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tv   News 6 at 12.00am  CBS  March 18, 2016 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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think of that. jim: kansas the overall number one seed. the other teams wouldn't surprise you. bill: nope, not at all. this shot clock sets up their defensive scheme. you can be a gambler inside. but they're solid. they don't just turn you into the big guys. groin they're going to -- grant: they're going to have to guard the inside line and not get seduced by yogi ferrell. interesting what he does to slow down that attack. jim: the u.s.c. score is 69-68. that's over on tbs and the final 11 seconds. that's over on tbs. thrower launches up top for the key.
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final seven seconds. bill: will run it out here. steve pikiell, terrific run. so close last year with that three by high schooly against -- by huley against a ban in. jim: going to be an 85-57 final. nope, that's it. coach cal and kentucky have an opponent with indiana on saturday. let's bring back the rivalry. and it looks like providence just hit a shot with a second to go against u.s.c. to win it. kentucky rolls on here.
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i'm told. bill: ben ben till -- ben bentil with that three. jim: and coach cal and kentucky -- by the way that's kentucky's history. 2200 for the cats. and let's send it over to you with trace y with the victorious wildcats. tracy: thanks a lot. first let me ask you, jamal, 1-9 but you came without 19 points. what did this guy say to you over in the locker room? >> he said just play. don't think too much that's what i did. i missed in the first half. but i got going in the second. tracy: i think you cleaned that up a little bit. how about his performance and
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>> can we talk about the first step? his first ncaa tournament game and he was a little shaky. he's a terrific player. he does crazy stuff. it used to be seven times a half. yeah, it was. but he's starting to do the right things. you know, the first half he didn't play the way he's been playing. he's been efficient. he's been making the right plays. but we'll chalked it up to the first ncaa tournament game. tracy: let's talk about the second game and that's a matchup with indiana. now, it's here. your thoughts? >> tom crean should be coach of the year nationally. he loses his best player and they win their league like they did? they won on the road. they were unbeatable at home. thank goodness we're not playing them in their building. they pass the ball.
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game. is we're just happy we're playing another game. tracy: thanks a lot. good luck. >> thank you. jim: it's going to be some guy, isn't it guys? bill: yes, indeed. they're both defensive-minded. gotten better, indiana. jim: the tournament continues live now on tbs and trutv. coverage begins at noon eastern. for raf and grant, i'm jim. we'll send you to the studios after these messages and we'll
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greg: hello, everyone. welcome back to our studios here in new york. greg gumbel along with clark, kenny and charles. kentucky rolls on 85-57. the wildcats a force to be reckonned with. kenny: without question. you look at tyler ulis and jamal murray, those are two guys regardless if they're shooting well or not, they're steady. over. they can pressure the basketball as well. you add in the blend of everything else. perfect blend. charles: i'm not sure if they can win the tournament. but the next game against indiana, must-see tv. probably two of the best in all
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cannot wait for saturday. greg: as you say, kentucky moves on to play indiana. meanwhile in east regional play, this one just ended and providence knocking off u.s.c. clark: a terrific game all day long and providence has the ballast and scores the game-winning shot. u.s.c. played great up until that last -- really last minute and half, they had a chance to close it out and couldn't. greg: they move on to play north carolina. and over on trutv, gonzaga is leading at halftime by a score of 35-25. a reminder, coming up after your late news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert" as he welcomes william h. macy and
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followed by "the late late show"." four games in the early block tomorrow. 16 games in all. that will do it for now. are you tired? are you ready -- kenny: they're ready to go. charles: let's find out what we can do in new york city. kenny: you ever heard "fake it until you make it"? i'm tired. i'm not faking it. [laughter] greg: for all of us, including ernie johnson, thanks for join
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a deadly mystery solved. a woman killed month ago in a crash, tonight an arrest. good evening and thank you for staying up with us tonight. i'm matt austin. and i'm lisa bell. the crash happened last may, but troopers spent month trying to figure out who was behind the wheel. the man that was driving was drunk when he crashed an suv near south hains road. erik sandoval has more on the arrest and the pain the woman's family is still dealing with. >> reporter: florida highway patrol investigators say he was drunk when he lost control of his suv when driving along this street last may. it hit this tree, and you can see the bark is still missing from where it hit. it then flip teed over aacross the street, landing in the
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eight months later, he's now behind bars. and eight months later, the family of the woman killed in this accident says they can finally start moving forward. >> i was happy for chelsea. that was bonita's first reaction when she heard an arrest had been made in her granddaughter's death. fhp investigators said chelsea sense was riding in an suv with mike and another friend when it crashed here at may. chaves and the other friend were both thrown from the car and survived. sense was killed. investigators say they didn't know who was driving. and botsford said waiting eight months oh waiting to place him behind the wheel was gruelling. >> i read my bible and that helped and a will the of friends that lost a child, you know, they know what you go through. botsford is now caring for
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she surprised us when she said she doesn't want him going prison. >> going to prison doesn't solve anything. it makes more problem. the children get missing their parents. and, umm, in prison, you can't help support them. >> reporter: we check ed the jail tonight, he's already posted his bond and already out. we also which he could court records, found out it was blood evidence that placed him in the driver seat. if he's convicted, heckit face up to ten years in prison. in lake county, erik sandoval, news 6. thank you. also developing tonight, our first look at the young man killed in a fire. trevor ross was just 17-year-old. and at this hour, investigators are still trying to figure out what caused his home to go up in flames. >> tonight ross's community is coming together to get results and help his family through this devastating time. here's jennifer ortega. >> reporter: people in the
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this memorial for 17-year-old trevor ross that lost his life in that fire. they never will forget the flame that is lit up the skies monday night. >> a massive orange cloud. that's the first thing we saw, this entire side of the sky is lit up orange. >> all we heard was where's trevor, where's trevor. that's when we figured out he's no longer with us. >> reporter: police say 17-year-old trevor ross was killed inside his home. after the house engulfed in flames. greg walked out his front door to see the flames. >> walking out to see your house on fire and your brother's in there, what's the first thing that runs you through your mind. >> reporter: emergency crews couldn't revive him. the junior that attend ed the lake men owe la high school was
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kelly price said trevor was good friends with her son. >> he was a very nice, fun young man. yeah. >> reporter: the family set up this go fund me page for anyone that wants to help. price says donations have already been pouring into city hall to help the family. from clothing, food, gift cards to cash. >> so anything people could do would be greatly appreciated. because they have two teenage boys as well who are with them. and you know, i just -- it's a shame, but we're so thankful for those that have already stepped up (fire crews tell us they're still unsure if there were working smoke alarms. the house is a total loss. and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in minneola. jennifer ortega news 6. we have put a link to that go fund me page for trevor's family on our page the rain is gone for now.
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outside, but the heat and the rain will all be coming back. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing what you could expect in the morning, tom. >> here's what we have. the overnight hours, over my shoulder, we look dry for now. but just to the north, comes some more rain. and in northern parks, marion county, maybe flagler county, would could wake up to a touch of rain in the morning. panama city off to the west. here's what's going on, big stationary front up north here. meandering back and forth between 24-48 hours. this is where it is now. so that's where all the rain is. that's going to change by tomorrow. overnight lows tonight and what you'll wake up oh to nt morning, 68 in ocala and leesburg. and 67 also in melbourne. bill right back to pinpoint the arrival of the rain, not only tomorrow, but for saturday as well. it's a wet forecast you're going
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thank you tom. and the big traffic alert for the morning as well, it's all part of the big drive. the ramp from the heart of downtown orlando to 408 west is shut down. and it will stay closed for the next three years. a new temporary ramp at division avenuer in anderson street will open in its place. so make note of that before you hit the road. new tonight, huge results for a man badly hurt when a tree fell onto his car. katrina claim ed the tree was dangerous and should have been removed before this happened. today a court agrees. here's sashell saunders. >> reporter: four years after a huge tree snapped and crashed on her car, the city's now being held accountable. >> next thing you know, i'm under a tree with no way out. >> reporter: news 6 spoke to him and his lawyer mat morgan in early january. they explained to us, they
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pain and suffering value des endured. three surges in screws and rods in his back. >> all of a sudden i feel an impact. >> reporter: the city had known for years that tree was in poor condition with limb decay. >> they were on notice this tree was to be removed since 2007 until it ultimately fell on my client in 2012. that over sight by the city has now ended in a $1.16 million judgement after a mistrial earlier this year. the city maintains there is no way they could have known the extent of damage, because it was still leafy and green on the outside. reporting in orlando, sashell saunders news 6. now to a crime track alert in marion county. crooks broke into a home and attacked a elderly couple. the suspect demanded money and guns. they got away with $500 worth of stuff. >> the pledge to stop donald trump for winning the republican nomination and gaining traction
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to his political future. we are also learning more about what marco rubio plans to do in the future as well. here's mark. >> reporter: former presidential candidate told reporters he's done with politics. >> i'm not running for reelection for the senate. i'm going to fin shh my term and then i'll be a private citizen (he dropped out of the presidential race tuesday evening after donald trump won the primary in florida. rubio's home state. trump now has nearly half the 1237 delegates he needs to clinch the gop nomination. together. >> reporter: trump warrants any plans to derail his candidacy could lead to riots. but on thursday, a group of conservative activists met behind closed doors to discuss alternatives to the gop front runner. lindsey graham through his support behind his adversary.
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to donald trump is ted cruz. and i'm going to help ted in every way i can. >> donald trump. >> reporter: the hazardous group anonymous also has trump in the cross hairs. it claimed they posting deed the businessman's personal information online. on the democratic side, bernie sanders conceded the missouri primary and campaigned in arizona thursday night. >> with your help on tuesday, we're going to win here in arizona. [applause] >> reporter: hillary clinton took the day off the trail to attend two closed door events as she looks forward to the general election. mark, cbs news. if trump does not -- republicans will have their first contested con if he thinks since 91076. party rules on how to distribute convention. the chairman said the party will
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for the 2012 convention. according to the tampa bay times t state attorney general told fox news she would not run. she through her support to state agricultural commissioner adam put numb. a heads up move a. clerk grabs a baby from her mom. what she saw in the mom's eyes that made her to do it. cats may have nine lives, but this dog has one incredible story of survival. lost at sea, where it was found five weeks later. >> he's gorgeous too. isn't he? we've got a big cold front lingering up to the north that's moisture our way. bill back in moments to pinpoint the arrival of that rain and bring a big cool down. huge changes on the way for the weekend. first, a stunt backfires a performer burned in front of students at a florida school. what happened, and how this guy
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a pep rally goes all wrong. a performer hurt in a botched performance at a south florida high school a. fire breathing performer accidentally caught fire during his row token. it happened right in front of students in the gym. >> it sent students in a panic. some treated for smoke inhalation. they have the scary moments from delray beach. >> reporter: a pep rally at an atlantic community high school
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students were entertained, until an adult performer caught fire. panic set foot through the gymnasium as 20,000 students watched in horror. >> he was running around trying to put out the fire. he was using his hands trying put out the face. >> reporter: the adult fire breather was the only one to be burned. he actually own it is pym brook pines based company called infern know's challenge. >> it just happened. >> reporter: what went wrong? >> good question. usually when you switch the fire he puts it out. >> reporter: his right-hand man told us this is the first time something like this happened in the company's 20 year history. the excel rant, life oil that evaporates as it burns. >> he went to tap it out and it reignite it. >> reporter: their acts are usually a big hit, after today's
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school district is now looking into whether combustible acts are a good fit for school performances. >> everyone is around the of it all. the performer suffered first degree burns on his face and nose got the most damage. as for the students involved, we were told everyone will be okay. the palm beach county school district is investigating. and tonight, the superintendent said the atlantic community high school did not follow board policy, he called it unacceptable. pep rallies have really changed. not a good day for windshield and text. those are holes from the glass from hailstones. they said golf ball sized hail actually killed several of their >> wow. all over the place from a nasty hailstorm. >> you can see that kind of line of strong storms moving towards us.
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it's fall in the center tomorrow. it's all kind of marching north and east. (indiscernible) jacksonville tonight. take a look at the storm tracker. there's a lot happening during the day today. this happened just about all day. that sums it up pretty well. >> it was awesome. how about this, for daytona beach. love the field. not suppose ed to play with -- >> he wasn't playing with them. you can photograph them. >> and look at this one. same guy. he named this 15 sons. i like it a lot. download storm pins right now. go digging and see all the photos. there's a lot of beautiful work. but 1-5 -- >> seven of them. whatever, if it's your photo, you can enter whatever you darn well want to. radar at this morning, it's 1230 in the morning, the big rain all up north.
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rolling in coming into an atmosphere in north dover and lost the heat from the day. if you're watching tonight marion county, you may wake up to some. i think the rest of us are okay overnight. here's the rocking stuff most fe us will see. there's panama city beach. the storm warning at 12:30 at night. it's pounding rain and rocking lightening all over. but here at home for us, take a look at how much of that stuff is moving zonely. right along the i ten corridor. and not taking it down to the south and east. at least not yet. in daytona beach, it's a beautiful evening in. central florida, and 71 in bell mush. and oh cal rah, 66 . other temperatures across the villages, 68, 69 in leesburg, 69 in daytona beach. and 71 from
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wind speed and direction, okay, that's all kind of changing because we're going almost dead bang calm tonight. the wind calms down. there'll be pockets of fog activities to greet you in spots tomorrow morning. we had some wind kicking up at ten-tiff ten miles per hour. weather set up for tonight, there's our stationary front to the north and what will happen in the next 24 -- 48 even 72 hours is if this gradually meanders and slides back down before it dissolves and checks out of here. water vapor showing you the moisture. much of the blue, that's the big time moisture. there's some moisture in the dark down here. that's the end of our dry air. that's already checked out on us. take a look at this. this is the hour by hour break out. passing scattered showers with only to the north, with a much of the day tomorrow will be okay.
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one back out to the west. lake county into sumter county. tomorrow evening, we would have spent much of this day tomorrow as a dry situation. as we go into saturday, all that changes. here's saturday morning at six in the morning. front sags all the way down. almost zonely across the viewing area from sumter county to cape. more scattered showers go through. the sexual front, comes through and maybe saturday night we could start to wrap up some soft rain. latest model runs clinging to some of that moisture. and that forces to sunday. overnight lows tonight, 64 in deland, i'm going to call it 65 in oh veto. 60 in ocala. 63 in the villages. 65 in leesburg. and tonight in titusville, your overnight low is 67 in. orlando, here's the forecast. partly cloudy from now.
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an overnight low 67-here is tomorrow. by noon, we're back to 82 with the fog burning off. the daytime high tomorrow is 86 . we watch our rain chances go all the way to 50%. sometime between about two saturday and 7 o'clock saturday night. lingering scattered showers for 77. back to work on monday is a chilly day, it'll be cool. the high will be 70. and check out that overnight low tuesday. i think that's bottom. i think that's it. i think tuesday we're back to 75. wednesday 80, and thursday 86. it's going to be a long train running before we ever see 49 for our overnight low in central florida. you think this is our last stand in maybe winter. >> because we get back to 86 by thursday. i don't see 49 in the forecast. >> thank you. >> it'll be finality six. >> she doesn't mean it. she's being contrary. i'm going to (indiscernible) that 70.
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if you're on the road and you can't check your news 6 weather app. we have you covered there too. you can get updates on one of our three partnering radio stations ment tom and troy bridges is pinpointing your weather. still ahead, an incredible story of survival, a dog lost at sea and thought to be dead has been found alive. where this german shepard was hanging for more than a month. plus a clerk grabbed the customer's baby right out of her arms. tonight, why people are calling her actions heroic. and here are tonight's winning lottery numbers.


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