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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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find others who they have contract the outbreaks -- mumps outbreaks can happen in highly populated areas areas. >> by the time you develop swelling, have you been infishous for two days. so, sometimes it is a mumples mumps is hard to keep controlled. bill: some of the symptoms include fever, headache and tenderness or swelling of the glands below the ears, officials urge anyone with symptoms to call a doctor, the best defense is get vaccinated, and practice good hygiene like regularly washing your hand. kayla: a charlotte neighborhood is expected to get more congested, city council announced approval of a new apartment complex that will add
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to an already congested area. we have more with how the neighborhoods could be affected. reporter: park road and wood lawn are known as an area filled with traffic, but what added to that is additional new apartments. leon and beth mrf murphy have lived in madison park for 48 years and married 54. >> we first moved here, we were way out of town. reporter: the neighborhood is less than a mile from "south park" mall it used to be a dairy farm that belonged to billy graham's father. >> we had problems with trucks so heavy it broke the water lines to the house. and messed up the phones for a couple of weeks.
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a new one with 450 apartment and retail and restaurant space to be built near pfeiffer university, just a stone throw away from the neighborhood. >> i think it will increase the traffic. it bound to. reporter: mollie wright lives in madison park and jogs almost of day issue she likes the progress. >> what was there needed to be replaced issue new apartments be great there. reporter: but worries that people will use neighborhood to avoid traffic nightmare. >> it depends on where you live that will make a difference. reporter: the area has becomsat rated with saturate with apartment some were worried about a domino affect, encourages developers to william built more complexes. kayla: council voted to move forward with project. there is also space for a hotel, if the owners can find someone
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bill: at 6:00, newly released test show high levels of lead in drinking water in 3 nearby subdivisions, the results were released monday, the lead in rock hill and columbia was up to more than 4 times the federal standard, the lead was from corroded pipes, the lead levels have fallen off the safe limit. the carolina water service of required by law to notify homeowners of the finding. kayla: they want u.s. supreme court to keep in place a court order that prevents primary elections in current boundary, to allow voting under the map a federal court ruling struck down the state a first and 12 congressional districts, due to
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bill: a big day for mec mecklenburg county. they also mention that programs are working to make sure that every homeless veteran is off the street through houses for heroes initiative, education and. and. -- and employment were talked about it. reporter: they spoke about universal pre-k and a push to put 8,000 people to work. >> there is no denying that reading and writing are the foundation of education, but we learned at state of county address is some kids are not at the level they should be. >> about 40% of children in third grade in mecklenburg county read at grade level, that means 60 percent are not reading at grade level. level.
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gap they call for a universal-free kindergarten for all children. >> we know quality early childhood education is key to creating economic opportunities for people. reporter: it is not clear where money would come from, in his speech fuller said there would be no tax increase in this year's budget. a big initiative putting 8,000 people back to work. >> there are 8,000 jobs available we have 8,000 people in mecklenburg county who need a job. we can make that link between those two need it and the job. reporter: a program that would create a pipeline of applicants and employers with job training and retention services, the goal is to fill those positions within 18 months. and for the first year ever, the republicans gave their response to the state of the county address. >> our fill on the fee with --
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with the board. reporter: republicans called for a tax cut, one penney's worth and added these down on their luck should get help from the safe community not other government programs, caroline fountain, fox 46, wjzy. bill: thank you, unemployment has dropped to 4.8%, country spends dollar 130 on park and recreation project, bringing mecklenburg county to you has finished up first phase. on top of, that the economic task force will take a listening tour across the country through a series of community meeting. kayla: at 6:00, funeral for supreme court justice scalia have been set, he will be led to rest saturday, the largest roman
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the 79-year-old was found dead saturday at a ranch in west texas. bill: his death touched off a political battle over president obama's desire to name a successor, one of the topic that many of the presidential candidates are talking about as they stump through south carolina. candidates on both sides they all spent the day thinking of possible voters in palmetto state, just 4 days to go until south carolina republican primary, coming up at 6:30 we'll see how candidates are still shoring up support. kayla: it has been 16 years since anyone has seen ash ashar degree. more than a year later, ash a's "almost white: forced confessions of a latino in
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that same highway, for information related to disappearance that needs to ran arrest. bill: additional charges could on way for man accused of shooting and killing a woman in hickory, james thacker is charges with assault with a deadly weapon. officers say that two were involved in a domestic dispute, at the time of the shooting. >> no one at the school knew she was sick. it never affect her demeanor. bill: how a local school is pitch in addition to help a teacher who had a serious medical emergency. kayla: and a beacon in the night, coming up, heart warming story of a be owner west of charlotte who went above and beyond to help those caught increase crise during last night's storm. brian: we have more moisture moving in.
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kayla: county commissioners will take public comment regarding the approval of a grant for red ventures, they will discuss the grand tonight, they are bringing 500 jobs to 16 queen city. let you know what commissioners decide tonight at 10:00 on "fox 46 news."
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coming to caldwell county, crystal engineering is opening a production facility in the area, the florida based company plans to invest around 20 million dollars at this site over a 5 year period. crystal engineers make products that are integrated in to aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and telecommunications fields. kayla: tonight, in a fox 46 exclusive, a local community that is coming together to help a teacher in need. a favorite among first graders and teachers. reporter: in this first grade classroom, carey jones is a rock star, her students look forward to learning. for miss jones this is a special
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after a month of being out, the kids, no one knew what she was going through. >> no one knew she was sick. reporter: miss jones has been on dialysis since january, she said since then, her school community has pitched in to help every way possible. >> we have a family atmosphere that supports each other. reporter: carey jones has been ashisher here at elan park for 3 years now, saying it has been difficult not being in the classroom for the last month. so issue teacher started donating their sick days to make sure she took care of her medical needs. >> everyone wanted to pitch in. her fellow teachers describe her as a energetic leader that goes beyond above for her students. >> working late hours.
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above for her. a go fund me page has been set up to help with her medical their efforts. >> they came to see me in the hospital, they took over my classroom, made sure that the subs were prepared. reporter: she waits for a donor to be the right match. >> i had a couple people reach out that want to donate. reporter: her struggle has been made easier to bear. system. neima abdulahi, fox 46, wjzy. kayla: awesome, donated sick days will last her until march. >> so yesterday's weather was pretty nasty with the ice we had. and accidents. what a difference, with just 24 hours, we got rain moving in but it is nice. kayla: we topped out at 58, and it looks like it will be nice end to the week after the rain goes through for more we go to
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basham. brian: i know you were excited this morning, you saw the sunshine, thinking we're scot-free, not so fast, a round of rain pushing across the area tonight then we get a break, they look better in the area, here is a look at your radar right now, temperatures were warm today, what we're getting is rain, let's look at front inso far it has not moved in to 485 loop to the west but it will move in soon. right now, gastonia, shelby, cherryville getting rainfall, it gets better further west. but light rain on front edge of this so far, it will move in to charlotte, not super heavy like last night. i do want to point out we're getting snow up in mountain ranges again. if you are looking for snow,
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that is beach mountain up by boone. they will see another round of snow tonight, conditions should be good into tomorrow as well. great news on that front, tracking what is going on. this cold front, a coldfront, now not that cold, the cold front part of stay to the south of us, a low pressure system moving over the top, bringing moisture across the area, hire is what is going on in mountains, one more time. that transition into snow. that is what we're seeing with the white, temperatures up in the mountains, they warmed up above freezing but now they are dropdropping right about 36, dollars,35degrees in the north. we will see snow opportunities overnight in mountains, rain chance checks 10 -- chances that extend tonight. it model taking it north, across
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as we get to wednesday, it looks good. we have our sun back. 10 min us from the uts minutes from now, i will show how warm we'll get or weekend. bill: still to come, two years people living in flint, michigan had a serious problem, a
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during that time, no one made it bill: welcome back, the big question on flint water crises is do public officials have blood on their hand. kayla: every official knew about a legionnaire outbreak that kill 10 people. bill: it took two years to tell the public about it, what have they done about it.
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what is really going on. >> she elected not to be put on life support system be they put her on the cpap, it forced air into her lungs. she is on a mask with air forced in. she got to the point she didn't want to eat because she could not breathe. it was bad. reporter: 10 people died of
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gennessee county between 2014 and 15, 87 people were infected with the bacteria. hunt may have been a victim. main suspect -- the flynt river. according to government e-mails, federal bureaucrats knew about the outbreak, so did state and county official healths and flint emergency manager, and the mayor, and the governor's people. everyone was told it seems, except the citizens. and governor snyder himself. if you choose to take him at his word. reporter: you just became aware of this, everyone else has known about it you just are now aware. >> in terms of spike and specific numbers, i was told about this a couple days ago. reporter: people of flint are
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days, but an invisible killer, is it still in the tap water? was it ever in the tap water, it is safe to wash? no one seems to know. >> no one is being told. >> are you familiar. >> i am not. reporter: if you want to see a debacle the response has been, watch city councilman, representative of 11,000 people try for 2 days to get someone, anyone from any level of government on the telephone. >> a voicemail. >> this is city once councilman eric maze talking about communication about legionnaires it is important. >> i can give you i can transfer to his direct line. >> okay. >> not available.
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with someone now. >> thank you. >> please hold. >> i am sorry, that is not a valid option. >> thank you for calling. >> call the mayor's office. let's see if i get through. what i get through to. >> you have reached -- >> maybe i should walk down there. >> can i communicate with her? she can call me. you know i can go to my office, and wait, i'm trying to communicate with someone to see where we are at. i'm waiting on the call. reporter: can i ask you?
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reporter: can you tell people they are it is safe to drink the water. >> i can't, i have never told them that. >> you reached voicemail of jim henry with environmental healthy division. reporter: we went over to county health department, whose officials first detected the outbreak. >> hello. >> mr. belichick and mr. henry please. >> let me see if they are here. reporter: did you put out -- that there is an outbreak of legionnaire's disease. a 7 el question. simpson el simple question. >> i want jim or mark to answer for you. next time they are available. reporter: when? >> march one, that is how backed up we are. reporter: a bad week. >> a bad week.
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is a good thing. >> thank you. reporter: is the water safe to drink? >> no comment. >> what can i do? i mean, they will pay eventually. flint, michigan, the governor, they will get their reward or payback, i guess. reporter: do you feel cheated? yeah, because they took her out of my life away too soon. kayla: coming up presidential candidates for campaigning in south carolina, and things between ted cruz and donald trump are heating up.
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road to the white house coming up. >> severe weather strikes in south florida, we take you to area where a possible tornado touched down. brian: that same system is behind us, rain tonight. and then they warm up, looking
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as we det to the weekend, i kayla: welcome back, presidential candidates move through palmetto state ahead of sat's republican primary, average of recep poll show ted cruz trailing behind donald trump. bill: the war between two escalating, we have latest from campaign trail. reporter: after repeatedly clashing during last week's debate in south carolina, the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz, is not letting up. >> i have never seen a human being lie so much. >> he cannot be trusted to nominate conservatives to the
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life he describe himself as very pro choice. reporter: frontrunner unleashes new attack on jeb bush who was joined by his brother george w. bush. for the first time on the campaign trail last night. both bushes responding to trump with strong words of their own. >> strongest person usually is not the loudest one in the room. reporter: leading candidate for president said we don't need to increase spending but military. i guess he thinks he can use his real estate skills to bring to light the weapon seminaries to keep our work -- system, necessary to keep our safe. reporter: they are getting ready to caucus saturday in nevada. clinton hoping to slowdown her rival bernie sanders following his landslide victory in the new hampshire primary.
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well, my campaign. reporter: senator bernie sanders is tied with clinton in south carolina according to a recent "newsweek" poll, clinton holds a leada among african-american voters in washington, peter ducey fox news. kayla: one town in union county has been named as one of the worst commutes in nation, according to a list populated on msn, average commute i'm in indian trail is about 29.9 minutes, and 35 thousand people live in the town, number one on the list is temescal val valley in california. bill: a pennsylvania highway is scene of a massive pile up likely due to winter weather. several cars and tractor-trailers were strewn across out 81.
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passenger vehicles were involved in the pile up well, 3 people suffered minor injuries, a witness said he cannot believe nearly everyone walked away from the wreckage. >> they told me nobody is killed that is really from what i have seen, i am shaken up but, that a miracle. bill: multivehicle crash comes three days after a deadly pileup involving dozens of cars on irk irk i78 in lebanon county. >> oh, god, please, please. oh, god. kayla: severe weather made its way across south florida, a possible tornado might have causes a tractor-trailer to overturn on interstate, the highway of shut down for several hours, causing a traffic back up, parts of area experienced 60 mile per-hour winds, storm survey teams are headed out to
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brian you were saying that this storm -- this system likely affected us as well? brian: if you were up late last night, between 1:00 a.m. in the morning that big system came through with dropping a ton of rain, there was lightning, and sleet or hail mixed in. it went through quickly, but it was powerful. it dropped quite a bit of rain in a short amount of time we have a system that will roll through tonight, looking at your headlines, but tonight, we're talking about showers. showers at best, we have some sun working its way back to place towarding storm, you can work on your tan, it will be chilly but we have warm days ahead of us. we'll get to that in a moment. i want to focus on rain for tonight. as you can see we have that grain moving in from west, green moving in from west that means rain that continues to be light
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will have tovillegastonia. it has not move intoed charlotte. it is getting cloudy, very dark, we'll see patchy fog coming in tonight. we saw some of that last night, winds are calmer tonight, look for issues as a drive in the morning early and late tonight, temperatures are sitting at 54, those are warm as this moisture moves across. we're not seeing any frozen precipitation. only coming down as rain. we have a 40% chance of rain at 7 and 8 p.m. tonight, 50% chance at 9:00 and 10:00, temperatures will cool as a result of that. dropping to next several hours, we have changing weather approaching late portion of week, high pressure system move down to the south of us, causing wind to switch to the south, pull a bunch much warm air, you can get back outside and enjoy
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tonight we're seeing freezey temperatures at the north, charlotte 37. tomorrow mid 50s, sunshine, light wind, pretty good day. the seven-day forecast, sunshine from wednesday to through saturday, saturday up to 66. climb to 68 on sunday with a 20% chance of rain, temperatures dipping to 50 on tuesday. kayla: thank you, brian. >> sticking with weather. centers around wicky on the weather that put a -- wicked weather that put a freeze on travel last night. bill: robin kanady introduces us to a business owner who went above to help families who were stranded out last night, he turned his gas station by day to a safe haven for the night. reporter: a nasty night, monday
6:35 pm
wrecks all around the carolinas. customers were coming into the truck stop for a safe haven. >> thank you very much. reporter: open ar omar patel was busy but not too biz to notice two families in need, his kindness made a lasting impact he may never fully understand. >> it means so much to me. reporter: sarah was traveling from columbia to nashville, the roads were icy and dangerous. >> i was crying, i was scared, and even panicky. reporter: sarah was trying to get up this steep hill to get to a hotel, but she did not make it this far before her car slid off the road, she noticed that ice forced a van off the street. -- a mom and her 4 kids were in the van, there was no way they could continue driving.
6:36 pm
gas station nearby was set to close. >> one of the girls looked like my niece, i said, if that were my sistero or niece, i said anyone could do it live it open. reporter: patel brought in cots to sleep, and a space heater to a tv for the kids, sarah pulled out art supplies from her car, and let the children do crafts, they had a slumber party, staying all night safe in the gas station lounge. >> it was my job that i had to do it that is what i did it, you know. reporter: the mother, called patel an ingel. and -- angel. and post-it notes they made for him will have a special place in the gas station. an amazing deed from a stranger who is now a friend. robin kanady, fox 46, wjzy.
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sarah said she makes trip many times, but she will stop in once again and visit patel, and she does not know what she would have done without his kindness. bill: still to come, officials know what causes two commuter trains in germany to collide. >> and flying it cuba just got
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. bill: welcome back, 6 pregnant women in mexico are now confirmed to be infected with zika virus. more than half were detected in chiapas. kayla: to a fox 46 update, prosecutor say that, they believe head on train crash in southern germany was caused by human error by the train
6:40 pm
dispatcher, 11 people died and many more worried, german officials have opened a criminal investigation. they say that if the conduct or had acted appropriately the trains would never have collided. bill: u.s. and cuba signed an agreement to resume commercial flights for first time in 5 decade, starting next fall you can expect dozens of flights to and from the island every day, they can bid on routes for as many as 110 u.s.-cuba flights daily. >> former united nations secretary-general -- boutros gully has died. he clashed with united states while serving his single term as head of union u.n. and u.s. >> you can sport all-star gear
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game here is charlotte, hornet shop received first shipment of merchandise. >> we put in our orders not knowing what it would look like, we opened box we were happy to see purple and teal. kayla: items up for grabs include t-shirts, and hats and sweatshirts, it is uptown on trade street side of time warner cable arena now we go to anthony
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anthony: the move the anthony: a tough season has gone from bad to worse for michael kid gilchrest, he needs season ending surgery, he reinjured his shoulder february 10. he played in just 7 games av hurstingafterhurting the same shoulder preseasons. >> they are shaking up their of hotter acquiring lee from grizzlies, hornet will send hair ston to memphis. >> who firings it is intercepted.
6:45 pm
anthony: panthers front office faces a big decision regarding the future of one of their best defensive player, panther might want to use tag on josh norman who be a free agent in march that would lock him up for 2016 season, and give the team the ability reach a a long-term contract with norman, he is coming off a break out 2015 season, there one down side, to franchising or signing a long-term contract, josh norman is 28 years old. >> we'll do what we think is in the best interest of the carolina panthers, that is just the way it operates. tough decisions have to be made. sometimes you make decisions that you really, you are not -- you know that you kind of forced into because of you know, a variety of factors. we'll do the best we can to keep this team together.
6:46 pm
good young players. and you know. don't want to develop players for other teams. anthony: that sounds fun to hear him say he is tweet 28 years old but long year not many 31-year-old cornerbacks in nfl. front row has sudden been set for 58th running of daytona 500, media day at daytona beach, mannequinman-- matt kenseth will start top row. champion. >> attitude is the same as last year coming in, we want to win this, we're determined to do it. if anything we feel more innocent we know how to do -- confident that we know how to do it. we have done it before, it is daytona, what happened last year
6:47 pm
it will be different from last year to this year. we have to be on our game. looking forward to starting this year's daytona 500, and a part of festivities on race day. you know, means a lot to run in this race but more to win it. anthony: great american race this sunday 1 p.m. erase will be seen here on fox 46, how cool is this, josh sims and logan sherrill are taking a road trip to daytona beach, live coverage beginning friday on the news
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bill: welcome back, the biggest night in music, the grammys in l.a. was a night of tribute. kayla: musicians were honored bighted'sbytoday's stars. reporter: a night to celebrate the best in music, pay tribute to legends no longer here. handing out top honor. >> uptown funk. reporter: it was night a big winner, taking home top prize record of the year. >> taylor swift. reporter: 1989, won album of the
6:51 pm
kenneddic lamar garnered 5 trophies, including best rap album. reporter: and kicking off a night of tribute, lionel richie hit. >> honoring maurice white, the late earth, wind and fire frontman. remembering glenn frey, and lady gaga with a tribute to david bowie. bonniebond -- bonnie raitt sang the blues to b.b. king. >> and sheeren best pop
6:52 pm
there was memorable duets and solos. johnny depp, joe perry and alice cooper rocked house, performing as hollywood vampires. and meghan trainer took home best new artist. >> fox news one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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cut, beautiful. >> ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 8. >> all right there we go that did not take long, star wars episode viii in product, disney with lucas released 32nd teaser video for die hard fans to binge watch. it has been up for less than 24 hours, it has more than 4 million views. >> here is a look at what is
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are new upped so episodes starts 8:00, and fox 46 news at 10:00, now back to you brian for a final check of the the weather. brian: i got that same excitement when you showed that picture of imrook brooklyn. we have the bulk of moisture stretching out to 59 pineville, we clear out. it is nice stretch of dry weather from wednesday to saturday, temperatures for 50s
6:57 pm
bill: star wars and brooklyn the (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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