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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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shooting are booked into jail. what we have learned about their charges and questions left unanswered by police. >> students injured after a bus crash at universal. what park r eps say the driver was doing seconds before the accident. >> a disturbing find in the woods. we are live as human remains are found by a busy road. >> i'm david hall. >> thank you for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. troy and aim are helping us get weekend. >> we are going easy on the roads. a closer look in a few seconds. >> we'll be dry. we'll start off cool. we'll see a warm up into the afternoon. get ready for temperatures approaching 80. it will be hot. it won't be cold. news. as we show you a live look, especially in downtown on our major roadways.
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we'll check in throughout the morning on that. you can see conditions, cool to start. north winds for now, bringing in that cooler air. you'll need a jacket heading out the door. 52 from that vantage point. later today, a wind shift bringing onshore clouds. you'll see more clouds today than yesterday. it is 65 in melbourne. helping you plan the rest of today. 72 at noon. 75 at 4:00. coming up, we'll take you through the weekend to talk about the heat opt way. let's head back to amy in the traffic center. >> taking a look at our map which shows our incidents and our accidents. just some standard construction which is in the process of picking up. i see no breaks of red or orange showing you you are on time. drive times are reflecting that. we are off to a great start on
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that is your check on traffic. david and bridgett, back to you. >> the two people arrested many connection with a mas shooting in orlando are booked into jail. for one of them, it is a second arrest in this case. the shooting earlier this month left two people dead and nearly a dozen others injured. >> neither one of the suspects are being charged with murder. kirsten, there are many questions about their alleged involvement in all this. >> questions we are working to get answered. two men are dead. the big question is why neither one of those men is being charged with murder. >> jose is back in handcuffs, in connection with the deadly shooting that turned a nightclub filled with 300 people into a crime scene. he was arrested minutes after the shooting after admitting to
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that was not released into the media until days later when he already bonded out of jail. now he facing new charges of shooting into a structure. louise cruz is the second man arrested in the shooting, charged with aggravated assault, illegally carrying a concealed weapon and a whole list of charges. hours after the shooting, police said the nightclub had measures in place. >> they had three extra officers working. >> the police chief admitted there was a problem with that system. >> they have security measures in place. either those measures had lapses or the security staff was not properly trained. >> police will not say if they are looking for any other suspects. >> when a senseless act like this occurs, we do not rest million those people are brought
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>> we did some digging into that second man arrested, louise cruz and we found out he was on bond after heroin trafficking, facing charges and already out on bond. he will be back in court today. we'll have updates on this developing story on our website,, powered by news 6. >> also developing this friday morning. searchers will return to these woods and it is after a disturbing discovery. a surveyor came across the remains off an area of international peedway boulevard between deland and daytona beach and this is near the volusia county jail. mark lehman is there live. the remains were found pretty close to a busy road. what more have you learned? >> not far away. many drivers had to slow down while driving by the investigation. >> behind me, this is international speedway boulevard. just about 30 feet from the roadway.
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is where the remains were found. se several investigators were focusing on thick woods, a swampy area close to the jail. deputies say they were called to the discovery around the 12:45 after a surveyor found what appeared to be a piece of a skull. investigators spent the several hours surrounding the area for additional bones or anything to help them i'd pi who the bones belonged to and that's the big question. as we come back live. deputies say they don't know who the person is who died, if it is a man or woman or how old they are. that's something they are hoping to get answers to. coming up at 5:30, i'll tell you about local high profile cases here in volusia county that have some wondering if there is a possible connection. >> still a lot of questions there. happening today, the man at the center of one high profile murder case will be back in court louis toledo's lawyers are demanding a speedy trial.
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wife and her two children back in 2013 the. the trial was supposed to start last month but it was put on hold until the state's death penalty was ruled unconstitutional. >> we are working to find out why a bus driver was going the wrong way inside a universal orlando parking garage that caused a crash that sent several to the hospital. the bus was going up the wrong way inside one of those garages when it hit a concrete beam. 13 teens on the bus and eight were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the bus belongs to a private company but universal won't tell us which one. >> a search for a missing newborn didn't turn up any clues in the case. we watched as crews used a camera to search 600 feet of sewer pipe. they have a tv monitor on board the truck so they can see what the truck picks up. so far, no signs of baby willow.
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birth to the baby at the willow bend apartments. she won't say what happened to the baby. richardson is still being held on child neglect and deserring charges. >> thousands of people will pay their final respects to supreme court justice scalia. th the president has faced criticism for not planning to attend the funeral tomorrow. >> he is going to cuba but somehow obama can't find the time to go to justice scalia's funeral. >> what the president thinks is appropriate is respectfully paying tribute to high profile peat yotic citizens even when you don't agree on the issues. >> the 79-year-old died of natural causes. harry reid expects the president to announce a replacement nomination in about two weeks. >> state lawmakers say they have
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death penalty system that would allow executions to resume. the florida house overwhelmingly passed a death pebblety bill that would require at least 10 to 12 jurors to recommend execution for it to be imposed. the senate is expected to sdmrchlg the bill soon. florida's law was ruled unconstitutional because it gave judges too much power. >> downtown got a slice of hollywood last night. >> the red carpet was rolled out for the open of wahl wahl wahlbergers wahlbergers. some lined up as early as 6:00 in the morning for this. the brothers say they are excited to open their newest location in the heart of the city beautiful. >> we actually lived in orlando for a bit. it is great. there is so much to do.
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know if they are coming to florida, they should come to orlando and they should come downtown and they should go to wahlbergers. >> if you want to see the full interview with the wahlberger facebook page. competition. >> this weekend, it is going to be perfect to get the burger and then xer run it off. >> did you see candace had a cool picture? a lot of folks out and about for that. a good weekend to enjoy. maybe they have outdoor seating there? i hope so. we'll have some spectacular weather. starting off this morning cool. we are at 52. 65, milder right there in melbourne. leesburg and lake county at 50 degrees. we'll see the winds out of the east, bringing it onshore a few more clouds.
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cooler north and west. short sleeves in order today although we'll see additional clouds. coming up, we'll talk about whether you can expect rain. there will be a minimal chance across parts of florida when that happens straight ahead. let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. it is friday. >> it is. >> i completely agree. so far that is what we are seeing, even with the construction going on which is in the process of picking up. no delays getting past. i-4 westbound, st. john's river, 19 minutes. eastbound osceola parkway to colonial, only 18 minutes. really a very nice ride under way, getting past any construction. taking a live look outside on the beachline by that toll plaza. a nice easy smooth move as you make your way through in either direction. that's your check on traffic. >> still ahead, a shakeup when it comes to marijuana.
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considering the criminal act in the drug. >> he is no stranger to controversy but donald trump finds himself in a war of words with the pope of all people. why the gop hopeful is softening his stance. >> a helicopter crashes into the water. how a man sprung into action to
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protect carpet. why? incredibly durable and stain resistant. that's why they call it master it's... i got it. now get free basic installation with purchase of stainmaster carpet and pad, at lowe's. >> a helicopter filled with passengers loses control and slams into the water. >> this morning, we now know one known local attorney john morgan witnessed that. he is talking only to news 6 about this incredible sight he saw. johnny is live with more on this. morgan is on vacation when he saw this. >> that's right. morgan was with his tour guide when the helicopter lost control. if it wasn't for the tour guide's quick thinking, this may
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>> it looked like the scene of a hollywood movie. watch as this helicopter loses control and crashes near pearl harbor. >> the main reporter spins. i said, that's a helicopter. >> with five people inside. chris gardner wasn't too far away. he was taking john morgan on a tour when the accident happened. he quickly took action. >> we took turns with the knife. i cut my finger, trying to slice the seat belt. >> gardener's previous training as a life guard and surfing champ helped him trap the 16-year-old. >> i regret we didn't get him out faster. it seemed like a long time.
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shows people taken out on stretchers. gardner and the second hero are shown resting after the rescue. we know the 16-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition. the four other people hurt are expected to be ok. >> we spoke with our helicopter pilot. he flies a similar helicopter like the one involved in the crash. he says in emergency situations, you only have seconds to react and if the pilot would have swayed feet away into the rocks, the crash could have been deadly. >> with just one day to go before the south carolina primary, donald trump is in the middle of a new controversy. this time with the pope. but this morning, trump is softening his stance on the holy father. >> i have a lot of respect for the pope. i think he has a lot of personality. i think he was misinterpreted. i think he was given false information. >> trump initially went off on the pope after pope francis said
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building walls and in the of building bridges is not christian. several other candidates have awayinged in including the marco rubio saying the u.s. and the vet can have a right to protect their borders. >> we know the names of the two men involved in a shooting. we brought you the story on breaking news yesterday. detectives say 46-year-old frank leroy freeman and jordan dejuan were found dead off fairbanks avenue. winter park police are not releasing any other information about what may have caused the violence. they only say they are not looking for any suspects. >> with medical marijuana heading back to the ballot, another city is considering changing the way they handle people caught with pot. tampa is considering decriminalizing marijuana for people caught with 20 grams or less. instead of jail offenders would face fines starting at $75. if a person get more than four
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to court. court. >> the holiday season may be over with but this morning a young girl's gift to her older brother is going viral. >> their exchange was caught on camera. >> are you crying? because i am. am. >> why are you crying? >> i think he is happy. >> are you happy crying? >> that is the sweetest thing i have seen in a long time. >> adorable 6-year-old abigail decided to surprise her brother with a hamster. daniel had been doing extra chores to save up for the hamster and in order to surprise him, she pooled in her money for
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>> he will never forget that moment. >> they love each other. that's a good family right there. are you crying because i am. that got to me. don't look too close. let's show you what we are dealing with today. we'll be a little chilly to start. through the day, we'll warm nicely. we'll get up there into the weekend. here's the daytona 500 official forecast as we skip to sunday for you. 54 at 8:00 in the morning on sunday. the race starts at 1:00 in the afternoon. we'll be at 71 then. look at the big warmup. starting off cool on sunday morning, enough for a jacket for the 500 and then warming nicely. you won't need a jacket through the day. by 5:00 on sunday, a pleasant evening shaping up. temperatures in the low 70's at 72 degrees. looking good. no rain chances for the 500. here's the weather story as we take you through the next couple of days. chilly this morning, starting off once again in the 40's and
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mostly sunny skies will help to warm us into the 70's close to where we should be. by the weekend, some areas reaching near 80 degrees, not the coastal areas where we have the big race but inland will get close to the 80 degree mark. we'll talk about it in the planning forecast. we are at 46 in ocala. right now, it is 55 in sanford. 53 in daytona beach. 65 in melbourne. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> we take you through the day, there will be a few changes, there is going to be a shift in the wind. it is coming in out of the east. that's mainly an onshore wind bringing moisture onshore from the ocean. not in the form of rain but in the form of additional clouds. we'll start with a lot of sun and then we'll see more clouds building in. 75 will be the high at 4:00 with a little bit of a breeze out of the east and then onthrough tonight, 60 by 9:00. 58 at 11:00. cool enough for a light jacket heading out and about.
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the green indicating one or two rain drops, not a lot, just along the coast. rain is not a factor for today, even for coastal areas, at 5:00. the white showing the clouds with the winds out of the east, moving onshore. we'll see a few clouds along the coast tonight. without clouds in place overnight, temperatures will drop just a little bit. we'll be at 74 this afternoon in the villages. cocoa beach at 72. sanford at 73 for the afternoon high. there's the weekend in red. saturday up to 76. 77 approaching 80 in spots on sunday. of course, the daytona 500 along the coast will be in the low 70's. 72 in daytona beach. 79 on monday and rain returns on tuesday. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. it is friday. i can't think of anything that could cause any issues. >> i can think of a few things. drivers certainly do help and right now, very happy to say we don't have a lot going on on your friday morning, just some
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a lot of these are picking up very, very quickly. all them are passable. most areas will notice absolutely nothing going wrong. no breaks of red to indicate any delays. average speeds look fantastic. still very dark outside. as you can see, i-4 moving past lake mary very nice, quiet start under way. eastbound cars, the ones traveling away from you. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> it is 5:22. still ahead, could your car play a role in how often you get pulled over. >> we take a look add top ticket magnet car. plus we are less than 24 hours away from primary day. we'll show you what candidates are doing to push for last
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>> a flashy sports car could end up getting you the wrong kind of attention.
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cars that are ticket magnets. the most ticketed car is the lexus es 300 followed by the dodge charger. the least ticketed cars, the buick encore, lexus 350 and acura ilx. the company stresses, it is the driver not the car that gets the ticket. says it is interesting to see which models attract the most attention. >> airlines get a fourth of their revenue from fees. the top fee is for baggage. the other money makers are the cost to charge or change a ticket. consumers paid $3 billion in flight cancellations or changed fees in 2015. that's triple what they paid for in 2007. a mystery developing in volusia county. >> the disturbing find made. >> plus concerns over a threat
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what we know president violence leading to that shut down. >> more breaking news after two men booked into the jail in the shooting of nearly a dozen people in a local night chubb. you are watching news 6 getting
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>> find out what deputies are expected to do to identify who those remains belong to. >> a school locked down amid fears of violence. why students at one school were told to stay put. good morning, it is 5:30 on your friday. >> good morning. it is the weekend almost. >> almost, almost. >> it is tierm to make plannings. >> as far as geg your morning rolling, not a lot of issues. off to a good start. >> knock on wood. >> absolutely.


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