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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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. live. getting results. this is news 6 at 11:00. tonight, the release. an uncle accused in the death of his 6-year-old niece bonded out and what he did when he walked out of jail. first the arrest. a brother and sister charged with the theft of a local girl scout. >> i'm ginger gadsden. facebook was key in cracking this case. and it sounds like this case came down to two pictures. detectives pieced it all
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this surveillance -- excuse me, this surveillance picture and this facebook profile picture gave the cops the crumbs they needed to catch this cookie creep. >> it is a shame it happened in the first place. we were happy to have them in custody and hold them for account of what they did. nicholas delbrugge and ashley winters turned themselves into the volusia county jail. after the two stole a cash box from a girl scout selling cookies outside adel tonea wal-mart. >> robbery is what it was. he pulled it out of her hands and i think it was scary for her. she is a 12-year-old kid. he is a grown man. >> investigators say they were on the two since tuesday when another officer recognized delbrugge from another arrest. they found delbrugge on facebook and recognized his picture and the interior of the car of the honda santa fe leaving the wal-mart parking lot monday.
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and led detectives where they lived and the grandfather looked at surveillance photos and confirmed it was delbrugge and winters. >> they told us yeah that was his wife and that was his daughter and their vehicle. >> on wednesday, the victim picked up delbrugge out of the line up and still no sign of the cash box. >> we don't know where the cookie money is. we have not tracked down the cash box. >> the cash box only had $100 inside. after hearing the story overnight radio makes 105.1 decided to pitch in to collect money for the troop raising over $1,000 in sales. tonight we spoke to the 12-year-old mother's for the arrest and said we are thanking god for the community who have come together to make lacy realize there are good in this world and we have big plans for the community with money that
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>> as for delbrugge and winters they are charged with robbery and petty theft and their first appearance is tomorrow at 1:00. in volusia county jennifer ortega news 6. >> breaking news in orlando. a murder in an apartment complex. video just in from the cypress pointe apartments on versailles drive. police say a 22-year-old man was killed. no one else was hurt. police are working on getting info on a suspect right now. as soon as we learn more we will bring it to you in this newscast. also developing a convicted felon arrested after his 6-year-old niece accidentally killed herself is a free man. >> in the last couple hours he left the seminole county jail but not before facing tough questions from us. detectives say this guy shouldn't have had a gun in the first place. what did he have to say for himself. >> no.
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today to his car. but before he drove off he did have something to say. >> god bless america. >> family members tried blocking questions from reporters as williams walked from the seminole county jail. he is facing child neglect, unsafe storage of a firearm and possession of a weapon charges after the death of his 6-year-old niece. >> you have to talk to my lawyer. >> aleathia, a kindergartener in elementary school was playing in the living room and found the gun under the couch. she picked it up shooting herself in the shoulder and the bullet traveling downward killing her. the baby-sitter drove her to the hospital. tonight the convicted felon should never have had a gun wouldn't say why he had it in that spot. williams paused for a moment to
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entered the car, when asked if he felt bad family members yelled no comment. he did have something to say. >> yeah, i feel bad. >> reporter: williams got out on $20,000 bond. in response to this tragedy the sanford police department will have a gun safety class this week. sashel saunders, news 6. >> also developing a change in the weather. >> here is a dry look at downtown. rain will hit us in the early. tom sorrells has a new time line to help you get prepared. tom? >> okay. take a look at what's going on since 7:00. rain intensified a bunch and kind of doing almost exactly what we told tough would. here is the big severe thunderstorm going north lightning strikes i-75 to panama city up across the state line. the heavy stuff is trending to
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lighter scattered showers around lake city and light rainfall from the gulf coast west of cedar key. north. here is how it goes in the next valdosta to jacksonville and lighter rainfall working its way towards our viewing area. i will be right back in a few minutes and carle the futurecast through the night and pinpoint the arrival of the rain overnight before dawn and show you how soon your friday gets back to normal. >> all right, tom. thank you. tonight the push to stop donald trump. growing again on the national stage. the republican candidates squared off in a debate tonight and once again marco rubio and ted cruz tried to convince voters trump is not fit to be president. erik sandoval has the blow by blow. >> everything short of blows on stage. instead they traded insults, talking over each other and name calling.
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facing the united states and with florida primary 11 days away all of them want your vote. >> reporter: the drama of tonight's national republican debate started with a question directed at donald trump, about a very public fight he is having now with former g.o.p. mitt romney. >> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten president obama very easily and he failed miserably and it was an embarrassment to everybody including the republican party. >> trump sparred with florida senator marco rubio. >> cruz sparred with john kasich leading by a wide margin in the polls and delegates all made points to correct trump several times about policy and facts erupting into prime time reality tv.
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>> hold on a second. >> trump fought back giving competitors nicknames and called rubio little guy. >> this little guy lied so much. >> i have given my an lying ted. >> he gave ted cruz the name lying ted. everyone will talk tomorrow morning about this exchange about the size of trump's endowment. >> and he referred to my hands, if they are small, something else is small and i guarantee you there's no problem. everything is okay. >> a lot of us were shaking our heads at this point. >> rubio and cave said they would support trump if he is the republican nominee. all the candidates of course have their eyes set here on florida with other states and our primary coming up march 15th. >> certainly, an interesting debate to say the same. don't expect florida
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side. he will not endorse anyone since the primary. he said i have made it my practice not to get involved in the primaries picking the republican candidate is the voter's job. trump will be at ucf saturday and all hands will be on deck and all signs will be banned at the rally. noon. just in, new details on a scary crash in cocoa. a truck flipped into a ditch. tonight, troopers told us a 14-year-old was in the bed of the truck when it lost control and crashed. two 19-year-olds were in the truck and all expected to be okay. at this point investigators have not said exactly what caused the wreck. deputies have the option to find people caught with marijuana instead of sending them to jail. according to the orlando sentinel commissioners
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citations for small amounts of pot citations and it is up to the deputy's discretion on the beach and unincorporated county areas. cities can adopt the same law going into effect april 1st. new tonight trouble for torture. a man accused of water boarding his own girlfriend. what police say set him off. >> we all get mad when we get a ticket. wait until you see what this woman did that took it to a whole new level, tom. take a look at the rain for overnight hours into the morning. see where the thunderstorms are. i will pinpoint the arrival of the rain for you and talk about temperatures for the weekend. they are not as warm as the last few days. >> first judgment day. a florida mom about to learn her faith about the death of her
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live with matt austin, lisa bell, chief meteorologist tom sorrells and tom ping this is news 6 at 11:00 getting results. in hours, this florida mom will learn her fate of the death of a 1-year-old son. the judge will sentence lorna barton in the morning. >> there's a chance we will learn more about the night her daughter died. >> the state attorney's office is looking at five years for the charges and there won't be additional charges and it does not mean they are looking into the case for justice. the final step in a case
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months. lorna barton will be sentenced to charges relating to her son's death. >> we will expect she will present witnesses on her behalf and obviously the state may present witnesses and from there, the judge will determine what the appropriate sentence is. >> rhonda says there's a chance barton will share more details about the night he died. >> there's a possibility lonna will call witnesses and herself become a witness and testify on her own behalf and maybe explain some of the facts of what happened and it looks like she offer a dispute as to what happened to him. >> he says he had nothing to do with the disappearance and days after the guilty plea he led police to a wooded area where the child's remains were found. >> the state attorney has been
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from the beginning. >> baby deaths are difficult for us to handle and hinges on the evidence. we did not have much evidence on lonna barton and therefore only a maximum of five years. and it carries up to five years in prison and the charge carries up to a year in jail and sentences could run at the same time. >> people can't compare one baby death to the other. sometimes the proof is overwhelming and sometimes life for first-degree murder and sometimes the proof isn't there and we do the best we can. >> there are pretrial hearings for lonna barton coming up next month and that trial is set to get underway in april. nicole snyder news 6. all systems are go for a friday night rocket launch. spacex will try to get the falcon 9 off the ground friday night.
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spacex will try to make history by landing on a barge in the atlantic. if the launch happens we will bring it live on news 6 and chief meteorologist tom sorrells joins us now. high winds have been in the past. >> we can keep way ward boats out of the area. >> what were you thinking getting that close. >> i want to start with the weather story with one storm t. helps tell the story at this late hour shot in the winter gardens in the 2:00 hour. see the big ring around the sun. isn't that nice. people call all the time. my gosh there's a ring around the sun. i know. ice crystals at the upper levels and moisture surging in and forms like a prism making the big circle up there and happens a lot of times at night. see the big moon, people freak-out. it is there any time moisture flows in.
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or ring around the sun and today we had ring around the sun and that's a sign moisture is on the way and there she blows. cold front and surge from the gulf of mexico and ring around the sun and tonight rain knocking on the door. big thunderstorm warnings all over tallahassee. if you have kids at florida state it rocked for awhile. it was in the east cruising interstate 10. the good news for us at home is that most of the lift and most of the damaging wind and lightning will be contained in the showers up north rolling towards jacksonville and wake you up kind of night in jacksonville and lighter rain showers are expected to show up here gainesville and newbury and some lighter rain, that's what we are looking forward to at 4:00 in the morning through marion and orange county by 7:00. here is future radar in the next couple of hours. see the trend, the big storms
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>> here is the cooler air. 59 pensacola 69 jacksonville and in daytona beach, bike week officially starts tomorrow. i know a lot of folks have already showed up. 62 degrees now in daytona beach with maybe a shot of light rain at 8:00 in the morning. if you have a bike, be ready for that. tomorrow gets to be a pretty good day. 67 in melbourne. 61 villages, 67 ocala, 65 sanford, 64 orlando and brevard county close to 70. 69 degrees at this late hour right there in cocoa beach. wind direction tonight from the south to southwest only 5 mile per hour wind in orlando. here is the big rockin' thunder thunderstorms. bad news for the folks in southern georgia. you can tell with the track and pattern is looking like heavy stuff in jacksonville and lighter stuff for us at home.
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by 6:00 in the morning this is what it looks like predawn activity volusia county into seminole and orange out to lake. none of this is crazy heavy and none is that rough. if you wake up at 5:00 tomorrow morning, turn on the tv meteorologist troy bridges will be tracking what's left of the light rain by the:30, 10:00 it is over. definitely over by 11:00 and through the day tomorrow once the rain stops we sweep the clouds on out of here and the sun takes over. in the day tomorrow most of the day turns out to be pretty good. overnight lows not too cold. i will call overnight in orlando 62, 57 ocala, 58 in the villages and 68 titusville. official forecast rain knocking on the door by sunrise. here is your forecast. by noon tomorrow 74 daytime
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not as warm as the last three days and still above normal. headed into saturday 78, sunday 77. a week from today back to 85. embrace the above-normal high cooldown. >> best time of year. >> it is awesome now. >> and bike week, too. >> starting in about 40 minutes. >> thank you, tom. taking the thrill of roller coasters to a new level. the ride that straps on the headset instead of strapping you in and where to find it. retaliation for a parking ticket. what this woman did to a baby to get back at a parking officer. here are tonight's lottery
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. . tonight a water boarding investigation. a man is accused of doing it to his now exgirlfriend. dylan van camp was arrested in wisconsin this week. investigators say he covered his ex's mouth and nose with a wash cloth and poured water over her face to find out if she was faithful and happened over four months accused of choking and punching her. two months before abuse he faced
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found him guilty of strangulation of doing it to a different exgirlfriend several times. everyone hates parking tickets. one woman took it too far when she retaliated against a parking officer. the video shows a woman on the hood of her car. you can see a parking officer put a ticket on her windshield and the woman grabs a ticket and rips it up with her teeth. that's not the end of it. the woman uses her key to carve a vulgar message on the officer's car. that's a no-no. the officer uses a video and police are looking for her. >> yikes. >> to a new kind of thrill ride and will you never even get off the ground. six flags is launching a virtual reality coaster called new revolutions six flags says it is the first virtual reality coaster in north america.
11:26 pm
into a 360-degree synced with a roller coaster. pass holders and members get to try it beginning march 10th. it opens to the public march 26th. >> that's my kind of roller coaster. >> you sit in one spot. >> you have those already a little bit. >> like epcot. >> similar to that. >> and i am not that. >> double dipping. >> something for the first time ever on news 6. we will talk to mr. palmer and hear from nick and if there's time it is throwback thursday. only if we have time. today on morning news we showed you the reunion on the runway after astronaut scott kelly returned home after nearly
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all right. you got to talk to one of our favorite people. >> arnold palmer. this guy is a great man. hosted by one of golf greats set for march 14th hosting round 1 of the arnold palmer invitational. it starts at the bay hill club
11:30 pm
excited about it and top pga golfers in the world and sat down with mr. p. >> do you get butterflies even to this day. >> absolutely. we are scared. things won't go right. generally we are as good as we have ever been in the history of the tournament. excellent field of players. it is going to be a real fun event. >> all right. maybe one of the greater segments in the news business. taking it on a new level. >> it is time for ping's pop quiz. >> all right ginger first time we are playing, mr. palmer how many careers holes in one has he had. tom, you go first. >> no, ladies first. >> ginger, go. >> 20. i will say 29.


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