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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> we are going to make america greater, maybe greater than before. >> votes in the polls in the first primary in the country. plus -- >> i was terrified. to hear her screaming like that, it was the scaryiest moment of my life. >> a mother is calling for
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into her car and takes off while her 3-month-old daughter was in the back seat. >> step outside and you'll feel it. some places in the 30's. right now, watches and warnings are in place. we start in the pinpoint center. >> we are joined by meteorologist troy bridges who told us yesterday, it is going to be freeze warnings. >> we had that in effect for our northern zones. that is until 9:00, a freeze watch in effect for sumter county. we are cold in northern sections, even here in orange county. we'll show you, the freeze warning does mean temperatures at or below freezing for several hours. we have to get through this morning driver to work before things warm up a little bit. 37 at palm coast. 44 in melbourne. look at this, we are at 55 degrees at noon and then gradually getting up to 59 by
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not even reaching 60 for the afternoon high. when you factor in the breeze, it will feel like the 40's and the 50's most of today. we will be windy with winds gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. we'll be dry, we'll talk about when you can expect a warm up straight ahead. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> thank you very much. good morning to you at home. we have a very smooth ride for you under way if you are getting ready to head out the door, across the areament this is a live check outside at i-4 moving past maitland boulevard. these are eastbound cars traveling away from you. no reported incidents or accident or construction to slow you down. all areas take a sneak peek, you are fine. that's your check on traffic. we'll go back to you. >> thanks so much. a big night in election 2016, a big win for two candidates vying for the title of president. >> donald trump and bernie
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of the ballots were counted in the new hampshire primary. after a fifth place finish, florida senator marco rubio has a specific message for voters. what was that mess snaj. >> after a disappointing debate performance on saturday, rubio promised to never let that happen again. a landslide victory for bernie sanders. on the republican side, a double digit win for donald trump. kasich broke away from the pack for second place finish. >> we are going now to south carolina. we are going to win in south carolina. >> after a big win, donald trump sets his sights on next week's primary. the victory in new hampshire with nearly 20 points in front of surprise second place finisher john kasich. >> if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> the real winner is the conservative grass roots.
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three, it was disappointment for marco rubio, a fifth place finish after a heavily criticized debate performance over the weekend. >> i want you to understand something, the disappointment is not on you. it is on me. i did not -- i did not do well on saturday night. listen to this, that will never happen again. >> on the democratic side, it was bernie sanders riding a wave of support from young voters. >> with voters in new hampshire confirm tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> in her concession speech, hillary clinton said while the loss is disappointing, her focus remains the same. >> it is not whether you get knocked down that matters. it is whether you get back up. >> clinton and sanders will take the stage tomorrow night in wisconsin. the next primary will be february 20 in nevada, the same
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their candidate in south carolina. >> we are just five weeks away from florida's primary. if you haven't registered to vote, the deadline is coming up next tuesday, february 16. to vote in a primary, you must be registered with one of florida's political parties. if you registered as non-partisan, you cannot cast a ballot on march 15. >> a mother is working to get results after a driver crashed into her car and didn't even bother to stop. you can see the damage right here. what is worse, that driver t-boned her car while her infant was in the back seat. she wants the person responsible to come forward. forward. >> that mom erica williams did not waste any time. she took to facebook to write about what happened.
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police immediately. >> this banged up car is what is left over after a driver hit erica williams car. williams shaken up, holds back tears she remembers the scary 3-month-old baby. >> i was terrified. to hear her screaming like that, it was -- it was literally like the scariest moment of my life. >> williams said she was t boned on 192 and 24th street on monday. >> i saw him and he was stopped. all of a sudden, i feel the bang pretty much and hear it. then i spun around. >> when she got out, all she could think about was her baby girl. the baby car seat was pushed over on its side. >> the pillars pushed into the car. some of their bumper is still on there. thank god i strapped her in ok.
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driver that left williams shaken up. she believes the driver is in a maroon nissan and she said she won't stop spreading the word until the driver is found. >> that is horrible what they did. even without an infant, how can you hit someone, not know if they are ok and tick off like that. >> detectives tell us there is surveillance video from stores mountain area that captured the crash. they are hoping to use that to identify the driver and the car that the person was driving. >> johnny, thank you. >> we could know as early as today what caused a water main break in etonville sending water all over the place. this was last night. the road was shut down for several hours overnight while crews tried to fix this problem. we haven't been told about boil water alerts in the area. >> in seminole county, a bust in a string of car burglaries and
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one of the victims, deputies were able to get results. it was this stolen gift card that helped deputies track down robert conner and 21-year-old tyler johnson. the victim said the cards used at the gas station. when deputies looked at the surveillance footage, they spotted the crook. we are told the pair hit up at least six cars in the oviedo division. >> students head back to class. this is one day after a teen was arrested for bringing a gun to campus. at one point the school was put on lockdown. this video posted to twitter comes from a classroom inside wachovia high school so you can see deputies taking a 17-year-old student out of that classroom. we had to blur his face because adult. school leaders say a classmate saw this gun and let officials know. >> in just a couple of hours from now, police will be out in full force cracking down on drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians.
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department will be at several cross walks today looking for drivers who don't stop to let people cross. this is all part of operation called best foot forward. drivers caught violating the law could face a fine of up to $164. you don't want to get that. we have been telling you about temperatures taking a tumble. >> our radio partners are giving you a chance to get results and keep others warm. they are holding a blanket drive. drop off locations is on turkey lake road and aloma. you can trop off blankets, gloves and coats between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. in return, you'll get a free medium cup of coffee and tickets to the downtown food and wine fest and this is while supplies last. >> always a good reason to pay it forward. >> troy bridges is in the pinpoint weather center. you are talking about freezing
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>> we need those jackets. dana, adam and jay, love to do the weather with them. if you tune in, you can hear that. we are talking about cold air. as we show you the live view in high definition over downtown orlando, we are at 47 degrees and it feels a little cooler, like 42 because of the winds coming in out of the north and northwest, near 15 miles an hour at times. look, it is below freezing in ocala. we are at 39 at daytona beach. 44 in melbourne. a cold start, feeling colder in spots. it feels like 42 in orlando. the bus stop chilly all day long with the breeze only getting up to 59 at 3:00. make sure the kids are bundle up as they head out the door. coming up, a warmup. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. what is happening? >> we have a couple of things happening right now, troy, thank you very much.
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coming in on obt as you make your way by shader road. watch out for that. minimal issues getting around it. combeth reports that is out there. reports of a crash on maple forest drive to watch out for. general road travel, not going to be an issue. a live look outside, beautiful conditions under way along i-4. this happens to be by para avenue. these eastbound cars, the ones moving away from you. i'll send things back to you. >> 5:41 on your wednesday morning, good news for walt disney world. >> the company is getting good financial news. what records were broken in the first quarter. >> new developments surrounding the fight against the zika virus.
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with snap beans and strawberry parfait. from dinner to dessert it's easy to serve scrumptious florida meals. visit for tasty recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. >> >> the power 93 team guyeding us through, who is up for album of the year, we have alabama shake, chris stapleton, taylor swift who is no longer country i'm told and the weekend, big selection. what do you think?
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stapleton come out of nowhere. the weekend had a great year. leading the nominations right now with the grammys. >> i'm thinking taylor swift with her album 1989, that was her transition and that album was incredible. >> lots of good choices and next time, when we join you, we'll talk about the song of the year with our morning team. we'll see you then. >> it is safe to say the grammys will be exciting. >> you can catch all the action from music's biggest night from news 6. the 58th annual grammy awards will take place next monday. mark your calendar. i hate when i miss these things. february 15 at 8:00. you can see it live on cbs. don't forget to weigh in on who you think will take this year's top awards by heading to our
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>> new developments surrounding the fight for the zika virus. the centers for disease control and prevention will be in capitol hill testifying before a committee. this comes as lawmakers want to know more about the dangers of the illness and what can be done to fight it. currently there are 16 cases of the virus in florida and one in our area. that's the same number as earlier in the week, meaning no new cases have been detected since monday. governor rick scott says so far the cdc has sent testing kits to the state. the virus can spread through mosquitos. it pose it is biggest risk to pregnant women and their unborn babies. >> a big boost for disney's bottom line. the company made more money in the past three months than any other quarter in its history. the reason, two words, "star wars." could you guess it. the force awakens, studio profits jumped 86% to over a billion dollars.
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disney land broke records despite higher ticket prices. when it comes to the company cruise line, another win. it had its best quarter despite four of its ships being docked for upgrades. >> a california man is pulled from an outdoor vending stand after being trapped inside for four days. you can see officers pulling him out to safety in this picture. the man was putting newspapers into the vending stand when he somehow locked himself inside without food or water. this guy was trapped until someone heard him calling for help monday afternoon. outside that, he will be ok. >> a man is making a name for himself for what he is rapping. >> i think we missed part of it.
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>> that was good. he has dance moves. when he is not teaching, he can be caught on a bench near his classroom. he has his own hash tag and music videos. the rapping professor says he does it to help inspire others. >> very cool. >> he has authored three books and credits students for getting him into the rapping game. >> we have wrapping professors. >> we have editors to allow that story the breathe a little bit. >> that was cool. we love teachers. we are talking about cold air
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tomorrow morning. it will be chilly before the weekend. that's the good news. the weekend will be warmer. that is what we want to hear. here's the weather story, freeze warnings in effect for our northern counties, marion and flagler county. breezy, windy conditions but cool. a lot of sunshine gradually getting us into the upper 50's. that will be it for an afternoon high. brilt weekend, we'll reach 70 by saturday. sunday, which is valentine's day, another cool blast. >> freeze warning in effect for flagler and marion county. a freeze watch in sumter county. that will be in effect through 9:00. meaning temperatures will be close to freezing. we'll likely be at or below freezing for several hours in marion county and in flagler county. ocala at 30 degrees below freezing right now. we are at 36 in the villages. 47 in orlando.
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it is 43 at new smyrna beach. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky over central florida, blue sky, sunshine, a few clouds here and there, gradually getting to 55 at noon. only warming by 4:00 to 59 degrees. most of today with a breeze, it will feel like the 30's and 40's. into to want, staying dry. temperatures dropping off, there's 10:00 down 46 degrees. we'll be chilly into the evening hours. we normally show the clouds and rain forecast. we'll p cloud free with a lot of sunshine today. without clouds overnight tonight, to act as a blanket. 55 in ocala.
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daytona beach getting up to 57. 59 in melbourne. 33 in the villages. 33 in palm coast. 37 in orlando. bundle up tomorrow morning, tomorrow through the day, a rebound. getting up to 63. look at 72. 70 on saturday. valentine's day. another cool down, snuggle weather. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. not a bad looking forecast. work, school, wherever you are going. we have a couple of issues. right now, everything is fine on the majors. clearing construction here over on the eastbound side of i-4 by
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just a little bit north of shader road. keep that in mind. drive times not being impacted again by anything out there. if you are hitting the expressway, good holmes road over to john young, really six minutes, westbound traveling just as nice. nice. >> it is 5:52, a recall involving those lamps sold at ikea. find out why customers are being told to return ceiling lights. >> a check of the big stories of the day, including a call for justice by a local mother. a woman asking a hit and run driver to turn him or herself in. now she is using social media to help get results.
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>> let's get a check on your big stories. grab that coat as parts of central florida are waking up to freeze warnings. troy bridges is pinpointing those temperatures and he'll
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minutes. >> police continue their search for a hit and run driver that t boned a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. luckily both of them are doing ok. deputies are looking at surveillance footage for clues. >> if you find yourself sniffling, sneezing and coughing. we have some right here in the studio. >> local doctors say they are seeing a spike in cold and flu numbers. what you can do to protect your family? developments surrounding a shooting at a nightclub.
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