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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> matt: it's getting closer to spring. for meteorologists it feels like it could be summer in some places. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with pinpoint weather first at 5:30. >> tom: temperatures zoomed again today. we hit 81 for the daytime high. we got a cold front coming, though. it's raining from atlanta to louisiana but not here, not yet anyway. right now, across the state of florida we're dry and good to go for a pretty good evening. temperature readings across florida, 78 in orlando. 74 in melbourne. leesburg tonight checks in here at news time with a reading of 79 degrees. wind is from the west-southwest at 8 miles per hour. on-the-town forecast coming up. we'll drop to 71 by 8:00. 67 by 10:00. and by the 11:00 newscast, we'll all be getting back together again. the reading will be 66 degrees. i'll be back.
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and talk about another warm day tomorrow and what kind of rain chance you're looking at for your wednesday. >> matt: tom, thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. breaking right now at 5:30, a serious crash near christmas has shut down east colonial in both directions, just past state road 520. two cars were involved. and a medical helicopter is expected to get to that scene soon. right now, no word on what caused the crash. but we're checking on the condition of the people in the cars. we are seeing some major traffic issues near there. so avoid the area if you can. we'll bring you updates as we get them in. volusia county deputies are trying to figure out who is behind the theft of a money box from girl scout cookies. >> ginger: the crook snatched the box and climbed into a north carolina vehicle. this is the guy police are looking for.
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woman and small child just moments before the money box was stolen. the girl scout had been out in front of a wal-mart in deltona, selling cookies all day long. so all of her hard-earned cash disappeared with that box. but today, news 6 teamed up with one of our radio partners to help her out. reporter loren korn was in deltona this morning where the community is getting results for this young girl scout. >> reporter: residents tell me this is a tight-knit community. after they watched our story last night about a thief stealing money from a girl scout troop selling cookies here, they wanted to help. folks donated hundreds of dollars to replace the money stolen. >> horrible thing turned into something really good for the girl scouts. >> reporter: just days after this man stole money from a 12-year-old girl selling cookies outside a wal-mart, people
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>> we heard about it and thought it was ridiculous. >> reporter: they say it was a no-brainer to help raise money for the girls. >> we've had so many people donating and angry about this, opening their purses and helping out. >> reporter: alexander says he didn't have to wait long for people to donate. >> i heard about it this morning when i was taking my grandchildren to school. i thought, how could a person do something like that. i thought, no, i'm going over there to give them something. >> reporter: between donations and a gofundme page, the community helped raised more than a thousand dollars. the girl scout citrus council responded by saying, in part, "it was an unfortunate situation but we're so touched by the outpouring of support and it's wonderful. we're grateful news 6 jumped in and gave such a high level of support and we're thankful for everything." meanwhile, deputies say they're still looking for the crook, along with this woman and child in tow. the group was last seen leaving
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north carolina tags. >> ginger: news 6 is also donating to the girl scout troop live with radio partner mix 105.1 tomorrow morning on their show. joining us will be someone from the girl scouts organization to accept all of the donations from the community. if you know anything about who may have taken this girl's money, you're asked to contact police right away. or if you're out there and you did it, just turn yourself in. >> matt: what a sleazy thing to do. >> ginger: it really is. a man is facing murder charges accused of shooting and killing two people outside the florida mall. >> matt: his arrest comes more than three weeks after the initial incident. the orange county sheriff's office says they've arrested the 20-year-old navelle johnson in connection with the deaths. he went before a judge for the first time today, accused of the murders that happened on february 5th. investigators tell us destin flagged down a shopper for help before collapsing. garland was found in the parking
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deputies say no one saw or heard the shooting but they do believe johnson knew the two victims. a brevard county dad is in serious trouble tonight after a double shooting. police say he shot toward his daughter and shot her boyfriend after a confrontation around 6:00 this morning. this happened on the 200 block of east haven avenue in west melbourne. police say the shooter is in custody. and the male victim has been taken to the hospital with some non-life-threatening gunshot wounds there to his neck. we're told the girl was burned, but refused medical treatment. >> ginger: a little boy had to be airlifted after a big mix-up in a school drop-off line in brevard county. troopers tell us the boy and another passenger were getting out of the car near saturn elementary school in cocoa this morning. they say one of the boys fell as he was getting out of the car. but when the other child closed the door to help him up, the driver thought both kids were clear. investigators say she drove forward and ran over the boy who fell.
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hospital as a precaution, but troopers say he suffered minor injuries. tonight a news 6 investigation. is the state of florida wasting taxpayer money on expensive palm trees? >> matt: the special palm trees are going up at almost every major road construction project in central florida. some of them cost as much as 20 times what a native palm tree costs. news 6 reporter erik von ancken is getting results, asking the department of transportation, is this really a good use of your money? >> reporter: take a drive over the new 1792 flyover, connecting casselberry to maitland, and you'll probably notice tree after tree. they were just put in over the past few weeks. but wait, did you notice what kind of trees these are? >> when you open up the canopy, it's going to spread out to be 10, 12 feet wide and it will be stunning. >> reporter: he's a professional landscaper. what does a tree like that cost?
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costs on average about $2500. >> reporter: the one across the street, the cabbage palm, the one you see all over florida, is a fraction of the cost. 10 times, maybe 20 times cheaper? >> that's correct. but it doesn't look as good. >> reporter: perhaps the other has a look you're trying to establish as a landscape architect. which is what? >> an attractive gateway to your city. >> reporter: the florida department of transportation for its part says the legislature forces fdot to spend money on landscaping, 1.5% of the cost of all road projects. an overpass that cost $21 million to build, almost $600,000 of that paid for sprinklers, shrubs and, yes, expensive palm trees. >> it's a waste of money. it is. it's a waste of money. >> reporter: he only has a say in the tree he plants.
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the only way to make an expensive flashy tree still look that way, weeks and months and even years later is to take care of it and that costs money, too. >> reporter: it looks like nobody took care of it. >> nobody has taken care of this. >> reporter: money some counties and cities clearly don't have or at least won't spend. >> your observation about maintenance being important is right on target. it's something where you want to, with your joint agreements with the cities or counties if they're maintaining it, you need to stay on top of that. >> the money should have went to schools, should have went to the homeless, to people in need. >> reporter: fdot admits just because they are forced to spend that 1.5% on landscaping, they don't have to buy the expensive trees. they could buy these instead, many, many more of them. they just choose not to. in orlando, erik von ancken, news 6. getting results.
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they are pretty. >> ginger: they are beautiful. >> matt: because fdot is required to spend money on landscaping due to legislation, you can call your local lawmakers to complain. >> ginger: and another phone call to make, if you feel those expensive trees are not being maintained in your neighborhood, you can call fdot and let them know the maintenance is a little bit shoddy there. we put the number on our website for you. just head to, powered by news 6. you can find it right on the home page. well it might already feel like summer for some of you out there but we're not even into spring yet. >> matt: and it's going to stick around for a few more days, too. candace campos joins us from our newsroom now with your pinpoint forecast. we're going to hunters creek. right? >> reporter: exactly. we went out to hunters creek this afternoon and it was just downright warm. temperatures were in the low 80's out there. there wasn't much of a breeze. so you certainly felt the heat. as you can see from the video, the sun was shining. we were out there by village park, right there in hunters
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it was a gorgeous afternoon. you wanted, though, to jump right into the fountain. it was certainly feeling warm out there. again, our pinpoint weather app, when i was out there about 2:00 this afternoon was already reaching about 80 degrees. but it was a beautiful afternoon. if you like this type of weather, then you're going to be loving the next couple of days. of course, we had to hand out some of that news 6 swag as well. let's pinpoint your forecast for folks in hunters creek. temperatures are going to be, again, warming up pretty quickly. overnight lows tonight, into the low 60's. a nice mild evening. by your wednesday, temperatures will be topping off again into the 80's. again, feeling more like, as we're entering summer, rather than entering into spring and wednesday night, temperatures will be back down into the mid-60's. the good news is we're going to be staying mostly dry, a bit more on the cloudy side for your wednesday. >> matt: no jumping into the fountain in the future, candace. it's not allowed. thank you. a unique program in central florida is the only one of its
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>> ginger: coming up at 5:30, we'll take you inside how these teachers are getting results in our schools. >> matt: plus an alarming development from google and it has to do with their self-driving cars.
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than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . >> ginger: an update for you now on breaking news on a crash in christmas. we've just confirmed that both people involved in the crash have died. east colonial is shut down in both directions. that's just past state road 520. as crews are working to clean up the crash. it will take longer because now it's a death investigation. no word what caused the crash. but we're seeing major traffic back-ups in the area. avoid it if you can. a one-of-a-kind school in
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advancements for disabled kids. >> matt: morning anchor bridge has more in tonight's "getting results for our schools". >> reporter: this week we're at the conductive education center of orlando. the largest full day program for conductive learning in the country and the only one in florida. it's a growing school and they're excited about a technology expo coming up later this week. children with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities are working toward their greatest potential with training and instruction that focuses both on academic and physical development. they do it with the help of special trainers called conductors and special education teachers like lauren rebel. >> every day is need to see those moments. there's moments where they're taking the step for the first time or there's moments where they're reading a word for the
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those are the moments that make things special. >> reporter: through the generous sponsors, there's a reverse pitch where students told experts in the tech field what they wanted and needed. >> through our connections with the orlando tech association and some of the other connections through rawlins college and start-up orlando, they were actually able to pull in over 35 tech enthusiasts to come to hear our students give their own pitches. >> reporter: developers from bermuda to brighthouse are now involved in the expo. >> hopefully are making some prototypes that will help them in these aspects of their life and then they're going to bring that to the tech expo and then people are going to judge that and possibly put something into production that will help them with this. >> reporter: between lessons at
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expo, the goal is giving those living with disabilities the ability to do and experience more than ever before. >> it's really giving great awareness, but most importantly, what's going to come out of it are real true solutions that can be utilized by our children and children across the country. >> reporter: the technology expo is coming up this friday, saturday and sunday at the orlando science center. its open to the public so you can see what the developers have coming up with for the students here and beyond. for more about it, check out my facebook page. i'm bridgett ellison. i'll see you in the morning. >> matt: good stuff. you can see all of brigitte's getting results in our schools reports by heading to, powered by news 6. if you know of a school program getting results, let brigitte know right there on her facebook page. >> ginger: a lot of schools in the area are doing great work. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. speaking of great, a 10 today.
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>> tom: i could have recorded this and taken the day off. it's been so picture-perfect. no warnings, no rain. you would have missed me, though, right? >> ginger: of course. >> tom: thank you for lying to my face. take a look at the storm pins. isn't this beautiful? these are all by richard. what about that one? >> matt: look at the bird there. >> tom: which one did you like the best? >> ginger: i like it. >> tom: i don't think i've ever featured three photos by one dude at the same time. >> matt: he deserved it. >> tom: the day is slow, not a lot of weather going on. radar tonight, richard, thank you. download storm pins. you can see all his beautiful shots. i'll have a few more coming up tonight at 6:00. radar tonight is clear. i expect the radar tomorrow will stay clear. the daytime high has been pumped up from 80 to 81 at o.i.a. the overnight low was 56.
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76 and 54. the record is 90 and 32. the record of 90 was a hot one back in 1918, in the world war i time, way back there. right now, temperature reading in daytona beach is 75 degrees. wind is from the east at 8 miles per hour. right now in melbourne, 74. wind from the southeast at 14. current temperatures, 79 does it in the villages and leesburg and lakeland. 73 in new smyrna beach. 77 in ocala. 79 in palm coast, and 74 out at the cape. 24-hour temperature change, we're now three degrees warmer at this hour than we were yesterday at the same time. i think tomorrow, when i do this stat, it will be probably right about the same or maybe 1 degree warmer. it's going to be another warm day tomorrow, too. satellite and radar together shows broken cloud cover. our frontal boundary is way back out here. the low is cranking here. it's a big snowmaker, from michigan to toronto, across the great lakes, freezing rain right now along lake erie. rain all the way down to the
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we're waiting for the bottom side of that cold front to come through here tomorrow. this is what it looks like tonight into tomorrow morning. here's wednesday morning, 9 a.m. meteorologist troy bridges will be here tracking this. there won't be much to track. we're talking sprinkles, broken cloud cover and a touch of rain. i don't think much is going to happen. i really don't. by 3:00 in the afternoon, we're wrapping it up. in the evening tomorrow night, we cool off a bit. by a bit, i mean maybe 4 or 5 degrees' difference with the front coming through, maybe 5, but not much. talking about overnight lows tonight, 55 in ocala, 60 in sanford and 62 in cocoa beach. the low in orlando, 62. here's tomorrow. >> tom: i think it's a pretty nice day tomorrow. by noon, 77. daytime high goes to 82. broken cloud cover, to be sure, but not much in the way of rain, maybe a sprinkle. that will be all we get. temperature reading for thursday is cooler at 78.
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for saturday and sunday. overall, i can't remember a seven-day run that was that good-looking in a long time. >> matt: thank you, tom. >> ginger: when we come back, a new development with google's self-driving cars. why they may not be so perfect after all. >> matt: plus we have a very happy update for you and it has to do with this, mustache yo little kitten which has become an internet sensation. >> ginger: though voters in florida are not heading to the polls tonight, candidates are focusing on the sunshine state. we're live in south florida. we're getting results for maitland, cape canaveral and all of central florida on news 6 at 5:30 and the news 6 app.
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>> matt: well, it turns out google's self driving cars might just be human after all. >> ginger: for the first time, google is admitting one of its cars caused a crash. investigators say the bus hit the car after the car changed lanes unexpectedly.
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says an employee in the car did not take control because they thought the bus would stop. google does say no one was hurt. and they have updated their software to prevent similar accidents like this one from happening in the future. >> matt: how do you put that in, "don't run into buses." a toddler is back with his family after a freak accident. >> ginger: this happened in china over the weekend. take a look at what happened here. you can see the boy -- look at that -- fall out of the back of the van as it starts moving. >> matt: i wasn't ready for that. >> ginger: no. the whole scene was captured by the dash-cam video and the car behind the van. police say the 2-year-old got out of the front passenger seat and climbed into the back, just as his grandpa pulled away at a green light. apparently the back door was not latched. the boy climbed to his feet and chased the van before the driver of the dash-cam video car picks
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with honking his horn to stop. >> matt: he wasn't paying attention. >> ginger: thank goodness. speaking of thank goodness, a happy ending for a kitten who became an internet star last week. >> matt: she was dropped off last week in a donation box. the employee who found her took her straight to a local animal shelter. the kitten went viral. all because of a a little black patch of fur shaped like a mustache above her mouth. her new owners, they're going to call her mustachio. >> ginger: i know it's a girl, but i hear the voice of antonio banderas on her.
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mustached cat named mustache. it's a male cat with a goatee, too. >> matt: that makes sense. >> lisa: at 6:00, a 73-year-old arrested, accused of running from a crash. tonight we're learning more about the driver accused of hitting a child on his bike. we'll have more on that, coming up. (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 6:00, election 2016 comes to florida. three of the top candidates are here tonight, already gearing up for the state's primary. >> lisa: first, though, a breaking news alert. a boy pulled from a canal. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm lisa bell. >> matt: i'm matt austin. the boy was 8 years old. this happened on pembrook drive where jennifer ortega is live for us this evening. i know you spoke with a mom who told you her son helped pull that boy out from the water.


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