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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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only on six, a ballad eagle rescued from a local neighborhood. >> flames flair up again near a home. burning just feet from a child's play set. this happened near wildal rib boulevard, that's in the avalon park area of east orange county. jen, what is the latest? >> reporter: well the smell of here. home.
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stops, right on the fence line, just yards away from that home. neighbors we talk to, says it was fast, furious and frightening. >> the neighbor came down and banging on the door saying there's a fire you need to get out. >> so i looked up and it was right there. >> reporter: allison was able to snap these pictures from inside her living room. she said the flames were so close, she could feel the flames on her face inside her home. >> it just took off like that. it was behind the house and coming this way within minutes. >> reporter: the fire company said they have the fire was under control behind the homes and the park community. she says, she and her neighbors just sprung into action. >> there were landscaping, people werbing across the street, so everybody reasoning around and turning sprinklers on in the backyard. >> reporter: josh is one of those landscapers. >> a lot of people freaking out. they were all going crazy. >> reporter: he said, when he
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the homes, he just took out his hose and started spraying. >> i was out here cutting grass and i noticed there was a whole bunch of smoke, so i ran over there and the flames just engulfed everywhere. >> reporter: while no homes were touched, one neighbor's plastic fence couldn't stand the heat. >> i'm thinking we're eh really lucky. it came so close. and emergency crews tells us that nobody was hurt. they'll be back making sure none the hot spots flairs back up. jennifer ortega news 6. thank you. also developing, a weather alert. believe it or not, some of us could see frost in the morning. >> meteorologist troy bridges is pinpointing the chilly time line and drastic drop in temperatures. troy, frost? come on, it's spring. >> i know, the second day of spring, the first full day of spring. we are going to see the temperatures dropping
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tonight. marion county, under a frost advisory into the 9 o'clock hour tomorrow morning. the rest of it likely to drop in the 40s while we'll be in the upper 40s in marion county. we already dropped in the 40s in marion county. 46 in flagler county, for palm coast, it's 54. right now in orlando, and 58 in cocoa beach as well as melbourne. early in the morning, temperatures dropping considerably, cold enough for a big coat heading out the door bright and early. 38 in ocala, beach. we're going to talk about the warm up we could have for the day tomorrow. today. we'll talk about when rain finally returns to help with that fire threat, straight thank you. now to a story you'll see only on news 6. a bald eagle appeared in a neighborhood.
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he says he found the eagle outside his home on winding water circle springs. you can see it right there. the viewer told us the eagle did not appear to be able to fly. robert said he fed the eagle chicken and bacon as he try ed to get help. the animal control took the eagle away. so far, we have not heard what may have happened to it. we've also e-mailed florida fish and wildlife but have not heard back yet. also new tonight, a 12-year-old girl arrested for pinching a boy's rear end at school. >> tonight that girl's family is frustrated and angry that the classmate's mom wanted deputies to take action. the pinch happened at mill weed middle school. news 6 reporter nadia picks up the story from there. >> reporter: she told us this is a game they play. they walk through the hall and grab someone's butt and laugh at the reaction.
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a game she never thought she thought would get her locked up. >> i regret id. i didn't think it would lead to to this. >> reporter: he was read her miranda rights. mug shot and all. >> i feel it's just stupid. like just a stupid charge that shouldn't have happened. >> lord lord lord. what's this world come to? kids can't even be kids. >> reporter: her father believe it's over reaction from the mother of the boy who want ed to press charges. the pinching itself happened two weeks ago in between classes according to a ratty rah. she says she didn't know the often do. >> tvs just a joke. >> reporter: the boy back then, according to the report, told the school resource deputy he didn't want to press charges and brianna was simply suspended. but last week, the boy's mother got involved calling deputies saying this was battery.
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that's when brianna was officially charged. >> that's what the deputy told me. he said i don't want to do this. but i have to do what i have to do. >> reporter: h we tried calling the boy's mom to get her side of the story, but our call hasn't been returned. tonight, ray and brianna want the mom to hear this. >> i'm sorry. that's all i can say for you lady. because you need some help. too over protective. >> i'm sorry for touching your kid. >> reporter: and today, i spoke with the state attorney who tells me if she does this divergent program, takes all of the classes and passes all of the drug tests, her charge will be dismissed. in seminal county, nadia. the police are still trying to find a gunmen that kill ed a teenager this afternoon. deputies say there were witnesses, but detectives are not giving a lot of information.
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you are asked to call the sheriff's office or crime line at 180-0423 tips. >> also on the crime tracker, take a good look at this stretch. a man matching this description of their cars. if you recognize him, call springs pd. the government may not need apple's help to unlock the iphone. way. for weeks they have fought the defense to unlock's his phone claiming it threatens the trust of its customers to pricked its privacy. late today, they said an outside party came forward over the weekend with a possible method for unlocking the phone. based on that, the u.s. attorney's office granted the government's request to delay a hearing in the case which was set for tomorrow. now to the campaign trail and tonight, a new poll shows most americans think hillary clinton and donald trump will
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election. but more than half have an unfavorable opinion of the front runners. today, the candidates looking for support from a very influential block of reporters. here's weijia jiang. >> reporter: donald trump told the -- or apec, as president of america, will stand with israel. >> we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between america and our most reliable ally, the state of israel. >> reporter: donald trump also vow ed to over turn the does asked rows nuclear deal with israel. gop rival ted cruz him of agreed. >> on the first day in office, i will rip this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal to sleds. >> earlier hillary clinton took a swipe at trump without mentioning him by names.
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not a president that says he's neutral on monday and proisrael on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday. because everything's negotiable. >> reporter: some jewish leaders boycotted trump's speech and here outside the venue, a large crowd protested during it. >> he's inspiring violence and bigotry and racism and hatred. >> reporter: governor john kasich also delivering a speech. >> i'll unwaivering in my support between the jewish state and the department state in israel. >> reporter: speaking before the group has long been considered a must for anyone seeking the white house. weijia jiang cbs news washington. the world's larnlest cruise line just got approval to go to cuba. carnival cruises will start sailing with cultural exchange trips to the island, starting on may first, this would be the first cruise from the u.s. to cuba in 50 years. the relatively small 700
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much on ship entertain ment. and said guests must spend at least eight hours each day involved in a cultural experience. meantime president obama spent today in historic meetings with castro. the trip makes him the first siting president to visit the island in 90 years. he says he believes the embargo will end. but he's not sure exactly when president castro said after their meeting, relations between the two countries can only be normalized when the embargo ends bay. tonight a tech alert for readers. >> your kindle could be on life support. what you have to do by tomorrow or else. plus dad vs. the easter bunny. an all out fistfight in the mall. what happened just moments before that led to the throw down, troy. >> that is a story to watch. we are going to be dealing with breezy conditions into the early morning hours tomorrow. the big story, though, with those north winds, some very
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just how long the cold air sticks around and when you can expect rain to return. straight ahead. but first, a florida teen himself. choice but to open fire.
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tonight, tragedy in gainsvill. deputies shot and killed a 16-year-old boy who they say was threatening suicide. detectives say the boy would not put down ooh weapon. whoa but that weapon we learned is a fake gun. >> reporter: deputies say 16-year-old robert done man
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suicide, nobody knew this gun he was holding was fake. you can't tell that from the home video taken by a witness. right now, deputies are not talking about the fake web. only to say it's under investigation by the florida department of law enforcement. they do say held not follow their orders, and when they saw him taking steps towards the apartment, they opened fire. the spray of bullets can be seen all around with car windows shot out and bullet holes in neighboring apartments. let me show you how dangerous this came. we're inside one of the apartments, and look at this, three bullet holes came through the wall. now here in the back of the couch, you can see where those holes go through and they came out here at the front of the couch and also hitting this tv. and the people that were inside, they had no idea what was going on at the time. ted days was in the apartment with his girlfriend when the tv
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>> we saw some stuff pop up out the couch. and that's when we realized someone was shooting outside. i didn't hear the shots at first. and then all of a sudden, i hear a pop pop. and i thought it was just a tv doing that, but actually a bullet had come through the couch. >> reporter: and in another building, mcqueen was getting ready for bed. you can see the bullet holes just above her bod. >> i have seizes, i was scare ed to go get back in the bed, are they doing. the police are out there. and they were still out there all night long. that was gym reporting. he scheduled a meeting for tomorrow night to talk about the shooting. in just hours, we could learn if a mom will be charged after she was accidentally shot by her four-year-old son. >> the putnam county sheriff's
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report over to the state attorney's office. jamie guilt was shot earlier this morning while she was driving. her son in the back seat when she was hit by a 45 caliber bullet. the probegun stance gun stance is what drew attention to this. the report includes charging affidavit showing proximate cause. a crime was committed. the state's attorney's office has to decide whether to file charges. press conference tomorrow on the case. the march alliance says everything is a go so far for launch as they get ready to send space station. >> there's a 90% chance of rocket. the spacecraft is packed with nearly 7500 pounds of supplies station. it was rolled out to the launch pad this afternoon, which is journey.
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we will carry that for you at news 6 and it's going to be a cool night launch. >> we had a lot of wind today. >> yes we did. >> and winds up to 30 miles per hour. if that had try ed to happen happened. so all eyes are on -- >> we're going to see conditions much better with winds finally dying down. cold air returning into the early morning hours tomorrow. here is why. we're pinpointing that area of high pressure off to our north and northwest. sending those winds in from the north. again, we'll see breezy conditions tomorrow that nothing like those 30 miles per hour gusts that we saw today. a chilly start with those north winds bringing in more of that cold air and with winds farly calm into the early morning hours tomorrow, we do have a frost advisory in effect for marion county, tomorrow morning until 9 o'clock, so cold temperatures dropping in the 30s
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the rest of central florida tomorrow morning, dropping in the 40s. we're already in the 50s at most spots. right now, we're at 54 in orlando, and 55 in sanford, and 49 in daytona beach. 45 in ocala. and spring break going on. a lot of spring breakers want it to warm up. it will as we head to the middle and end of the week. we are going to the beach tomorrow. the rip current risk stays elevated but gets better. the rain chances come back into play as we head into the end of the week. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. and as we take you into the day tomorrow, expect a lot of sunshine, blue skies, few clouds on and off. 67, dloes where we were today for an afternoon high temperature. the average high where we should be this time of year, 79 in orlando, we will warm to 75 by 4 o'clock this afternoon with conditions not nearly as windy as today.
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stepping you through the day at the top of the screen. notice not much white on the screen, certainly no green, those would indicate clouds and rain. we'll see a little bit of cloud cover entering the picture just above the coast. but for the most part, a lot of sunshine. and that will help to warm us closer to where we should be into the afternoon into tomorrow. starting off, early in the morning cold. especially in northern zones, down to 38 degrees. early in the morning, by school. some schools will be cool enough to grab that jacket. 44 in orlando, again, the upper 30s for large part of marion county. and 50 in melbourne. through the afternoon tomorrow, lots of sunshine, we get into the mid 70s, still a few below the average. but gradually warming. in the mid 70s. low 70s along the coast. we're at 72 for the high tomorrow in daytona beach. leesburg up to 76 and 74.
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notice the warm up, we'll see a lot of sun mixed in with a few clouds on wednesday. a high of 81, and then as we see that area of high pressure shift to the east around it, those winds coming in out of the south, bringing in more moisture, that's why we're going to be heating up the warm south winds up to 85 on thursday. and a 20% of chance of rain rolls in. and rain chances higher by friday. not a great time for easter weekend. we see a 50% chance for rain. saturday and sunday, of course, as we get closer, we will pinpoint the timing for that rain. it will be warm, but we're hoping we can push it back a little bit. >> nobody wants a soggy easter bonnet. >> not at all. no kidding. coming up next, the update you will need to get before your kindle shuts down. >> it's supposed to be a place for smiles. find out why this event a tea a
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slug fest. >> here are tonight's winning lottery numbers, cash 3, 847, play 4, 6026.
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what does fresh epcot mean? maybe it's sampling seasonal dishes... ...enjoying hand-picked music or seeing locally grown topiaries. whatever you pick here, the epcot international flower and garden festival... certified fresh epcot. experience a year of fun and all four theme parks with a florida resident annual
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a jury is hitting media with a $25 million fine. they say it's for punitive damages in a sex tape involving hulk ho ga. during a short argument, his lawyers said friday's verdict was already debilitating for the company. but hogan's attorney said it sends a message to other media attorneys. it -- he says he did not know he was being recorded. gawker has already said it will appeal. a mall easter bunny in new jersey started throwing punches at a dad who was there with his daughter for pictures. check this out. it happened sunday evening. the one-year-old girl slipped off the bunny's lap after her picture was taken. and this video posted. you can see the bunny rip off his thick white gloves and
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both men facing assault charges. both men also have outstanding warrants on unrelated charges. >> that is just so unfortunate for those kids to witness that. no kidding. if you have an amazon kindle tablet, you can't use won't be able to use it tomorrow. >> that is unless you download it by the end oh viteae day. you won't be able to use the internet at all even when you're trying to use wifi. this only affects model made in 2012 and earlier, but if you wait too long to get that update, you'll have to plug it into a computer to solve the problem. for details how to fix this, clickorlando.comes. time now for sports. moment. >> and for some reason, his mailbox is here.
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where's the mailbox? oh with the shirt.
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tropical inbox, right out of the gate. all right bill a, writing in earlier after the 6 o'clock broadcast. ping, you're always the best dressed on tv. i have to be critical tonight, your tie is too light with your white shirt. be well, bill. >> i thought when i got dressed today, i thought he meant the same thing. so you know what i'm going to do. you're going to get out. i'm going to take the shirt, get out of here. i need some room down here. i'm going to go change and we'll be right back. okay, and ping? let's hurry it up. oh. you changed the shirt. he had a point. >> he did have a point. i like the white, but now that i see this, it's much better. >> on the fly here. it's like magic. >> i love when people give fashion add vite. >> yeah, great. bill archer. the magic of continuing a road trip of the game in the replaced
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just like previous games before, another loss of the magic. getting o for peyton here. late in the game, 101-94. cuts us down to five. maybe they're going to win. and bradley is going to knock one down there. >> i play hard. former magic center now with houston dwight howard says he's not a cheater. he uses stick 'em in a game in the hawks today. they lead the rockets in the official warning. the can of stick 'em on the score table. no suspension. the story lets us open up the intimate show down. in december, after being traded from the magic to the lakers. it was four year ago in april. howard wasn't happen with me. he went to magic management and got me fired. this is in la. >> you got out to the game? >> well some of the banter life on the court is from jai mere
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>> you don't want to answer any of the questions then. >> (inaudible). >> why are you giving me short answers? >> (inaudible). have to tell you, he had a great tournament this past weekend. jason day, coming live. and winning wire-fire in the masters. early this morning, i played ring ping, our second show on sunday night. giving away fun spot incompetent the, and playing ping's pop quiz. here's a clip. >> rick and apa ca. how are you. >> it's an honor to speak with you. i just want to say, you're the god with a small g. really? again with that. >> with a small g in sports.
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