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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> get 'em out of here, get 'em out. >> julie: this video raising eyebrows. showing protesters removed, man handled and assaulted at donald trump's big ucf weekend rally. we're pressing ucf about how this happened. >> ginger: and the carjacker who swiped a car got more than he bargained for. the sleeping girl in the back seat. good evening, i'm ginger gadsden. >> julie: i'm julie broughton. lisa bell has the evening off. >> are we seeing a mass exodus? a lot of people are leaving. >> julie: leaving for places like georgia where tax breaks are luring movies and tv shows. a vote is tomorrow about tax breaks here. critics say it may not make sense in the sunshine state. that's all new in 12 minutes. >> ginger: with all eyes on florida, election 2016's primary could be decided by the i-4 corridor. so no surprise marco rubio just rallied in tampa a short time
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sanford, hoping to win over voters in a race that could make a make-or-break his chances and the race is tightening. a monmouth university poll out today shows donald trump's lead among likely florida voters has dropped to 8 -- has dropped 8 points from 38% to 30%. it's an even tighter race, two-man race you could say. there's one week to go before polls open and rubio to change some minds out there. sachelle saunders is live in sanford where the rally is expected to get underway anytime now. a lot is at stake tonight. >> reporter: i would go out on a limb and say his whole campaign is at stake. if rubio cannot win his home state of florida, he likely will not win the presidency. he knows this is what's at stake tonight. he's campaigning very hard to try to win over voters tonight. so far, that is working in the
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the area has a lot of puerto ricans and he just won puerto rico by a landslide sunday night. but in the north, and right here in central florida, rubio is having a harder time convincing voters to leave the frontrunner trump, supporters say he has to show america his moral leanings and his experience to get in the lead. >> i see trump's appeal and how he connects with people who are very upset right now. but i think rubio needs to stick with his message that he's been able to work in actual congress and politics while trump has not. >> i typically vote a moral ticket. so that definitely speaks to me. donald trump and hillary clinton just are too much alike. >> reporter: if rubio can sway voters, he will get all 99 delegates in the state, slowing down trump's lead. he says win or lose, he's taking it all the way to the republican convention.
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what he has to say to pump up voters. people are getting ready to come in about 7:00 here. you might still have time if you can get a ticket online. for now, reporting live in sanford, sachelle saunders. news 6. >> ginger: thank you for that live report. >> come on, get them out fast. we want speed. there's the little wise guy. little wise guy. >> julie: it is the talk of the ucf campus. students are saying saturday's donald trump rally was unlike any political rally they've ever been to. it was by far the most physical. protesters were physically removed and even assaulted over and over. erik von ancken is at ucf tonight getting answers. >> reporter: i asked the trump campaign about this man handling that is quite apparent on video that happened inside the arena here on saturday. they did not reply to my e-mails, but i did hear back
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cell phone video sent in shows a protester escorted out and people putting their hands all over him. here it is from another angle. you see the two men in suits coming up, a guy on the left and a white shirt starts grabbing the protesters and shoves him in the ground. the crowd briefly chants about beating him. this time right in front of donald trump, two guys in black shirts grabbed the two protesters and pushed them toward the door. >> they got a little physical and even like the people involved in the rally were also getting physical trying to get them out. but it was a good experience, but a little bit high tension, you could say. ucf says 65 people were kicked out. none were injured that they know of and none were arrested. >> it was kind of intense, like a weird vibe out here for sure. >> go home to mommy. >> reporter: trump taunted the protesters at time. >> i wish we had real
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>> reporter: said he enjoyed the protesters, but reminded them not to hurt any of the protesters. >> this is fun. do we love this? i love this. >> reporter: ucf says no arrests were made because the problems ended at the door. once people were pushed outside, they say everybody calmed down. at ucf, erik von ancken, news 6. >> julie: thank you. 10,000 people were allowed into the arena. thousands more had to be turned away because there were no seats. for another look at the trump rally video or to keep up with the latest polls, head to on the home page. >> ginger: still developing at 7:00, the hunt for a carjacker who stole a woman's car with her daughter asleep in the back seat. it happened this morning in the 800 block of white court in daytona beach, not far from north nova road. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega is in the area. >> reporter: police are still looking for that suspect they
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on white court, not knowing there was a 12-year-old inside. >> i can imagine this mother being frantic. so now this mother knows not to leave her car running. >> police say the woman parked her car at a family's home and left her 12-year-old sleeping in the back seat with the car running. she went inside to pick up another child to take to school. when she came out, the car was gone with her daughter inside. >> just how much time it takes you to get out of your car, that's how long it takes someone to get in your car and drive off with it if you leave your keys in the ignition with the car running. >> reporter: police say the suspect got a couple of streets away when he realized there was a child in the car. he stopped at eagle park apartments, jumped out and took off on foot. >> you don't leave your children unattended anyplace, but a 12-year-old is not like a 2-year-old but it's still a child. >> reporter: police believe after the suspect took off, he was picked up by a friend.
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with a short mohawk and gold teeth. if you have any information on this guy, you're urged to call police. >> julie: bullets were flying, more than 20 shots fired at a house. now a scared family hopes deputies get results and make arrests. one of those bullets hit a baby's swing. >> missed my grandson. he could have been dead right now. my son could have shot him out here. >> julie: five people including a six-month-old were home last night when shots rang out saturday night in the lake nona area. the family gave deputies a plate number and a description of the two men who may have gotten into a fight with their son earlier in the night. now he's shaken up. >> he's an autistic kid. so it's like we have to keep him calm day and night. like last night, i had to put him in my room, sleep with us because he wouldn't sleep. >> julie: deputies will only say no arrests have been made yet. >> ginger: a disturbing find in marion county has deputies
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a man out hunting called 911 after finding human bones in a wooded area on the north edge of silver springs shores. now crime scene investigators came out to the florida greenway property to remove the remains yesterday. it is unclear how the person died or even if it was a man or woman. the medical examiner's office is studying the bones to learn more about what happened. that investigation starts as an autopsy wraps up on a body found buried in the ocala national forest. we told you late last week a tip led deputies to a body near forest road 50. we're still waiting to learn if detectives have made an identification or know how the person died. >> julie: new since 6:00, we know a biker hit by a semi truck lives in sanford. it's a crash that blocked i-4 this afternoon more than an hour. the florida highway patrol tells news 6 a 20-year-old was riding in a pack when a fellow biker dropped something. he was hit when he pulled over to pick up the item. he was wearing his helmet and
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he was flown to the hospital and was in critical condition at last report. that semi driver is not expected to get a ticket. >> ginger: just gorgeous out there today. we could not have asked for a much better monday. >> julie: this is the kind of weather worth bragging about. >> ginger: it's turning into a night great for folks at bike week. chief meteorologist tom sorrells, is this weather hanging in there for us? >> tom: it's going hang in there tonight and tomorrow. we'll have more humidity coming over. the water vapor loop is clear. there's no radar echoes. you have to go to texas or oklahoma to pick up any activity on the radar at all. we're holding at 68 in orlando. the high today was 77. we have dropped rapidly. the dry air warms quickly, cools off quickly. in the next hour, we're down to 67. 66 by 9 p.m.
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i'll be right back to pinpoint overnight lows, another warm day tomorrow and how much warmer we'll get for the weekend and when the rain shows up. see you in a few. >> ginger: thank you, tom. it's a beautiful night to stroll the beach as well. >> julie: meteorologist candace campos is pinpointing the weather on the coast. >> reporter: as we pinpoint in volusia county on this beautiful monday evening, we're pinpointing in edgewater for the folks out there. temperatures for tonight, partly cloudy skies ahead. if you want to take dinner outside, sounds like a great idea. temperatures by midnight, dropping into the upper 50's. by tomorrow, still nice and mild, a bit more in the way of cloud cover for tomorrow. we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies. and then warming up tomorrow, about 74 degrees. a very nice, very comfortable afternoon. and staying mostly dry heading into tuesday night with a bit more in the way of clear skies. temperatures cooling down into the mid-60's. >> julie: candace, thank you. the dream was for florida to be
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say that dream is dead without tax breaks. >> ginger: in minutes, the bill up for a vote tomorrow. why opponents say it's not worth the cost to taxpayers. also, universal is getting a king-sized new ride, ready to wow guests. in minutes, an exclusive look at testing now underway to bring you face to face with kong. >> julie: but first, a crime tracker alert. two deputies were shot outside a local restaurant and this video appears to show the shots. >> ginger: we're getting results in palm bay, apopka and all of central florida here on news 6 at 7:00 and on our free news 6 app. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton news.
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>> julie: we have a crime tracker alert out of orange county. this surveillance video is a crucial new clue to help find a man who shot at two deputies. see that white truck? the driver sticks a gun out of the window and opens fire. we'll give you another look in just a moment. >> ginger: fortunately the deputies were not hurt but the sheriff's office is eager to find the driver. the deputies came to the mr. gyro's restaurant on colonial drive just east of pine hills road after getting a call about a trespasser late saturday night. now, when they arrived, the deputies quickly heard gunfire and it turns out they were the target. you can see bullet holes in a black sedan that was hit in the parking lot. at first, investigators were looking for a dark-colored suburban with four men inside. then a close look at the surveillance video changed their minds. it's hard to see the driver of this white ford f 250 but you can see the gun sticking out the
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i he fired at least one shot. if you know anything about this, call orange county deputies or the crime line at 1-800-423-tips. decades ago, disney and universal promised to make central florida hollywood east. >> julie: that never took off, but dozens ever films and tv shows are in production in georgia, lured by deep tax breaks. one example, a sequel to guardians of the galaxy shooting in atlanta right now. supporters say a tax bill will bring jobs and money but critics call it nothing but a handout. if it fails, hundreds of families may move out. mike holfeld looks at why. >> reporter: we're behind-the-scenes of a new civil war project being shot for showtime. the film is called "bounty" an ambitious project, what could be
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why? tax incentives have become a hot button in tallahassee. critics branded them a hollywood handout that delivers less than 50 cents on the dollar. >> we don't think people should be incentivized to work. >> reporter: it's been shot without a thing. but dozen have been lost to states offering incentives. >> are we seeing a mass exodus? >> there's a lot of people who are living. >> reporter: he says the lack of incentives is creating a migration north. they're just leaving the state? >> they're leaving the state, looking at atlanta. >> reporter: that prompted this bill, an economic development bill that would include incentives for film and tv productions. what do you make of their argument you're getting less
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>> i'm a taxpayer, too. so i understand that. but statistics are easy to throw out there. we want the film industry, the sports industry. we want as many industries to come to florida and flourish here. we want them to do it on their own merit. >> reporter: the state senate is expected to vote on that bill tomorrow. it's not clear if any money will be allotted at all. this may be hollywood's last chance for 2016. >> ginger: king kong is coming back to central florida for good. take a look. a website called mako madness shows the first test runs for the driverless trucks taking guests through the park. we're told -- we've been telling you about this for months now. this video from sky 6 shows
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touches on the large edition addition. expect a close encounter with kong himself. it's expected to open this summer. to take a closer look at the kong construction work -- >> i see what you did there. >> i didn't do it. our theme world producer did. you can check it out on parks a lot going on out there. >> julie: always a lot going on out there. >> tom: i love king kong, do you? >> ginger: i'm a fan of the older ones. >> tom: you guys remember king kong versus godzilla? i want to start with a beautiful shot from ponce guitar man. he really is a guitar man.
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he does play the guitar. thank you very much for the shot. he does great work. what about this one? >> ginger: oh, my goodness. >> tom: sunset over lake conway. it's right here in orlando. let's get out >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. radar tonight is dry until you get out west of dallas, texas tonight. they're having the storms that will build up as time wears on. it's going to be a huge national story. the rain coming in from california and texas across the nation's interior but nothing for us. what we have, perfect weather. our daytime high has been upgraded to 78 degrees in orlando. that beats the normal of 77. our low this morning was 51 versus the normal at 55. here's main street in daytona beach. it's bike week 2016. you can see them making a right-hand turn and cruising
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it's 66 degrees in orlando -- excuse me, daytona beach. 68 in orlando and 69 in melbourne and in ocala, where we've been warm all day long today, you're still at 72. 70 in leesburg. 69 in cocoa beach. tomorrow, another home run. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's another 10. it's going to be beautiful. another great day in the neighborhood all the way around. satellite and radar together shows why. we don't have any real cloud cover developing. just thin cloud cover on the coast. all the big nasty stuff is back out in the nation's interior and all the dark air you're seeing here, the orange, that is dry air. we're going to have a good run through the day tomorrow. as the workweek wears on, a little more cloud cover begins to develop. a little more humidity builds in, too. it gets a little more uncomfortable each and every day, right until thursday and friday when the rain chances start to kick in in time for the weekend.
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good. 52 is the overnight low in ocala. 56 in orlando. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 61. by noon tomorrow, 75. the daytime high in orlando, 79. daytime high tomorrow in daytona beach is 77. 83 on wednesday. thursday, 85. rain chances ramp up just in time for the weekend. tonight at 11:00, i'll have a brand-new model run.
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>> ginger: here's the line-up kicking off in 30 minutes. it all leads up to news 6 at 11:00. for 11:00, a lot of people have and love their wearable fitness trackers. >> julie: but they could be counting more than just your steps. >> everything you do electronically leaves a small bread trail, if you will. >> julie: i'm investigating how information your trackers are storing could be used against
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for tonight at 11:00. >> ginger: after news 6 at 11:00, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". tonight he welcomes comedian will arnet and basketball legend charles barkley. you don't want to miss it, coming up at 11:35 right here on news 6. nice night for dinner? >> tom: it's perfect. the air is all dry. it's all good. >> julie: thanks for watching news 6 at 7:00. >> ginger: "inside edition" is next. we break news on, powered by news 6. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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the verdict is in, >> and nancy reagan, her final years. missing her beloved ronnie. >> she thought that god had forgotten her. >> her childhood home, it's dilapidated. there's a homeless guy living on the front porch in a cardboard box. and the day marco rubio saved her from falling. then, donald trump, getting the full snl treatment. >> get them out. >> and look what happened at the trump rally today. >> out, out, out! get out of here! get them out of here! go home to mommy. >> plus, message from dolly parton to a country singing star.


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