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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> matt: now at 6:00, florida is at the center of the political world in election 2016. the democratic candidates meet for their fourth one-on-one debate tonight in miami. first, though, we're following a breaking news alert. a wildfire burning in palm bay damages four homes. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm sachelle saunders. lisa bell is off tonight. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is live near the fire. how big is the fire right now? >> reporter: well, right now we know it's consumed about 45 acres tonight and actually behind me, you can see the clean-up efforts are underway. this is a multi-agency operation right now. you have palm bay fire, brevard fire, the florida department of out. they've done a good job, 95% contained at this point. earlier. what we know now, four homes have been damaged. i mentioned 45 acres have burned so far. 95% contained. big issue out here this evening are the winds.
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it's really kicking up the flames. it's still spreading some of the flames towards us. i mentioned the four homes were damaged. one of them belongs to terry shaw, who joins me now live. which home was yours back here? >> mine's past the fire truck right there. you can see the lights blinking in the distance. that's where mine is. >> reporter: you haven't had a chance to check out the damage yet? >> no, i haven't. they're trying to keep us safe. okay. we'll wait. >> reporter: you seem a little nonchalant about it. but it's probably tugging at your heart strings a little bit. >> i don't mean to be nonchalant. things happen and you have to work with it and go with it. the fire department is doing all they can. >> reporter: you've been through this before. you had a fire out here in 2008. you know the drill and you're insured, which is the good news, right? >> yes, absolutely. i didn't personally have a fire in 2008. it was in here. >> reporter: we hope the best for you and your house. we hope you can pick up the pieces here.
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this is it out here. we're going to be monitoring the hot spots along with fire crews this evening and make sure the fire doesn't threaten any more homes this evening. we're live here in palm bay tonight, eric sandoval, news 6. >> matt: breaking tonight an attempted abduction in edgewater. a 9-year-old said a man approached him and asked if he wanted to go to his house. the boy was able to get away. the man is about 5.5 feet tall and dressed in all black with sunglasses. edgewater police say they're increasing patrols in the area. >> tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders are meeting on the debate stage in south florida. the presidential candidates will battle to win over florida voters before next week's primary. we sent news 6 anchor ginger gadsden down to miami. the debate doesn't start for another three hours. what's going on out there right now?
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question is what isn't going on out here? it has been super busy all day long, ever since we arrived. this, of course, is the room where we'll be watching the debate. the monitors are blank right now. but once the debate gets rolling, each of the screens will have bernie sanders and hillary clinton up on the screen. the candidates are expected to take the stage at 9:00. we want to roll some video to show you everything that's going on right now. this is the room where we will be watching the debate play out tonight. the candidates will be in a room right next door to this one. when they take the stage, we'll all hang on their every word, trying to make sure our report is accurate and fair. i found perhaps the youngest credentialed reporter covering the debate tonight. she's 16 years old and she says a lot is riding on this debate tonight and she expects bernie sanders to do really well against hillary clinton. what is it about him that is so
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younger? >> i think millennials are just really interested in things like the environment, obviously college education and stuff like that that's so integral to our future and us as a whole and making life better for people other than the 1% is so important. >> reporter: yeah. and i mentioned she's 16 years old. today is actually her birthday. she said she found out just a few days ago that she was actually one of the 500 people credentialed to cover this debate. really, she says she's going to be live tweeting throughout the debate. she's reporting for her school newspaper. a sophomore, definitely a young lady you'll probably want to watch. of course, i'll have our live debate coverage tonight at 11:00. tomorrow night, the republicans will have their chance at the university of miami. we'll send it back to you for now. >> that's a smart girl, ginger. tomorrow bernie sanders will make a stop in central florida.
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kissimmee to talk about issues important to floridians. it will be held at osceola heritage park on heritage parkway. doors open at noon and it's free for the public. sanders needs to rally support in the sunshine state. according to a new cnn poll, it found hillary clinton is far ahead of sanders in our state. right now, clinton has 61% of the support in florida. sanders at 34%. on the republican side, donald trump holds 40% of the vote. marco rubio has 24%. ted cruz is at 19%. john kasich is at 5%. to keep up with the latest election headlines, go to news 6. check out our headlines on the home page. we also have a wrap-up of tonight's democratic debate tonight on news 6 at 11:00. >> matt: she could barely stand and actually fell at one point, according to deputies. they arrested a substitute teacher they say was drunk while teaching second graders.
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joel at bentley elementary school. this happened yesterday. news 6 reporter justin warmoth is there live for us tonight. what is the school saying about all this? >> reporter: well, school board officials tell me they fired holly joel as a substitute teacher with the district. they say she'd been with seminole county since 2014 but only had 10 subbing assignments since then, eight of which were at bentley elementary school tuesday. >> that's amazing. wow. >> reporter: he has a 4th grader who attends bentley elementary school in sanford. he was shocked to hear 52-year-old holly joel, a substitute teacher, was arrested for allegedly being drunk while teaching her second grade class. >> i'm in shock right now. with all due respect, i just hope the courts prevail and they do whatever they've got to do to make things go the way it's supposed to go. >> reporter: she was arrested on tuesday and posted her $8500 bond this afternoon.
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the story. >> no comment. >> reporter: she had very little to say to us as she walked out of the jail by herself. police were tipped off on tuesday after another teacher noticed joel acting strangely who told a school resource officer who went to investigate. when the officer asked her to stand up from her desk, she could barely stand and actually fell into a window. police also found prescription pills in her purse along with a water bottle filled with an alcoholic beverage. at no time were students in danger or unsupervised. but some don't see it that way. >> that's scary. that's definitely scary with the kids in the classroom. >> for them to witness this in a pristine environment away from drugs and alcohol, that's not the message we're trying to get across to our children. >> reporter: we also found out that joel was arrested for d.u.i. in 2012, two years before she was hired by the district. we asked school board officials how she was able to get a job
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and they said a misdemeanor d.u.i. cannot stop someone from being hired. >> matt: thank you, justin. the search is on now for two men who shot another guy in the legs. this happened outside a downtown orlando nightclub. our cameras were rolling as police interviewed witnesses. detectives say a 26-year-old man was shot several times, taken to ormc. we're told he's in stable condition now. they say this appears to have started as a fight between some people in the parking lot near back booth nightclub. police still have little info on the suspects. they're in their 20's and got away in a dark car. >> more than a month after four people were tied up and robbed, an osceola county family inside their gated community, sheriff's deputies have arrested them. >> the four suspects, three men and one woman, appeared in court today. they're all facing several felony charges, including armed carjacking. news 6 reporter troy campbell spoke to people who live near
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>> reporter: someone who lives across the street from where the incident happened say they were inside their home and didn't hear a thing. >> we had no idea. that's scary. >> reporter: she lives across the home where on january 29th, these four suspects forced their way inside. a teenage girl and her mother's boyfriend, tied up for hours. the home, completely ransacked. during the entire incident, stage was at home, unaware of what was going on across the street. >> literally, while we were inside having dinner with our children, watching tv and then getting our children in bed, people were being tied up, tortured, having their houses destroyed and being robbed and just violently attacked. right outside of our door. >> reporter: she says in recent weeks the homeowners added these surveillance cameras. it's possible the four suspects followed the victim home from a nearby business. their motive, to steal money.
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the suspects also tied her up. mother and daughter were able to call 911 almost 11 hours later when the suspects left with the mother's boyfriend. he was found tied up in the back seat of the family's car a few miles away. >> we all just generally feel like what if it could have happened to us? because it's so close to us. it's really unsettling. scary. >> reporter: some neighbors say they talked about the idea of moving out of the neighborhood after the incident happened, but hearing that it appears to be of their fears at ease. in osceola county, troy campbell, news 6. >> three of the four suspects remain in jail without bond. >> matt: we now know the name of a man found buried in a grave in the ocala national forest. marion county deputies identified him today. his mother reported him missing back in january. she said before she made arrangements for him to move down to melbourne with her but she had not heard from him since then.
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remains were found off forest road 50. it's still not known how he died. detectives are investigating. >> it's waiting for the governor's signature, a bill increasing retirement benefits for families of officers killed on the job. a former deputy's family was pushing lawmakers to pass it. right now, deputy scott pine's family gets only half of his monthly pay. they want 100% and want the same thing for other families in their situation. if governor rick scott signs the bill, their benefits will increase. officer pine was killed two years ago by a car burglary suspect who also killed himself. tonight police need help finding a crook who uses an interesting disguise. >> matt: he wears cat ears. maybe a cat burglar. we'll show you surveillance photos ahead. and a two-time racing champion is arrested after getting into a scuffle with police. what else he's accused of doing, ahead at 6:00. >> reporter: we're pinpointing
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campbell, outside of hunters creek. tomorrow it's going to warm up to 84 degrees for your thursday
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>> matt: a two-time motorcycle champion is arrested. >> police say he pushed a woman to the ground and then got physical with the cop. the man pushed the 51-year-old down and ran towards ocean drive in daytona beach. an officer started chasing him, telling him to stop. police say he got aggressive with them, shoving and punching the officer who was chasing him. a witness says he saw what happened. >> the cops didn't chase him for no reason. he done something or they wouldn't be apprehending him. they should take his championship away from him.
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>> officers arrested him on battery on a law enforcement officer. he has since bonded out of jail. he won the daytona 200 twice. >> matt: haven't said this one before. a robber wearing cat ears is wanted. police say he robbed a store in winter park on february 26th and the next day he robbed a mcdonald's on aloma. both times he wore a gray hoodie with ears. if you have any information, call the crime line. strict new regulations on abortion clinics could soon become law. >> julie: a controversial new bill is on its way to the governor's desk. how it would punish abortion providers and why supporters say these changes will help keep women safe. also -- >> it gives me hope i'll get through this, too. and things will get better eventually. >> julie: when fire destroyed
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thought she lost everything. hear how her school family and complete strangers are getting results, helping her rebuild. and you have one shot to party like it's 1979 at the granddaddy of all water parks. the deep discount wet and wild is offering for one day only and how you can take part at 7:00. >> matt: you're running out of time to get out there, julie broughton. thank you very much. >> tom: wet and wild opened in 1979? it's making me feel old. >> matt: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. it doesn't feel like march out there. >> tom: it's time to get to wet and wild, get in the water. let's have some fun. i want to start out the weather story tonight with storm pins. time to give away an umbrella. this is a beautiful shot from my man steve in melbourne and this is another one there steve in melbourne. poolside steve, backyard palm tree steve. i like them both. but here's our winner.
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that's the sunrise at the cape. we'll in touch, allen, and get your address and ship you a storm pins umbrella. thank you very much for submitting. we give away an umbrella every wednesday. please, go download storm pins right now. check out the fine photos that are submitted. some are just breathtaking. radar tonight, i've got nothing locally. and i mean nothing. we were tracking smoke plumes earlier which have also gone away >> here's the rain tonight and the storms from memphis to houston. the cold front is it going to try to come this way. our big ridge of high pressure is a huge blocking ridge of high pressure. i'll show it to you in a moment. you'll see what i mean. 83 degrees was the daytime high today in orlando. 77 is the normal. even kicking the stuffings out of the normal all week long, that's happening again today. right now, we've dropped down to 83 for the high in orlando. 81 in sanford. 82 in ocala. we've dropped to 74 in orlando, which is a big drop after a daytime high today of 83. we're 9 degrees cooler now than
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melbourne is also at 73. it is 79 right now in ocala. here are the current conditions. gainesville, 78. 77 in leesburg. 72 in new smyrna beach. 73 from the cape to cocoa beach and 74 does it in melbourne. equation tonight. all the wind support from the south-southeast has really had and the warmth. i'm not sure if you could feel it today when you stepped outside, but if you couldn't today, you'll definitely tell it tomorrow that the humidity is creeping back in. it is feeling a lot like summertime in the city all over the place here now. visible satellite with the broken clouds, we're losing it, but before it totally goes away, note the ridge of high pressure is right there and the cloud cover circulating around it is what was rolling our way today. big ridge of high pressure in place, bottling this stuff up. it's like a big blocker over there keeping everything away from us. overnight lows tonight, we stay in the 60's for most of us. 57 in ocala. 60 in the villages.
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i want to call the overnight low in orlando 63. here's tomorrow. by noon tomorrow, about 80. maybe 82. daytime high, 87 degrees. it won't be a record. it's going to be hot, though. daytime high beachside should be about 82 degrees with the winds still pushing from the southeast tomorrow. so 87 is the daytime high in orlando tomorrow. 85 on friday. a chance for rain both saturday and sunday. saturday's rain is early. sunday's rain is late. i'll have a new model run coming up tonight at 11:00. be sure to tune in. tom. ping is joining us with tacos. >> ping: there's taco tuesday thursday. taco every day, concerning hoops. taco wednesday. 7-6 center is hoping to live a
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>> matt: you're kind of like a
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you're flipping and flopping. you're in, you're out. >> ping: tom, are you in? >> tom: no, i don't think so. >> ping: i was drinking the kool-aid. maybe a push for the playoffs. the team showed a lack of energy in the last week or so. they lost to phoenix. they're awful. the magic were 13-point favorites last week and lost. last night, they played the lakers and ended about 12:50 in the morning. did you watch that game? a team that's won six games in their last 30 games, the lakers, they're just as bad. i still believe, tom, but it comes with a slight panic mode. the only highlight i'm showing you from last night, early this morning is that one. watch this, matthew!
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wow, do not try that at home. look at it one more time. they did lose. >> came out kind of flat. >> ping: they're terrible. where is the music? are you ready for march madness? tom, i got some skills here. we're excited here on news 6. sunday at 6:00, it's the selection show. of course, the ncaa tournament a week from today -- a week from tomorrow starts with our friends from cbs sports and sunday night at 11:35, check it out, the selection special. i'm taking live calls. no prank calls allowed. ping's pop quiz, giving away tickets to fun spot america. got special guests lined up. grant hill is scheduled to appear, clark kellogg from cbs
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>> we'll take them one at a time. we know there's teams we've played against in this league. very talented. we know there's been times since we've been able to play anybody in this conference. momentum is a crazy thing. we do know it's march. >> ping: i'd love to see the knights go to the big game.
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60,000 plus watched the lions come from behind right here, this past sunday, scoring two goals in the final minute of stoppage time and the goal going
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>> tom: here's a quick look at
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the daytime high tomorrow, that's not a mistake. i'm going 87 degrees tomorrow. rain chances hold off until saturday ear and then heavier showers sunday, late. >> matt:hank you, tom. >> the cbs evening nes with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get we will see you back here tonight at 7:00 and 11:00. goodnight. south. floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> pelley: also tonight-- >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> pelley: two, actually. bernie sanders pulled off michigan impossible. a decorated veteran accused of attempting to murder a pastor has been arrested at the white house. and the man behind the mania, remembering the fifth beatle. >> those guys, i fell in love with them, really. captioning sponsored by cbs


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