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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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accident involving a school bus on mineral springs road, no word of injuries or if any students were on the bus at the time of the crash. >> a confirmed case of the mumps at uncc, and 4 other cases could be there. jenna is joining us live with details. reporter: well mumps is spread by coughing or sneezing, shaking hands or touching surfaces that have been infected. this is highest number of cases in mecklenburg county in 10 years. the students know how quickly diseases spread on a college campus. >> i wash my hands more, be aware of touching people. reporter: they have you on teens to -- routines to stay healthy, especially when they share spaces like classrooms, and
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>> i bring hand sanitizers with me, and don't touch doorknobs too much. reporter: i told them about the cases, they wanted to prevent the spread of of the disease more. >> i still will be wiping down the kea key beard -- keyboards. reporter: there have been three cases two at lowe's corporate headquarters. it may be you know there may be more of a mixing that goes on, on a college campus than in a work place environment. because you have people in dorms, and classes, and social events. reporter: symptoms are like of that a cold but can be contracted through shaking hands or touching surfaces, ink buying
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is 12 to 25 interacting with public, during that time, it could easily be spread. >> avoid touching other people's hands when you can, avoid touchingness to, mouth and face with your hands. reporter: one of the telltale signs of mumps is swelling of salivary grand glands, if you sneeze our cough try to do it in your elbow not into your hands. kayla: another announcement from mec length -- mecklenburg healthy department, 60 staff members are sick with moreo -- norovirus type symptoms after eating lunch on friday. bill: the next story is awful, an elderly couple in cleveland county died this morning after an explosion at their house,
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what some call a very dangerous intersection, that driver then slammed into the house's propane tank. that sparked the explosion. reporter: 10:30 sunday night, a loud explosion watched this small cleveland count community. >> just heard a loud boom. >> we saw the flash and the light we headed up this way to see where it was at. when we came, -- reporter: it's where james green said his brother-in-law, and his wife naomi lived across the street, neighbor watched tragedy unfold. >> i came out the front, and the first thing i heard and saw or heard, was the gas. coming out of the propane tange. reporter: state highway patrol said 24-year-old thomas pruitt crossed the center line on east stage coach trail then drove
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statementy road -- the road hitting the gas tank. >> he was even on the porch 30 seconds before the house blew up, he said she turned and maybe made 3 steps. reporter: there have been 3 wrecks in the same spot over the last year, the last one totaled the car, she said she has tried reaching out to the state for help with cutting speed at this dangerous curb. >> they explained to me it was at 35. reporter: the couple's family said the two were ol always concerned about the corner. >> they would say well wees escaped another one. reporter: they died moments apart at the hospital. >> it's like a tornado went
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>> i feel sorry for them. i hope -- it just devastating. reporter: mayor weaver said is a heartbreaking accident that she hopes is a wake-up call for changes. fox 46, wjzy. bill: naomi newton was 76 years old, and jb would have been 75 this thursday. injuries. >> a driver is facing charges in a deadly hit-and-run indent, cmpd said that refers after driving a honda van that hit and killed a man to central avenue on 4900 block of central this morning, police connected rivera to the crime after they say he called 911 to say someone moved his van from the parking space
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is charged with dwu, hit-and-run and death by vehicle. bill: to a fox 46 follow-up, investigators are trying to figure out the motive in a shooting that left cars and a hotel lobby riddled with bullets in charlotte, three men are accused of firing between 40 and 50 shots in uptown, howard write, and kevin thomson and bolton has been arrested. wright was caught with an ak-47 and a pistol, they were in town for the tournament, they are all charged with shooting into an occupiedel anying. occupiedeloccupy dwelling. kayla: 37-year-old shamari lewis died in a hospital sunday morning, after a shooting at a home just outside of mount holly, investigators would like anyone who attend party to call police or crime stoppers.
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will take affect across north carolina tomorrow, add to cost of services, ranges from car repairs to appliance installations. if you have a repair over $200 it will cost you $15 more in tax. they approved that addition last year, the new sales taxes come to lowering income taxes in north carolina. bill: there is word that some students plan to welcome a new unc system from the's first -- president's first debut walking out of class on the campus, she is to be first community leader tomorrow, tomorrow is not the first, others have taken place since she was picked at president in october. bill: a majority of north carolina residents believe that president obama should nominate a replace for for supreme court justice scalia.
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point university poll saying they should consider president obama's nominee, mitch mcconnell said that next president should be the one to nominate the replacement for scalia, and residents follow closely the story of justice scalia's death. >> with all of hype over super tuesday, some north carolina voters are left wondering will the presidential nomination be sewn up by our march 15 polling? >> a question that many voters are asking, expert i spoke with said this super tuesday goes as particular, with landslide wins for trump and clinton, it could have a huge impact on voter turn out here in the tar heel state. >> you gotta get out, you gotta vote on tuesday. reporter: what happens on super
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carolina primary on march 14. >> the big question, can -- march 15. >> the big question can someone who is a marco rubio ory ted cruz ted or john john kasich go to voting being, -- booth and say my guy has a chance. reporter: political is science professor said that would be a hard sell for voters, especially in donald trump and hillary clinton dominate tuesday's date. >> most will look at super tuesday, say if trump wins everything, this is what it will be, we probably need to get behind him. reporter: north carolina legislator tried to avoid just that what they moved its primary two months earlier from may to march but that is not pan out this time. >> i don't think that anyone
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phenomenon of trump cand cand see last year. reporter: some republicans including leaders in washington say they won't let trump win the nomination without a fight, possibly changing the way thattual ballot looks in november. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who leads republicans in senate has said if trump is our nominee we're going to tell those folks running for senate this fall, including someone like richard burr in north carolina you can cut the ticket off and run as your own man. reporter: it could throw off folks who are used to vote a straight ticket, as for the march 15 primary, if it is a landslide that could mean fewer people go to cast a ballot in north carolina. kayla: north carolina legislator moved primary up in 2013.
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dollars on the way to help out south carolina flood victims, you will find out who is stepping up to lend a hand. kayla: demolition begins how saying good-bye to these buildings is making way for improvement at charlotte douglas international, brian. brian: well, this is north carolina. i know it seems like spring break already, but they will
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kayla: an american airline flight headed to tampa from charlotte to ta to land after take off this morning, due to a electrical problem in the cabin. no one was taken to the hospital, 125 parents passengers were onboard, they were scheduled to reboard another plane later in the day. bill: work needed to make room for phase one of concord expansion. it will add 18 new gates, jack broke about importance of expanding concoarse. >> right now existing concoarse has 13 days. right about where we are standing. >> today we'll break a couple
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bill: this project anticipated to take 10 years to finish will be partially paid for with state and federal grants. kayla: millions of dollar on the way for those affect by last fall's flooding in south carolina. federal government is sending 1% 157 million dollars to help places hit hardest in the palmetto state. south carolina will receive most of the money. >> leap day today was beautiful, brian you had a video from the beach, was today just our best opportunity to go to the beach or will there be more? brian: they will be cold front later in the day tomorrow. check this out, we almost hit a record high today, we hit 73. just had to get to 76 to get record, we're warm outside, sitting about 15 degrees above seasonal average, we're doing very well.
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down tomorrow, through the area, we're still going to be temperaturewise okay, right now we're doing fantastic, a beautiful sunset, a few thin clouds out in distance, temperatures are comfortable, we said 69, winds out of southwest at about 7 miles an hour, we're clear, nice, if you are thinking about getting out to need, a good time to do it, looking at your weather headlines warm temperatures, i am tracking a cold front that will push across the area on tuesday. not really concerned about this day, at least the daytime hours too much. but, that umbrella, it will make a comeback this week. a lot of this rain looks like it will push through the late time daytime hours here. heading into early mornings, let's track your satellite, and radar right now, really had a
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it was a very modest cold front with little effect but, i am tracking this big system that is pushing across mid second of the country, i know you see this cold front to north bringing snow that cold front not getting there we'll see this turn into a cold front right here, and cooler temperatures as we get to back-end of the week, real to tomorrow biggest threat will be some late rain, and some significant gusts as well. as we check track your future cast here, here is ha we're looking at, clouds, moving in later in the afternoon, tomorrow am that cold front pushes through late. we'll look for some strong opportunities for rain night time hours, 70% collapse chance does not look to turn severe. coming in 10 p.m., until about early in the morning. we have snow opportunities in mountains.
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expect over next several days including wind, we'll have significant wind gusts hitting us mid week, temperatures to mid week as well-being see more freezing overnight temperatures. >> all right. thank you brian. >> charlotte regional transportation planning organization, holding a meeting to discuss developing a new bicycle map for bicyclists in the area, to help identify possible routes based on skill level, they are looking for input with difficult intersections and dangerous areas, the meeting held tonight monroe city hall. and a third wednesday on statesville rec rake center. bill: get those resumes out and ready, major company are holding a job fair in the area tomorrow, from 10 to 1 at new life baptist church in concorde, more than 60 employers say they will be
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include novant health, concorde city, gordon food, wells fargo. and the -- salisbury school. kayla: the panther's biggest fan made it to the super bowl with the team, there is a part of the six-year-old life few have seen, a look at how he fights brain cancer, he has a tumor on his optic nerve, he gets chemotreatments once a week at a clinic, goal of treatment is to keep the tumor from growing. >> he is positive, people forget he has cancer, because, when he is out in public he is not letting this bothering him or get him down, he does not like people seeing him sick. reporter: at 10:00, robin will have mora braylon's cancer treatment in a fox 46 special report.
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accused of killing his wife and a rookie believ apolice officer appears in the courtroom. kayla: a student detains in north carolina coming up hear the crime he is accused of that has this university student selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach.
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bill: at 6:00, deputies need your help finding a man who is wanted on murder charges, officer said that victim is expected to recover, anyone with information on harper's whereabouts, pictured here, contact lancaster sheriff office or crime stoppers. kayla: a sex offender faces changes after police say he went to a elementary school, he was charged on being a child a promise, and failure to
6:23 pm
element we to pickelementary to pick up his girlfriend a child on wednesday. kayla: ronald hamilton is accused of killing his wife after she called police during a domestic dispute, as police responds, lewis shot and killed officer guidon and injured 24 twotwoother officers. >> this is a officer's nightmare. two injured, and one is dead. that is something people don't appreciate. what they face every day. >> hamilton is held in virginia faces several charges, including
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murder, high. >> prison guard who admitted to helping two new york prisoners escape will be spending time behind bars, palmer headed matt and sweat escape by smuggling in tools. matt and sweat. >> an american student detains in north korea is speaking out on the crime, he has been detained since january, north korea officials say because he was trying to steal a banner with a propaganda slogan from his hotel issue he broke down in tears confessing on the crime, stayed media mountains he committed it and was man manipulated by u.s. government. >> coming up, a special birthday
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>> one of most anticipated voting days, you find out how hadhad the alcan days battle it out. brian: i hope that nice days don't come once every 4 years.
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bill: welcome back imagine only having your birthday come by every 4 years, that is reality for all babies who were born today on february 29, robin kanady introduces us to one of those babies here in charlotte. >> i tell him one day he was born on a crazy day, a crazy hour. reporter: amare jackson will have an official birthday every 4 years, at 4:45 monday morning he joined a unique club of
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date that comes just of 4 years. >> he might ask mom, why did you have to have me on this day, i don't have a birthday, he does but we don't know, maybe the first. reporter: his mom, ashlee jackson did not plan for her son to be a leap career year -- leap year baby, the thought never occurred to her, here daughter is 12 years old it has been more than a decade since she has been through labor and delivery. >> it wassic excrutiating pain, i was like, i can't do that again, i don't know what i was thinking, then it is over with, you see your child, it was worth it but, when you think that that pain, it is heck no. reporter: there are positives to being a leap year baby like
6:29 pm
suspect great, for big birthdays like 60 and 40 -- 16 and 40 he celebrates on his actual birth date, but particular get interesting for milestones like when he is ready to drive. >> they my not give him a license. reporter: regardless of the day, this mom say, one thing is important. >> he is here, she healthy, and that is all that matters. reporter: robin kanady, fox 46, wjzy. bill: amare's mom was 5 days past her due date, she never expected him to be a leap year baby, in charlotte area, they have delivered a dozen babies today. kayla: a unusual birth date and whether to go with it -- weather to go with it, the warm temperatures are coming to an end. brian: an exciting day for those folks. they missed a great day to be
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nurse then step outside. take advantage while you still have the help. let's talk about your chance of precipitation over next couple of days. want to mention we'll have opportunities for rain make sure you have your umbrella handy, good news is some rain chances will happen during nighttime hours, most of the daytime will be okay, but we could see sprinkles tuesday, wednesday, during daytime hours, the temperatures, it is really nice. as nice as it was yesterday. really we're still talking about 60s, and 70s, in winter, and in february, grant it, it is february 29 but it is
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if you are a kite flyer be we have good news for you, the winds will 56 pick up but it will make the temperatures feel cool, tomorrow in afternoon we have wind speeds that will be in the teens. some will linger in through wednesday as well. we'll see some 20 mile per hour wind speeds, a lot is happening when we going to be asleep. but to wednesday morning, we'll going to see will vated wind speeds, windchills down there, very chilly to get going. you have been short-sleeves it a good chance you will need a jacket to the next couple morning. we'll see a couple cold fronts in the area, second one develop out of mid second then rain chances right now best chance is at nighttime for tuesday to width. this point does not look like it
6:32 pm
is likely to be happening on very western edge of the state. if it changes we'll let you know. then snow on wednesday during the day time, a cold front, warm front push to us into thursday, friday, that will bring rain chances, still looks like best rain chances for nighttime hours, to thursday, to friday morning. major weak. major changes. then tomorrow again keep in mind we're a little bit windy, gusty but the daytime highs in 60s and 70s. you can go outside, have your umbrella handy. the extended forecast. we get to thursday morning, we're freezing at 30 degrees but we get to weekend, next weekend,
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we're shaping up beautifully, sunshine, 50, 60s to next monday as well. kayla: that weekend looks nice thank you brian. >> republican front-runner donald trump is backtracking on comments about a former ku klux klan grand wizard. fox news correspondent has details. reporter: donald trump still firing shots at marco rubio and ted cruz, they are swinging back back. when it comes to trump's
6:34 pm
support of former kkk leader david duke, claiming after the fact he did not hear -- understand the question. >> there no room in conservative movement, no room in republican party for members of ku klux klan or racist like david buk. reporter: cruz and rubio have a lot to lose tomorrow with 595 republican delegates for grabs. >> if i were grading some of the republicans, remember that box on your kids report cards. play well with others? i would have to put a big no. reporter: bernie sanders campaign continues to receive a avalanche of small donations, they are piling up quickly, $36 million in february. >> voters in 11 states head to polls tomorrow, a majority in southeast.
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bill: a ceasefire in syria is helping to slowdown some of the fighting there, but the agreement could soon becoming to an end. violations have been reported, deal of the brokered by u.s. and russia, and agreed to by regime and rebel forces going to effecter friday,effectfriday. josh ernest said they expected setbacks on the way. >> we're aware there have been some reports of violations, concerns that have been raised. that is consistent with our expectations heading into this process. bill: top military leaders say that cease fire is not interfering with fight against isis. kayla: lunch canceled -- launch canceled two minutes before it was set to fly in the sky. what caused officials to scrub spacex's latest launch.
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kayla: in business watch, we have good news if you like mailing cards and letters. stamp prices are going down 2 cents on april 10, they will go to 747 cents. it will lose $2 billion as a result. bill: starbucks is 10er -- entering the most intimidates place yet, brewing a up in italy, they have a presence in other european countries, they
6:39 pm
they do here. somehere. >> a nationwide voluntary recall has been issued for licorice coughing liquid, it contains morphine, that is not listed on the label. company said that consumers who are not aware they are taking morphine could be at risk for death. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. we have launch abort. bill: spacex faces a new setback canceling plans to launch a falcon 9 rocket saturday night, within two minutes before scheduled launch this is latest delay in the plan to put
6:40 pm
rocket's first component in tact on the sea platform, it was scrubbed due to issues to keep the liquid at a cold enough temperature, anthony with sports. anthony: talking nfl business, teams have less than 24 hours to use franchise tag, the panthers selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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panthers to decide whether they want to play tag with cornerback josh norman, that will keep him under contract for a year, teams in past usually use franchise tag to work out a long-term deal with a player, norman had a break out season in 2014 with 4 interceptions on his way to be named first team all pro, he turn 28 in december, signing him to a long-term deal may be a risk for the panthers. >> he did not play a lot earlier in his career, now he starting to play a lot, i am not concerned he will be a warn down body. you know we'll see how it unfolds, i am optimistic. >> nothing has changed. we'll try to get a deal done, if not, you know there are options. maybe the tag gets used.
6:44 pm
is tomorrow at 4 p.m. >> i don't know if you caught it this week but fox 46 has a new nascar show, called around the track, each week we preview upcoming race, with features and analysis, stories like this called under the hood. i am jordan allen, mechanic, i try not to forget anything, on
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5 mechanics, 4 4 and a crew chief our day ends when one of our cars is complete we don't have a set time to go home, when we leave the shop the car is ready to hit racetrack. we're in the garage when chase is on the track, he comes in we make adjustments. if chase needs anything in the car i am there to help him out, i am last one to see him when he gets in the car, and first to see him had he gets you on, chase is quite the professional at 20 years old, i usually don't have to give him much advice. i have been at hendrick motor sports for 7 years 6 of those worked with jeff gordon, now i get to apply it with chase. help him to the next level. anthony: around the track sunday
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that will precede nascar coverage of the cobalt 400 erase -- race at las vegas motor speedway, goes green 3:30 p.m., here on fox 46. >> final wake of acc, tonight, north carolina and syracuse, hills closing in on their first regular season title in your years, unc tied with miami for first place in conference, hills beat orange by 11 last month in ser kruse, -- ser syracuse. tip-off 7 p.m. we'll have a
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is a look at sports more steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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bill: president obama awarded medical of honor to a u.s. navy seal, he participated in a nighttime raid in 2012 to rescue an american citizen from the taliban. he leapt across the room during the raid to she'll the shield the hostage from uncoming fire. >> medal of honor is our nation's highest military decoration, today's ceremony is unique, a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warriors, that so often serves
6:50 pm
bill: bayers is 6th navy seal to errorreceived medal of honor. kayla: leonardo decaprio finally winning an oscar for best actor, chris rock treating the audience to girl scout cookies. >> "spotlight." reporter: a big winner of "spotlight," picking up best picture oscar. >> which means the whole no black nominee thing has happened at least 71 other times. reporter: not a bt surprise that host chris walk, hit the diversity issue out of the of the gate. using humor and frankness to make his point, and continued to
6:51 pm
other funny and serious moments. >> thank you to all in this room,. reporter: lead acting category front runners did not disappoint, leonardo decaprio with "the revenant" and brie larson for her role in the room. >> i am in love with my life. >> what about it? >> for your oscar? >> it feels act amazing. >> thank you. >> so much, the. >> supporting acting, danish girl's alicia vikander won as predicted but bring of spies
6:52 pm
and buzz and woody presented the blockbuster inside out. >> vice president joe biden, introducing an emotional performance by lady gaga singing until it happens to you. it grabbed oscar gold. >> good night, it has been amazing. >> fox news in hollywood. kayla: gotham fans get ready tonight popular fox show returns. 8:00 tonight, it should be a good one, a chilling villain will emerge. >> right after gotham, a new episode of lucifer. you don't want to miss "fox 46 news" at 10:00, we'll be right
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your accu-weather forecast. selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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bill: a giant snow man is center of a tension in a utah city, a crew of more than 20 of people came together to build this snow man it stands nearly 20 feet tall, will take at least 6 hours to build it has its own facebook page, it would not last long here. brian: no. almost record temperatures
6:56 pm
we'll see temperatures in the 40s for starter, gaining 10 degrees every few hours to 60s in arch, i want to point out there chance for rain tomorrow in the afternoon, 20% chance at 9, 5:00 p.m. to 30% 8 p.m. that chance will continue to climb as night wears on. the warm temperatures, one more time, they will be going away. for a few days, not super cold we'll see freezing temperature early thursday morning, we'll run 50s over next several days wednesday through the saturday. see rain chances tuesday, through friday. but weekend, if you are planning out it looks really good. bill: it is feeling like spring? i know we have a few weeks of winter yet. brian: i would not coup my chickens -- would not count my chickens yet. kayla: did you say keep your
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oh, what the hell? oh, isn't it cute? last night when i went to do my nails, the girls did it just for fun. what's fun about a lifetime of gender confusion? ay, please. it's the same as when you took him to the dodgers game you think? or is it different in every conceivable respect? ay, and don't forget that phil is gonna be meeting you at mitch and cam's to help you bring lily's princess castle here. she's outgrown it, but joe loves that thing. ay, don't make that face. you're gonna bring it, right? sure, honey. okay. hold him. i picked a fine time to run out of lavender bath beads. i wanted two rough and tumble boys. i got a manny... and a pedi. she's my first girlfriend, really. this time tomorrow, she'll be in our living room, if we can fit her through the doorway.


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