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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> we're live with breaking news where fire has now burnt the homes of four families.
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keep others safe. >> julie: and we're hours away from hillary clinton and bernie sanders' last chance to win over florida voters. news 6 anchor ginger gadsden is live in moments at the site of tonight's debate in miami. good evening, this is news 6 at 7:00, getting results. i'm julie broughton. >> i'm sachelle saunders. lisa bell has the evening off. we'll check in with ginger gadsden in miami in just moments. but first -- >> it just gives me hope that i will get through this, too. and things will get better eventually. >> when the fire destroyed that local teacher's home, she thought she lost everything, but find out how her school family and complete strangers are getting results and helping to rebuild. that's coming up a little later. >> julie: lots of people coming together. we'll get to that in just a moment. but first, we start with the latest on breaking news. forestry crews and firefighters
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you can see the damage from sky 6. this is happening right now. eric sandoval is there live. what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: well, i just talked to the department of forestry tonight. i actually got some updated information. i wanted to show you the fire is still burning. we're on quinton avenue and staring north. you can see the smoke billowing from the trees. the department of forestry says the fire is 100% contained. it started from construction fire and spread to vegetation around here. the fire broke out about 3:00 this afternoon here in palm bay. streets were shut down, people were not allowed to get into this neighborhood for about four hours. the streets are now starting to open up a little bit, though. fire crews from several agencies battled the flames, trying to prevent them from hitting more
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we know four homes were hit. again, 100% containment at this time. fire crews are going to be here throughout the night to make sure there aren't any more flare-ups. back out here live, we're looking up quinton avenue here, up the street, actually right where the fire truck is right there is where one of the homes is that was partially destroyed by this. we spoke with the owner of that home earlier this afternoon. find out more of what he has to say about what happened to his home today, coming up a story we're putting together right now for 11:00. >> julie: thank you, eric. eric sandoval reporting live in brevard county. >> we're just hours away from the last chance for the democrats who want to be president to face off before florida votes. there's now just over five days to go before polls open. so tonight's debate is important. news 6 anchor ginger gadsden is at miami-dade college where
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sanders will soon square off. >> ginger: you can tell it's getting closer to showtime. as soon as the sun went down, the lights behind me on miami-dade college went up. you can see it red, white and blue with the debate sponsors tonight. that is the venue where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take the stage. they're scheduled to do that in less than two hours from right now, and the dynamics of this race are really starting to change, especially after sanders' surprise win in michigan last night. sanders and clinton will square off for the second time in just four days. each meeting between the two has been pretty much, for the most part, respectful. the two were able to hash out their differences and, you know, not reduce themselves to name calling and they even agree on a few of the issues out there. republican strategists and cbs news analysts have said the tone of the debate have engaged
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>> the smart strategy for democrats in a state that truly matters. florida matters more than any other state, to focus on the issues, offer slightly different solutions, which the two of them do, and do so in a respectful way so that independents watching the debate think they can accept that. in the end, florida will not be won by the democrats or the republicans, but won by the independents. and they want to see who you are and what you're about and how you treat your opponents. >> ginger: back out here live at miami-dade college, you can see the scene is set. the lights are on. we're getting ready for hillary clinton and bernie sanders to take the stage for the debate. it starts at 9:00 tonight. i also asked if he thought in light of bernie sanders' win in
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see a change in his strategy. he said perhaps not. the person who really needs to be the aggressor tonight is hillary clinton. only time will tell. we'll have to wait and see. i'll see you back here live tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, ginger. >> julie: tomorrow bernie sanders comes to central florida for a rally in kissimmee at osceola heritage park on heritage parkway. doors open at noon and it is free to the public. this time tomorrow night, the republicans debate in miami. this is video just in from senator marco rubio's town hall late today in hialeah. >> his rival senator ted cruz got a boost in miami today. former presidential candidate carly fiorina showed up to endorse him saying republicans need to unite him to beat donald trump. but a quinnipiac poll shows trump has a big lead in voter among likely voters. he scores 45% to senator rubio's 22% and senator cruz at 18%.
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candidates and where they stand anytime on our home page, and also click the politics page an elections guide. news 6 >> in volusia county tonight, a boy says he was nearly kidnapped. police say the 9-year-old was riding his bike to edgewater elementary school when a man approached him and asked him if he wanted to come to his house. the boy ran off and wasn't hurt. police say the man is 5.5 feet tall with medium length black hair and long black goatee and dressed in all black with sunglasses. edgewater police are increasing patrols in the area. call them if you have any information. >> a local substitute teacher accused of being drunk while teaching second graders is now out of jail tonight. sanford police arrested her on her job at bentley elementary school near reinhart road. >> no comment.
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>> the 52-year-old holly joel bonded out of jail this afternoon. police say a teacher noticed joel was acting strangely when a school resource officer asked joel to stand up from her desk, he says she fell into a window. police also found prescription pills in joel's purse along with a water bottle filled with an alcoholic beverage. >> it's amazing. >> yeah, that's scary. that's definitely scary with the kids in the classroom. >> i'm in shock right now. you know, with all due respect, i just hope that, you know, if the courts prevail and they do whatever they've got to do to make things go the way it's supposed to go. >> joel was arrested from a d.u.i. in 2012, two years before she was hired as a sub with seminole county public schools. but according to school district leaders, a misdemeanor d.u.i. does not qualify or disqualify a sub from employment. >> julie: a controversial bill adding new restrictions on abortion and planned parenthood is now on governor rick scott's desk.
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today. the bill prohibits state money from going to an organization that also provides elective abortions and requires doctors who perform abortions to have hospital admitting privileges or patient transfer agreements. it redefines dates of pregnancy trimesters which affects when abortions can be performed. backers say the bill is aimed at protecting women's health but opponents say it is an unconstitutional attempt to restrict abortion rights. scott has not said whether he will sign it. >> zika has spread to another local county. for the first time in florida it's been transmitted sexually. one of the two people diagnosed by zika today in polk county got it while traveling. that person gave it to the other person. there's 52 cases of zika statewide and in four local counties beside polk. >> julie: we told you earlier about the brushfire that damaged homes in palm bay, a firefight made harder by our dry weather. >> that's about the worst thing
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let's take a live look at the postcard-perfect night unfolding right now in downtown orlando. are we proipth inpointing any rain? >> tom: we are not. not for the weekend either. look over my shoulder. things are picture-perfect in orlando. big storms are out in the nation's interior. we'll talk about why all of that is stuck there and none of it is coming to see us. our daytime high today was 83 in orlando. right now, we've tumbled from 83 to 71. 72 in melbourne and 75 in ocala. wind is still part of the problem at the southeast at 12 miles per hour. i'll be back in a few minutes to talk about how low we go tonight and wait until i pinpoint the daytime high for tomorrow. i'll go ahead and tell you it's going to be warm. >> julie: we'll see you in just a few minutes, tom. it's great weather for the tens of thousands of bikers in town for bike week as we take a live look at daytona beach. >> meteorologist candace campos is pinpointing any changes
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>> reporter: so far bike week has turned out to look very nice throughout the last couple of days when it comes to the weather. the good news is we have some pretty nice weather as we end bike week. let's pinpoint the forecast for folks out there in daytona beach. if you're at bike week or hanging out in daytona for spring break, temperatures are warming up for the day at 74 degrees. it's mostly dry. the clouds start moving their way in on friday, topping off at 77 degrees as well. you'll see here come saturday, though, a bit more in the way of cloud cover. temperatures will stay on the warm side, in the mid 70's. if you're planning to head out, the best days will be thursday and even friday. >> local police are reaching out to build trust in the community over a cup of coffee. >> julie: the informal way of getting results, by listening. >> it's been the most amazing,
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>> julie: fire destroyed her home and turned her daughter's car into a melted hunk of metal. how the school family and complete strangers are getting results in helps her rebuild. >> and you have one shot to party like taken 1979 at the granddaddy of all water parks. the deep discount wet and wild is offering for one day only and how you can take part. we're getting results for holly hill and winter park and all of central florida on news 6 at 7:00 and on our free news 6 app. >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for me at broughton news.
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>> local police officers are trying to get results and build trust with ordinary people. >> julie: and they get to drink coffee while doing it. orlando police chief john mina says his department introduced coffee with a cop a few months ago. with tensions rising in some cities between police and citizens, these conversations without agendas allow law enforcement to hear from those they serve. >> it's also important for our residents to hear from the police officers, from their
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>> there are multiplicity of concerns i have. because you carry that gun and have that badge, you do not have the right to infringe on people's lives. >> julie: looked like a big turn-out. beverly neil is one of dozens who expressed concerns over coffee this morning. and mount dora police will take part in coffee with a cop later this month. >> college students and results for a local teacher. she's been on the job shaping young lives more than 20 years in orange county but her home was recently destroyed by fire. she thought she lost everything. but news 6 reporter amanda castro looks at how her school family is helping her rebuild. >> reporter: the teacher and her family are trying to save what they can after a fire destroyed their home this week. the community and the school where she works is stepping up to help. even though she's been a teacher
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it's hard to find the words to thank them. >> that was the kitchen. >> reporter: all that's left of jayme gillson's home is a pile of soot and burned beams. the only things that can be saved were packed up on a trailer. her home started by an accidental fire that started on the back porch. her roof is gone and her daughter's car now a melted heap of metal. >> it's really been the most amazing, horrible thing to go through. >> reporter: horrible because she lost everything. amazing because her family at west orange high school is helping her in her time of need. >> because of the impact she's made on the community here. >> reporter: they started an online fundraiser, asking the warrior family to help one of their favorite teachers. donations coming from current and former students, faculty and the community.
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who had such an influence on them. >> she's an amazing person and good at what she -- i mean she's really good at what she does. >> reporter: the teacher of more than 20 years, lost for words. >> that part of it is indescribable. >> reporter: usually the one to help others. >> i'm going to need my entire summer to write "thank you" letters. >> reporter: now learning a lesson on how one person can touch many lives. >> julie: this weekend, you can make a splash for less at universal's wet and wild water park. this sunday, march 13th, is wet and wild's 39th birthday. it opened in 1977. so 19.77 is what you'll pay that day only but you have to buy it on their website. admission normally costs $58. park's last. universal is closing wet and wild on december 31st because next year it will open the
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bay next to the cabana bay resort. >> that looks fun. the brevard zoo's newest addition is a record breaker. at 6-4, he's the tallest giraffe ever born at the zoo. that's a big old baby. he was born on monday morning and will stay behind-the-scenes with his mother for a few weeks. his native is threatened in the wild by habitat loss, poachers and disease. >> julie: very beautiful. chief meteorologist tom sorrells, another fabulous day for us. >> tom: it was a fabulous day. i called it a 9 on the sorrells scale or did i call it a 10? tomorrow is not going to be a 10, but it will be close, a 9, but not a 10. i want to start out with
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isn't that nice? lots of lakes in central florida around the orlando area. that's a good-looking one right there from our friends in bell isle and how about this one from richard? he does great work. >> julie: he takes such great pictures. >> tom: he does. he shoots those with his samsung 6 cell phone, no filter. he just shoots them away. and our friend here waded into the waters of the atlantic to shoot back at the people launcher, bouncing up and down between these two things. i did that one time. i did it once. that was enough. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. here's a quick look at radar tonight. it's raining from memphis, tennessee to the gulf of mexico, just east of houston, texas, all the red zones you're seeing here, those are tornado watches. they're in effect because it's crazy stuff. right there where the cold front
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they've been dealing with it in the area for the last 48 hours while we have been sitting here living right, having warm days. we hit 83 in orlando today. 78 in daytona beach and 79 at the cape. here's daytona beach at the main street intersection of a1a right now. it's 71 degrees there. everything is good. the wind has calmed down in the last hour. 71 in orlando. 72 in melbourne. in ocala you're still at 75 degrees here at news time. wind speeds tonight, from the east or the southeast across the area, a 17-mile-an-hour wind right now in cocoa beach. >> tomorrow, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being awesome, tomorrow's a 9. it's going to be a great day. but anytime you're 10 degrees above normal, i think that's kind of weird. so while i still believe you're going to have a great day tomorrow, it's only a 9 and not a 10. the visible satellite went away quickly. you can see the big ridge of high pressure that's dominating our entire southeast weather pattern.
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the rain is coming in from the west there. it's going to block it up and keep it away from us until at least the weekend. tonight it means the lows in the 60's. a very pleasant night. the overnight low in orlando is 63. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 69. by noon, we're at 82. the daytime high tomorrow, again rocks it to 87 degrees. bike week is good, too, with a high in daytona beach tomorrow of about 82 degrees. friday, 85. rain chances creep back to us saturday and really ramp up on sunday. i'll have a brand-new model run tonight at 11:00 to track your rain chances. see you then. >> julie: thanks, tom. sounds good. >> you got your boots and hats ready? >> julie: i'm working on it. >> central florida's largest country music festival is coming to kissimmee. >> julie: all week we're giving away tickets for the three-day event. watch news 6 at 11:00 for the country star of the day. then head to to
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march 18th through the 20th at osceola heritage park. >> since the last republican presidential debate, something has changed. >> so few remain. you can barely count them on one of trump's teeny little doll hands. >> julie: in minutes, why if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make
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and democracy that works for all
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>> julie: a lot of people, especially kids, dread a trip to the dentist. >> especially if it involves a procedure or a drill or if t it it involves sedation. how a new procedure eliminates some of the risks, tonight at 11:00. >> and after the 11:00 news, stay tuned for "the late show with stephen colbert". >> as a retired neurosurgeon ben carson announced he was leaving the race -- >> now that i'm leaving the campaign trail, you know, there's a lot of people who love me. they just won't vote for me. >> carson told supporters he sees no path forward. doctor, with your eyes closed,
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when the brave doctor announced his campaign, he immediately set the tone with an arousing battle cry. >> i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. >> wish granted. >> julie: tonight colbert welcomes sally field. don't miss it at 11:35 on news 6. >> tom: he likes her. he really, really likes her. high tomorrow, 87 degrees. 87 in orlando tomorrow with no chance for rain until the weekend. i'll break it all down for you tonight at 11:00. >> julie: sounds good.
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hulk hogan's ex speaks out. >> everything that comes out of that man's mouth is a lie. >> wait until you hear what she is saying today about his sex tape trial. >> poor baby. >> then -- trump steaks. where are the steaks? trump steaks. they're all sick what. healthy. elbow. >> i can't take it. >> the hit o.j. simpson movie portrayal of prosecutor marcia clark.


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