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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  WKMG  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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credits credits [real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: tonight disney world is just days away from a big price hike. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. it will change the way most people plan for a disney vacation. what does it mean for central florida? erik von ancken is live at disney world tonight getting answers about this for us. >> reporter: yeah, i know you've done this. i bet lots of folks at home have done this as well. they say let's wait to go to disney until the kids are back in school or until the holidays are over. the thing is, yes, it's less
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doesn't like it because of that reason so they do like disney's new pricing strategy. when disney is full like during the holidays, orlando's tourist district is full. hotels, restaurants and shops and so are orlando's other attractions. places like fun spot. a when they leave when fun spot benefits the most. >> reporter: if disney can spread out the crowds to slower times of the year, everyone wins. >> the beauty of their system, during our off-season when we're slower, like right now, they're hoping to draw in more guests through their tiered pricing. it's going to help everyone in orlando, the local economy, the hotels, the gift shops, restaurants, everybody, us.
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trying to move crowds around to make the magic kingdom less disgustingly crowded. you go to one of those peak times it's like times square on new year's. >> reporter: disney is doing what others have done for years, charging more when there are more people, peak periods like holiday and summer at the magic kingdom will cost you $124 for a one-day ticket. if you're flexible during regular or even value season, you'll pay what a ticket costs now, $105. >> a certain amount of people will cut back a day or two to go to a less expensive option. that will certainly help, especially i-drive, which has been booming lately. >> reporter: but the tickets not affected by the new seasonal pricing strategy are the multi-day passes and our theme world producer thinks he knows where. he says there's more to this and i'm working on that angle when i
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>> lisa: thank you, erik. >> matt: breaking news in the case of a woman kidnapping her cousin's 2-month-old daughter. news 6 just got the dash-cam video and shows troopers pulling over the 23-year-old woman in fort pierce. you can see her walking away from the car with her hands up at one point. this happened on saturday. today a broward county judge ordered a mental health evaluation on the woman. she remains in jail. no bond. investigators say on friday, she and her 14-year-old cousin took the baby girl from her mom's fort lauderdale home which set off a statewide amber alert. you probably got that on your phone. the 2 month old was later found abandoned at the spring village apartments in orange county. >> everybody is in shock. everybdy is in shock. because we are just in shock. >> matt: and the motive for the kidnapping remains unclear.
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baby. the teen involved in the kidnapping is being held at a juvenile detention center right now. >> matt: right now, a brushfire county. this is in the oak hill area. two homes and two sheds are in danger of catching fire. the fire is now contained even though you can clearly see there here. sky 6 is flying over this as florida forest service fights the flames. burning. we'll bring you any updates as we get them. >> lisa: new leads in a mysterious murder outside a publix. the victim's car is found torched in the woods. detectives say they found the car last night near a park in oakland. 21-year-old andrew devon jones was shot and killed outside the clermont publix in the east town center plaza on highway 50. it happened earlier this month. his dad is pleading for anyone with information to come forward. >> if you are a parent out there
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would want to know what happened to your son. >> lisa: the car is now being tested by forensics. also detectives say they're looking at surveillance video taken from area businesses, hoping it will narrow in on a suspect. a former longwood police chief convicted of accepting $30,000 in bribes is now heading to prison. >> matt: he took bribes from a convicted felon who jackson hired as an officer. it happened in 2009. state law says felons can't be hired as police officers, nor are they allowed to, of course, have weapons. jackson served as police chief in longwood from 1997 to 2010. he'll be sent to a minimum security prison. >> lisa: a local mom says she's finally getting results after watching too many close calls near a bus stop in her neighborhood. news 6 reporter kirstin o'connor is live where the bus stop has been moved.
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change after her daughter was nearly hit. >> reporter: that's right. how could you forget that video. but it wasn't her first. angie angie rosa says she's been recording the intersection behind me where the elementary and high school is still dropping off students. >> reporter: it's only a few hundred feet from the old stop but angie rosa says a few months ago a change like this was a long shot. >> now that the bus location has moved a little bit, it's changed dramatically. >> reporter: she wanted to make sure we saw this recent video showing her own daughter almost hit by a car. >> the other day, when i contacted news 6, that's when -- that's when they got really close to my daughter and i was just fed up. >> reporter: just 24 hours after it aired, orlando police came out to ticket drivers breaking the laws.
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taking further action by moving the bus stop across the street. >> the cars that come out of the community right there can continue on down metro park circle without having to worry about the illegally crossing the school bus. >> reporter: she's contacted police, the school district, and finally news 6. >> this is what actually got results. >> reporter: now she has advice for parents waiting to see a change. >> don't be afraid to take your phone out and take a video. >> reporter: we've also been reaching out to police and the school district today. they weren't available for comments. they both have basically the same advice, which is you have to do your research and submit your input and we have posted hot lines on our website. just look for this story,, powered by news 6. >> matt: seems like an easy fix. thank you.
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their teacher's drink with crushed red pepper. the teacher wanted to press charges. >> her blood pressure went up. we took her to the nurse. the nurse wanted to keep her there until the blood pressure went down. >> matt: the teacher suffered from high blood pressure following the incident last tuesday at deltona middle school. she also claimed to have a sore throat and stomach pains. three female students were arrested on thursday after that phone call was made. school officials say the students targeted the teacher after she sent one of them to the principal's office for bad behavior. on saturday, a judge ordered them to stay in the care of volusia regional juvenile detention center for the next 21 days. tonight at 11:00, ovens that can explode, sending shattered glass around your kitchen.
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hear the glass cracking. >> matt: why it's happening and the brand you need to check your kitchen for and how to keep it from happening to you. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> lisa: for almost a year, he has floated around in space. >> matt: that's right. but soon astronaut scott kelly will be back on earth. coming up, what is the first thing he will have to do before getting a chance to go home. we'll tell you. >> tom: he looks like a muscled-up dude. i'm fascinated to see if he can walk when he gets off the space station. no rain at all tonight. we're dry and we're going to have more sunshine tomorrow. we will have a little fly in the ointment with the fog. >> lisa: you have likely seen
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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>> lisa: tonight we're going to meet a guy who some know as bob. you see all the construction every time you drive on i-4. >> matt: false advertising, though. says it's not his name. one of the biggest names you'll see all over a lot of the equipment, bob's barricades. so anchor ginger gadsden wanted to know if there's a real bob. >> ginger: didn't you all want to know if there's a bob? we're all pretty familiar with the bright orange cones, message boards. i went to find out who is behind the barricades. it's a company where just about everybody knows the name. spend any time driving in central florida and likely one of these signs have warned you of what's to come on the road in front of you. what about the man behind bob's barricades? turns out he's happy. >> we have branches all around.
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business is booming. but his name is happy. happy alter. he and his partner allen chesler have owned bob's barricades for 40 years. >> when we bought the company from james a. ryder himself, it was only a one-branch operation and it was bob's then. >> ginger: they kept the name because of manufactures and supervisors being named bob. it had a certain ring to it. >> it seems to be a name people like. >> ginger: seeing the name on a barricade company everywhere to keep people safe is no accident. >> when people think of tissue, they think of kleenex and when they think of barricades or barrels, they think of bob's barricades. >> ginger: it's the largest barricade company in the country.
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the history of florida. >> ginger: growth has been tremendous. they won't say how much they paid ryder for the company 40 years ago. nor will they discuss what the company is worth today. they insist it's not about money but keeping motorists and contractors safe. >> without any construction, without anything going on, lives are at stake because of the heavily-trafficked highway i-4 is. >> ginger: happy takes safety serious. one of his closest friends is muhammed ali. he knew him when he was still cassius clay. he and the champ used to hang out. he remembered when ali invited him to a photo shoot with a new band with an unusual name. >> he called them the cockroaches.
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barricades will continue to reign as king of the road. turns out the cockroaches were actually the beatles. he's nicknamed happy because even in the crib, he was a smiling baby. >> matt: i bet he's smiling now. >> ginger: you know he is. >> matt: i've got an idea for his next company, happy's hats. interesting stuff. the countdown is on for astronaut scott kelly. the american astronaut will be back on earth in about 30 hours. i'm sure he's counting it down. he's finishing up his record 340-day stay in space. during his time in space, kelly has been really active on social media. this is what i'm going to miss. he has posted the most breathtaking pictures. today he talked about some of the images he's seen. >> got some great northern lights pictures over canada.
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tweeted several of them. and the northern lights are amazing. >> matt: i can't imagine. the plan is for him and a russian astronaut to be back on earth around 11:00 tomorrow night. once back, the two must first undergo tests so they can readapt, get used to being on earth with that gravity yet again. of course, he has a twin who they're going to compare how their bodies have changed. >> lisa: it's going to be fascinating what's changed, what's different, if anything. we don't know yet. we'll find out. a family is crying for justice after a young man is killed in a crash. julie broughton is here with more on that. >> julie: tonight at 7:00, that man leaves behind a young daughter. you'll hear from loved ones who just learned why the woman charged in his death should never have been behind the wheel. also -- >> this caped criminal's streak
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>> julie: he's hung up a string of stores sometimes dressed up as batman. his crime spree is a sad sign of a widespread problem here and statewide, coming up at 7:00. >> lisa: thank you, julie. >> matt: chief meteorologist tom sorrells, goodness, gracious, it's been nice out. scale. >> tom: a lot of tens and tomorrow, too. yes, very close to where we should be this time of year. >> lisa: about time. >> tom: we bit the normal high by 1. >> matt: we'll take it. >> tom: on radar, we don't have any radar echoes to track anywhere in central florida. the daytime high today was 77. the average high is 76. the normal overnight low is 54. today we're at 52. we're juggling around. nowhere near the records of 89 and 33. it's a 2 thumbs up kind of situation. other daytime highs, 73 in ocala. 75 in the villages.
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maxed-out at 75. daytona beach, 75. melbourne, you stopped at 74 for the high today. right now, you're in there at 70 in melbourne. 72 in ocala. 68 in palm coast. and still 72 from sanford into orlando. where we are now versus where we were yesterday. we're two degrees warmer in orlando and 4 degrees warmer in sanford and 5 in daytona beach to palm coast and 2 in ocala. new smyrna beach from 8 miles per hour wind speeds. 12 in cocoa beach. it is a 7-mile-an-hour wind right now in orlando. satellite and radar together tells the story of what's happening and what happens next. wide widen the view out. not much coming in anytime soon. the cold front is marching across the country and coming this way by wednesday midday. tonight, no worries. this is one a.m. in the morning. a little bit of cloud cover. maybe some patchy fog between about 3 in the morning and 7:00 in the morning.
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to go. here's wednesday at 8 a.m. our cold front may be squeezing out a spritz of rain from the villages to ocala. that's it. this is where it is by noon. lingering right here, pushing the cloud cover from sanford to orlando. and by 3:00 in the afternoon, it's gone. by 6:00, it's all over. lows tonight are pretty good. 46 in ocala. 50 in the villages. in this zone is where i would really look for the patchy fog tomorrow morning. anywhere you get below where we are in orlando of 58, wind tonight in orlando from the east at 5:00. here's tomorrow. >> tom: it's a beautiful day tomorrow. by noon, 77. the high hits 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the next three days, 80, 80, and 75. there's a cold front coming, but you can't really tell by these temperatures. they're good to go. come the weekend, saturday, 75. sunday, beautiful, for the start of bike week this weekend.
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>> matt: perfection. ping is in, what's going on. >> ping: great weather, sunday, openerhe g. i-4e nha at al ehyupn know you can deposit checks right from your phone. transfer money to someone quickly and easily. speak to a financial
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when it's convenient. and pay for things using android pay. know that with pnc's convenient solutions, at least your finances will
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>> matt: we're going to love the weather on sunday. >> ping: it's all about the purple. this is a big week for the orlando city soccer club training camp. now it's game week. about pre-season. i think it's awful in any sport, soccer, baseball. we have the grapefruit league going on. let's get on to the regular season. this sunday at the citrus bowl in front of another expected
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s wookefalbl b w >> the stadium is expected ton completed by next season. here we go. for the first time this year, i have the little net out. you want to come over and play some soccer? >> ping: the franchise is now in year 2 of major league soccer. i expect big things for the club. >> this was the scene for last year's opener, a sell-out. this week, the hashtag is fill the bowl again.
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the equalizer last year against nyc. as for camp, it's over. get it on. >> i was telling my friends in england playing in front of 62,000, 10 years in the game, the most in my life. if we can do that again, it would be amazing. i remember when we came out of the new york game, it's incredible. the orlando fans have been like that since day one.
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>> ping: i'm believing the magic are going to make the post-season. they travel to dallas this afternoon and they're over there now, playing the maverick tomorrow after last night's win against philadelphia. >> ping: i believe the magic are going to kick it in and make the playoffs. it's monday night of the game week and i'm saying the orlando
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ou o m alons. begrorg y ffuleef zys t c be srker t dak
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>> the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get the latest headlines at we will see you back here tonight at 7:00 and 11:00. goodnight. >> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan.


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