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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> parents warned after a scare at a home. a high powered weapon deputies say one teen planned to bring to class. he kept his father's memory alive with his music. the new details we have learned about the frank sinatra jr.'s death right here in central florida. it is 4:59. i'm kirsten o'connor in for david. >> thank you for joining us so early on st. patrick's day day. everyone is with us. >> we are awake. >> we are awake. that is a good thing. >> are we? >> we are awake just enough. as far as the roads go, we have a few cars and that helps a lot. >> we are talking about heat and spreesed chance for rain. we'll pinpoint the timing for rain straight ahead. >> we'll check back in in a moment. in lake county one person is dead after being trapped inside a burning home.
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street off u.s. 27ment that's where we find mark lehman live. you just got an update from investigators. what are they saying? >> i asked them about the victim who died in the fie. thaw say they are not releasing person. behind me. remain on the scene at home dirt road. investigators right now trying started. a viewer sent us images from the scene. they show us how spence the fire was. flames shooting through the roof as crews arrived. 911 calls first start coming in around 9:00 last night when the home filled with smoke and flames. paramedics attempted cpr after the victim was brought outside but it was too late. the person was pronounced dead a short time later. investigators are not saying if that victim is an adult or a child.
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everyone else inside was able to eggs cape with minor injuries. we are working to get more answers. coming up i'll tell you about a call on the community for support after this fire. thanks. you could run into fog this morning? >> i didn't see a lot of fog on the way in but i saw a big moon. did you see the moon? >> not yet, no. the clouds, some breaks will allow us to see that this morning. we are seeing some patches of fog. so far so good as i checked on visibilities. it is st. patrick's day, we have a green map showing the temperatures. it is 72 in ocala. 68 in orlando. a little bit of fog moving in and out in orange county. visibilities are still a-ok. that will likely change a bit as
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be red for the patchy fog. we'll see high clouds. not a ton of sun. only a 20% chance for rain mainly in northern zones. we'll talk about the timing for increasing rain tomorrow. first, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> very good morning to you. very good morning to you at home. heading out door, things are still looking very nice. take a look, if you are heading i-95 northbound and southbound, not turning up any delays so far, expressway travel also moving along exactly as you like it. absolutely no delays in sight. construction has been picking up on the early side for most of the i-4 ultimate project. as you can see by fairbanks avenue, making our way around the curve with mild company. because there are not a lot of cars you can easily get around.
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back to you, bridgett and kirsten. >> a deadly shooting is underinvestigation. the 26-year-old victim was found last night at the chowder bay apartments on south rio grande avenue. that man was rushed to the hospital. his injuries were too severe and he was pronounced dead. deputies say they have a man detained related to the shooting but aren't giving out any other details. we'll let you know as soon as we get new information. >> also developing this morning, a scary story out of marion county. >> police say a teen was caught headed to school with an assault rifle and ammo. they say he was planning to harm his classmates. that 13-year-old is is a student at howard middle school on highway 27 in ocala. investigators say we could have had a bad outcome. >> reporter: that's right.
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been a horrific situation. we know the sheriff's office major crime unit, her taking over the investigation of what could have happened. now, investigators say that the boy was actually trying to leave his home with an ar 15 and amho. when his grandfather noticed the gun bulging out of his clothes. the boy was also armed with several loaded magazines. we know the star banner reports the boy told investigators some students at the school were bothering him and he wanted to do something about it. the principal sent the message to parents telling them about the danger. >> on the way to school this morning, a student was caught with a loaded gun. he intended to harm students. fortunately, a relative discovered the situation and contacted authorities. >> we know this morning
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counseling at a local mental health facility. the principal says the student will never return here to howard middle school. we are supposed to get an update later on. once we get a new update we'll pass the information along to you on air and online. back to you. thanks >> reporter: the music world is mourning after hearing of the death of frank sinatra jr. >> >> sinatra jr. worked for his father as a musical director and conduct. at 19 years old he was kidnapped and hell for ransom. his father paid to set his free. he was in daytona beach for the last few days. the peabody auditorium where he was set to pom announced the concert was cancelled after the
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we learned he died at the halifax medical center at the age of 72. his father also died from heart attack in 1998. >> the 15-year-old accused of running down a deputy is now facing some serious adult charges. he was moved from juvenile detention to the orange county jail yesterday. he is charged with attempted murder after prosecutors say he hit sergeant mary pierce with a stolen car when she tried to pick him up on burglary charges. he was left with severe injuries but is now recovering. >> this morning, the man accused of carjacking a woman and her dog dog. the woman said the man approached her on east york ave. >> my purse and my dog is in the car.
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>> police say the suspect took off with the victim's 9-year-old just five miles later, palmer crashed into a power pole. that's when a nearby good samaritan rushed in to pull the suspect from the fiery crash. >> i grabbed the dash board and pulled it off him. as soon as he was on his feet, the car was up in dmrams. >> palmer was taken to the hospital in critical condition. he faces carjacking charges. the dog was missing but then found right away. he is expected to be ok. >> rick scott is defending his decision to bak back donald trump. during an interview, scott urged republicans to get behind the november. this.
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sit here and say, we'll let the party leaders take this away from somebody that has the votes or are close to it, they won't show up in november. we have to listen to the voters. >> the governor came out with his endorsement hours after trump won the primary. he said he would not ask ted cruz or john kasich to drop out of the race saying he didn't like it when people asked him to drop out of the governor's race. >> in hours, march madness will tip off on news 6. >> in a big way and in a year with no front running teams, the odds of getting the bracket are higher than ever. the odds of picking the perfect bracket are one in 9.2 quintillin. >> in case you didn't know what it was.
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wildly unlikely this bracket is, the ncaa put together a list of things that had a better chance of happening, the odds of becoming an astronaut are between one and 300. the odds of finding a four leafed clover, one in 10,000. you have a better chance of becoming president of the united states at one in 10 million. >> if you are feeling lucky on st. patrick's day, you'll want to tune into the action on news 6. wilmington. yale will challenge baylor. 9:40. a lot of people are excited about this. >> with everything starting, we won't have a noon newscast because of the basketball. >> we love doing our noon newscast but it is nice to have basketball on. >> just watch the game.
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fans may not be happy. >> it starts at 12:15. >> we won't get those phone calls. here is the fog pinpointers as we pinpoint fog. visibility across central florida a-ok for now. we are seeing some patches of fog in orange county. we'll watch that in and out and back in again. you can see temperatures mild across central florida. we are in 70 in many spots. 70 in leesburg, the bus stop looking warm once again. we'll see more clouds today. a 20% chance for rain. because we are up to 87 by 4:00, short sleeves in order. we'll talk about more rain in store for tomorrow. let's head over to amy in the traffic center. good morning. >> good morning. good morning to you at home. if you take a look here, you'll thoit on the map we do not see any accidents, no breakdowns. just some construction which is picking up very quickly this morning, especially camped out
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becoming used to this by now. you can see your average speeds moving around really doing absolutely fine for the time being. things are exactly as you would expect they would be by saxson boulevard. a couple of cars and everyone is traveling along nicely. that's your check on traffic. i'm going to send it back to you. >> it is 5:12. still ahead, spring breakers are flooding into central florida. >> the new warning from beach patrol after an officer is hurt on the job. plus, supreme court nominee merrick garland will visit capitol hill but don't expect republicans to roll out the welcome wagon. we'll tell you why ahead. >> we are following breaking bend me shape me, any way you want me.
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>> we are following breaking news from overnight. a deadly fire is under investigation in lake county. firefighters say a victim was trapped inside his home on
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it has now been declared a total loss. right now, the case is under investigation investigation. mark lehman is at the scene working to get updates. >> in just hours, president obama's nominee to the supreme court will head to capitol hill to meet with members of congress. garland will not receive a traditional meet and greet from congressional republicans. senate republicans say garland will not be invited for confirmation hearings to replace the late justice antonin scalia. senate majority leader mcconnell says the next president should pick the nominee. >> give the people a voice in filling this vacancy. >> it is a ludicrous position, ridiculous position.
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side of the aisle, do your job. >> several republicans admitted garland may be a good nominee. they say it is not about the person, it is about the principal. >> a beach safety officer is recovering after being hurt on the job. an officer was attempting to make an alcohol related arrest when there was a scuffle and the officer dislocated their shoulder. beach patrol said they made arrests in the past week. they say they are seeing the largest crowds in years for spring break. plans for a huge expansion at orlando international airport got a boost. the greater orlando aviation authority signed up on a 1.8 billion dollar plan for a new terminal. the first phase of construction could start as soon as 2019 and would include between 16 and 21 new gates to help relieve overcrowding at the other two term nals. the expansion wowed add 120
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years to finish. >> therapy dogs have become a useful method for coping for many paints in the hospital. >> children at one hospital got a visit from a different animal. meet honor the therapy mini horse. look how sweet. i was waiting to see how miniature she was. she visited patients at a children's hospital in new york and doctors say this mini horse provides a much needed distraction for the children. something the family seemed to agree on. >> there is something mystical about a horse. when you see a real horse walk into a children's hospital, it is a magical moment every time. >> looks like a live toy pony. honor appeared on a live television show. children too sick to meet him in person could call in or text
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honor is a male horse. >> they are so cute. >> that is so cute. >> run around here. >> a lot of people are talking about them on different shows, the mini horse thing. >> i feel better already. >> therapeutic. >> another thing to get us excited. we have the dancing umbrella, we call it that because i hold it like that sometimes. we are giving this away. we'll pick a storm pin photo. we hate to say best. it is hard to pick. we have one from yesterday to give you an example. we try to think of a scene to get everyone excited about pinning their photos. here is a great shot of lucy the labradoodle. she is getting ready for easter. because today is st. patrick's day, we would love to have a st. patrick's day theme.
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>> maybe you have cool decorations. maybe your furry kid has a cute st. patrick's day outfit. pin your photos. you can see at the top of the screen, search wkmg in the app store and look for storm pins, news 6 storm pins and show us your pet, your kid. some kind of theme for st. patrick's day. i can't wear green because the wall behind me, it is green so the tie would disappear. it is all about the fog. we'll be watching for that. so far, visibilities are good. we are seeing some reduced visibilities in orange county. a little bit of patchy fog moving in and out and back in again. the map is green at 68 degrees in orlando. 69 in cocoa beach. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> there is a pot of gold at the
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a 20% chance for rain. rain will not hamper your plans. most of the rain we see will be in our northern zones. not a lot of that today. we'll see rain increasing tomorrow. we get up to 87 degrees by 4:00, making evening plans, mid 70's through 9:00, 10:00 with a 20% chance for rain. there's the fog we'll see through 8:00 this morning. then it burns off. we see a mix of sun and clouds. clouds build in through the day. northern zones seeing the greatest chance for rain. the coverage only at 20% through the afternoon and evening. heating up to 83 today in daytona beach. 86 in sanford. there's tomorrow. rain chances tomorrow. thunderstorms possible as we see a 50% coverage into the afternoon friday. 60% rain chances on saturday. first day of spring, rain chances at 40%. highs back close to where they
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let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning. >> very good morning to you troy, as well as you at home. getting ready to head out nice and early, no slowdowns, everything is moving along well. i-95, north and southbound, the data coming back on time. the same thing goes for the rest of our major arteries across the area, expressway looks fantastic. here's the reason why. few cars out and moving. live check at i-4 by ivanhoe shows construction pushed over the for the day. >> 5:22. still ahead, the former millionaire accused of killing his wife will be back in court. >> when he says he deserves to be released from jail. it may be st. patrick's day but americans will soon see green for a different reason. the record amount of families expected to spend this easter. >> news 6 is giving away four tickets to lego land. a one night stay at the lego
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total of 4.4 billion. >> nothing compares to the amount of money families are expected to spend this easter. according to survey from the national retail federation. this is surprising. americans are expect to spend 17.3 billion dollars for easter. that comes out to be 143 bucks per person. according to the survey, most of that money goes to food, easter clothing, gifts and candy. i did forget about the easter outfit because that can be pricey. >> maybe they are just getting
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>> sometimes you get a dollar in your easter egg but maybe there are expensive ones. >> coming up in the next half-hour, poll workers are paid with bad checks. >> oh, no. what the election supervisor -- supervisor of elections is doing to make that right. two puppies stolen from a family home. who lived in the house when the dogs were taken. >> a house fire leaves one
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. >>. >> one person is dead after a fire rips through a home. >> a man gunned down and killed. what deputies are now saying about a possible suspect. >> new developments in the case of baby willow. the missing infant's mother is set to appear before a judge today. what is expected to happen in court. thank you for joining us. happy st. patrick's day to you. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm h for david hall and


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