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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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she will be in jail for the rest of her life. is here or remain in jail until the previous case is decided. the trial is scheduled to begin in april. reporting in orlando, news 6
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doug did and she is back with her family after being found in orange county. the little girl was at the center of the state wide amber alert. after one night in the hospital she was reunited with family members yesterday. on saturday, the deputy and the officer were pulled over after being spotted on the turnpike. detectives say they are on the way back to south florida after coming to orange county where augustine has an apartment. in a few hours they were able to find the baby abandoned. baby's mother but they don't know why she took the baby. investigation is ongoing and we want to tell you the baby is doing okay for central florida >> several counties are ahead of the vote and johnny fernandez has more an and orange counties are doing it hoping to get as many ballots cast before the primary
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before the race heats up , voters are stepping up to cast their vote >> orange county is a service industry community. work the traditional monday through friday work schedule. that's where voting becomes a convenience because voters will vote on their schedule and on their time. >> they are calling in an open one and it voters not wasting time. orange county voters have two weeks from today to cast their vote >> they need to be aware that some of the candidates on the ballot have already dropped out. others could drop out for florida's election day >> it's up to the motor to understand who's in and who's out. you can see it . that's based on what we have seen through all the other
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>> even though democrats and republicans aren't the only ones i can vote early, he says residents of the cities that are having elections in orange county are encouraged to vote orlando, news 6 >> to learn more, had to trim three. we will show you how candidates campaign in the south to win over more voters. outside today , we are warming up today close to 80. he joins us now with the filtered sun sign out there. lot of folks on their lunch break along i for hitting the roads. we will see the bird fly by and here is a hazy sunshine mixing in with the clouds. we are at 72b0 as the sun filters through. that is in orlando . look to the north and northwest into little bit cooler at 68b0.
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take you through the day and you will see the sunshine at 78b0. it's into the 60s tonight. we're getting a clear picture of how the epidemic will be in central florida >> you will see how the areas using the most of this drug. the two-year investigation between federal state and local agencies busted a drug trafficking agreement selling heroin to people along i-drive. they prevented stats and numbers in orange county with heroine related deaths. the congressman says central florida hit very hard >> central florida is
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high-intensity area. the heroin epidemic and drug epidemic doesn't stop at the orange county borders >> there was 90 deaths related to heroin. it's a higher purity level. weeks after they were tracked down and arrested in kentucky, the gary will it junior were brought back to volusia county over the weekend. he and his son were found on february 12 weeks after they say they cut off his monitoring bracelet and walked off the job. both face a judge today and they hold them without bond. toddler with them was at the care of family members
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weather. he made his announcement via twitter in the cruise line is not releasing information about the issue or how many people were affected. however, royal caribbean said it would not sail through rough weather which is the main reason for the return. it comes weeks after the ship was damaged when it sailed through 30 foot waves in hurricane winds on its way here to port canaveral. several passengers on the cruise complained about bumps and bruises. >> the latest round of standardized testing begins for florida students. the department of education is hoping for a smoother run. may remember last year test was plagued with problems from issues logging on to a cyber attack that caused widespread disruption. the state says it worked over the past year to add safeguards and other improvements with only some students taking the
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the majority will use a pen and paper for that part. online testing is said to begin in april >> within the city has the official start of the season >> the team is expected to mark a major milestone for construction the brand-new stadium. buddy dyer will join the team to help celebrate into the lions home. phil rollins says everything is on track for the 2017 season. when it's completed the house more than 25,000 screaming fans. >> hard to believe it season to already >> space x will have to try a fourth time. >> we still don't have a launch date for it. presidential candidates gear up for tuesday. how candidates hope to sway voters. people in la are still asleep after the oscar parties went on all night. we will tell you about last
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you are watching news 6 at noon.
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the presidential candidates are gearing up for super tuesday. 1500 delegates are up for grabs and they are meeting key states in the south. donald trump campaign hard alabama yesterday. the controversial candidate has been catching some heat from fellow hopefuls. he did not denounce the
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>> there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan. >> we don't have any place for white supremacy's of the united states of america >> the new battleground shows trump is ahead in georgia and in virginia. the delegates are up for grabs. let's move to the democrats. hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders. we just learned sanders got a big endorsement from alan grayson who sits on clinton's campaign floor leadership council. both hillary clinton and marco rubio will hold rallies in miami tomorrow night. will have complete coverage for you with results right here and online at >> we will have to wait until space x amounted announces a launch attempt. three , two, one. zero >> we have launched aboard >> the ceo says the problem is
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wandered into a area around launchpad. that delayed clear the vote long enough for the extra liquid oxygen fuel tank to pull the plug on the launch at the last second. we will let you know as soon as a new launch date is announced >> the oscar after party went on well into the night . after he and gwynn, leonardo dicaprio went to the governors ball while other stars hit the aids fundraiser. >> the curse was broken. he took his last role in the remnant >> it feels incredibly surreal >> larson picked up a golden statue for her performance. >> i feel really strong and excited to be holding this gold guy >> the curtain fell on a big
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the night >> i work so hard on the storm. many praised the host , chris rocco push the envelope and addressing the oscar so white controversy >> he is an amazing performer in person and it needed to happen. >> elton john used his annual after party to the raise awareness for hiv and aids >> we made a lot of progress in the last 30 years. we haven't made enough yet >> he gives celebrities a chance to meet for the first time and they get starstruck . >> and i walked into leonardo
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>> i wish you would. i have my own dvr. >> if i fall asleep , i don't have to be embarrassed . >> i did not even dvr it. that's how much i know about what's going on. i was well in bed at 6:00 . there is sunshine mixed in with clouds. we took in the live view. here is this issue this morning. >> i pulled out the allergy there and here is oak and juniper. >> it's all in the high category. we will continue with this for some time. it's very minimal rain chances. in the forecast as we head into wednesday and it will be about it until wednesday and friday. there is a minimal chance of rain to get the pollen out of
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sneezing you will likely have to deal with the allergens for some time. here are the temperatures we started out with. 52b0 in orlando and 15 sanford. we started at 45b0 in ocala and 44 in palm coast. 54b0 in southern brevard county. in melbourne we are not having any more. look at the temperatures at 72b0 orlando. in 70 two in sanford and 68b0 in ocala. fairly cool in the northern zone. we will warm up nicely with the pinpoint accurate forecasts view live over downtown orlando getting up to 78b0. a mix of clouds and sunshine is getting through and most of those are way up in the atmosphere. we are at 73b0 by 6:00 tonight and
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. it's a mild evening if you are making plans to move out and about on the town. the clouds and rain forecast is in the green and it's across the board. high pressure continues to dominate the forecast and it was chilly air earlier tomorrow. we take you where we live by 7:00 tomorrow morning. we will be at 46 in the morning and ocala. 58 in orlando and if the four in leesburg . 58b0 melbourne. the next three days look like this.
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20% at wednesday. friday at 20% chance of rain and it's not that much to talk about with the added moisture in the form of clouds. temperatures are still as we in the week on friday near 80b0. saturday and temperatures are back to the average advent 70s for saturday and sunday. >> is the warmth today, tomorrow and wednesday >> the next weekend looks great >> david mention the pool day >> pulled the t.v. outside. >> good news and bad news when it comes to the gas prices. gas is the lowest it's been in 12 years. the reason why they have been rising is next at noon. here's a look at the stocks today . 's are in the green so far. the dow is up 65 points and the nasdaq is up with the snp
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welc welcome back. good news and bad news when it comes to gas prices. right now they are the lowest they've been in 12 years. gas prices have gone up in the past three days because of the rising cost of oil. it's 176 per gallon and in florida it's at 174.
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64 per gallon. on this day, plenty of businesses are offering deals to celebrate >> to speak rain is offering a dozen glazed donuts for 229 if you purchase one at a regular price. our garden gives one of four desserts and customers need to head into the website to print the coupon. for those celebrating, pizza hut will treat you to a free personal pan pizza by showing your id >> i haven't had one in about 15 years >> he spent the last year aboard the international space station. it's been an incredible ride .
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the countdown is on for scott kelly. it's the american astronaut one day away from returning back after one year on board of the international space station. he has been active on the internet with social media . it's his most breath waking breathtaking two weeks for the last. of ice . the sun rising and earth. he would've spent three and 40 days in space. that is incredible! is ready to come back . those shots are awesome. >> we take you into the planning forecast. it's another warm afternoon getting up to 78b0 with a mix of sun and clouds. 80b0 tomorrow and 80 on wednesday. rain chances are with a front moving in a minimal chance at 20%. highs in the upper 70s. we have a whole team of people with us >> this is the crew from the digital class . they are seniors at the first academy.
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>> well, the options are endless, really. local, destination, somewhere in between. of course, the time of year will play a huge factor. oh, which reminds me, uh, are you absolutely wedded -- excuse the pun -- to peonies as your flower of choice? because their season is relatively short in comparison -- victoria? >> victoria: oh.


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