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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 18, 2016 4:07am-4:30am EDT

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>> movies of faith flood the big screen. >> named jesus. >> next "inside edition," just in time for easter. from modern day miracles to historic biblical epics.
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to be told on the big screen. then, who would even think of driving like this? most reckless driver ever? watch the next "inside edition." >> lost at sea. this beautiful german shepherd named luna fell off a boat in month ago. but luna has been found alive and we will. les trent has the incredible story. >> oh, lucky dog. luna the german shepherd was lost at sea and given up for dead but then stunned everyone island. >> surviving five weeks on the island is absolutely incredible. >> luna was on her owner's boat 80 miles off the california coast when she fell overboard. luna's owner nick heyworth and the u.s. navy searched for a week to no avail. that was five weeks ago. >> i didn't think there was any chance she was alive to be honest with you. >> i can't imagine what that's like. it must have been upsetting.
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>> nick even posted this on facebook. rip, luna. you will be greatly missed. well, not so fast. luna lives. she was found on tiny san clemente island, a speck of land in the pacific used for, get this, live bombardment by the u.s. navy. luna apparently swam two miles to the island and for the last five weeks lived off dead fish and rats. >> when we found out, i was just amazed and in awe. i was as happy as i've ever lucky dog. >> this dog had to make a decision to live or die and to save its own life, it had to go instincts. >> i'm really, really looking forward to that reunion. >> when luna was found she was a bit malnourished but otherwise healthy and uninjured.
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who appear on reality tv and later take their lives. we spoke to parents whose children had trouble moving on with their lives. >> alexis mcallister was looking for love offer the bachelor. >> you have to allow me to fly your plane and i'll allow you to ride my harley. >> now tragedy has struck her family. she was found dead in an apparent suicide. >> what is your emergency. >> she has taken a bunch of pills. send someone fast. >> alexis is the latest in an epidemic of suicides of reality tv contestants. i spoke to her mom donna. >> when she said she wanted to go on these shows, did you try to talk her out of it. >> no. i was okay with it because she has been in a lot of pageants and dance schools. she has been performing since she was a little girl.
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she thrived on it. >> gia made it to the final rejected. >> my daughter came home really happy and she was so confident and happy. that was short lived. it lasted a few months and then she was back to her insecurities. >> sadly gia hanged herself. >> i was on the phone with her. she said she wants to end her life. what i heard was her last breath. your princess, your baby, she is gone. >> gia was only 29. >> why did you decide to go into business if have you haven't got a clue. >> on kitchen nightmares, nick was berated by gordon ramsay. he later jumped off the george washington bridge to his death. [music] i do what i can >> simone battle appeared on x factor in 2011 but didn't make the cut.
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>> simone took the rejection more serious than she had maybe her past rejections. >> three years after she was eliminated, she hanged herself. she was only 25. >> it's not the reality show per se. everyone knows that possibly i could be off the show. then when they come to the reality of it, it's a trauma. >> none of the parent that we spoke to say they are blaming the reality shows but they hope more can be done to put an end to such tragedies. >> this can't happen to anybody else. >> it's estimated there are more than 300 reality shows produced every year. and we will be right back with much more "inside edition" after this. still to come, it's superman. can you believe no one
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>> it's a bird, it's a plane. nope, it's superman. the star of the highly anticipated movie batman versus superman dawn of justice had a little fun walking around times square. even though he was wearing a superman shirt, no one recognized him. >> would you recognize this guy if you saw him in new york's times square? superman himself, henry cavill decided to do a little experiment. he stood under the enormous billboard for the new movie batman versus superman. guess what? no one recognized him. not a single person.
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they may not have noticed him in times square but the movie, expected to be seen by [music] wowza. we mean jennifer garner on the tonight show. >> you look gorgeous. >> i feel like my bits and pieces are going to come out. you never know. >> when jimmy fallon complimented her on the outfit she wore to the oscars, she said it took a team to get her into the dress. >> there's metal inside it and these people just kind of move your ribs and they move your liver out of the side and they tap you in. >> and it was a festive st. patrick's day in new york city. can you believe it's the 255th year for the annual parade? [bagpipes] >> it's estimated that 200,000
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in new york. and when we come back, you won't believe who is singing adele's hit hello.
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>> hello, judge.
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>> finally for you a courtroom surprise. hello >> adele's inspirational song has inspired this amazing moment. >> hello there, your honor. >> a felon sings for forgiveness at his sentencing. >> i want to say i'm sorry for the things i've done. >> maybe it worked. the judge went easy on him. yes, your honor, i'm sorry, sorry, sorry >> adele's hello was the first
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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, march 18th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." president obama's pick to fill the supreme court vacancy gets the seal of approval from senate democrats. but the battle to get merrick beginning, with republicans saying he'll never make it to the high court. taking on trump. forces from conservatives to activists line up to stop donald


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