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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> why do the good have to die so young. >> unanswered questions remain in apopka after a 15-year-old girl is is shot and killed. this morning, a 16-year-old is under arrest charged with a crime. the new details we have learned. >> plus there is a historic visit to cuba as president obama is in havana. who he plans to meet with today in his first full day in the island nation. >> a break from the heat. cooler temperatures around central florida this morning. how long they'll stick around. that's coming up. thanks for waking up with us. it is 5:30 on your monday. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. joining us, we have candace and amy. i love it being cooler. maybe a sweater in the car. once you are rolling, not too
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>> maybe a seat warmer or two. >> we get too excited when the weather gets cooler. a nice change, last week, we were nearing records. it was steamy, muggy, dry, cool and sunny. right now, temperatures in the mid 50's across town. we are now seeing our first reports of the 40's this morning. now reaching our northern zones. in ocala at 48. 48 in gainesville. mid 50's across the interior locations. low 60's out there in brevard county. if you think this is cool. wait for later tonight. the wind speeds, has the next issue we are going to be talking about. moving in from the north-northwest a between 15 and 20 miles an hour. i say it is an issue because of the marine conditions. rough seas. we are going to see a high risk of rip currents as well as a high risk of fires. for that reason. we have a red flag warning for dangerous fire conditions from 10:00 until 7:00.
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winds and the low humidity. any spark could start a fire and can grow quickly under these weather conditions. as we look at our forecast. the average high is 79 degrees. i'm happy to report we'll be well below that average at 66. get out and enjoy it. it won't last long. more details on your extended outlook as well as how low temperatures will go tonight. how the roadways are shaping up on this cool morning with amy. >> thank you, candace. for the most part, get in the car, hit the roads without any issues. taking a live look at i-4 this morning which is traveling nicely either direction. this happens to be by enterprise road. not finding a lot of delays. one accident i want to bring to your attention. doesn't look like it is a huge deal. i'll keep an eye on it. very small delay around this one right over by obt.
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i'll watch that for you. that is your check on traffic right now. back to you. >> a deadly shooting near the campus of university of florida. a man is shot and killed after walking around an apartment complex armed with an assault rifle. it happened at the majestic oaks apartment. deputies say when they got there, they found the robber walking around the complex with an ar-15 after several attempts to get him to drop it, one of the deputies opened fire. he was taken to the hospital where he died. the deputies involved have been placed on leave until the investigation is finished which is standard operating procedure in these types of cases. >> family and friends gather to remember a teen whose life was cut short. destiny barkman was shot to death outside her family's home. friends say her boyfriend may be the person who did this. >> johnny is following the
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this is a tragic situation. what is her family saying? >> you can imagine her family is heart broken after this situation went down. yesterday a group of her friends and family gathered in front of the house for a vigil. you can see there are balloons out here. they are heartbroken and situation. >> a vigil was held for weekend. friends and family swarm sheiler hill drive. >> oh, my baby. >> reporter: her mother heart questions. >> very intelligent young girl not trouble. we are finding out she was with this young man. >> police say she was shot and killed over the weekend but they aren't releasing what happened. destiny's friends took to social
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playing with a handgun and shot the teen while her mother was at work. detectives haven't released the name of the person they arrested. the only thing they are saying is that he is being charged with second degree murder. >> at this point, there is no information regarding the funeral arrangements for the 15-year-old. we moe the family did set up a go fund me page online to ask for donations for the funeral. once we get updates we'll pass it along to you on air and online. >> the search is on in brevard county to find the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist and then drove off from that scene. the crash happened last night along courtney parkway in meritt island. a 54-year-old man was riding a bicycle and at one point fell.
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hit. they don't have a description of the vehicle involved. witnesses say it may have been a pickup truck. >> the man charged in a deadly shooting will appear for the first time. he was arrested on murder charges last night. deputies say he is responsible for shooting and killed carlos cruz and injuring two others outside the diamond club. that is near colonial drive. deputies say the shooting may have involved three or more motorcycle groups. investigators say the shooting may have involved -- at last check the two others involved remain in the hospital. one in critical, the other in stable stwl it is a big step in the historic change between the united states and cuba, as president obama is getting ready to spend his first full day in the island nation after arriving yesterday. you see him with his wife and two daughters. it is the first time a sitting president has visited cuba in 90 years.
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announced a shift. kirsten, what is on the president's schedule for today? >> it is safe to say he will be busy, his whole family will be busy starting with a wreath laying ceremony to remember the revolutionary and later he will be sitting down for a formal meeting with cuban president raul castro. >> for weeks, work crews have been preparing for the president's arrival. >> restoring and repaving roads, applying fresh coats of paint to homes and businesses. many cubans say they are hopeful this visit will pave the way for more acceptance between the island nation and the u.s. >> i think that we will have slowly. >> president obama and his family arrived at the u.s. embassy yesterday. >> b has been nearly 90 years since a president stepped foot in cuba.
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in 1928, president coolidge came on a battleship. it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. >> the first family toured old havana stopping at the cathedral. during his next speech, the white house says the president will be talking about expanding human rights for the cuban people, talking about freedom of speech and freedom of the press. >> i think people want to hear from obama honesty. they want to see what he actually believes and respects what we believe in. >> the president will wind down his trip with an american past time on cuban soil. he will have prime seats for an exhibition baseball game between the rays and the cuban national team. >> a lot of people weighing in about the president's trip including trump who said obama was not disrespected. the white house responded saying
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at the airport. >> crews in orange county expected to be back at the start of a sewer line break. crews worked on that problem yesterday. witnesses say the sewer line sent an odor into the area. they were worried the waste water would get to lake sherwood. it appears the break was along the main sprinkler line. >> let's move to seminole county. they will offer uber riders a discount. this is buff a partnership between the city and the ride sharing service. they will receive a 20% discount starting at altamonte springs sun rail station. they are hoping discounts will help boost the number of people using sun rail so the partnership is expected to last about a year.
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yesterday it was here. it feels a little cool today. >> which is different than yesterday. time to take it to candace. what can we expect on this monday? >> we have had 11 consecutive days with temperatures above 80 degrees. now we are talking about temperatures not even warming to 70 degrees. it will be nice change. don't put away the sweaters to the back of the closet. give me a day or two and things will warm back up. as we look at our current conditions, temperatures in the 50's all across town. now seeing temperatures into the 40's across our northern counties. gainesville as well. a little warmer, temperatures in the 60's in brevard county. we have strong north-northwesterly breeze bringing in cool air from the north behind a cold front that moved through. all the rain and all the clouds gloomy weekend. it is now going to turning into a beautiful start to the work week. winds between 14 to 25 miles an hour.
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in effect as it will be a concern for dangerous fire conditions, low humidity, high wind speeds in effect until 7:00 p.m. later this evening. i'll have details and how low temperatures will go. we are talking temperatures in the 40's later tonight. i'll have more details on that coming up. we'll see how the roadways are shaping up with amy. how is it going in. >> so far, moving along with a few issues. i'll get to those in one second. first, i wanted to show you what most of us will have waiting for us, that's a nice ride. no delays on i-4. so far, the wake-up has yet to begin. you happen to be looking out here by fairbanks avenue. eastbound cars traveling nicely away from you. reports of accidents or issues. there is a tire blocking part of the right lane in deland. this is going on before the new york avenue exit. something to keep in mind this morning. another report of a crash at international drive by samoan court.
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keep an eye on those for you. that's our check on traffic. back to you at the desk. >> a big announcement expected from apple. >> what the tech giant will announce that could have you swapping out your iphone for a new one? back in court days after being awarded $115 million, hulk hoken will be back before a judge. what the jury is expected to consider in its case against gawker. >> it is officially spring. don't tell that to the northeast. a spring storm is blanketing the area with snow. how much they are expected to
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>> the calendar says spring but thousands of people along the east coast are dealing with this, snow. that is video out of new york city where eight inches of snow is expected to fall. it is a similar forecast in rhode island, boston and new hampshire. temperatures expected to struggle to get out of the 40's, meaning that snow may stick around for a little while. forecasters are warning the spring storm could cause some power outages. >> hulk hogan will be back in a courtroom later today. the same jury that awarded him 115 million dollars in a lawsuit will begin considering punitive damages to mean more money for hogan. hogan sued gawker, its founder and editor for posting two minutes of a sex tape featuring him and a friend's wife in 2012. gawker arlgd it had the right to
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first amendment of the constitution. hogan hours argue even that he he is a celebrity he has a right to privacy. gawker said it will appeal a verdict and any decision the damages. >> it is getting more expensive to fill up if you haven't noticed. quarter. continue. rising oil prices and increased demand are to blame. the national average for a gal of regular is just under $2 at $1.98. florida will pay more with $2.03. it is 28 cents higher than this time last month. experts estimate prices are going to go up another 30 to 50 cents by memorial day weekend. we are just a few hours away from an announcement from apple. the tech giant is expected to unveil a new line of i phones. the new gadget will essentially be a smaller version of the
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it is expected to be called the iphone se or iphone 5se. apple is expected to announce a smaller version of the ipad pro as well. it comes after research shows people want a smaller phone with bigger wider screens. they are big and then they are small -- >> i like the small phone. the phones are getting too big. >> too big. >> a beloved piece of jewelry once owned by shirley temple is going on the auction block soon. >> you better get ready to form over plenty of cash. this blue diamond ring. shirley temple's father gave it to her when she was 12. the auction is scheduled for next month. it is estimated to go for 25 to 35 million dollars.
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after a long career as an ambassador. >> too much money for me. >> 12 years old to get that as a gift. you can't say her name without smiling. so iconic. that ring is gorgeous. >> today pretty nice. not one of those days to sit home. get out, enjoy it if you have spring break plans. enjoy it when it comes to beaches and boating. that will be the concerning strong winds. we have a high risk of rip rough seas. a lake wind advisory. it is going to be a nice day. temperatures were in the 60's. they continue to drop. conditions on the radar for most of today and tomorrow. cool. temperatures today expected to remain in the 60's. that's after about two weeks of temperatures above 80 degree
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it will be a nice change. don't put away the sweater. use it for another two days. as we look later in the week. rain chances will return. unfortunately, just in time for the weekend which happens to be easter sunday. right now, temperatures cooling down into the 50's across the area. low 50's in palm coast. we are now seeing our first reports in the upper 40's in our northern areas. 50 in the villages. warmer the first south you go, brevard is sitting in the low six. comparing it to yesterday at this time, running about 11, even up to 17 degrees cooler. that's all thanks to a cold font that moved throughout the area yesterday afternoon. you remember all the rain on saturday and sunday. that is it. now we can sit back and enjoy nice weather. the winds, that's going to make things more uncomfortable for folks who don't like the cooler weather. the winds moving in 12 to 20 miles an hour, moving in from the north-northwest, funneling in the cold air across town.
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that is why we have a red flag warning in effect. we have low humidity, we will see areas between 20 to 30 percent. you factor in the winds and any spark could start a fire and grow it very quickly. as we look here at the satellite and radar composite. we have a weak front, ridge of high pressure j in behind it. a nice cooling trend. temperatures in the 60's, plenty of spring sunshine and staying very windy. pinpointing the forecast, not much to talk about until about wednesday when we'll see the return flow off the ocean. a high risk of rip currents, the surf, 5 to seven feet. >> picture perfect day, 66 degrees. the average for this time of year, 79. well below our average mark. later tonight into early
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we can be waking up to. the mid 40's and then the warming trend continues. increasing our temperatures as well as our rain chances as we head into the weekend. now we'll see how the roadways are shaping up with amy. >> i like to hear picture perfect day. >> so far, the roads not putting up too much. take a look at this. not exactly in the best shape. out on 95 this morning, we are moving along well. this is mile marker 219. we have a few cars on the roadway which does mean your drive times look fantastic. over on the expressway eastbound and westbound sides, not finding any issues for you out there. same thing for i-4 construction, picking up and moving out of your way. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> we have a warning for vegans
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>> which nutrients you could be mission out on. new details about the death of a 15-year-old apopka girl gunned
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. friends and family of a teen shot and killed over the weekend gathered to honor her memory last night. destiny was only 15 years old when she was gunned down on saturday. at this point, we know a 16-year-old has been arrested. >> the search is on to find the driver whop hit and killed a bicyclist and drove away. it happened in meritt island. troopers say the driver may have been in a pickup truck. still ahead, check your brackets. we now though who is heading to the sweet 16. >> at 6:00, you'll see the
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>> overnight thieves target drivers at a hospital.
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break-ins in the search to find the person responsible. >> hea rt break for one family after a teen is gunned down. what we know about the gunman police say is responsible. >> the focus on the race moves out west. how hopefuls are gearing up for primaries. s now 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for joining us. candace is in for troy. how is it going? >> we have a big issue in deland. in a few minutes, i'll have an update. >> it goes from zero to 100. >> quiet and then boom. >> yes. >> here in the weather department, not to rub it in but it is going to be nice and smooth sailing for most of the date date. across nation, we are waking up


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