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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? pi'm gonna go with the one thatpdoesn't have the acronyms. pget that one without fillers. what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza. hey! no ingredients that you can't pronounce and no artificial flavors. and we're proud to announce pour new quality guarantee: plove your pizza, or get anotherpone, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> 11 people shot, two killed at
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now as police keep searching for the three gunmen, some are asking how this could have happened with officers inside at the time it all happened. >> they're targeting our children and going after our kids and getting them hooked. >> his law firm says monster energy drinks may be making the line. new at 7:00, what's behind five is responding. >> good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm julie broughton. >> i'm lisa bell. >> and i'm ginger gadsden. plus casey anthony's future. we've tracked down her plans for a new career in south florida. how she hopes to start a new life in just minutes. we're going to be talking about the company she hopes to form. we're going to get to that in just a moment. >> but first, three people who opened fire inside a packed nightclub are still on the run. two people were killed, at least nine others were wounded. police are not saying anything about any leads. it was the worst of several
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few days in central florida. this shooting happened at the glitz ultralounge off universal boulevard. more. >> police have their hands full tracking down some 300 people inside the nightclub at the time of the shooting and now they have more murder cases on their desk. >> before this parking lot was flooded with flashing lights early sunday morning, 300 clubgoers were patted down on their way in, according to police, watched on surveillance cameras and watched by off duty, in uniform, armed police officers. it didn't stop as many as three shooters from opening fire inside, hitting 11 people and killing two, most of them just caught in the crossfire. >> six murders, friday, saturday and sunday, six people murdered
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eight injured and no one's even arrested. it's crazy. orlando, florida, the tourist capital of the world and all these people getting killed. from the busiest street in the world, international drive, these people shot and killed right here. it's crazy. >> daniel anthony came here to take photos to send to his friends who have heard the bloody headlines all the way up north. glitz is in the heart of the tourist district. two men were found dead in an apartment over the weekend and another two men died in a shooting at the florida mall. >> i came here to send pictures to my friends on facebook in new york. they can't believe it. shot and killed, disney world, orlando, three people? i said, yeah, double murder, double murder, double murder. i couldn't believe it. >> detectives have made no arrests in any of those cases, not even this one. they're not saying anything about any suspects either.
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von ancken, news 6. >> news 6 has asked police for the surveillance video from the nightclub. we're still waiting for them to release it. >> the sun is down and it's about to get really chilly throughout central florida. >> the worst of this newest cold snap is still on the way. there are already alerts out for the middle of the week. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist tom sorrells. >> there will be no freezing going on tonight in central florida. tomorrow night and the night after, wowza, is it going to get cold. tonight i'm pinpointing the location of our cold front, north of gainesville right now with the rain showers happening in this little bitty line, moving to the south and east this way, gradually so. for the most part, heading into the stark region in the next 15, 20 minutes, right now, we're as dry as can be. radar. by 9:00, the rain is past ocala towards the villages. by 10, encroaching on orange county, knocking on the door of orlando. temperature readings right now, beautiful. the on-the-town forecast for
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the 50's. we go all the way down to 53 degrees by 11:00, but we'll be pinpointing rain by 9:00 and 1 a.m. from orlando all the way down to melbourne. i'll be right back to pinpoint the warm-up for tomorrow and the really chilly nights ahead. >> thank you, tom. >> a convenience store clerk is still recovering tonight, nearly a day after being shot by one of four suspected robbers. an employee tells news 6 this is the third time robbers have tried to hold up the neighborhood food mart on second avenue in orange county. the four men entered the store around closing time last night say deputies and pointed the gun to the clerk behind the counter and fired a shot into the ceiling. when another worker came in from taking out the trash, they shot him three times in the leg. another employee told us they locked themselves in the cooler for safety until investigators arrived. >> you can shoot somebody for a little bit of money. i don't know how you can
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>> one of the workers tells news 6 the store owner is looking for ways to improve store security. if you have any information, you're asked to call orange county deputies or the crime line. >> new details on a police shooting in ocoee. the city's chief says he has asked the florida department of law enforcement to look into what led his officers to an address on saturday morning responding to reports of a disturbance. they barged into a home and confronted a person with a gun and opened fire. that person turned out to be the homeowner who was not hurt. when we went to talk to the homeowner, the sign said the door was damaged by police. the officers had the wrong address. both officers are on paid routine leave during the investigation. >> for years, casey anthony kept a relatively low profile since being cleared of murder. >> now news 6 has learned she has applied to open her own photography shop. eric sandoval has more from west palm beach.
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anthony filed to start up this business. it lists an address which is right down the street here, fourth house down. as you can see, it's just steps away from the water. we found out it's also owned by somebody casey anthony knows very well. >> a car was in the driveway today, but whoever was inside this home in west palm beach didn't want to come to the door. news 6 has found out the house is owned by this man, 67-year-old patrick mckenna. this is him as we followed him investigating the death of 2-year-old caylee anthony in 2008. he was the lead investigator for caylee's mother. mckenna and his wife have been helping anthony with living arrangements since she was acquitted and news 6 has learned they're also helping her go into business. she plans to open a business called case photography. the address is one of his homes
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since the 1980's. she filed the application in november of last year with a start date listed as january 1st. she paid the $160 application fee. but it looks like anthony could already be experiencing some problems. news 6 has found what could be anthony's business facebook page. it's labeled case photography, llc, and it shows a couple of photographs from new york. the page, though, has been taken down. some speculate she's been bullied off facebook. we called the number listed on a recording. >> your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message available. >> the residents who live along this posh little stretch in west palm beach didn't want to go on camera to talk about casey anthony's business ventures. we found out today she hasn't even filed the local paperwork.
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business is up and running. >> a new fight over the safety of energy drinks. a prominent local law firm is filing suit saying the monster energy drinks are dangerous and say they're to blame for life-threatening problems. just in, monster energy responds. >> morgan & morgan claims the monster energy drinks are what's causing healthy people to have serious health issues and they're now suing the company. >> monster energy drink, a drink that morgan & morgan claims gives you more than just energy. >> they're heart attacks, strokes, a fib and also involves something new that we haven't really seen before and pursued for is kidney failure and renal failure in general. >> the law firm filed five cases today and investigating 100 more, claiming a lack of testing and ingredients and warning
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>> we believe the items have not been adequately tested and when you look at all of these combined, it creates a potentially lethal outcome for normal consumers. >> including one of their cases that involves a 14-year-old boy who suffered a stroke. the drinks not only have high levels of caffeine, but it's also mixed with a secret energy blend. >> most of the items and added benefits they say they're putting in exceed, you know, daily recommended doses of it. and so beyond that, then you add in the proprietary energy blend and you have no idea what you're drinking. >> morgan says they're seeking monetary damages for each of their clients and hopes by suing the company, they can make a change. >> make it to where an individual consumer has that knowledge to say i want to purchase this knowing what's in it or i don't. i think that's the goal. >> in orlando, loren korn, news 6. >> late today, monster sent a statement to news 6 saying, in
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is a copycat case filed by personal injury lawyers trying to make a cottage industry out of suing energy drink companies. monster is confident in the safety of its products and stands by them." >> well, terrifying turbulence at sea means a vacation cut short for thousands of cruise passengers. >> glass shattered and tables overturned, the anthem of the seas is sailing back to new jersey instead off to paradise. the ship hit hurricane-force winds. >> no one was seriously hurt from all the damage and senator bill nelson is asking the national transportation safety board to investigate.
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them when they head back to new jersey. the drive home turned into a nightmare when you see what the roads look like. this is along the jersey shore. the water is running along the street and making it more into an island and high tides and rough surf will continue to impact the east coast throughout tomorrow. we have to deal with our own high surf, not as bad as folks further north are seeing. you can see the winds moving in ahead of the next cold front between 12 and 17 miles per hour. wind gusts up to 25 and 30. we have a wind advisory and gail-force winds up and down the east coast. if you can, stay on shore for the next few days until most of the winds subside. of course, keep up with the cold and storms with the free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> thank you, candace. a close call for a soldier. how he was saved when parachute training went wrong.
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teacher getting results for her students. we were there as a top local charity honored her efforts. >> and a rare sight spotted from sky 6 and by boaters below. why a pair of whales are getting people excited. in just minutes. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> and join us on facebook
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>> you can see the soldier hanging in there. he walked away without a single scratch thanks to firefighters and power crews. it happened near the de land municipal airport this morning. rescuers had to cut power to the
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back to normal now. that was pretty scary. >> yeah. tonight an orange county teacher who gets results for her students is now being recognized for her hard work. >> let's surprise the teacher with the 10 millionth pencil we've ever given away. >> a gift for teaching gave that special pencil to carly kay of lakeville elementary school. she didn't expect the award but tells news 6 pencils are always at the top of the list of what her students need to succeed. >> to have extra pencils, it's something they always go through and need from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, they're always using pencils. it's a great thing to have extra pencils in the classroom. >> news 6 is proud to be a sponsor of a gift for teaching, now in its 18th year, by the way. its mobile-free store is a new way to offer school supplies from the warehouse so the teachers are able to go there and pick out everything they need for their students.
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their own money. >> right. >> they spend so much of their own cash and, lord knows, they do not make enough of it. >> they spend a lot of cash and time that they don't get paid for. >> absolutely. those are the good ones. >> both of our sisters are teachers, so we're going to fight for them. a rare sight was caught on camera late this afternoon on this south end of the space coast. an endangered north atlantic wright whale and her mother were swimming today. whale watchers say the mother is 45-feet long and her calf about 20 feet. florida fish and wildlife kept boats from getting too close from the endangered whales. what an amazing sight. >> it's awesome to see something like that and sky 6 captured it. >> it really is. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. are they looking for warmer water? they're not going to find it around here.
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up in blue springs state park. >> the manatees would be very surprised. >> so would the whale. it would be like, whoa, where did we go, mom? i've got beautiful storm pins to start out the evening. this is from my man ziggy in east palatka. >> that's pretty. >> that's a little heart there, purple haze. >> purple heart by jimmie hen hendricks. >> i love the storm pins this evening. they're beautiful, >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> right now, in daytona beach, the temperature is holding at 60. winds is from the southwest at 13 miles per hour.
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daytona beach if you like it cold. i know there are cold weather lovers out there that really dig this stuff. down to 61 in orlando. melbourne, 61. leesburg, 60. the wind making it feel colder than 60, i really believe. keep in mind, the windchill factor doesn't really kick in until we get into the 40's. you can tell the difference when you step outside and it's this windy. you see the wind coming in, lake butler to stark to high springs there. big time rain, not rocking rolling thunderstorm. by 9:15, it's approaching the villages. by 11:00 tonight, i'll have something to track on radar for you for the 11:00 news cast. i don't think it's going to be super heavy but, again, don't leave your convertible top down outside tonight because it will get wet. 59 in ocala. 60 in sanford. 61 in orlando. wind speeds tonight are really pushing, 14, 15, 20 miles per hour. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome,
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it's going to be really windy and kind of raw all day. here comes the front right there. here's the water vapor loop showing you the dry air behind it that shuts the rain down. the wind for us tonight is wicked and the cold front comes through tomorrow and the temperatures for daytime highs tomorrow will be even colder than they were today. there goes the rain by 11:00, leaving southern brevard county and then we just continue to clear up all the way through the night tonight and into the morning tomorrow. overnight lows tonight, 40's all over. i'll call the low in orlando, 44 degrees. here is your tuesday. it's not going to be super warm. it should be dry. by the afternoon, we struggle to a daytime high getting close to 60. low tomorrow night, 40. low on wednesday night, 39. low on thursday night, 40. so all three of those nights we could have freeze problems to the north in marion county. i'll talk more about that tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you. >> the super bowl wrapped up a little late.
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colbert's live show with some of his out of this world guest. >> did you make a big batch of chili or something? >> we wouldn't make chili because it's not like we can crack a window up here. >> astronaut scott kelly was not the only big name.
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>> gun control, it's a hot-button topic that people are passionate about. the president proposed an executive order requiring universal background checks. we checked to see if one of the strictest counties in florida that is supposed to already have this rule enforces it. our team walked out with a gun, no questions asked. it's an undercover investigation you don't want to miss, tonight at 11:00. >> after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". colbert had a super guest for the super bowl live show. he asked president obama about the big game. >> sir, what was your favorite part of tonight's game?
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team sealed the deal with the touchdown, thanks to the guy that was really good. >> sir, that's incredibly vague. are you sure you watched the game? >> well, look, you caught me. this is not actually live. this is a pre-tape we shot last week. >> sir, with all due respect, i've made a big deal this is a live show tonight. i find it hard to believe you're pre-taped. >> all right. i'm going to prove it to you. come on out here. >> hey, man. good luck with the live show. that's a lot of pressure. glad i'm not you. >> you think? >> okay, i stand corrected. let me get this straight. you don't even know who won the game, sir? >> i didn't say that. of course i do. it was the denver broncos. >> what? it was a pre-tape. how could you possibly know that? >> stephen, i'm the president. it turns out all the super bowl
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are written on the back of the constitution. >> i'm going to need that ball back. >> absolutely. get ready. i'm going to put some muster on this one. ooh, uh-oh. >> come on. >> excuse me. who is throwing a football in the white house? >> tonight colbert welcomes bill o'reilly. >> i missed it last night. i was fast asleep. 7:00. >> "inside edition" is coming up next.
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