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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> i'm a lawyer. >> that's not really the case. >> parents of disabled children at a clover elementary school. see our exclusive report last night detailing allegations of abuse of autistic students. now the district has called a special meeting with parents. good evening i'm jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox and elementary school and clover calls an emergency meeting my parents in response to our exclusive fox 46 special report last night. for three months we have investigated claims of alleged abuse of autistic students at larne elementary school. that's where bill melugin is joining us after he broke the story exclusively for us last
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>> that meeting underway behind us right now at larne elementary school and if you are wondering why we are standing on the other side of the street that's because the district has made it crystal clear to us we are not only not invited to this meeting we are not allowed to even step foot on district are pretty tonight. the meeting has been tightlipped. parents told me they found about it via text in response to her story last night detailing allegations of autistic students were abused here at larne elementary school a couple of years ago. a former pa interviewed with the thing she saw students knocked out of chairs placed in cold showers, left in dark rooms for negative consequences. apparent who were trying to get into the meeting some told us that the only people being allowed into this meeting tonight have to be parents of a student at the school but if you are not a parent of a student at larne elementary school you are not getting into this meeting or
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and even have a clover police officer acting as security at friend. as you can imagine a lot of parents who had questions who don't have students of the school but have students of the clover school district have questions. not all of them can get inside the meeting. in our exclusive report last night we also detailed a death threat, allegedly a threat made towards a parent of an autistic child of the school. there was no formal action taken parents were telling us they want to show up to the meeting tonight say they are sick of being left in the dark and i want some answers from the school d far from your typical kid but her mother says that doesn't bring her down. >> she is very capable. >> the students -- is a student at larne elementary school but her dad had concerns about the school after maddie came home one day very upset.
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talked about it and she said i have pp on my hands. >> alder said the school would not allow her wheelchair to arrest him so she had to crawl in a dirty floor. he said he saw our exclusive story on the abuse of autistic children at larne elementary. a former teacher told us she was fired as reporting the abuse in the district or took no formal action against a teacher threatening to kill an autistic child's mom. the district denied any mistreatment of students. stan the facts show that is not the case. left on 24 hours after our story aired clover school district where the special meeting with parents. the only problem bill and cam brittain the parents who leave their son will was abuse weren't allowed to the meeting because they pulled well out of school. >> they kept saying the thing
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current students only. >> is hoping for transparency at the meeting because he likely brittain's said clover school district has lost his trust. >> i think there is something that they should say, hey we mishandled this. >> we mentioned how the brittain's on outlet into the meeting. ever curious about and told me the school made a point to get a police officer to tell them they were not allowed inside the meeting. in case you missed our close of investigative report last night don't worry we have you covered. it will be airing in its entirety tonight during our 6:30 show in 25 minutes in tonight at 10:00 we will talk to parents as they come out of the meeting. we want to find a what was said and find out how the district is responding to our story. reporting live and clover south carolina bill melugin fox 46 wjzy. jenna: bill thanks so much.
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and tears into covering this a developing story as a woman a shot and killed at a local motel. happened after 11:00 this morning at the red carpet inn on broadcast streaming gastonia. police are trying to piece together what led to the shooting but we are told this is being handled as a homicide investigation. when 9-year-old cheenotah howard has been listed as the victim in the shooting. zero tories are searching for two suspects who might be tied to the incident. >> and woman died as a result of the shooting and we are actively looking for the suspects. at one point we have the highland school of technology on lockdown while they look for the suspect. >> police are on the scene is a state. of course to have an update for you tonight at 10:00. a gaston county man is facing some serious charges tonight after police discovered he had a child pornography. 20 four-year old brian dozer of kings mountain was arrested and
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third-degree exploitation of a minor. investigators they dozer's arrest came after an investigation and needed the help of state agents. he's currently being held and gaston county jail under a 25,000-dollar bond. we have an update tonight on the union county plane crash that happened last night. we are learning that the pilot was killed in iraq is a 68-year-old james cook of lexington. sources say cook was flying a client to the daytona 500 amazon is way back when the wreck happened. cook was a longtime pilot for richard childress racing. the faa is trying to figure out how the crash happened. we will update you tonight at 10:00. happening right now the zika virus has hit the tar heel state. the first travel related case of a quickly spreading illness was confirmed earlier today. health officials say the adult that contract it had recently traveled to a country where zika is spreading. so far no cases have been
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person texas did get it through transmission. the state has yet to release a person's name or where in the state they are. one of charlotte's biggest employers has mumps problems. at least two cases the mobs were found at the lows in permanent customer service in more detail. they are working with blows to try to prevent it from spreading any further. 1000 people are out of a job tonight. today was the final day for those who are being laid off from the daimler truck plant. employees from the mt. holly in the cleveland truck plant are looking for new employment. it's been tough times for the local truck builder. the freightliner will be cutting jobs and clean as well. car break-ins typically to make the news but a recent string of vehicle burglaries is making a lot of people angry because of who is being targeted.
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crime scene. >> while these were out doing what they do everyday turns out there are property was at risk. >> i think it's wrong. we are not going to stand for it. >> more than a dozen pot -- cars parked at fire houses across charlotte have been broken into. the stolen items and the damage adding up to thousands of dollars. >> the vehicles were damaged or the windows are broken. >> these two fire stations were hit on friday morning one on the web site of one in south charlotte. the crime spree started last weekend when three other stations on the west side were targeted. >> it could be somebody that is monitoring how radio traffic because all of the events have occurred while firefighters were out on calls and when they returned they realize a break-ins have happen.
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to firearms were stolen. if you take a look at the sign it seems like those gun should have been there in the first place. we asked the charlotte fire department if guns are allowed on the property and if not what kind of consequences to those firefighters face? as of our newscast the department only responded that is looking into the situation. in charlotte caroline fountain fox 46 wjzy. jenna: moments ago the city of charlotte sent us a statement about firearms on city property. this dangerous weapons including guns are prohibited. it will not address however what consequences the employees may be facing saying it's a personnel matter and will not be disclosed. we are just days away from the great american race which you 46. the daytona 500 is everyone in nascar talking including our own
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daytona beach. josh sims ann are going to wall-to-wall with coverage. josh is down there right now. hey josh. >> how are you doing jenna? i've got to say was gorgeous when we arrived around 1:00. a warm 72 degrees and it has cooled off a bit sense but no complaints from cheryl or myself. we are less than 48 hours away from the daytona 500. events leading up to the great american race. we write today and have the earlier. all the drivers out there joey logano jimmie johnson that was followed up by infinity series practice and the trucks qualifying just wrapping up in the truck races tonight at 730. all the offense had appetizer for the daytona 500 on sunday a race where the legends are made. >> there is no way not to think about this.
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course magnified throughout the season for the rest of your career and that makes you very passionate about it. >> coming up later in sports i will let you know how the absence of two of the sport's biggest stars will affect the daytona 500 plus cheryl will join us to let you know everything you need to know about daytona. live the daytona international speedway fox 46 wjzy. jenna: we have a little bit of sunshine and warmth in charlotte so you took some with you but you left a little for us too. watch the daytona 500 sunday on fox 46. plenty to come tonight including something you may not want to hear about your tax return. scammers are at it again but never before like this. the shocking stats about people stealing your tax return is on the way.
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the candidates are attempting to
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tomorrow's primary but jenna: the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia continues to lie in repose in the supreme court building. scalia died last weekend in texas and will be buried tomorrow. after private viewing this morning lines went for blocks as
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president obama and his wife visited this the site but will not attend tomorrow's funeral. hitting them where it hurts, the u.s. continues to be on the attack when it comes to eliminating aces. dozens were killed this morning after a u.s.-led u.s.-led airstrike hit the nicest camp in the northern part of libya. authorities say warplanes targeted out of the locations including health is said to be a terrorist training ground. at least 37 islamic state fighters were killed. president obama directed his national security team to help in the counterterrorism efforts in libya last week. less than 24 hours before the polls open in south carolina donald trump has a problem. a new "wall street journal" poll says the gop front runners lead has been slashed. trump now only leads by 5% over iowa caucus winner ted cruz. marco rubio. marco rubio said that there will
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two garnered 13%. the news comes 24 hours after pope francis criticized trump going as as far as calling him a unchristian like that one candidate who needs to make a move now is currently in our backyard. after ben carson is campaigning in rock hill. he is speaking to more than 250 seniors and military vets at a private event. carson is focusing hard on york county. this is his third visit to the area in one week. he trails the rest of the gop field but says his supporters to want him in the race. what ted cruz continues to stump across the palmetto state he has other problems in chicago. a judge is currently hearing arguments on voters who say he should be disqualified from the presidential race because of where he was born. the illinois board of elections is hearing voter complaints because cruz was born in canada. donald trump is criticized cruz multiple times over the issue but the texas senator says he is
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his mother is american-born. even if the judge declares crist ineligible to run the campaign would file an appeal tying the case up for months. meanwhile the diarist ever major problem on their hands. the agency is forecasting tax and e-mail scams will go up for in a% this year. irs officials say they have already seen a massive increase in phishing and malware attacks. scammers use victims personal tax information to help them file false tax returns thereby stealing the funds from the rightful owner. more than 1000 people reported incidents in january of this year or that's up from just 254 in january of 2015. if you plan on taking the light rail this week in the better doublecheck that schedule because the link blue line while all may operate between the arrowood and seventh street stations this weekend because of construction.
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university area. this means no train service will boulevard and sharon road west station. buses will be made available for those routes. southwest airlines says it's getting ready to give charlotte a taste of country music heaven. is suffering nonstop service from nashville to the queen city and for those who want to discover the country music august 7. charlotte douglas international has been quickly expanding its various offerings. a few weeks ago frontier said it would start offering flights out of charlotte to a number of cities including sally and chicago. it's a toy that transcends time. wake time. lego zipping around for decades in this week and thousands of charlotte area children will experience the joy of building designs with those little plastic blocks. lego fest is taking place all week and at the charlotte convention center. organizers say charlotte is
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than 2000 feet of stackable fun and the show has officially sold out for the entire weekend. >> when we say so but unfortunately we made it. if you think -- are thinking about coming to get tickets we are not selling out the door. we wish it to another we can better pour some he can't. jenna: more than 25,000 children have tickets for the next few days but if you missed getting tickets this weekend and next tour will be heading to harrisburg pennsylvania in april. live in the stadia, he ditched the guys in daytona and sticking it out in charlotte. >> i was just looking at the lego thing and i think i failed it. my kids like race cars. daytona international speedway gets a major facelift.
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seem like less than 48 hours, 40 of those drivers in the world will be racing for the checkers in the super bowl nascar the daytona 500. missing from this edition of the great american race will be to the biggest names in the series and over the past decade and a half josh sims is live at the speedway with more. this year's race is going to be different without tony stewart and jeff gordon racing on sunday right josh? >> that's right anthony. that will be one of the biggest stories head into sunday's race. for the first time since 1993 both tony's. and jeff gordon will not be in. jeff gordon retired at the end of last season and he's in the broadcast booth. as for tony stewart he's out indefinitely as he recovers from a back injury. it's up to two other drivers to fill some pretty big shoes. elliott report -- replacing jeff gordon.
6:23 pm
win the daytona 500 last sunday. veteran brian vickers only drove in two races last year because of medical issues but neither one of these drivers feeling the pressure heading into sunday's race. >> this is about winning the daytona 500. i don't know if i will be running this year so for me it's just to go out there and make the most of the race. >> i have no expectation and the pressure we put upon herself for the team members by myself. that's the most important thing in a low pass the rest. >> even without those two there's no shortage of great storylines heading into the daytona 500 over the next couple of days. we will be discussing those. live in daytona international speedway wjzy. >> thanks josh. that's a great looking shot. matt kenseth is one of five drivers moving to the back of the path after crash and last night's second tool race. the accident happened on the
6:24 pm
kenseth qualified second behind chase elliott preview will lead behind a pole center and pole center on sunday but will chop to the back of the pack during the pace laps as a penalty for having to use a backup car for the daytona 500. look at that car there come is not using that. jimmie johnson martin sure rex junior were involved in the accident. both will be using backup car so they will be forced to start the race on the back of the pack. back out to daytona international speedway. logan sherrill joins us with more on the renovations fans will be enjoying this weekend during the great american race. logan. >> anthony at the first of its kind. stadium style seating at the racetrack. what in the world does that mean? traditionally they go around the racetrack but not to daytona. set a good around the track they decided to go up the track.
6:25 pm
icon takes 35 new chances and the most die-hard fans down to the most casual fans down memory lane of this great record race. also more comfortable seating and improvement nothing short of --. >> our team worked really hard and the results have been special. the fans benefit because we have changed the experience of daytona. we are not going anywhere. will be around for the next 50 years. we have a new stadium to have fun with and i think our fans will have the most fun of all. >> to mention the $400,000,000.5 $400,000,000.5 -- price tag on this. coming up at 10:00 tonight we will hear what race fans had to say about the new taj mahal of the racing world. reporting at the international speedway.
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don't forget the truck races later tied daytona international speedway. that's about the hornets took up the second half of the nba season in milwaukee. the first of a five-game trip for the hornets to start the second half this season. the hornets have lost three in a row. center out of prison is expected to return to the lineup for the first time since knee surgery on december 30 be tonight's game tips off it a pim and we will check out the highlights tonight at 10:00. jenna: anthony thanks. coming up next the story that started it all, allegations of mistreatment, parents up in arms
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keep it right jenna: welcome back, good evening. beautiful day across the area with lots of sunshine. temperatures got into the 50s. we are the 50s without the temperatures will be dropping. we are headed into the 40s for overnight lows.
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increase as a next-door and system approaches area. that will give us a good amount of love cover to work her way through the course of the weekend. it's due to this frontal boundary that will be sliding in that will bring us rain shower activity and later in the day on sunday looks like things will become pretty active. due to another disturbance coming out of the southwest that will be bringing us quite a bit of activity is beginning to your tuesday wednesday time. math. as of right now tuesday looks to be your most active day with an 80% chance for rain some of which could he have the times. temperatures will be getting much cooler later on in the week >> amanda thanks. it's the story that sparked tonight emergency meeting. parents of special needs students and clover school district calling for cameras in special ed classrooms after they say they have lost all trust in district leadership. then, after a former teacher
6:30 pm
the abuse of autistic children and the father sends his son to school with a hidden recording device catching something shocking in the process. for three months our bill melugin has been investigating and now the district is responding. it's this "fox 46 news" collusive report. >> within just seconds of meeting clover parents that love they have for their 10-year-old son will is easy to see. will is autistic nonverbal and being homeschooled. up until a few months ago he was a student right here at larne elementary school. >> just because will can't talk doesn't mean he can't communicate. he is communicating to us very clearly that something bad was happening at school. >> vote bill and kim brittain
6:31 pm
school he began suffering from anxiety and was acting out of character. he had most recently he had been coming home very upset from school. >> the britons sent several letters to school and leadership made several phonecalls. they say they wanted to have answers from will's special education teacher. >> whale became physically upset. he started crying. he started having behaviors that i felt at that point he was telling me something was definitely wrong at school. >> the brittain's felt they had reason to worry because two years ago a teacher's aide at larne elementary came forward with allegations that she witnessed will's former teacher along with their aides abusing autistic children. >> it bothered me so much that i
6:32 pm
something that these can't speak up for themselves. >> we were able to track on the former aide. she asked us for anonymity but told us she worked in clover district special education for 10 years before witnessing the alleged abuse at larne elementary in february 2014. >> a child being forced to eat who didn't want to and then when we had a mouthful being put in the dark room to make him swallow it. another child was in the shower, shivering, crying, very hysterically crying. there was an older child that was being made to do a worksheet and because he was crying they took his shirt off and had him sitting there doing the work without a shirt. >> the former d.a. said her co-workers began treating her differently after she came forward and she was fired a few
6:33 pm
allegations to district leadership. as a result she has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against clover school district where she alleges she was retaliated against for reporting what she saw. >> if i did this was going to be hard on me for speaking out. >> you expected retaliation. >> i did and i thought i got it. >> over school district spokesman said because of the lawsuit they can't comment on why she was fired to court documents state the school principal accused her of not being able to do her job correctly. says he accused her of saying she was vindictive. she denied this saying she felt she was being treated vindictively but the documents say the school took this as a threat and she was terminated. dylan told me that district investigation found no evidence whatsoever to back claims of abuse. >> we really looked into the
6:34 pm
to make suue that any abuse claims were thoroughly investigated. >> the britons felt those allegations were swept under the rug and they wondered if something was happening to will at school for last of october 2 they decided to send him to class with a hidden recording device and it captured something shocking. begins with a class telephone ring alerting will's teacher at the brittain's parents are there to pick them up for school. while he was packing his bags to teach her be heard threatening his wife while speaking to a teacher's aide. [inaudible] >> i had to replay it to make sure that was what i was hearing
6:35 pm
oh my god kind of moment that the allegations of abuse in the past coming out of the school and, sorry. >> will and all of these other students with the assumption that they don't understand and that the assumption that they don't have the ability to go tell somebody that this is happening. >> the brittain's immediately pulled will out of the school district about the complaint about the apparent threat with the ministry as a superintendent mark stasi respond with a letter saying the answer was thoroughly investigated and assured the brittain's district was taking appropriate action against the employee in accordance with the findings however in response to my freedom of information act request to district documents show there are no records of discipline for the teacher or
6:36 pm
that recording. >> in the audiotape there was an inappropriate comment made in the classroom and one man was taping. the district tetes me they weren't able to figure out who made the threat and both women denied saying it. i asked the district why there were no records of discipline for either of them. >> after the investigation was concluded it was an opportunity to make sure all parties involved in district staff members understand the importance of professionalism in the classroom. >> in other words they were given only a verbal warning. >> now surprise because of our experience with the school district. it's not surprising. it's infuriating but not surprising. >> coming up next our investigation continues as we take a look at the district's
6:37 pm
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jenna: welcome back. after special education teacher clover school district was apparently caught on tape making it the threat towards an autistic child's mom our open records request shows the district took no formal action against her. as you are about to see and part two of firefox 46 at exclusive report parents it is lack of accountability made them question everything the district had told them in the past. >> because of past allegations of physical abuse. >> the clover school school district cover up what really happened when a former teacher's aide claimed -- at larne elementary school. dylan cam brittain believe they
6:40 pm
>> when the allegations came out two years ago in the back of my mind i didn't think they were handled appropriately. i was so nervous that things have happened to my son and other children in the school program. >> kim azevedo sjoberg facebook told us she pulled her autistic son out of clover school district last year after she said he started exhibiting severe behaviors while he was attending larne elementary. >> he started progressing the bathroom. he became terrified of the dark. he also would go into the bathroom and he would say i'm okay, i'm okay. it's okay, it's okay if we couldn't figure out what it was. he started saying no school and not only just saying it but he started crying uncontrollably, hitting himself so we just decided it was time. >> through an open records
6:41 pm
alleged abuse of the former d.a. had reported. though every single name was redacted one teacher reported she saw a child forced to sit on the toilet for 90 minutes and then she saw different aid flip a child out of the chair preachy told administrators the child was put into a closet to finish his food and the teacher would use the timer to give students 20 seconds to swallow and if he didn't finish he would be put in the dark with another teacher's aide reported seeing a student allowed to fall out of the chair as a natural consequence for rocking it in the teacher said a natural consequence is to let the child fall prey to documents say a teacher put a child in a basket with the lights out as a negative consequence to get them to try new foods. when that didn't work the teacher said she would try putting the child in the toy closet was parents to know about the ta who aspired also said that same teacher had a
6:42 pm
quote do your work or i will turn the light off. some aides reported seeing that they done wrong and said they had no concerns about what was going on in the classroom. in a letter sent to parents the district investigation concluded there was no mistreatment witnessed were isolated snapshots of teaching methods and there was no malice in the methods they used to the letters of the district a follow-up training to teachers and assistants on positive behavior strategies. tim carhart and the brittain's told me they were never shown that details of investigation to like even the paperwork and during meetings with the district they say they were just told the allegations were coming from a rogue former employee. >> we spent years dealing with misinterpretations. >> bill said because will was in the keys teachers class when the allegations came up they doubt believe they know why he became
6:43 pm
they believe will was one of the students purposefully kicked out of a chair after he came home with a large lump on his head one day. >> will have been telling us all along something was wrong and we would put our faith in the school. >> as a parent your biggest fear is that someone will harm them or abuse them and you never imagine that that's going to happen in school. >> former school district denied by open records request for the display records of the teacher accused of the abuse citing her privacy rights. >> of time at the allegations she was -- she has since been able to use the feedback from the allegations and turn that into a development and became a good teacher. >> neither the teacher accused of making a death or the teacher accused of the abuse responded
6:44 pm
>> something has to be done. something has to be done. this individual or individuals do not belong in any classroom let alone a special education classroom. >> that's where the former ta while she might be the one out of a job she says she has no regrets whatsoever about reporting what she saw. >> i'm not one to really fight back but i said i can't just let this go. for the kids and for myself. jenna: the brittain howes and kim carhart told us that they pull their kids out of the school district there severe behavior have stop it while the kids in the locker room and rolled with the district they are calling for cameras to be installed in special ed classroom to clover school district told us is not going to happen because they don't feel it's necessary. the district sent said that the final statement this morning saying quote the district stands by her decisions in openness with parents during the 2014
6:45 pm
abuse and neglect allegations were unfounded. the district's classroom informed of the allegations investigation's findings and areas for improvement with the brittain's and face-to-face meetings.
6:46 pm
allegations, clover school geico for your boat.
6:47 pm
jenna: good evening welcome back
6:48 pm
of the sunshine overhead after starting out at 30 degrees this morning. we ended up at 58 this afternoon. that's two degrees above average for this time of year. the sun is setting but nice clear skies at this point. 55 degrees with a comfortable evening across the region. we see the temperatures climbing over the next couple of days. high pressure control the keeping an eye on this cold front and that's what spring or next opportunity of precipitation. that's coming later on in the weekend and start of next week. overnight increasing clouds. there is an opportunity and isolated rain or snow shower in the mountains but we don't expect a lot. it's going to be very unlikely that there is that opportunity. 46 degrees for the overnight low. as we get into the day tomorrow expected sierra temperatures climbing pretty quickly. we will be getting to the 60s possibly the middle 60s for daytime highs despite cloud cover across the region but the mostly cloudy sky will be in place because the cold front getting closer to the area. this frontal boundary will bring
6:49 pm
day on sunday and into your monday. the system does pastor and there's another area of low pressure. that will be coming up the coast as well and another opportunity for precipitation to send a wednesday. tuesday and wednesday will be a more active days across the area so we need to keep an eye on it. you want to have your umbrella handy for the tuesday was a time. the daytona 500 going on this weekend great weather for that. kind of jealous of josh and logan who will be out there. look at your extended forecast temperatures in the 60s for the next couple of days, active monday tuesday wednesday and we cool down later on next week. >> amend it thanks. coming thanks. coming up that to me is at 6:00 the government is putting hoverboard. when we come back the new laws
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ge jenna: are you feeling tired all the time? i answered yes to this question but that's because i'm pregnant. it's not surprising because new report says a third of americans are getting enough sleep and according to the cdc only 65% of people get seven or more hours of sleep. they'd especially recommended. if the amount someone should get a. cdc findings link a lack of sleep to one being at risk for obesity heart disease and other medical issues. if you use spotify listen up to thousands of premium account holders personal information has
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hackers have published personal information of users on a past 24 hours. e-mails passwords and addresses expose. spotify is denying the information was leaked by force magazine was able to confirm it. the governor says it's had enough with a hoverboard. the boards do not meet ul safety standards and are all now considered -- a number of hoverboard have made the news because the batteries exploding causing it to catch on fire. you well suggested the ban on all third-party boards. the woman also conduct any further safety testing testing for any manufacturer that makes them. the city of boston has many statues in honor of its sports sports -- thanks to a new petition the city might have to
6:54 pm
not even real pretty new petition is asking the city of austin to build a statue of "happy gilmore" in front of the famed tv garden. fans want the character traits weren't took off after hockey toys have a home in boston. that's how us bostonians are. obviously this will never happen but
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associate producers josh and his lovely wife stephanie. they welcomed a healthy baby girl to the world. so we elizabeth was born late last night six pounds 12 ounces in two weeks early. congratulations to josh and her entire family. cutest baby. and look at that bow. >> love it. she's going to be a heartbreaker. congratulations you guys and we miss you. thanks for joining us and we will see you back here at 10:00. have a good night. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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look what someone left in our mailbox -- again. wait, that's like our fifth one, isn't it? it's getting kind of creepy. oh, relax -- it's probably just from victor, that flower-delivery guy i dated. who's victor? we never heard about him. oh, because i knew you'd never let me go out with an ex-con. hey, maybe it's dylan trying to win you back. mm. so, victor -- it's a closed door? maybe it's not a guy who's in love with haley. oh, thank you. maybe it's a guy who's obsessed with haley and is getting plastic surgery to look like her so he can replace her and live her life. luke. so they can only be for haley? of course not. haley isn't the only hottie living here. i washed the car in my cheer shorts the other day. i definitely felt eyes on me. has it ever occurred to you that those flowers could be for me? - what do you mean? - i mean, like, from my boyfriend. - what? - you have a boyfriend? and you thought my thing was crazy. [laughs]


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