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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight a face off, before florida decides, i'm matt austin. >> and i'm lisa bell. the republican debate just wrapped up. there is plenty to talk about. specifically, marco rubio and what could be his last stand in his run for a white house. he is guaranteeing a win in florida next tuesday. but he'll have to prove the polls wrong. the latest has him down nine points to donald trump. ginger gadsden is live. the university of miami for us tonight. ginger, one critic said rubio needed to have the best debate of his life. >> reporter: yeah, matt, and lisa. some analysts will say rubio did
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but he didn't have that break out performance he need ed to solidify himself as the candidate. now the one thing s that surprising to a lot of people about tonight is the civil token this debate took. >> as the candidates took the stage, it was clear, miami florida is marco rubio country. the audience gave him a resounding round of applause. the candidates covered a variety of topics from immigration, to islam to jobs. it is marco rubio that said -- including disney workers. >> it is illegal now, it is a violation of the law now to use that program to replace americans and if a company is caught doing that, whether it be disney or anyone else, they should be barred from using the program in the future. the disney workers endorse me as you probably read. i got a full endorse ment because they're the ones that said and they had a news conference and said he's the
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fix it. >> reporter: the two disagreed on. he said he would raise the retirement age for those younger than 50 now. but trump said he would agree with the democrats that he would leave it as it is. >> the democrats, i watched, even though it's a very, very boring thing to watch, they're going to leave it as it is. >> reporter: trump says he's funding his own campaigns and as president, he won't have to answer to lobbyists. >> you have a president that's [bleep] democrats and funding the washington lobbyists. it's hard to imagine how he's going to take on washington. >> reporter: trump was asked to clarify what he meant if when he said muslims hate america. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct.
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>> reporter: exchanges were testy at times but far more cordial at times. >> saphris, i can not believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: civil indeed. and the debate just ended just moments ago. and now, analysts are doing what we call a postmortem. they're analyzing who did the best tonight. of course, when you read the headlines tomorrow, maybe we'll see marco rubio did a little better than people had anticipated. something else that came out of tonight's debate. donald trump made an announce ment that he's going to be endorsed tomorrow by a former presidential candidate. doctor ben carson. back to you. a lot less contentious tonight. on the other side of the isle, bernie sanders rallied in tampa. the polls have him well behind hillary clinton here. he believes he can pull an upset just like he did in michigan two
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>> i think we have the momentum and the energy as you've indicated in michigan. we were way behind. we closed back out and got over the goal post in the last minute. i think we can do the same in florida and some of the other states. hillary clinton joins supporters in north carolina tonight after spending most of the day in florida. she's also heavily favor today win there on tuesday. >> just in, we learn ed the driver that accidentally hit two boys ohhen their bicycles has been sited. and you can see the impact from sakai six near courtney park way and grove boulevard in mare island today. the driver says she was turning onto courtney when she hit aden and grand mccow ski. she panicked and kept her foot on the gas, running over both boys. >> i just hope they're okay. i'm just praying they're okay. because i mean, that's the big thing right now is -- as long as they're okay, everything will be
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i'm so sorry. just a little shaken up. both boys air lift ed to hospitals. white was sited for failing to yield. just in now, two women accused of leaving a child on the on a school bus have bonded out of jail. gail brown and gwendolyn simmons tonight. the bus driver and attendant left the 13-year-old special needs child sleeping on the bus not once but twice. in both cases, the teen hitchhiked 30 miles home. also just in, a college student accused of flashing a girl at publics is also a free man. seminal county deputies said cook exposed himself to a 15-year-old inside the store on 434 and longwood. the girl's mom and store managers were able to catch the license plate number before he drove off. detectives were able to use that to track him down. another man accused of
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publics is back on the street as well. he used his cell phone to take videos up girl's skirts. erik sandoval is outside the store in bald win park tonight, eric? >> reporter: investigators tell me this man would take his cell phone and strategically place it in his shopping basket. some as young as five-year-old. tonight, we were waiting outside jail to ask him some tough questions. you have nothing to say to these families? 27-year-old scott was in the orange county jail for only eight hours before he posted his $5,000 bond to get out. police say the surveillance cameras caught him walking around the publics in bald win park. he puts his cell phone right on top of a box of salt teen crackers. he used that to prop up his
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up the skirts and shorts of at least two little girls. one around five-year-old, the other around eight. investigators tell news 6, another shopper saw him do it and reported him. the manager was able to write down his license plate number allowing opd to track him down. irwin was released around 5 o'clock this evening. we watched him in the jail's lobbies as he made several phone calls to trying to find somebody to pick him up. when he finally walked outside, he had nothing to say to the girl's families. >> this is your time to defend yourself. do you have anything to say to these allegations? >> reporter: he had nothing to say to defend himself. [!speaker2]: we found out, they have confiscated his cell phones and computers and have not said what they found on them. live bald win park erik sandoval news 6. now to a stunning development around a florida based charity for veterans.
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executives amid a lavish spending scandal. jennifer ortega has more. >> with the gift of just $19 a month you can join wounded warrior project. >> reporter: by appealing to america's generosity, they have had uh millionses of donation. while the money was pouring in, it was also flowing out. on lavish conferences. in 2014, $26 million. >> let's get a mexican mare after which i band in there. and let's get more rock cats made.
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>> reporter: nationwide search for a new immediately. in the meantime t chair of the project, board of directors will temporarily take over. >> thank you. tonight a cold reception for some frozen fans. >> they even looked the part. apparently, they were not welcome. why these women were kicked out of a disney show. >> first, the catch of a lifetime, on the hook, yes that is a great white shark. what happened after the big bite. candace. yikes. temperatures 68 . we will continue to cool down even into the upper 60s to mid 50s. we are going to be quickly warming up. the warmest temperatures we've seen so far this year. i'll have a full forecast. when the rain will be rolling
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but first, an act of love to help a local girl. losing her hair in the midst of
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sdmrfrjts well you look at this picture, it makes you smile. this is nine-year-old is smiling about a bright future ahead of her. the unexpected health scare in
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but hope is on her way to keep her hope as she continues to fight. here's jennifer ortega. >> i think about it and sometimes i'll just start crying. and now that i know that i'm going to get a new bigwig -- wig and stuff, i'm like stay positive. >> she has courage and so brave. >> reporter: nine-year-old says he's staying positive. after he was diagnosised with precancer cells and a high white blood cell county. at first, it was hard to understand what he shahs and why all her hair is falling out. >> i was asking a lot of questions. why am i losing it. am i going to get better. >> reporter: it happened so quickly. she was taken out of school. she says she misses her long curly locks. >> one of my pickers is like poof and now it's like nothing at all. >> reporter: it wasn't until her grandmother found debbie turner. with the cancer care and rep source center. that things started looking up.
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here's this nine-year-old girl that wants to go to school. she's bald. sometimes the way the kids act now, it could be difficult for her. >> reporter: something she experienced when she started getting sick. >> when i got bullied and i went to school again, i saw him and i was like just walked away. >> it was very painful to see her going through something like that. that's the last thing you want. >> reporter: debbie being a brain cancer survivor herself and losing her hair five times said she started the cancer care isn't center completely run by volunteers. like a new wig. >> i want to give up. i don't know how the kids do it. they fight hard though. >> reporter: after the two met, it wasn't long before turner connected her with wigs for kids. and being fitted for her new locks. >> i'm hoping it'll be curly and long like the way it was. >> reporter: the wig will be
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especially fit for her to last longer. she's thankful to have debbie in her life and can't wait to go back to school. >> she means everything to me. if she wasn't here and i didn't meet her, i would be the same as i was. sad and i would just stay home. >> reporter: now she says she's a whole new person. >> i'm here. going to get a new wig. positive. stay like that. >> reporter: jennifer ortega news 6. and we adore her. a wig made out of real hair can start at $1,800. once she receives her wig, she will start going to school ways to a week. she's an incredible little girl. and shame on anyone that would ever bully her. >> hair or no hair, he's beautiful. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is off time. candace campos filling in. . and the weather is
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um-hmm. temperatures the hottest day of the year. current conditions out there, temperatures right now cooling down into the upper 60s. not too bad as of this evening. earlier today, 86 is our top high for today and then 87 for tomorrow. so get ready for more heat. to break down the forecast throughout the next couple days. partly cloudy and mild for tonight. we should say mostly dry. same story for friday and saturday. the winds will strike up again. it will be warm almost to the point of talking hot weather rather than warm weather. and sunday, still clouds around. the rain chances will rise up to 50% for your sunday. so if you have any outdoor plans, trying to figure out what to do this weekend, saturday will be the better thing to do outside than sunday. 67 in sanford. 70 in smyrna beach. 70 in the villages and all the way through leesburg as well. nice quiet evening on top.
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moving at ten miles per hour. the winds are going to really start cranking up again for tomorrow afternoon. if you are headed to the beach or on the boat, be sure to swim by a life guard. we are seeing choppy seas and a high rip of rip currents. pumping in all that hate from the south, southeast. because of that, temperatures are going to be running about 10 above average. limited rain and cloud cover. beautiful days if you don't mind temperatures in the upper 80s. so let's pinpoint your clouds forecast here. get a better idea of what's going on. mostly clear skies. a possible costal shower or two early saturday morning. that is it. we will see a bit more moose uhture injecting itself back in the atmosphere. which is why those rain checks will start going up. that's something we'll be talking about
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let's break down your hour by hour forecast. warmer than today, 87 , will be our forecast high. not a record, but certainly above average. looking mostly dry, temperatures will be moving in in the upper 80s. the feels like temperatures will be as hot as you break down your forecast, it looks like for friday, saturday, and supped, temperatures will remain above average as we start increasing that chance of rain for sunday. don't forget to move your o'clock ahead that hour. and looks like temperatures will stay above average at least until the middle of the next guys? time for our run away country star of the day. tonight's star is jay co. go to click and enter that name for a chance to win. and join us tomorrow for another chance. it's 2, 3-day passes.
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a fan that fought for hours trying to reel in a great white. plus shut out of disney on ice. they were asked to leave while get ing a snack during intermission. and here's tonight's winning lottery numbers.
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called
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i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. at busch gardens, our appetite for fun never ends. and now, the food & wine festival feeds your appetite for adventure, with wild flavors... and concerts for every taste. busch gardens' food & wine festival is the best way to enjoy thrilling attractions... ...mouthwatering dishes ...and your favorite artists live in concert every weekend, now through april 24th. so come eat, drink, and rock out now . pand when you buy a busch gardensv fun pcard you get an adventure islandr fun card for free. busch gardens. florida's thrill ride leader. >> costume controversy, they
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they spend 100s of dollars to see. they showed up as dressed as anna and el sahh. they admit they attracted attention. but the women they were told to stop by arena staff and they did. at intermission, a representative of the production company approached them and asked them to leave. >> stop acting like princesses. they were uncomfortable with our presence there and that was it. >> i felt singled out that i felt embarrassed and humiliated in front of all of these people. a spokesman for the arena descended the move saying in parts their costumes disrupted the performance. now to an impressive fish tale, a man caught a great white shark. we're talk ing a big one. 2500 pounds. >> i just took off like a train. and the biggest shark i've ever seen jumps out of the water, completely out of the water, straight up.
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almost had a heart attack. and we got the anchor and started chasing and we were off. i think it went on for a little over four hours. the cat captain and his customer. they hooked a shark, and had to call for back up. once they brought it to the boat, they tagged it with a tracker and set it free so maybe you could run into it one way. they named it wildcat. it's big, but not the biggest spotted off the coast of carolina. weighed in at more than 3,000 pounds. all right now let's hear (speaking simultaneously). >> the florida record like get out of the shot. get out of the way. the world is -- you ruined our shot. i could hear everybody going. are you id canning me? it's television.
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>> bad news tonight. he was fired tonight just after their loss over there at am way center. we'll break it down for you right after this. march
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the woman's hopes coach let go this week. and now they need a new basketball coach. do you want to apply? the ucf and the american athletic conference tournament tonight, first round loss, 22 lane was not the reason donny jones was fired. it was a terrible season. new ucfad danny white means business. i was at the game this evening. it's not a good basketball team. but there is potential out after six years. this looks summing it all up. this young man, mat, love taco fall. the slam down. larry. larry, boom. awe man, the block right there. donny jones, fired tonight after six seasons, that's not a
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they were knocked out of the term, 65-63. man, tough one for ucf. but good news, they're moving forward. all right, get ready for the ncaa tournament march madness is under way tonight. we'll be on at one in the morning. after all the games from our friends here at news 6 sports. the selection show is sunday night coming up at 6:00 p.m.


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