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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the situation would scare
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cruise passengers originally headed to florida have returned to new jersey after a bad storm damage is their ship . after weeks of delays, a long the tour starts tonight. we will show you what the 1792 closure means for you and how f.cruiser making sure businesses are not affected. thank you for joining us. david hall. we love the story shortly. it's a cold morning. check out the beautiful time from earlier this morning. this is the city camera overlooking downtown orlando. don't let the sunshine for you. the cold temperatures are not gone yet. troy bridges has the forecast. >> we started out in the 20s this morning. marion county had freeze warnings and frost advisories. we are enjoying a bit of a warm-up now and we are seeing the sunshine. here's the live you at daytona beach. don't see a cloud out there! the sun will help us through the day .
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and you can see some folks out and about needing a jacket. we are 60b0 at daytona beach income wins now. this morning it was brutal at 28b0 in ocala. 34b0 at 35 this morning in orlando. it's remounting nicely. keep in mind an average high is 73. we will still be below that. we are at 59 right now in orlando and 61 ocala. 59 at new smyrna beach and into 65b0. chances. we talk about the 70s and how long you can expect to see that weekend >> i am excited for the 70s. you can get the latest weather
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searching wkmg in the app store. in orlando mom said she is tired of drivers breaking the law as her daughter gets on and off the school bus. we are giving her some backup . we told you about the yesterday at 5:30 p.m.. his mom showed us this video initial cars driving past the school bus lately ignoring the flashing stop sign. the cars nearly hits her daughter. we scald called the school district to see if they knew about the problem and they said they did not. mark lehman went back to the street in the metrowest area and shows us how we are getting results for the entire neighborhood. children can face here at this too. they are thankful the report is getting results >> it's amazing that happen that fast >> angie rose says it's a relief to see the welcome site >> your drivers license and registration. >> we saw this yesterday
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four problems are occurring so we can address them >> officers were watching things to our report. no getting results awesome! we completely got results. >> known was caught passing school bus but they say they will continue to keep an eye on the bus stop . they say further enforcement might be necessary in an effort to keep children safe. >> orlando police if you catch drivers passing buses illegally you should call the traffic
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the number is on the bottom of the screen. go online to powered by news 6. police say they arrested a man wanted for attempted murder from last november. to detectives b this man road past the victim's home on his icicle. that's what witnesses said he rode away. they just got a tip that he was staying and his mother's apartment. they were able to arrest him right there. investigators are working to figure out will cause an early morning fire at a bar in volusia county. the flames were reported around 7:00 this morning at the volcano lounge. it's near drake terrace. it's off of i4. we are still working now to figure out if anyone was inside when the fire started. at this point, police say they are not sure what caused the situation. it's election 2016. season gets into full swing. the democratic presidents are getting ready to face out tonight. bernie sanders and hillary
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in wisconsin on pbs as they both work for more support among african-american voters. the wall street journal poll shows sanders with just 70% support among black voters. this is compared to 74% for clinton. all the democrats face tumor contest this month in the caucus in the south carolina primary. those are followed by super tuesday on march 1 when more than a dozen states hold primaries. on the republican side b the field is getting smaller. carly fiorina and chris christie have ended their campaigns. after weeks of long delays b the road closure is finally ready to start by shutting down the stretch of highway has drivers worried. grew say they have made sure they can still get to businesses. kiersten o'connell joins us from 1792 in orange county >> construction work has started here underneath the railroad bridge but by 7:00 tonight b not see any cars driving in these lanes >> there's a lot of traffic
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>> tonight begins a three-day closure on 1792. that's after bad weather caused a project delay in january. the florida department of transportation will work in the southbound lanes to replace concrete slabs with asphalt. detours leave drivers from lake avenue to wymore road and back around the construction site. some drivers are feeling the impact. already the time because they say they have added signs around the site saying business access is open after some expressed concern about the closure happening over valentine's day weekend. they assured us drivers will be able to get to restaurants and shops using sidestreets. some drivers say they are steering clear or not b it's not comfortable but i use them to get home and work. it's just to avoid 79 >> others say they will have
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inconvenience >> i have to go out of my way >> drivers will take this road , lee road as a get back on 217 92. the southbound lanes will be back open at 6:00 am on monday. >> the same detour will be set up next weekend at 1792 on friday the 19th.crews will be ou out today to finish repairing the ground and rode around where the break happen. city leaders say the road is expected to reopen next time today. they are reminding homeowners and neighbors in the area that the boil water advisory is still in effect until further notice. country. the state of florida steps up its fight . health workers from across the state are going to be on a special conference call with the cdc. rick scott made the announcement yesterday. the call will focus on doctors
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pregnant women. that's because the virus , which is spread by mosquitoes, defects. the government and healthcare workers say the call will give them new resources in fighting the virus. senate committee host a special hearing on the cut. consider obama's request for 1.8 billion, the fast-track th the zeke of x scene. it was something out of a nightmare. a cruise gone wrong. the passengers are finally back home after being tossed around on very stormy seas. the story is coming up in two minutes. are you sick of tiny airplane seats? we show you how one lawmaker is
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lawmakers are calling for an investigation into royal caribbean. this is after one of the ship sailed into the path of a dangerous storm over the weekend. the luxury cruise liner returned to the home port in new jersey late last night following the nightmare trip . 200,000 ton set sail for the bahamas last week and there was supposed to be a stop here in florida. a winter storm put the passengers on lockdown tossing the ship around at 100 mile-per-hour winds. will caribbean decided to turn the ship around and go back home after the storm caused parts of the ceiling to collapse. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the graph glass. my mom was okay and my brothers and sisters were distraught. they opened up the minibar >> it's a scary situation. reps say they are reviewing the storm policy to make sure it does not happen again. before they can head out again this weekend b the coast guard will check it out to make sure it's all good.
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get a full refund and a certificate with half off any future crews. staffers at a college in pennsylvania are trying to figure out what made more than 100 students ill. symptoms started late last night. at this point b school officials say they don't know what caused the outbreak . staffers say most of them had dirty dinner that night at a campus dining hall. the dining hall has been closed while chris clean it. let's look at downtown orlando. it's gorgeous! don't let the sunshine for you. it's chilly outside >> it's a little bit cool.
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earl early at 28b0 in ocala. 86b0 in leesburg and 35 in orlando. 37 melbourne. what a cold start . with the sun , we rebounded to near 60b0 in many spots. 59b0 orlando and it still florida for a light jacket for the next few hours. we were not nicely in the mid-60s through the afternoon. 61b0 right now in ocala and 59 in palm coast. 58 at coco beach. here's a look at the pinpoint
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>> noticed the sky over downtown orlando. we make it up to 65b0 by 3:00 today and it's not nearly as chilly as it was yesterday where we had the wind in the temperatures in the 50s. it feels, at times, like 40s. we will take what we can get . tonight, if you plan to head out on the town b it's clear skies and heading down to 56b0. and i:00 were at 54b0 so it's a cool night and it's chilly enough for the jacket. we won't be dealing with a lot of wind overnight tonight and early tomorrow. windchill. here is the clouds and rain forecast. we always point out the clock. we count you through the afternoon and evening. there is 5:00 and 8:00 tonight. we house with white on the screen. don't see most of that. the rain will stay well to the north by 3:00 in the afternoon on friday b more of the same
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beautiful friday afternoon. late in the day there's a few additional clouds and late at night the clouds will act as a bit of a blanket and helping keep temperatures more comfortable than we have seen. tomorrow , 43b0 in ocala and 46 in orlando. 45b0 early tomorrow for daytona beach. cool enough for the jacket but not cold like we saw this morning. no frost advisories or freeze warnings. there is your friday afternoon b a 274b0 for the average high. the average is 73b0 and will be tomorrow. here's the weekend b saturday of 70b0. 65 on sunday and a new front moves incoming and dry. rain chances are out of the picture we see a high of 65 on valentine's day on sunday. presidents' day is on monday with a high of 73 and rain chances returning at 30%.
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who do have a long weekend into monday but it won't be a saturday >> perfect for volleyball >> i know you will do it >> yes i will! eagles will remember glenn frey with a salute to the singer. his former bandmates will be joined by jackson brown who cowrote the first hit b take it easy. he was a cowriter on many of the eagles other hits including best of my love , lying eyes and hotel california. you can catch it live coming up on monday night. it's tax season. the irs is recording a big problem. we will tell you whether your information was put at risk. here is a look at how stocks are doing now on wall street on this thursday. not looking good . dow is in the red 320 points. nasdaq is in the red at 48
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th they are using information they stole from the irs website. 460,000 social security numbers were used from outside the irs
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detectives say that these were trying to generate pin numbers that could be used to file fraudulent tax returns. the irs officials say they are notifying the taxpayers who become the dems but they do clarify that no personal data from the irs was ever compromised during the hack. >> subaru is issuing a new recall that affects more than 82,000 tribeca suvs made between 2006 b 2014. this centers around reports that the hood could fly open while you are driving. subaru reps say no injuries car is the fact did , you should take it to the dealer to get it fixed. new reports say travelers are tickets. the transportation department say domestic airfares have dropped to a six-year low. year. the average price of a trip right now is $372. experts a big part of the drop is the expansion of low-cost
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costs for jet fuel. congressman says he is sick of airlines trying to fit more people on planes by making the seat smaller. he is piloting a new bill that would establish minimum standards limiting how small be. he says it's not about safety. it's unclear whether overcrowded planes can be vacuumed and evacuated safely. this is a move that would drive the plane ticket prices back down. we we will find out why these little guys are so much more than just a visitor attraction.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. the zoo and australia celebrated
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you have to check it out .this breed is endangered. experts say the cubs, the boy and the girl, carry genetic value with the breeding program. >> they are too young to go on public display. they are expected to be out for visitors as early as next month . right now, they are still searching for names for the new cubs. how about david for the boy >> lions and tigers and bears b oh my! >> you have to watch out when they get older. david i know you have plans >> enjoy the outdoors.
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getting up to 65b0 by 3:00 the average high as 73. will still be below the average into tonight with another chilly night . not as cold. you will be at 54b0 i 11:00. no frost in the 20s. we will be in the 40s and we will take it at 43. in ocala that 28b0 this morning. 46 in orlando and 47 leesburg area 45b0 in daytona beach and 44b0 in melbourne. at about the next seven days. we pinpointed temperatures warming up , finally. it's a lot of sunshine close to where we should be. saturday in the mid-60s again on valentine's day , sunday. thank you, troy. remember, we always rake news on powered by centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. with advanced features
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