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tv   News 6 at 7 pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: breaking news in the terror attacks in brussels. the t.s.a. is launching extra security at airports nationwide. we're asking what it means here in central florida. >> ginger: plus the countdown is on at the cape.
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others have teamed up for a spectacular launch. good afternoon, i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell. >> julie: and i'm julie broughton. >> it's awfully scary. >> lisa: the scary and dangerous surprise parents found and what is being done to keep kids safe at a popular local park. we'll have more on that coming up. >> ginger: we start with new developments in the terror attacks in brussels and what it means for us here. at last report, 34 people are dead in two blasts and at last 190 were injured. isis has claimed credit for the attacks. raids are being carried out around brussels and beyond. we know a third bond was diffused. had it gone off, the attacks could have been even worse. belgian forces are circulating a
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mystery man who may be a third attacker. homeland security says there's no credible threat in the united states. the t.s.a. is rolling out major security at airports nationwide. we'll have more in a few minutes. >> lisa: eight minutes before the first bomb went off inside the brussels airport a flight took off from brussels bound for orlando sanford international airport. some of those passengers shared their story with news 6. this is cell phone video of what passengers took on board the plane. they tell us the airline did not tell them anything about the attacks until they landed. law enforcement met the plane on the taxiway. canines searched the luggage and passengers had to be bused to the airport. >> it could have been something like missed a ticket or my bag needed to be checked again and i could have been in that situation. i feel blessed to be back. >> lisa: the airport would not
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in light of the brussels attack but we saw an increased presence of law enforcement there with guns. >> julie: during a speech in morning, president obama condemned the attacks from cuba. >> we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> julie: around the world, landmarks including the eiffel tower in paris and germany's brandenburg gate were lit up in colors in support of belgium. in central florida, the attacks were on the mind of governor rick scott. >> lisa: he led a moment of silence during a jobs ceremony in orlando. >> thank god for the first responders and law enforcement in our state, but if we would just take a moment of silence. >> lisa: governor rick scott says everyone should not live in
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report anything unusual. and we'll have continuing coverage of the terror attacks on our website at, powered by news 6. look for instant updates on that and our free news 6 mobile app. right now, we want to go back to orlando international airport where our reporter is standing by and the security changes happening there. >> reporter: if you see something, say something, that is the message airport officials put up about a month ago. but it means so much more today after the deadly attacks, saying more than ever on top of airport security, the passenger, you, have to be more vigilant. >> very afraid. i'm afraid to fly anymore. >> reporter: this mom wasn't even flying today but after the deadly attacks in brussels, she was a nervous wreck for her daughter. >> so sad. i was just telling my daughter that 28 people so far have died.
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i'm very afraid for us over here in america. >> reporter: but orlando international airport officials don't want travelers to be scared, adding extra security today. both security you can see -- >> saw the canine units over there as we first came in, and, you know, it's the times. >> reporter: -- and security you can't see like undercover officers. airport officials emphasizing there is no threat at o.i.a. but this is just out of caution and recommends travelers do the same, with this message. if you see something, say something. which was the same exact message today. >> if you see something, say something. >> reporter: responding to the attacks while visiting in a research center in orlando. >> our hearts, our prayers go out to all of the victims and this is just the times in which we live and we've got to be
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>> reporter: this is already a busy week for airport officials with spring break and easter break and on top of this added security, they say you should give yourself at least two hours to get to your flight. that's two hours from here in the terminal, not including the time it takes you to park. >> lisa: thank you. again, we have continuing coverage of the terror attacks at look for instant updates and on our free news 6 mobile app. right now the countdown is on out at the cape. united launch alliance is planning to launch an atlas five rocket in hours, on board a cargo capsule full of supplies station. news 6 reporter jennifer ortega tonight. how are things looking so far? >> reporter: the countdown is on for a lot of people out here.
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clouds could play a factor, but for the most part, they're all ready to go. this is the same rocket that began with a explosion in virginia a year and a half ago. again, the same mission. it's the second time they'll be trying to launch this rocket. hopefully everything goes as planned. this lift-off is set for 11:05, heading to the international space station. people out here are ready to see the rocket light up the sky. >> i'm looking forward to it. i hope it happens. just seeing one this close and seeing what it feels like, if i can feel it from here. >> watching it go up and just watching history in the making. >> i want to see the mission to mars, something to look forward to, we'll have people on mars soon. >> reporter: the rocket waives eighs more than 1600 pounds and is carrying food, supplies and experiments to the international space station.
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boosted by this type of rocket. the launch is set for 11:05. if you get a chance to get out here, you'll see it light up the sky again tonight at 11:00. >> lisa: should be a great view out there. launch is set for 11:05 tonight. we'll carry it live on news 6 at 11:00 and on >> ginger: there's always something spectacular about night launches. they're really beautiful to watch. so far, united launch alliance says weather has a 90% chance of cooperating. >> julie: for an updated pinpoint forecast, let's check in with meteorologist troy bridges in for tom tonight. >> we're going to be dealing with a couple of clouds. that'll be about it. the wind is calming down along the coast. the launch should go ahead without any issues. here are the official winds right now from the reporting space stations at the space center there at cape canaveral. coming in out of the east-southeast at 6 miles per hour. so very light winds, a different set-up than what we saw yesterday when the winds were gusting near 30 miles per hour. high pressure dominating moving on top of us and eventually off
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and that will allow more of an east-southeast wind which is a warming wind. that's why temperatures will be heating up as we head into the day tomorrow. expect the 80's. right now, across the board, many spots near 70. we're at 69 in sanford. 71 in orlando. cooler along the coast at 66 at new smyrna beach. showing you this view in the future at 65 degrees for lake eola. rain chances do return, coming up we'll talk about when you can expect higher rain chances and just how high the rain chances will be for easter. back to you, ladies. >> julie: troy, thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> the dry weather helped fan a fire that gutted a vacant building on clark street in apopka. the flames then spread to the grass behind the building.
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that fire is now out. orange county firefighters have not yet said what caused that fire to spark. >> lisa: a crime tracker alert in east orange county. deputies are hoping someone can help lead them to the men behind a violent attack near ucf's main campus. the suspects stormed interest an apartment not far from brighthouse stadium. investigators say one of the men had a gun. the person inside the apartment was not hurt. no word yet on what the men stole. if you have any information, call orange county deputies or crime line. an easter egg hunt reveals more than candy and eggs. >> julie: instead, they found drug paraphernalia while kids were playing at rotary park in edgewater this weekend. news 6 reporter loren korn is there. >> reporter: scary moments here at this park during a church easter egg hunt where a mother says they found more than just easter eggs hiding underneath these leaves. >> you home your children are
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go, but, of course, you never know. >> reporter: she says she never expected this needle would be at rotary park saturday morning where her two girls were busy, searching for easter eggs. >> when one of the eggs was being dug up, it was literally right next to the egg. >> reporter: she quickly used leaves to pick it up. >> you could see the orange top of it. the mom kicked it and i ran over and through it in the bottle to get rid of it. >> reporter: the thought of needles hiding in the park scares this woman who brings her son to play at least twice a week. >> that it could be anywhere and it is anywhere and it's around our children, it's awfully scary. >> the safety of our parks and citizens and visitors in our parks is the utmost importance to us. we react when we hear that sort of news. >> reporter: the city of edgewater says they have crews who work daily to clean the parks and report any illegal activity or drug paraphernalia that's found. >> we also have police officers that patrol.
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but we can't see everything. >> don't leave your junk laying around for a little child to step on or play with. because nine times out of 10, you know, a child is just going to touch anything that they see. >> reporter: the city says if you happen to find needles or other drug paraphernalia before a city worker does, to not touch it. leave it alone. instead, call the police or the non-emergency hotline so someone who is trained can come to the park and dispose of it correctly. >> lisa: really frightening. >> julie: yeah, that is scary. >> ginger: it is disturbing. >> lisa: a busy day for beach safety. they pulled five people out of the ocean. >> ginger: all five are expected to be okay. spring break is a popular time to hit our beaches our all of our beaches for that matter, our meteorologist candace campos says hit the parks, state parks. she's pinpointing the dunnellon
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pinpointing all the great state parks in central florida today and our next one is here in rainbow springs. if you have spring break off with the kids, this is a great way of getting out and enjoying the outdoors. so for wednesday morning, temperatures are going to be warming up into the mid-60's by 10:00. mid-70's just from time for lunch if you want to take lunch outside. the weather is going to be great. mostly dry conditions. minimal rain around. a high of about 80 degrees out there in rainbow springs. >> lisa: all right. disney is launching a new afterhours party at the magic kingdom. >> ginger: but the price may make you think twice. what you'll get for the money. plus, busch gardens is working to thrill you in a new way. what just happened that means the coaster is closer to taking you for a spin. >> julie: but an update for a story that moved many of you. the chances of an injured eagle's recovery, next.
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he's a beautiful bird. >> lisa: a local woman and her neighbors teamed up to get results and get help for a wounded bald eagle that landed in her neighborhood. when she saw it was not flying, she knew it needed help. >> ginger: and thanks to that help, the bald eagle is now in the hands of the audubon center for birds of prey. >> julie: they say the eagle's survival is not certain, though they specialize in this kind of care. >> he's been starving out in the wild because of the wing injury. >> julie: the raptor technician says the eagle has a fractured shoulder, which means it couldn't fly and couldn't hunt. >> he was actually losing a lot of weight. so one of the things that we have to do is he's not actually going to be able to get any food until after we know that he's digesting fluids well. so we need to rehydrate him. >> do you think he's going to make it? >> he's a feisty bird. i sure hope so.
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working hard to help but the eagle only has a 50/50 chance of surviving. we'll keep you posted. he's so beautiful. >> ginger: people are going eagle crazy because of the eaglets that hatched in washington, d.c. glad he's in good hands. >> lisa: with spring break in full swing, it means summer vacation is just a few months away. >> ginger: that means florida's theme parks are working hard to get new rides and shows ready to attract all those guests. tampa's busch gardens sent us these pictures showing crews installing the final piece of track for the spinning coaster called cobra's curse. with the 5,000-pound steel rail bolted in place, testing is now beginning. in the park's egypt section, eight guests at a time will be lifted straight up to the top of a new tower and sent through the
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and will come within inches of its four-foot fangs. not all of the snakes are fakes. before riding, you'll meet mambas, pythons and vipers. cobra's curse is expected to open this summer into busch gardens. it's also when a much bigger coaster is expected to open. seaworld orlando is getting ready to launch its 200 foot tall mako hyper coaster, named after one of the fastest sharks in the world. >> lisa: from now until the end of april, florida residents who purchase an annual pass at the special rate of $168 will also get a year's admission to the aquatica water park for free. parking is also included and seaworld is promising special monthly perks. there's one catch. you can only get this deal through seaworld's website. >> ginger: wow. okay. you know, if you don't want to wait until halloween or
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the magic kingdom, disney is trying something new. >> julie: for seven nights spread out over april and may, the mouse is launching disney after hours. it gives guests three hours to try most of the major magic kingdom attractions. ice cream, soft drinks and bottled water are also included. however, at $149 a person, it costs nearly $70 a ticket more than the top christmas party ticket cost last december. >> lisa: is that in addition to your $100 ticket to get in the park >> ginger: sounds like it. >> sounds like it. >> lisa: that's pricey. >> ginger: most people would rather spend that money than spend the time waiting in line. if you're lucky enough to afford that, go for it. >> the lines can be a mess. >> ginger: yeah, they can. especially in the heat of the summer. you don't want anything to do with the lines. >> we had a break from heat this
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>> ginger: sure did. >> we're going to be factoring in rain with that in time for your weekend plans. easter is this weekend. we'll be dealing with some rain. we'll pinpoint some rain chances. look at this beautiful view in daytona beach of the sun beginning to set. a beautiful night. pin your photos of the sunset so we can show it. go to the storm pins app. just search wkmg in the app store. the beautiful view, 66 is the temperature from that vantage point. east wind, fairly light. close to 10 miles per hour. it will bring on shore a little bit more moisture in the form of some clouds. i think the rocket launch will go on without any issues though we'll have a slight breeze and a few clouds. here's the beach forecast as we take you into tomorrow. warming to 78 in daytona beach. water temperatures still a little cool in the upper 60's. moderate. other than that, get out there if you can. what about this evening? heading out on the town? no need for a jacket like last night. we're talking about mid-60's. 65 by 9:00.
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11:00 tonight with mostly clear skies. so pin some photos of that moon, a beautiful shot tonight. on into the day tomorrow, with the winds shifting and coming in more out of the south and southeast, it will bring on shore some moisture and we'll also bring in more warmth from the south, which is why temperatures will be going up. we get up to 78 by noon tomorrow. 82 for the afternoon high at 4:00. with only a 10% chance for a couple of showers as we have more moisture moving on shore. there's the clouds and rain forecast. watch the clock here at the top of the screen. notice the white indicating a couple of clouds moving in through the day tomorrow. we'll see a few of those showers trying to develop with an east coast sea breeze through the afternoon tomorrow. notice the whites, sort of in a line here. that's that breeze off the ocean waters, pushing that moisture in in the form of a couple of clouds and one or two showers. again, that coverage of rain only at 10%. not much rain to deal with tomorrow if you have some
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not nearly as chilly as this morning. no 30's and 40's. one area of 40's will be marion county at 46. we started out with a frost advisory there this morning. so better set-up tomorrow morning. we'll be at 55 in orlando. 52 there in palm coast. and 54 in daytona beach. so cool enough for a light jacket tomorrow morning. but you won't need it long, especially through at afternoon. we warm into the 80's. the lo 80's for the inland areas, right around 80. upper 70's for the coast because of the breeze off the ocean waters. 82 is the high in orlando tomorrow. even warmer on thursday. up to 86. with a 40% coverage of rain. we increase rain chances each day. on into friday, a 50% coverage and 60% chance for rain saturday and a 50% chance for rain on easter sunday with highs in the mid-80's. so it will be warm. i know you ladies have your easter bonnets ready. you'll need an umbrella attached
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>> ginger: that's a lot of headgear, troy. thank you. seeing an orlando magic game at the amway is always a good time. >> lisa: games are even better when you're sitting courtside. >> julie: news 6 is giving you the chance to experience the magic up close. we're giving away two courtside tickets to the magic game against the brooklyn nets, next tuesday night. you can enter to win all week long on our facebook page.
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>> a mild night, if you're making evening plans. we'll introduce slight rain chances tomorrow afternoon. >> ginger: thank you, troy. >> lisa: thank you for watching
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subway. fresh is what we do. world terror alert. total chaos. scenes of carnage. >> moment by moment the coordinated attack. >> and beefed up security across america. >> what you need to know. >> then, little lexi. outrage over the girl taken away from the only home she has known. >> we love you lexi. >> and, it's the controversy that won't go away. >> we teach success. that's what it's all about. >> what was trump university really like. >> the ratings from the better business bureau was a d minus. >> inside trump university, from a former top executive. what he is saying about claims


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