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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> matt: a woman leaves her car running with her daughter sleeping inside. now at 5:30, the hunt for the carjacker who swooped in and stole the car. good evening, everyone, i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. we'll get to that story in a moment. a gorgeous spring-like day, but soon we fear it will feel more like summer. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here pinpointing the weather first at 5:30. we're going to enjoy it. >> tom: right now, it's still pretty good.
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things have been in the last couple of days. the white stuff is the impending moisture. a touch of cloud cover off the coast is about all we have. out west is the frontal zone eventually coming in here. right now on radar, primo. there's big rain in dallas and houston tonight. here at home, we have no rain, and i mean no rain in the forecast, until at least saturday. right now, we're holding at 73 in orlando. 79 in ocala. 72 in palm coast and 71 in daytona beach. our on-the-town forecast for this evening, by 8:00, we're down to 67. 9:00 takes us to 66. by 10 p.m., 64. i'll be right back to pinpoint overnight lows for tonight and look ahead to the next weekend. see you in a few. >> ginger: tom, thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store.
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sleeping inside. a man then jumps in and takes off with the car. >> matt: fortunately he later in the back seat. but tonight police are still looking for him. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega joins us live from daytona beach where all this went down. that must have been one scary ride for that girl. is she doing okay tonight? >> reporter: yeah, we're told the child is doing just fine. the suspect is still out there that took off from this street with the child inside the car. >> the crime of opportunity, leave the car running, that's what happens. >> reporter: police say the woman parked her car at a family's home and left her 12-year-old sleeping in the back seat. she went inside to pick up another child to take to school. before she came back out, the car was gone with her daughter inside. >> you don't leave your children unattended anyplace, but a 12-year-old is not like a 2-year-old but it's still a child. >> reporter: police say the suspect got a couple of streets
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a child in the car. >> the 12-year-old woke up and the suspect turned around and saw there was somebody in the car and it probably shocked him. >> reporter: the suspect drove to eagle park apartments where he parked the car, jumped out and took off on foot. he was described as a suspect in his 20's with a short mohawk and gold teeth. >> you can't expect the school and educators to change the mentality of your children. >> reporter: now police believe after the suspect took off on foot, he was actually picked up by a friend. if you have any information on this case, you're asked to call police. in daytona beach, jennifer ortega, news 6. >> matt: thank you, jen. in about two hours now, republican presidential candidate marco rubio is holding a rally in sanford. it will probably be nothing like the one donald trump held on the ucf on saturday. >> ginger: that's because one of the biggest political rallies in central florida also got a bit
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tonight students are showing us the video to prove it. news 6's erik von ancken is live at ucf. what is the school saying about what happened tonight? >> reporter: i just heard back from ucf. they tell me that 65 people were kicked out of the arena here on saturday, and this new video clearly shows that some of them were man handled on their way out. >> come on, get them out fast. >> reporter: donald trump paused, we counted at least a dozen times. >> go home to mommy. >> reporter: when hecklers disrupted his rally on saturday. >> is this fun? do we love this? i love it. >> i wish we had some real protesters, protesters with guts. it's sort of exciting, isn't it? he also riled up the crowd.
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to some of the response from the supporters. the cell phone shows a protester ripping a sign and getting grabbed. here it is again from a different point of view. a guy in a white shirt on the left side of the aisle clearly shoves the protester and watch this one, the man in the red hat and blue shirt pushes this protester. >> they got a little physical and even the people involved in the rally was also getting physical, trying to get them out. but it was a good experience, but a little bit high tension you could say. >> reporter: and we should point out at one point donald trump told his supporters don't hurt the protesters. what does ucf say about how all of this went down? i'm working on putting that together for you tonight coming up at 7:00. >> ginger: thank you for the live report. breaking news just coming in right now, michael bloomberg, the former three-term mayor of
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will not mount a third-party bid for the white house. he has suggested for weeks he might run as an independent. don't forget the latest on election 2016. you can get it anytime by heading to, powered by news 6. tonight daytona beach police hope you can help them get results and find a man who they say robbed a bank. this is a surveillance photo of a guy they're looking for. they say the man went into the wells fargo bank on sea breeze boulevard on saturday. they say he passed a note to the teller demanding money and said he had a gun. the man ended up tossing the brown paper bag of money he was given when a customer followed him out of the bank. call daytona beach police if you have any information. now to a health alert tonight. the rockledge dog park is temporarily closed right now. our news partner at "florida today" reports it's because of a possible parvovirus infection. the virus is very contagious and deadly to dogs. the closure is just a precaution
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treated the park. let's get a check now on the roads with julie broughton. >> julie: we've been tracking slowdowns out there for you this afternoon. this is a look for you right now at the 408. traffic is still getting by. we're talking about a slow go through the area, state road 408 eastbound approaching the ramps the i-4. the drive times, we're seeing the afternoon slowdowns just about everywhere. i-4 westbound is getting thicker
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>> julie: traffic is getting by the 408 at the i-4 ramps. >> matt: thank you, julie. a lot of people have wearable fitness trackers these days. have you considered maybe buying them, having it count all of the things you're doing each day? it does count more than steps. >> everything you do electronically leaves a small bread trail, if you will. >> matt: by tracking your steps, could you be giving up your privacy? how the information the trackers are storing could actually be used against you. coming up tonight at 11:00. those make me feel lazy anyway. >> ginger: but you get competitive with other people who are wearing them. it helps.
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nose is running, you're not alone. >> matt: my eyes are watering right now. allergy season is in full effect with high pollen count numbers. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is joining us now with more on this. are they high right now, candace? >> reporter: it's very high. it happens every year from february to april, allergy season. and expect this year to be a rough one. we spoke to the owner of a garden in orlando and he says the main culprit are the oak trees. >> in central florida, we have oak trees that are ranged in size and age and the older trees hold on to their leaves a little bit longer, therefore, their pollen comes later. the younger trees have already started. that's what makes the duration go three to four weeks instead of a quick one to two weeks. >> reporter: so whether you need allergy medication or getting your car washed, you have to do
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oak and bayberry and grass are in the high category, throughout the rest of this week. >> matt: you can see it all over the cars. >> ginger: more i.r.s. scams are popping up this tax season. >> matt: and they're loaded with threats, too. >> i would hate to think anybody would fall into that trap of sending robbers, thieves, money they couldn't really afford. >> matt: find out a woman's story on how she was targeted, coming up in "schemes and rip-offs". >> ginger: and this is the first time something like this has ever happened. apple computers targeted by malicious software.
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is continuing. news 6 viewers say recorded messages are packed with threats and they keep on coming. >> ginger: florida residents have already lost a million books to these con men. here's more. >> reporter: i.r.s. calls connected with her home phone twice. >> reporter: man or woman? >> woman. >> matt: in the same week. >> they didn't say how much i owed but i needed to call them back. >> reporter: she knew the drill. >> if the i.r.s. has any business with you, they'll send you a letter. >> reporter: to be clear, there was never a letter. just that recording. >> to get more information about this case file, please call immediately. >> reporter: variations of the
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showing up on cell phones and home phones across central florida for most of the tax season. in fact, a news 6 viewer sent this robocall to us today, a choppy robotic salutation. >> the reason of this call is to inform you the i.r.s. is filing a lawsuit against you. >> reporter: she said it sounded scripted, which is the key. did they mention your name, or your social security number or anything like that? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: why are you going public? >> i think people need to be informed and aware. i hate to think anyone falling into that trap, sending robbers, thieves, money they can't really afford. >> reporter: there's a scam assistant site set up by the federal government. i have both links for you at mike holfeld, news 6. >> ginger: to check out all of mike's "schemes and rip-offs"
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yourself, head to our website at, powered by news 6. mac users may not be as safe as they think. >> matt: for the first time affair ever, apple computers have been targeted by malware software. it's called ransom wear. it locks the user out until a ransom is paid. you have to pay more than $400 to get the files back. they reported the issue to apple. apple has taken steps to try to protect users. a popular brand of apple sauce is being recalled. the company found food residue in the pumps of the product. no one has gotten sick yet and they may not, but people can visit the company's website to ask for a replacement voucher. well, our dreamy gas prices are going up now.
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the prices have gone up 25% after oil is rebounding. it's about $1.81 a gallon. drivers should expect prices to climb another 30 to 50 cents by memorial day. tendr wants its users to play matchmaker. the dating app is testing out a new feature. if users are not interested in a match but believe they may be a love connection for someone else they know, they can send the profile over. the friends like with any match can swipe left if they're not interested and right if they are. >> matt: is that what we're calling tendr now, a dating app? >> ginger: apparently. >> tom: i really don't know. >> matt: i don't belong on there. i don't think we need to bring
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>> tom: we're all three married, anyway. >> ginger: thank goodness. >> matt: yeah, i'm thankful for it's hot outside. >> tom: look at this beautiful shot, storm pins available in your app store for free. this is amazing. >> ginger: that's a chamber of commerce shot right there. >> tom: this is from daytona beach right there. that's the way it's been looking all day long. our friend beach fool, got to get you a new name, a new handle. i feel badly every time i say it. anyway, great shot. a beautiful day at the beach, >> download storm pins right now we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. radar is showing the big storms out west and virtually nothing for us. and i mean not only now, but all the way into the weekend we've got virtually nothing except the warm temperatures. beach.
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lining up at main street making the turn. all good stuff. the temperature reading is 71 degrees at news time. winds are from the east at 10 miles per hour. we've had to deal with a touch of wind throughout the last 72 hours. it will continue into tomorrow. the wind doesn't ever really stop. melbourne right now, we're at 71 at 15. orlando, 73. up in ocala, much warmer. 79 degrees right now, away from the water. 77 in gainesville. 75 in the villages and 71 in daytona beach and 71 in cocoa beach as well. satellite and radar together, we're watching a touch of cloud cover trying to develop off the east coast. that's all i have, until the big mess out west gets its act together. we don't have much to look at. here's the way it breaks out tonight into the early morning hours. bit of moisture. futurecast likes to ring out a
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the has been so dry, i don't see much happening between now and the weekend. this is what it looks like tuesday at high noon, this is wednesday at 8 a.m. there's not much of a difference. it keeps on trucking, with the winds from the east-southeast into the end of the workweek. here are the overnight lows for tonight. 52 in ocala. 55 in the villages. 56 in daytona beach and 62 in melbourne. the overnight low tonight in the city beautiful, mostly clear, 56. here's tomorrow. >> tom: first thing in the morning, we're holding in there at 61. 75 by lunchtime. daytime high goes to 79 degrees. it's going to be a really warm day throughout the entire day tomorrow with loads and loads of sunshine. by wednesday, we're warmer than we are even tomorrow. we're going back to the 80's. 83 on wednesday. 85 on thursday. wednesday is our best chance for rain. >> matt: it's going to be a while. >> tom: here it comes. >> matt: thanks, tom.
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jurors awarded sportscaster erin andrews $55 million in her case against a hotel. we're following the breaking developments online on, powered by news 6. you can see it all there. for more details, watch the cbs evening news with scott pelley at 6:30. >> ginger: it's consumer protection week. we have tips on how you can avoid scams. >> matt: and still ahead at 5:30, a cattle rancher's wife goes vegan. hear the incredible 180 the cattleman makes with his ranch after his wife does that. great story. >> ginger: and bad news for allegiant air. a new report discovered dozens of problems with their planes, including engine problems. we'll break it all down at 6:00. we're getting results for central florida.
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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>> ginger: she's singing to them. >> matt: this is getting weird for me. >> ginger: you can't eat them after that. the couple started to have marriage problems over the issue. the cattle rancher said he was going to sell the entire herd.
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cows to her. turns out, she had a blog on the side, not a man, but a blog on the side, about living as a vegan and a rancher's wife. it became so successful, she raised $30,000. they've since turned their farm into a sanctuary for the cows. the rancher himself now doesn't eat meat anymore. >> matt: this can't be real. a central florida police officer takes the top spot in a shooting competition. a little local love here. kissimmee police officer won the florida sniper competition. 13 teams across florida took part in the seven challenging events and could not beat this guy. congratulations to him. >> ginger: good job. >> matt: national consumer protection week. learn your rights when dealing with debt collectors. they're not allowed to harass you. that is the law. avoid computer diagnostic services over the phone. find a computer repair person
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when you have your a.c. ducts inspected or cleaned. some firms use the visits to sell you on a system you really might not need otherwise. >> ginger: good advice. >> matt: it is. >> ginger: here's some of the stories we're working on at 6:00. we'll take you behind-the-scenes to introduce you to the men and women who decide how your commute will flow. >> matt: and rallying for rubio. the g.o.p. candidate makes a stop in central florida. his push to win over florida voters. and 22 bullet homes left in a central florida home.
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shows marco rubio inching closer to donald trump. it comes as rubio rallies in central florida. first, though, more than 20 bullet h oles in one house. tonight deputies are searching for the guys who opened fire. so far, no arrests in the shooting. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. lisa bell is off tonight. now, the family is concerned becaus they say the two men know someone who lives in that house. that home is located along moss park ridge drive. it's in the lake nona area of south orange county. news 6 reporter troy campbell went to the neighborhood today. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: well, for starters, the road behind me is the only way in and out of the entire neighborhood. neighbors tell us that since the shooting, the homeowners association is looking into the possibility of adding surveillance cameras to the entrance. >> you just have a lot of young families here, raising their kids. >> neighbors in the moss park ridge subdivision says crime in the area is rare. several saying they remain on


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