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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> rob: we now know the winners in new hampshire. shower are tapering down. there is no crime, there is no negotiating. >> cammy: what this boy count do was walk without pain. he does more than that now thanks to some friends in the hospital waiting room. >> cammy: it looks kind of pretty but it was what you can't see that you have to worry about. the snow is still falling and it will be the finished tomorrow.
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the snow, it is the cold that might catch you by surprise. >> we are going to see a really cold day tomorrow. tracking a couple of lingering light snow showers. mainly north and east the cincinnati. places in clinton county picked up almost six inches. we are still tracking some flurries. into adams county we are seeing a couple of flurries. where you see the darkest blue shade that's exactly where we picked up the highest snow
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southwest, you can see we didn't pick up close to anything that we saw in warren or clinton counties. less than an inch. cincinnati you are at 17 degrees. hamilton at 19. coming up in ten minute, we will track the rest of the snow showers for wednesday and how day. back to you. >> rob: thanks very much. the polls were right about who would win in new hampshire. >> cammy: but the margins have yielded some surprises. donald trump had a commanding lead and kept it. much of the rest of the field will likely be considered whether to continue their campaigns tomorrow.
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defeated hillary clinton by an large margin. >> reporter: cbs news in projects ing donald trump as the winner of the new hampshire primary. exit poll da to showed that half of republican voters wanted a republican outsiders. tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. >> reporter: trump won with broad support of independent voters. cbs news is projecting bernie
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>> we won becauseful energy and november. >> we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> reporter: the text con text takes place in march. >> cammy: now his forically, if you don't want in new hampshire, you can kiss your nominations goodbye goodbye. only three men, obama, bush and clinton in 1992 have finished second in the gran at state and gone on to be president. that don't bode well for john
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of history on his side. dixville notch. make sure to turn into the good morning cincinnati for more coverage. >> rob: turning now to the zika virus. indiana now has three cases. concern is how to keep your family safe. >> reporter: mow ski toes are the carriers behind the zika virus.
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condition. in brazil, the they only had 150 baby born this one, today it is over 150,000. >> you should avoid travelling to affected areas. the first case was in cleveland from awoman who travelled h aiti. locally some travel agents are hearing very few concerns but they are ready. >> but if anything, people want to travel, if anything they are calling to change to a different destination. they still want to go some where. so we are helping them to look at other options.
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affected will not show symptoms. >> if you are a pregnant woman, you need postpone going to any of this effected areas. >> reporter: the bites are not the only way the virus spreads. there have been some incidents where it has spread through sexual contact. >> rob: good information thanks very much. we have the link to the centers for disease control and provent on >> cammy: a gun fight broke out
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local 12's angenette levy spent the nice were residents. >> reporter: it was a full how residents are shaken and concerned. >> that's why, it got all the attention that it got because this doesn't happen in blue ash. >> three men were wounded and are not cooperating with the investigation. there has been a lot the traffic at the house where one of the people who was shot may have lived. >> it has been very business. >> reporter: that house it owned by cincinnati. >> there is still -- i think it light enned up since the
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still going to take a little time. >> reporter: fortunately those children were not injured. in response to what happened, the blue ash police department has increased patrols in the neighborhood. police also said that they have sent items to the crime lab for testing. they are waiting for those results reporting live from blue ash. >> cammy: s thank you. if you know something about sunday's shootout call crime stoppers. your tip could get you cash. >> rob: students at middle town high school will see at beefed up security presence. it is because of the racial note posted by the student. one parent who is also the
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feels there is no reason to panic. >> i don't have any reservingations that this child was maybe playing a joke. and youth don't know how far a joke can take you. >> reporter: police agree. >> cammy: tli minutes, for one man those three minutes may have been the difference between life the death. take the look at what's left of the jeep it was hit by the train. he hit black ice and slid into the side of the train. he was still inside the jeep which was still on the tracks. another deputy radios the deputies at the scene that another train was coming. >> we still had this ghie the car.
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tim, this is going to hurt a lot, we got to get you out. >> cammy: and this is video of them pulling him out just moments before the second train rolled through. they had been on the scene for just three minutes. very lucky man. >> rob: so dramatic. >> cammy: still to come, some kids dream of running away and joining the circus.
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on crime, thosese the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the power of possible. . >> rob: michigan's governor was
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questions about flint's water crisis but he is choosing not too. the committee does not have subpoena power. the govern did announce a $55 million proposal to remove lead from the city's water pipe system. >> meanwhile there is still too much lead in some homes in the sea bring, ohio. not as widespread at flint, it was found in tests back in august.
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civic has a recall. it is 2016 sific. >> police on the r often get at helping hand. watch this. this is suspected drug dealer is trip bid the random bystanders. the criminal was caught. it is one thing to watch and he joy wa circus performer do >> rob: it is another to try and do it when you can barely walk. >> reporter: this balancing act would be quite an accomplishment for any kid but for joey it represents something more
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stood in the balance. what doctors kept called growing pains was symptoms of the rare disease. >> my mom just kept nagging and nagging. >> reporter: he had lch. it can attacks skins organs or bone. >> they had no idea if i was going to be able to walk again. >> but he did with some help from some friends in the waiting room. circus mojo comes to the hospital to lift spirits. >> he came in the wheelchair. there was no cry, if you can't do this you are not going to da tha. >> reporter: he put in the work
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the circus was a much needed distraction from the emotional and physical pain he endured. >> circus has been a huge part of fighting through that. >> reporter: he sdrnt to run away to join the circus, it was in his own back yard. now that he has found he he feeled right at home. >> it is something i love to do. >> rob: joey will travel to germ any to perform and learn to new tricks. >> cammy: what a great story. some of that stuff he was doing is really hard.
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>> we are going to continue to see hit or miss snow showers. this is a look from uc. you can see the dog was enjoying it at well. we are going to have to pay attention to our fur babies tlut the day tomorrow we are going to have wind chills below 0. make sure they are not staying out for too long. take the live look from our camera. we will continue to watch mainly cloudy skies. still some snow and flurries. mainly north and east the cincinnati. in the northern clermont county
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lebanon and portion of clinton county seeing? flurry activity. if have you to travel tonight, i be aware, 48, 71. we could see some slick spots. so just be careful if you have to travel out and about. couple of flurries near danville. so you can see this the coverage has really diminished but we saw the good amount the snow throughout the lot of the day today. we still have the winter weather
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you are going to have to watch for those secondary roads. this colder sar spilling in from the north and northwest. i expect to fall in the lower teens for a lot of us. a few of us are holding on to the lower 20s. a lot of us falling into the upper teens already cincinnati westward. the wind not making it feel any better. the breeze will keep temperatures from falling too far but makes wind chills go really far down. feels like two in cincinnati. subzero wind chills throughout much of the tri-state tomorrow morning. by the afternoon its only feeling like 4 or 5 degrees air
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we top out at 21. which is below normal. over the next 24-48 hours support addic snow showers are flurries and that lingers through tomorrow morning. just watch for some slick areas. but we slowly start to get rid of these chance force snow and that's a good thing. we are still going to cold in the wednesday night and thursday. wind chills still below 0. the skies start to clear out for thursday. a mix of clouds and sun for the later part of our workweek. you can track the snow on our wkrc weather app.
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for thursday. possibility for snow showers late friday. next chance for snow on monday. >> cammy: thank you erica. >> rob: the reds are mourning loss of the man who was the
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close t to >> brad: no one every said life in the biggest was going ton easy especially on the road. xavier battling. up by 17 before they knew what wha hit them x falling for just the third time this season. the blue jays out to a21-4 advantage. they tried to to slice the lead. 35-27. more from the blue jays. with the jump cut the lead. coal huf from deep snaps the
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60-50 blue jays. xaviers third loss of the season. 70-56 is the final. only 30% from the field. three x starters combined four points. net up, saturday at butler. the bearcats also on the read to take on central florida. you might want to guard him. straight-away three. uc up one at the break. somewhere the defense? he then the do it again. kevin johnson he is sneaky, gets behind the defense. lead is seven. johnson went inside and outside. floats ohm the three and the bearcats get it done on the road.
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cats survived a rough night shooting but they owned the bard. wildcats rough tonight against georgia. going long rang. later takes it to the rack. cats improve it 8-3. 82-48 is the final. buckeyes against northwestern. he floats home the bucket. 62 machine 50. time running down. he nails it. he had 16 and the buckeyes get the win, 71-43. >> red hawks taking on michigan tonight.
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the champions celebrating >> brad: he never wore a uniform but he was the better part of the team for more than 70 years he was a long time
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way back 1947 as a clubhouse boy. his son's carrying on his legacy. today the reds clubhouse crew doing him proud as they carried on annual right of spring loading up the truck for the trip out west. pitchers catchers reported next thursday. we will have all the coverage. the nfl network reports that johnny manziel showed up drunk to practice. >> panthers quarterback cam
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the ball because he didn't want to injure himself. everybody loves a parade especially denver broncos fan. there was the scene as they threw a little party. a few of their friends dropped by over 600,000 on hand.
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>> cammy: final check of weather? >> we are going to have accouple
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