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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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break-ins in the search to find the person responsible. >> hea rt break for one family after a teen is gunned down. what we know about the gunman police say is responsible. >> the focus on the race moves out west. how hopefuls are gearing up for primaries. s now 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for joining us. candace is in for troy. how is it going? >> we have a big issue in deland. in a few minutes, i'll have an update. >> it goes from zero to 100. >> quiet and then boom. >> yes. >> here in the weather department, not to rub it in but it is going to be nice and smooth sailing for most of the date date. across nation, we are waking up
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the 40's. we have had a strong front sweep throughout the area. all that cold air will continue to funnel down. which is why temperatures today are not expected to warm up above that 66 degrees. sanford. 53 in orlando. we are now in the 40's in ocala. in the 60's. you saw all that rain and cloud cover over the weekend. it was the passage of a cold front waking its way through. very cool conditions behind it, plenty of sunshine and strong winds. hour by hour so you can plan out your day. by lunchtime, upper 50's. the mid 60's by 4:00 p.m. it will be very breezy. we have several advisories in place. i'll detail that as well as how low temperatures will go tonight. a hint, into the 40's. i'll have all those details coming up. how the roadways are shaping up.
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on. this is happening by mile marker 121. not what caused this accident or how many cars are involved. if you are getting ready to head out the door, in that mile marker 121 area. we have westbound lanes closed. i will be keeping a close eye on that and keep you updated throughout the morning. that is by far the biggest issue we have going on. not a whole lot else working. construction pushed over to the shoulder for the day. the rest of us are doing fine. that's your check on traffic. i'll send things back to you. >> police in orlando are investigating several car break-ins at a parking garage at ormc. vehicles were broken into last night. detectives say evidence at the scene was collected but they say no one has been arrested yet. if the we learn anything new, we'll let you know here on news 6 and online as well. >> the friends amend family of
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killed over the weekend gathered to honor her memory. >> she was 15 when she was gunned down. this morning, there are still many questions surrounding the person police say pulled the trigger and why. johnny is live with more about what the family is saying they are hoping for more answers. >> police did arrest a 16-year-old. they are not releasing his name. the only thing we know is that he is being charminged with second degree murder. >> why do the good have to die so young. she didn't deserve it. i know god has a purpose for it. >> this weekend friends and family swarm sheller drive. >> oh, my baby.
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her family left with questions. >> very intelligent young girl, not troubled. i guess we are finding out she was with this young man. >> investigators say destiny was shot and killed saturday afternoon after they got a call of a shooting here on sheller hill drive. her friends took to social media to write that her boyfriend was playing with a handgun while her mom was at work. police are only saying the 16-year-old is being charged with second degree murder. >> we are coming back live. you can see there are still balloons in front of the house where the vigil happened last night. we know family, they have set up a go fund me page to raise money for funeral arrangements and at this point, we do not have any information on when the funeral could take place. once we get new information, we'll pass that information along to you on air and online on, powered by news 6. >> this morning, we are working
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what may have sparked a deadly house fire that happened in orange county. firefighters rushed to the home around 5:30 yesterday. when they got there, crews battled heavy smoke and flames. so far, officials have only said one person died in the fire. if we learn anything new, we'll let you know. >> in just hours, the man troopers say hit and killed a bicyclist before driving off will make his first appearance before a judge. this is the newest mug shot for edward alvarez. a tip led them to alvarez who was working as a day laborer. investigators say his car slammed into charles mcmurray while he was riding his bike near i-4 earlier this month. alvarez sped away from a traffic stop just moments before that crash happened. he is currently being held at the jail on multiple charges including murder. >> in brevard county, the man accused of stabbing his
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first appearance before a judge. police say jean larson stabbed her in the wac and neck after the two got into an argument. she was taken to the hospital in serious condition. larson is being held in the brevard county jail on attempted murder charges. >> after last week's voting in the heartland, the race for the white house moves to the west coast. kirsten is following all of the latest developments. she joins us right now in the studio. >> both sides, republicans and democrats are rallying for delegate support before the decision in utah tomorrow. >> gop presidential front runner donald trump will be in the capital today, working to rally party leaders behind him. >> if we bring our party together, we will win. we will win by numbers you have never seen before. >> trump is set to meet with two dozen republicans.
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speech to a-pac. several plan to walk out denouncing what they call trump's hate speech. >> get him out of here. >> the possibility of a contested con convention is still on the table. >> you have to have a majority of the delegates in order to have a nominee. there is nothing magic call about the numbers. >> cruz says he can stop trump in a delegate count. >> we have a path to get to delegates and secure the nomination before the convention. >> bernie sanders is counting on wins to slow hillary clinton's momentum. when the voter turn out is high, we win. when the voter turnout is low, we lose. >> hillary clinton heads to
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she is also scheduled to address a-pack. bernie sanders will be the only presidential candidate who will not speak at that conference. >> march madness in full swing. the tournament has been very exciting. as we head into the sweet 16, even more brackets are busted after a wild weekend with these finishes. we start in oklahoma city where the 11th seeded were over a&m. the aggys would mot be denied. after a second overtime, a&m would finish off iowa in what is being called one of the worst collapses in history. that was not the only shocker. >> that fan was in shock. what a wild ending.
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buzzer won it. the badgers move to the sweet 16. there is more buzzer beating action. >> that's painful to lose that the way. the iris are onto the sweet 16 with the final score of 76 and 75. miami takes on villanova followed by kansas and maryland. it is action you'll only see on news 6. >> astronomers will be turning their eyes to the sky to try to catch an unusual sight. twin comments will begin a fly by of the earth. nasa says the two comments could be inner planetary twins. the larger twin will pass near earth. the smaller one coming through tomorrow.
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closest fly by in recorded history. >> now it is time to check in candace campos. she says it is big blanket weather tonight. >> the heavy comforter. when you look at the map, they hook close. >> i like them further away. >> as we look at current conditions, we are in the mid 50's across most areas. it is very cold air starting to filter its way down the sunshine state. the sunshine state really living up to its name as we'll see plenty of spring sun. it will be breezy. for that reason, we have a red flag warning in effect. from 10:00 until 7:00 tonight, humidity below 35%. the strong wind speeds will create dangerous conditions.
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extra caution during this time of year. it will be picture perfect. all the winds will be strong. maybe not a 10 on the scale, maybe more like an 8 or 9. we'll warm into the 80's as rain chances start to increase. i'll have more details on how low temperatures will go tonight we'll see how the roadways are going with a traffic alert? deland. we have an accident with some injuries reported. the result of that is the westbound lane of i-4 are closed in deland. they are detouring cars to u.s. 92 for the time being. that is by par the biggest thing. no other issues by kirkman road. the lower stretch of i-4, no
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i-4 in deland is having some westbound issues for sure. that is your latest check on traffic. back to you. >> it is now just about 6:12. we are following breaking news out of north korea. >> what we learned about a missile test is coming up. a horse rescue after a terrifying fall. that is amazing footage right there. you'll see how crews were able to get results just ahead. >> first, a scare on a florida shore. this is some dramatic video of a water spout that turned into a
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>> breaking news overseas where south korean officials says north korea fired a missile off the coast.
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the north fired a missile in the 2014. >> the national crews say the tornado hit the beach sending beach goers running. the water spout swirling off the coast of fort lauderdale beach. officials say the stormed packed winds at 50 miles an hour and it land. it you can see people scrambling. witnesses say it was a moment they will never forget. >> ifgs scared for my life. >> it was swirling around. it was really scary. >> had to surprise a lot of people. the storm damaged several cat ma rans. authorities did not report any injuries. >> we are working to learn more
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over the weekend. police say the victim was shot on wd judge drive saturday. he died from his injuries at the hospital. they say bell was targeted and this was not a random act. detectives have located what they believe is the suspect's vehicle but would not say if they are still looking for anyone. if you know something about the shooting, give the crime line a call. >> we are working to find out what may have caused a car to of turn leaving the driver trapped inside. some good samaritans were able to pull the driver out. he was taken to the hospital by helicopter. sofa, no update on his condition. >> some wild moments caught on camera after a horse was air lifted out of a canyon. the rescue was complicated
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fortunately the horse was not injured. >> one wmca turned an easter egg hunt into a learning experience. experience. they held it in a pool. they wanted to find a way for kids to have a good time. a few hundred eggs were thrown in. it looks like they had a lot of fun. when i learned how to swim. they threw a brick into the water -- >> it is traumatizing. >> to this day, i'm nervous. >> any kind of easter egg hunt, even to this day, i'll get out there. >> i'm going to my family's house, they have the kids, one is 6 years old. they won't go easter egg hunting. i said we have to have an easter
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someone hide some eggs for me, please. as we start looking ahead towards easter, although it is six days away. it looks like we are going to start seeing rain chances increase. >> >> there is always time for change. i like that. as we look at the weather story, temperatures right now are in the 60's. across the southern zones. seeing temperatures cooling into the upper 40's across places like ocala and the villages. right now, mostly dry. we'll be sunny and windy and cool. temperatures will barely get out of the 60's for today. later in the work week, as we head into easter weekend, rain chances will increase. we'll keep our eyes on that easter sunday. as we look at our current weather conditions, we are in the 50's across portions of sanford and orlando. now into the 50's in brevard
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temperatures since 3:00 this morning have been dropping quickly, all thanks to the cool air making its way across town. 48 in ocala. 51 in leesburg. palm coast, you are reporting now a 48. comparing it to 24 hours ago, between 9 and up to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. the reason for it, a cold front moves through. you can remember all that rain on saturday and sunday. we can say good buy to the cloud cover, the humidity, the pollen and sit back and enjoy nice weather at least for the next two days. this is the only issue. winds moving in from the north-northwest between 12, up to 20 miles an hour that is sustained winds with gusts up to 30 to 35 miles an hour. the high wind speeds, we have a red flag warning in effect because of fire conditions between 10:00 and 7:00. be careful out there.
6:21 am
the fire and grow it quickly. the satellite and radar, we have a cold front sagging over portion of south florida, bringing us scattered showers. behind it, a ridge of high pressure building in. keeping us nice and dry. the wind will be the main concern. pin pointing not much as you can see across town. not much in the rain or the cloudy department the. heading out on the boat, four to six feet, surf will be rough. let's check your hour by hour forecast. >> temperatures will be warming to 66. mid 60's throughout most of central florida. look at overnight lows into the mid 40's. even upper 30's, factoring in the windchill. it could be feeling like the low 40's. temperatures ramp up. you can see easter as of now, about a 50% chance of rain. let's see how the roadways are.
6:22 am
take a good look at this. this is what is going on this morning. this is happening on the westbound side of i-4. by marker 121. all westbound lanes closed because of the accident. a very active scene. getting reports there are injuries involved. what they are doing is they are detouring cars off i-4 westbound over at u.s. 92 in order to make their way around. you can see back here where that detour begins. again, that is by far our biggest issue of the morning. the westbound lanes closed down by mile marker 121. that is your latest with traffic. back over to you. >> it is 6:22 now. still ahead, it may be spring outside but parts of the country are waking up to snow. >> there is a health alert for
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excluting meat, dairy, fish and eggs run the risk of missing key nutrients. spring is officially here. that means it is time for one of the most beautiful blooms of the year. >> we are talking about cherry blossoms. people in western japan are already welcoming their first bloom with a full bloom expected within the week. here in the u.s., thousands of tourists are expected to flock to the mall in d.c. for the cherry blossom festival. the festival kicked off yesterday and runs through april 17 with paem bloom times expected around wednesday and thursday. >> it looks beautiful. we are following breaking news from overnight. it is coming out of gainesville. >> what we know about a deadly involved shooting. president obama spending his first full day in cuba today. what is planned for that historic trip just ahead. >> a 15-year-old is gunned down by a teen.
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volusia county as a crash shut down all westbound lanes of i-4 in deland. detours to help you get around the that mess is coming up. plus -- >> why do the good have to die so young? >> a 16-year-old is under arrest, charged with a crime. the new details we are learning. >> a visit to cuba as president obama is in ha van at that. who he plans on meeting with in his first full day in the island nation. >> it is monday, 6:30. thank you for joining us. good morning. i am watching this big issue on i-4. we will most certainly have details for you. >> thank you for the update. >> busy on the roadways but quiet when it comes to the weather department. continuing to see cool conditions, dry weather.
6:31 am
dipping into the mid 40's. don't put away the sweaters yet. we have spring winter snap, i guess you could say. as we look here. it will last a day, day and a half. enjoy it while it lasts for folks trying to hold onto winter for longs they can. temperatures continuing to cool down. we are now at 48 in ocala. same in palm coast. the warmer the further south you go as the cold air continues to spill in. we are in the upper 50's in brevard county. 51 in daytona beach. we have strong winds today. that's going to be an issue not only for folks along the beach or heading out on the boating. i would highly -- just stay on land. that will be the concern. we have a red flag warning. combination of strong winds, low humidity, any spark could start a fire. besides the winds, the weather
6:32 am
now let's see what that traffic alert with amy in the traffic department. >> here is what is going on. reports of an accident with injuries this morning. that is causing all of this mess. this is the westbound side of i-4. this is happening by 121 in deland. all lanes you can see nobody is getting past in that westbound direction. what they are doing, they are diverting cars off on u.s. 92 this morning. have a delay pushing back around the detour. that's what they are doing for the time being. if you are traveling in that area, you have to keep that in mind. westbound is going nowhere fast. the rest of our roads. no other accidents. everything looks fine. i-4 eastbound and westbound, we look nice. that is your check on traffic for now. i'll send it back over to you. >> breaks news now from overnight. a deadly deputy involved shooting near the campus of
6:33 am
a man is is shot and killed, armed with an assault rifle. this happened at majestic oaks apartment. they found robert denton walking around with an ar 17 rifle. dept deputies opened fire hitting dentman. he was taken to a hospital where he died. mo one else was hurt. the deputy is on leave until the investigation is complete which is standard in these types of cases. >> family and friends gathered to remember this apopka teen whose life was cut short. she was shot to death outside her family's home. friends say her boyfriend may be the one who did this. >> johnny is following all of the developments on this. a tragic situation here. what is the family saying? >> you can imagine the family is heartbroken after this situation. family and friends they describe
6:34 am
student athlete. they gathered for a vigil. they are remembering someone that they say is gone way too soon. >> a vigil held for destiny bartman over the weekend. friends and family swarmed the drive with balloons and candles. >> her mother heartbroken and her family left with questions. >> an intelligent young girl not troubled. i guess we are finding out she was with this young man. >> police say the teen was shot and killed over the weekend. >> they haven't released what happened. destiny's friends took to social media, saying her boyfriend was playing with a handgun and shot the 15-year-old while her mom was at work. >> detectives haven't released the name of the person they arrested. the only hinge they are saying is he is being charged with
6:35 am
>> we are coming back live, so far no word on funeral arrangements at this point. the only thing we know, the family set up a go fund me page to raise money for the funeral. once we get new information, we'll pass that information along to you guys on air and online. searchers looking for a driver who hit and killed a bicyclist and left the scene. troopers say the man was riding in the left lane. he fell off while trying to cross courtney parkway. he was hit. right now, investigators do not have a description of the crash. troopers say witnesses say it may have been a pickup truck. >> louis sintron was arrested
6:36 am
deputies say he is responsible for shooting and killing carlos cruise and hurting two others early sunday morning. that's on semoran boulevard deputies say the shooting may have involved three or four groups. at last check, the two others injured remain in the hospital. it is a big step in the change between the united states and cuba. as president obama is is getting ready to spend his first full day in the island nation. a president has visited cuba in nearly 0 years. it comes after a year after the president announced a shift in relations with the communist country. what is on the president's schedule for today? >> it is a full agenda. they'll remember a cuban revolutionary. revolutionary.
6:37 am
preparing for the president's arrival. restoring and repaving roads, applying fresh coats of paints to homes and businesses. many say they are hopeful this visit will pave the way for more acceptance between the island nation and the u.s. . >> i think we'll have changes but it will be slowly. >> president obama and his family arrived at the embassy yesterday. >> it has been 90 years since a president stepped foot in cuba. it is wonderful to be here. back in 1928, president coolidge came on a battleship. it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. >> the first family toured old havana stopping at the old cathedral. during his next speech today, the white house says the president will be talking about expanding human rights for the cuban people, talking about freedom of speech and freedom of
6:38 am
>> people want to hear from obama honesty. they want to see what he believes. and respect. >> this evening, the president will wind down his trip with an american past time on cuban soil. he'll have prime seats for an exhibition baseball game. a lot of people weighing in on the president's trip including donald trump who tweeted obama was disrespected because castro did not meet him when he landed there. the white house responded saying it was never discussed that castro would be at the airport. >> we were there as crews worked to fix the problem yesterday. witnesses say the line breaks sent foul odors into the area.
6:39 am
water could get in. all systems go for the rocket launch from the cape. >> right now, the launch is set for tomorrow night at 11:05 p.m. the united launch alliance will deliver some 7500 pounds of food, equipment and experiments to the space station. at last cheb, an 80% chance of weather. when the launch happens, you can see it on cool. let's check in with candace in for troy. >> i have my fingers crossed. because of the winds, that has been the concern for the last couple of times we have been trying to see rockets go. it looks like we'll see windy conditions not only today but for tomorrow. fingers crossed. let's talk about right now as you head out the door as you head to work and school. if you have school, kids are on spring break. temperatures right now in the
6:40 am
it is hard to imagine we are in spring temperature spring. if you think temperatures are cool this morning, wait until later tonight. look at our highs for today, only warming to 66 degrees. our average for this time of year is up to 79. we are well below our average mark after about two weeks of 80 degree weather straight. s you can see, enjoy it while it lasts because temperatures will be on the rise. i'll have more details on how low temperatures will go tonight coming up many a few minutes. let's see how the roadways are shaping up. having some issues with a traffic alert. >> we most certainly are. thank you, candace. this is what is happening. this is the wait on the westbound side of i-4 out by mile marker 121. that's the reason why you can't take westbound lanes. they have been closed down. what they are doing because of the series accident, they are
6:41 am
to u.s. 92. we we had a delay. as we progress further into the rush hour. that is by far the biggest thing we have going on. no other reports of accidents. your drive times are looking ok. the westbound side of i-4 having big trouble to start off the week. back to you. >> a big announcement expected from apple later today. >> back in court, days after being awarded $115 million. hulk hoken facing a judge today. today. >> it is officially spring. don't tell it to the northeast. how much they are expected to
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> breaking news out of deland. all westbound lanes of i-4 are
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here's a live look over the area. you can see emergency crews are on the scene. it is unclear how serious the crash is. amy will have another update for you in a few minutes. >> the call b dar says spring, on the second day of the season, people are dealing with what you see behind me, snow. that is video out of new york city where eight inches of snow is expected to fall. it is a similar forecast in boston and new hampshire. temperatures are expected to struggle to get out of the 40's later today. that means snow may stick around for awhile there. forecasters are warning the spring storm could cause power outages hulk hoken back in the tampa courtroom. the same jury that awarded him $115 million in a lawsuit involving gawker media will begin considering punitive damages. that could mean more money for
6:46 am
hogan sued gawker for a posting a sex tape. gawker said they had to right to post the video you should the first amendment of the constitution. hogan argued even though he is a privacy. gawker said it will appeal the verdict and any decision the jury reaches. >> we are a few hours away from apple announcement. they said the gadget will be a smaller version of the iphone. it is expected to be called the iphone se or iphone 5 se. apple is expected to announce a smaller version of the ipad pro. the announcement comes as research suggests consumers want smaller phones compared to the most recent line of gadgets with plenty of choices. the next time you order a pizza, you may not get a knock on the
6:47 am
>> one is looking at replacing humans with robots. so this thing is called drew. it can deliver hot food and cold drinks. dominos says gps used to get around it. customers enter a security code in order to get a pizza. there is no word if customers will have to tip the robot. >> would you tip the robot? >> he is look so cute. how do robots look so cute all the time? >> you are avoiding the tip question. >> yeah, i am. >> at least the pizza will be really hot. >> you might need to crank up the heat later tonight as temperatures will be dipping into the 40's. we are going to be seeing temperatures again mid 40's for tonight. factor in the windchill.
6:48 am
30's in spots as we look at the weather story, we are talking 40's and 50's around town. we are mostly dry. until then, monday, tuesday will be sunny. it will be cool. big the big concern will be the wind. heading to the beach or boating, doesn't look like a good idea. later in the week, temperatures will rise as well as our rain chances just in time for the easter weekend. current conditions, 40's in ocala. temperatures continuing to plummet. 48 in the villages. we had a cold front that brought the rain saturday and sunday and now it is going to be bringing drier air. you can see cooler temperatures. 53 in sanford and orlando. we are in the upper 50's in brevard county. palm coast also in the 40's. comparing it to 24 hours ago.
6:49 am
cooler there are. drastic changes. and again, we are going to see colder temperatures later tonight. wind speeds, again, the main concern for today, moving in from the north-northwest. ushering cool air from the north. ranging from 15 to 20 miles an hour. you factor in the high wind speeds and the low humidity. any spark could start a fire and grow it. we have a red flag warning in effect from 10:00 until 7:00 p.m. tonight. the reason for the drastic the reason for the drastic change is because we have a cold front move through, bringing in all the cool air. high pressure keeping us dry. spring sunshine. make sure to have the sunglasses with you. maybe hold to your hats because it will be windy. wednesday, a bit more cloud cover but expect conditions for monday and tuesday. heading to the beach, i don't think it would be a good day. a high risk of rip currents.
6:50 am
let's check out your hour by hour forecast. >> temperatures will be warming to 66 degrees. limited rain chance across the board. look at our highs for today, mid 60's around town. the big story for tonight, mid 40's, even upper 30's. that's not factoring in when the winds start clocking up 15 to 20. could be the 30's in spots. planning out your forecast. as temperatures ramp into the mid 80's. rain chances increase for your easter weekend. keeping a close eye on this situation. look at what has all the westbound lanes of i-4. we have a very active scene here. the westbound lanes which are closed by mile marker 121 because of the serious accident.
6:51 am
getting by. we have a lot of emergency vehicles and flashing lights still there. this is what they are doing. they are detouring cars off westbound to u.s. 92. it looks like our delay not too bad. that will be changing as we head further towards rush hour. that is by far our biggest trouble spot. the rest of us can travel decently by i-4. no major issues. 95, a peak, no slowdowns. that is your look at traffic. back to you. >> the time is 6:51 on this monday morning. up next, a check of the big stories. >> through details about the death of a 15-year-old apopka girl gunned down by another teen.
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a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> we are following breaking news out of gainesville. a deputy involved shooting near the campus of florida, a man was shot and killed after walking around the apartment complex armed with with an assault rifle. they identified the victim as
6:55 am
they tried to revive him but it was too late. he died at a nearby hospital. >> it is one of the big stories we are following for you this monday morning. let's check in with johnny. he is live in apopka. johnny? >> friends and family mourning the loss. police say 15-year-old destiny died over the weekend from a gunshot wound. police are releasing limited information. they arrested a 16-year-old boy. he is being charged with second degree murder. family have released -- they haven't released much information about a funeral but they have set up a go gunned me page to raise money for that funeral. president obama is set with a full schedule on his trip to cuba. on his first full day, president obama will sit down with cuban president. then deliver a speech about human rights and freedom of
6:56 am
finally wind down his trip with an exhibition baseball game between the rays and the cuban national team. this is the first time a sitting president has visited cuba in nearly 90 years. we'll have a live report from havana coming up at top of the hour. >> temperatures warming up only into the mid 60's 60's. not only will it be cold today, it will be cold tonight. when you factor in the strong winds, it could be feeling like the 30's in some spots. enjoy it if you are one of those that enjoy the cooler weather. temperatures as well as rain chances will start to climb throughout the rest of the week. westbound lanes closed by mile marker 121 in deland. follow the detour if you have to travel that stretch. going to 192 for the time being. >> it is a mess. >> it is. >> thanks for joining us.
6:57 am
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for
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(mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, march 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama prepares to meet with cuban president raul castro in an effort to end more than 50 years of hostility. we are in havana for the historic trip. plus how airbnb is one of the most successful companies in the country.


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