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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we'll explain the arrest made months after a crash. good morn ing. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridge bridge. thank you for waking up with us so early. troy and aim are here. how are things looking? >> it is so early. >> it is early. we have construction. it will be with us for awhile. >> don't shoot the messenger. we'll have rain for the weekend. yes indeed. not a whole bunch. the model is backing off on the timing for the rain tomorrow. we'll see some rain pushing in as we head through the day tomorrow. a lot going on. just have the rain gear handy. no rain to start. warm and muggy conditions. it is 65 degrees in orlando. 69 at cocoa beach. 64 in ocala. 71 to start out in daytona beach. a you head out the door. there may be fog to deal with depending on where you are.
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fog to roll in as we head into 7:00, 8:00 this morning. much like we have seen over the past couple of mornings. the coverage of rain is not widespread at 30%. most of it will be in our northern counties. flagler county, northern volusia county and marion county. we warm to 86 at 4:00 even though we'll have a lot of cloud cover in place today. coming up, we'll take you through the timing and pinpoint what to expect. first, let's check object roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you very much. >> this morning we have construction. we have other issues, we'll get to those as they are a factor. volume remains light. take a look where you can see construction present at i-4 ultimate on i-4 by kirkman road this morning. >> eastbound cars moving away from you here. if you will be bound for 95 nice and early, at this point,
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completely in the clear. back to you now david and bridgett. >> frengdz and family mourning the loss of a miniola teen killed in a fire. >> investigators are looking into what caused the house to go up in flames. mark, the community is now coming together after this loss. >> reporter: it has been heart breaking for so many in this neighborhood. you can see that with the memorial set up outside the family's home. the fire that ripped through the home leaving them devastated. >> you heard, where he is trevor? where is trevor? that's when we figure out he was nowhere with us. >> finding it difficult to shake images like this, etched into their memory. many walked out their front door to see the two story home engulfed in flames.
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>> i don't ever forget, seeing the family come home and realizing he was no longer there. >> he was pulled from the home but they couldn't revive him. >> walk up and seeing your house on fire and knowing your brother is in there, what is the first thought that runs through your mind? >> frebdz say the junior was thoughtful and kind. as word of the loss spreads, an outpouring of support has swept through the small town. donations to help a family who lost everything. >> mying people can do would be greatly appreciated, because they have two teenaged boys as well who are with them. it is a shame but we are so thankful for those who have already stepped up. >> officials say they are accepting donations of clothing, gift cards, any way you can help the family. they have set up a go fund me page for the family. coming up, i'll tell you more about how you can donate if you
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their time of need. >> what are investigators saying about how this fire started? >> they were here for most of the day yesterday. investigators say it appears the fire started at the back of the home. we'll talk to them as they look to see what caused the fire on wednesday night. >> if you are heading out the door, we have a big traffic alert for drivers on the big drive. >> a major ramp is closed this morning. it won't be opening any time soon. johnny is live this morning. johnny, this could be a big headache. >> a massive headache for drivers. we are talking about the westbound 408 entrance off orange avenue and lou certain circle. it is closed off. you can see signs here this morning warning drivers that they cannot use this side of the entrance ramp. it is supposed to be scheduled
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it is an impact for drivers that use the 408. i want to show you this map. this is a map the florida department of transportation gave us, warning drivers where they can use -- what they can use to get around this area. drivers are advised to use a new temporary ramp which is located on division avenue to get where you need to go, use north or south. the ramp is relocated to created room for the reconstruction of the i-4 and 408 interchange. the department of transportation, the city of orlando and the central florida expressway hort has teamed up and mailed out notices to remind businesses of the change. we are coming back live. the closure is supposed to be scheduled for the next three years. the department of transportation says that could change depending on circumstances.
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changes that happen on air and online. >> don't forget, keep up with all the changes on the big drive with a special section of go to big drive. >> eight months after a woman was killed in lake cloin and the man accused of driving has been arrested. >> florida highway patrol investigators arrested this man, 2-year-old mike chafes. 25-year-old chelsea spence was killed in the crash. her grandmother says she is glad chafe was arrested but she doesn't want to see him going to prison. > going to prison doesn't solve anything, it makes more problems. the children miss their parents. in prison, you can't help support them. >> that's a sad story. chafe has bonded out of jail. he is charged with dui manslaughter.
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prison if convicted. >> a crime tracker in marion county for the men deputies say broke into a home and attacked an elderly couple. deputies say the suspects demanded money and guns and got away with $500 worth of things. the victims suffered minor injuries. >> in orange county, police working to figure out what may have caused a crash that left a car partially under water in a retention pond. look at it being towed yesterday. the crash happened on i-4 westbound near kirkman. two people inside the car were taken to the hospital pu they were not seals hurt. police say the investigation into the crash is ongoing. >> the first day of march madness is in the book. with upsets to start the tournament, more than a few brackets are busted. >> little rock is moving on. >> one of the biggest surprises of the first round of play was 12 seeded arkansas little rock topping fifth seeded purdue.
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that was not the only shock e. >> in the game you saw right here on news 6, the 6. the trip for yale is the first in 54 years. we have another full slate of march madness action. first, day tob takes on syracuse. michigan state takes on middle tennessee state and that is followed by west virginia and also notre dame vrsz michigan. a lot going on today. with. another saintly event is looking to raise money for a good cause. >> we are talking about saint bald rick. every day people pledge to shave their heads to raise money for pediatric cancer. if you would like to shave your head for the summer, the event is happening tomorrow at the
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fern creek and michigan street. everything kicks off at 3:00. let's do it. >> such a good event. >> let's check in with troy bridges. you are pinpointing rain. >> i'm talking about doing that. i'll get in here faster in the morning. here's the way it looks with the radar. pinpointing rain. not much going on. you can see well to our north. there is a boundary bringing a good bit of rain through jacksonville, back down into gainesville. the boundary will stay stalled out. it will be a focal point for a few more scattered showers through the weekend. today is not a washout. a 30% coverage mainly north through the afternoon. here's what to expect tomorrow. come on out and meet us. we'll all be there at the runaway country music fest tomorrow. not a total washout but by the afternoon have the rain gear handy. umbrellas if you can bring them, ponchos for sure. 82 degrees by 5:00.
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well, even as early as 10:00 in the morning tomorrow, we are at 76 degrees with a 30% coverage of rain most of the first part of the day. coming up, we'll pinpoint rain for today and the rest of the weekend. we have the arnold palmer invitational. we have the winter park sidewalk art festival going on. a lot to talk about. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. amy, more construction on a friday. >> so much construction on a friday this morning. now we have quite a few projects. one to keep in mind, traveling on i-4 westbound by the 528 exit we have a couple of travel lanes blocked causing something of a delay. it is not causing delays but on that stretch of i-4 westbound by 528 we have a few lanes blocked. that is probably the most active thing.
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>> it is 5:10. still ahead, the former head of a domestic abuse shelter is suing her old employer. why she is taking action is coming up. >> a florida pep rally takes a terrifying turn after a man catches on fire. what he says went wrong with the stunt. >> the battle of the supreme court nominee. some congressional republicans
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>> a political showdown over the new supreme court nominee continues on capitol hill. >> merrick garland will continue making calls to senators a day after meeting with key democratic leaders. garland met with harry reid and senator patrick lay hi during his first official visit to capitol hill. republicans oppose the candidate
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. however some say they are open to meeting with garland. >> if i could meet with a dictator in uganda, i can meet with a decent person in america. >> white house officials say they'll set up meetings when lawmakers return in a couple of weeks. >> the performer is ok this morning but we want to warn you the video is hard to watch. ricky charles burst into flames during a stunt at atlantic high school in delray beach yesterday. fire extinguishers were used to put out the flames. that gave one student an asthma attack and sent her and six other students to the hospital with difficulty breathing after witnessing this. all of them are ok this morning. the incident is under investigation. parents say they are relieved this wasn't worse.
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but it was un unprofessional the way they set it up. >> charles suffered first degree burns and that happened on his face and nose. he will be ok. he also said he used a new oil for the trick but didn't test it out before this performance. >> the former head of one of central florida's largest domestic violence shelters is now suing that organization. she filed a suit against the organization she said she helped build. wick was fired last month. while her attorney says it is unclear why he said it can possibly be traced to a complaint to wick after she refused to give an employee a raise. >> they need to be held accountable. an important part of the this lawsuit is i'm not charging carol anything for this but if we win, harbor house is going to be responsible for my attorney's fees and my costs for every hour
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>> wick had been with the organization since 2006. her attorney says he hopes harbor house settles this lawsuit so more funding is not taveng from the shelter. >> the isleworth millionaire accused of killing his wife will not get out of jail while awaiting his new trial. he was convicted for second degree murder in 2011 but his conviction and 30 year sentence were overturned last month. an appeals court agreed his lawyers should have objected when a video was shown of him. >> an astronaut will blast off from kazakhstan as part of a record breaking mission. jeff williams and two other cosmonauts will head to the space station for a six month stay. during that time williams' total time in space will climb to 535 days.
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self-described ginea pig. i couldn't last one day in space. this guy has been 500 plus days in space. >> we are preparing for rain today. >> we'll see it today, through the weekend. we have runaway country going on. we'll be out there tomorrow. have some rain gear handy. don't expect it to rain all day all the time. jake will be there tonight. we'll have kenny chesney tomorrow. eric church on sunday. invitational. let's get you to what we are dealing with. the weekend is not a total washout, on and off chances for rain tomorrow. the focal point for the heaviest rain and thunderstorms will be north of us, where you see this front stalled out mainly in south georgia, north florida. it will stay there for a couple of days before it tries to move into central florida.
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warm air. well into the 80's. by sunday we warm into the 70's. if you are tired of the above average temperatures, hold tight, sunday is looking good. here is the forecast through the weekend for the arnold palmer invitational. today through sunday. today up to 86. only a 30% coverage of rain. it will be cloudy for a good bit of today. it won't rain a whole bunch. we'll see most of the rain north of us. saturday a 60% coverage, a high of 82. don't cancel your plans, it won't rain all the day all the time. mainly in the afternoon. sunday, morning rain and looking better into the afternoon. 65 is the temperature in orlando. 64 in ocala. 71 at daytona beach. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky. and there. getting up to 78 even though we
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then we go to 86 by 4:00 today. a warm afternoon in storm with a 30% coverage of off and on rain. by 10:00, we are at 75 degrees. a mild night tonight. there's the clouds and rain forecast, the white showing the clouds in place. there's 5:00 this afternoon, only a few green dots, most indicates rain thort into areas of volusia county. even there if you are in that region, don't fret too much, we won't see it as a total washout into the day as we head into saturday. scatter showers, there's the 11:00 hour on sunday morning. he's where we'll be at the music festival in osceola county. there will be a chance for rain. it will be off and on through the day. the model not picking up on a ton of rain. in the early morning hours, we are out of rain. today mid 80's in most spots. low 80's along the coast. the rip current risk h get elevated through the weekend.
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saturday at 60% mainly late in the day. a high of 75 sunday. let's check on the roads in the napleton traffic center. >> this is what i want to show you heading westbound. we have sifk construction blocking some travel lanes by the beachline. this is by 528. they do this during the overnight hours because there are not a lot of cars, not causing a big delay. still worth noting, it is active. it is the westbound side of i-4. we have ramp changes on 408. we'll tell you more as the morning continues. right now, no issues eastbound and westbound. we are seeing zero slowdowns around the expressway. that is your check on traffic. i'll send it back to you. >> spring break is here for thousands of students. >> if you plan on going to beach, you might want to pack some patients. >> having a beer while on the
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>> drinking on the job is forbidden in most places but some are part of the extreme. >> kegs even during business hours at some businesses in chicago, powell reviews, that's a business that has two kegs of craft beer in the office 24/7. ceo madd mooing said common sense told him if you offer kegs in the office the talent will maybe. that's why he hired a company called crafty to supply the kegs. while most use them for weekly happy hours or parties like this hours. >> we are not big on rules but there is common sense. occasionally someone will help
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>> crafty supplies to more than 100 businesses. >> a lot of people were smiling in the video having a good time. >> some people want to travel to all 50 states. >> one couple wants to renew their vows in each one. they say their latest "i do" in west virginia yesterday. that's a hot dog spot that added wedding services to the menu. it was celebrated with a ring pop. they exchanged vows in 11 states so far. >> that would be a fun way to renew your vows. >> an nfl player is in the hospital after a major crash that happened in miami. his condition this morning. breaking overnight, terrifying moments for passengers after lightning hit their plane midair. what they say happened next. >> scary situation next. developing, a burn victim is is rushed to the hospital after a fire inside this orange county condo.
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>> right now at 5:30, a major interchange along i-4 and the 408 is is closed. how you can avoid delays. plus -- >> i thought we got hit by a missile. >> breaking overnight, some passengers are safe p but terrifying after lightning strikes their flight. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it is 5:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. troy and amy are with us. >> rain north of us. more building in through the weekend. i think we'll have wet stuff to deal with on saturday. let's show you what we are pinpointing. most of us are dry right now. if you are driving to the north along i-75, maybe going up through gainesville, also up into jacksonville along i-95, there is a good bit of rain. for us, this isn't here yet front. it will stay to the north of us


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