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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 9, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the h1n1 flu is not as mild as once thought and may be more dangerous for some than seasonal flu. >> we can expect in a there will be a reincrease in the number of hospitalizations and deaths. >> we is a brand new cbs news poll on how many americans plan to get vaccinated. nasa pump as hole in the moon for n. the search for water. we'll watch the lunar grand slam. an exclusive, we'll speak with the last person to have seen little haleigh cummings before she disappeared eight months ago go. >> i woke up and she was gone. >> misty cummings now haleigh's stepmother joins us live in our studio. and will our own dave price finally make it home today? "early" this friday morning october 9th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good friday morning. i'm harry smith with maggie
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rodriguez. >> and at this time yesterday, we were very worried about dave. if you remember, he was in minneapolis, he was dog tired, still 1,000 miles from home. and last friday, we had sent him to the west coast with just 50 bucks and gave him only a week to get home so we didn't know if he was going to make it. >> the deadline of course is less than two hours an right in you is he still not here but this is what dave wrote on twitter at about 11:00 last night, quote, in washington, d.c. it may be a very long night. but i'm planning on making it. >> he has another tweet here it's 3:10 a.m. and i'm on a train to new york from d.c. with the folks who got me on tv all week from all over. so if he was on a train from d.c. at 3:10 a.m. he has time. >> plenty of time. he wrote me an e-mail and he said don't bet against me, so we'll see. first, this big breaking news this morning. a big surprise. president obama has won the nobel peace prize for his work in strengthening international
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diplomacy. almost no one expected this. we'll have aeks from washington in a moment but first, let's go to cbs news correspondent mark phillips in london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, for an announcement about a peace prize this, one was a bombshell. world leaders have been awarded the nobel prize before, but never this early in office and never for the intention of their policies rather than the results. you could almost hear the gasps when the norwegian nobel committee made its announcement. the economity doesn't release the short list of candidates and the award to president obama came out of the blue. >> that the nobel peace prize for 2009 is to be awarded to president barack obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. >> reporter: the committee says it is rewarding the president for his policy of putting diplomacy first, of talking before confronting.
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it cites president obama's efforts at reaching out to the islamic world with this speech in cairo. >> as the holly koran tells us be conscious of god and speak always the truth. >> reporter: his proposals to reduce nuclear arsenals discussed with the russians. his openness to come to agreements on limiting the production of greenhouse gases and global warming. >> obama has as president created a new international climate with that and has regained central position with emphasis on the role that the united nations and other international institutions can play. >> reporter: american presidents have won the peace prize before. these door roosevelt won in 1906 and woodrow wilson in 1919 two that come to mind, but never in early in their term. and of course jimmy carter won in 2002 after he had been president. this is a surprising and controversial announcement
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proving that president obama whatever his challenges domestically overseas is still a very popular figure. harry? >> mark phillips with the big breaking news this morning from london. thank you. let us now go to washington where cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has reaction there. >> reporter: good morning. this news hit the white house like a thunder clap out of nowhere. it was press secretary robert gibbs who told the president. but he wait about 45 minutes. the news came about 5:00 eastern time and gibbs didn't call the president until shortly before 6:00 eastern time. he says that the president's reaction was that he's humbled and of course there will be a formal statement later, but gibbs' first reaction when we e-mailed him this morning and started dell huging him was "wow," one word. this is particularly stunning because it comes as the president is in the process of deciding to send more troops or not to afghanistan. and the question is will this prize constrain what he can do. maggie?
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>> bill plante thank pup just one of the questions i'd like to ask our chief washington correspondent bob schieffer, host of "face the nation." good morning, bob. clearly a surprise to everyone including the white house. and already some people are questioning whether he deserves it. >> well, include me in that group that was surprised by this. when your folks roused me out of bed, at 5:00 this morning, which i guess i found out about it before robert gibbs told the president about it i mean my first reaction was, what? i don't think anybody expected this. the nobel committee i find interesting said they awarded this for changing the tone of american politics. it's almost as if they're saying we're giving you the nobel peace prize for winning the election. president bush was very unpopular in europe and it is
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almost as if this is more of a comment on the previous administration than it is on the new one. we very is he dom have people -- i can't recall anybody who won this price for his aspirations. people usually get it for results. i mean even the president's most fer vent advocates would admit that while he's launched many initiative, all of these things are still works in progress. so apparently the reaction in europe was one of surprise and i think it's going to be one of surprise here. one thing that interested me maggie, was the remark of one european commentator who said will this become a poisoned chalice. in other words, is this going to hurt the president rather than help him. and i must say, when you see the reaction that we got to the united states not getting the olympics from people on the conservative right you have to wonder is this going to widen the part of partisan divide rather than bring people together about that. >> another interesting question
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is the point that bill plante raised. the president today will be meet management war council to decide the number of troops on to send or not send to afghanistan. he's just won the peace prize. do you think that will affect the decision on afghanistan? >> i think this will have nothing to do with the president's decision on what to do about afghanistan. i think where the impact will be is the political reaction in this country from both sides. that's where i think you'll see the impact, maggie. >> bob schieffer in washington. thank you. and of course it will be really interesting it see how the president handles this when he comes out and speaks about it. >> i have to say, i was in the office this morning and on the computer screen pops up president awarded nobel prize and i thought it was like some spam or a joke. >> i thought the same thing. >> so crazy. let's get the rest of the news this morning. russ mitchell is at the news desk. >> spam free and good morning. nasa is taking a shot at apartmenting an old question is there water on the moon. many scientists think there is.
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frozen under the dry lunar surface. cbs news correspondent whitt johnson is in washington this morning with more. whitt, good morning. >> reporter: hi russ. good morning. sign tigss around the world asking this question. they've been asking this for years. is there water on the moon? if so, it could open countless doors in the world of science and exploration. the moon is about to get clobbered in the name of science, a rocket traveling 5600 miles per hour will slam into it this morning to see if water exists on the lunar surface. >> it's a big deal indeed and this is a heck of a way to go find out. >> liftoff of the atlas 5 rocket -- >> reporter: launched in june, a $79 million lunar crater observation and sensing satellite, or l-cross, will skrash in two fizs. first a are being ket will smash into the moon and send up a massive plume of lunar dust. behind that rocket will be a sat height looking for debris and beam back live pictures to earth before taking its own fatal
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plunge. >> this is a case where you'll take what amountses to an suv and crash it into the surface at two or three speeds the times of a rifle bull legal . >> reporter: the impact site is the moon south pole. the discovery of water here is not only significant for the exploration of the moon itself but the entire solar system. >> water is a basic construct for human life and having already there would be a huge opportunity for more permanent occupation of the moon. >> reporter: it could be days before nasa knows whether water is hiding on the moon's surface or not. either wear scientists around the country believe this is a win/win experiment. >> you always find sir prices and that's one of the totally exciting things about this mission. >> reporter: but for anyone concerned about possible damage to the moon experts say don't worry. the lunar surface gets pelted with huge space rocks almost once a week. this hit just happens to be on purpose. of course observation parties
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are being held around the world and if you have a telescope that's longer then ten inches, you won't be able to see the impact itself but it if you're lucky, you might be able to see some of that lunar dust flying into outer space. russ some. >> fascinating stuff. thank you very much. there was another suicide bombing in pakistan. a minivan packed with a huge quantity of explosives blew up in a market in the city of peshawar. at least 40 killed, more than 100 wounded. rescuers reached survivors with helicopters in the philippine philippines. the latest land slides killed at least 160 people. here in new york city the 85-year-old son of the late socialite and philanthropist brooke as tore has been convicted of looting her estate. anthony marshall fatss at least a year in prison. a jury found he sold tense of billions of dollars his mother had planned to leave to charity. brooke as tore died in 2007 at
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the age of 105. dave is on his way pack. i, for one, will be very happy to see him. it's my last day doing the weather. let's check it out. it looks like a rough day for the hi and mississippi valleys with showers and thunderstorms popping up this afternoon. temperatures will remain mild. look for showers and thunderstorms in the mid-atlantic and northeast for much of the day. the northern rockies will be much colder with snow showers developing in the afternoon. it will be warm in the southeast
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it is now 7:12 and that and he your latest news and weather. now over to harry. >> you'll get a couple more shots. >> thank you so much. up next, a new warning over the h1n1 fwroou and a new poll that shows half of us don't want the vaccine. and later, 9 last person to see haleigh cummings answers our questions about her disappearance. plus the recession takes it toll on teeth. we'll help you stop grinding your choppers later on "the early show." it isn't like the apple juice you've always known. it doesn't look like the apple juice you've always known or taste like it. it tastes like biting into a crisp juicy, perfectly ripe apple. yeah, we thought you'd like that. 100% pure pressed simply apple. honestly simple. try all of our delicious juices and
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gxq in this morning's flu watch, new information about the h1n1 vaccine and how many americans will end up getting it. a brand new cbs news poll shows
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51% of people are not likely to have themselves vaccinated. and 37% of parents said they're not likely to have their children vaccinated. meanwhile, the latest numbers from the centers for disease control reveal h1n1 is widespread and could easily get much worse and it's hitting kids especially hard. mark strassmann reports. >> reporter: these kids are among the first to get imunionized, but as millions still a wait the vaccine, it's becoming a race against time. >> we can't get it soon enough. >> reporter: more than 100 students at this san diego middle school called in sick this week. several have tested positive for h1n1. health workers remain on high alert. >> we fully expect there will be more hospitalizations and deaths. >> reporter: a newly released study by the cdc shows how serious the pandemic has become. children and teens account for half the cases. most had no previous health
7:17 am
problems. 25% of those hospitalized wound up needing intensive care. 7% of them died. behind the numbers are individual life and death struggles. >> just take a look at your eyes. good. >> reporter: at this oklahoma city hospital this 8-year-old is fighting for her life. this 10 yald was unconscious for nearly a month but is battling back. >> you're doing great, son. i'm very proud of you. >> reporter: but each day there are new faces. every exam room here has another flu family waiting. >> we are swamped with patients. we have a volume that has doubled over the last three week. >> reporter: and hoping that h1n1 doesn't claem another victim. mark strassmann cbs news atlanta. we want itto bring in dr. jennifer ashton. what gets lost if all ofin all of this is the number of fatalities in a normal flu season. let's talk about those numbers because they're pretty profound.
7:18 am
>> for seasonal flu the season nomly lasts six months we see about 36,000 deaths per year. that comes out to about 200 people a day. for h1n1 since this virus made its appearance, we've lost about four people a day. people will say that's so mild. if you're one of those four people that's four people too many. >> it's really significant. and who it seems to be affecting is so much different than normal. >> absolutely. that's another set of numbers. for soap al flu, about 90% of the deaths occur in people over the age of 65. for h1n1, 80% of the deaths are under the age of 65. again, a lot of them in a young adolescent or younger age group and that is another big difference. >> so this is really about who is most at risk. and what are we learning at this unfolds about who really is at risk? >> again it does seem to strike a younger age group ages about 5 to 24. and 50% of those children had no underlying medical conditions beforehand. >> and some of those kids that we saw in mark's piece,
7:19 am
especially obese kids for instance and if you have asthma oh, my gosh these are giant red flags. >> absolutely. and it's important to keep these in mind because, yes, it it is mild in many cases, but we've seen significant examples of how it can be serious. >> and let's talk about it day it. what are normal vaccination numbers? >> basically actually about 35% of the population take as seasonal flu shot, so we're seeing a little bit higher number as indicated in our poll of people who are going to take this vaccine. you have about a one in a three chance of get being infected with swine flu. those are the numbers that we're estimating. a one in 1,000 chance of dying from seasonal flu and in terms gill bar, one in a million. so make the decision based on numbers and not emotion. >> all right, dwr ash tofrn, thanks. still ahead, we'll track
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down dave, we hope, and see if he's going to make it home at -- when is that some deli dave. that doesn't look so good. when we come back. you're watching the early showing oig on cbs. >> announcer: this portion of the early show oig sponsored by priority mail flat rate boxes. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. cool. you know this scale is off by a good 7, 8 pounds. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. (to the tune of "do your ears hang low?") ♪ do your eyes sit wide ♪ ♪ does your nose go to the side? ♪ ♪ does your elbow have a crinkle? ♪ ♪ do your knees sorta wrinkle? ♪ ♪ does your chest tend to freckle? ♪ ♪ do you have a crooked smile? ♪
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welcome back to "the early show." dave has about an hour and and a half to get home. he's been on his no way home adventure. and a second ago gowe saw a live picture of him somewhere. can i take a guess where you are? >> you can. >> i bet you are at the second
7:24 am
avenue deli that you love so much here in new york city. >> you know whenever there are crowds on the plaza i tell them there's no experience in new york city like the second avenue deli that to me is home. and maggie you are correct. >> well done. >> i got to penn station, i immediately got in a car, and now i am home. look at this turkey this pastrami, this roast beef i don't even eat meat and this is hello again. tim in the weather center. time for the largest
7:25 am
portion of the rush, roads start to dry and we warm up to about 80 degrees. the showers now clearing the region, looking at a mix of clouds and sun through the day. 80 degrees down to 62. the rain clearing out by tomorrow. the rain should be moving out tomorrow morning by about 10:00 10:00 or 11:00 area-wide. no to sharon gibala with traffic. we've ha had a lot of the problems clear out. 795 southbound at the owings mills off ramp there's an vehicle there. one in annapolis on college parkway. 83 southbound just a bit slow to mt. carmel. about five minutes there. there's the biggest delay on the west side outer loop. 3 minutes there.
7:26 am
there's the topside outer loop, similar situation there. this report brought to you by exxon. buy a large coffee and get a free water. . two of the president's cabinet secretaries coming to maryland today to urge the public to get vaccinated about the h1n1 virus. mary bubala has details. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of health and u.s. secretary of education will be visiting the school to promote the safety of the swine flu vaccine. 38% of parents think it would cause harm to them or their children and that's why they're gathering to tell parents and children there's been no adverse effects. hundreds of city workers get a jump on the columbus day
7:27 am
weekend. the city will save $13 million under the furlough plans. a lot of the agencies are closed today. ground has been broken for a new shopping center. the 700,000 square foot center will feature grocery and businesses. it should supply about 1500 new jobs. stay with us, up next, searching for water on the moon, in just a few minutes, nasa will crash two spacecraft into the moon's surface to look for [tv set] hey i've been paused for 20 minutes. the wasted energy isn't pausing, that's for sure. when i'm paused, i waste energy. as much as $200 a year. enough to buy a few new video games. hit "save," turn off the console and save a lot more than the game. where's the ref?
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it is now 7:30 on a friday morning. this is "the early show." and a lot of scientists got up really early this morning. they're keeping their eyes on
7:30 am
the sky because nasa is launching and completing a very important mission this morning. let's get right to harry with more on that. >> we told you earlier about nasa's research for water on the moon. it's happening right now. in fact we have video of this morning's mission. and here to guide us through it that's a live picture from the lunar surface is bill harwood. bill, how are you doing? we're pumped up about this. >> yeah it's pretty neat. >> let's look at an animation very quickly and get a little bit of an idea of what's going on. this summer nasa took and at has rocket shot this projectile up in space. there's a model of it. and what's happening now? >> this is an empty rocket stage heading toward the moon, accelerating getting sucked in by the moon's gravity, pulling up to about 5600 miles an hour. >> create this big explosion and then the satellite follows through. in that's the l-cross satellite it will be photographing the debris looking for traces of water/ice. that's the goal. >> and so then it crashes and in
7:31 am
that short window it sends enough day thatta back. >> the hubble space telescope, lots of eyes on this impact. >> what is the sometime frame for this to happen 7:31? let's leave our eyes on this lunar surface and let's talk about this. >> and this is an infrared view we're hooking at. you can see the flash of an impact a lot better. >> sos that thing is coming s thatas this thing is coming in it's several tons? >> let's keep watching. we think they've actually hit. >> you're looking to what we call nasa select? >> there's a little bit of a delay between the impact and the significance signal. you're seeing the moon getting bigger because it's coming in right behind.ignificance signal. you're seeing the moon getting bigger because it's coming in right behind.ficance signal. you're seeing the moon getting bigger because it's coming in
7:32 am
right behind.ance signal. you're seeing the moon getting bigger because it's coming in right behind.signal. you're seeing the moon getting bigger because it's coming in right behind. the impact point is right below that central dark crater right in the middle. just below that. >> we're not really seeing any dust or anything. >> no, and i don't expect to see much dust. i was thinking the only thing we'd have a good chance of seeing is the flash of the impact. a lot of energy. this is the equivalent of a large sport utility vehicle hitting the moon going twice the speed of a rifle bullet. >> and the whole notion of trying to find out if there's any water up there is about what? >> this is a long range goal. if you ever want to live on the moon or send people there, if you have water, you can take that apart like solar energy like high school chemistry, you can turn that into oxygen and hydrogen, you get breathing, drinking water, rocket fuel. >> because if you could get ogs again out of there, it's not just the liquid part of it you're talking about if you
7:33 am
could get the ogs again outeks again out of there, that would be game changer. >> and the fuel, as well. >> this is then a picture from the satellite that will come swooping down through the dust that's been kicked up by the big projectile and it's going to take its pictures and collect as much data and everything else before it crashes. >> and if you look at the dark shadows, that's the local point is to go somewhere the sunlight never reaches. in that dark area it's called a permanently shadowed crate every, one of the coldest spots in the solar system. >> and the temperature there is about -- >> it's well under 200 below zero. it's been that way for billions of years. >> so if something is going to be frofrozen, items he going to be frozen there. >> my guess is the impact has already occurred. >> can we take it live some put that in a little box, but i want to show people where this is happening.
7:34 am
this hinge is going in where? >> just above that crater. very near the south poll of the moon. and that's an important part of this mission. >> because they're 2r50i to go get down to the dark side of the moon. >> they really are. another point about this whole thing is the impact debris flies up into the -- i won't say the air, but flies up some to the sky of the moon. it will go into sunlight and that's what will yous all these instruments to study it. >> so everybody by taking pictures, they can get. before there's the data. >> that might have been the last data. >> it's flopped in there. so we didn't get much picture out there have -- >> not yet. they will have pictures. >> allhubble telescope, everything else we'll get a much better idea if there's any sort of frozen water. >> absolutely. and it's not just the moon. if you find this on the moon there's in reason to think it won't be across the solar system. that it's a big step. >> and what happens if they find any cheese? >> i can't answer that question.
7:35 am
>> all morning i've been waiting for that. i'm so sorry. bill thank you so much. really appreciate it. really fun stuff. russ is filling in for dave and has another check of the weather. >> wasn't that fun? >> everyone in the studio was glued to the tv set and it reminded me 40 years ago everyone in america glued. it wasn't as exciting but the results could be potentially. >> and bill harwood giving a weather forecast for the moon 200 below zero. >> just a couple hundred. but i can just say, this is our old lunar map from old space shots and days of yore and it has all the mapping points of where all of the spacecraft landed on the moon back during all those lunar events. >> very cool. >> i know that you just started doing the weather this week, but i think you can answer this question. is it going to be warmer on earth than on the moon? >> you know what, let me think about that one. i think it is. also it's going to be warm in that right ithat would i he and cold
7:36 am
in alaska. >> showers and thunderstorms will develop over the mississippi and ohio valleys this afternoon. the southwest remains sunny 7 about showers will be scattered across the mid-atlantic. temperatures much colder in the northern rockies with scattered snow showers this afternoon. walking down the streets of noork, people will say in our weather, looking at a decent day now that the rain moved out early on. temperatures around 80 degrees today. we'll see rain again by this evening and steadier rain. we start looking for a cooldown, more seasonable forecast. 69 degrees tomorrow, 69 on sunday. 65 for monday. 3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3úsúnaspyp3ú3ú3ú3ú3únaspspéyp3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú 3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3úsúnanaspspéypsú3ú3ú3ú3úsúspyp3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3úsúnaéyp3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú3ú
7:37 am
and it's 7:37. that's your late he is weather. >> thank you, russ. coming up next, an exclusive interview with the teenager who was baby-sitting haleigh cummingss the night the little girl disappeared and is now her stepmother. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. kick it up with the #1 lengthening mascara! lash stiletto from maybelline new york. staggering length... up to 70% longer amazing black patent shine. there's only one lash stiletto don't fall for wanna-bes lash stiletto it's show-stopping! ♪ maybe it's maybelline ♪
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last winter 5-year-old haleigh cummings disappeared from her father's trailer home in florida and there has been no sign of her since. eight months later her whereabouts remain a mystery. >> somebody has her, they have her hidden. i just want my daughter back. that's it. >> reporter: haleigh's father ronald was working the overnight shift as a crane operator on the night of february 9th. when he returned home his daughter was gone. >> she wasn't there when i got home. >> reporter: attention immediately focused on ronald's girlfriend 17-year-old misty croslin, who was baby-sitting haleigh and her brother ronald jr. >> i woke up and she was gone. back door was wide open. last time i seen her was when i
7:41 am
put her in we had. >> reporter: misty and ronald mayored a month later but have recently separated. police launched an extensive search for haleigh after her disappearance. officials have received more than 4,000 tip, but appear no closer to knowing what happened to haleigh than they were that february morning when she disappeared. >> haleigh cummings aye sixth birthday was in august. here with us exclusively is her staep mother the last person to see her, missy cummings. good morning. it this week i know you had a tough set back in your life your husband, ron ald, announced publicly that he wants to divorce you. this is haleigh's dad. and he said that there are inconsistencies in your story that bother him. he has assumed from you day one. why do you think he's changing now? >> he tells me it's just too much pressure on us right now and, you know, family problems,
7:42 am
just too hard. >> so you think he's divorcing because the stress of all this is too hard? >> yeah. >> but what about his claims that you're telling different stories? do you think he believeses you're guilty now of something? >> no i don't think so. >> what has he said to you about this? >> he just -- he hasn't really said much about it you know. he believes me. he doesn't think i had anything to do with haleigh going missing. >> for people who don't believe you, including police who say that you're a suspect and questioned your inconsistencies, that what did you say? >> they just need to move on and look for the right person because they're focusing on me and i'm in the one that has haleigh. i don't know where she is. so they need to look for the person that does have haleigh. >> you've always said that you had nothing to do with this. in fact, you wanted to take a polygraph test which you took and failed. why do you think you failed it? >> i didn't want to at that time polygraph. i was supposed to do a hypnosis. that's what i was supposed to do. one of the guys said it could be because i feel like it's my
7:43 am
fault because i was the last one seen with her. >> it was that night you you say you put her to bed around 8:00. at 3:00 a.m., she was gone and the door was open. >> yeah. >> what do you think happened to her? >> someone come in and got her obviously. i feel hike it's on thes feel like items on the other side of the family that has her. >> do you feel that police have looked at everyone they need to look at? >> i don't think they looked at everyone as close as they have me. >> how old are you? >> 17. >> and you used to baby-sit hail haleigh and then bake her stepmother. were you ready to take on those motherly responsibilities so early on? >> yeah, i love the kids sglp and you still wear the picture of haleigh. you've been a suspect, the media spotlight has been on you. what has this been like for you? >> really hard. really really hard. just i want everything to be back to normal and haleigh whom.
7:44 am
definitely. >> do you think she is still alive? >> i feel in my heart that she's still alive, yes. >> do you think that ronald cummings will go through with the divorce? >> yeah. yeah. i do. >> and you're resigned to go on without him? >> that's what happens, it happens. but, you know we'll still stay in contact and if something happens down the road, then might he saidend up back together. john. >> >> what is your fear for the future when you look ahead? >> just to bring haleigh home and have a normal life again fp. >> do you worry that you might be arrested? >> i don't. i'm always been told all kind of different things, so just don't even pay attention to them. >> misty cummings, thanks for coming in morning. >> you're welcome. we'll take a break and come back with more.
7:45 am
7:46 am
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7:48 am
if this economy has you feeling like you've been cast into the outer darkness as described in the gospel of math this new where there is weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth, are you not alone. our dr. jennifer ashton is here to explain there really is this upsurge. >> you might have a condition called bruxesm and if you have any simple p tomorrows like headache or sense it different if n. your teeth or jaw pain even damage to the entsz of your cheek, you you might be grinding your teeth at night and it's more than a problem that's just limited to deny tigs. it goes all to the face and your overall health. >> all this anxiety. and we'll talk about what you can do about that in our next hour, so stay tuned. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
7:49 am
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7:55 am
as far as congestion goes, we're not doing bad. we have a few issues including police activity blocking the left lane. an accident involving a bus at old frederick road, an accident, one more at hillsdale
7:56 am
road. there's is look at 95. a columbus day sale, take advantage of no interest until 2011 on the largest selection of tiling. parents urged to vaccinate their children. live with the latest. >> it's the u.s. secretary of health and education who will be in maryland. right now the event is scheduled to start at 8 a.m. they will be promoting the safety of the swine flu vaccine. 38% of parents think it could cause harm to them or their children. that's why they're gathering to tell parents and children there's been no adverse
7:57 am
effects. thank you very much. looks like baltimore city councilman will head to trial on campaign funding, they have dismissed the charges. she's accused of letting developers pay 12,000 dollar for a political pull in her campaign. the american girl's
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
wow. look at that. that's the newly refurbish the broadway, right, with the bicycle and pedestrian lanes. >> and we have spotted or wayward weather man dave price and his producer making their way to our plaza. he has exactly one hour to get here. he's very close. we're on 59th and 5th. he's on 59th and broadway. so he just has to basically cross the length of central park and get here. it's completely doable. >> can he hear you? no. >> he can't hear us. >> i don't know. he looks like he's moving awfully slow. >> i think its the effect of the camera. >> oh, that's what that is?'s the effect of the camera. >> oh, that's what that is? we'll see. this is a very tired but war shall i looking daveresill yebt. i think he'll make it.
8:01 am
>> i think it adds to the macho mistakes that he's cultivated. >> welcome back to "the early show." a lot of open other people who will be walking streets of manhattan theis weekend. welcome, ladies. good luck on the walk. >> they do such a great job and what they do makes such a difference because there are so many underserved and unserved groups of people in this country who need your help. and they do such a great job. we really appreciate that. >> what a crowd for dave's welcome. if he makes it. stay tuned. but first let go inside where russ mitchell has another check of the news or the weather? i'm not sure. >> a little bit of both. good morning. a stunning announcement from norway this morning. president barack obama has won the 2009 nobel peace prize. senior white house correspondent bill plante has reaction from his post this morning. good morning.
8:02 am
>> reporter: good morning. the white house was so rocked by this news that all press secretary robert gibbs could say at first was "wow." he waited 45 minutes to tell him the news. he said the president's reaction us was i'm humbled. >> it will spach special importance to obama's role and work for a world without nuclear weapons. >> reporter: president obama is the third sitting u.s. president to win the prestigious award. it comes less than a year after he assumed office. in awarding the prize, the mow bell committee said they were honoring his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. the president was cited for his efforts on a number of issues reaching out to the muslim world as he did last june in cairo his proposals to reduce nuclear arsenals and his willingness to reach agreement on limiting the production of greenhouse gases and global warming.
8:03 am
>> barack obama promised during the campaign that he would give the united states a different face abroad. it there's nothing more clearly that could show the progress that he's made in that area. >> reporter: the award comes as the president ponders u.s. strategy in afghanistan and weighs whether to honor general mcchrystal's request for thousands more troops there. it could bolster his case for globe 58 warming legislation which is otherwise unlikely. the president will come out and make a same later this morning and his staff says they assume that he will go to oz low to accept the peace prize. but it raises an interesting question. is this an award that the president really didn't need as he ponders more troops for afghanistan, more sanctions on iran and is something that is sure to ex-asser bait the partisan divide. >> bill plant, thank you very much. this morning nasa crashed an unmanned rocket on the moon in a hunt for water there. the twoton rocket slammed some to a crater of the monday's south pole. a satellite followinged it in
8:04 am
transmitting pictures of the impact site while scanning for ice particles thrown up by the impact. in the end, the satellite also crashed in the moon. nasa dedicated the mission to the late cbs news anchor man and life long space buff walte walter cronkite. and now a look at today's weather temperature it looks like a rough day for the mississippi and ohio valleys with showers popping up this afternoon. p its will remain mild. look for showers and thunderstorms in the mid-atlantic and northeast for much of the day. the northern rockies will be much colder with snow showers developing in the afternoon. it will be warm then we don't climb high tomorrow in the temperature, a little rain in the morning clears out and 69 on sunday
8:05 am
with a lot of sunshine. lows in thelows in at 8:06 that's your latest news and weather. now here's maggie. seattle native amanda knox goes back to court today in italy where she's been emprisoned for nearly two years. knox who went to italy to study is accused of killing her british roommate meredith kirnlger in a sex game that wept wrong. her former boyfriend is also on trial and another man was convicted last year for his part in the crime. joining us this morning, amanda's mother he had did medical has. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's almost two years now since your daughter's been incarcerated in this prison housed with convicts. is she feeling confident that her attorneys successfully made her case some. >> you know epg absolutely. i think we're all feeling confident that the attorneys did a really good job. the question is whether they
8:06 am
were able to overcome all the negative perceptions you know the year's worth of -- a year worth of really bad press that was filled with lies. but the evidence definitely shows that she was absolutely not involved. >> and the court will be deciding whether a third independent party should look at the evidence. do you think that that would help or hurt a map today's chamss of alaska quitted? >> no we're absolutely sure it will help. there has already been a couple of different independent experts, especially here in the u.s. looking it at the dna that have all told us the same thing, that it's just you know -- it's terrible. it wouldn't be allowed in u.s. courts and it doesn't hold up to any kind of standards. and it really doesn't point to amanda at all. so we're confident that if it's truly an independent, unbiased review it will definitely support amanda. >> if that does not happen and the decision has to be made based on the arts that have been made in court so if a, the doubts that have been raised about the murder weapon and the
8:07 am
dna, do you think that there has been enough reasonable doubt raised in this case in. >> absolutely. even in italy, you're innocent even proven guilty. it was on the prosecution's side to show she was guilty and i don't think they've done that at all. >> it sounds like you are very confident and hopeful that you will have your daughter back soon. are you prepared for the possibility it could go the other way? >> you know, yes. you yeah we are. i mean there's been many people that have told us in italy that it's not -- that's not how it works. just because you're innocent you're not found independent. at least at this first level. and that normally true justice doesn't happen until the appeals process. which is frustrating, but we know she'll get out of this eventually. we're hopeful that that's now. >> thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. harry, over to you. tension is building on the plaza even as we speak because we think -- oh there he is.
8:08 am
there's dave price now walking that looks like he's walking across central park south. that's exactly where he is. he's heading this direction. can we see him out over yonder? not quite. not -- okay. you know he ain't heavy he's my brother, shouldn't somebody be putting him on their back to get him here? >> maybe he should -- i don't know if he has any money left, but shehe should hop in a cab. >> that would be an idea, right? >> i think he has a few bucks. >> and we should explain this for those just tuning in it was about a week ago we put him on an airport, gave him 50 buck, a one way ticket to california. started at the sants monica pier and the whole deal was with a back bury and cell phone only, he had to make his way across the country ala blanche bubois
8:09 am
and rely on the kindness of strangers. >> and he's not far from here at all. >> and he's met so many wonderful people who have helped him along the way. he's been in i don't even remember. new mexico colorado iowa, minneapolis. where was he yesterday? i don't even remember. minneapolis. >> can i just say, at this pace he's not going to be here for two minutes. can we take a break and then come pack? because honestly, he is not going to get here for a while. so take a break and we'll have the glorious fabulous exultimate tant fantastic return of dave price after we take this break.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
>> just now crossing 59th and 5th. walking right here to our plaza in front of the general motors building. let's make way. there he is. all right. very nice. >> yea! >> you smell good. >> welcome back dave! >> you can can sayk kcan say he's okay. >> you've gotten the official medical okay from dr. jennifer ashton. >> for the record -- >> all right. very good. thank you so much. >> i arrived in new york on time
8:14 am
for the program at 6:51 at pen state station. could i penn station. could i i could have been there. >> russ wanted one more day to do the weather. >> i was on time. we took a train that left washington, d.c. at 3:10 this morning. >> you can barely speak. >> and the wisdom of which was -- >> what i wanted to do i wanted to time it perfectly, number one. mum two, number two i wanted to make sure that i had enough time to get back from milwaukee to raise some extra money. so i had to go to washington and then we had to transfer and then -- >> did you lobby in congress for more money for yourself? >> i slept through the lobbying. to be honest, i'm having a hard time kind of putting together linear thought because i've been up for a while. >> i was going to say, when was the last time you got some rest
8:15 am
some did you sleep some? did you sleep on the train? >> a little. >> you look thinner. >> you catch your breath and we'll look at the last leg of your amazing odyssey. >> let's do it. ♪ >> after nearly a week of nonstop traveling, i crossed half the country making it from california to minnesota. ♪ thursday morning, i found myself in minneapolis still 1200 miles from new york and "the early show" studios with just 24 hours left to meet my goal. after counting my money, i had $293. but was that must have to get me home with room to spare? i needed to be sure i had enough. yeah a comp breakfast and then
8:16 am
we're going to go over and rake some leaves. to say minnesotians are kind are kind of like saying the winter there is are cold. so it wasn't a surprise that offers of help came my way quickly and the job offers came in, too. and super jay and i will -- what are we do something. >> we'll going to prime some windows in a nice historic building here on the riverfront. ♪ i think he's a little nervous up there myself. to be honest with you, i thought the work was really worth 40 bucks, but i'm very happy with 20. by 1:00 i got that little bit of extra cash i thought i needed so then it was just a dash to the airport. the cheapest flight to the east coast by the time i made a reservation was $168.70. it was from minneapolis through milwaukee to washington, d.c. it had long lay over in milwaukee, but that was a chance to earn some extra cash at the
8:17 am
airport. >> i'm trying to get home. >> yeah so am i. >> and they gave me 50 bucks to get across the country. and i can sinkg you a song. what do you think it's worth? >> a song? depends on the song really. >> name the song. >> benny and the jets. ♪ benny, benny, benny ♪ there we go i got a dollar, two dollars. look at that. the last stop on my trip tonight was to our nation's capital to change from an airport to a train and head to new york city. ♪ i've always appreciated our country, but this week as i traveled it without the aid of a monetary safety net i've been
8:18 am
reminded that this is a nation of people willing to lend a hand and open their hearts. what makes so many people do nice things? >> you got to help people out. the way things are going, you have to. >> it just seems like the right thing to do. >> if they're in the middle of someplace with no one to turn to who will help them out? >> this is exhausting. as the miles to home grew closer i realized that the finish line was really never what the trip was all about. it was who i met and what i learned. and it was a chance to travel down a road with a straenker only to find friend. >> very nice. i have chills dave. >> you've been so many places all over the world and so many different sorts of venues and dock maim mi ideas as he would say. had to me seems like it was life changing.
8:19 am
>> it was completely powerful. and i can't stress enough you know, we've all been fortunate enough to travel around the globe for work. there is nothing, there is nothing, month wherenowhere, name the continent, that is as beautiful from one shore to another, from one border to another, as our own country. it is simply spectacular. this was a strange, unintended gift. and it's not like i didn't appreciate america before but you said it so well, harry said you know, we fly over a lot of our country heading from the place we are to the place we need to be. and sometimes it's really a privilege to stop in between and meet all those people who may go up the rest of the country. >> definitely. the road less traveled. way to go pal. >> and thank to youyou to new york jets and viewers who came out to welcome you back.
8:20 am
>> the susan g.komen foundation of colorado do your help. >> more with dave when we come back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by snow white and the seven dwarfs now available on diamond edition blu-ray and dvd. pure cane sugar and the stevia plant. two of nature's sweetest wonders growing together under the same sun. and now for the first time in new sun crystals ® . the only 100% natural sweetener made with pure cane sugar and stevia. finally, all the sweetness of nature and just 5 calories a packet.
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nature gave us the recipe; we just gave it a name. new sun crystals ® all natural sweetener. two natural wonders. one sweet taste™.
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8:24 am
hello again, we get ready for a warmup. if you're getting ready for your drive, sharon has details after weather. our weather is not bad.
8:25 am
looking at the sun peeking through and the sun is winning out. we'll see clouds later in the day, that is going to come later later. 80 degrees, breezy and warm. 62 degrees overnight and we only gradually warm up to 69 tomorrow, the rain moving out by mid to late morning and a nice day in store. sunday looks gorgeous. temperatures staying in the 60s monday through wednesday with lows in the mid-40s. good morning. happy friday. our delays move out but we have some accidentses one on 543, possible lane blockage there. watch for an accident on 100 westbound at telegraph road.
8:26 am
one road. there's a live look at the west side of the beltway and the topside all clear. the rockettes will be taking the stage december 17th. tickets on sale now. thank you. in the news, the new h1n1 virus the federal government says yes, two secretaries in maryland to bring the point home to parents. mary bubala stays on the story. the u.s. secretary of health and the department of education in prince george's county right now talking about the safety of the swine flu vaccine. a new poll shows 38% of parents think it could cause harm and they're gathering to tell parents there's been no adverse effects. a man gunned down as he
8:27 am
pulls into the garbage -- garage at his home. a mask man shot him. the man treated for life- threatening injuries. the guy took off on foot. thousands are breaking out their running shoes for the marathon tomorrow. more than 20,000 people expected to take part running through at different points, the inner harbor before ending at camden yards. stay with
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back to "the early show" on this glorious friday morning here in new york city. dave is back home with us. the family's all back together.
8:30 am
life is pretty good. >> there you go. >> it is no yolk. today is world egg day and, boy, are we -- wait, wait. we are egg-cited. >> we have an egg farmer with us clint hickman from hickman family farms. >> what is world egg day? >> just a celebration about eggs, people buying eggs, people eating eggs testifily. and that's what we're here all about. the american egg industry is really happy about it. >> these are plastic eggs, right some you can't eat those. >> jokes aside, why is this so important is this. >> america is celebrating by going to www doth and when you go on there it educates people about where their eggs come from and we're also trying to encourage pledges. and if it they sign up today and pledge for the next couple weeks, you you get a free dozen
8:31 am
eggs coupon. >> plus you help fight world hunger because you guys are very active in that. >> we're very happy about that. last year we donated 12 million eggs. we're hoping it will go 13 this year. >> we like that a lot. >> thank you so much. >> you would describe somebody who would be involved in a venture like that as a good egg. >> we do our best. >> thank you very much for being here. >> thank you guys. >> so dave is back. >> egg-cuse me we've not exhausted the puns. all right. >> so dave is back but you still will fill in for him? >> my brain is rather scrambled. >> oh, my goodness. >> you should look at things on the sunny side. >> very good. very gpood. time to check the weather one more time before dave gets pack. a nasty day across the mississippi and ohio valleys. uh-oh, look who's here. >> i've come out of my shell.
8:32 am
>> i am so happy to see you. america is happy to see you, as well. back where you belong. >> you were dynamite and anytime i'll cover news when you're gone. >> no problem at all. do you want to take over? >> let's take a check of the weather. which camera? a nasty day across 9 mississippi valley. ohio valley will be a mess too. showers, t storms spreading across the region. as we head some to the afternoon, the southeast, you'll see warm warm temperatures today. kind of like summer. showers and t-storms popping up all over the mid-atlantic and even moving into the ntheast. and snow showers, cold temps, in the northern rockies with highs in only the 20s and 30s. how about that? this and the southwest will be absolutely beautiful. tropical depression henry northeast of puerto rico is no threat to any land expected to weaken over the next day or two. >> you're pretty good at this. have you thought about doing this for a living? >> you know what actually i'm
8:33 am
relocating to winslow, arizona now and i'm going to just spend my life in the rv park where i was because it is so beautiful. but maybe i can be persuaded for stay. such temperatures stay in the mid-60s, have a just so we don't fight over this we'll say it together. that's your hatest weather. now here's harry.
8:34 am
>> good to have you back. so this columbus day weekend, retailers ss thinking about christmas and expecting another lump of coal. the national retail federation predicts holiday sales will fall 1% this year. that's 9 first back to back decline in four decades. however, new retail sales figures for september show the first increase in more than a year. there's some great holiday sales going on right now. vera gibbons is here to show us some bargains. so it's not christmas in july it's christmas in -- >> october. we started in july. you've got the unemployment rate at a 26 year high, so retailers know what they're up against and they're trying to do everything they can to bring the consumers in. >> and time geithner told us this week we need to save more money. so there you go. so how will we save money on columbus day weekend? >> you'll find very good deals. if you shop you'll see very good deals on clothing. this is one category that is really having a tough time. if you look at how much we spent
8:35 am
last queer versus this year we spent $10 billion less last year than we did the same period a year ago, so you're seeing very good promotions, mark downs, two for one specials. $148 down to $84. these are the kinds of deals we are seeing. >> big serious, serious deep deep discounts. >> that's one area that's really having a tough time. toys also, the wars here started a very long time ago. the retalters have rolled out their holiday promotions. walmart has 100 toys for $10. you've got target out with all their specials as well. a $5 barbie. toys "r" us, 80 pop-up stores in malls around the country. temporary story kiosks trying to get people to come and spend their money. major wars going on, everyone competing on price. walmart of course the leader. people trying to gain market share. but toys another promotional category all around. >> and if you could get a play
8:36 am
doh hamburger maker, look at this? that's a deal right there. but it extends beyond clothing through toys? >> pretty much in every category, there are promotions. electronic, another big category as well. >> so like a big screen? >> normally over 600, now about 400. the nintendo wii marked down. so extraordinary prices. and you're right they're worried about the consumer, where we are and how much we'll spend. >> so this started early. people who have got a couple of bucks in their pocket, they may want to leap on this. should they wait until november or december because they'll anticipate even more mark downs? >> given where we are the deals aren't going anywhere mi time soon. retailers know what they're up against, they know the consumer is vaped and they have less inventory. so if you wait you might not get exactly what you want. >> so you may want to jump on it now. all right. thank you so much.
8:37 am
this morning we're tenning our very special series super susie's bucket list. we're referring to susie mann a 79-year-old daredevil who's refusing to let a diagnosis of terminal cancer stop her from even squoiing herself. she is busy checking off a real life bucket list from swimming with dolphins to riding a hot air balloon and so much more. it all began high in the sky. >> reporter: 79-year-old susie mann soared 2900 feet in the air hang gliding was first on her bucket list. >> i love the thrill of doing something new. >> reporter: her philosophy is simple. >> enjoy life while you have it. enjoy it. take every minute. milk it for all it's worth. foye one think eulogies are a bunch of gar bamg. they ought to give to you now. not of a you're dead. doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: susie felt that way even before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer this past
8:38 am
spring. she refused chemotherapy and chose to live her last days completing a wish list of adventures. her family by her side. next on her bucket list? skydiving. susie boarded a twin turboprop plane, three of her children beside her daughter louise sons mike and tom. >> i assure you that my kid's kids will be talking about their grand grandmother and the thing takes she did towards the event of her life. >> reporter: one pie one, they dropped 10,000 feet at 125 miles an hour even though friends at they her retirement community warned her. >> you're too old, you're crazy you you shouldn't be doing this. if i want to do it, i'll do it. >> i don't think you're ever too old to live life. >> reporter: uhe zi's he wouldest son, a quadriplegic watched his mother fly. >> she knows her faith.
8:39 am
a lot of us don't know it. she knows it. >> reporter: and she's fearless. >> if something happened to me what a way to go. it would really be front page news. >> reporter: how has had diagnosis changed you? >> i think it's helped knee appreciate things a lot more. it's not the parachute jumping or the dolphin swimming. it's the feeling that it gives you, the sharing together and the laughing together and the remembrances, the memories that you have. that was fabulous. they'll never forget me. on so in a sense, i'll never die. >> our tradition continues of bringing susie mann and her daughter, louise back after each bucket list adventure. they're here in one piece after skydiving. very nice. last time we saw you, you'd been hang gliding and you were planning to go skydiving and we
8:40 am
thought you were nuts. but -- >> nothing's changed. >> how was it. >> sn. >> it was great fun. it really was. it was great fun. much to my surprise i felt very nauseated before going and we stopped at a gas station and they had an outhouse and promptly threw up in that. so when i got up and we jumped out of the plane, people said how was it and to tell you the truth, i was most conscious if i throw up, is it going to go back in my face. >> you're too funny. >> are you going to swim through it or what's going happen. >> susie, it's breakfast time. >> yeah keep your mouth shut. >> louise every time i see you look at your mom, there's just this pride and this emotion on your face. >> maggie -- >> i know why because i've come to know her, but explain to us. >> mom lives in the moment. she stays so in every moment.
8:41 am
so when you're with her, and i think you've felt it you feel her passion of the moment. and whether it's -- really she has stomach cancer. it takes guts to go and jump out of a plane. and here she is feeling green at the gills and we like little ducks are following her. and she brings her entire self -- >> she's carrying you while you guys would need to carry her through this time. >> yeah. and she brings her entire self to the moment. and that's what you feel. so when you see her living it, you just work in her wake. you operate in her shadow. i'm so proud to call her mom. the grandchildren are so proud to call her grandma. i mean we went to university of maryland to see my son. he couldn't wait to introduce her to everyone on campus. every. >> and i'm proud to know you and call you my friend susie. dolphin swimming next? are you up for it? do you feel okay? >> oh, yes definitely. >> okay we'll see you after
8:42 am
that one. thank you. coming up next we have alton brown here this morning. we'll continue with the egg theme and make a perfect plate of eggs here on "the early show."
8:43 am
8:44 am
we are celebrating world egg day, but we didn't want to put them all in one basket so we invited al top brown host of good eats on the food network to share some of the egg recipes from his new cookbook "good eats: the early years." big fan. >> we were talking about egg science and the fact that eggs are pretty much liquid meat. the key is to not cook out all of the water. do the slow method. >> and people still ask you -- people work with eggs all the time. nobody knows how to do it.
8:45 am
>> always a mystery. i want to make sure that i've got a warm platter for our eggs. you always have to come that. i have a really hot pan for my scrambled eggs. crack one egg. i'll start my scrambled eggs. and i always like to use cold butter because i want to see how it foams in the pan to see if it's hot. i'm going to turn this eat off, i'll add my scrambled eggs. count to about three. that's about three. and i'm just going to kind of fold them. i like big curds. the reason we're doing this fast is to create a lot of steam so that it lifts the eggs. the big thing about scrambled eggs they will be overcooked on the plate. you must pull them a little bit early. and if it takes more than about 30 seconds, you've done something wrong. that's it. on to the plate. they will finish -- let them sit for 30 seconds. they will finish on the plate. now your turn. and you get the hard one. i'll take care of you. a little bit of butter. this is the trick to the
8:46 am
overeasy egg. you want to pool this one lays. drop it right there. >> put the egg in the pool. >> you notice how i'm holding the pan up? that's good. you're very scientific. just hold the pan like this. we'll do this very slowly by holding it up like that, the egg pools there in the front of the pan. a little bit of salt. and then all we can do is wait. salt now because salt will help to harden the membrane so when we get ready to flip that egg, we'll be ready for it. >> you can literally see it starting to -- the white part -- >> that's how you you know it's a really fresh egg. you see that membrane? that hard part, if that's more than that than the white part you know it's a fresh egg and that's key. if you're going to have just eggs for breakfast, have them as fresh as you can. you can let that down and it will stay put. that's going to give us a nice clean shape. unfortunately, time -- this is one of the things you you cannot rush. >> but while you're waiting for
8:47 am
that get a look at his book. not only do you get this book that weighs how much? >> 3.8 pounds. >> if you carry it you'll be hungry and then look at this? >> a life size poster. how on which can you buy a book and get a poposter? thank you. i'll flip your egg for you and if i do this right it won't break the owing. and if it's fresh, maybe it won't. so bring it all the way to the lift and then bring the pan up like that and we wait about ten seconds and then flip again. >> are you on call for like sunday mornings? >> i am. do i sunday i do sunday mornings on referral but a cash only kind of thing. the thing about eggs is to get it over with quickly, control your heat. >> green egg 1234s. >> from green chickens. >> all right. we'll explain. >> there are no green chickens.
8:48 am
except martha stewart might have some. >> in quotation marks. you can find all these recipes on our website. russ maggie dave? >> dave is back home. welcome again. >> it is so good to be back. >> you look pretty shot. i have to say, you look rough. >> you sound rough, as well. >> i feel good. it's just from all the cold air and just run fwrgning from here to there, not a lot of sleep. >> because you really did this. you slept out sird you didn't have meals. >> everywhere we went, people would feel the backpack and they'd say, oh, my there's really stuff in here or they'd ask, did they just drop you by the jeep this morning? because in n. this day of fake reality television, no one believed it was jep win. the crew that followed me wouldn't even give me french fries. i had to argue that if they dropped on the table, i could have one every once in a while.
8:49 am
>> that's reasonable. >> exactly. and then there were other things i learned, you know. i didn't -- we got so many thousands of tweets literally. i didn't read them quickly enough and so you missed opportunity. i could have been back hereefficiently, saved a lot more money. but i would get to it and i'm like, oh, my god we already left there. >> do you have any money left? >> i just gave to the people with the avon walk. i came back with $56. >> what's the first thepg you'll do when you get home? >> i'm going to hug my dog and then when he runs because of my smell -- >> you don't smell as bad as i thought you would. >> and then i'm going to go take a shower and then i think i need to sleep for a little while. >> are you going to keep this look? >> i think should youyou should not shave. >> i got so many notes keep it.
8:50 am
maybe i'll keep it for the week and monday. >> we'll see. >> not only did you go through an amazing adventure, you took us on one, as well. thank you for that. >> it was a pleasure to do. this was a joy. >> you have to start this this again on monday. new destination. >> one more look at the best moments of dave's trip across the country. have a spectacular weekend. we will see you and dave looking a whole lot better on monday. >> thanks, everybody. ? you'll take me? i've got a lift to albuquerque! ♪ to look for america ♪ i've been asked to transport a vehicle to a car dealership in iowa. it's nice to actually spend some time and take in the beauty. i earned money baby-sitting, ranching. i'm just trying to imagine these
8:51 am
are actual dunkin munchkins. this is machine cut beef they do handcuff beef as well. just bend over, this won't hurt a bit. ♪ i should be sleeping like a log ♪ this is taking a toll. the whole thing was fun. other than being sleepless, the whole thing was a riot. eastward bound, let go. the last time i touched a cow was at a petting zoo when i was nine. robert has volunteered to be a cattle model for today. thank you, robert. >> oh, dave! >> so this, again, this is the rump roast right here. there's lot of this right now. it's very fatty. what it turned into was for me a great week of personal growth. ♪ i hope you had the time of
8:52 am
your life ♪ i'm having the time of my life. i love this trip. >> what possessed to you extend the hospitality? >> i think that's just the family that we are. >> this trip gets better and better and better. i was going to take the overnight bus to minneapolis tonight. why don't we go together instead. i got some cash and we'll go grab dinner. would i do it again? in a second. in a second.
8:53 am
8:54 am
hello again, it's five minutes before 9:00. the sun is still there and we're looking for a warmup today. tim williams in for marty bass. the warmup is underway and
8:55 am
enjoy it while it lasts, the 80 degrees going into the middle of october, these days will be few and far between. an 80-degree day today. rain moved out for now. seeing some scattered showers overnight. the rain gets out by tomorrow morning. talking about 69 degrees tomorrow and sunday. ravens forecast looks incredible. 65 monday through wednesday. parents urged to vaccinate their children for the h1n1 virus. two members of the president's cabinet are in the city to do that. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of health and the u.s. secretary of education in prince george's county talking about the safety of the swine flu vaccine. 38% of parents think it could cause harm to them or their children and that's why they're gathering them up saying there's been no adverse
8:56 am
effects. don, back to you. thank you very much. hundreds of city workers get a jump start on their columbus day weekend whether they want to or not. the workers getting less than $50,000 a year, will take five unpaid furlough days off. police in harford continue to search for who sexual assaulted a woman in a park. it happened monday night, the woman says she was sitting in her parked car when a man got in an attacked her. anyone with information is asked to call the howard county sheriff's department. the effort to restore the chesley chesapeake bay is gaining steam. it praises maryland for doing a good job filtering sewage but
8:57 am
pushes washington to do the same. the rusher picked up a penalty sunday. he collided with tom brady. the nfl banned defensive players from hitting below the waist. it was instituted after he suffered a season-ending knee injury. see the ravens taking on the bangles here on weather should cooperate. stay
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