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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> the focus on the white house shifts out west. how hopefuls are gearing u p for the next round of primaries is just ahead. it is now 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. hope you had a great weekend. candace is in for troy. how is it looking? >> it is looking good. good. >> thank you, amy. >> after a soggy saturday, sunday looked nice. today is 10 on the sorrels scale. the fant sick will be beautiful. folks who have the day off, this will be a great day. the only concern will be the wind. beach, boating, i would not recommend. as we look at the radar looking nice and dry. what a difference a few days makes. earlier we were seeing plenty of heavy rain. now not much to speak of at least in the rain department. as we look at our current conditions, you can see temperatures are in the 20's and
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the country. we were in the mid 50's in orlando. all that cold air will continue to funnel down, all thanks to a cold front that moved through on saturday and sunday. temperatures right now at 55 in sanford, 56 in orlando. warmer along the coast. 60 in melbourne. 53 in leesburg. that cold front slowly making its way throughout the sunshine state. it is lingering across south florida. behind it clear skies, cooler temperatures, only expecting to warm up to 68 degrees. breezy and cool. plenty of spring sunshine. the big story will be tonight as overnight lows dipping into the 40's. i'll have more details on that coming up in a few minutes. let's see how the roadways are shaping up with amy. >> i think a sweater or light jacket. otherwise, we are doing nicely. math data is showing everything in the green. your average speeds around the
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the only thing showing up are construction related issues. all of them are well marked, well detoured and picking up for the day. no big accidents to start things off with. i-4 taking a look here, eastbound side, westbound side, we have nice open open. that's your check on traffic for right now. david and bridgett, back to you. >> police are investigating several break-ins at ormc. vehicles broken into last night. investigators say evidence at the scene was collected but they say no one has been arrested yet. with we learn anything new, we'll let you know here on television and on >> the friends and family of an apopka teen shot over the memory. >> she was just 15 when she was gunned down. this morning, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the
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trigger. johnny has more. >> she didn't deserve it so i know god has purpose for it. i know she is going to be a better place but it hurts. >> mourning tlosz of 15-year-old destiny barkman. >> her mother heartbroken and her family left with questions. >> an incident young girl. we are finding out she was with this young man. >> investigators say destiny was shot and killed saturday afternoon after they got a call of a shooting on sheila hill drive. her friends took to social media to write her boyfriend had been playing with a handgun while her mom was at work. this morning, police only saying that the 16-year-old is is being charged with second degree murder. >> coming back live this morning
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the name of the 16-year-old. we do not have any information on funeral arrangements. once we get that information, we'll pass that update to you on air and online. >> this morning we are working to learn more on what may have sparked a fire. firefighters rushed to the hospital on pineway drive around 5:30 last night. when they got there, crews battled heavy smoke and flames. crews have only said one person died in the fire. p we learn anything new. we'll let you know. >> the man troopers say hit and killed a bicyclist will make his first appearance before a judge. this is the new mug shot. police say an anonymous tip led them to alvarez. investigators say alvarez's car slammed into charles mcmurray while he was riding his bike on colonial near i-4 earlier this month. we are told alvarez sped away
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before that crash happened. he is being held at the jail on murder. >> in brevard county, the man accused of stabbing his girlfriend with a crew driver will also make his first appearance. police say jean lawrenceson stabbed her in the neck and back after the two got into an argument. she was taken to the hospital in serious condition and lawrenceson is currently being held in the brevard county jail on attempted murder charges. >> after voting mountain heartland and the east coast, the fight for the white house moves to the west coast. >> kirsten o'connor is following all of the latest developments. she joins us right now. kirsten? >> both sides are ral lig for delegate support before those crucial decisions in arizona, idaho and utah tomorrow. >> presidential front runner donald trump will be in the
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rally party leaders behind him. >> if if we bring our party together, we will win. we will win by numbers you have never seen before. republicans. he is scheduled to deliver a speech to apac. several rabbis plan to walk out denonesing what they call trump's hate speech. >> get him out of here. >> polls show ted cruz in the tomorrow. the possibility of a contested convention is still on the table. >> you have to have a majority of the delegates in order to be the nominee. there is nothing magical about the numbers. >> cruz said he can stop trump in a delegate count. >> we have a path and secure the republican moemgs before the convention. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders is counting on wins out west to slow hillary clinton's momentum, who
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close to 800 delegates. >> when the voter turnout is high, we win. when the voter turnout is low, we lose. >> hillary clinton has another campaign stop in arizona. she is scheduled to address apac can ted cruz and john kasich. bernie sanders will be the only presidential candidate who will not speak at that conference. >> march madness is in full swing. as we head to the sweet 16 more brackets a finished. we start in oklahoma city where the 11th seeded iowa were up by 12. with just 44 seconds to go, the aggies would pot be denied fighting to send this game into ot. a second overtime, texas a&m would finish off iowa 99-82 in what is called one of the worst collapses in tournament history.
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>> what a wild finish. width and xavier tied until at the buzzer won it. the badgers move to the sweet 16. if that wasn't enough, there is more buzzer beating action for you. >> in a game you saw on news 6 notre dame topped austin thanks to a tip in in the last two seconds of that game. the irish back to the sweet 16 with a final score of 76-75. on thursday, march madness returns when miami takes on villanova followed by kansasment it is action you'll only see here on news 6. >> astronomers turning their eyes to the sky. nasa says twin comets will begin
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two cometing could be inner planetary twins. the smaller one may be a fragment that broke off the bigger one on your left. the larger twin will pass by with a smaller comment following suit tomorrow. it will be the closest comet flyby in recorded history. candace. she is in for troy this morning. beautiful day today. >> beautiful day. well. a beautiful afternoon followed by a nice but certainly chilly evening. it is something we haven't seen in quite some time. we have had a couple of days of record heat and now we are talking about well below average temperatures. the reason for it, it is a weak cold front. our pirs spring front of the year. behind it, all this dry air starting to filter in. that is going to really clear
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and also make things feel very comfortable out there. we are in the 50's. 56 in orlando. still in the 60's in brevard county. what happens tonight. that will be the big story. the main threat, the strong winds gusting between 15 and 20 miles an hour it will continue to deteriorate, marine and coastal areas for tomorrow. on spring break, we'll see rough seas. i'll have more details on how low temperatures will go later tonight coming up. let's see the how the roadways are shaping up. >> as far as the roads go, they are exactly as we would like to see them. knock on wood, no accidents. construction snot a huge factor. the expressway on friday had ramp changes. i don't see any delays. adds you can see, moving past her see drive, a beautiful start
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your drive times are reflecting that over on 95 for example, northbound and southbound looking fantastic. you shouldn't have issues if you are moving nice and early on i-4. we'll send things back to you. >> it is 5:11 now. we are following breaking news out of north korea. what we learned about another missile test. that story is coming up. a dramatic horse rescue after a terrifying fall. you'll see how crews were able to get results. those stories are just ahead. >> a scare as video of a spout turns into a tornado. what witnesses went through next. you are watching news 6 getting results for ocala, bellview and
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every day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today. and see what you could save. >> 5:14. just waking up with us, we are following breaking news from overseas where south korean officials say north korea fired a missile into the waters.
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korea said the north fired a medium range missile for the first time since 2014. >> a new look at scary moments on a popular beach. >> the national weather service crews say a tornado hit the beach sending beach goers scrambling. you can see that water spout right there swirl off the coast of fort lauderdale beach. the storm packed winds of 15 miles an hour and it became a tornado once it hit the land. the storm sent pool chairs and anything that was not strapped down flying. witnesses say it was a moment they won't forget. >> i was scared for my life. it was raining and it was like a water spout huge. it looked like a globe like epcot at disney except it was empty. >> fortunately, authorities did not report any injuries but the experience left beach goers shaken. >> this morning, we are working
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shooting at an orlando complex over the weekend. police say the victim was shot at an apartment at wb judge drive saturday. he hart died from his injury at the hospital. they say bell was targeted and this was not a random act. detectives located what they believe is a suspect vehicle but would not say if they are still looked for someone. if you know something about the shooting. call the crime line. >> in lake county, we are working to find out what may have caused a car to overturn in swampy waters. this happened on county road 561 in clermont. good samaritans were nearby and were able to get the driver out of there. he was taken to the hospital by helicopter but so far no update on his condition being released. >> wild moments in california being caught on camera after a horse was air lifted out of a canyon. the horse fell from a trail into a ravine north of los angeles on
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complicated because there was a lot of brush to be removed. fortunately, the horse was not injured. >> spring is here. it is time for one of the most beautiful blooms of the year. we are talking about the cherry blossoms. people welcoming the first bloom of the season with a full bloom expected within the week. here mountain united states, thousands are expected to knock into washington, d.c. and the national mall for the annual cherry blossom festival. the festival kicked off wednesday and runs through april 17 with peak bloom time expected around wednesday and thursday. i have never been to that but it is on the bucket list. >> beautiful. got to do that some year. >> the video is fantastic. >> when you see rows and rows of cherry blossoms. >> give me my allergy meds. >> that would be the main issue, especially up there.
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dropped significantly because of the rain. you'll feel it the moment you walk out the door. looking good. >> as we look at the weather headlines across town. temperatures right now, we are waking up into the mid 50's to the low 60's. nothing to drastic. yesterday, our morning lows were our temperatures for our high for today. put that into perspective. that is going to be a cool, cool day across town. temperatures expected to stay in the mid to upper 60's. that's after two weeks of seeing 11 consecutive days with highs above 80 degrees. noticeably cooler all around town. plenty of sunshine. the big concern for today will be the strong wind gusts. we'll continue to see winds up to 15 to 20 miles an hour. we'll see very typical conditions on the coastal with a high risk of rip currents as well as rough seas. as we move into later part of the week, the rain chance will
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forecast. just in time for easter. temperatures cooling into the 50's. 52 in the villages. earlier, just about two hours ago, temperatures already in the 60's. you can see temperatures are continuing to drop. 53 right now in daytona beach. we are in the 40's in our viewing area. 48 in ocala. the wind speeds, that will be the main concern. moving in from the north-northwest, between 18, up to 25 miles an hour. if you factor in the high wind speeds, low humidity, the combination will increase the fire threat and increase the threat for fires to grow quickly. we have a red flag warning in effect this evening. here's what is going on. we have a cold front that moved through, brought us all the rain on saturday. we have a ridge of high pressure in control, building in behind that front. cooler air will continue to spill in from the north. you'll certainly feel it the moment you walk out the door. cooler air, tons of spring sunshine.
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today and into tomorrow. forecast. we are rolling through, not seeing anything until about wednesday when our winds veer onshore bringing a bit more of a warming trend, back to the 80's come wednesday and thursday. heading out towards the peach, temperatures in the mid 60's. be aware, there is a high risk of rip current. let's check on your hour by hour forecast. >> 66 degrees will be our high today. our average for this time of year is 79. we'll see plenty of sunshine but again, the big story will be later tonight. by 4:00 p.m. today, mid 60's all across town. even cooler along the coastline. look at temperatures tomorrow. that is the big story, 44 degrees in orlando. possibly the upper 30's in ocala. it will be chilly tomorrow morning. planning out your forecast, that chilly weather won't last long as you see temperatures ramp into the 80's as we start increasing the rain chance just in time for the weekend.
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are shaping up with amy. how is it doing going? >> we are starting things off for the day, for the week on the right note. look at your math data. everything looks very nice. want you to focus on your average speeds around the area. everything is exactly as it should be. seeing nice conditions here and even on i-4 around the ultimate project. not a lot going on. things are clearing up on time this morning. looking outside by kaley avenue. these are westbound cars, a few coming towards you. either direction, finding a lot of open pavement. that's your check on traffic for now. i'll send it back over to you. >> still ahead, it may be spring outside. parts of the country are waking up with snow. >> we'll show you where snow may soon be falling. that story is ahead.
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through warning for vegans. >> researchers warn vegans may be low on certain important nutrients. people who eat a strict plant based diet run the risk of having low levels of iron, b-12, calcium and other important nutrients. doctors say if you are a vegan, it is important to make sure you watch your nutrient levels. >> we are less than a week away from easter. >> while children gear up for a visit from the easter bunny. one turned a hunt into a learning experience and some extra exercise. they held it in a pool. the knoxville wives say they wanted to find a way to have kids and have a good time and learn how to swim. 300 eggs thrown into the water giving kids a chance to practice swimming above and under water. it looked like the kids had a lot of fun right there. they had to work harder. fun. i couldn't use that pool yesterday because it was warm. did you feel it?
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i'm still thinking about those easter eggs. i'm wondering what was in there? >> what do you think? >> that's interesting. i wonder because the water would go through a hole -- >> the cracks. training, when she was learning how to swim, they would have ones to sink to the bottom to learn how to dive. that's more work. it is a lot of work. i like to pull it out of other people's baskets. as we look at wind speeds. temperatures are cooling down into the 50's. the big story right now is the windsment they are moving in from the north-northwest at 15 to 20. for that reason, we have a red flag warning in effect, dangerous fire conditions end up spreading. high wind speeds. that will encompass most of central florida. the big story for to be the is overnight lows in the mid 40's. i'll have the full details coming up in the next half-hour. >> thank you. coming up in the next half-hour, we are following breaking news from overnight coming out of
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>> what we know about a deadly officer involved shooting near the university of florida. >> president obama spends his first full day in cuba today. what he has planned for the historic trip just ahead. >> a 15-year-old is gunned down by another teen. what we know about the
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>> why do the good have to die so young. >> unanswered questions remain in apopka after a 15-year-old girl is is shot and killed. this morning, a 16-year-old is under arrest charged with a crime. the new details we have learned. >> plus there is a historic visit to cuba as president obama is in havana. who he plans to meet with today in his first full day in the island nation. >> a break from the heat. cooler temperatures around central florida this morning. how long they'll stick around. that's coming up. thanks for waking up with us. it is 5:30 on your monday. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. joining us, we have candace and amy. i love it being cooler. maybe a sweater in the car. once you are rolling, not too


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