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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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victor will have 2 free throws. strategy if he makes 1 out of 2 or 2 out of 2 or misses both? >> chris: it's the same thing. get it out and push. where do you wind up for the shot? 6.8 seconds is a lot of time. to push the ball up the floor. >> ian: yale up by 1. 54% shooter. he hits. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 77-75. >> chris: the defense identified the best players. it needs to be a man on prince and wainright. those 2 can score outside. expect baylor to push it. with 2 guys in the corner and middle. >> ian: victor. an air ball.
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>> ian: a 2 point yale lead. 6.8 on the clock. >> len: spread the floor. if you get in prince's hands you do. >> ian: medford turns it over. >> chris: foul. >> ian: with 2.2. the foul is against baylor. the ball bounced over to sherrod. medford trying to work quickly. he was out of control. >> chris: tries to go behind the back. and -- well! makai mason said i did not foul. play. >> ian: baylor did not even get a shot off. down by 2. 2.2 on the clock. motley fouled out. 59 points and 7 rebounds for the
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now the focus is on brandon sherrod. he can put an end to this game with a pair of makes. >> [crowd noise]. >> ian: 2 point lead for yale. sherrod. first one is good. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: 78-75. >> chris: don't even think about missing. just trying to let the clock run out. we have seen something strange happen. 79-75. lindsey tosses it up. >> [buzzer]. >> ian: march magic for the yale bulldogs. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ian: their first ncaa tournament win in program history. james jones in his 17th year at yale. and the bulldogs have done it.
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79-75 to advance to the second round. >> chris: they did it with moxie and look at the last play here. the point was moot. yale celebrates. >> ian: baylor is going home. yale is moving on. >> [cheers and applause]. their first appearance in the ncaa tournament since 1962. it's a win for yale! the ivy league represented and yale gets it done. evan washburn, take it away. >> evan: coach, the program waited 54 years. you waited 17. what does it mean it get here and keep playing? >> coach: absolutely unbelievable.
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and gave us everything they had. i could not be more proud of this group of guys. >> evan: at no point did this moment seem too big for this team. where does that confidence come from? >> coach: we have been building for a couple of years. they stuck together. >> evan: you called him a bad little man. makai mason had a legendary afternoon. what is it about his game that allowed him to have this type of performance? >> coach: he is the toughest nut you will ever meet. a really tough kid. nothing shakes him or bothers him. he was unbelievable tonight. >> evan: enjoy it. >> coach: i will. >> evan: makai mason, come on in here. congratulations. an unbelievable performance. your demeanor seemed stoic throughout this game. what was your approach from the start? >> player: trying not to get too
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i try to lead through example. they will make a run. they made a couple of runs. we stayed calm and weathered the storm. >> evan: what does this mean to this program? >> player: it's huge, man. we have not made the tournament in a very long time. to win it today is special. >> evan: duke is waiting on saturday. your thoughts on that match up? >> player: i am glad we have a rematch. we thought we could hang with them in the first game. we might surprise some people. >> evan: fun to watch. see you on saturday. >> ian: first time in the big dance in 54 years. if you ask the yale fans it was worth the wait. they could not be prouder of their team. mason. set them on the course.
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>> ian: it will be yale and duke with a chance to advance to sweet-16. the yale bulldogs pre-season favorites in the ivy league. they roland to the title. then they carried the momentum right into the ncaa tournament. with a win over the baylor bears. it's a 12 seed knocking off a 5. we have seen a lot of these celebrations for the 12 seed. bure elation for james jones. the 52-year-old head coach of the yale bulldogs. long island native. played in albany. didn't get to play in an ncaa tournament. now he has coached in one and has an ncaa tournament win. >> chris: coach told these guys i have not won one. his team repaid him. we will win one for you. that's the best feeling you could have as a player in the locker room.
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could win except the guys in the room with you. >> ian: yale advances. 79-75 win over the baylor bears. tournament games continue on tnt, tbs, and tru-tv. cbs prime-time begins at 7 o'clock eastern. chattanooga. after a quick break to our ncaa studio. the madness underway. if you treated your tablet treats your body... you'd have no way to watch cat videos. so say no to greasy, fast food... and treat your body right... with the delicious chicken sandwich from subway. made with our new hand-pulled, all-white meat chicken raised without antibiotics... all on our freshly-baked bread. the subway sandwich shop. fresh is what we do. hey there, can i help
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> ginger: more patrols and more arrests, spring breakers are getting wild on daytona beach. >> matt: why changes at another florida hot spot brought back the crowds and the crazy. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin. >> ginger: and i'm ginger gadsden. we'll get to that story in just a moment but first, wet weather is moving in and it looks like it's staying around for the weekend. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather at 5:43, tom. >> tom: the ambivalence is thick. you know you don't want it to rain on the weekend. all this picked up rain in the last hour. especially palm coast. it was heavy for about 20 minutes. then much of the heavy stuff has rolled on out, farther to the south, here's daytona beach
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we've had lightning strikes in my boxed-in zone here in the last 30 minutes, only three lightning strikes but just outside the box, the heavy stuff trailed off and back out to the east. here's sanford, deltona, all picked up rain. geneva, picked up a scattered shower. much of the activity is staying to the north with the front for now. i'll be back to pinpoint more rain for tonight and tomorrow and break out your entire weekend, hour by hour, in minutes. >> ginger: thanks, tom. now at 5:30, a new serious concern on local beaches. more college kids on spring break are coming to central florida to party. >> matt: it comes after an alcohol ban this year at a popular panhandle destination. now some of the problems they tried to get rid of are showing up here. news 6 reporter loren korn is on daytona beach today where local police and beach patrol are out in force. >> reporter: you can see the patrol cars lined up behind me. that's because beach safety
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help control the crowds in this area, saying they have more spring breakers than expected. >> we're looking for compliance. we're not trying to take everybody to jail. >> when you add the bigger crowds, you expect more problems to be arising. >> reporter: the biggest problem beach safety patrol says they're having -- >> the under-aged drinking. we're giving them the opportunity to pour it out first and if they don't comply, we take it to the next level. >> reporter: a total of 20 deputies and beach safety officers will be patrolling a busy section of the beach in the 200 block of north atlantic avenue, monitoring the spring breakers. but some students say it isn't necessary. >> they're just doing their job. but if kids aren't being stupid and having a great time, you should let them have a good time. >> i think it's a bit ridiculou. it's 100% illegal but no one is hurting anyone or doing anything bad. >> reporter: but beach safety patrol says that's not true. >> it was the person he was trying to talk to and the person
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officer got hurt in the process. >> reporter: officers arrested 21-year-old jayme gordon who resisted arrest. >> we want to step up the presence and let people know we're trying to keep it safe down here. >> matt: in panama city, spring break traffic in the city is down by at least 50% this year. tonight a tragic accident at a pep rally at a florida high school. students were recording it as it happened. >> ginger: they had hired a performer to play with fire and that's when things got out of hand. a reporter is joining us from delray beach. >> they told me my daughter had an asthma attack and i needed to make it to school. >> reporter: by the time she arrived at the high school, her 15-year-old daughter was already inside an ambulance struggling to breathe.
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the car and started looking for my daughter. it was kids on the ground. they were treating the kids. >> reporter: she was just feet away with friends when the fire breather caught on fire. >> he was putting it in his mouth. we're thinking he's fine and all of a sudden he's throwing the fine everywhere and it's like, okay, he's not fine. >> reporter: fire extinguishers caused the child to go into distress. >> reporter: she was having trouble breathing? >> yes. >> reporter: she was rushed to the hospital where doctors gave her breathing treatments. >> she was scared. she was having an asthma attack. she was pretty upset. she was crying. >> reporter: delray beach fire/rescue says 20 people were treated and seven students were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. the performer was transported with serious injuries. >> right now, i'm glad the kids
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i don't think it was a wise decision, but i'm just glad my daughter is okay. >> ginger: that's scary-looking. classes at atlantic high school did resume as normal after the accident. >> matt: shots are fired in orlando and then the wrong person is taken into custody. police are searching for a gunman tonight. officers went to the 1300 block of deer rock drive just before 10:00 this morning. they found a man who had been shot in the arm a few blocks away on cornelia court. no sign of the shooter. a description of the shooter's car led police to follow a car matching that description. they say when they realized the driver -- was behind them, he took off and crashed his car before running away on foot. police arrested the 24-year-old without violence. they determined he was not the shooter, though. investigators are still working happened.
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>> ginger: some big things are on the horizon for disney cruise line at port canaveral. >> matt: news 6 reporter amanda castro spent the day checking out everything coming our way. >> reporter: disney announced two new cruise ships coming in the next few years, and debuting a broadway-style show based on on the show "tangle." bringing more entertainment to central florida. from the movie to live on stage, your favorite characters from disney's tangled, rapunzel, and others, performing in a live disney show aboard the magic,
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sets and original songs, the show bringing the magic of theater to a new audience. >> this may be one of the first shows they've ever seen in their life, some of these small children. this is a character they can relate to. >> reporter: and more magic is coming to disney cruise line. two new ships are joining the fleet in 2021 and 2023. >> they're dreaming up the endless possibilities of what could be on our ships. >> reporter: the design plans, where the ships are going, even their names are still in the works. but guests are already sharing their suggestions. >> there's quite a lot of people who would like to call it the disney wish, at least for one of the ships. so we'll see. >> reporter: while we don't know if the new ships will dock in port canaveral, disney cruise line continues to say central florida is the home for their fleet. >> we don't know where the two ships will be home port based out of but we're excited for
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>> ginger: early season cruises are looking good so far. you know what else is not looking so good? >> tom: what's that? >> ginger: the weekend weather. >> tom: i thought you were going to say your bracket. baylor just got beat. i've got rain from palm coast to flagler beach. some of the rain was quite heavy for a while. it slowed down to a quarter of an inch in spots here. here's old kings road, straight out to the beach, north central avenue, right in there, .22 of an inch off the coastside, a little heavier rain, moving to the north and east at a pretty decent clip. things are slowing down for now. we're not saying goodbye to it. but we are slowing it down. daytona beach, here's the international speedway here, the coast over there, a1a, rainfall rate somewhere around .18 of an inch or less all over the place. real quick, here's future radar. the trend will be for the rest of the night for things to slow down. there will be pockets of heavy rain to the north but from orlando south, not so much.
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74 in leesburg. 66 in gainesville with some rain. palm coast obviously cooler with the rain. here's the way it goes between now and midnight. not much happening. through the day tomorrow, there will be hit-and-miss shower activity. my guess is tonight after the late night games, a new model run, we'll have a whole lot more rain to look at come saturday. this is saturday at 5 a.m. here it is by noon. there comes the bigger rain. the trend is going to change, have a heavier rain day saturday. it's not what you want to hear. lows tonight in the 60's all over. i'm calling the low in the city beautiful 67 degrees. here is tomorrow. we'll start out with some fog in the morning in spots and a daytime high of 84 degrees. overall the trend is we're starting to get wet. the biggest band of rain is going to probably hold off until saturday afternoon into saturday night. and then look how much cooler we are next week. wowza.
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i think it's the last really cold day of the winter of 2016.
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w provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> >> >> matt: the former c.e.o. of is suing harbor house. killer whale breeding is out and marine education is in. seaworld made the announcement today following years of controversy over keeping orcas in captivity. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. the end to breeding is effective immediately. we sent a reporter out to seaworld to get reaction from park guests. first we begin with news 6 reporter justin warmoth who takes us through all these changes and what's next for seaworld. this is a long time coming. >> reporter: it's a long time coming for critics of seaworld.
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"blackfish" came out a few years ago, seaworld park attendance and revenue have been down. the c.e.o. thinks the moves announced this morning will change that. just today seaworld's stock has risen more than 6%. for decades, this has been a familiar sight at seaworld orlando. but the days of killer whales jumping into the air, splashing guests are numbered. seaworld's c.e.o. announced today the park will not only end its practice of breeding the orcas effective immediately, but it's also phasing out the popular popular theatrical shows by 20 2018. the debate over whale shows is now over. >> however, it's clear people are more uncomfortable, whether it's the movie, legislation, all the issues are affecting it. >> reporter: the movie he's talking about is the 2013


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