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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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there has been an attack there. however, it may well be that people have moved along the tunnel and come up out of the shuman entrance if you like. these metro stations are extremely close together. so we're not actually sure, in fact, if there was a separate explosion or just at melbeck station. there's definitely something happening there. smoke can be seen emanating from that station. >> now, suzanne, you're based in >> yes. yeah, i live here, covering for the "irish times" newspaper, so i've been here for over three years. >> give us a sense of what the mood has been like since friday, since that high-profile attack of salah abdeslam, a key figure in the paris attacks. were people nervous, or were they relieved to hear about this arrest? what has the mood been like in brussels? >> i think what happened last week when these arrest happened,
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things had kind of settled down here. there had been a sense that maybe salah abdeslam, this man who was on the run, had maybe fled to syria. things had really calmed down from the height of the security threat back in november. so people were extremely shocked when the first raid happened last wednesday and then when the arrest of abdeslam happened on friday. now, there's been -- i mean, maybe i'm being a bit critical, but not self-congratulatory, but there was a sense of relief by the police that they successfully got their man, if you like. and there's been a lot of interviews by a lot of senior politicians thanking the police. and maybe people got slightly >> breaking right now, a series of explosions in a belgian
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what we learned about a third explosion. >> we are live with the details. plus -- >> a middle schooler arrested. what she is accused of doing and what she says -- what she had to say about it just ahead. we want to get right to the breaking news out of europe where two explosions have happened. one person is dead. one of those explosions was the result of a suicide attack. the airport was evacuated and all flights in brus sells have been cancelled or diverted. we have also been learning there have been some explosions at metro stations in that area. here's what we know about her so far. according to the reports, the blast centered in a departure hall at 8:00 a.m. local time
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subway station. one person is dead. there are reports of more fatalities. we are waiting to confirm that. of course, reports of multiple injuries. in the wake of the explosion. the belgian interior minister has raised the terror alert to the highest level. the explosions come days after salaam abda salaam was arrested in connection to the terror attacks in paris months ago. ago. our other big story is the cold weather. >> it is chilly outside with parts of central florida waking up under a freeze advisory. candace is in for troy. she is pinpointing the morning focus. >> temperatures right now in the mid to upper 40's around the area, even the upper 30's in ocala. we are seeing a frost advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. for folks in marion county including ocala. warmer the further south you go,
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58 at cocoa beach. a nice cool 45 in melbourne. it is about 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. the good news is it is going to yesterday afternoon. as we look at the watches and advisory. wind speeds, that is dying down. as these winds start to veer from the east-northeast, we'll start to warm things up. looking at the radar. radar feeds going around, not showing much in the way of rain or cloud cover because of that. temperatures will be warming into the mid 70's, sunny and dry. it is the big story that will be the chilly temperatures by 8:00 a.m., a temperature of 47 degrees. how warm things get and when the rain chances. how the roadways are shaping up with amy. how is it going? >> we have very calm typical roads at this point.
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take a look at i-4 this morning, moving past ivanhoe boulevard. roadway. no big accidents. construction. longer. all of the math data is coming back in the green. traffic. back to you, david and bridgett. firefighters worked late into the night after flames flared up in homes. >> we are getting a look at how close those flames came to some of those homes in that area. this happened near houses in the avalon park area. that's where we find johnny this tuesday morning. do firefighters know at this point what sparked the fire? investigation. we know this morning that firefighters were supposed to be here to watch out for hot spots. at this point, we have not seen. the good thing is no one was hurt. >> we are lucky.
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>> allison and her neighbors had a close call monday afternoon after this fire spread around this avalon park neighborhood. the flames just steps from her backyard. she said she could feel the heat from inside her house. >> it was like that. it was behind the house and coming in this way. >> crews say they god to the 20 acre fire quickly and got it under control after it threatened dozens of homes inside the community. allison said she and her neighbors jumped into action. >> everybody was running around turning sprinklers on. >> a lot of people were freaking out. they were all going crazy. they were crying. >> crews on the scene say no one was hurt but some homes couldn't
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>> you can see the fire steps away. no one had to be evacuated. >> johnny, thank you. a missing child alert for a 12-year-old girl. police say she was last seen on morning glory drive sunday sunday. she is about 5'5" with brown hair and brown eyes. if you have seen her, call the sheriff's office. >> deputies searching for the gunman. it happened on 15th street in apopka. deputies say there were witnesses but detectives are not getting much information. deputies are asking anyone who saw what happened to call the sheriff's office or the crime line -- 1-800-423-tips. >> a 12-year-old girl is facing charges after pinching a boy's rear end in school. the girl's family is speaking out after finding out it was
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take action. the pinch happened on ronald reagan boulevard in lockwood. nadine has a story. evans told me this is a game she and others play here. they walk a someone's butt and laugh at their reaction. it was a game she never realized would get her locked up. >> i regret it. >> brieian was read her rights and booked into detention, mug shot and all for pinching a boy's butt at school. >> i think it is stupid that this happened. >> what has this world come to? >> her father ray believes it is overreaction from the mother of the boy who wanted to press charges. the pinching itself happened two weeks ago between classes.
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boy and it was a game students often do. >> it was just a joke. >> the boy back then according to the report told the school resource deputy he didn't want to press charges and briana was suspended. last week the boy's mother called saying this was battery and she wanted to prosecute. that's when briana was charged. >> that's what the deputy told me, i don't want to do this. >> we tried calling the boy's mom to get her side of the story but our call wasn't returned. they want the mom to hear this. >> i'm sorry. that's all i can say for you. you need some help. too overprotective. >> i'm sorry for touching yr kid. >> i spoke to the state attorney who said if briana takes this diversion program, then her
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dismissed. >> it is time to talk weather and the forecast. >> it is colder this morning than yesterday. you'll notice it. candace is in for troy. >> crank on the heater. it is chilly. get prepared, you'll need the sweater at least for the next few hours. it will be warmer than yesterday. a hook at water vapor imagery. all this dry air encompassing most of the coast. that dry air will make things feel comfortable and clear outside. look at temperatures right now. not a cloud in sight which is why temperatures are dropping considerably compared to yesterday. 44 in sanford. 48 in orlando. 37 up in ocala. we still have a frost advisory in effect for marion county. 38 degrees up i palm coast. we will be warming up to 75
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that is running below average. the average for this time of year is about 79 degrees. you can see plenty of sunshine looking mostly dry. that won't last long. warmer with a better chance of rain. i'll have more details on that coming up. let's see how the roadways are doing doing. >> we went from ac cranked to heat in the car. watching construction pick up, not a whole lot more than that. i-4 this morning righty church street. not a lot working eastbound and westbound. looking at the expressway, no major slowdowns. same thing goes for i-95. we have no big accidents to start the day. that is your look at traffic. back over to you. >> new developments in the case of a missing local mother. >> why michelle parker's mother may finally get some answers. new developments in the apple versus fbi feud.
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not immediate the tech giant's help to unlock the san bernardino's iphone. >> breaking news where deadly
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>> we are conning to follow breaking news in belgium. two explosions took place in an airport. one other explosion was reported a brus sells subway station. so far one of those explosions has been linked to a suicide bomb per. we are continuing to follow this breaking story. we'll bring you updates as they come in right here on air and online at >> overnight, the tennis tournament director who sparked controversy when he said women pro tennis players were riding on the coat tails of men has resigned. raymond moore stepped down after he was criticized pi executives by the women's and men's pro tours. he apologized saying i made
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and erroneous. >> apple and the fbi will not be going to court over privacy issues. >> a judge delayed the much anticipated hearing over the fbi demand that apple help unlock a phone belonging to one of the san bernardino's shooter. hours before the hearing was to take place, an outside party came forward with a possible method for unlocking the phone. after a demonstration on sunday the government is cautiously optimistic it can unlock the phone without apple's help. so far the justice department hasn't identified the outside party or the method used to unlock the phone. >> it was a big victory for the family of maszing mother. a judge ruled michelle parker's fiance must talk under oath about her disappearance.
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dale smith. smith denies any wrongdoing. the attorney for parker's family plans to get smith's deposition on video. >> a video deposition gives you the advantage of being able to look at a person and judge their credibility or lack of credibility. >> smith's attorney said he'll fight to keep the video from the public. so far a judge hasn't ruled in his favor. >> easter is around the corner. if you are planning to make this year extra special, you don't have to go far. >> the city beautiful is the third best city to celebrate easter. who knew? it sited orlando's restaurants and shock lat shops earning the city the high ranking. the city took into account easter observers, pittsburgh and st. louis took home the top spot.
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about what kind of weather we'll have. >> we'll see a good chance of rain for easter. rain. let's hope the models agree with me and say, let's have it towards the evening of saturday rather than sunday morning. open. before sunday --. >> rain or shine. >> get a cute poncho. poncho. >> go with my bonnet. >> as we look at the weather story, bundle up. don't worry about the bonnet. think about sweaters. temperatures are in the 30's. it is the third day of spring by the way. temperatures in the 30's and the 40's. ter this afternoon, just very comfortable temperatures in the
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we have a lot of dry air in place, making it feel nice. plenty of sunshine. enjoy it before we get into the 80's for wednesday. even the mid 80's later this week. the rain is going to increase as well as the temperatures. as we look at the radar, nothing to talk about, nothing when it comes to rain, nothing to talk about when it comes to the cloud cover either. when it comes to cloud cover, temperatures continuing to drop. 48 in orlando. the coldest we have seen in about three weeks. look at the temperatures further north. 37 in ocala. 38 in palm coast. still seeing frost advisories in place until 9:00 a.m. be aware of that. make sure to send in if you have any frost on your cars or on the glass, make sure to send them in. i would love to see your cold weather pictures. it might be the last time you can send it in until this winter. as we look at the temperature change, 8 to 14 degrees cooler
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time. but it looks like temperatures will be warming up faster later today. as we look at the wind speeds, the winds are strong. moving in from the north. they will continue to veer in off the ocean. that will start the warming trend back into the 70's for today. we have a cold front to our north. high pressure building in. the winds will start to veer a bit more. we'll continue to weaken which is good news. we are seeing a moderate to slight chance of seeing rip currents if you are heading out. tons of sunshine and we'll warm into the mid to upper 70's. look at the cloud cover in the forecast. a bit more cloud cover as we move into wednesday. the return flow off the ocean. heading out to the beach, 71 degrees. the rip current risk will stay slight. let's check out your hour by hour forecast. >> gorgeous day. 75 degrees. minimal rain all across town.
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story throughout the day. our average high for this time of year is about 79 degrees. as we take you acros town, mid 70's to low 70's. overnight lows tonight, not as chilly. we are in the mid 50's raerlt than mid 40's. planning out your forecast. the warming trend will continue. rain chances will go up to a 50% to 60% chance for your easter weekend. how the roadways are shaping up. how is it going? >> the forecast looks amazing, which does help the roads out. we don't have any accidents. just some construction which is picking up. no real delays through anything. everything looks just fine this morning. we'll take you to live cameras on 417. a beautiful start to the day by the boggy creek plaza. you can see volume is is not yet an issue. we'll check in with drive times as that ultimate work begins to pick up for the day. it looks like eastbound and
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signs of a slowdown. >> it is 5:21. before we go to break. we want to go back live to brussels where media is reporting a series of explosions have killed 13 people, at least 35 are severely injured. two of the explosions happened at the brussels airport. we know belgian authorities are telling people to stay where they are. we'll bring you updates here 6. still ahead, a bald eagle found neighborhood. >> an alert for jeep drivers. why a gear shift cou be to
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>> we are following breaking news in belgium where the media is reporting a series of
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13 people and seriously injured 35. right now we know two of the explosions happened at the airport. at least another explosion was reported at a brussels subway station. so far one of those blasts have been attributed to a suicide bomber. we are staying on top of this. we'll bring you updates as they come in right here on news 6 and powered by news 6. >> in the consumer watch, the government is investigating electronic gear shifters in some jup jeep models. >> this is after reports that some rolled away despite being parked. most are 2014-2015 jeep cherokees. it has resulted in 21 crashes and people being hospitalized. the transmission in these new vehicles has been changed.
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head to the polls to cast their ballot for president. >> what is at stake for today's primary. >> firefighters watching a neighborhood after brush fires area. >> we'll have more on the breaking news out of brus sells where several blasts have hit
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>> breaking news out of belgium. at least two explosions rocked the airport. >> at ucf two men storm an apartment, robbing the victims inside. >> a close watch on a brush fire neighborhood. the brush fire burned dangerously close to homes. how weather conditions are flare-ups. good morning, central florida. thanks for joining us. a lot to get to on this tuesday. i'm bridgett elliso >> i'm david hall. shortly. breaking news out of belgium.


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