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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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some breaking news, a mansion up in flames in brevard county. an incredible video just coming. a live report from that scene in moments. first, florida decides donald trump wins and marco rubio drops out. the fight for florida maybe over, but this election is far from over. good evening i'm matt austin. >> and i'm lisa bell. tonight's vote went the way many expected. a decisive win for donald trump. but marco rubio, a guarantee that fell way short losing by almost 20 points. we have reporters at both camps tonight beginning with erik sandoval. live with team marco rubio in miami. and rubio is done for now, but his speech made it feel like we
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marco rubio's concession speech was a huge disappointment for the 100s of people gathered inside this sports arena. he try ed to layer that with a little bit of hope. illuding to the fact that his work wasn't over. but still, that disappointment was a little bit earlier. and that was evident by the video we shot. take a look at this woman who was right next to our camera. she was wiping away tiers as she heard he was bowing out of the race. she wasn't alone. when he announced he was suspending his campaign tonight, there was an audible gap that took over the room. but that's when rubio stepped up his message of hope. hope that his message had been heard and he may have made a difference in the gop race for president. >> the fact that i'd come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all we can to insure this nation remains a special place.
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not give into the fear and frustration. >> reporter: now to add insult to injury, take a look at this, our camera right next to a man that claimed to be a donald trump protester. he yelled out trying to shame rubio for losing. but the crowd turned back on him and shamed him ment they escorted him right out of the building. so what is next for marco rubio? if you ask some of the gop pun daintys, they expect him to maybe make a run for the governor's mansion in the couple years. and that might catapult him to the national spotlight once again. but right now he's at home with his wife and children. we're coffering the rubio campaign, erik sandoval news 6. let's go to erik von ancken. eric. >> reporter: yeah mat, trump won big.
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he point ed to this crowd tonight. that asked big deal considering the race. >> when i don't get over 50, we have four people, right? we have four people. do you understand that? so when i get 53, and this one is an example, i had 53. and that's with four people. that an amazing achievement mathematically. >> reporter: and trump was at resort. there were no protester here for sure because serve a club member. he told the crowd of about 500, he was amazed at the verity turn out. he said the world is watching this election. he's going to pick up this pace for the chris cross for votes. >> we're going to win win win, and we're not stopping. we're going to great victories for our country. thank you very much, everybody. thank you thank you. >> reporter: and trump also said he's having fun. he told everybody he's still enjoying this.
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lisa, to congratulate marco rubio on what he says was running a very tough campaign. we should point out john kasich won his home state. governor trump out in ohio. and now to press on to the convention in clooefrnd and win the republican nomination. on the democratic side, no contest, florida, hillary clinton won by a landslide. winning even closer to clinton the nomination. who's proving live in clinton with her message. >> hillary clinton's message was clear. she says yes tonight was a win and a big win. but she says there is still work to be done. clinton's campaign told her supporters that she would be on stage at 9 o'clock. and at 858, an announcer called her name and she walked on stage. she was wearing vibrant blue. and a big smile and giving
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she congratulated bernie sanders on run ing a sold campaign. and reminding her supporters and those that might be on the fence that she needs their support. she says the next president should have ideas and be able to create more good jobs. and called donald trump by name, and said the next president needs to together again. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. [applause] engage our allies, not alienate them. defeat our adversaries, not involve in them. >> reporter: clinton said quote running for president is hard, but being president is even harder. she is prepared to make the tough decisions the next president will have to make. lisa? >> all right. thank you.
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bernie sanders losing at least four states tonight. but he is staying in the race. he barely talks about tonight's races. instead sticking to his talking points from the campaign. >> reporter: i'm live with mic mic right -- mike deforest right here. >> reporter: donald trump, strong presence throughout florida. all of this pink, these represent county that is donald trump won. he only lost one county. that is miami-dade county in south florida, the home of marco rubio h. he had an overwhelming 63%, compared to trump's 22%. that was only place that happened. taking a look statewide, these are the numbers for donald trump here. if you take a look, statewide, donald trump has nearly 46% of the republican primary vote fellowed by marco rubio's 27%.
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let's take a look at central florida. because while donald trump did very good statewide, he did particularly good here in florida in. brevard county, he had 46% of the vote. in lake county, touch screen is a little glitched there. marion county, he had about 54% of the votes. a very strong, a little bit less in orange and seminal county. doing very well, not just in the state of florida, but very strong in central florida. so it's best for some of the most conservative counties too. if you want results, you can check out, it'll have all the latest for you there. our election head quarters are up and running and a complete wrap up on the morning news starting bright and early at 5:00 a.m. >> right now to breaking news in
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fire fight. this shows you just how big it is. the owned by the founder of florida today and usa today. it's in cocoa beach. sashell saunders is live tonight. was anyone hurt in this? >> reporter: you know what, they think that home was vacant. it's under renovations. so so far they think they're in the clear. they still have to do investigations to make sure for sure that no one was inside that home. this fire leaves us with massive -- the fire chief tells us us who's going to look in there. they're still battling that fire. the fire chief tells us he got calls from a couple towns over because they could see that enormous glow. not only that, weather radar picked up smoke in the sky. we're talking about a 10,000 square foot 11 bedroom home.
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once owned by al new hirst. the most expensive home in brevard county. now it's mostly destroyed. they have been battling that fire since about 730 this :30 this evening. just got it under control. obstacles for the firefighters. they had to call at least three different agencies. firefighters don't know yet what cause that had out break. but the home was believed to be empty and under renovations. this is a special home for the community, they called it the pumpkin center. they wanted to see it restored back to its original form. and they thought that was going to happen. renovations were going on. now firefighters are trying to see what happened in the first place. reporting live sashell saunders news 6. also breaking, a brush fire in belusha county. the video just in from may town
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hill. firefighters told us it has burned about 30 acres, crews put up signs warning drivers to be careful. all that smoke in the area, the winds are dying down, they are not planning on closing the interstate. tonight a local street spray painted with foul language has been covered. news 6 was there. this city worker covered nazi, and kkk, the words left in red on webster street. two families woke up to graffiti thursday morning. the words were in response to the family's campaign signs on the front yard. both supporting trump. new tonight a thrill with punishment. >> kayakers plunge off a water fall. find out why they are in trouble for going over the edge. plus, know anyone with a pet gator? well, you will, now. coming up. a florida woman fights to keep her reptile. she knows that's illegal right? she does now. >> i bet she does. here's the water loop from the
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the dry air is leaving. the blues and whites are working their way back in. i'll be back to track the return of rain chances. first honoring a teen murdered, the vigil tonight and the message the teen's family
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we're staying on top of breaking news in brevard county where an iconic mansion caught fire late tonight. this is third street south and orlando avenue. the home was once own ed by al new heart. the founder of florida today and usa today.
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10,000 square feet of living space. 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. no reports of any injuries at this point, we'll stay out there throughout the night, and bring you any updates through this newscast, and especially in the morning news starting a five. also developing a tribute to a teen gone too soon. a 15-year-old shot in the head. the killer, still on the loose. tonight the family of antoine davis gathered to remember the man and renew their plea for justice general yen is there tonight. have they gotten closer to solving this. >> reporter: the families say the detectives have good leads on who may have done this. but tonight, they stood out on the dock and cried remembering antoine davis. >> no one deserves this to happen to them. so we ask y'all for any information for anything that you know. >> reporter: family and friends
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candles and prayers. remembering tiff the life of 15-year-old antoine davis. >> someone should not be able to die off. he did not get to live his life. >> reporter: he was shot and killed saturday. he was found lying on the sidewalk. >> if our kids can't walk to streets to hang out with friends or walk to the park, how are they suppose ed to walk to the school. how are parents supposed to feel safe? >> reporter: a vigil for antoine was held at stark lake. the family says he loved to come to the most. >> we come down here fishing. it's really, really hard. he will be missed. >> reporter: family members say the middle schooler just turned 15 in november and got turned up in the wrong crowd. >> his smile and his laugh.
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to figure out who's responsible, the family has a message for his killer. >> you have the nerve to pull the trigger, you have the nerve to take his life. you need to have the nerve to come forward and take responsibility for what you did. >> reporter: and tonight, a lot of people were donating to the family to help get a proper funeral for the teen. but his killer is still out there. if you have any information that can help this case, call police. jennifer ortega news 6. thank you. tonight a crime tracker alert for a woman who keyed an officer's personal car. the off duty officer parked his mercedes at south turn restaurant in daytona beach. when he came back to his car, he found all sides of the car keyed. police are looking for these two people. the report said they saw the two walking out of a restaurant two weeks ago. the woman then keyed the officer's car. so if you recognize him.
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the daytona beach police. >> tom sorrells is joining us now. it was the hottest day in months now. we didn't break any records. >> in the last 2-3 hours, they finally up grated the high daytona beach to 89. >> we did the same yesterday. >> we did. the high of the 89. these aren't records i'm especially itching to break. >> no. it's nice to dream. but it's oh boy. in march. wait. this is where we stand tonight on radar. we keep looking for rain relief. but none anytime soon. we had the east coast breeze that developed. we didn't see any big rain. drop the temperature a little bit. during the day, the sea breeze will probably get its act together a little bit better. one record high for today. that was the daytona beach high at 89.
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and maybe 27, way back there. orlando, 89. the record is 91 from 1971. right now in daytona beach, holding at 69 . 20 cooler right now than we were for our daytime high today. winds from the west, southwest at nine miles per hour h. no, 30 cooler right? no 20 cooler. doing the math at the same time. it doesn't work for me. winds out of the west right now. the humid is picking up at 70%. orlando 73 right now. melbourne 73. and ocala tonight. you're already down to 68 , so in this area, ocala to gainsvill, and maybe in the village, you have the fog this morning. i really believe these spots that are cooling down already end up with more fog again tomorrow morning. watch the water vapor loop, you see what's happening here. all that dry air we were talking about sagged down to the south and out to the east.
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it's not all lower level moisture, but just like the dry air the last couple days, as the upper level mixes down. eventually, we'll get back to the rain. first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., meteorologist troy bridges will be here. as the day wears on the sun is taking over. just like yesterday and just like today, we're going back to the upper 80s tomorrow. take a look at thursday. that's going to be a different day. here's thursday by noon. scattered showers to the north. by 3-4, 5, 67 o'clock in the evening, a few more pockets roll through. and should not get off by 11:00 p.m. overnight in the city beautiful, 66 . just enough for patchy fog. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 65 by noon h. daytime high hits 88 . thursday will be a bit cooler with a scattered showers happening. and then on friday, our daytime
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rain chances ramp to 40%. cooler for saturday and sunday as a cold front to the north sags into central florida. and the scattered showers wash away the heat. bad timing on the weekend. but we need the rain. >> we need the rain desperately. we're talking about fires earlier today. >> don't want to get our hair wet. that's great tom. thank you very much. still ahead, a florida woman fights to keep her pet, a six-foot wildlife alligator. >> tonight's winning lottery
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only at the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. new tonight, amazing video shows kayakers riding over a water fall. now the kayakers are in big trouble for trespassing. dozens watched as professional kayakers plummet over the cumberland falls in kentucky. the two men say it was the ride that was a result of the training and 15 ooh years in the sport. >> i did not expect the video to go viral. we did not people to be there
11:25 pm
it was just a personal goal we had set. so come on, they knew. but achieving this goal has cost them a couple hundred dollars after being sited as no tresses passing. now to a central florida's woman's fight to keep her pet alligator. the six-foot gator is too big to stay inside. the 125 pound gator wears a clothes. and has a bedroom. she's had a license for him for 11 years. i don't know what i'm looking at there. recently ram bow grew to six-feet. they say an alligator of that size must have two and a half acres of land, she claims even if she had the land, he couldn't be letth left outdoors because
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i've never heard of them being sensitive to sunlight. and they need all that land. but bring it all in, i'll bring it right here on the ping me inbox. what's happening. we got the bay hill covering live hosting the pga tour this week. and mr. palmer, saw him yesterday, said hello. and today, he did make this announce ment concerning the -- leading the ceremonial opening shots to his friends. i have some reaction from an interview recently with mr. p about the masters. today on the morning news, we brought you the morning about what could be in your wine, even bottle. we'll be watching the final returns coming all night long. tomorrow complete reaction and fall out from the big primaries.
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about prevnar 13 today. . tom was telling us it could rain this weekend. not good news for bay hill. >> i see behind your shoulder. arnold palmer set the host starting thursday of his bay hill club and live. the top pga golfers. they're ready to t it up. mr. palmer will not t it up at this year's master ceremonial first t shot to start the annual event. he made the announce ment today, saying i would love to go on to do it forever, but i do not have the physical capability to hit
11:30 pm
so i'll have to be content to watch. this is mr. p and i talking about the masters. >> it has been fun. and i remember watching gene, the guys are way back during it. and i watched as long as i live. you have to love mr. p. i just love standing here. you know why? a little louder ed. the music. the masters. third and final round, right here on april 9th and tenth is a tradition, unlike any other. [laughing] as for bay hill, the course is perfect right now. there's his grandson. sam sawners. right there in the sixteenth green. mr. palmer it willing me it's the best he's ever seen the golf course. one player hoping to capture the bay hill title. i've known billy for a few years now. so there's a little give and take in the central florida q and a ping-pong. >> billy you say what?
11:31 pm
the biggest king ever. >> the biggest king ever. bigger than richard petty. >> yeah. five words or less, what would winning the tournament mean to you growing up in the area. >> really exciting emotional accomplish ment and blessed. from bay town high school, central florida guy, do you feel any better about playing the ping-pong. >> i'm happy it's over with. that's your best? >> did i give it my best? if i like the person who's asking the question, i would have given a better answer. we'll go with that. that was last year. and i told him billy, i'm going smart aleck. that's all i'm saying. the magic won today. woo hoo.
11:32 pm
coast trip. denver, you're out. this one i'm giving to magic. they do win. are you excite snide. >>yes. all right 116-110 winners. the ufc spring practice beginning today for the new head coach. frost, good things to come. the annual spring game. a beautiful day out there on the campus of ucl. new head coach, new beginnings for the nights. fascinated to see how that works out. >> i do not like the fact that we get a little rain on the weekend. mr. palmer was asking, he said hey, what's tom saying? >> he's got a -- thank you ping. >> thanks for joining us.
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