in their life whether their daughter mother significant other that this is the one day they want to celebrate their relationship and their appreciation of them. >> and our pets are also in the crosshairs. an estimated $700 million this year. in new york lawrence simonetti fox business. jenna: we will be right back with the final look at your accuweather forecasts. that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero
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it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings.
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the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. some couples spent time to celebrate love as they renewed their wedding vows. celebrating more than 500 years of marriage combine, eight couples at the senior living community took heart in the sermon. the events included games live music and a candlelight dinner or the couples. the couple say it's a perfect way to look ahead to valentine's day. that will be in 30, 40, 50 years. >> viewer headed out for valentine's day and you want to do something but it's going to be a decent day.
6:57 pm
will be increasing and then as we head into tomorrow night after 9:00 or 10:00 we see snow coming in from the west. overall most of the activities will be on monday and then
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the week. it is friday morning. and it is another beautiful day in scranton, pennsylvania. oh, my god.
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[dialing telephone] pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up. oh, we have a serious problem here. all right, everybody. lock the doors. turn off the lights. pretend you're not here. are we in danger? there's no time to think about it. this is real. just shh, everybody. [knock on door] michael, should i call the-- what? the i.t. tech guy and me did not get off to a great start.


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