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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight the tragic accident, an eight-year-old boy critically hurt. the boy fell while walking home i'm matt austin. >> and i'm lisa bell. we have been following this story since it broke late this afternoon. the boy fell the canal. there are homes between the school and that canal. scene. so general, do we know yet how is that boy doing? >> at last check, that boy is still in critical condition. take a look at the canal through
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deputies believe the boy was standing on the walkway near that blue pipe when he fell. >> i'm upset about it because he knows that's not a path i told him to take. >> reporter: britney said her son acted fast and jumped into the the water and save his friend. >> someone called me and said my son, they thought he was the one that was drowning, but he was the one that saved him. >> reporter: the boy scaled the fence and try ed to cross the something happened causing him to fall ten-feet in the water. >> there's brush, a chain link fence, and a lot of obstacles but these are children. sometimes people can scale things. i really can't say how they got back there. but it is a well fenced off area. >> reporter: kim lives right next to the canal and says the fence has a hole in it. >> it's gotten bigger through the last web. maybe a dog could crawl under it. and it kept getting bigger and bigger.
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detectives cut through the locks to get in the area and continue to investigate into the night. >> they're just getting to rowdy around the river there. >> reporter: parents and neighbors we spoke to on this street say this isn't the first time they've seen kids near the canal. they think add ing a security guard after school could keep the kids away and prevent this from happening again. in orlando, jennifer ortega news 6. all right, thank you. >> now to a super night for donald trump wracking up win after win. no wins for marco rubio, but no surrender either. we have reporters at both camps tonight. etching erik sandoval is at the rubio campaign. huge night for the front runner, night. >> reporter: big night. hi everyone. what a beautiful setting. the feel is presidential. this is something the viewers didn't get to see.
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this had a presidential feel. and donald trump looked the part. with victories in hand, he reached out to the media and issued two questions, first or issues, rather, to the gop establish ment, he said consider the facts. and then he went in on marco rubio. but let's begin with his message to the gop establish ment. >> if i'm going to win all of these states with all these numbers and i come in worst as second, i think we're a democracy, i think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party. right? i'm not going to tell him what to do you have to run. he had a bad night. according to cnn, fox, i watched their broadcast, the loser of the night, is marco rubio. he hasn't won. at least you can say ted has won something. and you know, marco has not won. you've got to be able to win. you can't talk.
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fashion, guys, he said rubio was trying to be like don rick leas, only rick leas is funnier. finally, whispers over the last 24 hours the governor scott might be be here to endorse trump. trump staffers e-mailed me saying that was never the case. anybody telling you that was wrong. but donald trump did indicate governor scott was a friend of his. so the day continues for donald trump. now the question is, will the gop establish ment accept him as the front runner. back to you. mike live if us. and now erik sandoval with the rubio campaign in miami. eric, no wins, but no quit in the junior senator from florida. >> reporter: no there's not. he still has a lot of fight left in him. he was on that stage addressing the very community who elected him into political office for the first time back in the 1990s.
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turned out in this eh -- equestrian arena tonight. it is his intent to win the republican nominations. he maybe behind on the polls and delegates, he wants everybody to watch and wait. it's his intention to expose donald trump as a con artist. he then turned his attention to florida which is a winner takes all state when it comes to delegates. and he plans to collect those delegates. >> of all the places in america, and i have traveled this country now, and i am so proud to be back, there is no place in america that understands the american dream better than this community and this great state of florida. what'd you think of his speech? >> i think it was great. i think he summed up everything to the point. he wants to do the best for americans. especially the minority hispanics. >> reporter: now take a look at this, we watched as rubio's
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of people they held up a sign that said rubio betrayed your community. they chanted it out loud during that event. they were hauled out by sheriff deputy's there. rubio was setting his sites on the state of florida. he is of course setting his sights on all the remaining sites. tomorrow morning, he's flying out to michigan. and he is ignoring calls by trump and cruise tonight to step out of the race. we're live in miami tonight, erik sandoval news 6. six states by trump, ted cruz won his home state of texas. rubio no victory night now. ahead in minnesota, still too close to call. >> a big night for hillary clinton as well. clinton has won six states. she urged voters to unite for the common good. >> i believe deeply that if we resist the forces trying to
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together to make this country work for everyone. the struggling t striving and the successful. all was not lost for bernie sanders, he celebrated wins in his home state of vermont and oklahoma. despite his deficit, he says he still believes a political revolution is possible and took a shot at donald trump. >> what the political revolution is about is bringing our people together, black and white, latino, asian american, gay and straight. people born in america, people who have immigrate ed to america. when we bring our people together, when we do not allow the donald trumps of the world to divide us up. [applause] results are still pouring in. you can get up to the minute results right now on powered by news 6.
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moments away from a historic homecoming. at this moment, american astronaut kelly is in a capsule. hurling back towards earth. a trip that will complete a year in space. just after it tonight, kelly and two two russian cause mu gnats. to plan for future missions into deep space. kelly is expected to land back on earth at 1125 tonight. when that happens, we'll let you know during this newscast. new tonight, new support to exonerate four black men accused of raping a white woman. they voted unanimously to support legislation urging
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grove land four. an officer shot the 39-year-old outside his home after the man pointed a gun at him. tonight detectives told news 6, the gun was loaded and he had more ammo in his pocket. police went to the home this morning after they say he threatened three construction workers next to his home. so far, investigators have not released his name. >> an argument between neighbors turns violent tonight. one of them stabbed the other. cocoa police say a man and woman were argued outside an apartment complex. they found a guy with stab twenties his neck and hand and a woman with a bite wound on her hand. both taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay. police still trying to figure out how it all started. it'll be a few more days before space extries to begin a rocket off the ground. they scrubbed the fourth launch attempt this afternoon because of extreme winds. the wind is expected to be rough again tomorrow.
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be friday evening. tonight a life saving move. >> a car crashes into a boy's bedroom, what this little man did before the crash that kept him from getting hurt. plus talk about a thrilled ride, a glass slide over the edge of a building. who's planning on putting this up tom? >> would you do that. >> i'd do it. >> of course you would. take a look at what's going on right now. 65 in orlando. 67 in sanford. 64 in banti beach. i'll be right back to pinpoint the overnight low that is talk about how warm it'll be tomorrow and this cold front that's coming, it's not that big a deal. see you a few. a social media mystery, the picture that has local police concerned. a dog with what appears to be tape on its nose. keeping its mouth shut. how this was uncovered and what's being done to solve it. that's next. you're watching
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and the news 6 app, live on a tuesday night. the most watched 11 o'clock news
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breaking news in tonight's elections, florida senator is now projected as the winner in tonight's vote in minnesota. it's his first win, but he is still well behind donald trump in the race for the republican nomination. you can get more on tonight's result police are trying to find out who's really behind this photo. it shows a dog with its mouth taped shut. and tonight, they want to know if that dog is okay. tonight, animal lovers out rages. sashell saunders explains how it grabbed attention.
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showed up two days ago. in it, you see a dog lying on the floor, his mouth wrapped shut in blue tape. and then -- from brian feature gomez. all you know is that this is a picture of my dog with tape on his mouth chillen. now start judging your reasons. the judgement immediately begins more than 500 angry comments and counting. one woman saying only sick people would do that. another promising to contact the police. the poster tried explaining themselves saying he was trying to show his room meats that the dog could get out of the tape. it wasn't sticky and he could still drink and bark. just this pass november, 45-year-old katherine was charged with animal cruelty after a similar facebook post went viral. south daytona police tracked it all the way to north carolina but didn't take her dog after police determined they were well
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daytona beach police are investigating this most recent incident saying they think they know who the guy is, but wouldn't give any other details. that was sashell saunders reporting tonight. a local family has a warning for local pet lovers. they boarded their golden doodle while they left on vacation. when they came back, she was gone. >> i'm very mad at her, she kill mid dog. >> what you need to know before you leave your pet in a boarding facility's care. coming up tomorrow night at 11. chief meteorologist tom sorrells joining us now and the week ahead. this is what we -- for, this is the deal. >> i think i need to hold out for more money. >> this is your time right now. >> you don't give me enough money. it doesn't work that way. take a look at this beautiful shot i have tonight. these are -- going to start out with this one. karen miller in there. beautiful, love the ramp, love
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that's good stuff. how about that? love love it. typical florida. >> i can't see the name of the person to send it to. oh blond chick. i know who that is. >> she's got a good eye. >> i don't. but whoever you are, i love that shot. storm pin, download it right now from your app store. we'd love to see what you're seeing in central florida tonight. radar's good to go. we've been talking abt all day. how dry we are. we've had control fires. out of control fire, all kinds of stuff, no rain. big cold front's on the way. look how cold it is in nashville. 68 in pensacola. 62 in jacksonville. the only problem is, by time the cold front gets to us, it's not going to much of a front. it is 64 beach. we're gearing up for bike week. right now in melbourne, the temperature 67. winds from the south at eight miles per hour.
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in ocala. 69 with wind support from the south all over. other temperatures in gainsvill tonight, 63, 61 in palm coast, and 68 in new smyrna and 61 in cocoa beach. i've been talking about this for days on end. there's not much to talk a. here's the front t big storm tonight in at lan that, all the way to columbia. the thing is going up the atlantic coast. notice how the heavy stuff is staying parallel. across the northern fringes pass the say vine. all the way to georgia. alabama. but the southern part of this is nothing. i mean, really nothing. there's not even much rain left of the southern part of it as it comes right across the gulf. so bottom line here is, this thing approaches tonight. and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, if you're a early riser at 6:00 a.m., cloud cover if you're moving in. troy bridges will watch what you have. but i don't think it's that much
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frontal bound pushes all the way in. these little green dots maybe a sprinkle. i'd love to get rain, but i don't see it happening with the lack of lift we're going to have going on here tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow evening, it's game over, we're cooling could be four, maybe 5 . all the way through the weekend. a reenforcing shot of cooler air. i don't see any storms coming. i think we're living right in central florida. tonight 58. and 58 through the 60s. 56 in ocala tonight. 60 in co beach and 62 in melbourne. 62. here's tomorrow. 62 at 8:00 a.m., by noon tomorrow, 77 for lunch. the at the same time high goes back to 82. today we hit 81. i think we beat that tomorrow. it's going to give us that much sunshine out of the clouds as they move on through.
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tomorrow 82. overnight low is 55. and then into thursday and friday, we're still warm, still above normal with temperatures lately. so dry on saturday, a high of 75. . so that's an award winning we'll take it. >> not a bad bump in the road anywhere coming in the next >> thank you tom. >> still ahead, scooting down a slide 1,000 pete above the streets. did we mention it's made of glass? where you'll soon find this wild attraction. >> plus an unlucky hit. the baseball usher takes a ball to the head what he has to say about the incident. and what his favorite team did for him. here tonight's winning lottery numbers. cash 3, 533. 444807.
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avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. a boy is alive thanks to a change he made. he moved his bet just hours before an suv crashed into his room. they caught the suv barrelling down this nebraska street. it tears through a lawn, running over a street sign and right into the the boy's room.
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then like, sizzling noises. luckily i moved if i was still there, i would be hurt or dead. and that's a blessing because i'm still here. police arrested the man on suspicion of driving under the influence. the care in the stands hit by a ball during a red sox batting practice, they were hit by a line drive yesterday. that ball flu into the stands where the die hard sox fan was bending down cleaning. >> i was wiped out and down he went. and his eyes got blurry. he was standing there. it was a shock. the big fella hear here is 80, and he's doing well after getting checked out at a hospital. he now has a souvenir include ing a signed pair of gloves. and david ortize gave him his own bat. oh now to a thrilling new
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quite the view of los angeles. >> it is a glass slide, 1,000-feet off the ground, sakai slide is the glass enclosed slide that will let people scoot from the seventieth floor to the six ninth. the slide is part of sakai space laa multilevel experience that will spread across four different floors of the skyscraper. made with more than with clear glass that's more than an inch thick. only an inch thick? >> i know that doesn't seem like much. >> i'm not into that. ping what's happening? i did it again. i did it again. back oaf this. this is unbelievable. pop quiz on a tuesday night as well. i can not believe i did it
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an update on breaking news, a historic homecoming is under way. scott kelly just landed in kazakhstan after spending the last year in space. after their capsule undocked from the space station earlier
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we expect to get our first glimpse of kelly and the cosmunauts. we hope to bring that at 5:00 a.m. ping joining us now, not so great magic. no. not at all. so the magic took their act on the road tonight in dallas before the night started, they had 24 games left. they had four games in the sixth seventh play off news. >> and so the magic you're still sticking with. i am. they're going to make it. they're going to the post season. >> i want it. tom, it looks like i said they needed the win tonight to really get this thing going. no. look at scott skill ess here. he's not going to make it. closely. air ball. he should not be shooting that shot.
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a boost of it. shot no go. again. you get the drift here. yup. yup. now they wonder why steph curry is so good. it is a turn over. and then oops. the second guy in the slam dunk competition. just like ted cruz tonight, texas and dallas wins. 124-108. >> somebody's got to respond for us right now and you know, pick us up. that's four could have been better tonight. ping-pong is known as the central florida's q and a craze that will never go away. but recently a new craze that's not going away. >> it's time for ping's pop quiz. >> are you guys ready?


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