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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> we are live on the scene of breaking news in orange county. a busy road is blocked. >> history is made at the daytona 500. one driver celebrates a huge victory this morning. good morning. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. hope you had a great weekend. it is 6:00 a.m. >> issues to start the day off with. >> one word -- issues. >> yes. patches of fog. big changes with a front that comes in. in. >> troopers tell news 6 a person is dead after a hit and run crash. this is on orange blossom trail at americana boulevard. mark lehman just got another update.
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>> troopers say this happened while cars were stopped at the intersection behind me. three vehicles were stopped here at obt and americana. that's when the driver came up and plowed into that car. you see the severe damage there to the car. that set off a chain reaction crash. troopers say a driver was driving northbound. came to the intersection, slammed into that car, causing severe damage. troopers say that driver just took off kept going, was eventually caught by the sheriff's office and taken to the hospital, treated for injuries. just a short while ago, i spoke with troopers and asked them if speed could have played a role. this is what they had to say. >> this is a severe impact. when you have a car stopped, you'll have a severe collision. there is a red light camera
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we are hoping to obtain that video. >> there was a red light camera. they will be looking closely at the video. here along orange blossom trail. all northbound lanes are shut down as the cause of the crash remains under investigation. it is causing quite a mess traffic wise for drivers out on the road. for a check on how to get around this accident, here's amy. >> thank you. this is a busy area. this is going to cause issues as you move into your morning drive. we have a closure at the intersection of obt and americana boulevard. the northbound lanes are closed. i recommend sticking with john young parkway. allow a couple of extra minutes. it is going to be busy as you try to make your way along that detour.
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biggest thing we have going on. my live camera, major arteries moving along fine. no issues there. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> outside today, a nice start, so far big changes on the way. >> there is the chance for it to roll in. rain chances increased tomorrow afternoon. today we are dry. you'll want a jacket heading out the door. ocala 50. 5 at palm coast. right now, 58 in leesburg. 57 in melbourne. expect a good bit of cloud cover. even with lots of clouds, we'll warm quickly. we get up to 79 at noon. 82 at 4:00. mainly because of a south wind,
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and only a 20% chance for rain. tomorrow, increasing rain tomorrow. we'll time it perfectly so you know when to expect it. >> we are talking about brevard county after two people found dead inside a home. >> the big question, what happened to them? that discovery was made last night on indian street in a neighborhood east of south courtney highway. that's where we find kirsten this morning. what have you heard are from deputies so far? >> we are working to get more answers from the sheriff's office this morning. all they are telling us at this hour is this is a death investigation. fire and rescue crews did let us know two bodies were found inside this white house you see behind me. the last half-hour, we have been talking with neighbors out here. the next door neighbor came over and told us he heard an argument happening last night before dark
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another neighbor expressed concern about the family who lives in the house saying they live with the girl. >> it was a wonderful family. they were good people. >> we have asked the sheriff's office about that child. they at this point are still refusing to tell us about her condition. we asked how this investigation started, if deputies were called to the scene for a wellness check or if a neighbor reported something suspicious. at this point, investigators are calling this a death investigation. we'll continue to press them for answers. >> breaking news in volusia county. >> that is where police were on the scene after two people were shot. this is an area around washington street. check out the map near u.s. 1 and state road 44. johnny is there live. what have you learned at this point?
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the last five minutes. police cleared the scene behind me. they are heading to the hospital to speak with the two victims to try to get a better picture of what happened. i got word they have -- police have conflicting reports about this shooting. here's what we know so far this morning. police tell me they got a call about a shooting on washington street at about 2:50 this morning. police say two people were transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds. at this moment, it is not clear who is the victim and who is the suspect. police believe they have everyone involved in the shooting and this morning, they tell me that they are not looking for a gunman. we are coming back live. still a number of questions such as the condition of the two people that were shot. if this was an isolated incident or if this was a targeted situation. once i get any new updates, i'll pass that information along to you on air and online.
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suspects after a robbery ends with a man shot outside a restaurant. detectives say they found the victims in the parking lot a few blocks from oakridge high school. the victim was rushed to the hospital and will be ok t. suspect took off in an s.u.v. before they could get there. they are talking to witnesses to try to get a better idea of who they are looking for. we'll let you know as soon as we get new updates. pond. that pond is a couple of blocks from where police say the baby's 30-year-old mother may have given birth a week ago. so far there are no signs of the baby known as willow. crews spent hours digging and the pond. richards will not say what happened to the baby. she remains in the orange county jail.
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information is asked to call police. >> the man at the center of last year's king cobra search is back in the spotlight. kennedy's king cobra grabbed headlines around the country when it escaped his home. fhp said he failed to properly house the snake which led to its escape. the hearing is at 8:45. we'll let you know what happens. >> a mystery is developing in brevard county after a man is found dead at the front door of a melbourne pharmacy. according to our news partners, the body of a 48-year-old homeless man on south babcock street yesterday. police say no obvious signs of trauma were found and a medical examiner is investigating. >> another chapter of the great american race is in the books.
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>> denny hamlin, oh my goodness! >> denny hamlin wins his first daytona 500 bethe closest margin in the history of the race. we have to slow the video down so you can check it out. look at that. my goodness. he inched out dale earnhardt jr. by four inches. >> i have never won anything by four inches. >> it is amazing. >> it has been the most incredible day of my life for sure. i don't ever want to go to sleep, i tell you that. >> you can hear more from denny when he joins david pingalore. >> just a beautiful day yesterday for the race. troy bridges, you called it. >> in the years past, we have
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the rain, the cold weather, none of that this weekend. it was picture perfect. mainly because of the big blue h, the yay of high pressure dominated over the weekend. the area of high pressure is a clockwise flow. the flow around it is is sending in those south warming winds. that's why we can expect 80's for afternoon highs, well ahead of a front that brings rain tomorrow. this morning, cool enough for a jacket. 50 in ocala. 58 in orlando. 62 at cocoa beach. the bus stop looking good and warm at 82 with only a 20% chance for showers. short sleeves in order. coming up, we'll time out the rain. if everyone around you is acting crazy a little bit, i'll tell you why with some of our storm pin photos. it is a full moon. you don't want to miss that. let's check on the roads and check in on amy in the napleton traffic center. amy, big trouble out there. >> yes, we are starting things off on a busy foot, here's what is going on. because of the hit and run
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well traveled stretch of things this morning right in orlando. orange blossom trail at americana remains closed for the northbound lanes. it looks like they are being diverted off of the roadway over by rose boulevard. there are two alternates you want to consider. just allow extra teem. there will be plenty of extra volume going over to those roads with this closure in place. we don't know when it will be reopening. as far as your interstates, better news there. moving along nicely. eastbound cars. westbound moving away. doing ok there at least. bridgett and david, back over to you. >> 6:11 on your monday. still ahead, a central florida airport stepping up efforts in the fight against the zika virus. >> nor developments in the deadly michigan shooting spree. what investigators say happened between one gunman's rampage.
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>> orange blossom trail part of it shut down after a deadly hit and run. one person died and this is at americana. troopers tell news 6 the driver took off but is now in custody in the hospital. >> also breaking news overnight in volusia county where two people have been shot in a new smyrna beach neighborhood. police rushed to the area area. police tell us they are not
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we'll have another live report from the scene at the bottom of the hour. >> in hours, a michigan man arrested in connection to a seven-hour shooting spree will be arraigned in court. >> six people were killed and two others were injured. investigators say the 4r5-year-old uber driver reportedly picked up passengers in between the shootings and even targeted his victims at random. one of dalton's passengers says he gets the chills chiing about his encounter with this accused killer. >> it is crazy to think someone could have gone out and done these horrible things and came in with a straight face. face. >> dalton is a married father of two and has no prior criminal history. uber chief security officer put out a statement saying we are horrified and heart broken at the senseless violence. our hearts and prayers are are
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devastating crime and those recovering from injuries. >> troopers trying to piece together what might have caused a man on a dirt bike to crash into a woman walking on a sidewalk. on saturday the 32-year-old man hit the woman north of silver star road killing them both. drkts are trying to figure out if two dirt bike riders could have been racing. foster's uncle they are trying to find out other dirt bike riders who took off after the crash. >> they are looking for two or three riders because they left him when he got into the accident. >> if you know anything about this story, call florida highway patrol. >> extra security at st. cloud after students return after a big scare. the school was locked down on thursday after two online
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police swept the school. they say nothing dangerous was found. students did not go to class because of a previously scheduled day off. >> after the first case of zika in orange county was reported last friday, orlando international airport crews say they are stepping up efforts to fight the virus. they are passing out educational fliers. the fliers encourage overseas travelers to bring insect repellent and to cover up their clothing. scientists are studying the mosquito born virus' link to birth defects. so far 26 cases have been report in florida. >> russian winters are known for being harsh. >> this morning, swimmers have found a new way to toughen up with chilly temperatures. i don't know if i could do it. they plunged into 41 degree water.
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>> the group says playing in the water tests their physical and mental strength. strength. >> it begs the question why. >> i did research. we have a full moon. that maybe why everyone is acting crazy. crazy. >> let's show you a storm pin photo, one of many coming in today and yesterday from this full moon. ocala, this is all over central florida. edgewater, another one in summer field. here's one in orlando and ot from st. cloud, plenty of shots
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all you have to do is search wkmg, download storm pins and pin your photo of the moon. yes, it is a full moon. here is a live view of the moon. as we show you downtown orlando. a beautiful shot. we have some clouds but at times, the clouds break up just enough to show the moon. 58 and that's what it feels like with calm winds. with calm winds and moisture, we can't rule out patchy fog. earlier we had visibilities reduced at a half mile. so far visibilities are looking good. we are at 50 in ocala. 58 in daytona beach. 57 in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> we like to draw your attention to the sky so you know what to expect. look at the sky, ugly. clouds in place.
6:21 am
even though we'll have clouds, we'll warm quickly to 78 by noon. 82 for the afternoon high today at 4:00 with rain chances only at 20%. rain chances increase a little bit more to 30% tonight from 8:00 through 11:00. it will be mild. in the upper 60's for a good bit of tonight. no big need for a jacket heading out and about. the clouds and rain forecast through the day, showing plenty of clouds working in baucht south wind. the south wind will bring in warm air even though we have clouds. the south wind playing a toll, whatever, you know what i'm trying to say. now you can see to the north more scatter showers through the afternoon tomorrow as we see a front approach. we'll continue with that. today getting up to 81 in sanford. 78 in cocoa beach. 81 tomorrow.
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rain chances increasing to 40% on tuesday. 50% on wednesday. from 82 on wednesday, to a high of only 65 on thursday. a big change with a big cooldown. let's check on the roads now and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. the full moon makes it hard to talk too. >> especially on a monday. >> take a look at this. this deadly hit and run. the northbound side of the roadway. the northbound lanes are closed down, they were diverting them. they were taking them to rose boulevard this morning. we'll get you to the map and take another look at it. we don't know when that will be closed. it has been zup dated to the northbound lanes. i recommend taking john young parkway or south texas avenue as your way around this morning. that is by far the biggest thing. the rest of our roads,
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elsewhere. that is your check on traffic. back now to you. >> it is 6:22, after two big weekend races, presidential hopefuls are focused on what is next. >> there is a possible health benefit of coffee. how it can help your liver
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>> in the health watch this morning, some good news for coffee drinkers. >> it can help prevent a type of liver disease. a medical journal researched nine studies found coffee can lower your risk for alcohol related cirrhosis. but it will never balance out the negative effects of alcohol. >> still to come, we have breaking news coming out of orange county as troopers are on the scene of a deadly hit and run. what we are learning about the driver coming up. and breaking overnight in brevard county, two bodies found inside a home there. what neighbors are saying about the family who lived at the house just ahead. >> first up, breaking news coming out of volusia county as police are investigating a double shooting.
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report coming up next. you are watching news 6 getting results for parramore, pine
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>> a deadly hit and run on a busy road. what we learned about the driver troopers say caused everything. >> breaking overnight in volusia county, two people hurt after a deadly shooting in new smyrna beach. what police are telling us about the search for a suspect. >> a traffic alert for drivers in brevard county as a major detour set to go into effect in just hours will happen. this will last for weeks. it is 6:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> troy and amy are joining us at the table. >> the weekend is over. time to get back to work. >> yes and we have some travel issues on a monday morning. >> we are dealing with patchy fog. a front moving in tomorrow and wednesday bringing some storms and then a cooldown. we'll talk about the timing. >> see you in a bit. we begin this half-hour with breaking news in orange county where highway patrol is on the scene of a deadly hit and run. it is happening at orange blossom trail.
6:31 am
scene all morning. what have you learned about the driver caused of causing all this? >> just within the last half-hour, troopers tell us that driver was caught around the corner from this crash scene. let me show you what is going on behind me as a school bus passes behind me. you can see the vehicles loaded to the tow truck. they are about to be removed from the scene. troopers say a driver plowed into those cars stopped at this intersection. the impact causing severe damage and killing the driver of one of these cars. here's video from when we first arrived on the scene. we are told three cars were stopped at a red light around 3:00 this morning. within warning, troopers say the driver of an acura slammed into one of those cars. that set off a chain reaction crash, killing one driver and injuring the other two. despite the severity, the driver who caused it kept on driving, leaving this horrific scene behind. just a short while ago, we spoke with the man who tells us he heard the impact.
6:32 am
and then like five, 10 seconds later, i heard a boom sound. i said, my god, that's a horrendous scene. >> the site of the accident unbelievable for many this morning. troopers spotted the car that fled from the scene. that driver was taken to the hospital for injuries related to this crash. as we come back live, you can see crews on the scene trying to clear a lot of debris that is left on north orange blossom trail. all northbound lanes remain closed as the investigation is still under way this morning. right now, we are still gathering more information about who the person is who caused this accident and information about the person who died. we'll pass this along to you right here on news 6. >> ok, thanks, mark. as he mentioned, it is impacting the roads. >> let's get to amy for the
6:33 am
>> this is a well traveled stretch. it is closed for the time being on northbound lanes. i wanted to show you the view. let me get out of the way so you can get a look. the lights out there, they are stagnant in the right hand corner. those are the northbound lanes. southbound, fortunately, we are moving. again, that is going to be closed for the time being. we don't have an estimate as to when that should be reopening. what i'll recommend doing, try to get to john young parkway or south texas as your way around and allow a few extra minutes. it is going to get busy with people trying to make their way over to alternate roads. elsewhere, we are moving along without any other issues. a live look at the beachline, fortunately, not a lot happening on the major interstates. that is your check on traffic. now for a check on your forecast, we say good morning to troy bridges. good morning, troy. >> good morning. we are pinpointing some cool air to start this morning. you'll need a jacket heading out the door. it is 50 degrees. flirting with 40's in marion county for ocala.
6:34 am
58 in orlando. and 57 in melbourne. we won't see a ton of sun as clouds continue to increase. that's the picture you can expect into the future as we show you a window into the afternoon. warming to 78 at noon. 82 will be the afternoon high by 4:00 with only a 20% chance for rain this afternoon. coming up, we are pinpoint ago new front. it brings afternoon storms for tuesday and wednesday and some of those storms, bridgett and david could be severe. we are not ruling out the possibility of a couple of tornadoes. that will be tuesday and especially wednesday afternoon. ahead. >> breaking news in volusia county where two people have been found shot. this is happening along washington street at new smyrna beach. you have been talking to police. what are they telling you? >> well, bridgett, this morning they tell me they are getting
6:35 am
shooting that happened here on washington street. i want to get to video that we shot. police tell me they got the call about the shooting at about 2:50 this morning. police say when they arrived, they found two people shot, they were both transported to a local hospital. we also know this morning that police believe to have everyone involved in this shooting. right now, police tell me they are not looking for a gunman. we are coming back live. police say this is an ongoing investigation. they are still trying to piece everything together. once i get new information, i'll pass those updates to you on air and online on >> following nudes overnight from orange county. check out the scene. deputies searching for three suspects outside a restaurant.
6:36 am
far from oakridge high school. deputies say the victim was rushed to the hospital and will be ok but the suspects took off in an s.u.v. before they got to the scene. investigators are trying to figure out if the victim was a target or if the robbery was random. following breaking news from overnight. >> a mystery in meritt island after the bodies of two people were found inside a home. the discover was made last night along indian street. investigators are not saying how the people died or who they are exactly. kirsten o'connor is live there this morning in brevard county. neighbors are talking, right, kirsten? >> reporter: neighbors have come up to talk to us about the family, where two bodies were found. overnight this corner house was covered in crime tape.
6:37 am
mention he did hear what sounded like an argument out in front of the house late last night. investigators were out here. they are pulling out of the neighborhood, they were out into the late hours. all they are telling us is it is a death investigation. we found out two people were found dead inside the home. investigators were out late into the night talking with neighbors who tell us it is a confusing situation. >> all the people we talked to say they are concerned about the little girl. we asked the sheriff's office about the child. they are refusing to tell us about her condition. we are trying to find out from
6:38 am
the house. a neighbor reported some sort of suspicious activity. we'll continue to press them for answers and have updates. >> also this morning, we are getting a look at the man police say opened fire, shooting people there. this is an old mug shot. saturday night, police say he was trying to rob the grocery store when he opened fire. in front of terrified customers. >> we were walking quietly. we went behind the counter and start shooting off. >> police say stevens drove off but was tracked down a few miles away. at last check one of the victims is in critical condition. stevens was taken to the
6:39 am
hospital. >> thousands of drivers in brevard county, it is not just for a couple of hours, we are talking more for man a month. kroo will shut down a stretch from eau gallie to aurora road. the closure is being done so crews can improve drainage. city officials are warning people to be ready for a lot of extra traffic and to leave plenty of extra time. >> we are starting off nice. troy bridges is in the pinpoint weather center helping us get ready for changes that are on the way. >> the fog we'll see will be a little bit of patchy fog, not reducing visibilities. that is the good news. we are pinpointing big changes as this front approaches. you can see it is really not impacting anywhere in florida yet. this front will be edging in through tuesday afternoon, impacting us and sticking around
6:40 am
wednesday afternoon we could have strong to severe storms. that's wednesday, we'll have a couple of days to watch the timing. more warm air with south winds. heeing into the 80's. we are at 50 at ocala. 57 in melbourne. a lot of clouds in place with moisture coming in from the south. we are he'sing up to 82 degrees with a 20% chance for rain. the big story will be the heat at the bus stop. coming up, we'll talk about changes on the way a huge cooldown behind the front on wednesday. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center busy from the very start this morning. >> the issue we are dealing with has been out there since the overnight hours. we are still dealing with the hit and run crash happening right in orlando
6:41 am
americana boulevard, northbound lanes do remain closed again because of the accident. i recommend taking john young parkway or south texas avenue around this morning. they are detouring off. taking alternates, allow a few extra minutes so you can be safe and deal with any inevitable delays because of everybody trying to get to alternates. fortunately, that is the only major crash we have for right now. everything is moving along well. a live look, i-4 by kirkman, eastbound and westbound sides. no major delays. right now, it looks like your drive times maintaining a nice pace. back over to you. >> the field of candidates vying for the white house got smaller. >> find out who is still in this race. >> an investigator deputies say was deliberately hit by a car
6:42 am
what she says about her future as deputies continue to search for a suspect. >> in orange county, one person was killed in a hit and run crash. parts of orange blossom trail is closed as troopers investigate. an update is next. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> a busy stretch of orange blossom trail remains shut down after a deadly hit and run crash. these are pictures you are checking out from the scene. this is at americana boulevard. troopers tell us one person has died. the driver did take off from that scene but is in custody at the hospital. another update on how to get around this crash come up in minutes. >> we are also on top of breaking news overnight in brevard county. deputies working to figure out what led to the deaths of two people found inside a meritt island home. victims were found at a house last night and investigators have not information on the victims who died. >> this is a picture of this young man, deputies say john
6:46 am
she was trying to arrest him on a burglary warrant. he knocked pierce to his hood. over the weekend she spoke out after suffering a fractured foot and cuts to her head. >> i'm ok and i'm going to be ok. anyone that knows me knows that i'm going to get through this, i'm going to be happy again and i have a life ahead of me. i'm going to make the most of it. >> we did checking and this teen who investigators say hit pierce has criminal history including assault on a law enforcement officer. >> it is a busy weekend for election 2016 as voters head to the polls in two states and a big name candidate ends his run for the white house. a victory in south carolina for the donald trump. he won by double digit margins picking up 50 delegates. as the republicans prepare for the nevada caucuses it appears the race is coming down to three candidates.
6:47 am
end of the road for jeb bush. after coming down fourth, he announced he was stepping down. >> i'm proud of the campaign we have run to unify our country and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god given potential. but the people of iowa and new hampshire have spoken and i respect their decision. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton celebrates a win in nevada caucuses. the democrats are focusing their efforts on south carolina for this weekend's primary as the republicans focus in on the nevada caucuses for them. >> a die hard beatle fan forks over major cash to own a piece of john lennon. >> take a look at this. this fan paid $35,000 for this
6:48 am
a stylist style ist style ist clipped the hair. the person who bought the hair is from the united kingdom where len season from. he bought two clippings discussing lennon in an autographed call sheet. >> that is gross. >> we all love john lennon but i don't know if i would want that. >> it is called hair-tage. >> it has been around awhile. >> we are talking about a trans transitional day. this will bring changes tuesday and wednesday with storms. a cool down but there is a live view in high definition over daytona beach. you see the sun rise. usually we see a gorgeous shot from this vintage point.
6:49 am
more clouds today and that is why you can expect to see temperatures a little bit cool to start this morning. we'll be warm even though we have cloud cover. here are temperatures across central florida. 50 in ocala. cool enough to grab the jacket. 62 in cocoa beach. 57 is the temperature in melbourne. what about the rest of today? here's a look at your accurate forecastment as we show you that, look at those temperatures, warming up quickly to 9. by 4:00, up to 82 with minimal rain chances at 20%. then tonight, we increase rain. still warm because of the added clouds, acting as a blanket, we'll be at 68 at 9:00. at 10:00, 67. a full moon. got a lot of storm pin photos.
6:50 am
clouds and rain poeshth show the clouds continuing to push in with south we understand. the green indicating a few showers. there's the 20% chance for rain through 6:00 tonight. then a 30% chance overnight into the evening hours into the late night hours. then early in the morning tomorrow, a few showers. look at this, there is 3:00 in the afternoon on your tuesday. more of a coverage of rain as we see that front approach from the north. south winds working in plenty of moisture. there's 6:00 in the evening on tuesday. a few strong storms possible. wednesday, from noon on, there is the chance for stronger storms and a couple of storms could be strong enough to rotate. we'll watch that closely. here we go again with big storms on wednesday with a strong front approaching. today the low 80's in most spots. ocala, 79. 81 tomorrow with a 40% chance for rain. again, wednesday is the day we'll have the stronger storms. a high of 82. 50% chance for rain.
6:51 am
to 65 on thursday. a drastic change. any time you have a drastic change in temperatures with a front, you have a risk for strong to severe storms. let's check on the roads. amy in the traffic center. big stuff today. >> this is the biggest thing we are still dealing with, this is all around that deadly overnight hit and run accident. this is happening in orlando. orange blossom trail at americana boulevard. northbound lanes remain closed. two alternates you might want to consider taking, john young parkway or south texas avenue. do allow yourself some extra travel time. it will be a busy stretch, also over in oviedo, we have another crash working over on 426 at dean road. we have the road partially blocked but it is passable. plan on extra travel time. let's get you outside, look at this morning under way on 95. that's your check on traffic. bridgett and david, back to you.
6:52 am
stories of the day, including breaking news. >> where investigators are investigating a deadly hit and run crash. what we are learning about the
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> we are following several breaking stories on monday, starting with mark lehman on orange blossom trail. >> we just got up close to this vehicle here on the scene. troopers say it was around 3:00 when a driver slammed into several cars stopped at americana boulevard. troopers say the man who caused the crash was able to take off but was arrested by deputies a short distance away. that driver is now in the hospital. troopers say he faces several charges. now to johnny live in new smyrna beach. >> police are trying to figure out what led to a double
6:56 am
neighborhood off washington street. police say the victims were found early this morning and rushed to the hospital. police tell me they are getting conflicting reports about what happened. but at this point, they don't think there are any other suspects on the run. they are interviewing the victims to get a better idea of what happened. we'll try to get answers from police. once we get new updates, we'll pass it along on air and online. >> johnny, a mystery here after two bodies are found inside this home on india street. the discovery was made late last night. at this point, deputies will not tell us how those people were killed or give us any information about the victims themselves. now, neighbors tell news 6 at least one child lived inside that house with the family. we'll postup dates as we get them to our website. >> after a chilly start, a warmup, 79 at noon. 82 at 4:00 with only a few showers.
6:57 am
>> another big crash, i-4 westbound in volusia county over by the causeway. the westbound lanes are blocked. only one squeezing by eastbound. >> thank you for joining us at home. remember when you are on the go, get breaking news and weather on, which is central florida number one choice for local news online. >> we'll keep you updated throughout the morning at cbs this morning is next. we'll have update every 25 minutes on news 6.
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ca good morning. it is monday, february 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an uber driver is suspected of a deadly shooting spree in michigan. this morning, we hear from passengers who say he picked them up after the rampage. marco rubio hopes a


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