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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  February 14, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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are you watching? >> i know a lot of people out there aren't satisfied to. >> temperatures dropping below freezing tonight a local shelters are banding together to make sure no one is left out in the cold. good evening i am jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us tonight for this late edition of "fox 46 news" at 10:00. with temperatures dropping this weekend homeless shelters in our area are making room really checked in at a homeless shelter in monroe where no one will be turned away this weekend. sam smith has more from there. >> the people here at the union county community shelter are always interested in helping people out year-round especially during the winter. the shelter has 28 beds, 20 for
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residents are typically part of the 90-day program to reach self-sufficiency but when it's 40 degrees or below. >> we would never turn anyone away. >> they make room. >> shelter will be given to anyone. >> turning these terms into sleeping space. >> we will move the dinner tables in the chairs away and set up cots in this area. >> ryan fowler is a resident at the shelter and he says he knows what it's like to be out in the cold. >> i tried to bundle up with lots of layers, a blanket if you can. >> and other struggle to cope. >> a lot of people have issues going on. >> is grateful to be staying here with a warm bed and hot
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>> this is a great place to calm just arrest her head for a night. >> this shelter relies on donations and they are always looking for people interested in helping out. reporting in union county sam smith box 40 wjzy. jenna: if you would like to get involved with the shelter we have information on our web site grea speaking of the coldly of our meteorologist amanda cox standing by in their weather center tracking a winter storm heading our way and could definitely affect their commute on monday morning. >> we are keeping an eye on the storm system but haven't still quieter conditions. it's very cold air in place but the colder air will move faster as we get closer to the time when the storm system comes into the region. temperatures have dropped off. 20 some most locations. we are headed to 16 degrees for an overnight low. the ones are going to be lighter out of the north and mainly clear skies. it's going to be a frigid night in a cold start to the day
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with clear skies overhead we will start off the sunshine but as the day rolls on tomorrow people see those clouds gradually increasing as the storm system gets closer to our area. a little snow will start to arrive tomorrow night. it will extend into your monday morning but as a warm front lifts northward that warmer air lofts will gradually take over which is then going to transition to snow to a wintry mix of snow sleet and freezing rain and rain and over to all rain later in the day on monday that will continue monday night into tuesday morning. notice the system pulls away quick we are behind it we will dry out for period of time on tuesday however another weak front will come tuesday into wednesday morning and once we get behind a system expectancy start condition. we also have a winter storm watch in effect for most of being area sunday night into monday and it looks like temperatures will be on the colder site for the next two days. once we get past this next storm system we expect to see
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back into the 60s. jenna: the city of charlotte is preparing for potential winter weather. emergency officials say they are closely monitoring weather conditions. c..has been treating city streets. depending on the forecast that could be more crews on the road in an increase in staff. we will always keep you plugged into changing weather conditions. head to reviews the easy navigation tools or download our weather app and the app store. you can get real-time radar and forecast on the go. the nation is mourning the death of justice antonin scalia. 79 years old scalia was the longest-serving justice on the high court. the u.s. supreme court flag is flying at half-staff in remembrance of scalia. he passed away at a private residence in the big bend area for x. -- west texas. the marshals service says he
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dead after he did not appear for breakfast. news correspondent kristin fischer has more on his life and his legacy. >> the longest-serving justice on the current supreme court has died. reports this afternoon stated justice antonin scalia died of natural causes in west texas. a statement from the supreme court that impart our colleague justice antonin scalia has passed away. he was next or any individual admired and treasured by his colleagues. we extend our deepest condolences to his wife maureen and his family. scalia was appointed to the supreme court in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he filled the seat held by justice william rehnquist and would become chief justice. scalia was the first italian-american justice to sit on the court a conservative and a lifelong catholic. >> one can be sophisticated and
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first mover is as -- is easy to believe in is a big bang. one can be sophisticated and the benevolent being who loves mankind and one can even be sophisticated and believe in jesus christ. as having been in some sense the son of god, are we not all children? and in some sense triumph over death. the former law professor and justice of department official as the father of nine children. he worked in the nixon and ford administrations. three his time on the bench he was known for his billion mind sharp-tongued and clearly he was a strong opponent of abortion and affirmative action to oust pointed hypothetical questions from a pension was a strong advocate of federalism and separation of powers. justice scalia was 79 years old. we are one week away from the south carolina primary and the
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head-to-head in another debate. there are special attention on senator marco rubio to see if he can come back from his seemingly prior recorded answers at the last showdown. >> that's on me and that's never going to happen again. jenna: while rubio is promising to vary his answers donald trump is promising to clean up his language. he will refrain from making off-color remarks. north carolina legislative leaders will be discussing with the new congressional map should like. this essay with a decision on whether the maps must be redrawn by next week. six meetings will be held across the state monday. the meetings are taking place and federal judges say the first in 12 districts are illegal. the judges want new maps vector bar in 19. state attorneys say the maps are legal and should be used in next month's primary. this morning the valentine valentine breakfast club met at
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the first minear and focus on priorities within the community. the meeting things together wide reach of elected officials from the state county city and school board. along with the mayor of charlotte and the charlotte city manager cms and cmg. the whole idea behind the meeting is an informed community is a better community. school officials hope to clear up any misconceptions of the controversial student assignment plan. >> why should my kids spend 40 minutes on the bus. it's an inconvenience. >> people seem to think we are going back to the old fashioned cross county that we did in the 70s and 80s. that is not something that's on the table. i would love to dispel the rumor today. jenna: 1100 people attended that event. and just a couple of days the supreme court will hear arguments on a lot of seeks to strip protections from both schoolteachers and government retirees.
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assembly could cut off career status for new teachers by the state made a deal with veteran teachers that it could not rebut. despite a whopping challenge teachers can be fired for various reasons like her performance and insubordination. environmentalists are putting their foot down challenging a deal where north carolina regulators settle suspected groundwater pollution that coal ash pits for millions. a deal between governor mccrory's state department from bremen to the quality. the agreement settles groundwater pollution at 14 per plants that store coal ash. we have good news out of south carolina as crime continues to draw. that's according to the palmetto state saw violent crime decreased by 12% from 2012 to 2013. property crimes also dropped 6% over the same timeframe. in 2013 there were 293 murders in south carolina or that's down
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2013 there were 60079 assaults on law officers. 40 more than in 2012 and a man accused of robbing a woman in a shopping center parking lot is behind bars tonight. the rock hill herald reports arche this coffin was arrested. robbed a woman at walmart and the woman resisted coffin allegedly hit her several times in the face knocking her to the ground. he is charged with strong armed robbery. to texas for cmpd need your help finding an armed robber who hit two banks once a day and another back in january. take a look at this picture. police say the suspect robbed the bank on -- and pnc bank on arboretum drive to the suspect handed the teller a note demanding money and then fled. the suspect is described as a black male 35 to 40 years old
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wearing sweatpants and a great nike sweatshirt. the suspect has some skin discoloration near his left eye. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. rocco man involved in a six-hour standoff with police after by -- biting his wife's face and holding her captive has been sentenced to probation. 53-year-old bernard mccree pleaded guilty to assault and battery and a weapons charge on friday. the kidnapping charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement that he must complete substance abuse treatment. still to come islam has been the topic of much debate in our country over recent years. see what group of charlotte muslims did to open the discussion about their faith and dispel the rumors. a special concert for carolina bays country band parmalee. we caught up with them ahead of
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jenna: we saw a lot of sunshine around the area today but it didn't help our temperatures all that much. we have cold air in place and that will continue to remain in place as we work our way through the rest of the week. we started 26 degrees today and ended up at 41 this afternoon and typically we are supposed to be a 55 degrees for daytime high. a high-pressure system that
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brought us the colder air. the high will continue to hang on to the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow but this next storm system will bring us our next activity and their next precipitation. looks like it will be getting closer to the area to as we work our way through the course of the day tomorrow. mainly clear skies 27 degrees the ones on the northeast around 9 miles per hour. temperatures are going to plummet into the teens for the overnight hours. you can see single digits off to the north and west with the winds are much lighter than where we were earlier today. expect those winds to remain on the lighter side to sunday. temperatures will hold back, highs in the 30s despite clouds and sunshine overhead and we are not sure if this will be read on our doorstep. and nine -- about 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow night will to see the snow getting closer to the area from the west but it will gradually overspread the region monday morning.
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we are not expecting a time but there will be a little bit. it does look like the warmer air starts to come and we will see the snow transitioning over to a wintry mix for a brief period of time. then we'll transition over to all frames before it heads out of your quickly on tuesday morning. a good chunk of the day on tuesday me and abstained dry triggers another system that will come in. that will bring us another opportunity for precipitation as we head into your tuesday night wednesday time. not that will be in the lighter side. here's a look at snowfall totals. not expecting a time, anywhere from maybe three to 5 inches maybe three to 6 inches depending on where you are at. could see higher elevations for with locally higher amounts. further off to the may be just a quarter of an inch. the bigger issue is really going to be the eyes.
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parts of the area may pick up and this model is overdoing it a little bit. most of us will be in the quarter-inch ice range. there could be part of the area to pick up more. winter storm watch in effect for much of the viewing area sunday night into the day on monday and once we get past the storm system we will see temperatures quickly climbing which we'll transition it over to rain. 50 degrees on tuesday me on tuesday and we will stay in the 50s for the remainder of the week and eventually get to 62 degrees by next saturday. jenna: amanda thanks for the group of muslims and charlotte invited their friends evolve based to sit down for a meal tonight. the idea was to open the door for conversation and display -- dispel any myths about muslims. our cabin may check has more. >> we have muslim doctors and we have lawyers and accountants and all walks of life. >> many of them shared a mail at the community center not just
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all beliefs. >> what we intend to to do is open the doors to find out that we are american and we are not any different from the rest of us. >> it was a wonderful event to share with their neighbors and members of our community. >> the director of american islamic outreach foundation said gatherings like these are perhaps far more important now than ever before because of growing islamaphobia. >> there's a universal axiom that if you don't know something you fear it. >> what we are going to do is we are going to have strong borders and we are going to have a lot. >> as the presidential race draws closer he says that fear is exactly what some candidates manny donald trump are capitalizing on. >> i think it's very sad to see
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tactics to attract borders, fearing that muslims should not be allowed to come in. all of these things are against the core principles and values of america. >> still many who came to tonight's dinner are hopeful this is just a taste of better things to come. >> the biggest takeaways that they are very peaceful, very loving and they give back. >> we want people to know that islam and muslims are here to stay. in fort mill kevin may check box 46 and wjzy. jenna: members of the american islamic outreach foundation hope to have additional programs like this in the near future perhaps monthly. they encourage everyone to come. the state department released
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anyone messages are classified mostly at the lowest level of sensitivity. none were declared top-secret trick is as you heard earlier plans to finish making e-mails public on february 291 day before the super tuesday primary. the department has released more than 45,000 pages of e-mails from private accounts clinton used the secretary of state. brazilian military personnel are across the country warning people about the zika virus. more than 200,000 troops are working to educate people and have it all and make the mosquito that spreads the virus. the members of brazil's armed forces are expected to visit 3 million homes in 350 cities. they are accompanied by committee health officials and mosquito control teams. they are distributing flyers on how to eliminate the mosquitoes breeding places in and around their homes. the effort is part of the president's declaration of war and ceca of virus health officials have linked to birth
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across the americas. one person is still missing and 116 are dead after last week's earthquake in taiwan. it causes 17 story complex to collapse. a total of three-newton 27 people and building supply. the buildings developer and two architects are being held on suspicion of negligent homicide amid accusations that firm cut corners and construction. city officials say they will inspect several buildings that did not collapse. still to come fans are putting their pedal to the metal. we take you behind the scenes of
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and our nascar fans put the pedal to metal at charlotte motor
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they got the chance to feel first-hand what it's like to race around the track. even one of her own charlotte anchor brian blakely took the wheel and took it for a spin. we will have an extended behind the wheel look at this event coming up. it's a special performance for carolina band parmalee. the north carolina natives are best known for their the hits already calling you mine in carolina traded as a mehgan sat down with abandoned spoke exclusively with them about their performance. she brings us the story. >> parmalee is in the carolinas performing for fans in their home state. they are the first to have three consecutive top 10 hits from one
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>> you see the fruits of that labor are thing is we just kind of say okay good just keep going it's awesome to hear those things they never think about. >> they have been performing together since 2001. the band performs in north carolina. >> it feels like a homecoming every time. >> you have a comfort zone it's like a family reunion. her family and friends and people that have followed this for a long time. the band success continues to grow. in september of 2010 they had
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show in rockville. scott thomas was hit three times one of which caused. >> was a horrible thing to go through the time but we have a lot of loving and caring people. a lot of things going around open my eyes. >> doctors gave him a 5% chance to live. the band never lost hope that all forward returned to the stage and with help of family friends and fans, donation meant to help with medical expenses. >> very lucky to be here and very thankful to be here and i think we appreciate this a whole lot more than people would believe. >> scott thomas recovered in a february 2011 performed at the band once again. the group has not slowed down
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>> coming back you have a lot of those good memories being here with the songs and having so many people support you is awesome. the pandas nominated for an acm awarded have an album coming out this year. their single is set to be released this april. still, sleet and rain how people are preparing for the wintry weather across the carolinas. we will see everything from snow sleet freezing rain and rain depending on the timing of this
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>> welcome back. we are tracking a storm that could affect the beginning of your workweek. meteorologist amanda cox as the day by day forecast. >> we are expecting to see some pretty quiet conditions for the rest of the weekend but as we get into sunday night and monday that is wpen things will become more active. we will talk about that in a minute but here's a shot at unc charlotte peggy can see the moon out there. we have clear skies across the region and due to the high-pressure system that has brought the drier air in place. the highs will continue to remain near the regions are
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in the clear skies around as well as cold conditions but the storm system to the west will be affecting your area. notice temperatures in the 20s. we are dropping very quickly. we have teens further to the north and it does look like the windchills are quite a bit less than they were earlier today but still very cold up there and enough of a preset it feels like the teens for most locations. it feels like four degrees below zero in boone at this hour or so very cold across the region. we are headed to 16 degrees for an overnight low, frigid temperatures and their highs only going to be able to climb into the 30s for tomorrow afternoon. we will see a little bit of extra cloud cover is the day rolls on but that's because the storm system will be getting much closer to our area. you see the clouds start to thicken up, little bit of snow will sneak in. most of it should hold off until after nine or 10:00 as we get closer to midnight. that's when we will see a little bit of the snow coming in but
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lifting northward quickly so they snow may last into the early morning hours on monday and start to transition over to raines snow sleet freezing rain mixtures of the wintry mix is the warmer air aloft starts to filter in. eventually that the wintry mix will be around during the morning hours and transition to all rain before all of this lifts off to the north and east and we start to see things winding down. most of us should move out of here by tuesday morning and we will see things drying out for a good portion of the day on tuesday. behind that elite under will be coming in tuesday night into wednesday morning. that will be a fast maneuver and it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. snowfall totals or so what we caca expect anywhere from two to 4 inches may be upwards of five or 6 inches in locally higher spots across the higher terrain. the foothills more likely one, two or 3 inches and further to the south warm and an ice event
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this model is overdoing the eyes a little bit. i will keep us on the quarter-inch of ice is what we are expecting for most locations however we get higher above the quarter-inch where we could see some of the branches as well as power lines affected by some of will watch. winter storm watch in effect for the entire viewing area sunday night into monday and once we get past the system temperatures head into the 50s that we don't stay down for long. this next weekend 60 degrees for a daytime high. jenna: of course we will keep you plugged into changing weather conditions. had to use easy navigation tools to find the weather tab or download our weather at the app store. get real-time radar and forecasts on the go. snow sleet and rain all part of the weekend weather forecast across the carolinas like amanda said.
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around town to stock up on groceries. stores are feeling it has the rush to buy ice melt causing vendors to to run out of products replacing of the solar and polar soul. the forecast predicts 4 inches of snow but with freezing temperatures if the icy roads and happy for you. bitter cold temperatures are moving into the northeast and it's about to get worse over the course of the valentines weekend so bundle up. new york city mayor bill de blasio is warning new yorkers to put on extra layers for staying indoors. that's how serious the conditions are. de blasio also said city workers will bring people living on the streets into shelters or settles in. >> the city is facing some of the coldest temperatures and windchills we have seen in the last 20 years. i want to emphasize to all new yorkers how serious the situation is and how much people should change their habits over
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this must be taken seriously. it's not business as usual. jenna: the national weather service has issued a -- until noon on sunday. two box 46 update the multivehicle crash involving dozens of cars has left at least three people dead and more than 45 injured. this massive pileup happened this morning on interstate 78 in pennsylvania. many of the 46 people injured were trapped in their cars and had to be extricated. drivers reported strong winds snow and poor visibility to the point of white-out conditions leading officials to call it a weather-related accident. pennsylvania state police said it's an active scene hours later. >> there's a hazmat vehicle due to the fuel involved in the crash. a reconstruction unit is on the
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are constructing the crashh jenna: the highways expected to reopen at midnight. food water and rental vehicles are being provided to motorists involved in the crash so they can get home safely. thousands of e-mails from multiple michigan state departments are released on the find water crisis. they answer -- many questions remain. plenty people sound of a lampett by the time and it was not too late. aaron asher has the e-mails and shows us how much officials knew about the contaminated water. >> sifting through thousands of e-mails from multiple state departments show what any have been speculating all along. officials knew about high blood levels, no corrosion control the possible impact if they did nothing. even as the find water crisis became obvious the response in august of 2015 richard at the d.a. q1 to wait out preferring
1:37 am
also from the deq, do they know about the impending change of the water in 2016 and they should not spend a lot of time making recommendations about changes to water treatment or water quality. multiple e-mails dating back to the water switchover in 2014 shows the city deq and epa were aware of can corrosion -- corrosion control and it turns out they were testing the water properly either. multiple people alerted the deq to the high lead levels even as late as august of 2015 but stephen bush in the deq claimed the city wasn't in compliance despite an e-mail that came out one week prior they showed it clearly wasn't. one reason is because results appear to be me play. the deq gathered 71 out of 100 samples tied high lead levels. the deq invalidated levels. the city of flint did not take
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but that didn't stop find water quality supervisor michael blasko from sounding the alarm. this e-mail to the deq delight delight -- dated july 2015 he wrote flint has a lot of lead pipe snow-covered -- corrosion control treatment in low legitimate testing. this is an unprecedented situation and vca needs to take action now. one child already had elevated blood levels. the only reason they knew about the issue but the deq insisting that hot water tested safe. in february of 2015 the epa said flint must have corrosion control treatment for 18 months after flint switched its water source howard croft discussed the possibility of implementing corrosion control because deq stated flynt water standards.
1:39 am
corrosion controls are required by law. more e-mail should the city of flint warned the deq with water plant wasn't prepared for the switchover. in april of 2141 week before the city switched to flint river utility manager mike. [laughter] e-mails instead of water is distributed from his plant it will be against my direction. he needs more time to train staff in update monitoring plans. we now know the possible results appear shortly after the switch the health department had an legionella outbreak. jim henry alerted the deq but steven bush who has since been suspended denied a connection. dr. mona -- made the community wherever findings but as we know the former michigan community health department dismissed her finding thing has to collected data was like apple ones and
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she held a press conference alerting the public and what went to the deq do about it? one week later the deq chief of field operations celebrated his staff and decided to give them a 2% raise. the same time urging them to field calls from concerned flint residents and continued to tell them their water meets the standards and is safe. residents called to complain about high lead levels they told them to run the faucet for a few minutes. we take you behind the scenes where most popular radio shows in the country. you don't want to miss it. >> we got the first taste of nascar results from the sprint
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next in sports. spin at the start of the nascar season a week away but racing fans got a taste of the upcoming taking place at daytona international speedway. >> we may make it to the checkered flag. leaders on the back straightaway coming in hard. it's over. new rules coming into play at the race as it goes into overtime. hamline able to avoid delayed
1:43 am
plagued a ton of drivers to victory lane in the sprint unlimited for the third time in his career. he has now wanted limited for the last five years. two college basketball and uncharacteristic season for the blue devils. unranked for the first time in over eight years after losing multiple unranked opponents but this team still has a ton of talent. you have to figure they would bounce back and they did this afternoon a big way. do coasting seventh-ranked virginia. let's get to the drama. 27 seconds left in the game duke up by one grace allen at the line. he misses the first free throw. he is an 86% free-throw shooter. you have to think you would at least make one of two. he misses both free throws of virginia wins takes the lead in malcolm bergquist with a shot over the shoulder and virginia
1:44 am
last chance for duke grayson allen a chance to redeem himself across over. he banks it in at the buzzer. duke told the upset 63-62. nc state taking on wake forest. harbor leading the acc in scoring and the attitude that this afternoon. a season-high 38 points on wake forest with the demon deacons hang tough in the first half or brian crawford getting all the way to -- in the second half ago harbor finds abdul malik for the file and state gets a victory 99-88. the battle of the top 10 in the sec south carolina hosting 22nd ranked kentucky. michael carrere on the put back. no fowl colon the played maybe that's what got.
1:45 am
another file called this time as cal goes after the rest. he gets 1t and gets another t and two and half minutes into the game but that might have gotten his team fired up as they go on to win big 89-62 over south carolina. moving to charlotte hosting north texas. braxton no bloise left alone knocks down 19 in the game for the charlotte native. one of the most consistent players for the 49'ers team muscles through the double team gets the hoop 15 on the action for him. 49'ers take the win 103-79. 30 points from jackson davidson of 69 had 60 of the road at george mason. two seconds left to sink a well kept davidson back in action tuesday at home against richmond through to the nba all-star festivities we go.
1:46 am
made it to the high mouse. there is a mess that might have caused 23 total. normally you would think that would win but you can forget about his teammates and clay thompson. he wanted this one bad and he went to work on that final tie seven apple do it. clay thompson issued three-point contest champion printed a slam dunk contest. this has to be one of the best slam dunk contest you will see. aaron gordon sack with being going back-to-back. this contest goes into overtime. check that one out. there is no word for what these two are doing. sackler being able to outlast him into the third overtime of this contest but i think we are all winners after watching all of these. incredible.
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more news after this. >> is one of the most popular syndicated radio shows in the country and we are taking a behind the scenes look at elvis durand and the morning show. it's 5:30 in the morning. elvis durand is looking into work.
1:50 am
his show goes live at 6:00 a.m.. >> would do we do in 10 minutes? >> everything. >> we have bethany -- jenna: 10 minutes and a quick mike check and then three, two. >> off we go. are you ready for another one? it is thursday january 28. jenna: it was only the day before the elvis durand and this morning team premiered rhianna's first single for upcoming album. the single is number three on itunes now. >> if someone has an big release they come on here. they are in the biggest radio show in the country's first top 40 goes. people show up in their song is number 10 on itunes. as soon as they leave the studio
1:51 am
jenna: gets up-and-comer stu. >> in september we had someone that no one had heard of and now she's an important own country. jenna: with a weekly national audience of 5.5 million listeners elvis durand is the most popular and arguably the most powerful radio morning hosts. >> she described you as the white opera. you do a really good job at making other people stars. >> because they are stars. i work with fantastic people. they are the best. i've been working with danielle for 20 years. i watched her grow up. i know her really well. she brings the cool mom to the
1:52 am
>> it's the biggest apple i've ever seen in my life creates two megalooks like something you carb at thanksgiving or halloween. jenna: you really look like you have a great time here. you were entertained along with the rest of the audience. >> i look at the show and i go we are funny. >> bethany brings this level of intellect and sometime she says things. >> you do have an extensive vocabulary. can you teach me a new word because i need to expand. >> my favorite word is then a straight. which means to throw something out of a window. jenna: one person who i'm sure wouldn't mind to fan a straight the phone lines every once in a while as carla marie. >> we are answering the phones together. jenna: how many caustic in one
1:53 am
>> 400 people or at least said hello. who does up by 10:00 a.m. everyday? >> arrested the crew find themselves on the phone line with some of the most popular stunts on the road. >> we have two or three for every 10. so many of them go wrong. they don't give permission or perhaps they fail and they know it's our voice. >> can i interest you in a wonderful tv channel? the relentless telephone telemarketer that reads the same script over and over again. women he has dated asked him to whisper in their ears. >> is everybody -- anybody tried to phone you? >> a long time ago and i made a rule right then and there to try
1:54 am
>> this is elvis duran in the morning show. he it's not 10:00 the show is over and it's time to meet about the next day. >> you have a four hour morning show that is so fast. >> some are faster than others
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typically. >> women in a utah outlet mall and searching for a diamond cake. there are purchased me in a diamond i've were group of women scramble to find a diamond ring. the winner gets to keep the rear gem. taylor miller got the big price. she said a lot of strategy went into preparing for the big guy. >> got here early and try to get a medal. once the countdown happened the winner was outside. jenna: do you need someone to give you the ring? >> i guess so. if you have a diamond you should give it to yourself theoretically.
1:58 am
would not be worth it to me. i just would not want to dig and all that. now it's your turn to talk about the weather. >> we are expecting to see another dry days begin into the second half of the weekend but it will be cold temperatures will top out at 34 degrees on sunday afternoon. the clouds will be increasing as the day rolls on and by sunday night we will see snow coming in. the snow will last into the early morning hours on monday morning and then as the warmer air comes in we will see at grassley transition to a wintry mix and switch over to rain and coming to an end early in the day but another front will come through tuesday and wednesday. there's going to be some making elation and most of that will be in a higher elevations in icy conditions will be a problem. >> we will keep you informed as we get closer to the storm. thanks for joining us.
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