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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a father is killed in a crash. we are live with details on why the woman who troopers say caused the crash smiend bars and facing charges. >> what we have learned about two people now in custody including one just 14 years old. >> the florida primary is weeks away. why some in central florida can start casting their ballot today. it is now 6:00 a.m. on this monday, february 29. i'm david hall. >> we want to wish you a happy leap day. >> lols i spotted our first crash of the day. >> thank you for tracking that. >> we are in for a nice day. it will be warm but cloudy. we had a nice weekend without the clouds. now the clouds are rolling in. we are not dealing with the rain. we are heating up.
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the other issue, the pollen count is high. we'll show you the pollen forecast. temperatures cool enough to grab a jacket. we are at 55 in orlando. 51 in daytona beach. 56 in melbourne. upper 40's for a large part of marion county. look at the warmup, a coat dragging day. they'll need the jacket this morning but they will be dragging it home later today. look at the sky into the future. plenty of clouds from the gulf of mexico, though warming to 75 by noon, we get up to 78 at 4:00 today. we'll talk about when rain chances do return. and have another look at the pollen forecast. we'll check in with amy in the traffic center. >> it does look like we have one of our first accidents working in orlando this morning. it looks like a couple of cars collided on americana boulevard by texas avenue this morning.
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we don't have any injuries as to if anything is blocked. i'll keep you updated. as far as your major roads go, the highways the interstates, this is how we look. a look at i-4 by colonial. no major slowdowns. these are westbound cars traveling away. that is your check on traffic, back to you. >> in hours, a woman who troopers say caused a crash will face a judge for the first time. >> >> we have learned at the time she was trying to get away from deputies. mark lehman is live at the orange county jail right now. mark, that driver is being held without bond. >> that means she won't get out of jail before seeing a judge in a few hours this morning. meanwhile, we are learning much more about her and the driver troopers say she killed. i want to show you the booking photos of the 27-year-old who is
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homicide, fleeing and driving with a revoked license after a deadly crash early yesterday morning. deputies say they tried to pull her over. troopers say she ran a red light and crashed into a car driven by codi garett. the impact killed the 23-year-old. from his facebook page, we warn that garett was father to a little girl. his family has been turning to social media to remember him. as for the driver accused of hitting and killing garett, we learned she has not only had several run-ins with police before, she has had several traffic violations. i have been going through these all morning long. i'll tell you about those traffic violations. that could be coming up at 6:30. >>
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>> also developing right now, a 2-month-old baby abducted is back with her family after being found in orange county. this little girl was at the center of a state-wide amber alert. we know two people including a 41-year-old are now in custody. johnny is following all of the new developments. he follows us on this monday. we still don't know why she laemd took that little if i recall, right? >> there are a lot of questions about the timeline of how this plays out. what we know this morning is this woman and her 14-year-old cousin are in custody and facing charges. this whole ordeal started friday night. that's when broward county deputies say 23-year-old stephanie augustine along with a 14-year-old forced their way inside the home where the baby was staying and then abducted taraji kemp. that prompted an amber alert. many of you woke up saturday morning when that alert was sent
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hours later on saturday afternoon, augustine and the 14-year-old was pulled over after being spotted on the turnpike westbound of port st. lucie. investigators were on their way back to south florida where augustine has an apartment. they were able to find the baby abandoned. they still won't tell us where that discovery was made. investigators in both counties saying the investigation is still ongoing. >> our investigators are working closely with the parents. they are talking with the parents and other parents who were in the home. >> we are told the baby is ok. we are told after a night in the hospital she was reunited with her family yesterday. meanwhile, augustine says the baby's mother is her cousin and she is facing charges along with the 14-year-old. as soon as we get updates, we'll
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>> it is 6:05. apparently the third time was not the charm for space x after a planned launch from the space coast was aborted with one second to go. >> 3shgs 2, 1, zero, we have launch abort. >> elan musk says the problems can be traced back to a boat that wandered into the prohibited area around the launch pad. that delay to clear the boat was just enough for the oxygen fuel to warm up forcing scientists to pull the plug at the last second. >> we wanted to see it blast off. exciting for the kids. >> so far, space x has not announced a new launch date. it won't be until tomorrow so we'll let you know as soon as the data is announced.
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orange and lake county ahead of supertuesday in the primary vote on march 15. with 1500 delegates up for grabs, the candidates are hitting key states in the south. donald trump campaigned hard yesterday. the candidate has come under fire from g.o.p. hopefuls for not denouncing kkk leader david duke. >> there is no place for the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan. >> we don't have any place for white supremacists in the united states of america. >> a tracker poll shows trump is ahead in georgia and also in virginia. he trails cruz where 150 delegates are up for grabs in texas. >> hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in georgia, virginia and texas. hillary clinton and marco rubios
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tomorrow night. now to a crime alert. deputies asking for your help to get results and find the man who robbed a mini golf course. the man in the hoodie yesterday and handed the workers a note demanding money. after getting it, he took off on foot. here's another look add guy. he is a hispanic male in his mid 20's. if you recognize him, call the sheriff's office. >> we are expecting to get new details president shooting death of a man in the parking lot of a publix. police there are holding a press conference surrounding the murder of andrew jones. jones was shot and killed outside the supermarket on east colonial -- on east town center earlier this month. a witness reported seeing a 2012 white vol, wagon sedan missing part of the bumper driving away
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that volkswagen had a florida tag. if you recognize the car, know something about the story, call police in clermont or the crimeline number on your screen. >> let's move to brevard county now, we are working to find out the name of a bicycle killed in a crash over the weekend. this was yesterday along u.s. 1. detectives say a man was right south when a car hit him after veering into traffic from the right shoulder. investigators say the biker died at the scene and the crash is being invest dpatd. >> happening today, the latest round of standardized testing begins for thousands of students the department of education is hoping for a smoother run with it. last year's test was plagued with problems from logging onto a cyberattack. the state says it has worked over the last year to add more safe guards. only some students will take the writing portion online starting today. the majority will use old
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more online testing is scheduled to begin in april. >> with talking about leap day. we should celebrate with donuts. >> i'm always about donuts. i love a good donut. we are in for that. we'll enjoy the day today, although one problem, we'll deal with the allergens. the when you talk about oak, juniper and grass. a good day to, what about stay inside and eat donuts. it is going to be a pretty day. even though it will be cloudy, we'll warm quickly. starting off at 55 degrees right now in orlando. 51 in daytona beach. we warm up to 78 by 4:00 today with cloudy skies as high pressure dominates. coming up, we'll talk about when rain chances return. first, let's check on the roads with amy in the traffic center. >> i was watching an accident in orlando that doesn't seem like it is a huge traffic issue.
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were still having an issue around a traffic signal. by goldenrod in that area, just be careful. you might have a little bit of extra commotion. they are trying to get that fixed for you. nothing being reported for the time being. the roads look great as we take a live look in palm bay, this is i-95 southbound lanes, northbound lanes. 95 travel not an issue so far. he's your check on traffic. we'll go back to you. >> still ahead, your trip to the mouse house will cost more. >> the cost of admission is set to spike. >> the wild ride from the law is caught on camera. look below. the crime they are accused of committing and how deputies are able to track them down. >> last night. it didn't take long for the oscars to tackle the elephant in the room. the protest happening right outside last night's awards next. you are watching news 6 getting results for casselberry and all
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sdmoo. >> hollywood had its biggest night for the academy awards. it took seconds into the show before a big controversy this year took center stage. check it out. >> i'm here add academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> that was just one of the comments chris rock made. many are upset at the lack of black actors being nominated. some boycotted the show because of it. al sharpton led protesters shouting for more diversity in hollywood. >> we cannot continue to be stalled in this industry dealing with a racially exclusive policy
6:16 am
is the second year in a row where the nominations are totally white. >> as for the awards themselves, it was a big night for leonardo dicaprio and spotlight. we'll run down the winners at the top of the hour. >> two teens accused of stealing a pick up pacing a judge today. we'll look at video of suspects tracking down they say are 15 years old. they followed the truck all the way to rockledge. the teens inside this pickup ended up giving up. they are facing felony theft and fleeing charges. >> a pilot and passenger are recovering after their plane was forced to make a crash landing in the middle of a florida road. take a look, police in gainesville say the single engine cessna crash landed.
6:17 am
he and the passenger were taken to the hospital but they are expected to be ok. police say the plane is registered in scottsdale, arizona. >> time is running out after disney makes a change to ticket prices. park reps announced the park is going to move to a tiered pricing system and people who visit during busy times will have to pay higher prices. the price to get into the magic kingdom will stay the same which is right now $105. during pzier times of the year, that will go up to $110. during peak times like christmas and spring break, the price will jump to $124 for just a single day. experts say they are not surprised considering hotels and airlines have been doing this for years now. >> disney is a company, they are in it to make profit. they'll make decisions to
6:18 am
that's the way the market economy functions. >> no reps for other parts have announced similar changes. the move doesn't affect the price of annual passes. >> while films like spotlight won big at the oscars, some films picked up less than reputable awards. >> 50 shades of gray won or loss depending on how you looked at the razzies. they celebrate supreme underchooechlt. 50 shades picked up five razzies, including worst actor and actress. the movie tied with fantastic four for worst film. grags not in order. >> you don't want to be on that list. >> i didn't see a lot of movies.
6:19 am
>> yeah. >> i saw dead pool this week? how was it? >> it was good. >> interesting. >> today we'll talk about nice weather, sunny skies to start. we'll see clouds build through the day and temperatures warming near 80 degrees. not a bad day to go to the pool. we'll have a lot of clouds. that could be a good thing because you won't have to use as much sunscreen. we'll see the clouds stream in from the gulf of mexico. you can see that with the white and even green. all that, moisture in the form of light rain. it will not reach us. the rain won't, the clouds will. high pressure continues to dominate. that's sinking air on top of us. that will keep us dry. even this morning, you can expect the clouds. cool at 55 degrees in orlando. it is 51 in sanford.
6:20 am
here's a look at pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky, cloudy skies into the afternoon, warming to 75 by noon today. up to 78 at 4:00. the average high, 76 in orlando. we are going to be above the average by a couple of degrees. in many spots, that will be the story. 73 the temperature at 6:00 this evening. certainly warm and mild tonight because of added clouds in place. we are at 62 by 10:00. at 11:00, we are at 60 degrees. late tonight, temperatures will be dropping off a bit. there's the clouds and rain forecast, boom, into the afternoon, more and more clouds building in. rain not in the forecast for the next couple of days. we'll be pinpointing some rain chances as we head into your wednesday. even then, a slight chance for showers. there's 1:00 in the morning, clouds keeping temperatures mild overnight. tomorrow morning, not as chilly as we are seeing this morning.
6:21 am
where you live, up to 77. in the villages. leesburg, 77. daytona beach at 75. sanford at 78. overnight, 46 degrees in ocala. 58 in orlando. 55 in daytona beach. 62 for the early morning temperature tomorrow in cocoa beach. there are the next three days. notice 80 will be the afternoon high on your tuesday an on your wednesday. rain chances reenter the picture at 20% as we head into your wednesday, a high of 80 degrees and close to that as we head into the end of the week. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> troy, thank you very much. good monday morning to you. still yet to head into rush hour. a live check of i-4 by obt, not too bad at all. this is your eastbound access ramp. you can see both sides moving along very, very still, nice and steady. drive times showing nice conditions as well over on the
6:22 am
same thing for either direction of 95. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> 6:21. still ahead, more trouble for royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. >> why the cruise ship was force today turn and head home again. it is the final countdown. a look back on scott kelly's year in space. hours before the astronaut gets ready to come back home. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> the countdown is on for scott kelly. >> the astronaut is 24 hours away from returning back home after a year an apored the international space station. kelly has saved some of his most breathtaking tweets for last. when he returns home, he will have spent 340 days in space. amazingly, that's almost 200 days shorter than a russian cosmonaut who spent 448 days on the space station. that is a long time to be up there. >> he talked about how you can't
6:26 am
think he should get a good spa getaway. >> troy, it is going to be a beautiful day outside. >> it is except for the clouds. don't forget we'll see a lot of cloud cover. it is going to be warm. getting up to 78 degrees into the afternoon. you can see the white indicating the clouds in place. you don't see any green. no rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. that's the good news if you are out and about. as we take you through the day, sanford warming to 78. warming to 77 in leesburg. coming up, we'll talk about when rain chances do return, all that in a few minutes as well as the pollen forecast. >> coming up, we'll show you the glitz and the glamor from the oscars. >> we have a look at the big winners. plus a police officer in
6:27 am
on the job. the heart breaking details we learned about her and her ties to central florida. >> a driver who troopers sea later today. on this monday, you are watching news 6 getting results for titusville, ormond beach and all of central florida. we'll be right back. served with sirloin steak. saut\ fresh zucchini, it's sure to be a visit for great recipes. delicious is always served
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served fresh from florida. >> a father killed, the charges she is facing and why she should never have been behind the wheel in the first place. >> what we are learning about an officer's ties to volusia county. >> a coach locked up in texas. what he is accused of doing to a child here in central florida. it is 6:30 on this monday. thank you for waking up with us. >> we have amy and troy. >> good morning. >> good morning. it is a good monday so far too. >> thank you, amy. >> we'll have clouds in place. we won't see any rain chances.
6:31 am
allergy cast to bring you, everything in the high category as we head into the next few days as no big rain chances are in the forecast. starting off cool. cool enough for a light jacket to a medium weight jacket. 55 in orlando. cooler north in areas like the villages. the upper 40's in marion county, we are at 45 in palm coast. 51 at daytona beach. as we take you through the forecast, look at the sky into the future over downtown. we'll see cloud cover rolling in from the gulf of mexico but other han that, that's the only moisture in the atmosphere. rain chances out of the picture. 75 at noon all the way up to 78 at 4:00. the average is 76. we'll talk about the minimal chance for rain and how temperatures hold up into the next couple of days. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> so far getting ready to head
6:32 am
not too bad. dodging construction. westbound and eastbound, you are still maintaining excellent time, going through all my live cameras along i-95, along i-4. taking you out to the expressway, to hiawassee road. a beautiful start to the day. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> we are following breaking news from orange county where crews on the scene of a fire. you can see that many trucks and firefighters are still out there, this is on international drive near the convention center. reports from the scene is the fire was small and they appear to have a handle on it. several crews out there. we'll bring you updates as they come in on the morning news. >> a woman accused of killing a father will face a judge. >> it comes as news 6 learns details about the victim and the woman officers say is responsible. deputies say it start when they tried to pull over this woman
6:33 am
she didn't stop. deputies say she took off and ran a red light. news 6 reporter mark lehman joins us live with more on this. you have learned some new information about st. pierre. she is no stranger to law enforcement. >> she has had several run-ins. i printed out a few of a long list of traffic violations. i'll tell you about those in a bit. this is the booking photo from cynthia st. peer. she is charged with vehicular homicide, fleeing and driving with a revoked license. police say st. pierre sped away from a deputies who was trying to pull her over. she ran a red light and slammed into cody garett, the impact killing the 23-year-old. his family using the social media site to remember him.
6:34 am
found a long his of traffic violations. since 2005, she has been cited for speeding, fleeing and alluding and dui with a minor. we have learned pierre was awaiting trial for a violation stemming from an incident happened in november. her license was revoked. she should never have been driving in the first place. right now, st. pierre is here at the orange county jail. she is being held on no bond and is set to appear before a judge later this morning. we'll be here when that happens. we'll keep you updated with what happens. we'll let you know throughout the day. day. >> also happening today, an escaped inmate from volusia county and his girlfriend are set to go before a judge weeks before that were arrested in kentucky.
6:35 am
weeks after bullets cut off his monitor monitoring bracelet. both are face charges. the toddler with them is in the care of family members. >> the army sergeant accused of shooting and killing a virginia police officer will go before a judge. >> later this morning, we are learning new details about that officer's ties to central florida and her time spent as a student. johnny, the information is just heart breaking. >> that's right. this is what ashley gwendon's cruiser looks like. it is covered with flowers brought by total strangers after she was gunned down during a call on her face day on patrol. those who knew her from virginia to central florida are mourning. >> bag pipes, candles and prayers were part of a memorial for officer ashley gwendon last night. >> we'll continue one step at a
6:36 am
it would discredit her memory and her service if we did anything but. >> gwendom and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute saturday night about 30 miles outside washington, d.c. >> that's when investigators say 32-year-old ronald hamilton, an active duty soldier assigned to the pentagon opened fire on officers after shooting and killing his wife. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots, four to five shots. >> againdon was just sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page. >> and this morning, we know againdon graduated in 2010 with a degree in aero naughtics. the school released a statement saying the entire embry riddle community is saddened to learn
6:37 am
ashley gwendon. they go on to say our hearts are with her and her family and friends. we'll let you know the new details as soon as we get them. >> right now, the search is on in seminole county to find the person responsible for shooting and killing a man outside an apartment complex. it happened at the lotus landing apartments saturday night off 434. police say when they arrived, they found the victim laying on the ground in the parking lot. officers haven't released any information about a possible suspect or the victim's name. if you know something that can help with the investigation, call the crimeline. the number is on your screen, >> in brevard county, waiting to learn when this man, a long time basketball coach will be brought back to central florida after being arrested in texas over the weekend. the 51-year-old is is accused of molesting a child who spent the night at his home earlier this month.
6:38 am
youth basketball league. investigators say he would frequently have sleepovers at his home. detectives say he was attempting to flee the country. he is being held in texas in a jail there on $150,000 bond. >> schools in florida getting a boost in funding. the statehouse and senate have agreed to increase funding by $458 million. the deal means a 1% hike. governor scott proposed using an increase in property tax dollars. however, legislators agreed only to use state tax dollars. that means tax rates will go down slightly this coming fall. >> it was a night full of surprises at the 88 academy awards. >> an upset in the best picture category might have been the biggest prize for some. >> the oscar goes to -- spotlight.
6:39 am
best picture. the film won over the favorite frontier epic the revenant. speaking of the revenant, the film's star leonardo dicaprio won his first oscar for best actor. in the best actress category brie larson took home her best actress for the room. >> that is amazing for his career. >> he has been waiting awhile. >> very sweet for him. >> first thing i saw on twitter, because i didn't watch it. and i didn't dvr it. i saw he won and a lot of people were excited about that. the issue outside will be the allergens. the allergy cast showing a high count across the board when you talk about oak, juniper and grass. having issues, maybe stuffy nose issues, maybe sneezing. it is all because of this. likely continuing prt next few days with no big rain chances in
6:40 am
starting off cool, but a big warmup through the day. 51 in fd is. 51 in daytona beach. 55 in orlando. look at the warmup at the bus stop. we are all the way up to 78 degrees. the kids will need a jacket this morning but not so much this afternoon. we'll talk about when rain chances return. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> it looks like we have our first serious accident of the day. if you are traveling on the turnpike, here's what is going on on the southbound side. a crash at osceola parkway, you can see a delay getting past. want to take you out to see what sky 6 is showing us. i'll get out of the way so you can take a look. we have one right travel lane. this is the southbound side of the turnpike. definitely plan on a little bit of extra travel time. extra caution as you run into that delay as well.
6:41 am
>> changes coming add gas pump. you may have to pay more. >> how much you are saving at the pump. >> there is more trouble for anthem at the seas. why this ship is returning home after it was damaged during this powerful storm. >> a pastor killed in his own church.
6:42 am
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6:45 am
out with a reason for the shooting. schooler is expected to appear in court to face murder charges. >> we are waiting to learn if a woman connected with a scare at a theatre will face charges. police say an employee found a bag with writing on it in the women's rest room. 53-year-old dawn coughlin was arrested in penelis county. a bomb squad was called in to check the package. 150 people had to be evacuated from the theatre. >> more trouble for anthem of the seas t. cruiseship is heading back to port abid a possible outbreak and the threat of severe weather. royal caribbean reps made this announcement via twitter t. cruz line is not releasing information about this issue or how many people may have been affected. royal caribbean said it would not sail through rough weather.
6:46 am
damaged when it encountered hurricane force winds. you might remember this story. several passengers complained of bumps and bruises. >> right now, the cost of gas is the lowest it has been in years for this time of year. bus gas prices have gone up the past three days because of the rising cost of oil. here in florida, it is $1.74. drivers in orlando are paying $1.68 a gallon. it is something that happens every four years. this leap day, plenty of businesses have some deals to celebrate. >> krispy kreme is offering a dozen glazed donuts -- >> i'm going. >> you can grab two. >> you have to get one dozen regular priced --
6:47 am
>> olive garden is giving away -- customers need to print out the coupon. for those celebrating, pizza hut h treat you. all you have to do is show your i.d. is big question is this, if i buy two boxes of donuts, how many will you have? >> three. >> i'm not going to lie. >> they will melt in your mouth. >> still a donut. >> today we are pinpointing cloud cover but no rain chances. bridgett and i were talking about that, how does that happen? >> we have moisture at the surface in the form of clouds. we are squeezing out the chance for rain. hopefully that makes sense to you. you see the big blue h indicating the high pressure which is pushing down on the atmosphere. you see the white indicating those clouds streaming in from
6:48 am
we'll see cloud cover but we will remain dry for the next couple of days because of that big area of high pressure that is on top of us. look at the temperatures to start. cool to start pause we didn't have a lot of clouds overnight. temperatures dropped off without those clouds acting as a blanket. now with clouds rolling in, we'll have more clouds overnight tonight. that's why temperatures will be warmer. 55 in orlando. 50 in the villages. 56 in melbourne. here is the hour by hour breakdown with the forecast as we pinpoint your accurate temperatures across the board. the average afternoon high in orlando is 76. we are going close to that as we head into the noon hour. even though we have clouds increasing, we'll be warming up close to where we should be and a few degrees above where we should be. by 4:00, up to 78 degrees. with clouds in place overnight
6:49 am
fairly mild. we are still at 65 by 9:00. by 10:00, 62 degrees, staying dry through tonight. there's the clouds and rain forecast. we will see more clouds building in from the gulf of mexico. there's 5:00 this afternoon. no green indicatinged here. no green showing rain. white here and gray indicates cloud cover. you see plenty of that. a little bit of a sea breeze but it only forms cloud cover. 76 for the afternoon high. 74 in palm coast. 78 in sanford and in orlando. 75 in cocoa beach. along the coast, not as warm as inland areas because of a breeze. we are up to 80 degrees for your tuesday and for your wednesday. we increase moisture by wednesday, leading to a slight chance for showers.
6:50 am
with afternoon highs cities on friday near 77. near 80 in many spots. the rain will cool us back down into the 70's. notice dry across the board for the weekend upcoming. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good morning. >> shings have gotten busier. we are dealing with a crash over on the turnpike, traveling southbound. this is south of osceola parkway. you can see the delays beginning to form as you move in towards that accident. according to sky 6, you can see the right lane is taken out. be prepared and allow a couple of extra minutes to travel if you are going through that stretch of things. here's the general flow of things for areas other than that accident. we are filling in as we head in towards rush hour. that's your check on traffic, back to you.
6:51 am
teamed up to put an end to homelessness? the numbers are still coming in. during saturday's solar bear games, we raised close to $10,000. the solar bears donated $1 with the hash tag rethink homelessness. >> i was at the game and i was honored to drop the puck before the game. it was so much fun. fun. >> it is 6:50. up next, a check of the big stories including a developing one in orange county. >> a woman is locked up and charged. what deputies say she was doing
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> we want to update you on breaking news we are following in orange county where firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a fire at
6:55 am
the fire broke out in the last hour at the restaurant on idrive near the convention center. so far no reports of injuries. crews are working to make sure they have all that under control. it did cause some damage so we'll keep you updated. it is one of the big stories we are following. mark? >> david and bridgett, in less than two hours, the troopers troop -- st. pierre was trying to get away from deputies when she ran a red light and crashed at john young parkway and americana boulevard. cody garett was killed. st. pieier didn't have a license and we are told she has a long history of traffic violations. we'll be in the courtroom later this morning. we'll post updates as we get them on >> the man investigators say shot and killed a virginia judge.
6:56 am
ties right here to central florida. it was last week sat when officers say she was gunned down by an army sergeant who had killed his wife. professors at the school tell the news journal they are looking for a way to remember her on campus. >> we are starting off with clouds. more and more clouds building through the day. we are going to warm nicely and we'll stay dry through the afternoon. getting up to 75 at noon, warming to 78 degrees by 4:00 today. near 80 for most of the week. >> you can see this crash southbound side of the turnpike. this is just south of osceola. you can see the right lane is taken out. there is a good amount of delay forming as you make your approach. extra time is needed. >> that about does it for us. >> in case you missed it, plenty
6:57 am
there was a big surprise win for spotlight for best picture. after six nomination and a long wait, leonardo dicaprio finally won his first oscar for the movie the revenant. brie larson took home best actress for her performance in room. we have more results and reaction on, powered by news 6. >> i saw the revenant, an incredible movie. >> thank you for joining us. please check out
6:58 am
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