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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> ginger: more than 20 bullets into a home while kids are inside. news 6 speaks to the parents, fearing for their lives tonight with the gunmen still at large. but first we're going breaking news along i-4 in volusia county tonight. good afternoon. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ginger gadsden. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. lisa bell is off tonight. this is a live look along the eastbound lanes of i-4 where it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon.
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and mile marker 117. troopers say a group of motorcyclists were riding together when someone dropped something on the interstate. the biker on the back of the pack pulled over to get it. florida highway patrol says he was hit by a semi. he's in the hospital right now in stable but critical condition. traffic is getting by right now. we'll let you know as soon as we learn anything new. >> ginger: developing right now, a family on alert waiting to hear of any arrests tonight after their home was shot at more than 20 times. they tell news 6 their kids were inside the home when it all happened, in the lake nona area of south orange county. news 6 reporter troy campbell is joining us live from there tonight. do they have any idea at all who may have done this? >> reporter: well, the sheriff's office is only telling us it's an open investigation. now, the family lives a few
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we went and spoke to them again this afternoon. they say with no arrests made, they fear that the shooter could return. >> it's been bad. it's been terrible. >> reporter: asking not to be identified, the woman who lives inside the home says days after 22 bullets were shot into her lake nona area home, the family is hopeful for an arrest. >> we haven't slept, we haven't ate. we've been shaking. we've been looking out the windows. we're dealing with teenagers that we don't know what they're capable of. >> the brother tells news 6, he had his hand on the door lock and as soon as one pulled out a handgun, he pulled the door shut and fell to the ground when the bullets flew. >> they could come back and do something worth than they did. now. my son they could have shot him out here. >> reporter: the orange county sheriff's office only telling us
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so far, no arrests have been made. the family also says they gave investigators the license plate number to the vehicle that the suspects fled in. live in orange county, troy campbell, news 6. >> ginger: thank you, troy. >> julie: another presidential hopeful is coming to central florida. this time, u.s. senator marco rubio will make a visit tonight to the sanford airport. his campaign stop comes after donald trump's visit to ucf saturday. it also comes after his other republican rival ted cruz had a big victory this weekend. he is only trailing by 81. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one. that would be so much fun. >> julie: and we're going to have a live report to hear from marco rubio and what's next for his campaign, coming up later tonight on news 6.
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democratic side. they're in michigan campaigning after a heated debate last night. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you're talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy excuse me, i'm talking. >> julie: right now, hillary clinton is leading the way with more than 1100 delegates. sanders, around 500. our coverage continues on news 6 at 5:00 and throughout the night at the rubio rally and get alerts by the minute on, powered by news 6. >> ginger: all right. right now, bike week is in full swing in volusia county. here's a live look from our daytona beach camera along main street. you can see some cars out there, you see a couple of bikers out there. this week, the marshal tucker band and charlie daniel band roll into town. it's really just picture-perfect
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it was all weekend, quite frankly. chief meteorologist tom sorrells pinpointing the hot temperatures out there. >> it's good stuff. it's the best bike week forecast i've ever seen and i've seen like 17 of them. visible satellite is good to go. a touch of cloud cover is trying to form over the atlantic. mostly that's just fair weather cloud cover. cloud streaks forming as the air goes over the water water. right now, temperatures have dropped off the mark a smidge. we're at 72 in palm coast. daytona beach, 71. i've got 75 from sanford all the way down to orlando and 73 in melbourne. wind is part of the problem. it is a little on the breezy side. if there's a problem. that would be it. it's made for some rip currents. overall, it's been a good run. this evening, on-the-town forecast, mostly clear and mild. 74 degrees at 5:00. 6 p.m. take us to 73. by 7:00 tonight we're down to about 70. i'll be right back to pinpoint overnight lows for tonight and
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tomorrow and the next chance for rain. see you in a few. >> julie: thank you, tom. this is a live look outside at i-4 and the state road 408 ramps. it's going slow out there westbound. expect a slow ride through the downtown area. here's your drive times now. >> ginger: well, one of the nfl's all-time greatest quarterbacks just hung up his jersey. >> julie: manning is really going out on top. matt austin is joining us now. >> matt: he leads the game as the record holder in passing yards and victories with the
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in 2013, he had the single best regular season played by a quarterback. he was also a successful pitch man, earning $12 million a year in endorsement deals. this afternoon, he fought back some tears, talking about the decision. >> a week before the super bowl, our daughter, mosley, asked me, "daddy is this the last game? yes, it's the last game of the season. i sure do want you to win that trophy. i do too, mosley. and that's what we're going to try to do." and then she said, "daddy, is this the last game ever?" because i was thinking in amazement. >> matt: manning played 14 seasons with the indianapolis colts leading the team to
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he made two super bowl appearances with the broncos. quite the career. he's had a lot of injuries, neck surgery and serious issues. >> ginger: you would worry if he came back and got hurt and that's the way he had to retire. it couldn't have been better. >> matt: this was the way to go. >> ginger: to read more about manning's stats, charity work and 18-year career, head to, powered by news 6. the city of clermont is working with the county to prevent the spread of the zika virus. the public works department is spraying in areas where mosquitos are known to breed in hopes of cutting down on the population. they're focusing on areas near lakes and wet lands. the city is also spraying where big events are scheduled to happen like waterfront park where the pig on the pond festival is happening this weekend. right now, there are 50 cases of zika in florida. four involve pregnant women. >> julie: gas prices are going
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cent increase over the last 10 days and not expected to go down anytime soon. prices averaged $1.84 in the country and kirstin o'connor is telling us how much more we can expect to pay by memorial day weekend. >> reporter: the national average for gas is $1.81 a gallon and it's going to get a lot higher. some stations in orlando are already on their way up. it's bad news for prices at the pump. gas prices are back on the rise, averaging a jump of 11 cents in the past 10 days. the prices will likely climb 30 to 50 cents higher by memorial day weekend. the recent spike is not stopping anyone from making plans but with florida averaging a little higher than stations around the country at $1.84, drivers are looking for bargains. the rise in gas price is not unusual this time of year when many are planning spring vacations.
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something i like, but it's something i can deal with. >> reporter: why the price hike? there's a smaller output for refineries during seasonal maintenance. oil prices are up 24% in the last three weeks. the demand for gas has only increased 5%. >> reporter: prices at the pump are better than in years past. last year we were paying 64 cents more and the year before that, we paid $24 more to fill up our entire tank. >> julie: thank you. if you want to tell where you're seeing the highest prices, leave a comment on our facebook page at 6. >> ginger: still ahead at 4:00, a trip to school takes a terrifying twist for a local mom. >> julie: who police say stole her car while her child was inside. then ahead of spring cleaning, a warning from consumer reports.
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to know about pressure washers. >> reporter: instead of pinpointing weather tonight, i'm pinpointing pollen in central florida. what i found out about the allergy blues and why it could be a rough couple of weeks. the findings, next. >> julie: getting results on the news 6 at 4:00 and the news 6 app.
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>> ginger: on the health watch at 4:00, it's that time of year. you know what i'm talking about. allergy season is in full swing. >> julie: news 6 meteorologist candace campos explains why it seems so bad this year. >> reporter: i'm dealing with it right now. with such beautiful weather in central florida, it's hard not to enjoy the outdoors. but allergy sufferers beware, pollen is in the air.
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year. >> reporter: flowers are blooming and trees are leafing, filling the air with pollen. >> we have oak trees in range in size and age. their pollen comes later. some of the younger trees have already started. >> reporter: our oak trees are to blame. >> it has to do with the tree canopy. if you look at the big pollen generators, it's the oak trees. something you don't have in full count in florida. it's typical here in florida. it doesn't last forever. we have an intense period of two to four weeks and it goes away. >> reporter: whether you need to stop for allergy medication or a car wash, be thankful our season shouldn't last long. >> if you could just bear with it, that's just the best thing. unfortunately it's just part of living here in orlando.
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all your cars covered in the yellow stuff, too. the allergycast is high across the board. the rain won't be around very long this week, we'll have to continue to deal with this high pollen numbers. >> ginger: you know it's bad when the highlight of the weekend was my husband finding they don't sell flonase behind the counter anymore. >> julie: a rare sight for sky gazers in ireland this week. it almost doesn't look real. >> ginger: it looks like they filtered it to death or photo shopped it. that's nature at our finest. >> tom: have you ever seen the northern lights? >> ginger: no. >> julie: have you? >> tom: no.
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year and they happen from time to time because they are so far north. the last name i lived in detroit, it was one of the best displays ever and we slept through it. i want to start out tonight's weather story with some of the storm pins. this is everyday. if you missed it today, it will be back tomorrow. that was sunset last night in cocoa beach. i'm waiting for another. this is fellsmere. that's a beautiful shot. very artsy, framed up really well on both sides by palm trees. that's what the weather looked like in most spots from leesburg. thank you so much >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. look at that. nashville at 69 degrees. 68 in atlanta. 70 in pensacola and 72 in jacksonville right now. 72 also in palm coast. 71 does it in daytona beach.
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we've got a stream of 75's from orlando to kissimmee and right now in cocoa beach. wind speed and direction helping tell the whole story today. wind is from the east at 12 miles per hour, new smyrna beach. 15 in orlando. 12-mile-an-hour wind in the villages and 13 right now in melbourne. satellite and radar together. there's not a lot of cloud cover. you know it's not going to be a bunch of rain. the cold front is near dallas, texas tonight, down to houston, rumbling across the interior part of the country. it's going to be five days until we have a really good chance for rain. we'll have the onshore flow. it will remain breezy. cloud cover will build up along the coast. you'll see more clouds the closer you are to the coast. there's every real possibility -- futurecast likes to sneak in a stray spritz of rain. it's so very dry, i don't think it's going to happen much. the set-up remains the same with the onshore flow coming in.
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any rain possible until at least saturday. overnight lows where you live tonight, down to 52 in ocala. 56 in leesburg and 56 in orlando. and double nickels in sanford. for the bikers in daytona beach, the low will be 56 degrees. official forecast for orlando, mostly clear. the overnight low, 56. winds from the north 5 to 15. here's tomorrow. >> tom: first thing tomorrow morning, temperature reading is back to 61. by noon, we're up to 75 and the daytime high is 2 degrees above normal. normal is 77. tomorrow we go to 79. again, that's in orlando. for tomorrow, cool start bike week, by noon 75. 79 tomorrow is the high in orlando. then on wednesday, 83. thursday, 85. saturday, friday, 84.
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good, just in time for the rain. >> ginger: thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> julie: here's another live look at the crash we've been telling you about on i-4 east of orange camp road. emergency crews have the right eastbound lane blocked off. this had traffic backed up for miles earlier today. now traffic is getting by much more smoothly. here are your drive times for you right now. >> ginger: a suspected carjacker caught off guard. ahead at 4:00, what local police say he found in the back seat. >> julie: then the epic mascot fail that turned out to be a big win on the internet. but first, it's a common cleaning tool for homeowners, but tonight consumer reports has a new warning about pressure washers. the hidden danger, next.
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bada ba ba ba >> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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>> julie: as spring cleaning ramps up, it might be that time of year you break out the pressure washer, but they can cause serious injuries, including lacerations, punctures and eye damage. they send 6,000 people a year to emergency rooms. one particular feature is surprisingly dangerous and consumer reports is no longer recommending pressure washers that have it. >> ben knows all too well the dangers of pressure washers. he got a deep cut in his hand that required seven stitches >> >> i know tools >> i'm very careful with them. i do my research before i use them. any little slip-up can lead to injury. >> julie: consumer reports tests pressure washers and say they're typically sold to different kind of nozzles or wand tips that
4:25 pm
this is 25 degrees and this is 15-degree angle and this is the most powerful, 0 degrees. >> it concentrates all of that power and pressure into a single pinpoint blast. >> julie: it's typically red nozzle. this is what it does to a heavy duty work boot. this is what it can do to a carrot. consumer reports is not recommending any pressure washers with sprays less than 15 degrees. >> if you own a pressure washer, get rid of the red zero degree nozzle. don't use it. >> julie: this is recommended from green works. no matter which type of spray nozzle you're using, wear safety goggles and protective shoes and never point it at a person or your pet. consumer reports is asking manufacturers to make products
4:26 pm
the instruction manuals and markings on the product show how to use them safely and they stand by the use of a zero degree nozzle for tough jobs and longer distances. >> ginger: that's a common tool that you see people using in their driveway all the time. new traffic trouble for drivers in downtown orlando. >> julie: why a busy road is shutting down for 14 months. then, how a trip to florida turned this man into a mega-millionaire. who else in his family is also a winner. >> reporter: i'm jennifer ortega. coming up, what neighbors think after a man steals a car with a 12-year-old inside. >> ginger: getting results on the news 6 at 4:00 and the ne rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do.
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crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. >> ginger: now at 4:30, the urgent search for a suspected carjacker police say drove off with a child. >> julie: and a 14 month detour in the heart of downtown orlando.
4:30 pm
who had a trip to florida and entered him into the powerball. >> ginger: and a carjacking happened this morning in daytona beach, not far from north nova road. news 6's jennifer ortega is following the story live tonight. first off, how is that girl doing tonight? >> reporter: police say the 12-year-old is lucky she wasn't hurt after the car was stolen with her inside on this street. neighbors say this happens way too often. the criminal activity is out of control. daytona beach is a very small city with big city crime. >> reporter: police say the woman parked her car at a family's home and left her 12-year-old sleeping in the back seat. she went inside to pick up another child to take to school. before she could come back out, the car was gone with her daughter inside. >> i could imagine this mother being frantic. so now this mother knows not to
4:31 pm
>> reporter: police say the suspect got only a couple streets away when he realized there was a child inside the car. >> the 12-year-old woke up and the suspect turned around and saw that there was somebody in the car and it probably shocked him. >> reporter: when the suspect noticed the child, he stopped at eagle park apartments where he jumped out and took off on foot. >> you don't leave your children unattended anyplace, but a 12-year-old is not like a 2-year-old, but still a child. >> reporter: now police describe the suspect in his 20's with a short mohawk and gold teeth. if you have any information that can help, call police. in daytona beach, jennifer ortega, news 6. >> ginger: thank you, jen, for that live report. also right now the heat is on in central florida. >> julie: it's only going to warm up more in the coming days. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the temperatures and it really has been a beautiful day today. >> tom: it's been fantastic, in the 70's. we made it back to 78, 79. we'll go to the 80's before all
4:32 pm
i don't mean big air and duran, duran. i mean, 82, 83, 84, 85. i can tell they're not listening. visible satellite image right now, clear right now from orlando to jacksonville. big storms way back out west into texas. this is what they look like on radar. we're dry but big flood problems from houston to dallas. tonight there's the big squall line developing to the west of dallas. no rain for you, today, tonight, not even tomorrow, until the weekend before the rain chances ramp back up. right now, we're at 75 in orlando. the on-the-town forecast down to 73 at 6 p.m. come the 7:00 hour tonight, we will be at 70. i'll be right back to pinpoint the overnight low and talk about those 80's. >> ginger: thank you, tom. this is a live look over downtown orlando right now. you can pinpoint weather changes
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just search wkmg in your app store. >> julie: here's a live look for you outside on i-4 at kaley avenue. cars on the left side of the screen are traveling westbound. traffic is stop and go this afternoon. as more people are hitting the roads. so do give yourself some extra time. the cars you see on the right side of the screen, moving very slowly, especially in the left lane there, those cars are driving eastbound. this is a look at your drive times for you now. >> julie: as traffic starts to ramp up tonight, there is a big detour you need to know about regarding the big drive. parts of garland avenue in downtown orlando are going to close and will stay that way for over a year. johnny fernandez is joining us now. >> reporter: the big drive is
4:34 pm
downtown area off garland avenue for the next 14 months for drivers in the area. road barricades are in place as crews start on the creation of the new eastbound i-4 entrance ramp at colonial drive. it also marks the start of the realignment of garland avenue. the garland closure will allow for drainage and bridgework in the area. your way around the area is through orange avenue southbound or magnolia. city workers will also be replacing drainage pipes on march street between garland and orange avenue during the same time as the i-4 ultimate project. a spokesperson for the city says the work will be divided into different phases. in orlando, johnny fernandez, news 6. >> julie: thank you, johnny. we have a whole section on our website dedicated to all things big drive. from closures to detours, read up on the very website.
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powered by news 6. >> ginger: a trial tracker in orange county as detectives search for the person who shot at deputies outside a restaurant over the weekend. it started as a call about a trespasser on colonial drive just before midnight saturday. then the caller heard shots. deputies say they realized those shots were directed at them. you can see the aftermath, bullet holes in a black car also hit in the parking lot. investigators say a dark-colored suburban with four men was seen speeding away are from the restaurant. no one was hurt. deputies did not shoot back. if you have any info about what happened, you're asked to call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> julie: airbnb could soon bring a lot more money to brevard county. the travel accommodation's website allows homeowners to rent out their condo, apartment or house, to people who are traveling or on vacation. according to our news partners at "florida today," it will now collect a tourist tax at the
4:36 pm
extra $600,000 a year in tourism tax revenue, money the county may have been missing out on because the renter was unaware of the tax or avoided paying it. the deal takes effect on the 15th. >> ginger: tonight the white house flag is at half-staff as you see right there in memory of the former first lady nancy reagan who died of congestive heart failure yesterday at her home in los angeles. she was 94 years old. she is remembered not only for her contributions to america but her deep love she shared with her husband, ronald reagan. president obama voiced his condolences earlier today. >> as somebody lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner, in my life as well, i know how much she meant, not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. he was lucky to have her and i'm sure he would be the first to acknowledge that.
4:37 pm
is growing at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley california. it's also the site she'll be buried, next to her husband. we're told the funeral is set for 2 p.m. eastern on friday. >> julie: this afternoon, there are new health concerns for florida's youngest residents. numbers just released shows florida is one of 13 states with more uninsured kids than the national rate. 370,000 children are not covered by insurance but many are eligible for low or no cost healthcare through kid care. head to to find out how to apply or if you're eligible. tonight two sides battling over this question. is publishing a sex tape a matter of privacy?
4:38 pm
1 minute and 40 seconds of hulk hogan's sex tape in 2012. he says gawker invaded had his privacy. opening statements began earlier today in st. petersburg. >> he knew that celebrity sex tapes have become a cultural phenomenon by 2012. often the celebrities would protest but as he knew, the public often wondered if the sex tapes were some sort of publicity stunt. >> it's wrong. where the publication ceases to be giving information where the public is entitled and becomes a morbid and a sensational prying into the private lives of others.
4:39 pm
the line in the case. we'll keep you posted. >> julie: lawmakers have rejected governor rick scott's pitch for steep tax cuts but that's not all. the republican legislators are battling against the huge gambling deal scott negotiated against the seminole tribe of florida. >> ginger: the orlando city lions went down to the final minute in last night's season opener at the citrus bowl. it was exciting. they kicked off their second mls season with more than 60,000 screaming fans. they took on real salt lake without kaka who sat out with a thigh injury. in the 94th minute, a long path found i'd way to adrian winter who scored the equalizer at the end of the game, sending the crowd into a frenzy. orlando city will be back in action this friday when they take on the chicago fire. kickoff is at 7:00. well, new tonight, tech giant apple targeted.
4:40 pm
information safe. >> julie: then showcasing hot new devices for housewares. how these items are turning dinnertime high-tech. but first -- >> we went in and bought a 20-pound block of ice and lottery tickets that day. >> ginger: it's what happened next that changed his life forever. what the latest powerball winner did to claim his prize back in florida and why his victory comes with a family twist. getting results in tavares, maitland and all of central florida on news 6 at 4:00 and
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>> julie: two brothers, both powerball winners.
4:44 pm
little more. $291 million. >> ginger: a pennsylvania judge was on vacation in the florida keys. he stopped at a store and purchased a bag of ice and one ticket. never really thinking much about it, until he came back home to pennsylvania and at his favorite coffee shop. >> the headline was one lottery ticket sold in florida keys for $291 million. i thought to myself, wait a minute, i was just in the keys. i read them and i just almost fell off the bar -- the counter stool. >> ginger: isn't that awesome? it gets better. he screams for joy, buys everyone in the diner breakfast, charters a private jet to fly back to florida to claim his prize. he decided to take the lump sum payment which equals $121 million after taxes.
4:45 pm
giant $7 check. >> ginger: so i just checked. the powerball is now at $50 million. the next drawing is wednesday, live right here before news 6 at 11:00. good luck. >> julie: tonight new pictures of the royals' first vacation as a family of four. the family went to the swiss alps. charlotte turns 1 in may. right now, the latest high-tech housewares are on display at a major trade show in chicago. from custom pancake makers to smart blenders. imagine these new devices in your kitchen to help with dinnertime. want a blender with an app that eliminates the need to measure ingredients? >> i don't have to use any measuring cups. >> julie: or a machine that pulls drinking water from the air or an espresso drink for
4:46 pm
chances are, it will appear here at the international home and housewares show. it's the largest of its kind in the world, 2200 vendors from 47 countries throughout the floor, exhibiting the trends of today and tomorrow. sales pitches here are endless. this is a light yop lollipop. >> reporter: she brought her idea as a way to keep clothes neat. >> pick your clothes up the next day and the kids are rifling through the drawers and throwing clean clothes on the floor. my husband is an engineer and i said, look, fix this. >> julie: and he did. and there's the pancaking machine to draw pancakes in
4:47 pm
>> ginger: i would not want my face on a pancake. >> julie: it would depend on my mood, i think. >> ginger: creepy or cute? we'll let you be the judge. this octopus is floating on the ocean's floor. he's nicknamed casper on social media because he looks like casper the friendly ghost. it's northeastern transparent. researchers say it lacks pigment cells. it was discovered on a deep sea dive in hawaii. he looks kind of friendly with the one giant eye right there. >> julie: i think you can be creepy and cute, or maybe that's just in my life. >> ginger: tom, what's your vote? >> ginger: i don't know. >> tom: if he's ginormous, he's creepy. if he this big, he's cute, adorable. >> julie: exactly. >> ginger: chief meteorologist
4:48 pm
this weather is fantastic. >> tom: come take a look at this picture. isn't that nice work? >> ginger: yes. >> tom: talk about go fly a kite. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. this is one more. >> ginger: that's what i'm talking about. >> tom: that's from flagler beach this weekend. thank you for both shots. i love them both. visible satellite showing the location of cloud cover that we have is coming in from the east coast. here's the next troublesome issue out there, explosive stuff from dallas to houston to little rock, arkansas tonight. none of that is going to bother us. the big flood problems are here, out in the nation's interior. here's houston, half of louisiana and most of arkansas. at home tonight, we've got very little cloud cover. we have no rain and i mean no
4:49 pm
tomorrow, none until at least saturday. right now, we're talking 72 degrees in flagler county. 77 in the villages. 76 in leesburg and 75 from sanford to orlando all the way down to kissimmee. you have to go down to the florida straits to come up with any real cloud cover at all. the next 24 hours, this is what you have to look forward to. a touch of cloud cover along the coastside. that's about it. the onshore flow, the pump of the moisture coming in from the east, that continues. you don't really notice it much but the humidity is creeping back up. the last couple of days, the sky has been very blue. that will continue most of the day tomorrow. then the clouds become more prevalent as the week wears on. low-level moisture returns on wednesday and on thursday, the humidity is making a comeback. for tonight, really good night going on. overnight low tonight is 52 in ocala. 55 in the villages. 56 in daytona beach and right
4:50 pm
call it mostly clear with an overnight low of 56. here's your tuesday. first thing in the morning tomorrow, 61 degrees. clear skies, by noon, still pretty. highs tomorrow, 79. the normal daytime high this time of year is 77. we're beating that tomorrow and then we really stomp on it wednesday and thursday. wednesday's high is 83. thursday, the daytime high goes back to 85. as we crews into the weekend, the rain chances ramp up for saturday at 20 to 30%. sunday is spring follow-up day. >> ginger: thank you, tom. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges
4:51 pm
and mix 105.1. >> julie: here's a live look outside for you. this is i-4 at church street. cars on the right side of the screen, moving really slowly out there, especially over there in the left lane. those are eastbound lanes. expect a slow ride if you're about to head out the door. westbound lanes are moving smoothly for you. here's a look at your drive times now. >> ginger: it is almost time for the 6th annual runaway country music festival. the event features top acts like kenney chesney and eric church. news 6 is partnering with collis roofing to give you the ultimate fan experience. all this week we're giving away tickets for the entire three-day event. all you have to do is watch news 6 at 11:00, starting tonight for the country star of the day and then head to country
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20th at osceola heritage park. it's going to be a great time out there. >> julie: we'll be out there. i'm looking for my outfit right now. >> ginger: we both are. >> julie: ahead at 4:30, a first for tech giant apple but not in a good way. >> ginger: and next at 5:00, the c.e.o. of harbor house is joining us to talk about her plans for the domestic violence shelter. >> julie: and a mascot fails,
4:53 pm
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> ginger: tonight a new alert for apple users. reports are coming in the tech giant was targeted in its first-ever ransom ware attack. >> julie: the malicious software called ransom wear successfully targeted the mac systems. it's software that can take over a computer and locks out the
4:56 pm
program requires victims to pay a bitcoin which is a little more than $ $400 to retrieve their files. >> ginger: the world's largest aircraft is getting ready for take-off. it was originally developed for the u.s. military years ago but it was abandoned. it was created for commercial use. the air lander 10 can carry up to 10 tons, transport 48 passengers and fly continuously for five days. it doesn't need a runway and can even land on water. that's pretty incredible. >> julie: yeah. trending now, an epic fail by the miami heat's mascot. that's so painful. >> ginger: it's awful. we feel you. there it goes again. >> julie: it's never easier to watch.
4:57 pm
tried to set the record for the longest mascot jump. >> matt: it's a few feet short. >> ginger: as you can see, he did not make it. he took out three other mascots in the process. happy birthday birdie. >> matt: he didn't get landed on. he needed an air lander. >> ginger: matt austin is here with the news we're working on at 5:00. >> matt: that's right. a home is shot more than 20 times by possibly more than one person. the homeowner says she's just happy she's alive. the deputies say they still
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 5:00, a home shot up, hit by more than 20 bullets. how the family says they survived. >> ginger: and the republican presidential candidate reaching out to voters here in central florida. we go live to his campaign stop. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ginger gadsden in for bell. >> matt: >> glad you're with us.


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