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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live, getting results, this is news 6 at noon. >> right now, the death toll continues to rise in brussels, belgium where terror attacks were carried out in a subway and an airport. isis claims responsibility. i am bridgett ellison. >> and i am david hall. the lutz do whatever it takes justice. belgium officials say 34 people
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wounded at two explosions at the belgium airport and a city metro station. a power plant was just evacuated under order from belgium authorities. just about two hours ago, attacks. this is what he had to say. >> yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless nationality, race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorists. bridgewater and we are just learning that isis claims to be responsible for these attacks. this comes days after the prime suspect in the deadly terrorist attack in paris was arrested in brussels. tina krause has the latest. >> reporter: survivors ran for safety as smoke and chaos filled the airport terminal in brussels. dozens were injured after two powerful explosions, one blast caved in a ceiling on some
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terminal's windows. cbs news has learned police found an unexploded device, possibly a suicide event and a russian assault rifle in woman was with her daughter is now missing. >> [inaudible]. >> reporter: three missionary >> reporter: three missionaries from utah were seriously injured in the airport blast. less than a half hour later, an explosion ripped through a sub explosion ripped through a subway station during the morning rush hour near the u.s. embassy in brussels. more than a dozen people were killed and more than 100 injured. some passengers had to find their way out through dark tunnels. belgium's prime minister says what we feared has happened. president obama called him from cuba this morning. >> the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium, and we stand in solidarity with them. >> reporter: the attacks comes just days after the arrest of
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suspect in the paris terrorist attacks last november. >> they were concerned that he would talk to authorities and they moved this up. >> reporter: they have shut down brussel's entire transport system diverting all trains and planes away from the belgium capital and authorities are urging people to te home. tina krause, cbs news, london. bridgewater we want to show you a live look at orlando international airport where is he security also on alert after these terror attacks in belgium these terror attacks in belgium. there is a heightened awareness and monitoring of activity at the airport. the entire airport team says happens, everyone is more vigilant, watching out for anything unusual. so if you were heading out to the airport today, you may see heightenid security presence at the curbside and all the entrances. we continue our team coverage with news 6 reporter johny fernandez who asked governor rick scott what floridians should do in the wake of these attacks. >> reporter: today governor scott stopped by vox international of moving their
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not only did the governor talk about jobs, but he also paid homage to the victims of the brussels attacks. >> thank god we have the great law enforcement, the first responders we have in our state. but we can please take moment of silence. >> reporter: before addressing the latest economic job growth in orlando, governor scott took a moment to pay tribute to the victims of this morning's terror attacks. >> 134 more jobs for florida families and that is outstanding. >> reporter: silence turned to celebration as the governor announced how hundreds of jobs vox is bringing to orlando after moving from new york. the move is also one that he says will help accomplish his goals of bringing 1.5 million tourists to the area. >> we are a melting pot. we have people from all over the world coming here and they want to be here and feel safe here. >> reporter: with the terror attacks having questions all around the world. scott doesn't hesitate to say florida's law enforcement
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lower crime rate and thousands of people moving to our area. law enforcement has a commitment. >> all of us have a responsibility also. we need to keep our eyes open. if we see something, we need to call law enforcement. >> reporter: in orlando, johny fernandez, news 6. >> anchor: president obama spoke about the terrorist attacks while he was visiting cuba as he is trying to mend relations with the country. >> anchor: the president says it is time lift the embargo calling a undue burden on the cuban people. we have the story from havana. >> reporter: president obama began his keynote address reassuring americans and the world after coordinated terror aknacks belgium. >> we can and we will defeat those that threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. >> reporter: he told the cuban people the reason for his visit. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. [applause] >> reporter: the president said that the countries don't have
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cubans to determine their own destiny. >> even if we lifted the embargo tomorrow, cuban also not realize their potential outcontinued change in cuba. >> reporter: president obama is also meeting privately with political opponents and dissidents at the u.s. embassy some of which were detained on sunday. the first family is attending a exhibition baseball game with the widow and daughter of the late hall of famer jackie robinson. chris martinez, cbs news, havana, cuba. >> anchor: for continuing coverage of the brussels terror attacks cathedral our web site at we will follow every single development and keep you updated throughout the day. this morning we woke up with temperatures in the 30s and 40s across central florida. >> anchor: but it is warming up. meteorologist:candace is in pointing this out for us. >> the coldest morning and plenty of sunshine helping things to warm up. early this morning, winds moving in from the north.
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northeast, that is going to start bringing some of that return flow off the ocean and gradually warming things up. temperatures are still a bit on the cool side for at least springtime temperatures. 68 in orlando. 66 down in kississimee. good afternoon for you guys out in daytona beach, 66. temperatures in the villages for ocala. you guys are under a frost advisory this morning and mid- to upper 60s up and down brevard, but comparing it to about 24 hours ago, we are run being 8 to 14 degrees warmer today. 12 degrees warmer in orlando. you will feel it the moment you are out doing any errands. as you can see the winds here again calm across some spots, but now moving in from the north. even northeast around 9 to 10 miles per hour, and that will help things to really warm up. enjoy the nice 70 degrees today because the return of the 80s as early as wednesday. not only will we see rain chances increase but temperatures also on the rise. i will have the full details including your seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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don't forget to get your weather alerts directly on the phone by the free app and search wkmg. a driver's alert for 408. closed off at i-4 eastbound for this, an overturned semi. a live look from our d.o.t. camera. there is a tow truck working to get this out of there. that is a busy roadway and video from earlier when crash happened. no word yet what caused them is toyota overturn. fire officials are working to flood a fuel tank leak as well, and again that ramp is closed until further notice. look for updates on an armed robbery at an apartment complex near ucf is being investigated. two men barged into an apartment and stole money. investigators say one the men had a gun. one person was signed of the apartment at the time but was not injured. the robbers go the away. they are working to get a better description of the suspects to us.
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been issued for a 12-year-old girl in seminole county. take a look. jaden ramirez was seen on morning glory drive in lake mary and a gray jacket and cut-off blue jeans. about 5'2"with brown hair and brown eyes. if you have seen jaden, call office. we are working to get results for a man in one seminole county neighborhood. >> reporter: they found an injured bald seeingle in their back yard. how we are working to make sure the eagle gets the care it needs next at noon. plus a tennis tournament director it resigns over fallout of controversial comments he made over professional women's tennis. and what they are doing to remember a graduate killed on her first officer.
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. >> bridgett: welcome back now to the terror attacks in brussels. we want to keep you updated of all the new developments from the belgium capital. belgium officials say people can start moving around again after the city has been on lockdown all day following the early morning attacks. we will be monitoring the story throughout the newscast and let you know as soon as we get anything new in. orange county deputies are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a teenager near a church basketball court. it happened on 15th neat in apopka. deputy deputies say there were some witnesses but detectives are not getting a lot of information from these people. investigators are asking anyone who saw what happened to call the orange county sheriff's office or crime line, 1-800-423 office or crime line, 1-800-423-tips. today a memorial service on imry riddle's campus to
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gunned down in the line of duty in virginia. the service for ashley guinden at the daytona beach campus. she was killed last month on her first day of the job while responding to a domestic violence call. two other officers were also shot but survived. 2010. we know the identity of a man killed in a crash. 54-year-old steve collins driving south when he lost control, slammed into a guard control, slammed into a guardrail and slammed into an empty pickup truck. collins was rushed to the hospital but died of his injuries. troopers say the crash is being investigated. director who sparked controversy when he said women players were riding on the coattails of men has resigned. raymond moore stepped down after he was roundly criticized by executives from the women he apologized sailing he apologized saying, quote, i made comments in extremely poor
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and right now all systems go for the atlas rocket launch from the space coast you davis 80% good weather for the liftoff. pictures of the rocket being rolled to the pad yesterday. this thing will carry 7 this thing will carry 7,000 pounds of supplies, experiments and food to the space station crew. one experiments one experiments involves lighting a fire to the capsule after it leaves in a few months after it leaves in a few months. tonight's launch at 11:05 p.m. and you can see it on air and online as well as at now a story you will see only on news 6, an injured bald eagle found in a central florida neighborhood. now we are working to get results after a viewer reached out to us to help him get more information. take a look. a viewer innocent this video saying he found this bald eagle outside his house on winding water circle in winter springs. you can see the eagle standing upright, but we are told the
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now the man who found it says seminole county animal control came out and took the eagle many questions. so far we haven't heard what caused the bird's injuries. we have also reached out to florida fish and wildlife and have not heard back, so we will continue to keep you updated as we we white to find out what happened to the bald eagle but hopefully it is okay. >> david: not often you go outside and see a bald eagle in your front yard. it is crazy. >> meteorologist: a live look outside. wouldn't you like be too bird out there today. >> bridgett: i don't see any. buzzards on this camera. >> meteorologist: o o -- ew, we can't have that messing up our weather. >> bridgett: they are downtown downtown. >> meteorologist: we are going to see beautiful weather for today and get out and enjoy it while you can. even lunch outside. it is beautiful. temperatures right now are in the mid-60s. tons of sunshine out there throughout this afternoon.
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talking about weather "comfortable" "pleasant" i have been using all morning long and what i will use for today. temperatures average in the mid-70s and dry. enjoy it while it lasts, increasing cloud cover, increasing rain chance and cloud cover all move back in the forecast for the latter part of the workweek. again, get out there and enjoy it while you can if you have tonight off. and looking at the radar, mostly dry, mostly clear and department. the reason for it, area 6 low pressure with a trailing pressure over the weekend. then that ridge of pressure building in taking control over the southeast. our winds moving from the north-northeast. throughout a couple of days veer in off the ocean warming things up. but until then, highs in the mid-70s. tons of that spring sunshine and those winds will die down a bit. very breezy yesterday, not as bad as today.
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up and down the atlantic beaches. mid- to upper 60s. still looking very nice. very cool. very crisp. 63 new smyrna beach. 59 in cocoa beach. 66 down in kississimee. comparing it to 24 hours ago between 9 and 12 degrees warmer today is where we were yesterday. so things are -- will continue to warm up though throughout wednesday and thursday. winds not as bad as yesterday again. calm between 5 and 10 miles per miles per hour moving in from the north. the northeast along the coast the northeast along the coastline. the strongest winds out in melbourne at 13 miles per hour. so to pinpoint your forecast over the next couple of hours. mostly dry. mostly clear. a bit more cloud cover come wednesday, and we have that return flow off the ocean. that easterly wind flow. a few coastal showers at best and that's about it. souther ly wind eleven start up on thursday and even into friday and will be pumping up the heat and humidity increasing that chance of rain. be prepared for that as you hit the week. if you were enjoying the
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75 at daytona beach. that rip current in the moderate range. chem our your hour-by-hour forecast. >> the forecast brought to you by del air heating and air conditioning. >> warming up to 75 degrees. plenty of sunshine. minimal rain chances across town. same story for tomorrow. where you live at, mid- to upper 70s across the inland areas. low 70s along the coastline. then later on tonight, not as chilly chillies that morning but still a bit on the cool side in the mid-50s. as you plan out your forecast, you can see this warming trend continues. rain chances increase as we head into easter. no one likes fog, so i am hoping that rain chance is either late saturday night or late sunday. not smack in the middle when everyone is doing all of their easter festivities. >> crossing fingers keep an eye on that when it comes to the computer models. >> david: candace thank you. you don't have to be a big
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big-time celebrity to sit court size. >> david: we are giving away two tickets to the magic and mets game. all you have to do is send >> bridgett: a good one. the highly anticipated hearing between apple and the fbi has been delayed. >> bridgett: they will not be going to court because of privacy issues. the reason the judge delayed the hearing and how this could help unlock the iphone of one of the san bernandino attacker of the san bernandino attackers. next at noon. wall street, the dow wall street, the dow lost 19, nasdaq off 4 and snp 500
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. we are continuing to follow the latest on the terrorist attack in brussels belgium. we are learning that isis is claiming responsibility for these attacks. extremists open fired in the airport and several detonated suicide belts. we will be sure to keep you updated with new information as it comes in on news 6 and live on, powered by news 6. apple and the fbi will not be going to court today over privacy issues. >> david: a judge delayed the much anticipated hearing of the much demand by appear toll help unlock a phone belonging to one of the san bernandino attackers of the san bernandino attackers. the tech giant fought the the tech giant fought the saying it was somewhat of a threat to the privacy of its
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hearing was set to take place, federal prosecutors say an outside party came forward with a possible method with unlocking this phone. after a demonstration that happened on sunday, the government is cautiously optimistic it can unlock the iphone without apple's help. they have not determined the outside party or the method used to unlock this phone. if you were celebrating easter, orlando is one of the best cities for the holidays. >> bridgett: it is. and we will tell you why and which two cities came ahead of
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easter is almost here and if you were planning to make this year special, you don't have to go very far. >> bridgett: you really don't. a study by wallet hub says orlando is the third best city to celebrate easter. churches, restaurants, candy stores, chocolate shops earning
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the study took into account easter observer, tradition and weather, candace. pittsburgh and st. louis took home the top two spots and hialeah came in last. >> candace: you look at me and say who as the weather for easter. >> david: shout weather for easter. >> candace: not good. beautiful today. too bad easter is not today. temperatures will be warning up in the mid-70s. 70s all across town, but look at that planning forecast. you can see this easter may be a bit on the foggy side. we will have to keep a close eye on those models and make sure the timing of that next front. hoping either late or early.
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s to broken chairs and this wonderful blanket -- the only things t forget the red wine, of course. >> phyllis: oh, yes, the red wine. and to day one of your new life, billy abbott. >> billy: day one. does it matter if it' s night? >> phyllis: here' s a hint -- take a fresh start when you can get it. >> billy: i will take that hint, and thank you for your amazing pep talk about moving into the place. >> phyllis: well, you' d be a moron if you said no to moving into katherine' s house. >> billy: well, i' m a moron often, so thank for saving me from myself. >> phyllis: she was such a gutsy


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