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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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you can see all of the police vehicles in pursuit. as it continued on passed charles, you can see faster and faster weaving in and out that light-colored vehicle. look to the shoulder, to the left of your screen, you can see that vehicle waving back and forth, waving in and out. watch the light colored vehicle, it exits, but blows right passed an officer on an exit. watch this, zips right between and the fleeing vehicle gets right back on to the interstate, continuing its southbound journey on 71 and 75. getting back on the interstate at kyle's lane and continuing towards dixie. once we get down to the camera at 71 and 75 and 275.
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that's where the vehicle is there. it continued down donelson, after that, we don't know entirely sure what happened. we know he got back on 275 though. somewhere near the bottom of the loop, continued on 275 all the way to the bottom of the loop. we picked him up on this camera, on the indiana side of things. we're now into a three-state pursuit. continued on to 275 at that point, and again, you can see the vehicle right there, so we're getting very, very close to the carol cropper bridge having come across that from the side. continued up 275 at that point. we're probably going to run out of vehicle here in a second. we ran out of cameras base-- basically is what happened. shot west on 74 and then adam clements was checking things in
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have, what, three suspects. >> three suspects in custody iment y custody. >> three suspects taken into custody of the skyline chili's on harrison avenue. we'll have more details on what this person was wanted for and why the police thought it was necessary to keep on after these guys for as long as they did, if there were three people in custody. it was something to behold as we got into the noon hour today. on local 12 and also on what a morning. another unseasonably warm day, you might want to get out and enjoy it if you can because a few scattered showers are possible this afternoon. >> scattered showers, thunderstorms and as we move through the late evening hours, we're probably going to get walloped by pretty heavy rain and rainy conditions.
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doppler 12 hd, we have been tracking the storms. we're in a marginal to slight risk of severe weather for the greater cincinnati area as some storms move in tonight. they may indeed produce some very gusty winds. those are lifting north, but as the afternoon progresses, our chance for a scattered shower or storm will increase. look at this massive storm system lifting through kansas into missouri, producing blizzard conditions into nebraska and into iowa. we're starting to see showers and storms developing back to our west and southwest. that's some of the activity that gets in here by tonight. again, a marginal to slight risk of severe weather here. some of these storms may produce some damaging wind gusts as we get into the latter hall of the evening. something we'll track carefully.
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it is windy. 49 degrees with an east, southeast wind at 15 miles per hour. temperatures push out of the upper 40s into the low 50s. the chance for a scattered shower or storm will be with us from mid-afternoon on, but a better chance of rain and storms on the way as we get into the late evening hours. again, some of those storms could can severe. we'll take the storms, let you know where the strongest ones will likely hit and talk about a return to winter by mid-week, all of that is coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> ted cruz has won the opening round of the republican presidential race. he came in first in the caucuses. but on the democratic side, the party has not officially declared a winner. craig boswell reports from des moines. >> democrat bernie sanders was
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new hampshire when the sun came up this morning. he's predicting a big draw. >> democrats in iowa split the votes nearly 50/50 between sanders and hillary clinton. clinton's campaign is claiming victory. i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> on cbs this morning, bob schieffer said the results show clinton's campaign has problems. >> bernie sanders, a socialist, who never sought office as a democrat gave her a real one, this was not a victory for hillary clinton. >> it is the third place finisher who is getting a lot of attention. marco rubio greeted voters in new hampshire.
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tier and he's going to receive a lot of love from those others who were hoping to be the mainstream alternative in new hampshire of the donald trump has a mainstream lead in new hampshire, but ted cruz will look to make a big dent. >> new hampshire's primary, the first in the nation is tuesday.
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>> a fire causes a small delay in a new development on the east side. it appears some insulation on the roof in anderson township caught fire. this is construction going on. firefighters put it out quicklind quickly and crews are working to redevelop that site. the old kmart will soon be home to a crunch fitness center expected to open this summer. the newsletter also details several other projects that are either planned or in the works. we have posted a link to all of the details on our website. just click on the get it link under news. >> an 81-year-old woman dies after being rescued from a fire in may. payne and her daughter were both
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avenue in coriville. both were treated at a burn hospital in columbus. >> new today, police say a man sexually groped two women at good samaritan hospital. mark rivers faces two charges of sexual imposition. rivers crawled into bed with one victim while she napped and began to grope her breasts, she jumped up and pulled the alarm to alert the nurses that's when rivers approached a second woman and began to grope her thigh.
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hamilton county justice companies, you'll find the parent at the top of the list. it was worth $571 billion at the end of trading. google's online advertising business is soaring while apple's iphone sales are slowing down. yahoo! could make drastic cuts, the company is laying off 15% of kforce. >> the company has had a hard
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>> an uber manager acknowledges they have cut fares by 10%. drivers say fares have dropped to an unsustainable level. uber began lowering fares in select cities last month as a way to increase demand for the service. >> the latest numbers for wall street. the dow jones is down 272 points. you can catch the closing numbers today on local 12 news first at 4:00.
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now, but it could get a bitit >> breaking news about a plan going down in the water of this is the water in the atlanta can you ocean, not far from miami. county. this is the part of the plane that went into the water. according to reports, there were two people op board of the plan, they were both rescued. wore watching it for you and as we get new details on it, we'll have it right here on local 12 news, and also on >> all right. super bowl 50. nearly here now. one quarterback arrived in san
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white zebra pants. peyton manning and cam newton have little in common except tremendous talent. don't forget. you can catch super bowl 50 right here on local 12. >> spring is coming herely. >> pennsylvania's most famous groundhog punxsutawney phil failed to see his shadow. he's predicted an early spring. they announced the results just outside of the town for which phil is named.
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fill is going to go back in his borough and just be happy. >> it feels like spring. we're going to have these storms evening. especially late evening, it looks like, the best chance of this will be. some of them could produce some damaging wind gusts, you know how you might bake a cake and have certain ingredients. the same with the severe weather. you need the ingredients. if you leave something out, you get something that might be like a cake. the same here, like severe weather but not quite severe weather. we are looking at the possibility of scattered showers and storms from now through the early evening hours. widespread. come evening into the overnight, that's when we expect widespread thunderstorms. some of those embedded
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stronger winds up above our heads and try to mix them down to the ground, so the potential is there for stronger or perhaps severe storms. 49 degrees at the airport. cloudy skies and it is quite breezy. the winds will pick up as we move into the evening. temperatures, they will be in the low 50s as we move through the early afternoon. skies mainly cloudy. the chance for a passing shower with us. the chance for rain though will grow higher late this evening. showers, even thunderstorms embedded within the showers will become likely. we will not hit our high temperature until this evening. this is radar, not a whole lot to show you around here. some showers in decatur county,
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it is fairly broken, not terribly organized just yet. what is organized is this blizzard going on through nebraska into western iowa. low pressure lifts to the north. this low is going to lift through chicago. it will push warmer air our way late today and tonight. that's why temperatures rise tonight and this evening. you may see a scattered shower or storm, but a better chance for rain and storms comes as that low and associated cold evening. by tomorrow, all of this moves through, we'll see sunshine tomorrow followed by an increase in clouds late day and much colder air will arrive during the day tomorrow and taking you into thursday. best chance of any strong storms
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indiana. slight for much of the greater cincinnati area. this is something we're going to watch very carefully, our forecast radar shows scattered showers mid to late afternoon. we don't see the widespread rain this evening. it is within those areas that we may mix down some stronger winds where we could see a damaging wind gust or two. everything is out of here by tomorrow morning. the bottom line is, be aware of evening. the main threat damaging winds, the highest threat from #:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. turning colder tomorrow. 52 in the morning. we fall in the late 40s through the day. sunshine friday. the weekend looking nice. upper 40s on saturday, low 50s for sunday.
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widespread severe weather event, john. there may be some locations that do see an isolated wind gust. be sure to lock it down to so it doesn't below around. >> thank you, john.
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commercials starting at >> we want to update you now on that police chase that we told you about. this is the latest picture we have. this is where three people were stopped. this is where the chase apparently stopped. it started at 11:20 this morning in lincoln heights. and we were able to pick up on some of the traffic cameras. that light-colored car invading police. it went down to 75 into northern kentucky. the person got off i-275 in boone county. it actually went over to 74 and somehow the chase ended up back
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and three people were taken into custody. right now we don't know why a hamilton county sheriff's detective was following that car and tried to stop it. right now we want to re-check our weather. scattered showers and a rumble of thunder possible through the afternoon. it will be hit and miss. the best chance of widespread rain and storms comes with late evenings. temperatures will not reach their highest point until late this evening. we'll top out close to 60 degrees. some of those storms could be strong or severe. scott dimmich will be here
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