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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and that's pretty much basic basic over school district calls a meeting with parents after exclusive report details alleged abuse of autistic children in a district elementary school. you will find out what happened when we showed up and what parents say happened at the meeting. and one of our local moms is expanding big time. the multi-million dollar project that will change your shopping experience. and our crews taking in all things nascar daytona. we will show you what's going on as fans and drivers prepare for the big race. good evening i am jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox allegations of abuse of autistic children. it's what had clover school
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emergency meeting with parents less than 24 hours after exclusive report revealed the startling claims. bill melugin spoke to parents who were there to here with the district had to say. >> first off clover school district told me a private meeting of public school we were certainly not by their prior kick up the properties as we school. the parents that were allowed inside were 40 or 50. clover police work security for the school district on friday not allowing anybody into the meeting at larne elementary school must they have a child enrolled in school. >> we want to have a transparent meeting and talk about the
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>> maddie is a disabled student at larne. he was not allowed inside to keysaw the story tuesday night and showed up at a meeting wanting answers. >> a lot of doubletalk and saying that things were misrepresented. >> clover school district officials called a meeting in response to our reports which detailed allegations of abuse of autistic students at larne elementary. as we reported bill and jim brittain pulled their son lowe out of school after he was afraid of the dark former teacher's aide interviewed with a saying she reported the abuse of autistic students two years ago and was fired three months later. our open records request by the district investigation revealed aids reporting witnessing a child left on the toilet for 90 minutes a child with data their chair and put in dark closets
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allegations. the district officially concluded in their investigation there was no mistreatment of students and what was allegedly seen were isolated snapshots of teaching methods plus teachers and assistants were given extra training. aldrich showed up on friday because he said he had his own negative experience with the school. that's when maddie at double amputee came home very upset one day. >> she set her hands were yucky and i said why and she said i don't want to talk about it. she said i have tv on my hands. why do you have tp on their hands? it happen a better miss school. and to the restroom so she had to crawl on the dirty floor. after seeing a report he showed up to the meeting wanting transparency but feels like he
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>> a lot of flowery language saying this may or may not have happened. questions were askeded did this happen? it may or may not happen. clover school district downplayed all reports. if i'm hearing you correctly they basically said the prosecutor's report was incorrect and nothing happened and everything is good? >> that's pretty much was said. spin at the brittain prospects of the district is trying to deflect now that the spotlight is on one of their schools. >> i'm surprised that i don't know why i'm surprised. it's more of the same lies, denying. of course they're not going to admit it. but they abuse these children. and the teacher threatening my life in front of her entire classroom including my son. >> the district in a statement claim they did a thorough investigation and they found no mistreatment.
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child abuse. there's no question about that. >> earlier today as the clover district spokesman if they would like to provide a spokesman or interview with us to give us a response and he told me he would look into it but i never heard heard back radio make an indication he had with me today was telling me we were not allowed to attend the meeting. jenna: bill thanks pretty done a great job with the story. we appreciated them bill will follow any developments as they continue a breakout from this case. you can find out more on the story on our web site. head to use the easy navigation tool to get information. new at 10:00 an outbreak of norovirus is in the senior living facility in charlotte. it's happening at the crossings at steele creek prayed over the weekend people living there developed norovirus type symptoms.
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and the health department is restructuring their visitors. currently the number of cases of norovirus are in the double digits. norovirus is highly contagious and the number of cases may change. a representative from a health care group released a statement on behalf of senior living centers and quote we have taken all necessary precautions and notify the families of those parties involved. we are working with the appropriate governmental agencies and have implemented response measures and continue to monitor the situation and quote. one of charlotte's biggest employers has a mumps problem. least two cases were found at the lowe's sportscenter. health officials are trying to figure out how people contracted the illness and working with lowe's to keep it from spreading any further. happening right now the zika virus is that the tar heel state.
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a quickly spreading illness was confirmed earlier today. health officials say the adult to contract it had frequently travel to a country where zeke is spreading. so far no cases have been acquired by one person in texas did get it through transmission. the state has yet to release the person's name or where in the state they are. car break-ins don't typically make the news but a recent string of vehicle burglaries is making a lot of people angry because of who is being targeted and plan. while firefighters were up protecting lives and property turns out their own property was at risk. more than a dozen cars parked at fire houses across charlotte had been broken into. the stolen items of the damage and to thousands of dollars. >> it could be someone that is monitoring our radio because all of the instances have occurred while firefighters were responding to calls and upon
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had occurred. according to police department reports to firearms were stolen from the cars broken into this morning. city code prohibits dangerous weapons including guns on city property. the city will not address what consequences the employees might be facing because it's a personnel matter. two former unc student-athletes have just had their lawsuits against the school thrown out by a charlotte judge. former football player james arnold and women's bask of ballplayer -- for suing over the athletic academic scandal thing the school failed to provide them a quality education by directing them towards classes. attorneys for the former athletes say they will appeal the ruling. last year an investigation revealed there have been cases in the past 18 years that saw student-athletes getting class credit for classes that didn't exist. all new at 10:00 panthers
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family just put their house on the market. their beautiful home located in the community of wax the is listed under $1.7 million. six bedrooms and a bathrooms and 6600 square feet. 2015 olsen signed a three-year extension contract through the 2018th season. we are just days away from the great american race which you can only see right here on fox 46. the daytona 500 has everyone at nascar talk and including our team who just arrived in the sunny daytona beach. they are going wall-to-wall with coverage. josh is down there now. hey josh. >> how are you doing jenna? taking center stage at daytona speedway. the race began at 730 class. it's this just about to wrap up. there was a huge rack seven laps to go so no finals on that one.
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you can hear the trucks behind me getting ready to get ramped up and finish this one. there have been events all week long leading up to the race. when we arrived earlier today we arrived just in time for the sprint cup practice and all the big drivers getting the practice time from joey logano tube brad kieslowski and jimmie johnson all out there getting ready. the affinity series progressed to the race and like i said that leads up to sunday's big race for legends will be made. >> there's no way to not think about this while you were on the track. it means a lot to all of us. any success you have here is magnified throughout the season and for the rest of your career and it makes you very passionate about it.
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logano has a chance to do something that hasn't been done in over two decades. i will let you know what that is and give you everything you need to know about daytona. reporting live and daytona speedway fox 46 wjzy. jenna: you can watch the daytona 500 sunday on fox 46. if your weekend plans are taking the light rail, construction along the blue line could affect your travel. northlake mall is expanding. malik or six -- a development project. >> a quiet night with clouds increasing as the next storm system moves and also a nice mild weekend on tap. more details one day a rider made a decision.
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jenna: welcome back. it has been a decent day around the region and lots of sunshine temperatures came up. a little bit above average for this time of year. 50 degrees this afternoon are typically we are supposed to be at 56 on my section and across the area. we started at 30 degrees earlier this morning. temperatures have dropped back but at 48 degrees right now. clouds of moved in but overall we will continue to see cloud cover continuing to thicken up
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the next storm system is headed our direction. you can see high pressure in control. keeping in mind the cold front getting closer to the area. overnight lows dropping into the lower 40s but we won't go too far because of that extra cloud cover. we will call it mostly cloudy throughout the course that they could on saturday could see maybe an isolated rain or snow shower in the mountains. most of the areas nice and dry and we will get into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. despite the extra cloud cover we are expecting to see temperatures climbing throughout the course of the weekend as well protect precious system, here's the frontal boundary getting closer to the region for the storm system will be coming through and area of low pressure that will bring us a good amount of precipitation as we get into monday and tuesday time and once the system rolls up because there will be another system that flies in from the southeast and that's going to bring another opportunity for precipitation tuesday into wednesday.
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of this -- started this next week however things will be better in daytona. it looks like temperatures at the race will be in the 70s. for our area temperatures in the 60s over the course the weekend. we expect to see the 60s hanging around through monday at once the first system comes through temperatures will get knocked back into the 40s and 50's by tuesday. a secondary system coming in late tuesday into wednesday will give us another opportunity at precipitation. looks like some of the rain may be heavy at times with the storm systems as they come through the area that's something we will keep watching. we will dry up later on the week. jenna: amanda thinks that if you plan allegra plus we get a better doublecheck the schedule. the link blue line will operate between the arrowood and seventh street stations this weekend because of construction. crews will continue their work on expansion project for the university area. this means no train service will be available from south
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station. buses will be available for these routes. a thousand people are out of a job tonight. today was the final day for those who are being laid off from the daimler truck plant in rowan county. officials say employees from the mt. holly and cleveland truck lanes are looking for new employment. it will be tough times for truck builders. back in january freightliner announced it would be cutting almost 1000 jobs in cleveland as well. north lake mall is growing. mall officials announced a 50 million-dollar project to expand the mall. they haven't said what companies are coming to town but they will include home furnishing stores and restaurants. sam smith has more on the announcement. >> every day mall visitors drive past the area that will be developed. this 11-acre space will be transformed as part of a plan to improve the mall.
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forward to it prior. >> more opportunities for local people. >> kaine moved here from england recently for work. her prime example that charlotte growth has seen. >> it's the new up and coming city. 95% of people i've met here come from. >> starwood retail partners is excited about the expansion project saying this investment allows us to complete the vision 10 years ago. 120 stores. that number will increase with new breed tail dining and entertainment options planning to go here. to better serve the shopping
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charlotte area. in charlotte sam smith fox 46 wjzy.
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begin by early 2017. >> the seller was on his game tonight as the hornets tipped off the second half of the nba season in milwaukee. the gal playing for the first time since december 32 strong on that shot no problem. seller has a career-high 23 points, nine rebounds and right now the hornets lead 96-95. there are five seconds left in the ballgame. capturing the checkered flag at
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the biggest challenges in nascar. winning back-to-back is even tougher. josh sims joins us live from daytona beach on the driver was trying to do what hasn't been done in two decades, isn't that right josh? >> that's right anthony. joey logano won the daytona 500 last year which kicked off the best season of his career. now he is looking to do something special. he appears to be on his way to force his first sprint cup championship last year and we saw what happened. still logano said that while not not -- and he knows he can do something special because he is the chance to be the first driver to go back-to-back in the daytona 500 since the 1994/95 season when marlin did it.
10:23 pm
to do it. we are feeling more confident that we know how to do it that it's daytona. what happened last year isn't going to happen again this year. we have to be on our game. >> joey logano will start in the fifth division of the daytona 500 on sunday appeared reporting in daytona international speedway josh sims for fox 46 sports wjzy. >> matt kenseth is one of five drivers who have to move to the back of the pack after crashing in thursday night's second dual race. the accident happened on the final lap. kenseth had qualified second and was set to start behind chase elliott pretty will leave the pits behind on sunday but will have to drop to the back of the pack during the pace lap as a
10:24 pm
for the daytona 500. >> a huge crash in turn three. >> nascar champion world trek series off to wild start. checking out the first official race of the nascar season. a major crash on lap 93, seven to go a total of 16 drivers were involved in the wreck. the race was brought to a hault for 30 minutes. they finally got it going on the final lap. another major crash johnny sauter goes on to take the checkered flag into the 11th career win and second victory at daytona. speaking of daytona daytona international speedway live with reaction to the renovation at the daytona international speedway. logan. >> anthony is the first thing would be tried down the
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completes three image of the daytonanternational speedway known as daytona rising. even if you happen have been to the speedway before it's quite breathtaking and if you are a first timer like josh sims here you are in for a real treat. fans will enter through five new entrances. this is an effort for taking the stress out of finding your seat. how about all 101000-3 for more room in more comfort. >> the seas of were a lot more narrow and people were packed in real tight and looks like we have more room now. >> easier to get in and out and a lot more convenient. good job. >> anthony 1400 new tvs, double the restaurants doubled the bathrooms.
10:26 pm
one mile complete front stretch, that's all you see, seats all the way up to the 12 and i've got to tell you i will be hanging out with the 101,000 that might assist friends. >> i will say what logan josh and you have a long day and now you can enjoy yourselves and take advantage of the new speedway. have fun for the rest of the night. college baseball the 49'ers season over against wayman mary down 2-0 the third. charlotte takes a 3-2 lead. with a man on at the bottom of the fourth logan sure with the aluminum crush jack's a two run shot in the 49'ers go on to win their season opener 723 -- 7-3 the final and updating the
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jenna: recapping our top stories clover school district held an emergency meeting with parents night to respond to our exclusive special report detailing abuse or allegations of abuse of autistic students at larne elementary school. we were told between 40 and 50 parent showed up at the meeting which was guarded by police and several people were turned away.
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meeting said district officials downplayed our report and said it was inaccurate. however a district spokesman didn't respond to our request for comment today. northlake mall is growing. mall officials announced today a 50 million-dollar project to expand the mall. they haven't said what companies are coming to town that they will include home furnishing stores and restaurants. and the outbreak of the norovirus has hit a senior living facility in charlotte. it's happening at the crossing crossing -- the crossings at steele creek. people living there developed norovirus like symptoms greater facility contacted the mecklenburg health department presents them as expected in the health restructuring visitors. currently the number of cases of neural viruses in the double digits. norovirus is contagious and number of cases may change. tonight mourners are lining up at the supreme court to say goodbye to justice scalia who will be laid to rest more
10:31 pm
the conservative justice who died last week in texas. they met privately with members of the scalise family to express their condolences. "fox news" chief legal correspondent shannon bream has that portion of the story for us. on a frigid washington morning the flag-draped coffin of justice antonin scalia arrived at the supreme court. the former law clerks blind the great hall. there are scalia's colleagues received his casket and welcomed his family for private ceremony led by one of his sons father paul scalia. >> out of faithfulness in your wisdom you have pulled your server and antonin out of this world to release him from the bonds of sin and welcome into your presence. so that he may enjoy eternal life. >> scalia's clerks for your time including solicitor general paul
10:32 pm
of scalia's legacy with us. >> if he couldn't cobble together for other justices to agree with him he was writing justice is 20 years later and i'm quite confident that law students will be reading justice scalia opinions a century from now. >> thousands lined up around the block while president mrs. obama stopped in late in the afternoon. also visiting today several prominent judges who find themselves under speculation about whether they could be the presidents nominate -- nominee. outside a small memorial continued to grow throughout the day with some of scalia's most most -- worse. scalia asked him about whether the government could force everyone to buy broccoli and didn't dissent from lester's opinion upholding the framework
10:33 pm
it as pure applesauce. the court extended visitation by an hour friday night. as for tomorrow a funeral mass in his father's honor at the basilica of the national shrine. vice president and mrs. biden will be there to represent -- shannon bream "fox news." >> we are getting a heavy dose of spring weather. we want to thank amanda cox for bringing us that sunshine and will extend throughout the weekend so you better get outside and enjoy. here's your accurate weather forecast for from amanda cox. we are expecting to see, we are going to have to take it back for a second. overall we expect to see the potential for warm conditions as the make her way through the rest of the weekend and we are going to see maybe some cloud cover. i'm going to have to run into the other room count.
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in a minute he might? >> we don't mind at all. we will check equity and second. we have an update on the union county plane crash that happened last night. we are learning the pilot killed in iraq is a 68 girl james cook of lexington. sources say cook was flying a client to the daytona 500 was on his way back when the wreck happened. cook was a longtime pilot for richard childress racing. the faa is trying to figure out how the crash happened. of course will have an update as soon as we get one. a developing story tonight is a woman a shot and killed at a local motel. it happened just after 11:00 this morning at the red carpet inn in gastonia. police are trying to piece together what led to the shooting that we are told it's being handled as a homicide investigation. 29-year-old cheenotah howard has been listed as the victim of the shooting. they are looking for two
10:35 pm
what happened. >> we are still actively looking for the suspect. at one point we had the highland school of technology unlocked down. >> police were out there investigating for most of the evening. we will update as soon as we know something. i'd be guessing county man is facing serious charges after police discovered he had child pornography. 24 girls ryan dozer of kings mountain was charged with five counts of third-degree exploitation of a minor. investigators see his arrest came after long investigation and need the help of state agents. he's currently being held in guessing county jail under 25,000-dollar bond. hitting them where it hurts, the u.s. continues to be on the attack when it comes to eliminating isis. dozens were killed this morning after u.s.-led airstrike hit an isis camp in the northern part of libya.
10:36 pm
targeted multiple locations including all was said to be a terrorist training ground. a least 37 islamic fighters were killed. president obama directed his national security team to help in the counterterrorism effort in libya last week. making a lot of money is for many the american dream but when it comes time for elections which people are usually demonized for having so much money but should they be? "fox news" correspondent william las virgenes large anise reports. >> greed for lack of a better word is good. back on the campaign trail. >> the wealthy will have to pay their fair share. >> we have a rigged economy. >> bernie you're a very nice man
10:37 pm
reality is most billionaires to play by the rules. google's larry page nikes phil knight did not get rich because of handouts or a rigged system. we analyze the forbes 400 richest americans. they employ more than 10 million workers across the country who owed their livelihood to education to the so-called. >> right now the wealthy pay too little in the middle class pays too much. >> that's what people do to try to get people to vote for them. >> stupid because tax policy can kill the golden goose. when job creators leave sodas or capital. >> they're working 78 on saturday or just to pay taxes? what kind of incentive is that? >> and they consecrate demonizing billionaires may be good politics but it's bad economics.
10:38 pm
well for the economy the value they are creating is so much greater than the actual compensation. while many young progressives want to tax the rich -- william largenesse "fox news." >> less than 24 hours before the polls open in south carolina donald trump has a problem. a new "wall street journal" poll says the gop front-runners lead has been slashed. trump now only leads by 5% over iowa caucus winner ted cruz. marco rubio sits in third while jeb bush jumped over john kasich and then carson to garner 13%. the news comes 24 hours after pope francis criticized him for his views on immigration and labor going as far to call them unchristian like. dr. then carson campaign in rock hill tonight at the park by
10:39 pm
he talked to 250 seniors and military facet of private event. carson is focusing on york county. this is his third visit to the area and just weeks. he trails the field but said his supporters to want him in the race. while ted cruz continues to stump across the palmetto state pso the problems in chicago. judges currently hearing arguments on voters who think he should be disqualified for the presidential race because of where he was born. the illinois board of elections he hearing voter complaints because cruz was born in canada. donald trump has criticized cruz over the issue but the texas senator says he is a natural-born citizen because his mother is american-born. even if the judge declares cruz to be ineligible to run the candidate's campaign would undoubtedly file an appeal time to case up for months. on the democratic side hillary clinton got a big endorsement today through south carolina congressman jim clyburn is
10:40 pm
he said he's the she's the best candidate to take on the challenges this country faces and will work to get equal pay for equal work and reform the criminal justice system. meanwhile for the irs that a major problem on their hands. the agency is forecasting text in e-mail scams will go up 40% this year. irs officials say they have seen a massive increase in phishing and malware tax this filing season. scammers use victims personal tax information to help them file false tax returns thereby stealing the funds for michael honors. more than 1000 people reported incidents in january this year alone. that's up from 254 in january of 2015. still to come the famous author
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mockingbird" was honored af (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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about her passing. >> what do you miss the most about her? >> just her warmth and her sincerity. i'm glad to say that i was her friend. harper lee was 89 years old. funeral services have not yet been announced. feeling tired all the time? it's not surprising because a new report says the third of americans aren't getting enough sleep and according to the cdc only 65% of people get seven or more hours of sleep. eight is the recommended amount someone should get an eye. cdc findings link a lack of sleep to being at risk for obesity and heart disease and other medical issues. if you use spotify you should listen up because thousands of premium account holders personal information has been exposed
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hack or is that publish personal information of users on the multiple data dump site over the past 24 hours. e-mails passwords and addresses just to name a few of the items exposed. spotify is denying the information was leaked by "forbes" magazine can confirm it with multiple users. the government says it's had enough of this cover boards. the feds say the boards don't meet ul safety standards and are now considered defective bridge number of cover boards have made the news because of their batteries exploding causing you to catch on fire fire preview while the national independent independent safety consulting firm suggested the ban on third-party board. it will also conduct further safety testing for any manufacture that makes them. members of the harlem globetrotters past and present are in the midst of a year-long celebration of the exhibition team's 90th anniversary. they are talking about all the
10:45 pm
michelle paulino takes a look. reporter: reporter: celebrating their 90th year of basketball wizardry the harlem globetrotters continue to span the globe and are currently on a 263 cities north american tour. >> it's my sixth year on the team. i've been in over 35 countries in the past five years. >> they are going to see us in these short throwback uniforms that we are going to wear that the guys were back in the day in the late 20s and early 30s. trick shots and i will get in the half court shot. >> entertainment on the court is only part of the show as the
10:46 pm
on our reach in each city. >> we do things throughout the community. >> for me it's the best feeling in the world because you know the kids don't get an opportunity to come to the game. we do it around the united states and we get them to smile. it's a great feeling. >> in hollywood michelle paulino "fox news." jenna: the city of lost and has many statues in honor of its sports heroes bobby orr but thanks to petition the city may have to consider another one that's not real. a new change.orca petition is asking the city of boston to build a statue of "happy
10:47 pm
fans want the cult classic character return returned to golf after hockey to always have a home in boston. obviously this will never happen but then again filleted (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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linzess helps you proactively manage your symptoms. it may help that are... ... easier to pass and may relieve your belly pain. do not give linzess to children under 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you... ... develop unusual or... severe stomach pain... ...especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect... ... is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and ... your doctor right away. other side effects include, gas, stomach-area pain... ...and swelling. bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. >> after being produced in chicago for the last three decades the academy decided to
10:50 pm
oscars to new york. fox's baruch shemtov got a glimpse inside the work being done after the fine art foundry and brought cavern in new york to get the perfect statue made for this year's awards ceremony. >> the oscars are coming up later this month and this guy right here will be the star of the show. he's been around since the 1920s and now is getting a major facelift in new york. the fine art foundry foundry in iraq in new york. >> how does it feel when you found that you be making this years oscars? >> it seems like a really big deal and i was right. after being produced in chicago for the last 33 years the academy decided to return to the oscars routes bringing the manufacturing to new york for the first time while making subtle changes to the design.
10:51 pm
went back to the statue from 1927, scanned it and planted it with the latest with last year's version. >> including bronze in keeping it local the gold plating process was done right in brooklyn. congressman sean patrick maloney sean patrick maloney represents the district was particularly proud of this new york moment. >> there should be a category for the state that maybe oscars and the oscar goes to new york in the hudson valley. we can make things in america again and create good jobs here in new york. >> on oscar night new york will continue to represent the winners having engraved the nameplate for every nominee on the list. too at the actual awards ceremony the recipient brings their statue to a nameplate station and we affix their nameplate to the trophy. >> you be able to interact with
10:52 pm
regardless of who gets the oscars one person will be a winner that night. >> it's a great honor and we are going to make them better than they have ever been made before. >> we will be right back with a final check of your accuweather forecast.
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southwest airlines is getting ready to give charlotte is of country music heaven. they care announces offer nonstop service from nashville to the queen city. for those that want to discover the country music capital service will start out of seven. charlotte international has expanding offerings. frontier said it would start offering flights to cities like chicago. legos has been around for decades in this week and thousands the area children will experience the joy of building designs with little plastic box. lego festa taking place all weekend at the charlotte images center. charlotte is there a larger show
10:56 pm
the show has sold out for the entire weekend. >> when we say sold-out unfortunately mean it. if you are thinking about coming down to buy tickets we can sell them at the door. we wish we could do another weekend but unfortunately we can't. more than 25,000 children have tickets for the show over the next two days. if you missed getting tickets this weekend and next cities of lego tour will be heading to harass the pennsylvania in april. an egyptian team is jumping into international headlines with his pet donkey. this 14-year-old causing quite a stir after he trained his pet name brianna to jump over obstacles. at first the team was using the donkey to run errands for his late grandfather and one day she jumped on her own accord over small stretch of water. the rest was history from there.
10:57 pm
popular -- popular in their village of egypt nile delta. terrifying moments for dock in fairfax virginia after the dog fell through thin ice. this is video of firefighters braving the icy water to help the dog named angel can hear frightened dog barking in the frigid water as crews worked to bring her shar-pei the owner said the dog was cold but otherwise unhurt. "good day charlotte" wakes you up every day. here what's coming up. >> coming up monday and "good day charlotte" after -- after he and smith will be live talking about a client that can get you right heading into spring. >> allowed him began shaking going on uptown next week. >> so we have a new addition to the fox family. we want to send our well wishes
10:58 pm
our associate producers. josh and his wife stephanie welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. there she is right there on the screen. sally isabella was born late last night six pounds 12 ounces josh told us. we are so happy that she is the cutest thing ever. >> i love the name. >> she's been very excited. she finally arrived and i know you were having trouble dealing with the weather graphics but a quick recap. >> the weekend will be nice and warm with extra cloud cover overhead the rain coming in late in the weekend and into the start of the week. >> our sports guys in daytona holding down the fort. much more this weekend so we will see you tomorrow night.
10:59 pm
geico for your boat. see how much you could save.
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alan: fade in. exterior-- night. a dark, desolate prairie. a lone cowboy sits on a sturdy horse, gazing up at the moon. suddenly, a flash of light appears in the sky, and a burning meteor plummets to the earth. (typing) (sighs) fade in. exterior-- night. a lone cop sits in a patrol car, gazing up at the moon. suddenly, a flash of light appears in the sky, and a flaming meteor plummets to the earth. all right. now we're cooking. alan? mia? i thought that was you. what a nice surprise. uh, didn't you move back to new york with your husband?


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