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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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kayla: i am kayla ayres, we have breaking news that could impact your tramp plans tonight. bill: -- travel plans tonight. bill: a multivehicle crash shut down the involved in the crash one person is being treated for minor injuries, officials tells us that bridge is covered in ice, we have a reporter headed to the scene, we'll bring you updates later in the show. kayla: there were several weather related accidents reported in the area this morning, troopers believe that icy roads caused a truck to overturn highway 3 bond 21 in lincolnton, state wide troopers responded to other than 1100 wrecks, joining us now chief meteorologist brian basham. brian: what makes these so really just scary is you can't tell sometimes that you get ice
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it looks like rain, the temperatures in surface are freezing, once it hits the sures from it freezes up. right now temperatures are streezing across the -- freezeying across the region. we continue to see the areas of blue, freezing rain. pull it in tighter. here is up town. eastern half of the 485 loop in to harrisburg. inside the' loot is dry but it is falling further out into unionville, to waxhaw further south. to the north, in china grove, getting some break. we'll see this probably in next couple of hours until the temperatures warm up, they will warm as we move into the
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still in a winter storm warnings in the areas in the pink, ice potential up to a quarter of an inch is a big factor, gusts to 35 miles an hour. area in purpose purple that is us, that wintry advisory expires at 8 p.m. >> we'll track what happens to the remainder of the night, we'll see significant rainfall overnight. we'll discuss that 10 minutes from now. kayla: thank you, brian. >> right now is a great time to download our new weather app, on app store for all app ed edel and -- apple and android devices. kayla: the city links gold line
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to the inclement weather. bill: that storm put a big time slowdown on nights at charlotte douglas airport this morning. the travelers had to settle in be patient. reporter: before anything started to fall, the flights were frozen at charlotte doug as douglas material. >> i am killing time. reporter: before the sunroad stranded passengers, were watching the clock. >> i left seattle yesterday morning to harrisburg, pennsylvania, i got delay, stuck in chicago now in charlotte. reporter: making friends with other help helpless hopefuls. >> my mom and my step dad drove
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charlotte, my flight is now for sep 7:30 in the morning, i have been here since midnight. reporter: johnson is hoping to make it hope to canada. >> i am leaving this evening at 6:30, not getting back to vancouver until after 1:00 a.m. reporter: this teen, can only beg for a ride. >> about a 3 hour drive from roanoke to charlotte, i'm trying to figure out if someone can get me instead of waiting 10 hours to get home. it is not working out the roads are bad. reporter: at least they are there, but hand it to the crew, smiling and laughing through delays, several starbucks -- >> i had two coffees and a tea. reporter: highly caffeinated and crossing her fingers she home
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cheering on success of her newfound friend. >> the other jesse got on the plane and she has taken off, yea. reporter: she is in good shape, fox 46, wjzy. bill: more than 30 planes had to go through the de-icing process today, about 20 had to be deiced 29 11:00 a.m. and 2 p.m., check in with your airline bev you head out to the airport for the latest. latest. kayla: opinions and outcry are pouring in following superintendent ann clark's choice to close schools today, saying as this morning forecasts were still predicting severe weather in the area for midday, the buses and student driver may have gotten to school safely there was concern about driver save they this afternoon, clark
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4:51 a.m. to close schools today, schools will operate for a normal schedule tomorrow, and make up day for students for today be friday may 27. >> are a few school delays and closings, avery and watauga county schools return running one there hour da lay, and burke county schools are running on a 2 hour delay. bill: a federal court rule some boundaries are unconstitutional. kayla: today there was a public hearing to get voter feedback. carefeedback. caroline fountain was there. reporter: people were not shy when sharing their opinions. >> i have already said there will be no shout outs in this. there will be no demonstrations.
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reporter: voters came together to take part in a public hearing over videoconference to share with lawmakers, what they feel should be done about our state's congressional district maps. >> i recommend that judges stay with the court system, and let the legislator continue with the process. reporter: a recent federal court ruling struck down north carolina congressional district 1 and 12, saying they were illegally jerry manderred by race, the 12 district runs right through part of mecklenburg county. >> it is immoral, and dishonest. >> the year is 2016, some things that i'm seeing i would never thought i would say. reporter: others say that districts are legal and ask u.s. supreme court to block the mandate to redraw. >> this is the way it has been, after census you draw the maps.
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refuses and they have to approve a new nap by friday, thousands of absentee ballots could be up in the air. >> that is tough for military, depends on the timeline if we make mid march. reporter: if lawmakers are required to redraw the lines friday, governor pass mccrory -- the day before. kayla: lawmakers say that next step to take the input to redistricts committee, comprised from members of both parties could we're now less than a week away from the south carolina republican primary, a crowd of supporterred gathered in support of marco rubio as he stumpd his way across the pameto state. >> for presidential candidate marco rubio.
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that loves the american people even the people that don't love me back. i have to be president of everyone american. reporter: senator from florida push his message to people of south carolina. >> i don't think this is an election that we can afford to just make a point, this is an election we have to win. i will hold up my conservative record. my conservative record began in 2000 who i was elected to florida house of representatives, it is a 15 year record. reporter: supporters from the state, including one cuban-american supporters wanted to hear from rubio in person. >> very, very smart. and very inspirational, and gives you a sense of hope. reporter: others came to the rally with the firm idea of who they are voting for in november. >> it is a humbling experience
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they get up at the crack of dawn until dusk tries to win over people's votes it is nice to get to hear his answers first hand. reporter: some are still on the fence, or not convinced. >> it done change my views, i think marco rubio is a great sound bite candidate, a great speaker but for me, exec -- executive leadership, and a diverse, resume is what sets people like john kasich apart. reporter: many say it was worth braving the cold to see him face to face. >> for how cold it is, so early in the morning still a packed house, the people are onboard. reporter: rubio will make stops threw out south carolina this week. he is holding town halls in beaufort, summerville, mount pleasant.
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day in lancaster, he spoke about his vision for america at a town hall meeting held at carolina christian academy school, he has several other evens planned in south carolina. kayla: republican presidential candidate jeb bush is planning a stop in rock hill on thursday, he spent day campaigning in charleston with his brother george w. bush, thursday's even is set for 5:30 p.m. at magnolia room on laurel creek drive. >> on democratic side of the race, bernie sanders is planning to rally in south carolina this week, he will be in colombia tomorrow, talking to potential voters atlanta 18 university -- at alan university and university of south carolina, he plans on raising minimum wage and make public colleges and universities tuition-free. kayla: at 6:00 of the the
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more job cuts in t t area, efficients with daimler truck say they are producing staff at the mount holly manufacturing plant by 700 employees and cleveland plant 550. the employees were told yesterday and today and they will be out of work thisny -- friday, in january they announcessed they would cut 936 jobs in cleveland. >> still to come, charlotte area for the most part steered clear of the wintry weather but slight and freezing rain were causing dangerous road conditions in other parts of the state, we look at where it was happening right after the break. >> a place to live, work and worship god.
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kayla: all new at 6:00, a charlotte church is trying to turns land to apartments and restaurants ask a hotel but they are not going anywhere. bill: they issue staying put and putting that development around it. robin with more. >> the church will be in the center of that. reporter: you have seen big box stores at the mall, but what if the anchor store was not a store
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>> restaurant, retail, fitness. reporter: check out the plans an area to work, live, eat, and worship god, asking charlotte city council to rezone the church property to allow ha is is -- what is called mixed-use development. >> i think sometimes church becomes more established somebody we become more internally focused. then we are more of an island in the community rather than a part of the community. reporter: they plan to bring the people to them by adding restaurants and shops around the church. >> we're not here to be a fortress, we're here to be among people, trying to share the love of god with them. things have built up around us, we find ourselves in a different community, we trying to adjust.
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to reaching the people. that meeting with the church redevelopment is going on at the building behind me. it is a few items down on the agenda. it could take them a while to get to it this is just a public hearing, then if it passes, and they move othen they will have a vote on this next month, they will not take a vote on that, tonight, then the development can start this summer. live at the mecklenburg county government center, rabin candy, fox 46, wjzy. bill: -- robin kanady fox 46, wjzy. bill: thank you, robin. the church will keep the tax exempt status forever the portion of the property where the brand-new church would be built. kayla: they are looking at two other zoning proposal one, the old warehouse for mixed use development.
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approve the petition, and approved to proposal to redevelop office buildings on park road into apartments. brian: winter weather causing problems for drivers in green greensboro. they have led to multiple wrecks, winston-salem police responding to 94 wrecks. tonight, snow is not as much of an issue but the freezing rain will continue to fall across the area tonight, late tonight, it the turn to rain across a good portion of the area. as we go the get to tuesday afternoon it will clear out, they will get nicer here across the region. temperatures they continue to be cold.
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as they were supposed to. below freezing temperatures still across most of the area. not often boone is warmer than areas in the valleys. charlotte at 30. a primary reason that we continue to see the freezing rain in the area. we have a warm push of air in the upper atmosphere, this level we have freezing rain, it is deep, where it starts outside snow, it melts and refreezes at the surface, that warmer air is building in behind it. showing our satellite and radar, pink is freezing rain. scattered across the area. green on southern edges, temperatures are just above freeding there. we'll see that strong push of middlemost after you it warmer into -- moisture it is warmer into areas of tennessee.
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pushing in overnight. future cast over next several hours. 9:42, at that point i expect rain in charlotte. light rain across the area. it gets heavier as we move into the overnight hours, the worst will happen when most of us are asleep or in bed. but it may affect your morning commute if you are up early, temperatures should be above freezing about 40 degrees as we push to midnight, continuing to warm for the morning it should be all rain, find into work today tomorrow, maybe the roads will be slick because of the rain, but it should not be icy out there. and then things clear out, we'll see sunshine as we get to middle portions of the week, we'll show you how warm temperatures get coming up in 10 minutes from right now. bill: thank you, brian, to a fox 401(k) follow-up -- fox 46 follow up, search continues for
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two banks, saturday and fifth third bank in january, pnc is offering a reward fors $5,000, in addition to a crime stoppers award. bill: still to come, questions remain in mystery of else el faro sinking. >> tensions are high in syria after a weekend filled with violence as medical facilities
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report from israel bill: mystery of el faro sinking is topic of a coast guard hearing, they are trying to figure out the freighter sank near bahamas last fall, how it happened, it is worst maritime
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hearing is schedule for tomorrow in jacksonville, florida. >> new york senator charles schumer is pushing president obama is reconsider cutting almost 300 million from counterterrorism programs nationwide, senator schumer a democrat said that the proposed cults of ill advised and must be reversed. president obama new budget plan would cut urban area security initiative from $600 million million to $330 million. schumer said this needed. kayla: an arizona man set for trial to week it believe to be first person that u.s. government has tried on terror charges linked to isis.
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the two men who had the guns died in a shut out with police. bill: medical facilities in syria caught up in fighting there. fox news correspondent conner powell is in jury jerusalem with more. reporter: medical facilities coming under fire in syria, video said to show smoke rising from a doctors without borders office in the province. others looking for survivors in the rubble. blaming russian warplanes for the deadly attack. >> to be today a doctor in the area controlled by opposition is equal to be a criminal, unfortunately if you are a doctor and working with people, clearly you are on the attack by the syrian regime. reporter: a children's hospital in neighbors aleppo legal attackd, kids and a pregnant
6:26 pm
missile strike, blaming russia for the incident near the border, they showed kurdish militia weekend, all forces have been expelled from the area. >> if they approve us they will see the harshest reaction. the world should know that. reporter: obama administration is calling for turkey and the militia to focus on fighting their common enemy isis, dismiss by turkish foreign ministry since they consider wpg an extension much world powers agrees last week to a ceasefire in syria but that does not go into effect until the end of this week, and was not signed on to by assad regime or syrian rebels. kayla: up next, more reaction on the date of supreme court justice scalia, as political
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bill: welcome back for much of the day snow and sleet fell across most of northwest tar heel state. you can see drivers heading out cautiously with slippery road conditions, troopers responded to over 1,000 wrecks this morning, around 60 school districts were closed today, some right here within the viewing area. kayla it looks like we dissed the major part of this storm. kayla: yes for more on what we can expect, we go to chief meteorologist brian basham with the forecast.
6:30 pm
or surrounding areas, whatever you get in, it is freezing rain right now. the temperatures remain below freezing at the surface, this is 30 did degrees, be careful, there may be black ice out on the road road. if you have to get out tonight, the rain chances are strong. freezing rain chances strong for next several hours. i expect temperatures to climb to just above freezing there tonight. we'll see a mix of freezing rain and rain between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. tonight. on the raid radar still all areas in blue, freeze remain.
6:31 pm
are uptown along i77 that area is seeing freezing rain. be careful if you have to get out on the roads. here is what is happening a warm front pushing through. follow-up with a cold front behind it. but we'll see rain, and rainfall in overnight hours, clear and after in morning but we'll see mountain showers, snow showers, through wednesday, another system building in behind it, not strong system, not a lot of moisture, it will blow through give us overnight rain, possibly mountain snow showers, but what we'll see tonight to tomorrow, increase wind speeds, and we'll see in the morning wind speeds in charlotte around 18 miles an hour, 20 plus in mountain ranges, 32 in morganton, steady up to 28 miles an hour.
6:32 pm
from this point on. we'll hit 39 around midnight, warm to 58 daytime high tomorrow in charlotte, take you to seven-day forecast. the temperatures okay. wednesday, thursday, friday, in mid 50s,. highs, and near freezing for lows. >> we do have a few school delays and closings. avery, caldwell and watauga county 3hour delay, and burke schools 2 hour delay. and several planes had to be deiced at the airport today, multiple flights were canceled or delayed. marley james said she was looking for a ride home.
6:33 pm
ronnie-- roanoke to charlotte, i am trying to see if anyone come get me, it is not working out the roads are pretty bad. kayla: it is always best to check can your our line before heading to the airport. bill: new information. while this winter storm is turning out to not be as bad as previously thought, minute by minute, it pushes north carolina department of important important way over -- transportation way over budget. kayla: it is 2 million over the $40 million budget, we do not have figures yet for how much the preparation for this storm is costing, but a few week ago, the snow and ice storm we had, a spent over 12 million roads in
6:34 pm
will have to dip into reserve funds. >> having spent 42 million dollars of a a 40 million dollar basketball doesbudget. >> supreme court justice scalia's body return home last night, his funeral still being planned, already a political tug-of-war is brewing for when to start the process for choosing his replacement. kayla: president obama vows he will pick one before he leaves the white house, joel waldman with more from washington. reporter: next potential supreme court justice, the president may have tried to push through a recess appointment this week,
6:35 pm
unsettled, over when a new nominee should be announced. >> the president has a right to submit a name and you know pick a person, on the other hand it is the the senate's right to confirm or not confirm at this particular time. reporter: this particular time, 48-year-old dc circuit judge, tops the list be along with a dc circuit job. and paul watford. >> perhaps a moderate or a former senate colleague on the republican side, someone who the media would then say, these republicans are being awfully obstructist in their approach. reporter: political wrangling began justice scalia was placed
6:36 pm
alwayses while on causes while on a hunting trip in texas. >> scalia's friend say he was his usual self before retiring to his room, saying he wanted a long night's sleep. fox news in washington. bill: death of justice scalia intensifies an already heated presidential battle, democrats insist that president obama should have the power to quickly fill the spot, op opponents say that should fall to the next commander in chief. on george w. bush is hitting the campaign trail, for first time in support of his brother jeb bush. slam by republican front-runner donald trump. >> he should have use his family a long time ago, i think he would have done better. bill: hillary clinton and bernie
6:37 pm
week's caucus in nevada. joolnevada. >> iphone users stick around, if you are thinking of unlocking your phone to metro mode, think again. bill: greatest of all-times to farewell, kobe bryant played in his final all-star game, coming
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bill: welcome back we're staying on top of breaking news that could impact your travel plans. a multivehicle crash cause the outer loop to be shut town. kayla: a 3 car wreck happened across from the wreck on the outer loop, david is live with
6:40 pm
reporter: irk i45 is a mess right now. just about a half hour ago we got word highway patrol said 8 calls were involved in an ox on outer loop of 485 around exit 23, other cars since have been involved in accidents, medical was on scene, and left. no serious injuries that we've been told about. we have heard about minor injuries, this is all around a bridge area, on 45, that ice over started slipping and sliding. just about an hour ago, i was talking to highway patrol on phone, they said there were no serious weather related accidents in charlotte. none to report then just within the last half hour we get word of this happening. a lot going on right now, we'll stay here at the scene, talk with people, get more information, we'll have more for you at 10:00, right now live
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-- i45, fox 46, wjzy. kayla: thank you, david, slowdown take your time out tonight. there is a rumor circulating if you set date on your iphone to january 1st, 1970 it will unlock a secret retro mode but stop, it is a hoax, if you sit date back that far is messes up software causing your phone to crash, perhap for good, apple of the not founded until 1976, setting your phone to 1970 would not make sense. anthony: wade comes through with the ultimate retirement gift for kobe bryant. wade topped it off with gifts bryant a one year subscription to nit flex -- netflix, giving kobe bryant something to do with his free time, and chris paul
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kayla: most common way of treating adhd in the kids is through pharmaceuticals, but it leads to fears that children are being over medicated, for some
6:45 pm
bill: they are trying a new approach without the drugs. reporter: more than 10% live with adhd. 10-year-old mallory of new jersey is one. >> she was diagnosed in first grade. after there were some difficulties in the classroom. there are other kind of components to it. oppositional defiance disorder. reporter: mallory of the put on medication to help her control her symptoms but amy said they made a bad situation worse. >> i can remember saying that her behaviors are holding our family hostage, it could be one meltdown a day or five. reporter: mallories oppositional bepaveiorbehavior hit a fever pitch when the family moved, she sought the
6:46 pm
>> we went in for a behalfior assessment. i thought we were not going to get accepted, they told us they could help us, and we never looked back. reporter: using a combination of physical and academic exercises at center, the program helps stimulate and strengthen different parts of the brain disorders. >> easiest way to get their brain coordinated is making their body coordinated, a large part is the motor interact, muscle stoan and stone and strength. >> parents are given nutritional guidlines and at home activities at home. >> forry it was live changing. >> she is doing basketball now, and in theater, i think whatever she sets her mind to do she will
6:47 pm
reporter: there are more than 80 brain balance achievement centers across the country for more information visit brain balance. bill: average age of an adhd diagnosis is 7. kayla: just ahead, is vinyl
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see how millennials bringing bill: record industry of america said 9 million vinyl albums were sold in first half of 2015. kayla: julie shows us how is make a comeback. reporter: record companies, know that vine will else is else -- vinyl is strong, the records have made a comeback. main turn on for millennials is fact of holding a physical copy a record in their hand. >> they put time into lyric sheets and cover art work, you can have that with you. not a computer screen. >> we're seeing a switch back to old analogue ways of doing things in our new digital world. reporter: they say 9 million
6:51 pm
half of 2015, this at same time, cd sales continue to fall. >> a whole new generation that are just going the release irvine else and digi-- vinyl and digital, they are not doing cd any more. reporter: recent deaths of recording artists like david bow ibowie, glenn frey glen. >> ha is retro is cool now. >> nostalgia for era of records is played out across several platforms. new hbo series vinyl chronicles a record label in the '7s, at last electronic show, sony showed off a record player.
6:52 pm
use light or lasers to read the records. >> even luxury brands are tapping in with products like vinyl inspired mascara, and a record store in denver has an on-line university, to -- on history of lp's and make sure they use the correct terminology. >> records are not called vinyls. >> new york. fox news. bill: we'll be right back with the final (male vo) across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza . he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss,
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bill: on fox all new episode of x-files 8:00, then new hit show lusiver at 9:00, and we're at "fox 46 news" at 10:00, we get you caught up on the news of the day. kayla: a couple living in california is being honored as longest married couple in america, laurie and helen have been married for 80 years, surrounded by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren they were honored sunday by group worldwide marriage encounter, what there their advice. >> is a sense of humor is very important. and just liking each other very much. i think that's the main answer. >> mm-hmm.
6:56 pm
kayla: sweet, i would say long say -- longevity is a big part. they, loped in philadelphia in 1935 amazing. brian: that is awesome. anyway, congratulations to them, cool. looking at winter radar. we have a little bit of freezing rain in charlotte. we encourage you to be careful. we'll be seeing that last for a couple hours, temperatures are warming approaches 8:00, seeing temperatures warm up a little bit. be careful, we clear out by wednesday, and we'll be nice through saturday. bill: a nice looking forecast,
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