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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight, chaos at a trump rally, fists fly. a huge protest. and a consolation because of security concerns. we've seen a lot during this election. but nothing like this. i'm matt austin. >> and i'm lisa bell. chicago just days before florida decides who should be the republican nominee. we have team coverage starting with craig boswell in chicago. protesters clashed with officers and each other outside the university of illinois after trump postponed his rally because of safety concerns. >> thank you very much for our attendance. and please go in peace.
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thousands erupted after the announce ment. fights broke out as people confronted each other. some got violent. at least one person charge ed the podium. streets of chicago. >> once in a lifetime experience to see a presidential candidate and umm -- yeah, walk outside you. >> power to the people. >> i'm happy they didn't allow this in your city. >> reporter: but some say postponing the rally was a mistake. >> i think it's a bad precedent because it'll encourage more bad behavior. >> reporter: donald trump called nbc to defend the move. >> chicago is the home of some very, very bad rallies. i don't want to see anything like that happen. so i made a decision. >> reporter: earlier friday, 32 people arrested at trump's rally in saint louis. >> i'll tell you, these are not good people folks, just so you understand. >> reporter: trump dismised claims that he is dividing the country and using hateful speech. craig boswell news 6.
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tonight, will trump's challengers use tonight's front runner's lead. florida up for grabs in four days. the candidates spending a lot of time here in the coming days. erik sandoval, what talk ed to voters tonight. >> reporter: we talked to early voters before tonight's protest. they did not have to wait the decision. some have known quite a while who they want to vote for. but it is the undecided they're going after this weekend. >> we're going to get to 1237 delegates. woo ere going to beat donald. >> reporter: in a week that's seen all the leading democratic candidates here in central florida. all of them will be working this weekend to secure their spot at the top. senator marco rubio vows to win his home state. and he is chris crossing florida to get the votes. after stops in the tampa bay area, rubio will be back here in central florida at a meet and great at a coffee shop in
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before heading to the panhandle. and then on sunday, he will hold a big rally in the villages. >> i'm looking for the guy that can actually win. so it's process of elimination. >> reporter: rubio is a little late for dan who cast his vote for donald trump this afternoon as part of early voting in orange county. other voters weren't so easily swayed. >> was there a specific point when you said that's my candidate. >> as long as it wasn't trump at this point. >> reporter: sheven ramsy cast her ballot as well. she said it was tough to decide who she should vote for. so she took a quiz on facebook. >> they asked a bunch of question and they had you pick which one like you agreed with. and at the in, it told you how much of the percentage you >> reporter: she said she was cruz. so that is who she cast her ballot for today. candidates. most of them spending their saturday and sunday in the
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those are the other states with primary on tuesday. that includes donald trump who as of right now still plans to be in south florida on sunday. guys? a quiz on facebook. thank you. you're going to want to keep the click orlando app handy throughout the weekend. when any news break, we'll send you a push alert. you can also search for an early voting location. click on the politics tab. >> breaking news in a pa ca now. a man dies after he was shot. the shooting happened tonight at street. the detectives say they're now looking for a woman in connection with this. we will bring you an update on five. the attack at universal. a close and violent look at a bloody fight. investigators say it was an act of eh tallahassee. >> it happened two months ago. tonight this is our first look ago. jennifer ortega is outside live
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first off, what started all this? >> investigators say that frederick torres was fired from the park. just a day before he chased down his boss and stabbed him with scissors. those are the screams of one terrified worker. cell phone video shows security guards pulling 33-year-old frederick torres off his bloody and battered boss glen ferguson. just minutes after he was fired at island of adventure back on new year's day. investigate say the former contract caricature artist with universal orlando threatened ferguson that, if he was fired he would kill one of his coworkers. despite being fired, he still showed up for work. surveillance video shows him chasing his boss up and down the screen.
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angles shows a chase for several minutes before torres catches up to ferguson. park guests captured the fight on camera telling police they saw torres lung and swing at ferguson. and then at some point, stabbing him several times. the video continues to show security separating the two. torres being held back by guards while ferguson walks away frantically holding his head. police took this pair of bloody sir sorries into evidence. he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery for his stab wounds. now since the attack, torres has been behind bars. he's facing first-degree murder and set to appear in court in april. and now to the rescue, only news 6 was there, as help arrived for a man bitten by a snake. this was near taylor creek road and a christmas area of orange county this afternoon.
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the orlando regional medical center tonight. and sashell saunders, any update? >> reporter: no word yet on how the man is doing. but the bites he received is potentially deadly. he got too close to what he believes is the water mac son. and it bit his thumb. officials tell us the man was near tulles hatch which i wildlife resort. the deadly snakes live near watter and rarely bites humans unless they feel threatened. now the bite can cause extreme pain, internal bleeding, or you could lose the affected part of the body. some people confuse the snakes for other nonvenom mouse ones. they have cat like eyes and triangular heads and thinner necks. it's very important that these men called 911. the sooner doctors are able to give an antivenom, the better chance they have to county act
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and that shot has to be given within 12 hours of you being bitten. reporting live, sashell saunders news 6. all right, thank you. tonight a new budget awaits the governor's signatures. the state lawmakers passed the plan earlier today. it does not include any of the $250 million in incentives used to bring businesses to florida. it also has less than half of the proposed billion dollars in tax cuts. new at 11, quite a site in the night sky over brevard county. typically you go to the air show during the day. but tonight, the popular tee co air show save their tricks until the sun went down. photo journalist justin has the sights and sounds from titusville. >> it's a whole different view. to see a plane at night flying with the lights. it's so different. thest fun.
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i think it's just a different atmosphere. especially with all the lights. it's really neat so far. >> i got my plane. >> you like your plane? >> uh huh. it's always a surprise, because unless you know where the lights are, you don't know where they are. >> it's exactly the first time we've ever been to a night air show like this. and i have to say, i'm impressed with the way they conducted it. >> it's exciting with the fire works and the sea airplanes and the light, it's just amazing. these guys must have sensors beyond any of our comparison. i can't imagine flying in pitch black situations like that. >> that's what i want to be an air force pilot. how cool is that? that's amazing. how do they know which direction they're going in the pitch black sky? >> they're talented. >> tonight a picture controversy. and it's one that has a popular restaurant apologizing now.
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has to say about it. >> plus a mistake before take off. a man open s the emergency exit on his plane. wait until you hear why he says he did that. candace? well guy, after a nice warm week we've had, we are finally going to start seeing a bit more in the way of rain. all thanks to the area of low pressure right now. making its way throughout the golf coast state. and how long will it last? i'll have more details on that coming up after the break. but first, a florida dad accused of going too far to discipline his son. what happened to the after school program that now has him in big trouble?
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new video tonight show ing a dad punishing his child after an after school program. the dad and mom had gotten upset because their seven-year-old son was acting up. you can see how it went down here. now both are facing charges. it happened right in front of other parents and staff. their lawyer called it a spanking. but a florida judge and police called it a beating and child abuse. todd todd has the story. >> reporter: the video of a seven-year-old boy being whipped with a folded karate belt is facing child abuse and child neglect charges. as if that's not disturbing enough. the mother leans in and encourages the beating rather than protect her son. in a statement from the arrest form, it says in part, as the victim cried in extreme fear and pleaded he was sorry, the codefendant, his mother, cold
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him hard her. he deserves it. sir you're arrested for child abuse. >> reporter: renal doe led let his lawyer do the talking. >> it's not a felony and just for the misdemeanor, there has to be significant bruises orwell. it's not pain. it's just embarrass ment. it's intended to correct a child who was misbhooifing. >> reporter: iron clay happened at a stephens ca tae school. the boys parents were angry he didn't do his homework and played instead. while he hit s the boy only once. judge was concerned. >> i just wondered what happens how they discipline him when they're not in public. >> reporter: today they want to speak with after care staffers that saw it unfold. >> i'm from channel ten, i'm here to ask you about the incident. >> no i'm sorry. >> reporter: with the family. >> no comment. >> reporter: they were charged
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given a combined $5,500 bond. really hard to watch. that was todd reporting. they have been order to stay away from their son who is in dcf custody. they were the ones who report ed the indebit re dent to police. scott kelly is -- he's hanging up his space suit. hideous retirement comes after two weeks after he returned to earth. he spent 340 days in or bit in the international international space station station. nasa is looking to see how the human body holds up for long periods of time of time in space. it's compare ed to his twin brother mark. he will continue to participate in that research. he wrote he is humbled and excited for new opportunities for to support the amazing work nasa is doing to help us travel farther into the solar system
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generation of science and technology leaders. he went onto say he looks forward to continuing his 30 years in public service in his new roll here. he has some sort of plan going forward. meteorologist candace in for time tonight. on sunday, so if you have any plans this weekend, as you include being outdoors, saturday will be the best day. as you look here, active bike week, some are out in daytona. my old man just got there. he's watching. >> he's not out there right now. he's watching at home or his 0 tell. i don't think he's on the actual street. >> there he is. he's right there. so as you take a live look outside, just the hustle and bustle. 69 in daytona beach. humidity to 87%. the weather very nice again for tomorrow before the rain rolls in for your sunday. here's a break down for folks heading into bike week.
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in daytona beach. and a high of 80 on sunday. and the chance of rain and storms, looks like rain chances going up to about 50-60%. current conditions, 66 in sanford. we're still at 70 in new smyrna beach. and leesburg. and 72 down in kissimmee. the winds not as strong as they were earlier today. winds moving from the south southeast between 5-10. the winds will pick up again. we look at pretty much our map. you can see we have that ridge of high pressure that's really blocking things from making their way in. most of this moisture's staying out there in the gulf coast states. but the area of low pressure will start breaking this down in the next few days. which is why we see the chance of rain increase. but until then, highs in the 80s. by late saturday night and into sunday, we'll see the approach of a very weak front that will turn more stationary right over
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down much. temperatures should day in the mid 80s. we should see the showers and thunderstorms. but the good news is, severe weather is unlikely. so if you look here, the clouds and rain forecast, much needed rain started hints saturday sevening. and into sunday, a lot of cloud cover and moisture pumping in. by 3-4 o'clock on sunday is-4:00 on sunday is few pockets of thunderstorms out there. most of it clearing out by sunday afternoon into tomorrow morning. the early morning hours, 63 in orlando. 61 in sanford. same in daytona beach. 58 in ocala and melbourne. let's take a look at your hour by hour forecast. >> your forecast brought to you by bell air heating and air-conditioning. rain chances will stay slim. but you can't rule out the chance to see a rogue shower here or there. it will be warm and windy. get out and enjoy it as you can
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in on sunday. don't forget to move that clock ahead one hour as you go to bed saturday night into sunday. but looks like throughout the next seven days. highs will remain above average in the mid-low 80s. >> it's time for a run away country store in the day. sponsored by college roofing. tonight's store is johny cash. go to away country for that name and your chance to win. there are things you do not do on a plane. and a passenger just made a big mistake. why he opens an emergency exit door moments before take off. plus a popular restaurant you aren't fire for a image found under a table top decor. the offensive imagine that has the restaurant apologizing. >> here are tonight's winning
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good luck. but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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dogs know. kids know. st augustine knows. debs know. guys who peaked in high school know. oh yea, this guy? he definitely knows. scotts bonus s. the number one trusted brand in the south. it' s good out here. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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caught on camera a giant red cap -- placed outside the california. the hat had been put on a toe air sculpture of a head. and a group of guys seen tugging on it. they get it off the head and put it on top of their car and took off that. hat, guess what the words were on it. make your hair great again. the owner says he wanted to take advantage of trump's momentum with the hat and now it's gone. the historic photo embedded in a table top as a popular restaurant apologizing. the picture in the deboar of a joe's crab shack in minnesota, it shows the hanging of a black man for robbery and murder in 1895 and includes a word bubble that says quote all i said was i didn't like the gum bow. >> we just felt sick and
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it was disgusting. >> we talked to the manager. he said that he was pretty sure that these tables were designed by a particular person and if that particular person had the mind set to pick that particular picture, i'm sure they picked quite a few more that are similar. >> so joe's crab shack release ed a statement saying we understand one of the photos used in our table decor was offensive. we take this matter very seriously and the photo in question was immediately removed. we sincerely apologize.
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rock? still getting use ed to this whole soccer thing. >> you go to a game and leave
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that's all i'm saying, game two of the major league soccer season from this past sunday. a tie. two games with no winner. ma'am a soccer team tieing every game of a 34 game season. you got a point though. how about this, isn't it yawning a little bit. you get one point for a tie. fourth minute, exciting stuff over there at the sixer's bowl. live at 6:00 o'clock. kyle and rookie of the year knocks it back at the net right through. lisa's all excited. i'm going to try to get you excited here lisa. they're playing against chicago. chicago -- terrible defense right there. not good defense. ricochet. ready? that hurt right in the midsection right there. mike. that's a red card. kicked out of the game. they played 11 on ten for the rest of the way.
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coach heat in a tie. 1- 1-1. >> obviously we're disappointed with the final score. i feel we were near very good a lot of times. unfortunately unfortunately, i felt we had a few players below par. the gator hoops team. i would have to say the gators will probably not make the ncaa tournament when they have the selection show at 6 o'clock sunday, but i've been wrong before. this is wild. american athletic conference tournament in weekend. this is why it's crazy. watch this. yukon, cincinnati, tries to win the game in a third over time. kevin johnson off 88-85. but wait a minute, the bottom of the screen. .8 seconds.


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